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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 7, 2008 on AMC
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Monday, July 7, 2008

Kendall, Greenlee, and Aidan were with Jesse at the cabin. Jesse demanded to know where Zach was, but Kendall said that she was unsure. Jesse called Zach on his cell phone, but Zach ignored the call. Jesse was annoyed. Jesse commented that the residents of Pine Valley viewed the police as an "annoyance." Jesse declared that he would not be ignored. Aidan noted that there was a "new sheriff in town." Jesse told Kendall and Greenlee that they were foolish to go after Richie themselves. Greenlee stated that they did not really think they would find Richie. Aidan reinforced that the women acted recklessly. Greenlee snapped and said that she and Kendall saved Babe, but no one appreciated that. Aidan said that, although he was impressed with Greenlee and Kendall's heroics, he did not want to see Richie hurt them again.

Colby was extremely intoxicated. She was in the passenger seat of her car, while Dre drove her home. Cassandra was in the backseat of the car, trying to calm Colby down. Colby was worried over Adam finding out that she was drunk. Dre and Cassandra assured her that Adam would not find out. Colby yelled that she needed a drink of water. As Dre and Cassandra looked for a bottle of water in the car, they hit a big bump in the road. Dre said that it was probably a tree branch, but Cassandra feared it was an animal. Colby screamed out that she was going to get sick. So, Dre stopped the car and Colby puked out of the window. When Colby felt better, Dre and Cassandra contemplated turning around to see what they hit. Colby demanded to be taken home because she was sick, so they did not go back.

Zach called Jesse to say that he found Richie. Jesse asked where Zach was. Zach said that he was on the highway. After Zach hung up the phone, he looked at Richie's lifeless body on the side of the road-Richie was dead! Zach turned Richie's body over, so he could look at the dead man's face. Zach commented that Richie was talented, but he took it too far and messed with the wrong people.

Jesse arrived to find Zach hovering over Richie's dead body. Zach assumed that Jesse would consider him a suspect. Jesse asked if Zach wanted to admit to the crime, but Zach said he was innocent. Jesse asked why Zach was driving Richie's car. Zach explained that he took the car to find Richie. Zach continued that Richie seemed to be killed by a car. Zach urged Jesse to check the car he was driving, to prove that he was innocent. Zach then asked for a ride home. Jesse was glad to give Zach a ride, so he could continue his questioning.

Opal visited Erica in jail. Opal revealed the tarot card that signified death. Opal exclaimed that death was coming for Richie. Erica tried to calm Opal down, but she was sure that death was coming to Pine Valley. Opal explained that Richie gave her the creeps. Opal stated that the death card always appeared when he was around; however, Opal was afraid that Richie might bring death to someone other than himself. Erica inquired if Kendall and Zach were safe, but Opal did not know. Erica stated that she needed to call Kendall, so she and Opal came up with a scheme to distract the prison guard. Opal called out that her tarot cards were showing a rose with money. The guard's ears perked up as she mentioned that her name was Rose. As Opal claimed that the cards showed a great windfall for Rose, Erica picked up the phone. Erica quietly called Kendall. Kendall was happy to hear her mother's voice. Kendall assured Erica that everyone was fine. After Erica hung up, Opal stopped the phony reading and the guard walked away. Opal then revealed to Erica that she saw "change" in Erica's future.

Kendall, Greenlee, and Aidan were in Kendall's home. Kendall was concerned for Zach. Aidan and Greenlee reminded her that Zach would not do anything to put their family in danger. Just then, Aidan received a phone call from Zach. Zach informed Aidan that Richie was dead. Aidan relayed the message to Kendall and Greenlee. Soon after, Zach arrived home. Zach told Kendall that he did not kill Richie. Kendall claimed that she never suspected him and they embraced.

Aidan brought Greenlee to her penthouse. Greenlee asked Aidan not to leave because she was too scared to be alone. Aidan offered to sleep outside of her front door. She said that he could sleep on the couch, but he insisted on sleeping outside her door. She handed him a blanket and he exited. After she closed the door, she smiled.

Kendall and Zach sat together on their couch. She was relieved that Richie was dead and everything was "over." He noted that everything was "far from over." She looked nervous.

JR and Babe were at the mansion. Babe was upset with herself for trusting Richie. JR urged Babe to stop blaming herself. She thanked him for supporting her and they kissed.

Cassandra and Dre brought Colby into the mansion. Colby was still very drunk. Colby commented that Dre and Cassandra really liked each other. Suddenly, JR entered and realized that Colby was wasted. JR began to chastise Colby. Dre and Cassandra urged JR to reserve his lecture for when Colby was sober.

As Dre and Cassandra got Colby ready for bed, Colby thanked them for being such good friends. After Colby was in bed, Cassandra and Dre laughed about Colby trying to hook them up. Dre affirmed that they did not need a drunken friend to hook them up and he kissed Cassandra. Cassandra giggled as Dre left.

JR received a call from Aidan saying that Richie was dead. JR told Babe the news. She looked worried and asked JR what they should do. JR recommended that they answer all of Jesse's questions and then move on with their lives.

Annie returned home to find Ryan waiting for her. He revealed that Jesse found it suspicious that she went to see a movie while Richie was on the run. She protested that she needed to clear her head. She further noted that she did not know who she was anymore. Ryan then got a call stating that Richie was dead. Ryan broke the news to Annie. She looked distraught and stated that she killed her brother. Ryan asked his wife what she meant by the statement. She claimed that her visit to Richie in the Pine Cone Motel made him jump bail, which led to his death. Ryan assured Annie that it was not her fault. She did not know whether she felt relief or sadness. She then recalled times that she and Richie spent together as children and cried.

Jesse called Ryan to ask if Annie would identify Richie's body. So, Ryan and Annie went to the morgue. Annie saw Richie's dead body and looked horrified. Ryan embraced Annie to console her. Jesse gave them both an incredulous look.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Angie and Jesse were at breakfast. He commented that he was in charge of figuring out who killed Richie. She said that it appeared to be a hit and run. He was skeptical and assumed that Richie was murdered. Krystal overheard their conversation and interjected that Richie got what he deserved. Krystal proceeded to thank Jesse for taking the job of police chief. Krystal also thanked Angie for letting Jesse take the job. Krystal noticed that Dre and Cassandra entered the restaurant together. Krystal stated that Dre was a great guy.

Krystal walked over to Dre and Cassandra's table. Krystal told Cassandra that she was proud of her for not having a wild party at the Chandler Lodge. Krystal was relieved that Cassandra and Colby were safe while Richie was on the loose. Dre and Cassandra inquired about Richie. Krystal handed them the newspaper, and left.

As Dre read the newspaper, Cassandra admitted that she felt guilty over having a party at the lodge. He interrupted her to read her the newspaper. He said that Richie was killed by a hit and run around the same time that they hit a mysterious bump in the road. They both became nervous and wondered if they murdered Richie.

Adam entered the living room to find JR and Babe having breakfast. Adam chastised Babe for trusting Richie. He stated that she was the reason Richie went after JR. JR yelled at his father to back off Babe. Adam revealed that Krystal was worried sick when Babe was kidnapped. Babe snidely commented that Krystal was probably just as worried as when Adam kidnapped Jenny.

Krystal entered and hugged Babe. Babe asked why Adam was riled up. Krystal confessed that she kissed Adam. Just as Krystal told Babe to pack her things, JR entered the room. He asked if Babe was leaving. Krystal stated that Babe needed to go home, where she belonged. JR affirmed that he was not like Adam and that Babe would be safe with him. This did not matter to Krystal. After Krystal left the room, Babe affirmed that she was going to stay at the mansion for JR. They kissed.

On her way out, Krystal saw Adam. He pleaded with her to give in to her feelings and kiss him again. They moved close to each other, but she eventually backed away. She left the mansion.

Adam saw Colby and scolded her for not letting him know that she left the lodge a day early. JR told Adam to stop yelling. JR pulled Colby aside. He told her that he would not allow her to become an alcoholic, like Skye, Hailey, and him. He told Colby to take a shower and promised to bring her juice. She thanked him.

Cassandra and Dre went to see Colby. They told Colby that they might have killed Richie.

Angie and Jesse saw each other at the hospital. Angie mentioned that one of her nurses retired early to a tropical location. She also said that Jesse knew the nurse's husband because he was a guard at the prison. Jesse noted that the guard retired early as well, right before he was about to receive his pension. Jesse realized that the guard was on duty when Richie was beaten in prison.

Aidan brought Greenlee breakfast. Greenlee was very impressed that Aidan slept outside of her front door and then brought her food in the morning. She felt that she was a "wimp." Aidan affirmed that Greenlee was brave because she saved Babe from Richie. As they smiled at each other, Jake entered. Aidan realized that Jake was about to move in and offered to help him. Aidan carried some of Jake's boxes into the penthouse as Greenlee watched. Aidan stated that he would carry anything for Greenlee.

Aidan left and Jake began to unpack his belongings. Greenlee was appalled by all of the pictures Jake possessed, especially one of dogs playing poker. Greenlee doubted if she ever really liked Jake. He affirmed that she liked him, but not as much as Leo, Ryan, or Aidan. As they fought over what pictures Jake was allowed to display in the apartment, Greenlee discussed her complicated situation with Aidan. Jake told Greenlee to find a girlfriend to talk to. She snapped that her best friend slept with Aidan. Jake retorted that Aidan was a hero because he saved both of their lives. He urged her to get over Aidan's one mistake and forgive him. He reminded her that she used to give people second chances.

As Annie sat on the couch looking distraught, Ryan made arrangements for Richie's body to be sent to his father in Chicago. Richie was to be buried next to his mother. Annie thanked Ryan for making the arrangements.

Zach and Kendall were outside of Ryan and Annie's apartment. Kendall was reluctant to go inside because of their hatred for Richie, but Zach insisted that they support Annie. So, they went inside and gave Ryan and Annie coffee and breakfast.

Kendall remarked to Annie that it was probably difficult to lose someone that was such a big part of her life. Annie reminded Kendall that Richie tried to hurt everyone she loved. Kendall embraced Annie. Annie explained that she was trying to recall a time when her relationship with Richie "made sense." As Annie talked, Kendall noticed that she was not wearing her wedding ring. Kendall asked why. Annie claimed that it was being cleaned. Kendall immediately informed Zach about the ring. Zach urged Kendall to mind her own business, but Kendall insisted that Annie was lying about the ring being cleaned.

Zach approached Annie. He stated that they were part of an exclusive club in which their family members hurt people and died because of it. He assured her that he would not judge her if she ever wanted to talk freely about Richie's death.

Ryan asked Zach if Jesse interrogated him about Richie's death. Zach declared that he did not kill Richie. Ryan explained that he was not accusing Zach. Zach said that it was natural for Jesse to suspect him since he found the body.

Aidan arrived at Ryan and Annie's home. Kendall told him that he needed to be with Greenlee. She encouraged him to go back to Greenlee's apartment.

Greenlee heard a knock at her door. When she opened the door, Aidan was standing there with a note card that said, "Don't talk. Just read." He then showed her a sequence of cards that said he would always love her and that he wished she felt the same way. He gave her the cards and walked away. Greenlee seemed touched by the gesture.

Jesse called Zach, so Zach went to the police station. Jesse announced that he had some questions to ask Zach in regards to Richie.

Ryan and Annie went to the morgue. Angie met them. Angie said that the autopsy would be completed soon. Ryan and Annie planned to wait for the results.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Erica and Samuel went on a television show but it was not long before they were snickering back and forth. The reporter asked Erica why she did not despise Samuel since he put her behind bars. Erica said she and Samuel had many things in common. Erica told Samuel to tell the public something they needed to know about him. Samuel admitted he was in a music group when he was younger. When the reporter asked Erica if she was endorsing Samuel for the election, Erica told the reporter that it was time to wrap up the interview. The reporter thanked Samuel and Erica for the interview. Erica was summoned back to her cell.

Frankie told Randi that her boyfriend, Fletcher, was being released from jail. He said he did not feel comfortable releasing her from the hospital unless he knew Fletcher was going to leave her alone. Randi told Frankie she did not need him trying to run her life again. The tension only lasted a few minutes. When Frankie made a comment about a funny face Randi made, they laughed. Angie looked unhappy when she passed by the room and saw them chuckling. Frankie asked Randi to call her sister for help, but Randi said her sister was dead. Frankie told Randi she could leave if she could walk out of her bed. But Randi ended up falling right into Frankie's arms instead. Randi thanked Frankie for his concern before he saw his mother in the hall.

Colby, Cassie, and Dre were not sure how to handle the fact that they might have killed Richie. Dre said his head was turned away just for a few seconds before they hit something. Colby said Richie was a horrible person and it was not a big deal that he died. Dre offered to confess to the murder, but would not tell police Cassie and Colby were with him. Colby said that plan would not work because Dre was driving her car. Cassie, Dre, and Colby agreed not to tell anyone about what happened.

Angie told Ryan and Annie they did not have to wait for Richie's autopsy results because it would take several hours. When Annie walked off, Ryan almost told Angie about Annie's strange behavior before Richie's death, but decided against it. Before making rounds with other patients, Angie said Ryan could always tell her anything if he wanted. Annie told Ryan she did not want to leave the hospital because it would make Richie's death more real. She told Ryan she had failed Richie by leaving him behind so many years earlier. Angie said the autopsy revealed Richie died from blunt force trauma of the head as a result of the car accident. Annie remembered what happened the night she last saw Richie. Her car got a flat tire and Richie had to change the tire. Richie threatened to send Ryan a letter about all of Annie's dirty deeds once he escaped Pine Valley. Annie took the tire iron and hit Richie on the head. Richie crashed to the pavement and Annie called Ryan to tell him she was leaving the movie theater. Ryan suddenly remembered driving his motorcycle off the cliff and seeing Greenlee grieving through the casino cameras.

Jesse brought Zach to the police station for further questioning. Jesse told Zach he was a person of interest in Richie's death because Zach found Richie on the road. Jesse reminded Zach that Zach once said he should have killed Richie when the chance was available. Jesse suggested that Zach saw Richie on the side of the road, ran into him and waited for police to arrive to claim he found Richie dead. Angie called Jesse to tell him about Richie's autopsy results. Jesse let Zach go for lack of evidence to charge him with anything.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jack surprised Erica when he brought Kendall to the prison to see her. He confessed that he'd had a chat with the warden and she'd agreed to allow Kendall to cross the bars so that she could serve as a consultant for Erica's upcoming makeover show. Erica thanked him for his efforts, after which Jack excused himself as he planned to head out to meet Carmen for a working lunch. He told Erica that the case was solid but that they still had a lot of work to do. He took his leave, and Kendall pointed out that Jack still loved her. After she cited that they were something akin to friends, Erica dismissed talk of it any further, so Kendall opted to launch into talk of the upcoming show. Her initiative fell flat when Erica fairly demanded more details about what happened with Richie. Kendall went through the story, noting that they found him at the cabin he and Babe went to on their day out with the kids. She detailed how they rescued Babe from his clutches and tortured him for what he'd done, and went on to note that while the women were outside, Richie had freed himself and escaped. Erica then asked her daughter if Zach had anything to do with his death.

Flustered, Kendall quickly said that Zach had nothing to do with it and changed the subject to Samuel Woods. She wanted to know what it was like to be locked in solitary with him. Erica tried to be dismissive of Kendall's questions but her eldest child pressed on. Instead she took her turn at changing the subject and started to talk about Carmen. Kendall admitted that she thought Carmen was something of a pet project, but Erica assured her that Carmen was an inspiration, and said she was glad that Carmen had won the right to a second trial. Kendall wasn't impressed and instead said that she couldn't wait for Erica to get released from jail so that she and Jack could explore the possibility of getting back together. Without thinking, Erica slipped and started to talk about working on things with Samuel. When Kendall called her out on her mistake, Erica tried to hide her embarrassment as she tried to convince her daughter that she had to have misheard her.

Erica continued to insist that nothing was going on between herself and the senator, but Kendall refused to back off this time. Erica finally admitted that she and Samuel had shared a kiss and begged Kendall not to tell anyone. Kendall understood why her mother wanted to keep it a secret and agreed. Erica then tried to explain why it happened and that it would never happen again. Kendall asked her how bad it would be if the interest continued beyond the prison walls.

Babe arrived at Fusion and immediately saw that Annie was at work. They shared an awkward conversation, given all that had happened recently, but Babe recovered first and asked how Annie had fared since her brother's death. Annie summarily ignored the question and instead they each admitted surprise at seeing the other at work. Babe then apologized for how everything happened, but Annie insisted that she understood because of how Richie had terrorized them. Babe noted that she was glad that Annie had Ryan to lean on. She offered to help if Annie needed anything, but Annie told her that Babe should focus on taking care of herself. She then asked if Babe planned to move out of the Chandler mansion since the threat was gone, but Babe admitted that she had decided to stay. Annie wondered if she wanted to work things out with JR and, while Babe said that it was good to be around him, her main focal points were for her son to have his parents under one roof again, and to provide emotional backup for Colby.

At the Hubbard residence, as Angie and Jesse attempted to start their day, Frankie started his day with a bang as he ranted about the fact that Randi's pimp, Fletcher, had been allowed to make bail. Jesse tried to calm him down, but when he pointed out that the system sometimes worked that way, Frankie flew off the handle all over again. He angrily said that Fletcher would probably assault Randi as he had done before, and when Angie interrupted him, he refused to let her speak if all she had to offer was another lecture about the limit on caring about patients. Jesse told his son to calm down a bit and said that the pimp would have his day in court. This was meaningless to Frankie as he admitted he thought Fletcher would get to Randi before that could happen.

After his departure from the house, Jesse and Angie mulled over the direction of the Novak case. Jesse pointed out that just about anyone in town could be a suspect, solely based on the laundry list of people that he'd hurt during his life. He remarked that instead of wading through a sea of endless possibilities, he planned to look at some information coming in to see if it led him in a specific direction.

A short time later, after Angie left for work, a fax came through about the last phone calls Richie made before he died. He called the number that appeared most frequently, and found the dead man's sister to be the recipient of all of the calls. He questioned her about the last time she talked to her brother but when she proved herself to be vague, he started to ask her about her timeframe for the night Richie died. She continued to evade a solid answer, so Jesse told her that he wanted to meet with her to discuss the matter further.

When the call ended, Annie lied to Babe about why Jesse contacted her. Rattled, she insisted that Jesse was being thorough about the case. There was a moment of silence where Babe reflected once again on what had happened to Richie. She noted that no one should be left to die alone, but Annie blurted out that it was a weird sense of karma that Richie hit Zach and left him to die, only to die in a similar fashion. Concerned, Babe suggested that Annie go home, but Annie said that she needed to stay at work to keep busy. She then blurted out her concern about Babe working at the place where she was kidnapped. Reminded of the horror, Babe took her up on the offer and left only after she made Annie promise to call if she needed anything.

Aidan showed up at Greenlee's place at her request and she immediately told him that talking wouldn't help. She let him inside and when he asked her what would, she told him that she forgave him for what happened when he thought she was dead. Aidan again apologized profusely, but she told him it was in the past and that they needed only to promise that they would never lie to each other again. In spirit of the promise, Aidan made a confession, for he agreed fully to her request. He told her that he'd purchased a bottle of her perfume and when he missed her, smelling it made him feel close to her again. She smiled at the thought, which let him know that she was okay with that kind of secret. She then told him that she wanted to take things slowly and, because he knew it was about trust, he told her that he was willing to do whatever she needed.

They briefly talked about what they'd gone through for each other, and with each point, they got physically closer. She almost had to spell it out that she wanted him to kiss her, and he was more than happy to oblige. After that indulgence, Aidan asked how they would define their relationship. Greenlee told him that they weren't just friends, but for the time being-it was just the two of them. Aidan remarked that her answer was vague and she told him that she needed time to figure out what they were, and where they were. They professed their love for each other because they knew that much hadn't changed. Then, because she wanted what was best for them, she told him that she needed to go sailing so that she could clear her head. Aidan told her that he wouldn't stand in her way as long as she came back to him.

At the hospital, Frankie suggested some alternatives to Randi as she was leaving the hospital. She knew that he did so more out of concern about Fletcher than her health, and Frankie agreed. He insisted that a few more days in Pine Valley Hospital could only help, but she told him that the decision had been made when it was discovered that she didn't have insurance. He continued to offer her help and suggested several shelters and boarding houses. She told him places like that didn't work for women like her.

A short time later, Angie came to Randi's room with some aftercare instructions. As the doctor made notes on her chart, Randi mentioned that Angie must be glad to get rid of her since it ended any possibility of an involvement with her son. Angie reminded Randi that she had other options besides selling herself. She warned the young woman to be careful as her next trip to the hospital could be to the morgue.

After Angie left, Frankie returned and said that he had an idea for Randi's safety-although it was only for one night. He told her that he could find her something more permanent, and if it didn't work out, he would leave her alone. She noted that it wouldn't be bad to have something solid for one night, and agreed.

Angie returned with some release papers but found that Frankie had already released Randi. Angie told him that he had nothing against Randi but had been concerned that he was too involved in the case. She then noticed an odd look on his face and demanded that he tell all. He confessed that he found Randi someplace to stay, but insisted that it was purely professional and that he would have done the same for any other patient. Somewhat satisfied, Angie sent her son off to check on his other patients.

Sam met up with his father at the Yacht Club for lunch, and after some brief congratulations about his political success, his father asked about Dre. Sam informed him that Dre was following in his grandfather's musical steps and that he should sit in on one of the band's sessions sometime. He also mentioned that he thought Dre was interested in someone but hadn't divulged her name as of yet. Samuel's dad found delight when he said that he was glad one of the Woods' men had chosen to follow his dreams. Samuel noted that he was committed to his run for senator, but his father corrected him and said he was referring to love. He told his son that he'd watched the interview between him and Erica Kane, and saw the electricity between them.

At that moment, Jack walked in with Carmen, and the look on Samuel's face made his father ask for names. When Samuel admitted that the man was none other than the ex-Erica Kane, his father immediately noted that the exes probably still spent a lot of time together. Sam wrote it off as client-attorney interaction, so his father asked him why he hesitated when no one was in his way. Instead of an answer, Sam waved at Jack and Carmen as they looked his way.

Jack and Carmen waved back and then Jack told her that the man with Sam was Sam's father and a great musician, Melvin Woods. She was briefly distracted by whatever fame the man had and thought she could parlay it into some success for herself. Jack suggested that instead they talk about her case. She updated Jack on the job at the Chandler mansion and then quickly changed the subject and told him that he needed to get back together with Erica. Uncomfortable at the talk of his love life, Jack tried to get them back onto talk of her case, but they were interrupted by Samuel's approach to their table. He congratulated Carmen on her new trial and then awkwardly tried to find out where Jack stood with Erica. Carmen, who stood squarely on Erica's side, tried to make it appear as though Jack's reunion with Erica was a done deal. Jack quickly corrected her and admitted, much to Samuel's delight, that there were no guarantees anything would happen between him and Erica in the future.

Sam headed back to his table, and his father, after he watched the exchange, reminded his son to be more like his late wife and live life to the fullest. They then bonded over the women in their lives and Sam marveled at how his father could still read him but that his same ability with his own son had diminished after his wife's death. Melvin reminded him that at the end of the day, Dre was the most important thing and said that Samuel needed to make sure his son was aware of that.

Jack placed a call to Erica in prison to let her know that she would be called as a witness in Carmen's new trial. He continued to try to do work, but Erica could hear Carmen marveling in the background because she had never eaten in a nice place like the Yacht Club nor had she eaten such divine food. He then mentioned in passing that he'd seen Samuel Woods, and this threw Erica for a slight loop.

Angie returned home after her shift was complete and heard loud music from her daughter's room. She went in, turned it down, and attempted to chastise her daughter, but was surprised when she pulled back the covers and found Randi there. Moments later, Frankie walked in and realized he'd been found out.

Kendall made her way to Fusion and instantly tried to send Annie home when she saw her at work. Annie told her that she needed to stay busy and that work had helped with that. Jesse showed up moments later and told Annie that he wanted to have the talk he'd mentioned to her.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Angie was furious when she discovered Randi in Cassandra's bed and realized that Frankie was responsible. Frankie explained that the hospital was forced to discharge Randi because of her lack of insurance and that all of the shelters had been filled to capacity. Frankie offered Randi a bed until one, at one of the shelters, became available. Angie felt insulted and disrespected. She also believed that Randi was manipulating her son. Randi took offense while Frankie denied his mother's accusations. As the argument escalated, Randi decided to leave the apartment. Frankie was determined to stop Randi, fearing for her life, and followed her out. As Angie watched her son go, she had a change of heart. She called out, saying that Randi could stay for one night, but it was too late. Frankie returned to the apartment without Randi. She had managed to slip away.

Dre and Cassandra were in Colby's bedroom discussing the accident the night before. None of the teens were certain what Colby had run over, but they feared that it was Richie Novak because he was found on the same stretch of road. They made a pact not to tell anyone about the incident, but Cassandra remained unnerved. She couldn't stop thinking about the accident because Jesse was investigating the crime and it was all he talked about. Eventually Colby and Dre calmed Cassandra's fears and went downstairs. Colby was surprised when she answered a knock at the door and found Petey Courtland standing on her doorstep.

Petey was the epitome of geeky-nerd in his slacks, button-up checkered shirt, glasses, and braces. His crush on Colby was very evident. Cassandra whispered to Colby, asking who he was. Colby explained that he was the son of her father's rival. Colby went on to confide that Petey had been infatuated with her for years. Colby then introduced everyone. Petey asked to be called Pete. He also tried to fit in with the teens but it was clear that he didn't. Colby tried to hustle Pete out the door but Pete kept stalling. The teens became uncomfortable when Pete mentioned that Colby's car needed bodywork. He recommended someone to Colby and then advised Colby to have the front bumper looked at. Pete said he noticed that it was splattered with what appeared to be blood.

Ryan found Zach reading a newspaper on the veranda at the marina. They discussed Richie's death and what each would say when Jesse questioned them. Their conversation then drifted to Ryan's memory loss. Ryan was frustrated that his memories of loving Annie had not returned. Before Zach departed, he offered Ryan some advice. Zach suggested that Ryan stop sending out mixed signals. Ryan should decide what he wanted and stick with it.

Elsewhere at the marina, Greenlee decided to take her boat out for the day. She wanted to find perspective about her relationship with Aidan. As she talked to herself, she flashed back to important moments of her relationship with Aidan: falling in love, the proposal, and learning of Aidan's infidelity with Kendall. Her thoughts were interrupted when Kendall called Greenlee to tell her that Jesse was at Fusion to question Annie about Richie's death. Kendall was worried that Annie would implicate Zach in Richie's murder. They spoke for a few minutes then Greenlee ended the call and resumed sailing.

On shore, Ryan bumped into an employee of the marina who was watching Greenlee, making sure that she was safe, since she had taken her boat out alone. Ryan took over and picked up the binoculars and radio the man had handed to him. Ryan watched Greenlee through the binoculars while he radioed her in the boat. Greenlee offered to take Ryan out in the boat but Ryan declined. He said that he felt safer on the shore. Greenlee laughed and told him that she would return to the marina. The moment brought back a memory of the past between Ryan and Greenlee. Ryan seemed amazed that memories of Greenlee kept returning. As Ryan watched, Greenlee stood up in the boat. Suddenly the boat lurched to the side and Greenlee disappeared.

In the den of the Chandler Mansion, Babe vented to JR. Babe was frustrated because Kendall and Greenlee were always off doing other things, leaving Babe and the other ladies to run Fusion. JR listened and offered advice but Babe dismissed it. When Kendall called to ask Babe to attend a meeting, Babe declined. She reminded Kendall that the brainstorming meetings were Greenlee's idea and she wasn't at Fusion either. Babe told Kendall to call her if Greenlee showed up for the meeting. Until then, Babe intended to work from home. JR listened and applauded Babe's gumption. He felt that Babe was ready to run Fusion on her own and offered to buy the company for her. Babe was surprised by the offer but declined it. Babe said that she wanted to move ahead in business on her own merit. The mood shifted and Babe found herself in JR's arms, close to kissing him. She pulled herself back at the last moment and announced that she would go for a swim. JR smiled as he watched Babe walk out of the room.

At Fusion, Annie appeared uncomfortable and, at times, defiant as Jesse fired one question after another at her. Jesse pushed for an alibi for the time around Richie's death. Annie revealed that she had gone to see "Whose Prom Is It Anyway?" at a theater near Memorial Park. When Jesse asked her what time, Annie stumbled and said she wasn't sure. Jesse asked if she had a ticket stub. Annie made it clear she was offended. She began digging around in her purse but became frustrated when she couldn't immediately find the stub. Apparently fed up, she upended her purse and dumped the entire contents on the desk. She froze when she realized that her pregnancy test kit had fallen out, along with everything else. A quick look at Jesse confirmed that he had noticed it

Jesse said nothing while Annie quickly located the ticket stub and waved it under his nose. Angrily, Annie told Jesse the plot point of the movie, a tortured girl at a new school, but in such a way that it almost seemed as if she were talking about herself. She finished her story with, "In the end, the new girl wins!" Jesse remained focused on the investigation and continued questioning Annie. Annie answered the questions but she became increasingly flustered when Jesse focused on the events in the motel room when Richie had knocked her out. Annie lied, insisting that she had gone to see Richie in the hopes of convincing him to turn himself in. Jesse continued to dig until Annie mentioned Zach's name. Jesse perked up and asked Annie to elaborate. Annie reluctantly admitted that Richie had told her that Zach had paid the prison guard to look away while Zach beat him. Annie also told Jesse that Richie had been afraid of Zach because Zach had threatened to kill Richie.

When Kendall overheard Annie's comments about Zach, she stepped forward and immediately defended her husband. Moments later, Zach walked into Fusion. Jesse began questioning him. It didn't go well, so Jesse arrested Zach. Kendall was furious. After Jesse carted Zach off to the Pine Valley Police Station, Kendall turned to Annie. She asked Annie how she could turn on Zach after everything that he had done for her. Annie defended herself; she merely answered Jesse's questions. Kendall accused Annie of intentionally pointing the finger at Zach to cover up Annie's own guilt. Annie produced her ticket stub and declared that she had an alibi. Annie asked Kendall if the same could be said for Zach.

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