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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 23, 2008 on GL
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Outside Company, Cassie talked to Harley on the phone. She said she had something important to tell Harley about Cyrus. Harley replied that Buzz had told her that G was Cyrus' brother and she was sorry he had been the one to hit Tammy. When Cassie said her revelation was more personal than that, Harley asked her if Cyrus had been with another woman. Cassie struggled to say what was on her mind but eventually blurted out that she had slept with Cyrus. Cassie explained her morose state of mind when it had happened but said Cyrus had been more than willing to sleep with her. She explained how Cyrus had covered up the affair with the Chris Boyle story. She told Harley that Cyrus was not the man she thought he was. "And you are not my friend," Harley replied. Cassie insisted that she needed Harley to dump Cyrus. Harley said she was done talking and demanded that Cassie put Buzz on the phone.

Buzz took the phone and Harley asked him to bring Zach to her. She had decided to stay away until the kids had to return to school. She wouldn't take Jude because she wanted him to stay with Rick. She asked Buzz to keep an eye on Daisy and keep her from G. When Buzz asked about Cyrus, Harley curtly said she and Cyrus were done. She sobbed and didn't want to discuss it further. She said she'd call back to speak with Jude and Daisy. After Harley hung up, she sank to the ground and leaned against a rock wall. Crying, she said, "I'll be all right...I'll be all right..."

Meanwhile G put his foot up on Harley's kitchen table, exposing his ankle bracelet, and contemplated skipping town. When G hinted that he wouldn't go alone, Cyrus lectured G about Daisy. Zach and Jude entered. When Cyrus asked them why they were there, they reminded Cyrus that the house was theirs. Cyrus took them out to play ball in the yard while G smoked. Meanwhile at the police station, Daisy tried to sneak by Frank to visit G, but Frank caught her and revealed that someone had bailed G out. He didn't want Daisy seeing G, but Daisy replied that she was eighteen and he couldn't stop her. She wondered if Frank believed in second chances and said that Frank had once given her a second chance. Frank replied that Daisy hadn't murdered anyone.

Daisy went shopping for a shirt for G to wear to court and ran into Cassie on Main Street. Daisy apologized to Cassie for harboring G. Cassie didn't blame Daisy because she thought G had manipulated Daisy. When Daisy dropped her bag and the dress shirt fell out, Cassie accused Daisy of still helping G. Daisy said G had changed and he wanted to make amends in court. Daisy thought he deserved a second chance. Cassie seethed that Daisy was definitely Reva's granddaughter because Daisy didn't care about anyone but herself.

Daisy went to Harley's and found G outside. She told him that she'd gone down to the jail to see him and then she had gotten him a shirt for court. She explained how Cassie had reacted to seeing the clothes she had bought for him. Daisy then said Harley had called her and requested that Daisy go to where Harley was. G thought perhaps Daisy should go. He worried that he may have to go on the run because of Alan's connections and didn't want Daisy mixed up in it. Daisy got upset, saying she had told everyone that G had changed. Upset, she stalked off.

Meanwhile Buzz went to Harley's to pick up Zach. Cyrus wanted to take Zach to Harley, but Buzz told him that Harley didn't want that. Buzz said Harley would be gone longer than expected. Although Buzz didn't know what was going on with Harley, he said that after Harley had talked to Cassie on the phone, Harley had said that Cyrus and she were through. Buzz told Cyrus to be gone by the time he came back downstairs with the boys.

Cyrus found Cassie at her house and accused her of telling Harley about their affair just to hurt him. Cassie admitted that she wanted to make him lose someone and suffer just as she had when she had lost Tammy. Cyrus was amazed that Cassie called herself Harley's friend. He vowed to get Harley back, but Cassie said Harley had divorced Gus over cheating, so Cassie was certain that Harley wouldn't have Cyrus back. Cyrus wondered how Josh would handle learning that he had been made a fool of when they had duped him about whom Cassie's lover had been. Cassie retorted that it wasn't Cyrus' concern.

Cyrus returned to Harley's and begged Buzz to reveal Harley's location. Buzz asked Cyrus if whatever Cassie had revealed to Harley were true. When Cyrus had no reply, Buzz asked him if he had any idea of the damage he had done to the Cooper family. Buzz said he'd given Cyrus a second chance and trusted him after the whole Marina thing. Buzz said he was done trusting Cyrus, and he ordered Cyrus to walk away from the Cooper family.

Cyrus left and found G. He told G that he was going to Europe in search of Harley. G wondered what was to happen to him and Cyrus suggested he get Lizzie to find him somewhere to stay. G said that he'd rely on Daisy, the only person who genuinely cared for him. Cyrus told him to stay away from Daisy, but G said, "Screw you." Later Cyrus found G's ankle bracelet discarded in the grass. He went to Reva's shed and found Daisy and G kissing. Cyrus broke them up. He threw G against a wall and screamed at G, "What's wrong with you?"

Meanwhile at the hospital, Jeffrey anxiously signed his release papers. Reva wondered if Jeffrey might want move into a place of his own since they were no longer getting married. Jeffrey reassured her that he was happy with their relationship and would stay with Reva as long as she could stand him. The two went to the Beacon. Jeffrey was out of sorts because he was anxious to return to work. Reva suggested they watch movies and baseball games during his break. Jeffrey said Reva hadn't spent so much quality time with him before and he was skeptical that she could handle it. Reva cuddled him in bed and turned up the TV volume. Jeffrey jumped out of bed, screaming, "I can't do this! I gotta work!"

Reva took Jeffrey to the police station to see Doris but they didn't find her. Frank greeted them and told Reva that she wasn't doing a good job with Daisy because Daisy had sneaked down to the station to see G. In Jeffrey's office, Jeffrey wondered what would happen if he just did his job until someone made him stop. Reva thought the idea was brilliant because no one would toss out the hero who had been shot in the line of duty. Reva got on the phone and called for a press conference for Jeffrey. Once off the phone, Reva seemed confident that Doris wouldn't do anything about Jeffrey's return, because Doris wouldn't risk being exposed for blackmailing Alan into marrying her in exchange for sending G out of the country.

Later Reva found Daisy at Cross Creek and said they needed to talk about G. Daisy said she didn't want to help G, but she felt compelled to. Daisy wondered if the situation with G was like the one with Jonathan. Reva said Jonathan hadn't murdered anyone. Daisy thought maybe G just needed someone to believe in him like Reva did with Jonathan. Reva said that she was Jonathan's mother and so it was different. Daisy said she didn't want to give up on G. Reva always followed her heart and Daisy said that was what she was trying to do as well. "There are limits on that, even for me. And this guy is off limits!" Reva yelled and hugged Daisy.

Meanwhile Jeffrey was at the Beacon when Cassie came to him for advice. She asked him to promise not to tell Reva what she was about to say. Jeffrey wasn't comfortable with that, but he agreed. Cassie told Jeffrey about her affair. She said Josh knew about it, but he didn't know whom Cassie had slept with. Jeffrey said it made sense because Jeffrey sensed that Josh had been acting strangely with him. Jeffrey thought maybe Josh believed Jeffrey had been the man that Cassie had slept with. Jeffrey advised her to tell Josh who she had slept with before he found out from someone else. Cassie asked Jeffrey if he had ever felt so desperate that he wanted to hold onto anything. Jeffrey told her to hold onto her marriage, if she wanted to. Cassie said she did. When Cassie returned home, she left Josh a message saying that going away would be good for them. She believed they could put their relationship back together. She asked him to come home.

When Reva returned to the Beacon, Jeffrey briefly mentioned Cassie's visit. He then said he wanted to make the case against G stick. Reva asked him if they could keep Daisy out of it. Jeffrey replied that Daisy could identify G as the driver. He said he wouldn't bring charges against Daisy as long as Daisy said she didn't know what G had planned to do that night. Reva told Jeffrey that Daisy wouldn't be a reliable witness for him because she had feelings for G. Jeffrey vowed to put G away for good this time. He said G was up against twenty to life for what he had done. All the while, Daisy listened outside the door.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

As Coop, Frank, and Ashlee worked at Company while Buzz took Zach abroad to be with Harley, Coop said he couldn't understand Daisy's fascination with G. He derided the bad-boy image G had and said Daisy had fallen for it because she just had too much time on her hands. Ashlee snapped at Coop, saying Daisy had a right to like whomever she wanted. Ashlee left in a huff. Some time later, Blake and Coop tried to work on the book at Company, but Coop was too distracted. He said Ashlee was freaking out all the time, and he was frustrated by it. They agreed to meet at his place in a couple hours to work without distractions.

Meanwhile G got his ankle bracelet reattached at the police station. He said it fell off in Sunday school. The police tightened it and then released him. G was in a room reading a book when Ashlee found him and confronted him about using her. G didn't see anything wrong with the swimming lesson or catching her when she had fallen. She said he wouldn't have spent any time with her if she weren't the mayor's daughter. G said that might have been true, but he still liked her as a person. He asked her what she wanted from him and she said she wanted the last few days back. G replied that it wasn't like he had stolen her virtue. Ashlee left angry.

She went to the gym and threw basketballs. Coop came in and Ashlee confessed that she'd been caught up in a flirtatious crush on G. She said G had been nice to her only because she was the mayor's daughter. Once Coop heard G's name, he was ready to fight him. Ashlee told Coop she didn't want him to confront G because she felt embarrassed enough already. She said G didn't do anything to her. She was the one who let his flirtations go to her head.

Their discussion continued in Coop's room. Ashlee said she felt her relationship with Coop was uneven because he had been her teacher and she had been his student when they had become involved. She thought G had talked to her because he had actually found her attractive and not because she had just grown on him. Coop wasn't listening because he was too upset that she'd flirted with any man, let alone Tammy's killer. He decided he didn't want to talk about it anymore and Ashlee left. Later she talked to Frank outside Company. Though Frank didn't know what was wrong, he encouraged Ashlee to meet Coop halfway so that they could solve their problems.

Meanwhile Blake came by Coop's for their meeting, but the appointment had slipped Coop's mind. He was still distracted but said they could still meet. Blake brought some wine and Coop asked her to make herself at home while he got some ice. While Coop was gone, Blake stripped down and climbed into his bed. When Coop came back into the room, he told her that getting into his bed wasn't what he meant by getting comfortable. Blake told him to get into bed, but he refused. She said she knew he was unhappy and said life was too short to be unhappy. Just then, Ashlee came into the room and saw Blake in the bed.

Meanwhile Ava and Olivia approached Bill at Towers as he was on his Bluetooth inviting VIP's to the wedding. Once off the phone, Bill said the governor might attend. Ava thought many strangers were on their guest list. Bill replied that the strangers would soon be her new best friends. When Ava asked Bill if they could work on wedding vows, Bill excused himself from the table to take business calls. Olivia followed Bill and stared at him expectantly as he talked to the press. Olivia's silent pressure brought Bill back to Ava at the table. When he sat down, he told Ava about Internet sites containing wedding vows that he was sure would awe their guests. Ava told him that it wasn't heartfelt to pull his vows off the Internet.

Meanwhile Jeffrey found Lizzie at the Beacon and expressed concern that she was being pressured by Alan to help the man who had killed Tammy. When Lizzie said G had "allegedly" killed Tammy, Jeffrey reminded her of how dangerous G was. Jeffrey told Lizzie that if she kept bailing out Alan and his cohorts, then she'd eventually become one of them. Lizzie said, "I am one of them," and then went into her room.

Jeffrey went to Towers and entered just as Ava was expressing her discontent over Internet wedding vows. Ava then decided she was tired and wanted to go home. Jeffrey walked her to the elevator alone where he again expressed his reservations about Ava's wedding and reminded her that the baby wasn't Bill's. Frustrated, Ava wondered why people just couldn't be happy for her. Olivia walked up as Ava said that she and Bill were going to have a nice life and a nice family and everything was going to be great. Olivia agreed and took Ava home.

After Ava left, Jeffrey sat with Bill as Bill talked to the press on his cell phone. Once off the phone, Bill said he had missed a step in his engagement. He wanted to ask Jeffrey for Ava's hand in marriage. Jeffrey said he believed that Lizzie and Bill were still in love, but Bill denied it. Jeffrey felt it was his job to make sure his daughter would not be hurt. Bill assured him that Ava and the baby were safe with him, saying, "Ava and the baby-future. Lizzie-a memory." Bill asked for Ava's hand, and Jeffrey replied, "How can I say no?" Chuckling, Bill said, "That's what I thought. Excuse me." He picked up his phone and went back to taking calls.

When Ava arrived home, she saw Remy with a bag. Inside the bag was a new uniform. He announced that he had passed his EMT courses. Ava wondered why he had decided to be an EMT. He said Gus had inspired him to want to be somebody. Ava told him that he was someone and she was proud of him.

Later on, Ava and Remy were on Main Street when Ava presented Remy with a gift. She removed a necklace from around her neck and told him that it was a Navaho ornament that she had bought in the hospital gift shop when Olivia had been dying. She said she had worn it and then Olivia had recovered. Ava had also worn it during Jeffrey's incident and he had recovered. She thought Remy could wear it and it would protect him as he drove the ambulance. Touched by the gesture, Remy said he owed her more than a thanks. Just then, Ava saw G, gasped, and said he was the man who had kidnapped her. Remy rushed G and punched him. They fought ferociously. A police officer tried to break them up and one of them punched the officer.

Later Remy and Ava were at the police station. Remy sobbed, telling Ava that seeing G had stirred up memories. He recalled that Tammy had called and asked him to help her find Jonathan before she had been hit. He anguished because he had told Tammy he wouldn't come to her aid. He tried to calm himself as Ava comforted him. Hesitating, Ava said they had to leave because Bill would be looking for her. She took Remy's hand and they left the station. When Ava returned home, Bill hardly paid her attention as he made more calls.

Meanwhile, Lizzie encountered G on Main Street and G told her that he planned to stay in town. Lizzie told him that he was crazy to stay in town after she had worked so hard to put him and Alan on the same page about their legal problems. G said he wanted to confess before Alan could rat him out. Lizzie replied that Alan would stay strong if G stayed quiet. "Or he'll hire someone else to rub me out," G said, walking away.

Later Bill went to Lizzie's hotel room and said he was there to do her a favor. He said it wasn't easy to come there and tell her that the wedding would be the following week at the mansion. He said he wanted her to know before she read about it on the Internet or in the paper. Bill said he was trying to spare her feelings, but Lizzie said she was fine with the wedding taking place at the mansion. Bill told Lizzie not to try to screw up his wedding. Lizzie sarcastically made suggestions about how she could screw it up. Lizzie wondered how many times she had to tell him that she had moved on before he would believe her. She thought Bill just enjoyed seeing her pine away for him. Bill said she just wanted him to suffer. Lizzie retorted that perhaps she did, and Bill wondered what she wanted from him. He asked, "Do you want to me to admit that I won't love Ava as much as I..." Bill sighed and then kissed her passionately. "Bye, okay?" Bill said. "Goodbye." Lizzie shoved him off her threshold, slammed the door, and cried. Bill stood outside her door and Jeffrey watched the scene from a little ways down the hall.

Jeffrey went to the mansion to talk to Olivia about Bill and Ava. Jeffrey called the whole wedding a mistake. He said Bill and Lizzie were still in love. Olivia didn't think so. She said they would be together if they were. Since Ava wanted the marriage, Olivia thought they should be supportive. She said Bill might also love Ava, just in a different way. If it didn't work out, Olivia said it was up to Bill and Ava.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

While Remy and Bill jogged together, Bill reminded Remy of a time that he, Shayne, and Ben used to work out together. Remy barely remembered Bill hanging out with them except for doing Jazzercise. During their idle chitchat, Bill asked Remy to give Ava space. When Remy blew him off, Bill said it was doctor's orders. Inside the mansion, Bill learned that the governor's wife would attend Ava's baby shower. As Bill left to take care of business, Ava called him the King of the World. Olivia replied, "Until that boat sank." Olivia said she thought Remy was in love with Ava. Ava called Remy "hot," but she didn't think Remy was interested in her pregnant body. Olivia urged Ava not to lead Remy on.

Meanwhile outside the police station, Dinah talked Doris into attending Ava's shower. She told Doris that the governor's wife would be at the shower. Once Doris understood how powerful Dinah thought Bill would be, she asked Dinah where Ava was registered. Dinah left and Bill walked up. Doris was still sitting there and she hinted to Bill that he could achieve more if she mentored him. She said he had the picture perfect life; however, Remy was ruining it. She advised him to check into the incident Remy had been involved in the other day.

When Bill returned home, he asked Remy why his hand was bruised. Remy said it had happened during a hockey incident. Bill told Remy that the bruising had really come from beating up known criminals. Bill said he didn't want Remy dragging Ava and the baby into brawls like that. He ordered Remy out of his house. Remy said it was Dinah's house, but Bill repeated that it was his house and he wanted Remy out of it.

Bill went inside the house and informed Ava that he was tossing Remy out. Upset, he asked her why she hadn't told him what had happened the other day. Ava said it had happened very quickly: she had seen the man who had kidnapped her and Remy had just reacted. Bill called Remy reckless and said he didn't want her or the baby around him. He said they would have a whole new set of friends that wouldn't include people like Remy.

Later Ava went to visit Remy at the shabby hotel that Jonathan and Alan had both stayed in when they had been hard on their luck. Remy believed Bill wouldn't be happy about her visit. "Who says Bill needs to know?" Ava asked. She apologized for Bill's actions. Remy handed Ava a room key and said she could come over anytime she needed an escape.

As Ava visited Remy, Dinah smacked Bill on his rear with her purse because he had thrown out Remy. Bill said Remy was a liability and they needed to make hard choices. Dinah said she felt people were important as well. She wanted a life with love it in. Bill said she'd have that, but they couldn't let people and love affairs get in the way of their success. When Dinah mentioned Blake, Bill decided Blake was the perfect example of that: Blake had had that great love, but since Ross had died, Blake walked around like a shadow. He said he wouldn't let that kind of love thing keep him down. Dinah said he'd had that with Lizzie. Bill admitted that he did love Lizzie, but she didn't understand him like Ava did. He didn't love Ava as he did Lizzie, but Ava was smart, pretty, and carrying his baby. With that kind of foundation, he thought he might go into the public sector. He asked Dinah to stand by him through it.

Meanwhile at the Beacon, Ashlee saw Blake in Coop's bed. She apologized for interrupting and abruptly left. Blake apologized to Coop, but Coop ordered her to get her crap and get out. Coop chased Ashlee outside. When he caught up to her, she told him that she didn't believe Coop really wanted Blake, but she felt jealous of Blake because Blake was sexy and comfortable in her own skin. Ashlee didn't think she ever would feel that same way even with the surgery she'd had. She decided that she needed space to deal with her internal issues.

Later Ashlee met Doris at a picnic table in the park. She told Doris that she was unsure if she were in love with Coop or just the "idea of Coop." She thought maybe she had pursued Coop just to prove to herself and everyone else that she could get a man like him. Doris blamed herself. She said she should have instilled more confidence in Ashlee as a child. Doris wished she had a man who would love her as Coop loved Ashlee. When Doris had seen Coop support Ashlee during her surgery, Doris said she had felt a great sense of commitment from him. Doris said perhaps he wasn't the one, but then again, "Maybe..." Ashlee nodded and then decided she would speak with Coop again.

Ashlee returned to Coop's room. Coop told her that he needed her, but he was afraid that she didn't want to be with him. He said he wanted to be the one to make her feel beautiful. He couldn't understand why compliments from strangers flattered her, but she would always run and hide from Coop. He professed that he had loved her before and after the surgery. Ashlee admitted that she had a hard time believing that Coop loved her because she had a hard time loving herself. Coop wanted Ashlee to see herself as he saw her. He told her that he couldn't sit by and watch her starve herself and punish herself. Ashlee took offense that Coop thought she was doing that. He said he just wanted to make it better, but Ashlee said he couldn't fix her. She had to fix herself her way. She didn't think she could do that while worrying about Coop as well. Coop asked her if she were breaking up with him. Tearfully, Ashlee said she guessed she was.

Coop watched Ashlee pack her things. She said she didn't have her toothbrush and he tossed it at her. He asked her if she were sure about the breakup and she told him that Doris didn't want her to screw up the relationship. Coop decided, "Maybe we are right, just not right now." Ashlee handed his key to him and left in tears.

Meanwhile Blake went to see Dinah at Spaulding and asked her to take Clarissa for a couple days. She said she needed to go away for a while. Blake seemed really troubled and Dinah took her into a private room to talk. Blake said she had screwed up and she didn't want Clarissa to see her that way. Dinah said Blake had made mistakes before, and Clarissa was more grown up than the both of them. Blake said Clarissa was like Ross and admitted she was still mad at Ross for dying. Dinah said Ross wasn't coming back. Blake said Ross would be proud of Dinah. When Blake congratulated Dinah on her successes, Dinah said that she felt happier than she ever had without a man in her life. Blake offered to help her and Bill at Spaulding, and Dinah said she would keep it in mind. As Blake left to pick up Clarissa, Dinah asked her to call if she still needed her to watch Clarissa.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Olivia and Dinah attended to last-minute details for the baby shower at Towers that afternoon. Olivia gave the orders and Dinah seemed irritated as she listened. When Hilda entered in a nice dress, Olivia asked her if she needed a ride back to the house. Dinah murmured that Hilda was an invited guest. Brows raised, Olivia turned toward the bar and was surprised to see Natalia working behind it. Olivia decided to go home to get Ava. As she left, Dinah uttered under her breath that Olivia didn't have to come back.

Once home, Olivia asked Ava if she could manage being on her feet all day for the event. Ava joked that she'd like to open her gifts on a throne. In truth, Ava was uneasy about the party and said a happy family was most important to her. When Olivia stepped out of the room, Ava slipped a call to Remy to wish him luck on his first day at work.

Olivia took Ava to the shower and guests began arriving. When Vanessa came, Ava said she hoped the baby would heal the rift between Bill, Billy, and Vanessa. Reva arrived, and Dinah asked her to loosen up the crowd. Reva said she needed a drink first. Dinah glanced toward the elevator in time to see Marina step off wearing jeans. Marina retreated, saying she hadn't known about the party. Dinah faked a smile and bid her welcome. Marina called Mallet and left him a message warning him not to come to Towers. She suggested they meet at the movies instead. Dinah heard her on the phone and said Mallet was also welcomed. Marina looked doubtful and Dinah assured her that she wasn't packing a gun. Dinah went outside and saw Remy walking by. She congratulated him on his new job and said he was still her best friend.

Back inside the party, Ava sat alone at the bar with her head propped on her hand. Reva approached and asked her why the guest of honor was sitting alone, staring at the clock. Ava said the party was great but being guest of honor was a new experience. Reva commented that Ava had always been on the outside looking in. Reva said she'd been that way, too, but being on the inside wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

Meanwhile, Lizzie prepared to go to court against Bill. On her cell phone, she told Beth that she was confident the judge would see things her way. However, after the hearing, Lizzie stomped outside angry. Bill followed her, saying he didn't do anything illegal in the merger. Lizzie warned that he'd be hearing from her lawyers. Bill wondered if she really wanted to spend her whole life chasing him down, and Lizzie replied that she wanted her family, her company, and her house back. Bill felt she could have had all that if she hadn't said no to it. Lizzie said she didn't want it on his terms. Bill arrogantly responded that his way was the only way.

Bill went to the baby shower and put on a front for the guests. When he acted fake with Vanessa, she scowled at him and then she said Dinah was a little unnerved. Bill spoke to Dinah, and she griped that Olivia was sucking the life out of her shower. "Ava's shower," Bill corrected. Dinah said he knew what she had meant; Dinah had planned it, and she said she wanted it to go well. Abruptly, Dinah tapped her champagne glass to get everyone's attention. She made a toast to Bill and Ava.

After the toast, Olivia congratulated Bill on getting Remy out of the house. She felt that the family could do great things if no one screwed it up. Bill apologized for Dinah, saying that she had been overwhelmed in the beginning but was working through it. Olivia politely suggested that Bill think about relocating Dinah after the wedding. Bill gave her a funny look and she said it was just a suggestion.

Just then, Lizzie strode off the elevator and straight into the party. Lizzie halted and appeared confused. Everyone stared at Lizzie and Bill quickly strode over to take Lizzie aside. Bill accused Lizzie of following him to the party. Lizzie replied that she didn't know the party was taking place at Towers.

While Lizzie and Bill spoke, Reva and Vanessa talked about Bill and Ava. Vanessa said she wanted Ava and Bill to be happy; she just didn't think they would be. Vanessa blamed herself and Billy for being hard on Bill when he had first come to town. She thought Bill was reaching for something he hadn't had with Vanessa and Billy, and he felt he had to prove that he could have the perfect family. Vanessa said all parents wanted to see their children happy. Reva wondered at what cost, and Vanessa thought that was the big question.

Meanwhile Remy showed up as Ava was fondling a glass of champagne. He told her to put it down, but Ava swore she was merely admiring the design of the glass. He said he had gotten off work early and he was in the area. He asked her about the shower, and Ava told him that her mother and Dinah were competing for hostess of the year. Then she said Lizzie showed up. Ava was glad Remy came. Smiling like a little girl, she said she wanted him to stop by. Just then, Lizzie and Bill argued as they neared Remy and Ava. Lizzie told Bill she was staying. "Look at that, Lizzie's staying," Ava said. "You bet I am!" Lizzie replied and gulped down champagne. Bill explained to Lizzie that she had to leave because she was making Ava uncomfortable. Remy told Bill that women weren't disposable. Lizzie decided to leave and Remy said he was going with her. After they left, Ava seemed visibly upset. Bill said it was still a great shower. Ava pouted that she had expected something different. Bill urged her to smile, saying that it was a whole new world for them.

Remy chased Lizzie to the riverwalk and showed her some party favors with Bill and Ava's names on them. To cheer her up, he made her hurtle them into the river. She half tossed the first one, but as she threw more, she felt relieved. They left before they got caught littering.

At the bar inside Towers, Natalia's cell phone rang and Olivia answered it. To her surprise, she heard Rafe on the other end. Olivia slipped into the stairwell and told Rafe to hold on while she found Natalia. Olivia struggled in pain as she descended the steps. Natalia appeared and Olivia handed her the phone, saying that Rafe was on the other end. Olivia struggled to ease herself down on the top step as Natalia took the call.

Natalia immediately lit up when she heard Rafe's voice and told him that Jeffrey was doing better. She said Jeffrey was committed to helping him, but Rafe said they didn't have money for a defense. Natalia told him that she'd been working extra shifts. Rafe wanted her to live her life and not worry about him. "You are my life," Natalia said. Rafe decided to stay where he was for the time being. Natalia worried that he'd be alone but he said Harley was with him. When Natalia said she wanted to go there and take care of him, Rafe said he had to do it on his own. Natalia sobbed when Rafe hung up. Olivia seemed sad for Natalia and gave her a sympathetic look before walking back up the stairs.

Outside Towers, Dinah was going to the car to retrieve a shower gift when Mallet approached. Dinah told him that Marina was upstairs at Ava's shower. Dinah said she was trying to be a good hostess because her brother deserved the best. She offered to take Mallet to Marina, saying it would be a test from God. Some time after Mallet found Marina at the bar, Bill made a toast to the woman who had made it all possible. Dinah smiled, preparing to walk up to him, but Bill said, "To my beautiful fiancée, Ava Peralta. I wouldn't be here without you, and that's the truth." Dinah seemed crushed. After the party ended, Dinah took her disappointment out on Vanessa. Dinah accused Vanessa of ignoring her throughout the party but fawning all over Ava. Dinah said Vanessa was just looking for her to screw up. Vanessa's expression flattened as Dinah argued at her, saying she was really trying but no one trusted her except for Bill. Dinah said she didn't know what she'd do without Bill. She swore to herself that Bill trusted her. Dinah left Towers as Hilda struggled to keep up with her.

After Mallet and Marina left the party, Mallet asked Marina if she had known about the shower. He felt Dinah was having a difficult time, and he didn't want to add to her troubles. Marina said she hadn't known, but Dinah had invited her to stay. Marina didn't want problems either and said would rather just steer clear of Dinah.

Meanwhile Bill and Ava arrived home. Bill apologized for the party upsetting her and the baby. Ava said the party didn't seem to be about her, him, and baby Max. Bill promised a lot of parties for their future with Olivia on one side of the room and Dinah on the other. Ava said Dinah and Olivia just wanted them all to be a family. Bill said they had to understand that the family was, "Right here." He made a circle with his finger that only encompassed Ava, the baby, and him. Bill said Dinah was talking him up to some of Ross's old political colleagues, and certain people wanted him to run for office. Ava said Bill could do anything he wanted and she'd be by his side supporting him. Bill said that public service had a nice ring to it.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Cassie and Josh were packing for their trip. Cassie worried about the state of their marriage but Josh assured her that they could fix things. Cassie said that from that point on, they just needed to be honest about everything. Josh called it a new beginning and embraced her. Later, Josh saw Cyrus and asked if he thought he could get away with it. Cyrus assumed that Josh was talking about the affair and began to explain himself until Josh make it clear that he was talking about Cyrus bailing his brother out of jail. Cyrus informed Josh that he did not bail out Grady; Cyrus did not have enough money. Josh told Cyrus that his brother deserved to rot in jail. Cyrus responded that he could not let that happen since that is his brother.

Reva saw Buzz sweeping outside Company and asked about Harley. Buzz told Reva that Harley wanted Daisy to be with her for the summer. Reva thought that was an excellent idea since it would get her away from Grady. Buzz warned Reva that convincing Daisy to leave would not be easy, and Reva responded that she would get Daisy on that plane if she had to drag her there herself.

Grady whistled at Daisy as she was walking by and Daisy asked why he was still in town. Grady told Daisy that he had to see her and assured her that he would not go to jail since Alan would not let him. Grady then went to the farm to see Cassie. Grady tried to apologize for what happened to Tammy, stating that she did not deserve what happened to her. His apology meant nothing to Cassie since he was trying to kill Jonathan when it happened. Grady defended himself by saying that Jonathan was no innocent. Grady told Cassie that the memory of Tammy's death still haunted him and he would see her face for the rest of his life. Unmoved, Cassie picked up a fireplace poker and proceeded to trash the living room, telling Grady that she was going to tell the police that he broke in. Suddenly, Cyrus walked in. When Grady left, Cyrus told Cassie that her plan worked: Harley never wanted to see him again. All the anger spent out of her, Cassie saw Tammy's picture and talked about how Cassie used to be a happy and forgiving person. Cassie told Cyrus that his brother took that away from her. As Cassie commiserated that she would never be that person again, Josh returned and demanded to know what happened. Cassie told Josh that it was nothing. After Cyrus left, Josh asked Cassie if Cyrus hurt her. Cassie replied that her mood had nothing to do with Cyrus. A tearful Cassie said that the past kept dragging her down and pleaded with Josh to take her away.

While washing her car, Daisy called Frank. Getting his voice mail, she asked him to call her and stated that it was important. Afterwards, Reva arrived and informed Daisy that Daisy was no longer a production assistant. Reva stated that the good news was that Daisy had an all-expense paid summer vacation. When Reva began selling Daisy on the idea, Daisy realized that she was being sent to her mother. Daisy protested but Reva made it clear that there was no other option since Harley's place was being rented out, Dylan was out of town on business, and Daisy could not stay with any of her grandparents. Reva took Daisy to her house to find some luggage. While Reva was inside, Daisy saw Grady and told him to hide behind the car. There, she told him that her family was basically kidnapping her and she suggested that they leave together. As they were about to get in Reva's car, Cyrus stopped them and alerted Reva. Cyrus asked Grady if he was begging to go back to jail or if he was getting Daisy high again. When Reva came out, Cyrus informed her that Grady had been to Cassie's. Reva railed at Grady to stay away from Cassie.

Frank found Cyrus skulking around Harley's. Cyrus explained that he was hoping to find Harley's new number. Frank warned Cyrus to stay away from his family and would not even tell Cyrus if Harley was okay. Later, Frank visited Buzz and suggested a family dinner but Buzz noted that there was not much family available. Frank began talking about Harley and talked about how wrong it felt for her to be gone. From there, he ranted about Cyrus and said that he would find a way, legally or illegally, to put him away for life. Buzz noted that if Frank did that, then he would be visiting Frank. Buzz asked Frank if he thought Harley was all right and Frank stated that she was a big girl. She was Harley Davidson Cooper and she knew that she was not alone.

While Cyrus and Grady discussed how their mother would be disappointed to see how their lives turned out, Cyrus saw Daisy and intercepted her. Cyrus warned Daisy to stay away and asked if it mattered to her that Grady killed her cousin. Daisy said that it did but defended Grady by saying that he was high at the time. Daisy insisted that she had to stay in town in order to help Grady. Cyrus promised to help him, if Daisy left to stay with her mother. Daisy said that they couldn't control her, implying that she could run away. As Cyrus tried to convince Daisy that they both wanted to help Grady, Daisy pointed out that Grady was gone. Later, Daisy met up with Grady at the police station and took him to Frank. Daisy told Frank that Grady wanted to confess that Alan hired him to kill Jonathan. While Grady was making his statement, Daisy called Cyrus and left a message for him to call her.

While Josh was packing, Cassie told Josh about Grady's visit and her reaction. Cassie also admitted that she was not honest about the man she slept with. Josh suspected that she was taking about Jeffrey; Cassie informed him that the man was Cyrus. Josh accused Cyrus of getting her drunk and taking advantage of her, but Cassie stated that the fault was hers. Cassie told Josh that she needed someone and it was Cyrus. Cassie told Josh that, at first, she kept quiet because of Harley and, later, she was concerned about how Josh would react. A stunned Josh asked if she and Cyrus were still seeing each other. Cassie denied it and swore that it was over. Josh tried to walk out and Cassie pleaded with him not to shut her out. Josh responded that he asked her to be honest with him and she shut him out. Before Josh left, Cassie asked when, or if, he was coming back. Josh did not have an answer. Josh later found Cyrus at Towers and told him that he knew about him and Cassie.

Reva went to the farm to see if Cassie was all right after Grady's visit. Cassie shocked Reva by telling her that Josh had just left her.

Today's show was dedicated to Robert Calhoun. Calhoun served as executive producer of Guiding Light and As the World Turns in the late-1980s. He recently passed away.

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