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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 30, 2008 on AMC
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Monday, June 30, 2008

Erica was showing Samuel the cell that she was locked in during her solitary confinement when alarms went off. They both knew right away that the prison was on "lockdown." So, they were stuck in the cell. Erica explained that her time in prison changed her. She admitted that, at first, she thought she was better than the other inmates because of her fame. However, she realized that she and the other women were the same-they were all humans. She went on that the conditions in the prison were "medieval."

She told a story about an inmate named Rosalie. Erica said that when Rosalie was arrested, it broke her mother's heart. As a result, Rosalie's mother got sick and died during her daughter's sentence. Erica was appalled that Rosalie was not allowed to attend her mother's funeral. Erica then told a story about an inmate named Faye. Erica stated that Faye was abused by a male guard in another prison. Samuel reminded Erica that not all of the prisoners were innocent. Erica agreed that many of the women showed no remorse for their crimes, but she still felt that they deserved humane treatment. Erica thanked Samuel for prosecuting her. He was surprised by how much she cared for the other women. He confessed that the prison system was not perfect.

He recalled the time he saved Erica from solitary confinement. He wished that he was able to save his wife, like he saved Erica. Erica wanted him to describe his wife. He said that she was beautiful, smart, and artistic. He stated that on the morning of September 11, she suggested that their family play hooky from work and school. He regretted insisting that he needed to work that day. He affirmed that his wife died because he did not have his priorities straight. Erica stated that he was not responsible for his wife's death. Samuel kissed Erica. Just then, the warden entered and let them out of the cell.

Kendall, Greenlee, Amanda, and Babe were working at Fusion. Suddenly, Richie cut out the lights to their office. One of the women screamed. Kendall ran to the fuse box and got the lights back on. Kendall reentered the office to find Greenlee on the floor. Greenlee said that someone pushed her. Then, Kendall, Greenlee, and Amanda realized that Babe was missing. They searched the office, but could not find Babe. They heard the elevator moving and panicked. Each of the women grabbed a random object to use as a weapon. They were relieved to see Zach exit the elevator. They told Zach about the incident. He immediately assumed that Richie had kidnapped Babe. The women looked worried and called the police.

Richie had Babe bound and gagged as he threw her into the trunk of his car. He drove her to the cabin where they had spent a night together in the past. Richie pushed Babe onto the floor. She looked terrified.

Jesse and Angie went to the police station. He wanted to see the station before he was sworn in the following week. She kissed him and called him "chief." He smiled and called her "Mrs. Chief." Lieutenant Perry noticed Jesse and approached him. Perry stated that he and the other cops were excited that Jesse would be taking over as chief.

Annie and Ryan entered the police station. Annie claimed that she went to Richie's room to try to convince him to plead guilty. She went on that Richie became agitated and knocked her over the head and ran away. The police then received a call from the women at Fusion about Babe's disappearance. Jesse told Annie and Ryan that Richie kidnapped one of the women at Fusion. Annie exclaimed, "Oh no, Greenlee!" Jesse explained that Babe was kidnapped, not Greenlee.

Annie was very upset that Richie abducted Babe. Ryan wondered why Annie initially assumed that Richie took Greenlee. Annie recalled paying off her brother to get rid of Greenlee for her. Annie pretended that she was assumed it was Greenlee because Richie already tried to kill her in the bomb shelter.

Jesse began helping the cops with the "Novak case" when Angie reminded him that he was not chief yet. So, he called the mayor and asked him to come to the station. The mayor arrived and Jesse had him swear him into office.

Angie was concerned about Annie getting hit in the head by Richie. Angie offered to give Annie a check-up. They went into an empty room. As Angie felt Annie's head, Annie asked if she could have doctor-patient confidentiality. Angie said yes. Annie asked if being knocked unconscious could harm a pregnancy. Angie inquired if Annie was pregnant. Annie replied that she was not sure, but told Angie not to tell Ryan that she might be.

Jesse went to Fusion to investigate the case. As he entered the office, he overheard Zach telling Kendall that he should have killed Richie when he had the chance. Jesse looked alarmed by the comment.

Jesse interviewed everyone at Fusion. When he interviewed Zach, he warned him not to take the law into his own hands. Zach slyly smirked and told Kendall that he had to go. Zach went to his office and loaded a gun.

Jesse went back to the police station. He wanted to ask Annie more questions, but Ryan refused and took his wife home. Jesse seemed annoyed with Ryan.

JR informed Adam that Babe was moving into the mansion. Adam was against the move. Adam reminded JR that whenever Babe moved in with JR, she never stayed. JR said that he needed to protect his family from Richie, since Richie was out on bail. Krystal entered the mansion with Little Adam. Krystal was bringing Little Adam to his room when Amanda called JR. Amanda relayed the bad news that Richie had abducted Babe. JR was distraught. Adam suggested that Babe ran off with Richie willingly. Krystal entered the room and divulged that she overheard their conversation. She was frenzied over Babe's disappearance. JR offered to call Tad for her.

Krystal chastised Adam for insinuating that Babe would voluntarily leave town with Richie. Adam tried to console Krystal, but she would not hear it. She stated that Adam did not care about Babe. JR returned and told Krystal that Tad said he loved her. Krystal urged JR to spend time with Little Adam. JR pretended to go to Little Adam's room, but he sneaked out of the mansion instead.

Kendall told Greenlee that she was fed up with the women of Fusion being tormented by psychos. Kendall wanted to take action. Greenlee agreed and suggested that they try to find Richie and Babe themselves.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

JR found Zach loading a gun in his office. Zach said JR should call Richie to trace the call and find his location.

Greenlee and Kendall tried to figure out where Richie took Babe. Kendall looked at a picture that Richie took of Babe and Little Adam inside a cabin they once shared during a thunderstorm. Kendall thought Richie might have taken Babe to the same spot to recapture the magic Babe and Richie once shared. Greenlee and Kendall decided to go to the cabin themselves.

Randi told Angie that she had no interest in Frankie, but Angie was not worried. Frankie said he was mad his mother for taking him off Randi's case. Jake said Frankie was too emotionally involved in the case to continue caring for Randi. Randi told Angie that she wished Frankie hadn't gotten involved in her life. Angie said Randi should not blame Frankie for her troubles. Randi said her life would be in more danger if her pimp knew she had turned him in. But her life didn't matter much to many people, so it wouldn't make a difference if he were dead, Randi added. Angie said Randi must have family, but she said ties with her relatives ended long ago. She told Angie to mind her own business before leaving the room. Jake went to check on Randi, who asked if Frankie was still working. Frankie told Angie he was not angry at his mother for taking him off Frankie's case.

Richie locked Babe in a room inside a cabin. Babe banged on the door but Richie ignored her. Richie called Annie, who scolded him for going after Babe instead of Greenlee. Richie demanded that Annie bring him the money immediately. Annie said she gave Richie money, but he said he needed more. Richie threatened to tell the police about her involvement in his scams if she did not give him what he needed. Richie let Babe out of the room after he got off the phone with Annie. Richie told Babe he brought her to the cabin because he loved her and wanted to be with her. Richie wanted Babe and Little Adam to run away with him, but Babe said she would not leave with him. JR called Richie, who was holding Babe by the throat so she would not talk. Richie claimed that Babe came with him because she wanted to be with him. Before Richie hung up, Babe yelled that she was in the cabin, but JR did not hear her. Babe pretended that she wanted to be with Richie to try to escape from him. Babe said she listened to what everyone else thought of Richie, but never hated him like they wanted her to. When Richie kissed Babe, she kicked him in the groin and tried to run away. But Richie grabbed her before she got out the door.

Zach, Aidan, and JR went looking for Richie after tracing his call.

Greenlee and Kendall found the cabin. They saw Babe's shoe outside and knew she was inside. Greenlee and Kendall grabbed logs of wood and pepper spray before banging on the door. Annie snuck around the corner and saw Kendall and Greenlee rush towards the front door.

Krystal told Adam that he was probably happy Richie kidnapped Babe. Adam said he only suggested Babe went willingly with Richie out of spite. Adam said he was jealous when JR told him that he and Babe were trying to repair their broken relationship. Adam said it made him wish that Krystal had given them a second chance. Krystal was insulted that Adam could think about their relationship when Babe was missing. Adam apologized for his insensitivity and even said he respected Babe for always standing up to him. Adam assured Krystal the police would find Babe safe. He promised to personally make sure Richie was punished. As Adam held Krystal close, they shared a kiss.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Erica was in her cell when Samuel came to visit her. She was surprised to see that he was still in the prison. He explained that he had been with the warden. Samuel informed Erica that the warden apologized for them being stuck in solitary during the prison's lockdown. Erica commented that she was tired of hearing the warden's apologies. She added that it was nice being in solitary with him though. He wondered if he overstepped his bounds by kissing her. She laughed and said no. He felt that he was taking advantage of her. She did not understand why. He reminded her that he was the reason she was in prison. She assumed that he did not want to get close to her because it would be bad publicity. He assured her that he did not care if people saw them together. He insinuated that, if they were in a private room, he would get frisky with her. She flirted with him and said that he was simply making empty promises, like all politicians. He affirmed that he kept his promises. He continued that he always got what he wanted, and then never let go of it. The guard entered and told Erica that Jack called. Samuel left.

Erica called Jack. He asked if she was well because he heard that the prison was on lockdown. She said that she was fine. She admitted that she and Samuel were in solitary together, but lied and claimed that she did not enjoy her time with him.

Colby, Corinna, and Cassie were celebrating Colby's birthday by playing party games. Colby declared that the party was boring. The two girls reminded her that she wanted a "mature" birthday. Colby recognized that she had said that, but explained that she wanted a low-key event because of her terrible sixteenth birthday party. Cassie asked what happened at her sweet sixteen. Corinna divulged that Colby had an "al-list party." Colby stated that she got drunk, crashed a yacht, and lost her "v-card." Colby promised not to complain anymore. Then, there was a knock at the door. It was Dre and his band member. The two boys had a cooler full of beer. Colby was excited.

As the party got underway, everyone began to drink, except for Cassie. Colby became intoxicated very fast. She danced around the party and kissed Dre's band mate. Cassie saw the kiss and commented that she needed to at least know what someone's favorite color was before she kissed them. Cassie and Dre began to talk about their personal lives. Dre admitted that he was not looking forward to his father becoming a senator because he would have to live under a microscope. Cassie explained that her family life was weird since she moved in with Angie, Frankie, and Jesse. He asked if she had a boyfriend and she replied no, so he asked what her favorite color was. As he leaned in to kiss her, Colby jumped in between them and exclaimed that she was having a lot of fun.

Greenlee and Kendall were outside the cabin where Richie was holding Babe hostage. Greenlee threw a rock at the window. Richie was startled and opened the front door. Kendall shot him in the eyes with mace. Babe hit him over the head with the fireplace poker. Richie fell to the floor in pain. The women tied him to a chair. Richie yelled that he was going to kill all of them. Kendall was about to call the police when Greenlee told her to stop. Greenlee picked up a knife. Greenlee put the knife to Richie's throat. She stated that she wanted Richie to feel the pain that she felt in the bomb shelter. Richie told her to "get over it." She exclaimed that her life ended when he left her in the shelter. She said that he deserved to die. Babe grabbed the knife from Greenlee and said that it was her turn. She put the knife to Richie's throat as she grabbed his hair. She chastised Richie for stealing JR's bone marrow and giving him a disease. Richie noted that Babe did not have the guts to kill him. Kendall grabbed the knife and assured Richie that she was capable of killing him. Kendall berated Richie for almost killing Zach. Kendall blamed Richie for losing Greenlee as a best friend. Kendall pressed the knife to Richie's chest, but could not kill him.

All three women went outside to relax. Greenlee said that she felt better after seeing Richie squirm for his life. Kendall called Zach to tell him that they found Babe and Richie.

Kendall, Greenlee, and Babe did not know that Annie was lurking around the cabin the entire time they were there. Annie watched the women torture Richie. Once the women went outside, Annie entered the cabin. She picked up the knife and stared at her brother.

Carmen went to the Chandler Mansion to start her first day of work. She did not see anyone, but heard a cell phone ringing. She answered the phone. Tad asked if his "wife" was there. Carmen opened the doors to the living room to find Adam and Krystal kissing. Carmen approached them and announced that Krystal's husband was looking for her. Krystal looked mortified and grabbed the phone.

Tad said that he still had not heard any news about Babe. He reassured Krystal that Babe would be fine. Krystal stated that she was coming home with Little Adam. Krystal hung up and told Adam that she was leaving. Adam said they needed to talk, but she left anyway.

Carmen asked what jobs Adam wanted her to perform. He explained that she would clean. She affirmed that she could clean, cook, and take care of people. He insisted that he did not need anyone to take care of him. She stated that she was "discreet." She then asked which bedroom was hers. He explained that her room was next to the mudroom. He added that she needed to wear a uniform. As he looked at the flashy outfit she was wearing, he stated that he was probably going to regret hiring her. She retorted that he was going to love her. He left the room, so she poured herself a glass of his scotch.

Krystal went home. Tad hugged and consoled Krystal. He said that he made sure all of his private investigator friends were looking for Babe. Krystal was appreciative. She commented that he took very good care of his family. He noted that it was the best job in the world. She looked upset and said she was sorry. As he asked why, her phone rang. It was Babe calling to say that she was safe. Krystal and Tad were relieved. They proceeded to resume their conversation. He asked her again why she was sorry. She recalled kissing Adam. Just then, her phone rang-it was Adam. She did not take the call. Instead, she turned to Tad and claimed that she was sorry because Tad had encountered too much drama recently. He promised her that he loved their life together. She asked for another hug and they embraced.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ryan looked for Annie at their home, but she was not there. Jesse came over to talk to Annie because he had more questions about Richie's escape, but Ryan said Annie was at the movies. Jesse wondered why Annie would go the movies with her dangerous brother on the loose. Jesse called the police and told them to put a bug on Annie's phone. Ryan called Annie, but she did not pick up the telephone. Jesse asked Ryan what movie theater and what kind of movie Annie would go see. Ryan said that information was not important, but Jesse said they needed to find Annie fast before Richie got her. Ryan thought Jesse was accusing Annie of helping Richie leave Pine Valley. Jesse asked the police to check all of the local theaters for a woman matching Annie's description. Jesse went back to the police station.

Annie tried to cut the ropes to free Richie while Greenlee, Kendall, and Babe stayed outside. Zach, JR, and Aidan were relieved when they arrived and saw the ladies were safe. Zach said the ladies should have called them before taking matters into their own hands. Aidan wanted to call the police, but Zach wanted to punish Richie himself. When everyone went back inside the cabin, Richie was gone. Zach noticed that the ropes were cut with a knife. Babe said Richie could not have gotten far because she still had his car keys. Zach, Aidan, and JR went out in the woods to find Richie. Greenlee, Kendall, and Babe heard a strange noise and saw a shadow outside. Kendall raced toward the door with a shovel, but put it down when she saw Aidan coming inside. Aidan called Jesse to let him know what had happened with Richie. Aidan offered to take Greenlee and Kendall home. JR took Babe home and Zach left to look for Richie.

Annie drove Richie away from the cabin. She told him he was supposed to get rid of Greenlee instead of trying to seduce Babe, who didn't even like him. Richie told Annie that she should understand his feelings for Babe, especially since Ryan did not remember Annie. Richie told Annie he was going to kidnap Greenlee, but his emotions overtook him once he saw Babe. Annie said Richie destroyed her life, her family, and her friends, but Richie said Annie's own lies just caught up with her. Richie decided he and Annie needed to part ways, so he grabbed the steering wheel and they ran off the road. Annie told Richie she wanted him to leave town permanently. Richie suggested he take Annie's car, and eventually, someone would find Annie. Annie called Ryan to tell him she was fine. Ryan offered to pick Annie up, but Annie wanted to drive herself home.

Adam ran into Carmen at his mansion, but was not impressed with Carmen's revamped uniform. Adam said the tight uniform that clung to her curves was inappropriate. Carmen asked Adam what her daily household duties were, but Adam told her he was not sure. Adam, intrigued by Carmen's personality, smiled and told Carmen to take the rest of the night off. Carmen came back to check on Adam and poured him a whiskey.

Colby tried to get the party going stronger by encouraging her guests to dance. When Colby started dancing with Ren, his girlfriend Corrina got jealous. Corrina told Ren she wanted to go home, but he accepted Colby's invitation to stay a few minutes longer. Corrina rushed out of the house with Ren following behind. Colby, who was pretty drunk, wanted to continue partying and making toasts. Cassie and Dre took the glass of beer away from Colby once Colby got dizzy. Colby blurted out that Cassie and Dre should be together since they liked each other. Adam called the house to check on Colby, but Cassie answered the phone. Cassie said Colby was in taking a bath after falling in the mud outside. Cassie and Dre took Colby's car keys and left the house.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Due to the Fourth of July holiday, All My Children did not air an original episode today. This programming change will not result in any missed episodes and the action will pick back up on Monday, July 7th.



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