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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 14, 2008 on GL
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Monday, July 14, 2008

Bill arrived at the cabin and found Lizzie sitting in the tire swing out front. When Bill was surprised to find her there, Lizzie said she just had to see the place he'd bought for them. Bill reluctantly informed Lizzie that the house was a gift for Max and Ava. Embarrassed by her mistake, Lizzie hopped off the swing. As she hastily strode away, Bill asked her to stay. He said she'd been right in refusing to compromise herself by accepting his previous offer. Lizzie said she wouldn't be the other woman while he chose Ava as his wife. Bill wanted Lizzie but struggled because he couldn't leave Max. Lizzie replied that Max wasn't even his son. Bill confided that Max was the only person that meant more to him than Lizzie did. Even though he knew he hadn't the right, Bill begged and pleaded with Lizzie to help him find a way for them. Overcome by emotion, Lizzie gave in and they fell into a fiery embrace. Their lips locked again and again. Bill's phone rang. Breathless and annoyed, he answered it. Olivia was on the line, wondering where Ava was. Bill had thought Ava was home resting, but Olivia couldn't find her anywhere. Since Olivia seemed concerned, Bill decided to help look for Ava. He promised Lizzie that he'd return to her within an hour. Still reeling from their passion, Lizzie agreed.

Meanwhile, when Ava fell asleep after playing cards at Remy's place, Remy turned her cell phone off. When she awakened, Remy offered to pick up a pizza from Ramondo's, a veggie special. Ava was surprised that Remy had remembered her favorite pizza. While Remy was out, Bill banged on the door. When Ava answered, Bill sarcastically said that at least he knew she was okay. Inside, he lectured her as if she were a child about answering her phone and letting people know her whereabouts. Ava defensively said her phone must have been in the car and all she'd wanted that day was to hang out like a normal person. Remy returned with the pizza. Bill hustled Ava into the hallway, gave his phone to her, and ordered her to call her worried mother. Ava turned around to reply, but Bill had slammed the door in her face, shutting her out in the hallway so that he could go toe-to-toe with Remy inside the room. As Bill and Remy bickered over what was best for Ava, Bill's phone rang in Ava's hand and she answered it. When the caller hung up on her, Ava stared knowingly at the phone.

Once at the mansion, Ava cynically asked Bill if he had any more orders for her. Bill told her to get in bed and rest, but Ava retorted that she didn't want to. Bill commanded her to stay away from Remy, and the two vehemently argued about him. Ava claimed that Remy was her friend and said Bill couldn't have it both ways. She suggested they revisit their deal because she refused to stay at home while he ran around with Lizzie. Bill told her not to even mention Lizzie's name. Ava informed Bill that he was under the false perception that all she wanted in life was to be Mrs. Bill Lewis. Bill arrogantly said it was obviously true. Ava ordered Bill to stop talking over her. Pointing to her belly, she reminded him that he wanted something out of their deal as well. She decided there would be no more debate about her "friend" Remy. Heading out of the parlor, she told Bill that she was going to rest and take care of Max.

When Olivia arrived home later, she found Ava in the parlor. Olivia questioned Ava about where she'd been, and Ava simply said, "Out." Bill entered the parlor in a jovial mood, saying that he'd heard someone wanted to be normal. To prove he could be normal, Bill said they'd order a pizza. He asked Ava what kind of pizza she wanted and she replied the veggie special. Bill thought she might prefer pepperoni and Olivia added that Ava liked pepperoni. Ava tersely said, "No, I don't," and insisted on the veggie special. Bill agreed to get her the pizza she wanted, politely saying that there was no need to argue about it.

Meanwhile at Company, Cassie told Mel that she and Josh were in therapy. Mel thought that was healthy for them. Mel had seen the "Always" movie posters around town. She said that if she had to relive "The Beth and Rick Story," she'd scratch someone's eyes out. Cassie was relieved that someone understood how she felt. After talking to Cassie, Mel saw Lizzie outside. Lizzie commented that Mel never let a situation ignite her. On the contrary, Mel said she'd thrown Rick's clothes in the pool when she'd learned of his affair with Lizzie's mother. Mel sensed Lizzie's anxiety about Bill, and said Ava and Bill were newlyweds who needed time to find out who they were as a couple. She thought people should give them that time.

Later Mel met Remy at Company. He'd called her there and Mel guessed that he needed advice regarding Ava. Lizzie walked inside and Mel asked her to join them. Remy warned Lizzie that Mel would only lecture them about being in love with people who were expecting babies. Mel assured Lizzie that it would be the opposite and Lizzie reluctantly agreed to sit a moment.

Meanwhile on a bench outside the church, Josh told Reva that the movie was making him crazy. Reva said she'd struggled with similar feelings but dismissively felt that Josh was making too big of a deal of things. Josh replied that he hated the movie because it was "too much us." When Reva looked at Josh, his passionate eyes surprised her. Suddenly, he cupped her face in his hands and kissed her for a long time. Overwhelmed with emotion, Reva gasped and tore her lips from his. Josh anxiously said he had to go. Reva tried to make him stay and start the conversation over again, but Josh insisted upon leaving and said he wanted out of the movie. "You kissed me! You kissed me! Don't do that again!" Hopelessly distraught, Reva shook her head and declared, "You're out of it! I-" Reva tearfully touched her lips as Josh rushed away.

When Josh arrived home, he hesitated and then entered. Cassie sprang into his arms. He wondered what garnered him such a welcome and Cassie said he was her wonderful husband whom she had missed. Josh uttered that he hadn't been gone that long. Josh was unusually quiet as they talked a moment about working through their problems. Cassie felt as if they could do anything as long as they were together. They went to eat at Company and encountered Lizzie on the boardinghouse steps. Lizzie asked to talk to Josh, and Cassie went inside. Lizzie asked Josh when he'd last talked to Bill, and Josh said it had been a while. He felt as if Bill were distancing himself a little from the family. Lizzie requested that Josh reach out to Bill. Josh said he'd been thinking a lot about Sarah and he wondered if Lizzie could pinpoint when her life got back to normal. Thoughtfully, Lizzie replied that she'd let him know when that occurred.

Josh joined Cassie inside and said Lizzie just wanted to talk through some things. Cassie blithely smiled, saying that she loved how everyone trusted Josh. Back home, Josh told Cassie that he was really trying to listen to her. Josh reminded Cassie that when she'd wanted to conceive the year before, he hadn't wanted to have any more children. Since then, he'd changed his mind and asked Cassie if she still wanted to have a baby. Cassie gasped and hugged him tightly.

In the meantime, Jeffrey had just entered his room at the Beacon when Hawk came over to find his PDA. Hawk said he needed to check his messages from the coast. Jeffrey hoped Hawk wasn't planning on a sequel to the movie. Though Hawk had considered it, he doubted anyone could improve upon the ending to the first one. When Hawk asked Jeffrey if the movie bothered him, Jeffrey said he knew the difference between "Josh and Reva: The Movie" and real life. Still Hawk wondered if it'd gotten under Jeffrey's skin. Jeffrey said, "I'm bullet proof, remember?"

Distraught, Reva went to Cross Creek and paced around with the wedding hat prop in her hand. Jeffrey called her and noted that she sounded tense. He invited her to lunch at Towers. Reva went to their hotel room and found Jeffrey inside changing to meet her at the restaurant. Reva suggested they walk to Towers. Jeffrey said Reva inspired him to take the gas money they'd save and go on a trip. Reva blurted out that Josh had kissed her and she'd kissed him back. "Well, we have a lot to talk about on our walk then," Jeffrey replied.

As Jeffrey processed the news, Reva said she'd been truthful about what had happened because she wanted their relationship to remain honest. Jeffrey wondered what the kiss meant to her and Reva said to ask her when the movie was over. Jeffrey didn't want to wait that long for an answer. Reva suspected that Jeffrey was angry, and he sarcastically asked her what there was to be angry about; she'd been just kissing her past lover and wading through their old memories. Reva said she didn't want to get back with Josh, and swore that was the truth. Jeffrey doubted Reva knew what the truth was anymore. Jeffrey proposed that they separate until she could figure out it. If the kiss honestly and truly didn't mean anything, then he said they could pick up where they left off. Reva tearfully said that wasn't what she wanted, but Jeffrey decided that was the way it had to be. Reva packed a suitcase. She told him that she loved him and she would be back. Jeffrey said, "I believe that, but you need to do this." Both seemed crushed as Reva left.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When Daisy tried to pry her way into Harley's old house, Frank approached to remind her that Lizzie was renting the house for the summer. Frank sensed that Daisy was out of sorts and missing her mother. He invited her to spend time with the Coopers and Lewises because they all cared about her, but Daisy said she had to work on the movie set.

At Cross Creek, Reva overly dusted a corner of her living room. She knocked over a picture of Josh and then Carson entered, asking why Reva was living on the set when she had agreed to stay away. Testy, Reva yelled at Carson because the movie was turning her life upside down. She pointed her feather duster at him and ordered him out. Daisy arrived to berate Reva for her part in Grady's arrest; however, upon entry, she noted that Reva had taken up residence at Cross Creek again. Daisy wondered what Jeffrey thought of that and Reva replied that she and Jeffrey were "taking some time." Since Reva had ruined her relationship with Jeffrey, Daisy felt Jeffrey wouldn't work hard on Rafe's case. Reva asked Daisy to give Jeffrey credit. He was trying to get Rafe a reduced sentence. Daisy accused Reva of only wanting Rafe back so she could get rid of Grady. She advised Reva to leave Daisy's life alone and work on her own.

Meanwhile Cyrus visited Grady in jail and Grady explained to him all the events that led up to his arrest. He said Reva tried to rough him up in a parking lot and then Frank suddenly arrested him for possessing drugs he'd never seen before. Cyrus pondered a way to fix the situation as Grady mumbled a pox on Daisy's family. Cyrus went to talk to Frank about Grady's suspicions that Frank and Reva had set him up. Frank said he didn't know what Cyrus was talking about and told Cyrus that he wanted both Cyrus and his brother out of town.

After talking to Reva, Daisy visited Grady in prison. She told him that Reva was out of line and then divulged that Rafe could be coming back to town. She said she wanted to find a way to get Grady out of jail and he told her that he had it handled. Frank and Reva strode up to Daisy in the cellblock. As Frank ushered Daisy out of the holding area, Reva snickered to Grady that Daisy was almost done with him. Grady grabbed Reva's arm through the bars and replied that maybe Daisy was almost done with Reva.

Outside the police station, Reva and Daisy argued about Reva interfering in Daisy's life. Hawk approached and Daisy stalked off. Reva ranted to Hawk about Daisy's feelings for Grady, saying that she remembered all about teenage love. Hawk said it sounded like the movie, and Reva rebutted, "Grady and Daisy are not me and Joshua. Me and Josh are not me and Joshua!" Hawk invited Reva to be an extra on the set of the movie's wedding scene. He tried to tempt her by saying Josh could be her date. Reva wondered why Hawk hated Jeffrey. Hawk felt that Josh was the only man for Reva. He asked her to come with him to the beach to see the steamy scenes being filmed that day. Reva curtly said she was busy and went back home.

Meanwhile Cyrus found Daisy lying on a bench in the park. She told Cyrus that she couldn't live with any of her family members. She longed to go home but her key didn't work. Cyrus took her to Harley's old house where the Spauldings lived, and helped her break into it. Once inside, they baked cookies for Grady and Jude. Daisy said she was upset because as Grady grew madder at the world, he shut her out more and more. Cyrus said it was his job to save Grady and protect Daisy. He'd promised Harley he'd look out for her daughter.

Later Daisy took Grady cookies. He accused her of using him to make her "DA shooter boyfriend" look better in her family's eyes. He figured she'd slum with him so that her family would think Rafe was a bargain. Daisy said she was a kid when she was with Rafe, but she felt that she loved Grady. She hadn't been sure until she had just said it, but she admitted again that she loved him and wanted him to love her back even if he never did get out of jail. A guard told Daisy time was up and she exited. He laughed as he looked at her burnt cookies, but he seemed touched as he ate them.

In the meantime, Hawk went to Josh's to invite him to the filming of the wedding scene. Hawk said it was going to be a really big party, but Josh declined to attend. Josh went to Company and Frank gave him a coffee on the house. Josh seemed troubled, so Frank offered to listen to his problems. Josh thought that being a minister meant he'd have all the answers; however, he was at a crossroads and life had become a little too much to handle. Frank joked that Josh had handled Reva for years and he could handle anything.

Meanwhile at the jail, Grady requested to see his minister. Josh showed up, but the moment he saw Grady, he angrily turned to leave. Grady begged Josh for his spiritual advice, but Josh smoldered, saying that Grady had caused Tammy's death. Grady said he was paying for that, but a woman who was purportedly a sweet old granny knew about his drug habit. She'd planted drugs on him so he'd be locked up again. Josh told him to take it to the police, but Grady felt the police wouldn't care. He said the granny was after him for dating her granddaughter, Daisy. Josh's eyes narrowed on Grady as he continued, saying that Josh might have known the granny, Reva Shayne. Josh rushed out of the jail and Grady smiled fiendishly to himself.

Josh went straight to Cross Creek to talk to Reva about Grady's claims. "He can't prove anything," Reva muttered. Josh worried that Grady was dangerous and could go after Reva once he was released. Reva asked Josh not to worry about her; she'd handled worse than Grady Foley. Josh looked around and realized that Reva and Jeffrey were moving back into the house. Reva said only she was moving back. "Reva, are you and Jeffrey having problems because of us?" Josh wondered. Reva ambiguously said, "No, not really." She said she was going through things and was confused. Josh commiserated that he knew the feeling. She thought Jeffrey had handled the movie thing really well up to that point; however, they might have pushed him too far. Josh offered to help Reva move her things back in. After they'd gotten most of the moving done, Carson entered to request that Reva relocate to a back room. He commented on Reva and Josh's chemistry and Josh decided to leave. Once he was gone, Carson remarked that Josh was always there for Reva.

Hawk stopped by Cross Creek to give Reva an actual printed invitation to attend the wedding scene as an extra. He saw Reva moving back in and was ecstatic to hear that Jeffrey and she were taking a break from each other. He cooed that Josh and Reva were back on the road of reconciliation and then admitted that he'd masterminded the whole movie production to reunite Josh and Reva. He knew that once Reva and Josh had seen all their memories replayed before them, they'd get back together. Angry, Reva said she ought to give him a swift kick in the butt. Hawk said she should kiss him for saving her from safe and easy Jeffrey. Reva said Jeffrey cared for her in ways that Josh couldn't and the movie script was a fantasy. Leaving, Hawk mumbled that just because it was a fantasy didn't mean it couldn't come true.

As Reva washed the side of the house with a hose, Cyrus sneaked up on her. He told her that she'd done a bang-up job of framing Grady. Reva replied that Grady deserved to go to jail for what he'd done. Cyrus said Grady didn't deserve to go to jail for dealing drugs. Reva said Grady was ruining Daisy's life, he'd taken Tammy's, and he'd also destroyed Jonathan's. Reva wondered, "So what if I did it?" She felt no one would believe Grady or even care. Reva went into the house and looked at the wedding invitation. As Reva called Jeffrey to tell him how much she missed him, Cyrus retrieved a recorder from his pocket and replayed every word Reva had just said to him.

Meanwhile Carson invited Josh to his office to offer him a producer's credit to thank him for dropping the lawsuit. Josh declined the credit. Carson saw Josh staring at old Lewis family photos, which were stuck to a memo board in the office. Looking at a picture of Marah when she was young, Josh fondly explained the memory of Marah posing for it. Josh said that children had a way of making everything okay. Josh went to his church to pray. In a humble and tearful voice, he said he wanted to do God's will. He asked God to show him what to do. Sobbing, his gaze fell to the floor and he uttered that he didn't know what he wanted.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

At Cross Creek, Reva stared at the invitation to the movie wedding. Tossing it aside, she switched on the kitchen sink faucet. Water shot out from the sprayer and she couldn't stop it. After a plumber said he could arrive within three hours, Reva checked beneath the sink to find a note from Jeffrey explaining what to do in case the sprayer went on the fritz.

Meanwhile one of Jeffrey's assistants flirted with him at the courthouse. He was uninterested, but when he saw Reva's name pop up on his cell phone's caller-ID, he decided to walk the lady to her car. Later Jeffrey went to Towers alone for Wednesday's prime rib special. He saw Reva and awkwardly said he didn't know that she'd be there. Reva thanked him for the note about the sink. Jeffrey sat at the bar, and he overheard the waiter tell Reva that she'd just ordered the last of the special. Reva changed her mind and instructed the waiter to give the last of it to Jeffrey. When the waiter went to Jeffrey, Jeffrey told him to give the meal to Reva. After going back and forth in this manner for several moments, Reva and Jeffrey decided to split the meal. Reva wondered who'd get custody of prime-rib Wednesday and Jeffrey suggested they alternate each week. Reva said she'd call Jeffrey and he asked her to call Josh instead. Hurt, Reva asked him if he wanted her back with Josh. Jeffrey didn't, but he said they could all be happier if she'd talk to Josh and sort things out as soon as possible.

The two tried to have meals at separate tables but they kept talking to each other over their shoulders. Jeffrey wondered if Josh knew about their break. She replied that she'd told Josh they were regrouping. Reva admitted that she was confused and knew that she needed to sort it out on her own. Jeffrey agreed and then spotted the "weekly complainer" on the other side of the room. Jeffrey and Reva began gossiping about the woman who wore terrible dresses and would resend her food to the kitchen, complaining after she'd eaten most of it. They shared a laugh and Jeffrey reminded her to order her dessert soon because it took the chef a while to make it. He looked down at his meal and smiled. With soft, loving eyes, Reva stared over her shoulder at Jeffrey. Once they'd finished eating, Reva and Jeffrey parted ways. Before leaving, Reva asked Jeffrey if he knew that she missed him. Jeffrey replied, "How could you not?"

Meanwhile Cyrus called Harley from the park and left her a message saying that he was watching Jude's bike race. When he hung up, he saw Daisy standing beside him. She pointed to Marina, Mallet, Buzz, and Frank on the other side of the field and asked him if he wanted to join them. Cyrus said not really and Daisy responded, "Me neither." Cyrus attempted to discourage Daisy from Grady by asking her about her plans for summer travel; however, Daisy was no longer interested in traveling since she'd become focused on Grady.

Later at the police station, Mallet and Marina theorized on ways to get Grady and Alan to turn on one another. Mallet suggested that Marina talk to Alan's new fan base, which apparently consisted of women who followed Alan around, believing he was some sort of prophet because he talked to Gus. Mallet thought she could encourage the women to convince Alan to do the right thing, or at least Marina could possibly expose Alan as a fraud. Mallet then sought Marina's advice on asking a woman to go on a weekend getaway with him. Marina said if the woman were her, she'd be all for it. She just needed to know all the details. Mallet told her it was a surprise.

Meanwhile Daisy tried to see Grady, but Frank barred her from entry. She said she was eighteen and he couldn't stop her. When Frank said she'd be surprised, Daisy retorted that he hadn't been able to stop Marina or Harley from seeing Cyrus. Frank suggested Daisy ask Marina or Harley whether or not they regretted letting Cyrus into their lives. Later Daisy made a call to the station and lured Marina outside to talk. Marina decided to listen but reminded Daisy that Grady had killed Tammy. Daisy felt conflicted by her feelings for Grady and her feelings about what he'd done. Daisy said Grady felt remorse for his actions. Marina remembered that she'd fought her feelings for Cyrus really hard and advised Daisy to run as far as she could from Grady. Daisy asked Marina if she regretted being with Cyrus, and Marina replied that she was happy to have found a man like Mallet.

Later Marina received a call about a break-in at Harley's old house. She responded to it and found Cyrus inside drinking. Marina called the station and reported a false alarm. Cyrus told Marina that he didn't know how to be a brother. He'd never imagined that Grady would turn out to be a criminal like his big brother. Cyrus glanced around the house and said it was strange not seeing the photos where they used to be. Marina told Cyrus to leave. After he stumbled out of the door, Marina brushed back tears.

Meanwhile Reva arrived at Cross Creek to find Daisy there packing. Daisy said she couldn't stay there anymore and didn't know where she was going. When Reva had a problem with Daisy up and leaving, Daisy told Reva to "reunite with Josh already." Daisy thought Reva had blown it with Jeffrey because of her feelings for Josh and was meddling in Daisy's life to make up for that. Reva said, "Oh, wow! I have justified some things in my day, but Whew! Whewhoo!" Daisy said Reva just wanted it all and then left.

Down in holding, Cyrus visited Grady and replayed the recording he'd made of Reva. Grady became excited that Cyrus had caught Reva and urged him to take the information to the authorities. Cyrus said there was a catch to using the recording: After Grady's release, Cyrus said that Grady could never see Daisy again. Grady thought that Cyrus had made the ultimatum because of Harley and declined it. He refused to stay away from Daisy and asked the guard to escort Cyrus out.

Later, Daisy found a way to slip in to visit Grady. He told her that he'd done the right thing. When Daisy asked him what he meant, he said Cyrus had a tape of Reva admitting to setting him up. Daisy thought that was great, but Grady said Cyrus wasn't going to use it because Grady had refused to stay away from Daisy. He told her that he just wouldn't do that.

Meanwhile Cyrus waited for Jeffrey on some steps inside the station. When Jeffrey approached, Cyrus told him that the charges against his brother were bogus. Jeffrey said Grady had a history as a drug dealer. Cyrus responded that Grady had never sold the kind of drugs he'd been caught with. Cyrus fiddled with his digital recorder, but he left abruptly without playing it for Jeffrey. Curious about Cyrus' claim, Jeffrey requested that a clerk find Grady's police record and look up what kind of drugs Grady had been busted with in the past.

Back at Cross Creek, Reva glanced at the studio's wedding invitation, and then she called Josh. She left him a message asking him if he wanted to attend the taping of the movie wedding with her. She hung up the phone just as Jeffrey entered her living room. He said he was on an official visit, which didn't violate any of their breakup rules. Jeffrey found it strange that Grady was found with the same kind of painkillers that Jeffrey used to take. Jeffrey also noted that his pills were missing. Reva swore under her breath. She hadn't wanted Jeffrey involved, but she said she'd been impetuous in her desire to rid Daisy of Grady. Jeffrey told Reva that he completely understood her motives because he completely understood Reva. He told her that he'd find a way to get her out of that mess and Reva thanked him.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Remy invited Mel over to his place and told her that he'd confessed his love to Ava, but she'd still married Bill. As they folded clothes, Remy said that things didn't work out with Ava, but he was glad he'd been in love with her. Mel admitted to Remy that though she'd had a marriage and child with Rick, she'd never been in love. She felt that she and Rick had gotten married for a lot of reasons, none of which was love. Crying, Mel said she'd never ever let herself fall in love with anyone. Remy was astonished that he'd done something that his sister hadn't. They each told each other that they deserved to fall in love and be happy.

Meanwhile Lizzie descended the stairs at Harley's old place to discover Alan at the kitchen table with a group of ladies. She heard him tell them to listen closely and perhaps their loved ones would speak to them. Lizzie pulled Alan aside and admonished him for having women in the house when he'd just reconciled with Beth. Alan said that the ladies were his groupies and he was merely offering them guidance. Alan rejoined the ladies at the table and said he couldn't promise that they'd connect with their deceased loved ones, but he invited them to go on a journey of discovery with him.

Natalia visited Alan to seek his help in reaching out to Rafe. Alan welcomed her to join his group session. Natalia grew tense upon seeing all the ladies huddled at the table. She decided that Alan's group wasn't for her and rushed out. When Alan pursued Natalia, he found Lizzie sitting on the curb. Lizzie said Natalia had gone. Alan asked Lizzie why she'd gone to such lengths to unite the Spauldings. Lizzie said she didn't have anyone else; Jonathan, Sarah, and Bill had all left her. Alan said Lizzie wasn't meant to be with Bill. In fact, nothing Bill possessed belonged to him. Alan predicted that Bill would lose it all, including the baby. Lizzie seemed distraught when Alan asserted that Bill couldn't really make her happy.

In the meantime, Natalia encountered Olivia at Company. Natalia still missed Rafe and she told Olivia that she'd almost joined Alan's group. Olivia urged Natalia not to buy into anything that Alan was selling. She wondered why Natalia needed Alan when Natalia had known Gus better than he had. Natalia shrugged and strolled away.

Over at the mansion, Bill asked for Dinah's help in making himself appear in touch with the community. Apparently the governor's people worried that Bill's success had made him too far removed from average citizens. Dinah offered to call a meeting with labor unions, but Bill decided she should attend an interview he'd scheduled to promote the new culture he planned to bring to Maximus, Inc. Dinah went to Towers to await her interviewer, Tonya Ansel. She sat next to Beth at the bar, and Beth asked Dinah if the suit she wore had been one that Beth had left back at the mansion. Dinah said she bought her own clothes. Beth scoffed when she heard that Dinah and Bill were a team. Beth didn't recall Bill being a team player. Dinah mentioned that she had a big meeting with Ansel to discuss the culture at Maximus, Inc., and Beth laughed, saying that Tonya Ansel was a fashion reporter.

When the reporter arrived, Dinah tried to steer the conversation toward business; however, Ansel was only interested the dress code at Maximus. When the reporter saw Lizzie join Beth at a table, she said she'd be writing the gossip column also. She asked Dinah if the rumors were true about Bill and Lizzie. Dinah said Bill and Ava were newlyweds; therefore, she found the question inappropriate. As Dinah left the table, the salacious reporter scribbled notes.

Dinah slinked behind a partition near Beth and Lizzie's table and overheard the two of them arguing about Bill. Beth didn't want to hear another word about Bill, but all Lizzie could think about were Bill and the cabin. Later Dinah met with Guy Marshall, her real estate agent, and learned that Bill had indeed bought a cabin. She insisted to Guy that Bill had bought the cabin as a family retreat and nothing else. Afterward Dinah saw Beth at Towers again and tried to enlist Beth's help in keeping Lizzie and Bill apart. Beth refused to help, saying that Lizzie knew how to take care of herself. Dinah thought that if Lizzie did know, then she'd realize Bill was happy where he was. Some time later, Guy Marshall met up with Tonya Ansel and asked her what the going rate was on gossip about Bill Lewis and Lizzie Spaulding.

Meanwhile Bill invited Billy to the mansion to garner his assistance in appealing to the union heads. More than happy to help, Billy took Bill to the barbershop and showed him how to schmooze Lewis style. One of the union members, Mike Hill, was there getting a shave. Bill tried to talk business with Mike, but Billy softened Mike up Tulsa style by discussing Bill's love for fly-fishing. With Billy's influence, Mike warmed to Bill, confiding that Billy had helped him in his time of need and he'd never forget it. The barber told Mike he had a call, and as Mike got up to take it, he murmured that it was probably some big shot executive calling to pull something over on him. While Mike was on the phone, Bill asked his father why he'd helped him with Mike Hill. Billy said because he was family. Mike returned, saying he looked forward to working with Bill. He wondered what Bill planned to name the baby. When Bill said, "Max Harlan Lewis," Billy became ecstatic.

After seeing Bill, Billy visited Dinah at the mansion. Billy wanted her to know that he and Bill were on the mends. Dinah said that all Bill had wanted was Billy's approval. When Bill didn't get it, Dinah said she'd been happy to fill in. Billy said she didn't have to bear the burden alone any more since he and Bill had opened the lines of communication. Dinah said Bill had everything he needed in her, Ava, and the baby. Her words reminded Billy that he had gifts. Billy presented Dinah a huge blue basket of items for Max Harlan. Dinah was taken by surprise at learning her nephew's middle name. Dinah seemed territorial and Billy assured her that he wanted Bill to reach for the brass ring but always remember that family was golden.

Some time later, Bill strolled through a parking lot and found Alan sprawled out on the pavement. When Bill asked what was wrong, Alan said Gus had been trying to get his attention. Bill helped Alan to his feet and then dialed Lizzie's number. Alan told Bill, "It doesn't belong to you, Bill. None of it." Incredulously eyeing Alan, Bill continued to ring Lizzie's phone.

Lizzie rushed into the parking lot, checked Alan out for herself, and decided to take him to a doctor. Alan told Lizzie that he and Bill had an understanding. Bill said he couldn't even begin to understand Alan, but Alan replied, "I think you do." Bill offered to drive them to Cedars. While Alan was seen in the ER, Lizzie and Bill talked outside. Lizzie shared Alan's premonitions that Bill wasn't where he was supposed to be and wondered if Alan was right. Bill said it gave him chills that everyone was listening to Alan.

Meanwhile, once released by the doctor, Alan saw Olivia in the hospital lobby. She'd just arrived for her checkup. She called Alan's group therapy a sham to rebuild his empire. Alan said he wouldn't have followers unless they were getting something from him. Olivia wondered what that something was, and Alan said it was hope. She warned that doling out hope was a dangerous thing. Olivia sneered that she knew Alan from their previous marriage, but Alan said he was a changed man. He believed people who had the most were really the emptiest. He offered to pass along any messages that Gus might have for her. Olivia angrily stalked away.

After the doctor's appointment, Bill chauffeured Alan and Lizzie home. Lizzie saw several cars lining their street and wondered if someone were having a party. Alan, who had waited for Bill to open his door for him, exited the car, replying, "Well, that's one way of putting it, yes." He went inside and greeted a room full of ladies. He told them how he'd once been a fraud who would run over anyone to get what he wanted. In truth, he'd learned that he had still been that scared child who'd been locked in closets by his father. Alan said his son Gus had come along and unlocked the doors. Gus had taught him to reach out to other people. Alan invited everyone present to open up and share their experiences about their loved ones. As he spoke, both Olivia and Natalia entered the room and joined his group.

Meanwhile Bill asked Lizzie to talk and they took a walk together. He invited her to attend a party that he was throwing for the governor. He wanted her to represent her family so that people could see that the Spaulding and Lewises had settled their differences. Lizzie got upset, thinking that publicity was the only reason he'd invited her. Bill tried to tell Lizzie that she'd misunderstood him and that they could help each other, but Lizzie walked away.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Jeffrey saw Daisy out walking and asked if she had been in touch with Rafe. Daisy implied that that she had not and asked if he asked Reva about setting up Grady. Jeffrey warned Daisy not to trust Grady since he was out of control. Daisy replied that the same went for Reva.

After visiting Grady, Cyrus went to Frank and told him that Grady was going to beat the drug charges. Frank told Cyrus that he had been looking at his brother's file-Grady had been in and out of jail since he was about twelve or thirteen. When Frank left, Cyrus looked at his brother's rap sheet. Later, Cyrus went to Jeffrey and played him the tape of Reva confessing to planting the drugs on Grady. Cyrus told Jeffrey to drop the drug charges against Grady, or he would go public with the tape. Jeffrey refused and Cyrus gave him 24 hours to change his mind. After Cyrus left, Jeffrey authorized Grady's release.

Daisy got a message, apparently from Grady, telling her to go the park. Instead of Grady, Daisy was met by Cyrus and Frank who told her that she was going to her join her mother. Frank informed Daisy that he was personally taking her to Harley since he did not trust her to go alone. Daisy asked Cyrus to help her but he agreed that she had to leave.

Reva visited Josh as he was working on his weekly sermon. She reminded him that he had not returned her calls and told him that the film crew was shooting their wedding later. When he pointedly asked which one, she told him the first one and stated that the movie people wanted them to be extras. Josh was not interested. When he criticized the movie, Reva stated that it was an important moment of their lives and she wanted to be a part of it. Reva stated that she enjoyed being a part of it the first time around. Josh agreed that it was an important moment-probably the best day of his life. Later, outside, Reva realized that she had lost her cell phone. Josh found her and returned it, berating her for being careless with her things. Reva asked if he only came out to lecture her, and Josh stated that he cared about her and asked if she'd rather have no one worry about her. Reva thanked Josh for worrying. Josh apologized for not attending the wedding with Reva. He stated that perhaps if they were still together, it might be fun, but he had to keep his head in the present.

Cassie and Josh had another counseling session. Cassie told the counselor that she and Josh were planning on having a baby. The counselor suddenly began asking questions about why they wanted a baby. Cassie stated that the baby was about making a new beginning for their marriage and Josh talked about how a baby brought energy into the home. When Cassie stated that they would be raising the child in a loving, stable environment, the counselor asked if they believed their situation was stable. The counselor asked what they expected from the baby. As Cassie and Josh told her what the baby would bring to their marriage, the counselor was furiously scribbling down notes and flummoxed them by asking what the baby could expect from them. At that point, the appointment was over and the counselor tried to schedule another but a defensive Josh told her that they were busy and would call her. Afterwards, Cassie and Josh had lunch at Towers. Cassie tried to talk about the session, but Josh made it clear that he was unimpressed with the counselor. He stated that she took a lot of notes but for all they knew, she was scribbling cartoons. Josh told Cassie that he did not think they should go back to the marriage counselor. Talk turned to the movie and Josh told Cassie that he was not going to the filming.

Jeffrey found Reva in the park. Jeffrey told her that Grady was released on bail and about Cyrus's blackmail tape. Reva was a little perturbed that he caved in to blackmail but Jeffrey stated that he did not want her to get hurt. Jeffrey complimented Reva's dress and told her that it reminded him of her laugh. He explained that on one particularly rough day, he heard this loud, boisterous laugh that cheered him up. Reva was wearing that dress on that day.

Jeffrey visited Cassie at the farm to tell her that Grady was released on bail. Jeffrey asked if Josh was at "the wedding" and Cassie replied that he probably was even though he stated that he was not going. Suddenly, Cassie suggested that they go. Jeffrey did not seem interested, so Cassie expressed concern that Josh was there with Reva who was suddenly a free woman. Jeffrey was not worried and pointed out that it was just a meaningless movie. Jeffrey told Cassie that she had to trust Josh. Cassie replied that that was easy for him to say; she and Josh were not over yet. She quickly corrected herself by saying that they were not over.

Reva was on set for the wedding and was pleasantly surprised when Josh arrived.

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