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Passions Recaps: The week of June 23, 2008 on PS
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Paloma jumped to conclusions and lashed out at Noah, accusing him of killing Roberto. According to Noah, he and Roberto got into an argument, and Roberto jumped out of the window when he realized that he was losing the fight. Paloma seemed unconvinced, so she called out for Roberto. Noah questioned if Paloma still had feelings for Roberto. Paloma said she did not have feelings for him and that they were just friends. Noah had second thoughts about traveling around the world with Paloma's family, but Paloma reminded Noah that it was not safe to be in Harmony since Juanita was at large.

Tabitha searched for a missing Endora, but Endora had turned into a teddy bear. Endora refused to leave Harmony, and Tabitha explained to her that their powers were not strong enough to fight the evil. Esme dropped by unexpectedly and saw objects flying around. She was shocked and confused. While popping pills, Esme asked Tabitha to explain what was going on. Esme asked if she Tabitha on the same prescription meds as hers, and commented that if the world were like Tabitha's world, Esme would stay sober. Tabitha muttered to herself that she was leaving town, so there was no harm telling Esme the truth. Tabitha then blurted out to Esme that she was a witch. Esme had a proposition for Tabitha. She asked Tabitha to grant her three wishes, and in turn, Esme would help Tabitha find Endora. The first wish was to get all her money back. The second wish was to meet a handsome man, and the third wish was to get a man with equipment that worked, unlike Julian's. In addition, the man had to be kinky.

Luis and Fancy hoped that Pretty had left town for good. Luis added that nothing would come between them ever again.

Back at Sheridan's cottage, Pretty pointed out to Sheridan that she was planning to dump acid on Fancy's face. She hoped that Luis would be hers if Fancy were out of the picture. Sheridan tried to talk her out of it, but Pretty seemed determined to carry out her plans. Pretty walked out the door, and Sheridan tried to figure out what to do to stop her.

Sheridan concluded that she would not do anything to stop Pretty, because if Fancy and Pretty were out of the way, that would leave her to be with Luis. Sheridan's conscience started to bother her, so she wondered whether to warn Fancy, but Ethan walked in the door before she could make a decision. Ethan told Sheridan that he was sorry that she had lost Luis, and Sheridan remarked that Ethan had Gwen. Ethan was quick to say that he was still in love with Theresa, despite her death. Sheridan warned Ethan about saying things like that in Gwen's presence, since she wanted what was best for Gwen. Sheridan tried to blame Fancy for taking Luis away from her, but Ethan reminded her that she suggested to Luis to move on with another woman, so Fancy was not to be blamed. Ethan sensed that Sheridan had something on her mind and begged her to share it with him. Ethan lectured Sheridan regarding getting the man she wanted. He proposed to Sheridan that she had to be open and honest with Luis. In addition, Ethan added that the reason why he and Theresa were torn apart was because of her lies and secrets.

Pretty barged into Fancy's room uninvited, holding a bottle of acid behind her back. Fancy demanded that Pretty leave, but Pretty stood there taunting Fancy. Pretty blamed Fancy for destroying her life, and Fancy told her that it was time to get over it since it was an accident. While unscrewing the acid, Pretty pointed out to Fancy that she would get what was coming to her. Luis insisted that Pretty leave the room, but Pretty said she was not leaving until she gave Fancy what was long overdue. She then threw the acid in Fancy's face. Fancy cried out in agony.

Ethan searched for Theresa's letter without knowing that Gwen had destroyed it. Ethan thanked Gertrude (Theresa) for talking to him. In addition, Ethan admitted that he loved Gwen in a different way than he loved Theresa. He wanted to marry Gwen for the children's sake. Gertrude tried to convince Ethan to wait for another woman, but Ethan said that there would never be another Theresa. After Ethan left, Theresa said that she and Ethan could have the life he dreamed of if he did not marry Gwen. Theresa suddenly thought of writing another letter that was similar to the one Gwen destroyed. She hoped that Ethan would see it and not marry Gwen. She then realized that Gwen would get suspicious since she had already destroyed the first letter.

Downstairs in the living room, Rebecca commented to Gwen that the letter Theresa left was too convenient. She was convinced that something seemed fishy, so Rebecca went to get a sample of Theresa's handwriting. Both Rebecca and Gwen concluded that it was indeed Theresa's handwriting. Rebecca was still suspicious. Gwen commented that each time she planned something major, a letter popped up that conveniently derailed her plans. Rebecca questioned how Theresa could write about something in her letter after she had already passed away. Suddenly, both Rebecca and Gwen realized that Theresa was still alive. Gwen wondered where Theresa was because she wanted to make sure that Theresa died this time around. Theresa was still alive. Gwen wondered where Theresa was because she wanted to make sure that Theresa die this time around.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tabitha agreed to let Esme help her find Endora since she was so desperate. In addition, Tabitha would only grant Esme's three wishes if she found Endora. After listening to Esme's constant chatter and loose morals, Tabitha was worried that Esme would blab to the Harmony folks that she was a witch. Tabitha mentioned her past love affairs to Esme, and Esme asked Tabitha if she used magic to get men to fall in love with her. Tabitha made it very clear that magic had nothing to do with her conquests. Tabitha wanted to refocus on Endora, so she changed the subject. Esme used a makeup kit to lure Endora out of hiding. Endora fell for the trap. While playing with the makeup kit, both Esme and Tabitha circled Endora hoping to catch her, but Endora managed to get away.

Pretty tried to dump acid on Fancy's face, but Sheridan foiled her plans and told her that she would never get away with it. Fancy questioned why both Pretty and Sheridan kept barging into her room. In addition, Fancy was curious about Sheridan's statement regarding Pretty not getting away with something. Both Sheridan and Pretty whispered amongst themselves. Sheridan informed Pretty that she came to stop her, but Pretty thought that Sheridan wanted Fancy to win. Luis demanded to know what was going on but changed his mind after becoming impatient. He insisted that Sheridan and Pretty leave the room. Sheridan agreed, but Pretty wanted to carry out her plans to throw acid in Fancy's face. Pretty revealed her plans and threatened Fancy with the acid. Fancy repeated to Pretty that what happened to her was an accident and that Pretty was using the scar to be miserable and pathetic. Moreover, Fancy stated to Pretty that some people had gone through worse and begged Pretty to put her anger behind her. Pretty attempted to throw the acid towards Fancy's face, and Sheridan, while battling with her conscience, grabbed Pretty's arm, but some of the acid spilled out of the jar. Fancy screamed as if she had been hurt.

Both Rebecca and Gwen came to the realization that Theresa was still alive, and Gwen wanted to make sure that she was dead this time. Rebecca was shocked at how Theresa could have survived. Rebecca then concluded that Theresa was part cockroach since she read that cockroaches would outlast humans. Gwen blamed Rebecca for convincing her that Theresa had died. Gwen was sure that Theresa was the person who was spying on her in the bedroom. Rebecca gave Gwen a dose of reality by informing her that if Theresa were alive, Ethan would not be sleeping with her much less plan a recommitment ceremony. Gwen figured out that Theresa disguised herself in order to stay close to Ethan but still did not discover that Theresa was disguised as Gertrude at first, but she managed to search her memory and came up with evidence that Gertrude was indeed acting as Theresa.

Ethan walked in on Gertrude (Theresa) and heard a portion of her conversation to herself. Gertrude said that she would tell Ethan everything if Juanita was not a threat to her and her family. Ethan asked Gertrude what she would have told him. Gertrude begged Ethan to keep her secret. The story was about Ethan, but Ethan was not aware of it since he believed that Theresa had passed away. Ethan empathized with Gertrude, and he almost kissed her, but he stopped himself. Ethan then asked Gertrude if she was in love with him.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tabitha and Esme planned to coax Endora out of hiding by planting makeup in the attic. The plan seemed to work, but when the two went to grab her, Endora ran away. Tabitha realized Endora was hiding in the corner, and tried to convince Endora to come with her and leave Harmony before the town and its inhabitants were destroyed. Before they knew it, Endora fled out the door, so Tabitha and Esme searched the whole house for her. They took a break for a few cocktails in the living room, and Esme said she didn't know what she would do if she couldn't find innocent Viki. Viki wasn't as innocent as Esme thought, Tabitha thought to herself. Tabitha asked Esme if she had any children, and Esme said not that she knew of. Esme said she had changed since Viki came to live with her and she wished she could protect Viki from all the horror that was happening in Harmony. Tabitha told her Viki didn't need protecting. Tabitha told Esme that Viki was a serial killer, but Esme didn't hear her, because she was passed out on the couch. Tabitha zapped Esme off to bed and planned to zap Brad Pitt into bed beside Esme to keep her company. Tabitha said if she and Endora didn't leave Harmony, they would die like everyone else.

Ethan asked Gertrude if he was the man she was in love with, but Gertrude denied it. Ethan felt awful for assuming she was in love with him, but she told him she would have loved him in another place and time. Ethan apologized for assuming she was in love with him and went to check on Gwen. Theresa decided that no one could know she was really Gertrude as long as Juanita was on the loose, especially not Gwen and Rebecca. Theresa called Pilar and told her she and Little Ethan were packed and ready to go.

Meanwhile, Gwen realized that Theresa was Gertrude. She remembered the time when Gertrude's fake teeth wound up in the cherries jubilee, even though Gertrude had a convenient excuse to get out of it. Gwen told Rebecca that as Gertrude, Theresa would have had access to the children. Gwen realized that Little Ethan probably knew Gertrude's true identity all along and that's why he turned Gwen blue and made up the DVD of Ethan and Theresa. Rebecca figured out that Pilar probably knew about Gertrude too. Gwen blamed Rebecca for Theresa being able to pass herself off as Gertrude. Gwen said if Rebecca hadn't hired Gertrude, Theresa wouldn't have been able to disguise herself as the nanny. Rebecca pointed out that Ivy, who hated Theresa as much as they did, was also convinced they should hire her. Gwen asked Rebecca what they should do about Theresa, and Rebecca suggested they call Juanita immediately. Gwen refused, because it would start a bloodbath that would include murdering the children and Gwen couldn't do that. Ethan overheard them talking and asked what they were talking about. Before Rebecca could explain, Gertrude came in and Rebecca told her they had a lot to talk about. Ethan demanded again to know what Gwen and Rebecca meant about dealing with Theresa. Rebecca told Ethan that Gertrude could answer Ethan's questions about Theresa. Gertrude said she never met Theresa so she couldn't answer questions about her. Rebecca told Gertrude to tell them everything she knows about Theresa or if she'd rather, Rebecca would do it for her.

Vincent and Viki went to the wharf to gather poisoned mushrooms to kill everyone at the multiple wedding. Viki thought Vincent was stupid for taking her to the wharf to gather the mushrooms since there was no place for them to grow, but Vincent told her mushrooms could grow anywhere there was organic material like wood. He found some growing on some planks of wood. Viki apologized for doubting Vincent, and Vincent said it was important that they stayed with their mass murder plot. Vincent said he and Viki would prepare a mushroom sauce for the filet mignon to poison everyone, and cooking the mushrooms would help release the poisons, making it more toxic. He said no one would be left to take Esme from Viki because they would all be dead.

Pretty tried to throw acid on Fancy's face, but Sheridan hit her arm to keep the acid from hitting its mark. When Pretty threw the acid, Fancy screamed. It seemed like she was being burned. Fancy screamed in pain as Sheridan called 9-1-1. Pretty delighted in her plan coming to fruition. She finally had her revenge. But when Luis tried to absorb the acid with a towel, Fancy refused to let him see her face. When Sheridan stepped in and tried to convince her to accept Luis' help, Fancy revealed her face, showing no burns at all. Pretty was distraught that Fancy's face wasn't destroyed. Luis told Pretty she missed Fancy's face because Sheridan hit her arm. He hailed Sheridan as a hero, but Pretty told Luis that Sheridan knew about Pretty's plan to burn Fancy's face with acid all along. Luis and Fancy asked Sheridan if that was true, and Sheridan said she thought Pretty was just blowing off some steam because she was ranting about all kinds of ideas. Sheridan didn't think Pretty was serious, and if she thought Pretty would do it, Sheridan would have told them about Pretty's plans immediately. Luis told Sheridan it wasn't her fault, but Pretty said Sheridan was as bad as her because Sheridan knew and could have warned them.

Pretty was acting crazy, talking to herself, and Fancy felt sorry for her. She blamed herself for the monster Pretty had turned out to be. Fancy tried to get through to Pretty, but Luis warned her to be careful because Pretty wasn't stable. Pretty told Fancy she deserved to pay for what she had done to her. Pretty could have killed Fancy, Luis said, but Pretty thought she was justified in seeking revenge. Sheridan told Fancy there was no way Fancy could have stopped Pretty. Pretty continued to play the victim, but Sheridan said Pretty had been keeping a huge secret and it was time Fancy and Luis knew the truth. Pretty played dumb and tried to run, but Luis wouldn't let her leave. Sheridan said Pretty could have been happy, but she chose to stay angry and bitter over what Fancy did to her. Pretty yelled for Sheridan to shut up, but Sheridan grabbed Pretty's face and peeled away at her scar revealing that the scar was fake.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

There was no Thursday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, June 27, 2008

There was no Friday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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