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Starr was shocked to learn that Todd had interceded on Cole's behalf to stop the McBains from adopting Starr's baby. Rex admitted his feelings for Gigi. Talia, Cristian, Sarah, and Antonio were imprisoned in Mendorra. Antonio thought that he recognized the prince of Mendorra. It was revealed that Carlo Hesser was Talia's father. Tess made plans for Jared and Natalie.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 7, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, July 7, 2008

Meet The Krackoffs

In one of the chamber rooms in the Mendorran Royal Palace, Cris looked for clues that could lead him to Sarah and Talia, and Antonio placed a vague phone call to Carlotta, assuring her that he and Cris were fine. Cris was determined to locate the women and had no intention of awaiting further instructions from Jonas. Antonio was certain that they were somehow connected to the kidnappings in some way and that Jonas wasn't acting alone. Because Jonas had lured the Vega brothers and Talia to Mendorra, Antonio was suspicious and wondered what the connection to Sarah was.

In a dungeon located somewhere in the palace, Carlo introduced himself to Sarah and happily greeted Talia. With disgust in her voice, Talia told a shocked Sarah that Carlo Hesser was her father. Talia was unnerved when Carlo complimented her on the beautiful woman she had become and then compared her to her sister, Charlotte. Talia denied bearing any similarities to her psychotic sister and demanded to know how Carlo had managed to escape from Statesville prison. Laughing, Carlo told his daughter that Ramsey had executed a magnificent exit for him. Criticizing her father, Talia said that she was grateful that she had grown up far away from the Hesser clan. Carlo blamed Talia's mother for fleeing with her years earlier and depriving him of his favorite daughter. An angered Talia informed Carlo that she and her mother were terrified of him. She credited her mother for saving her life, by escaping from Carlo. When Talia said she was proud to bear the name Sahid, Carlo cursed her mother for turning Talia against him and running off and marrying Talia's stepfather, whom he referred to as an immigrant. Carlo mentioned the wonderful life they shared as a family before her mother left with Talia. Talia reminded Carlo that her siblings, Charlotte and Johnny Dee, were deranged and had terrorized her. With a big grin, Carlo stated that those experiences made her the woman that she was.

Fed up with Carlo's games, Sarah quipped that he should have left her out of his reunion plans. Turning his attention to Sarah, Carlo smirked as he mentioned how Sarah possessed obvious Buchanan traits. Carlo laughed at Dorian's success at taking over Buchanan Enterprises and asked Sarah if Tina had ever mentioned him before. Unaware of her mother's involvement with Carlo, Sarah was curious. Carlo called Tina a whore and said that he was nearly her grandfather. As a stunned Sarah listened, Carlo told her that Tina used Johnny Dee to reunite with Cord and later, with help from Viki, murdered Johnny. Talia attempted to ease Sarah's pain and told her that Viki killed Johnny while protecting Tina. Carlo told his daughter that her mother had brainwashed her, but insisted that she was in luck because he had taught her mother that craft.

In the palace, a flustered Tina told Cain about her horrific experiences in Llanview, but his only concern was the jewels. When Cain showed little interest in Sarah's kidnapping, Tina lashed out at him and stated he didn't care about Sarah's well-being at all. Cain assured Tina that he was concerned about her daughter, but didn't want anyone to steal the jewels from them. Tina asked if he meant the same way they had attempted to steal the jewels from the real royal family. Tina urged Cain to consider abdicating the throne; she said that they should cut their loses before it was too late. Cane insisted that he was Prince Helmutt Krackoff of Mendorra and that it was the best role he ever played in his life. Tina begged Cain to reconsider the scam and said that she didn't intend to lose her daughter in the process of perpetrating a fraud. Cain wondered when Tina had developed maternal instincts. She stated that spending time with Sarah and realizing that her daughter loved her made her re-think her priorities. Tina suggested that they turn themselves in and have Jonas arrested. Tina regretted her decision to run off with Cain, the master of disguises, and wondered if she should have stayed with Cord instead. Attempting to calm Tina's nerves, Cain began rubbing her feet. Cain promised to protect Sarah and also keep the jewels. He urged Tina to give him twenty-four hours to neutralize Jonas and save Sarah. Tina reluctantly agreed. Cain suggested that Tina freshen up and reached for the bag containing the jewels. Grabbing the bag from him, Tina reminded Cain that he would get the jewels as soon as she had her "kid."

After being unable to determine who was actually behind the kidnappings, Cris and Antonio were surprised to find armed guards outside of their room. The guards said that the brothers were to remain in their chambers until further notice. Antonio told the guards that they were guests of the princess and had been given full access to the entire palace. The guards informed the Vega brothers that the princess' authority wasn't absolute in Mendorra and proceeded to lock them inside their room.

Meanwhile, back in the dungeon, Talia told Carlo that she became a cop in hopes of putting him behind bars and vowed to undo all the damage that he had done. Unmoved by Talia's anger, Carlo was adamant that she had always wished to be reunited with him and knew that they were connected emotionally. Hoping to bargain with Carlo, Talia offered her loyalty, and in return, she asked that Carlo release Sarah, Antonio, and Cris. Carlo informed Talia that everything wasn't about her. He said that he had gone through a great deal of trouble to bring Sarah and the Vega brothers to Mendorra and advised her that he had an agenda-one that also involved something special concerning her. Before leaving the women, Carlo welcomed them both to Mendorra.

In hopes of speaking with Marcie, Starr showed up at Michael and Marcie's apartment. Upon learning that Marcie was attending a wedding, Starr turned to leave but Michael suggested that they discuss her pregnancy. Mike asked Starr if her idea to allow the McBains to adopt her child was an attempt to hurt Todd. Starr claimed her decision had nothing to do with Todd; she assured Michael that she wanted to make things right and truly believed that the McBains were the best couple to raise her child. Mike asked Starr to realize the difficult position that she would be placing him and Marcie in. Mike said that it nearly destroyed them to lose Sam, and he didn't know if he and Marcie could handle losing another child to Todd. Starr said that Todd didn't know that she was pregnant and she didn't intend for him to ever find out. Mike was certain that someone would eventually tell Todd, but Starr didn't believe anyone was that insane.

Cole paid a visit to Todd at his new home. Todd told Cole to get lost, but Cole refused to leave and told him that Starr was in trouble. Intrigued, Todd allowed Cole entry. Cole announced that Starr was pregnant with his child. Initially, Todd accused Cole of lying but then attacked Cole. By reminding him that he would face jail time, Cole managed to convince Todd to release his grip from around Cole's neck. Todd became further enraged when Cole informed him that Starr planned to give the baby to the McBains to raise. Todd couldn't believe any child of his would help Marcie. Cole said that Starr was afraid and needed the support of her family. Cole attempted to manipulate Todd by asking him if he would allow John's brother and the woman that kidnapped his son to raise his grandchild. Believing he had convinced Todd to react in his favor, Cole told Todd that he was the only person who could stop Starr from giving the child away. Abruptly, Todd kicked Cole out of his house. A frustrated Cole stood outside the door and said, "Sorry Starr!"

At the Buchanan mansion, Nora interrupted Bo and Lindsay's wedding and asked Bo to read the letter R.J. had written to Lindsay, citing that she was perfectly sane when she killed Spencer and then faked a breakdown to avoid prison. While Bo refused to accommodate Nora's request, Lindsay begged Nora to leave well enough alone. As Clint looked disapprovingly at Nora, she continued to plead with Bo to read the letter before he married Lindsay. An angered Bo reminded Nora that he was marrying the woman that he loved. Nora believed that he would change his mind after he read the contents of the letter. Nora insisted that she was acting out of concern for Bo and Matthew.

Refusing to allow Nora to control the situation, Lindsay demanded that Nora give her the letter-she would read it, not Nora. When Lindsay read the letter and admitted that it was true, Bo was shattered. Afterward, Bo asked everyone to leave him alone with Lindsay. Lindsay tried to explain her reason for killing Spencer, but Bo was only concerned about the fact that she had lied to him.

Out in the hall, Matthew blamed his mother for ruining Bo and Lindsay's happiness. Nora pleaded with Matthew to understand that she was only thinking of him. Matthew told his mother that he believed she did it to get back at his father and stormed out of the room. Surprised by Matthew's reaction, Nora attempted to convince Clint of her intentions. Clint stated that Bo was happy with Lindsay and believed she was responsible for him bouncing back after Asa's death. Nora was appalled that everyone appeared to have sympathy for Lindsay and insisted that she should be punished for her crimes. Clint wondered if Nora revealed the truth for her own benefit instead of Bo's. Before leaving the room, Clint told her that she should have left well enough alone.

In tears, Lindsay pleaded with Bo to realize how much she loved him and that all she wanted was for them both to experience some happiness. She said that she initially lied to protect herself, but later realized that Bo could never live with what she had done. When Bo asked if she could live with her past actions, Lindsay replied that she could and asked if Bo could find it in his heart to stay with her. Sadly, Bo responded that neither of them would ever know and walked away. As Bo passed Nora, she apologized but Bo replied, "Save it!" Nora entered the room and witnessed Lindsay sprawled out on the floor in tears. Lindsay looked up at her and asked, "Are you happy now?" In disgust, Nora shook her head and walked away.

Before leaving the apartment, Starr asked Mike to talk the matter over with Marcie one last time. Starr ran into Marcie out in the hall. Starr told Marcie that she had discussed the adoption with Mike. Starr mentioned that she believed Marcie had changed her mind about the adoption, after seeing her with her lawyer. Marcie wondered if Starr had mentioned her meeting with the lawyer to Mike. Immediately, Starr jumped to the conclusion that Marcie decided to adopt her baby. Starr hugged Marcie and thanked her. Marcie warned Starr that she was far from saying yes to the adoption, but Starr was thankful that Marcie was considering the idea.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Home Is Where The Broken Heart Is

At La Boulaie, Dorian awoke to find herself in bed with David Vickers-the dog, not the man! Addie entered upon hearing Dorian's appalled screams and joked, "I should've known you'd try to get David Vickers into your bed." After Addie scooped up "Princess David Vickers," the other David entered in nothing but a towel. Dorian and David traded insults and Dorian asked him not to go traipsing around her home in a towel, leading David to promptly strip off. Dorian tried to appeal to Addie's sense of reason about her new husband, but Addie ignored her pleas and left with "Princess David." Alone (and with David having re-donned his towel), David and Dorian continued to argue, and Dorian asked what it would take for David to stop torturing her and leave. "'Torture' is a four-letter word in this political climate," David replied reproachfully, and told Dorian he would only leave if she paid him what he was owed for their arrangement regarding the Jared Banks secret and the Buchanan Enterprises takeover. Otherwise, he said he would leave, and take Addie, his new wife, with him, never to be seen again. David blasted Dorian for turning on him, but Dorian countered that he'd done it first, by sympathizing with Viki and caring for her even after Viki had mocked their relationship several weeks earlier. "Honor me," Dorian exclaimed, seething with jealousy. "Not Viki!" She guilt-tripped David about his marriage to Addie, asking what Viki would think, and then hustled him out of her bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

Tess, posing as Jessica, arrived at Llanfair with Bree in her arms. Viki was thrilled when Tess announced that she and Bree were moving in, hoping to get away from the memories of Nash and the vineyard. Viki bemoaned the loss of Nash and Jessica's dream, and ushered Tess and Bree inside, with Tess murmuring softly to her daughter that the vineyard was really "Nash and Tess's dream." In Viki's room, Tess told Viki that she had "forgiven" Natalie, a revelation that both shocked and pleased her mother. Viki asked if perhaps "Jessica" was rushing things with Natalie and Jared, to which Tess quickly replied, "We're not you and Charlie." Then, she apologized for her brusque attitude, and said she felt it was important that her "twin" bond to Natalie not be broken even in the face of an incredible tragedy. As Viki left to prepare breakfast, Tess took in her mother's bedroom with disgust. "Flowered wallpaper," she cracked. "Kill me now." After breakfast, Viki told "Jess" how proud she was of her for forgiving Natalie, and said that she felt things would start getting better from there on in. With a moment to herself, Tess eyed Viki's framed portrait of Jessica and Natalie, and placed it facedown, saying that Viki should only see what she had in store for Natalie and Jared soon. At the gallery, Lindsay opened her door only to come face-to-face with Nora and a phalanx of Llanview police officers. As Nora and the police entered, Lindsay told Nora she couldn't arrest her due to "double jeopardy," as Lindsay had already been tried for the murder of Spencer Truman. Nora said Lindsay was wrong, and that the mitigating factors of new evidence and Lindsay's lie to her judge from the competency hearing left her vulnerable to re-prosecution. Relishing in her duty, Nora told Lindsay that she was under arrest for murder. Lindsay shot back that nobody had cared that she'd killed Spencer, but Nora said that wasn't the issue; she reminded Lindsay that she had been willing to let Marty rot in jail while she herself was the culprit, and that Lindsay's self-serving "insanity" had put her family and friends, like Will and Marcie, through hell. Lindsay said she'd done it all for Spencer's victims, but Nora wasn't hearing her. She ranted about Lindsay conning Bo, working her relationship with him to her advantage, swanning around town with him like a decent person. Lindsay seized on that, saying that Bo was the real reason Nora wanted her put away, not Spencer: "You still want him!" She said Nora couldn't take the idea of Bo moving on from her, especially with someone like her old nemesis. Nora replied that she didn't want Bo, just justice. "Watching you free was eating me alive," she snapped, and said she couldn't stomach the thought of Lindsay as Matthew's stepmother. She admitted she took great pleasure in Lindsay finally getting what Nora felt she deserved, and said that justice was finally served. With that, the officers handcuffed Lindsay, ready to take her in.

At Bo's apartment, Bo was drunk and disorderly on "the morning after," refusing to answer his door until Rex continued to nag him from outside. When he finally let Rex in, Rex tried to get Bo's bottle of booze away from him and told his "best friend" he understood his pain, having gone through a similar betrayal with Adriana. Bo asked who Adriana had killed in cold blood, the way Lindsay had with Spencer. Rex said he was sorry someone had caused Bo such heartache, but Bo couldn't decide who it was that had done him the most wrong: Nora or Lindsay? The inebriated cowboy ruminated on all he'd lost in the past year-Asa, his job at the LPD, Buchanan Enterprises, and Lindsay-and said he had to be foolish to have been tricked by her again. Bo wondered if he was as incompetent as Mayor Lowell had claimed. Rex said that Adriana had pulled the wool over his eyes, too, and that despite their being a cop and a P.I., respectively, they had both been fools for love. Bo admitted he'd sensed something "off" about Lindsay in the recent months, but that he hadn't wanted Nora to be right. He thanked Rex for his friendship and loyalty, and asked him to go for the time being. Rex complied, leaving Bo alone to sadly listen to Lindsay's endless voice mail messages, which he ignored as he staggered off to bed.

At the diner, Jared and Natalie arrived for lunch, preoccupied over Charlie and Jessica. Natalie was overjoyed that "Jessica" had forgiven her, but Jared said he still felt responsible for what had happened to Nash, and that he would spend the rest of his life trying to atone to Jess. Gigi arrived to take their orders, and revealed that she had become a waitress at the diner, having quit Cramer Enterprises. When the subject of the takeover came up, Gigi said she couldn't judge Jared and Natalie, and that she understood the weight of a heavy burden like theirs. After Gigi left them alone, Jared and Natalie wondered how they could start over. Jared promised Natalie that they would make things right with her family, and they kissed, as Tess watched them from outside the window.

Charlie and Roxy arrived at Rodi's, determined to find clues to his "lost evening" just before the BE takeover. They ran into the bartender who had found Charlie in the alley weeks earlier, and Charlie begged the man for clues as to how he had become so ill. The bartender was disgusted with Charlie's "denial" of responsibility for his actions, but Charlie swore he couldn't remember his first drink, which he always remembered with crystal clarity. "He's like the 'Rain Man' of drunks," Roxy chimed in. The bartender said that wherever Charlie had started his drinking, it hadn't been at Rodi's; he had never served him that night, and the bar had been closed for a private bachelor party. Charlie and Roxy puzzled over this new information, and decided to try mentally retracing Charlie's steps before his blackout. When Charlie hit a blank after arguing with Dorian at the hospital on the night of Adriana's accident, Roxy suggested to Charlie that maybe Dorian Lord knew more about his "lost night" than she was telling.

At La Boulaie, Dorian and Addie argued over Addie's marriage to David, and Addie insisted David wasn't using her; "we're using each other." She said Dorian was just jealous, and reminded her sister that Madame Delphina had foretold a happy marriage for them. While on the subject of Delphina, Addie asked Dorian why the ghost of Mel had been so upset with Dorian when Delphina channeled him. Dorian grew uptight and changed the subject, and Addie exited to go play with David Vickers-"the dog, not the man." Before Dorian could finish getting dressed, she was confronted by Charlie, who stormed in, demanding answers to his questions.

At Llanfair, Viki went through her drawers and found her old Bon Jour Cafe uniform, causing her to remember her first meeting with Charlie. Wrestling with emotions, Viki wandered through her room, and then noticed that her portrait of Natalie and Jessica had been turned face down. Just then, an anxious David arrived, reluctant to spill his big news to his friend: He was married.

At the Diner, Rex met up with Jared and Natalie and spilled the beans about the wedding fiasco with Bo and Lindsay. Spotting Gigi behind the counter, he rushed over to her, anxious to talk. He was pleased to see she'd found work again after the takeover, and explained the Bo situation to her, invoking the parallel of his own interrupted wedding to Adriana, although Bo hadn't gone through with his marriage. "You did," Gigi reminded him. Rex said they needed to talk about what had happened on his own wedding day, and said he'd never responded to her declaration of love. "Maybe it's time I did."

At their booth, Jared and Natalie continued to look at apartment listings, only to be surprised by Tess standing beside them. Tess greeted the lovebirds and asked Natalie to move back into Llanfair-with her.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Close Encounters:

At the diner, Rex tried to talk to Gigi about her admission that she loved him. Gigi was reluctant to discuss it. She felt that she had made a fool out of herself at Rex's wedding. Rex disagreed, but Gigi refused to talk about the incident or her feelings. Instead, Gigi insisted that she needed to get back to work. Rex waited until Gigi's shift ended. When they reached Angel Square, Rex told Gigi that he'd had feelings for her for quite some time. Rex also told her that Adriana was aware of how he felt about Gigi. Before they could discuss it further, Rex was interrupted by a phone call from Adriana. Rex asked Gigi to wait while he took the call. When he ended the call, Gigi tried to leave. Gigi realized, from listening to his end of the conversation, that things were not quite over between Rex and Adriana. Rex tried to stop Gigi from walking away but couldn't find the words. Out of desperation, he pulled Gigi into his arms and kissed her.

Charlie confronted Dorian in her bedroom. He wanted answers, from Dorian, about the hours leading up to his near-death from alcohol poisoning. Dorian tried to evade the questions but Charlie was relentless. He told Dorian that his last memory was of talking to her in Adriana's hospital room. He didn't recall anything that would have sent him on a drinking binge. Dorian lied. She told Charlie that she only remembered Charlie mentioning going to Rodi's. Charlie pointed out that Rodi's had been closed that night, for a private party. Dorian became uncomfortable and blurted out that she didn't know how Charlie ended up, passed out, behind Rodi's with a bottle of vodka. Charlie caught the mistake immediately. He pointed out that he never told Dorian what he had been drinking that night or where he'd been found. Dorian managed to explain the slip by claiming that the scandal had been all gossip at the hospital and she had overheard the details from various people. The alcohol, Dorian said, was an assumption on her part. She remembered that Charlie had once mentioned that it had been his "poison of choice." Charlie didn't believe her but before he could probe further, Dorian ordered him out of her bedroom. As Charlie started to leave, he glanced at Dorian's bed. He suddenly had a flashback of lying on the bed.

In a booth at the diner, Tess convinced Jared and Natalie to move into Llanfair. Jared had a bad feeling and was reluctant to agree, but Natalie convinced him. She was certain that moving in with Viki and Jessica would pave the way for the rest of the family to forgive them. Viki walked into her bedroom and found two surprises: David Vickers and news that he had married Addie. Viki was disappointed that love wasn't the motivating factor behind the wedding, but she admitted that Dorian deserved Addie and David turning on her. When Viki began listing Dorian's recent transgression, David listened. Viki was surprised when he added, "not to mention what she did to Charlie." David started to elaborate but Viki stopped him. She admitted that she was curious but it was better that she didn't know. Her relationship with Charlie was over. David was sympathetic and tried cheer Viki up. He told her that, from what he had seen, Viki had been very happy with Charlie. He wanted her to find that same happiness because she deserved it. Viki was touched by David's sweet words and gave him a teary-eyed hug. Charlie walked in at that moment. Things were tense but neither Viki nor David explained what Charlie had walked in on. As David walked out of the room, he seemed to take pleasure in Charlie's discomfort.

When he was alone with Viki, Charlie confessed that all he could think about was how much he continued to love Viki. Viki asked him not to say those kinds of things to her; they were over. Charlie nodded and changed the subject. He told Viki that he wanted to talk to her about Dorian.

Cole went to see John to tell him that he had told Todd about Starr's decision to give their baby up for adoption. John was stunned to learn that Starr wanted Marcie and Michael to adopt the baby. John didn't think that involving Todd in the situation was the best decision. Cole defended his actions and said that he would do whatever was necessary to keep Starr from giving their baby away.

Starr was sitting by the pool when Blair stepped outside to join her daughter. Starr told Blair about the tension between her and Cole. She started to tell her mother about her decision to give her baby up for adoption when Todd approached. He asked Starr when she intended to tell him about her pregnancy. Things became ugly as the two argued. Starr accused her father of only being interested in revenge, not the welfare of his daughter. Todd, on the other hand, couldn't get past Starr's decision to give her baby up for adoption to the woman who had kept his son from him for two years. Blair was surprised by the news that Starr wanted to give her baby up to the McBains for adoption, but said very little. Todd and Starr's argument continued to escalate until Todd revealed that Cole had told him about the pregnancy. Starr was stunned. Blair used the opportunity to order Todd to leave. As he walked out, he warned Starr that he would not allow Marcie to adopt the baby.

After Todd left, Blair tried to comfort her daughter. She cautioned Starr not to make a rash decision about the baby. Starr told Blair that she wanted her baby to be an answer to someone's prayers. Starr felt that Marcie would regard the baby as a true blessing. Starr then brought up Cole. She refused to believe Todd's claim that Cole had told him about the baby. Before Blair could reply, Cole appeared and called out Starr's name.

Marcie and Michael argued about whether or not to adopt Starr's baby. Michael refused to consider it. He felt that Marcie would only be setting herself up for heartbreak if she pursued Starr's offer. Marcie disagreed. She told Michael that adopting Starr's baby would be their last chance at ever having children. Their argument was cut short when Todd knocked on their front door.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


In Angel Square, waiting for the fourth of July fireworks, Rex and Gigi shared a kiss. They recalled their last kiss, on the very same date, so many years previously. Rex pronounced it, "just as good," and declared that he felt better than he had in a long time. They locked lips again. "What does this mean?" Gigi wondered. Rex replied that it meant what she thought and that, "Kissing you feels like the fourth of July." Gigi uneasily tried to explain that she didn't want to come between Rex and Adriana, and Rex expressed the same thought regarding Gigi and Brody. Gigi told him that Brody slept on the sofa. "There is no me and Brody. He's not even..." Before Gigi could continue, they were interrupted by Brody and Shane, who were carrying a picnic dinner and looking for a prime spot in which to watch the fireworks.

Viki instantly came to the wrong conclusion when Charlie told her that he wanted to talk about himself and Dorian. She couldn't believe how fast they had gotten together. He immediately corrected her and explained that he thought Dorian had something to do with his falling off the wagon. He thought it possible that Dorian had somehow gotten him to drink after he told her about his upcoming confessions regarding Rex and Jared. He would have ruined her plans if he had spoken. Viki concurred that Dorian indeed had a strong motive to keep Charlie quiet but wondered how she would have forced him to drink.

Cole admitted to Starr and Blair that he was the one to tell Todd about Starr's pregnancy. He swore that he was just desperate to keep his child, though Blair accused him of recruiting Todd to start a war. She told him that his action was unforgivable and that she planned on protecting Starr against both Todd and Cole, and that Cole would be history if he hurt her daughter. Starr accused Cole of taking her father's side against her, though he denied it and said that he was just trying to get Starr to see his side. Starr felt that there would have been plenty of time in the coming months for them to argue and that Todd would fight Cole as hard as he would fight the McBains, so he really didn't win anything at all by telling Todd of the pregnancy. Cole insisted that he loved Starr but she wouldn't listen. If he loved her, he wouldn't have gone to her father, she told him. In fact, he had become just like her father and only cared about winning, she added.

Using a computer at the police station, John viewed the x-rays of the unknown woman and consulted someone on the use of a special program online.

Marty told Janet that she felt herself growing stronger and asked the nurse for some information on Todd, since he seemed unwilling to divulge too much information himself. Janet admitted that she really didn't know anything more than Marty, who felt really down about not remembering her past life. She mentioned that she was afraid of John, since he caused her accident and broke up Todd's marriage. Janet seemed confused but recalled that Ramsey wanted an eye kept on John. She added that John was in the apartment when Ramsey was murdered and was probably involved in it. Marty was grateful to Todd for protecting her.

Todd went to see the McBains to advise them that he would not let them have his grandchild. Marcie stood up to him and in no uncertain terms told him that the baby belonged to Starr and she could do what she wanted to. She also told him to blame only himself for losing his daughter and other children and that, thankfully, Blair had come to her senses about him. Michael suggested family counseling. Todd retorted that he and Cole had become friends, and the baby would be staying in the family. He reminded Marcie of all she did when she kidnapped his son but Marcie gave it right back to Todd, pointing out his latest antics involving his son and why he couldn't go near his kids. Todd and Marcie had more words, Todd threatened to chase Marcie if she took his grandson, and finally, Michael grabbed Todd to toss him out. When John showed up at that very moment, he helped in getting rid of Todd. Todd accused John of being involved in the entire scheme of giving the baby to the McBains.

Though Viki agreed that Dorian could be behind Charlie's drinking, she reminded him that Dorian didn't force him to tell all of his lies. "I miss you so much," Viki cried as Charlie put his arms around her. They kissed, but she broke away, telling him that she just couldn't do it. She asked him to leave and stay away but Charlie couldn't promise her that. He spoke of how he fell in love with her as soon as he saw her and that he would prove himself to her, even if it took the rest of his life.

While Gigi agreed to watch Shane perform a skateboard stunt, Rex and Brody attempted to make some small talk. Brody acknowledged that he knew he had walked in on something between Rex and Gigi, but reminded Rex that he was still wearing a wedding ring. He added that Shane was his son and that he was there making things up to him. Rex quickly assured him that he and Gigi were just friends, but Brody said that he himself was more than friends with Gigi, and that Rex had better back off. When Gigi and Shane returned, the boy asked Rex to join them but Rex declined, citing previous plans.

As Todd accused and attacked, Blair showed up, and he couldn't help but taunt that she was there to see her boyfriend, John. Blair advised him that she supported Starr and whatever Starr wanted. She thought that Marcie might have been more cooperative with Todd in the past if he hadn't acted as though his son were just a prize. Todd advised her that if she helped Marcie obtain Starr's baby, her world as she knew it would end.

Marty was extremely anxious to try to learn something about herself, especially after she spouted off some medical terms regarding her condition and had no idea where they came from. She also had the feeling that someone needed her. She asked Janet to get her a laptop computer so that she could look herself up online. She felt that she might be able to find something about her accident, at the very least. Todd returned to the house and found various reasons for not being able to provide Marty with a computer. He quickly changed the subject and mentioned his lousy day, adding that he wouldn't be able to take any other stress. He ran into his wife and John and they'd turned his daughter against him, he lied. Marty suggested they sit back and just watch the fireworks. She lowered the lights.

Michael tried to tell Marcie that things were going like they did the last time. He felt that with Todd and Cole being against them, Marcie would only suffer and that he couldn't bear to watch. He asked her to choose between their marriage and Starr's baby. Elsewhere in the building, Blair went with John to his apartment. John admitted that he wasn't happy about Cole's move. Blair was upset that they had tried to protect Cole from Todd for so long and suddenly Cole and Todd were allies. John felt bad for the kids. He asked Blair if she meant it when she said she'd help Marcie or if she was just getting back at Todd. Blair admitted that she wanted to get back at Todd, but only for Starr's sake. She felt that she had been a terrible mom and shouldn't have stuck with Todd. She was worried that he would make this an all-out war. She confirmed that she had Marcie's back.

Starr assured Cole that their baby was going to the McBains. There was nothing he could do about it. Starr ordered Cole to leave.

Michael packed his things and left. He told Marcie that he couldn't watch her heart get broken again.

Charlie wandered down to Angel Square and watched the fireworks. He saw Rex; they looked at each other briefly, without acknowledgement, and Charlie moved on. Rex and Gigi looked at each other wordlessly as well.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Nirvana for Nora?

At Llanfair, Tess awoke from a dream in which she fired a gun at Natalie and Jared. She smiled to herself and exclaimed, "Today's the day!" As Tess criticized Jessica's terrible taste in fashion, an apparition of Nash appeared in the room. Tess hugged Nash and promised to make Nat and Jared suffer for taking him away from her. Nash expressed his concern and stated that he didn't want to see her get hurt. Tess said that the only reason she was able to resurface again was because of Nash's children; she promised to take good care of them.

Meanwhile downstairs, Viki and Clint discussed the wedding that never took place. The discussion was cut short when Natalie and Jared interrupted and announced that they were both moving in. Natalie explained that Jessica had insisted that they move in and attempt to repair their shattered relationship and was surprised that Jess hadn't warned Viki. While an outraged Clint chastised Natalie about her decision making, Viki headed upstairs to check on Jessica. Clint expressed regret over allowing Nat to blackmail him, and said that he should have let Jared rot in jail. Natalie reminded her father that they had made a deal and that Jared wasn't going to prison. Jared promised Clint that he would find a way to earn his respect back, but Clint was angered by Jared's actions and refused to accept his apology. Nat also promised Clint that she would eventually make amends for her actions. Clint assured Natalie that he still loved her, but couldn't accept her relationship with Jared.

As Tess continued to promise Nash that she would seek revenge against Natalie and Jared, Viki interrupted with a knock on the door. Tess sat up in bed, and Nash disappeared. Upon entering the room, Viki questioned who "Jess" was talking to and stated that she overheard her mention Natalie and Jared's names. A cautious Tess admitted that she was talking to Nash; she said that it made her feel better. She made up an excuse about patching things up with Nat and Jared. Viki informed her daughter that Nat and Jared were moving in and expressed her surprise that Jess never mentioned that she had invited them to stay at Llanfair. Tess said that she wanted to forgive her sister and believed that things would be better if they stayed under the same roof. When Viki questioned why Jess had asked Jared to move in, Tess told her that Nat wouldn't have accepted the offer had she not invited Jared. After Tess assured her mother that she was ready to forgive and move forward, Viki complimented her daughter on the progress she was making and stated that she was proud of her. Viki exited the room, and the apparition of Nash appeared again. Tess laughed at how she had fooled Viki, but Nash warned her to never underestimate her mother. Tess was certain that her plan would work. Her mood grew somber when Nash reminded her that nothing would change, and that he wouldn't be coming back to her.

Attempting to change the subject, Nat asked Clint if he had revealed to David that he was a Buchanan. Clint told her that he was waiting for the right time to drop the bombshell. Natalie wondered if they could somehow use David to get at Dorian. When Viki returned and overheard David's name being mentioned, she shocked Clint by informing him that David and Addie had gotten married. Clint was all ears when he learned that David and Dorian were feuding and that David married Addie in order to get at Dorian. Immediately, Clint appeared to have an idea and quickly excused himself and headed to Lindsay's arraignment. Viki announced that she would abide by Jessica's wishes and allow Nat and Jared to stay on one condition they would have separate rooms. Although unhappy with the ultimatum, Nat agreed. A stern Viki told Jared that she wasn't pleased with him and warned him not to cross her. Tess entered the room and was told by Viki that Nat and Jared would be moving in. Tess smiled and said, "I have Natty and Jared to lean on now." As Nat and Jared walked away, Tess smiled and winked her eye at the apparition of Nash, who waved at her.

At the courthouse, Rex interrupted Nora as she prepared for Lindsay's arraignment. Rex asked Nora if she believed Lindsay deserved to go to prison. Nora was certain that Lindsay should be convicted for her crimes and promised to put her away. Realizing Rex's concern for Lindsay, Nora asked him if he thought she was doing the wrong thing by going after Lindsay. Sadly, Rex replied that the situation was terrible and understood Nora's position, but still had compassion for his friend. Rex mentioned his visit to Bo and the fact that he was drinking. A look of sadness crossed Nora's face, and she recalled Bo tuning to alcohol after the loss of both Drew and Asa. Addie, David, and David Vickers entered the courtroom wearing "Free Lindsay" t-shirts. Minutes later, Lindsay was brought in by a guard.

Nora listened as Rex assured Lindsay that she had his full support. The judge took the bench and inquired as to why Lindsay was being tried twice for the same crime. Although Lindsay's lawyer attempted to convince the judge that double jeopardy existed in the case, Nora reminded the judge that Lindsay was never tried before a jury and that double jeopardy wasn't a factor. In light of the new evidence, the judge agreed and asked Lindsay to enter her plea. Lindsay shocked everyone by pleading "Guilty." Lindsay admitted to faking a breakdown in court and announced that she was completely sane when she murdered Spencer. Lindsay said that her lies had cost her the man she loved. Lindsay told the court that she was done lying and her conscious was clear. The judge ordered Lindsay held without bail until sentencing. When Rex asked Lindsay if she was sure of her plea, she asked him to take care of Bo. Before exiting the courtroom, Lindsay told Nora that it had taken ten years but she had finally gotten her. Lindsay asked if Nora was happy now. A disgusted Nora told Lindsay that she had done it to herself. Lindsay had one last question for Nora. She wanted to know what Nora would do now without her. Nora was at a loss for words.

Afterwards, Nora asked Rex if he knew that Lindsay had planned to enter a guilty plea and admitted her surprise. Rex told Nora that Lindsay had changed ever sense Jen died. He said Lindsay had lost so much, and after losing Bo she had probably given up. Nora wondered if she had grown a conscious after all. Realizing that Bo didn't want to see her, Nora asked Rex to check on him. He promised that he would. Out in the hall, Clint ran into Rex who informed him that Lindsay had pleaded guilty and the arraignment was over. As David, Addie, and David Vickers poured out of the courtroom, Clint questioned them about their sudden wedding. He asked how Dorian was accepting their bliss. Clint smiled as Addie replied, "Dorrie wants to blow her brains out. She would do anything to break up our marriage." When Nora stepped out into the hall, Clint told her that David's marriage to Addie had given him an idea of how to take on Dorian and suggested that they hurry over to Buchanan Enterprises to discuss his plan. As they walked off, Clint told Nora that he worried about Bo's reaction to Lindsay's guilty plea.

Rex arrived at Bo's and was surprised to find the apartment empty and movers clearing out the remaining items. The movers told Rex that Bo was gone.

In the dungeon of the Mendorran Palace, Talia picked the lock and the women attempted to flee but were greeted by Carlo and Jonas. Carlo informed Sarah that Jonas would take her to Cris, but warned her not to mention hisd connection to the kidnappings or the Buchanan family would reap the consequences. He furthered stated that Antonio would pay if Talia continued to be disobedient. After Jonas left with Sarah, Talia demanded to know what Carlo had done to Antonio, but Carlo criticized Talia about her relationship with Antonio. Carlo said that he had trusted Antonio like a son, but Antonio had turned on him. Carlo was certain that he would do the same to her. He criticized her taste in men, but assured her that things would soon change. Talia expressed her anger with Carlo for abandoning her. She revealed that she knew that Carlo had henchmen watching her and her mother for years, but he never once tried to make contact with her. Talia said that the only reason Carlo surfaced was because he needed her to carry out his agenda. Carlo told Talia that he wanted to protect her from Antonio and advised her that he would find a suitable man for her.

At the Mendorran palace, Cris faked stomach pains and head butted the guard, knocking him unconscious. Cris and Antonio grabbed two swords from the wall and headed off to find Sarah and Talia. Before they could get very far, two armed guards approached and ordered the Vega brothers to drop their weapons. Tina entered the room and demanded that the guards also withdraw their weapons. Antonio dropped his sword, but Tina's distraction allowed Cris to conceal his sword in his pants. The guards told Tina that they had orders to take the Vega brothers to a cell. When Tina stated that no one could overrule her, Cain appeared and said that he could.

As Tina and Cain bickered, Antonio and Cris were shocked to see him and began to berate the "Master of Disguises." Angered by their lack of respect for the prince, the guards ordered the Vega boys to address their majesty as, Prince Helmutt Krackoff. Realizing that Cain was pulling another scam, they reminded him of his past impersonations. Once the guards began to question Cris and Antonio's statements about their prince, Cain insisted that the guards leave him alone with the brothers. After the guards had left, Cain continued to pretend to be the prince, but Antonio and Cris weren't fooled. When Antonio and Cris threatened to physically harm Cain if he didn't produce Sarah and Talia, Cain admitted to being a fraud. Antonio, Cris, and Tina all agreed that the Sarah and Talia's safety were worth far more than the jewels, but Cain insisted that they needed the jewels as leverage to get the women back.

Cain promised to get the women back safely and deal with Jonas. As Cain attempted to leave the room, Jonas appeared with Sarah and ordered him back into the room. When Cain ordered Jonas to provide him with answers or face prison, Jonas informed him that Jonas would have Cain imprisoned for being an imposter. Jonas's threat startled both Cain and Tina. Antonio asked Sarah about Talia, but Jonas reminded her of Carlo's warning. Antonio grabbed Jonas, but Jonas pulled away and informed Antonio that Talia wasn't his to give. Jonas told Antonio that he would be reunited with Talia if he cooperated and left with him. Jonas stated that Antonio had to come alone. Cris refused to allow Antonio to leave without him, but a cornered, Antonio agreed to go alone. As Antonio and Cris hugged goodbye, Cris handed him the sword. Antonio concealed the weapon in his pants and left with Jonas. Sarah told Antonio to be careful, but Cris assured her that Antonio could take care of himself. Tina apologized to Sarah for getting her involved in the scheme. Sarah lashed out at her mother and criticized her for getting mixed up with Cain. Cain insisted on knowing if Jonas mentioned the jewels. Sarah told them that she knew nothing. Sarah asked for a few moments alone with Cris, but Tina wanted more time with her daughter. Sarah promised to spend time with her later, and Tina obliged. Alone with Cris, Sarah told him that Jonas wasn't in charge, but Carlo Hesser was.

Back in the dungeon, Talia told Carlo that she loved Antonio and that he couldn't auction her off. As Talia and Carlo argued, Antonio appeared at the cell with Jonas. A shocked Antonio asked what was going on. Carlo said that it was a family reunion and asked Antonio to join them. Once in the cell, Antonio grabbed Carlo and placed the sword at his neck. Antonio asked Carlo to give him a reason not to kill him. Talia screamed, "Antonio, he's my father!"

Rex arrived at Bo's and was surprised to find the apartment empty and movers clearing out the remaining items. The movers told Rex that Bo was gone.

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