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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 14, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, July 14, 2008

At Memorial, Bob told Chris he would not accept Chris's resignation. Bob criticized Chris's recent actions with Alison, but was happy his son had finally admitted the truth. Bob said they needed to make reparations to Alison, but he did not want Chris to resign. Chris explained he was not giving up medicine, but he did not want to stay at Memorial where he was always in Bob's shadow. Bob apologized to Chris for making his life stressful at the hospital, but Chris wanted his father to know that he did not need to be sorry for anything. Chris asked Bob to reinstate Alison in the nursing program and Bob admitted he had already taken care of it.

Alison arrived at the Lakeview and told Aaron that she had received an apology letter from Chris. Aaron was shocked and asked Alison what she planned to do. When Alison explained she was not sure what she would do with her future, Aaron offered to return to Seattle and give their life there another try. Alison thanked him for his offer, but said she wanted to get her life back on track in Oakdale. Just as they finished talking, Alison got a call from the head of the nursing program, who asked to meet with her right away.

Alison went to her meeting and returned to the Lakeview a short time later to tell Aaron the hospital had offered to reinstate her in the nursing program. Alison did not know what to make of the hospital's sudden turnaround regarding her tenure in the program and she decided she needed to talk to Chris.

Alison went up to Chris's room at the Lakeview and tore his apology note up in front of him. She told him he had ruined what was left of her reputation and no little letter could make up for that. Chris told Alison that Bob wanted her back in the program and that he had accepted Chris's resignation. Alison was stunned, but told Chris it was too little too late. Chris pleaded with Alison to return to nursing school, but she walked away without responding.

Back at the hospital, Bob gave Kim the news that Chris was leaving Memorial. Kim was upset, but thought it might be good for Chris to have a fresh start, even if it was out of town.

After Alison's visit, Kim arrived at Chris's room to discuss his future. She wanted her son to know that she and Bob were proud of him for finally doing the right thing and only wanted the best for him wherever he decided to go. Chris told his mom that he had decided to stay in town and she was thrilled with the news.

Alison returned to the bar and called the hospital to tell them she would accept their offer to allow her to return to the nursing program. Aaron overheard the call and congratulated Alison on her decision.

Carly went out to the farm and asked Jack if he would be willing to stay at her house and watch Parker for a few weeks while she went on vacation. Jack said he did not think he would be able to help her out, but before he could explain, he left the room to take a call. As Carly considered what to do next, she was greeted by Janet, who had come downstairs in her robe. Janet did not want Carly to get the wrong impression so she quickly explained that she and Jack were just friends and he had invited her to stay at the farm when Brad refused to pay her bills. After Carly asked a few questions, Janet admitted that she and Jack were "friends with benefits," but not at the farm. Janet joked that she and Carly both seemed to have a weakness for Snyder men. Since Carly had recently slept with Holden, she wondered what Janet could know and asked her to explain her comment. Janet insisted that they had both dated Brad and Jack and she did not mean anything else by the silly comment. Carly had heard enough and began to leave in a huff, but Jack followed her out. Carly began to chastise Jack for sleeping with Brad's ex-girlfriend. Jack changed the subject and offered to watch Parker, but wanted to know where Carly was going. When Carly explained she was going to Paris with Neal, Jack immediately expressed his disdain at the idea of Carly leaving the country with another man.

Jack took Carly back into the kitchen and asked Janet to give them a minute to talk. Once alone, Carly immediately began to make fun of Janet, but he stopped her and asked her what the kids would think when they learned that Carly was jetting off with another smooth talking foreigner. Jack suggested the children would see her new relationship and it would remind them of Simon. Carly took offense to Jack's implication and told him she just wanted to have a future with someone new. Jack would not let Carly off that easy and their heated argument continued with each taking jabs at the other's choice in partner. Carly had heard enough and told Jack she would find someone else to watch Parker. Jack stopped Carly before she could leave and told her he would watch Parker. Carly asked what he would do with Janet, and Jack explained he would take care of it. Carly thanked Jack for his help and left.

Jack went back into the kitchen and Janet said she had heard everything and wondered how he was planning on dealing with her. Jack explained his plan and Janet immediately offered to go with Jack to Carly's and help out. Jack said he would be going to Carly's house alone. He told Janet she could stay at the farm while he looked after Parker. Janet asked Jack if he was jealous of Carly and Neal and he denied having any romantic feelings for Carly. Jack said he would visit Janet at the farm whenever he could and to prove he wanted to be with her, then he took her upstairs for a little romance.

Out in the fields at the farm, Holden was working when Neal showed up and told Holden about his plans to take Carly to Paris. Holden said it was none of his business where Neal and Carly went, but Neal said he was under the impression that Holden was not happy that Carly was dating him. Holden dismissed Neal's concerns and told him he just wanted Carly to be happy. Before the two could talk anymore, Holden received a call from Lily asking him to come home to help Luke. Holden excused himself and wished Neal a safe trip.

As Carly walked across the farm to leave, Holden saw her and decided to confront her about her decision to go to Paris with Neal. Carly did not want to hear what Holden had to say, but he refused to let her go without telling her not to throw herself at Neal. Carly explained she had a chance of having a real relationship with Neal, and Holden could not offer her a future. He could say nothing to that remark and as the two stood there awkwardly in silence, Neal appeared and offered to help Carly pack for Paris. He explained they would be delayed in New York for the night because of business, but could leave the next morning. The couple left together, leaving Holden to consider Carly's final comment.

Earlier at Lily's home, Noah and Luke shared the news with Lily that they had reconciled and she was thrilled. Luke asked if Noah could move back to the farm and Lily said it was fine with the family as long as they followed Emma's rules about keeping separate rooms. Noah was still considering if he wanted to return to the farm when Lily went to answer the door. After Noah thought about it, he told Luke he was happy to move back to the farm and Luke was overjoyed with Noah's decision. As he turned to tell his mother, Luke noticed Lily's happy demeanor had changed. She handed Luke a package that had come from his father, Damian.

A short time later, Lucinda arrived and asked Luke about the package. Luke did not want to open the envelope, but Lucinda snatched it away from him and said she wanted to know what Damian had to say. She ripped the package open and discovered that Damian was transferring part of Luke's inheritance back to him.

Holden arrived home and learned from Luke that he did not want to accept any of the money from his father. Lucinda wanted Luke to take the money, but Lily was not sure it was a good idea. Luke and Noah went to Java to talk about Luke's decision. Inside, Lily and Lucinda battled over the money, and when Lily asked Holden for his opinion, she noticed he was not paying attention. Lily asked why Holden was so distracted and he said everything was fine and he just thought Luke should decide for himself. Holden excused himself to get his phone out of the car, and Lucinda asked Lily what was going on with Holden. Lily explained Holden's recent odd behavior to her mother, but neither woman could really figure out what was wrong with him. They never suspected that Holden was having an affair with Carly.

Once Holden had some privacy, he phoned Carly, but she saw who it was and refused to pick up. She and Neal shared some wine while she packed for their trip. Once she was done the two left for their vacation. Carly received another call from Holden in the limousine and when she saw it was him, she let the call go straight to voicemail. Holden was frustrated by Carly's refusal to answer and told Lily he was having trouble with a horse and needed to go on a quick trip to take care of it. Lily went inside to help Holden pack and he phoned the airlines to book a flight to New York where Carly would be for the night.

Noah and Luke sat at Java and discussed the money from Damian. Noah thought it might be a chance for Luke and his father to have a better relationship. After a call from Luke, Lucinda arrived at Java and learned that Luke was willing to accept the money from his father as long as he could start a charitable foundation with it to help sick children. Lucinda was happy and proud with her grandson's idea and offered to help him get everything started. She left to get her lawyers started, and Noah congratulated Luke on his decision. Luke explained he did it for Noah, as a way for him and Noah to make a difference in the world together.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chris saw Alison at the hospital and congratulated her on her return to the nursing program at Oakdale Memorial. Susan walked up and told Chris to stop harassing her daughter. Alison told her mother she was capable of handling Chris on her own. Susan received a page from the ER and left, leaving Chris and Alison alone. Chris apologized again but told Alison her mother had been right when she said Alison could take Chris back to court. Alison said she wanted the whole episode to be over and to return to nursing school. She then said she didn't want to ever see Chris again, and she walked away.

Meg went to the police station to visit Paul. Meg told Paul she was sure Barbara hadn't killed Sofie. Paul wondered who the real murderer was. Meg said the police would find out, but Paul pointed out that the police thought they had the right suspect in custody. Meg thought she and Paul should tell Margo everything they knew about Sofie's death and why Paul had buried her at Fairwinds, but Paul said Sofie's statement to him that Meg had killed her was a "dying declaration" that would make Meg the primary suspect in the murder. Meg said she wasn't guilty, and they should tell the truth. Meg asked Paul to trust her, so when Margo came back into the interrogation room, Paul told her he was ready to talk.

Paul described how he had found Sofie lying on the floor of her hotel room, nearly unconscious, and that he had thought she had overdosed, because there was a syringe near her. Margo said she didn't understand why Paul would try to cover up Sofie's death. Meg told Margo that Sofie had told Paul that Meg had given her the injection, but Paul tried to clarify that Sofie had said no such thing, merely the word, "Meg." Margo told Meg she had just implicated herself in Sofie's murder, but Meg insisted she was innocent. Margo said she could have Meg arrested for obstruction of justice.

Barbara met with the lawyer she hired to get Paul out of jail. The attorney told her the circumstantial evidence against Paul was strong. The attorney said he had a forensics investigator whom he hired to work on the most difficult cases, because this particular man was very good at what he did. He cautioned Barbara that the investigator came with his own "baggage." Barbara asked what that might be, and the attorney said the investigator was incarcerated by the state of Illinois, but that his work in criminal forensics had proved so accurate that the DA's office agreed to allow him to work on cases, accompanied by security personnel. Because the investigator had a criminal mind himself, he was capable of solving crimes the police could not. Barbara wasn't sure they should rely on such a man, but the attorney assured her it was their only hope of finding any evidence that might clear Paul.

Barbara asked who the investigator was, but the attorney said he would simply take Barbara to meet him in person. When they arrived at the hotel suite, Barbara was stunned to learn that Rick Decker was the forensics specialist the attorney wanted to hire. She pointed out to the attorney that Dr. Decker had once murdered several people in Oakdale and had tried to kill Barbara herself. Decker told Barbara he had changed while he was in prison, because he had found his "higher power" and decided to do good with his life. He said his two areas of expertise, medicine and murder, made him particularly well suited to the task of getting inside a murderer's mind.

The attorney again told Barbara he believed Decker was the only way they could find evidence that would clear Paul's name. Barbara told the attorney she could never hire Rick Decker to help her and that he was fired, but Decker told Barbara if she wanted to protect Paul, she needed to think twice about that decision. Because Decker had successfully solved 14 cases in a row, Barbara reluctantly agreed.

Barbara and the attorney went to the police station, where the attorney told Margo that Paul's bail had been posted. Margo reluctantly released Paul but told him their conversation wasn't over. The attorney then told Margo his forensics expert would need to see the autopsy report. When Margo saw Decker, she was shocked and asked, "What is this maniac doing here?" Paul agreed that it was not acceptable for Rick Decker to be working on his case, but Barbara told him it was necessary. When Margo said she wouldn't let Decker have access to the body, Decker produced a court order that said he could. Decker left with his security guard, and the others left as well.

Decker arrived at the hospital, where he managed to avoid running into Susan. He went into the autopsy room and began his work, but Alison walked in and screamed the moment she saw him. The security guard tried to remove Alison from the room, but Chris walked by and stopped him, asking what he was doing. The man explained that he was guarding Rick Decker, but Alison continued to be distraught about having seen a known murderer standing over a body, holding a syringe. She told Chris she'd forgotten for a moment that Sofie was already dead and had flashed back to Decker's killing spree at the hospital. Chris took Alison into his arms and told her everything was okay. Decker came out of the room and apologized for having frightened Alison. Chris called him a killer and said he would be keeping an eye on him; Decker left after saying he hoped to see them again soon. Alison told Chris she had to get out of the hospital, and she left, still visibly shaken and upset by her encounter with Dr. Decker.

Decker, along with his guard, went to Barbara's suite at the Lakeview. Decker told Barbara that the syringe used to kill Sofie came from the same lot as others he had found at the hospital. He also said that the injection had gone straight into Sofie's vein, with no damage to the surrounding tissue, which indicated that a medical professional had administered the injection. Decker told Barbara, "We're looking for either a doctor or a nurse." Barbara called Paul and asked if he was with Meg; when he replied that he was, Barbara told him Meg might not be as innocent as she had led them to believe.

Emily found Casey at Java and told him Tom had started proceedings to rescind her parental rights with regard to Daniel. She begged Casey to help her get Tom to change his mind. She told a doubtful Casey that there was one thing he could do that was guaranteed to work: go to his parents and tell them he realized his relationship with Emily had been a mistake and that he was over her. Emily insisted that was her only chance of getting Tom to let her back into Daniel's life. Casey asked when he had been "demoted from boyfriend to bargaining chip." Emily said she was sorry it had to come down to that, but she could not live without her son, and Daniel needed her in his life, too. Seeing how upset Emily was, Casey agreed to try her plan.

Tom interrupted Daniel's summer camp to bring him home to tell him about changes in Daniel's visitations with Emily, beginning with the fact that Emily wouldn't be taking Daniel on vacation to the Grand Canyon. Daniel was upset and asked Tom whether that type of decision could be made without going through a judge. Tom said he had set up a hearing to change the custody agreement. Daniel sighed and asked his dad what his mom had done "this time." Tom said he couldn't go into specifics with Daniel, so Daniel asked why Tom hadn't left him at camp to enjoy the remaining two weeks of summer instead of bringing him home where he had no say in what was going on.

Tom called Margo and asked her to come home, telling her Casey was there and wanted to talk to them. When Margo arrived, Casey told her he was done with Emily and wanted to move back home. Margo was thrilled and hugged her son. She told him how happy she was that he had decided not to continue his relationship with Emily, and Tom agreed, because of Emily's "past." Casey pointed out that the parents of someone he might want to date might not be happy with his own status as an ex-con. His parents said it wasn't the same thing. Margo promised she wouldn't interfere with Casey's private life anymore.

Casey told his parents he wanted them to drop the court hearing regarding Emily's parental rights. Tom told Casey he would not drop the custody case, because Emily was a prostitute, and he would do whatever it took to keep her away from his children. Casey pleaded with Margo to not separate Emily from her son, reminding her that she had lost her own son, Adam. Margo told Casey not to bring that up and that she would not interfere in a decision that was Tom's to make.

At Java, Emily tried to reach Casey, and her mother walked in and overheard her leaving him a message. Susan told Emily she thought sending Casey to deal with Tom and Margo had been a mistake and that Casey could make things worse. When Susan told Emily she had "the common sense of an earthworm" when it came to picking the men in her life, Emily retorted, "Well, at least I didn't marry a serial killer."

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Carly and Neal arrived at her hotel room in New York after a fun day of shopping. Carly was thrilled to be in the big city and seemed to be enjoying her time away from Holden and all of her problems back in Oakdale. Neal kept complimenting Carly and he eventually leaned in for a kiss. As the kissing became a little more passionate, Carly stopped Neal and told him she wanted to slow things down. Neal apologized for moving so fast and insisted all he wanted was for Carly to have a good time. In an attempt to please Carly, he phoned downstairs and booked her an in-room massage while he left to take care of the business that brought them to town.

A short time later, Carly got undressed and hopped up on the table for her massage. She called out for her masseur to return from the hall, but he was not the one who came through the door, Holden did. Carly jumped up with just a sheet on and told Holden to leave. He explained that he had come to New York to talk to her. At first, Carly refused to listen and told Holden to forget about her and think about his family. Holden claimed that he had tried to get over her, but he could not get the thought of her out of his head. Carly insisted that Holden stop talking that way and focus on Lily. Holden explained that his marriage had failed and he was not sure he could fix his relationship with Lily. He shocked Carly by telling her he would end his marriage to Lily, if he could be with Carly all the time. Carly told Holden to go home because she was not going to ruin his or Lily's life. As Holden continued to persuade Carly to be with him, she emotionally said she could not be the woman who stole her best friend's husband. Holden was determined to get Carly to change her mind, so he pulled her in and kissed her, and the two ended up making love.

Carly and Holden lay in bed and Carly immediately regretted giving into her feelings again. Holden felt it was inevitable and wondered how they could have stopped it. As they were talking, Neal knocked on Carly's door and wanted to see Carly. Both Holden and Carly rushed to get dressed and through the door, Carly told Neal she would meet him later at the bar. Carly turned her attention back to Holden and what had just happened. Holden wanted to know what Carly would do now in regards to him and Neal. Carly said she would go to Paris with Neal if it meant Holden would go home to Lily and make his marriage work. Holden asked Carly if that was what she wanted and she did not answer. Carly begged Holden to return home to Lily and leave her alone. After he could not get Carly to change her answer, Holden begrudgingly left and Carly began to cry.

A short time later, Carly dressed and waited for Neal to return. Neal asked if Carly had forgotten him in the bar, but then he noticed she was packed and asked where she was going. Carly said she could not go with him to Paris and admitted she was using him to get over someone else. Neal immediately knew that someone was Holden. Carly wondered how he knew and Neal explained he had seen Holden in the lobby and figured it out. Carly apologized for leading Neal on and he graciously accepted. Neal refused to judge Carly for her indiscretion with Holden and asked her what she was going to do. Carly insisted she was going to end it with Holden and Neal said he would be there for her as a friend or more if she needed him.

Back in Oakdale, Lily and Luke started to work on using Luke's newly returned inheritance to start a charitable foundation. While they went over the numbers, Luke asked Lily what was wrong with Holden. Luke explained that Holden seemed distant lately and worried taking the money from Damian had caused a rift between him and Holden. Lily reassured Luke that Holden was very proud of him and would always be his father. With that resolved, Luke then wondered if Lily and Holden were the ones having trouble. Lily insisted that she and Holden were back on track and Luke had nothing to worry about.

Later in the evening, Holden returned home and surprised Lily. She was thrilled Holden was home, but noticed he seemed upset. She repeatedly asked Holden what was wrong and he finally admitted that he was in New York and that he was having an affair.

Barbara arrived at Fairwinds to talk with Meg and Paul about Rick Decker's suspicions that Sofie was murdered by a medical professional like Meg. Paul did not want to address the accusations that Meg might be responsible for Sofie's death, but Barbara insisted they tell Meg what Rick found when he performed Sofie's autopsy. Meg was offended that Barbara suspected her of Sofie's death, but Barbara claimed she did not believe Meg did it, but only wanted her to know what the report would say. Meg did not believe Barbara and stormed out, leaving Paul to deal with his mother.

Margo went to the Lakeview to investigate Sofie's murder. She spoke with Sofie's maid and learned that the night of the murder, before Paul had arrived; Meg had been in Sofie's room arguing with her. Margo's next stop was to speak with Lisa. Lisa felt there was no way that Meg would be involved in killing Sofie and admitted that she had heard Barbara threaten Sofie.

Rick and his police guard discussed the timeline for getting Rick back to jail. Just as Rick was joking about the morgue being better than prison, Susan came in and criticized Rick for returning to Oakdale. Rick detailed his new role as an expert witness for Susan and she was shocked that anyone would want Rick near them. Rick was determined to charm Susan and remind her of happy times, but Susan did not want to hear any of it and threw her coffee on Rick and left.

Meg arrived at the morgue to ask Rick why he accused her of murder. Rick explained he never blamed her, but simply said a medical professional was the one behind Sofie's death. He said Barbara must have assumed Meg was behind Sofie's demise. Meg proclaimed her innocence, but Rick showed her with a needle, how it took a professional to insert the needle into Sofie. Just as Rick picked up the needle to show Meg, Paul arrived and punched Rick out. Rick's police escort came in and stopped Paul from doing anymore damage. The officer took Rick back to the Oakdale police station.

Margo had returned from her fact finding mission and was greeted by the smug Dr. Decker who implored her to read his report. Margo did not want to take the time to read the work of a serial killer, but once he was on his way to lock-up she decided to glance through it.

After reading the report, Margo went to Fairwinds to interview Meg. Paul held his wife's hand as she answered Margo's questions about the night Sofie died. Meg admitted she had argued with Sofie, but denied any involvement in her death. When Margo's questions seemed to focus solely on Meg as a suspect, Paul put a stop to the interrogation and asked Margo to go. Before she left, Margo advised Meg not to leave town, which cemented the fact for everyone that Meg was the prime suspect in Sofie's murder.

Once Margo had left, Paul received a call from Sofie's obstetrician who wanted to see Sofie and Paul right away. He and Meg left to find out what was going on. Meg and Paul arrived at the doctor's office and explained that Sofie had died. The doctor said she had phoned Sofie to perform another sonogram because they had found a second and different sonogram with Sofie's name on it. The second test showed Sofie was only a few weeks along, not two months. Paul and Meg realized that Sofie must have doctored her records and had never been carrying Paul's child. The two believed that the father of Sofie's child might just be her killer.

After meeting with Paul and Meg, Barbara returned to her room and found Cole had broken into her suite. Barbara wanted Cole out, but he held up a bottle of her Morphine and told Barbara that this is what killed Sofie. Barbara reached for the phone to call the police, but Cole slammed it down and then claimed he had seen a drugged out Barbara go into Sofie's room. He asked Barbara if she was so hopped up on drugs that she forgot killing Sofie. Cole told Barbara that he saw Barbara push her way into Sofie's room and jam the needle into her arm. Barbara insisted she would not have done that, but Cole said he watched the entire ordeal unfold and he wanted to help Barbara. Barbara seemed confused by everything Cole was saying and did not know whether or not to believe his account of Sofie's death. Cole told Barbara she could buy his silence with $400,000. She said she would get him the money, but told him she needed a little time. Cole agreed to wait, but warned Barbara not to make him wait too long.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Janet continued her campaign of proving that the way to a man's heart was indeed through his stomach, and dropped a lasagna for Jack at Carly's house where Jack was staying while Carly was in Paris. Jack grabbed her and kissed her and talked her into staying. Liberty and Parker arrived and announced they were headed up to Parker's room to do homework. Jack made a remark to the teens about their sticking to just homework upstairs, and Janet picked up on it immediately. She pinned Jack down and overreacted when she learned that Jack had caught their kids kissing at Brad and Katie's house one evening. Janet yelled for Liberty and verbally raked her over the coals. She ordered her daughter to keep her lips and other body parts entirely to herself until she was 18 years old. Liberty stormed out, and Parker followed. Jack calmed Janet with another kiss and, as the two of them reclined on the couch, in walked Carly.

At home, Holden felt compelled to tell Lily about his affair with Carly. Lily was stunned and then put the facts together enough to realize that Holden had not been in St. Louis on horse business but in New York to stop Carly from going to Paris with her new friend, Neal. She demanded to know how many times her husband had slept with Carly and where it occurred. And most important, she wanted him to tell her if he was in love with Carly. Holden asked her not to use those words. Lily agonized about how blind she had been not to see what her husband and best friend were doing. Holden argued back, and they exchanged harsh words.

Vienna confronted Henry, who was minding Metro in Carly's absence, and demanded more "one-on-one" time with him. Henry let it slip that he was more than just an employee at the club; he was more of a partner. He claimed he was just trying to make a better life for the two of them, but Vienna was not convinced. She insisted that Henry undo whatever deal he had made with Carly. Henry said he could not do that and he only wanted to give Vienna the life she deserved. Finally, he came clean and admitted that he was a shallow person and wanted the life of glamour back for himself.

Holden continued to disclose details of his and Carly's affair. Lily asked if Holden were thinking of Carly every time he made love to her and also if he had broken off the affair yet. Holden said he did not know those answers, nor did he know if he had it in him to keep their family together. Lily was furious and threw him out.

Carly asked Janet to leave, so Jack went with Janet to the farm. Holden called Carly who told him she did not want to see him. Parker and Liberty returned and Parker was surprised to see his mother back so soon. Carly grabbed her car keys and left.

Vienna told Henry she had no problem with his being shallow and materialistic and agreed, only slightly reluctantly, to the Metro deal. Henry told her how awesome the kitchen was there, and she went to see it. Bonnie came in for a drink and when Vienna returned, she interrupted a toast between Henry and Bonnie. Vienna was angry, so Henry explained that Bonnie had helped work out some of the kinks in the contract with Carly. Vienna made it clear that she wanted to be the only one with whom Henry worked out his "kinks," and she was hurt that he had kept secrets from her. After Vienna left, Henry tried to justify his keeping secrets from her to Bonnie who told him she knew Vienna well, and was sure she would come around to Henry's thinking eventually.

Holden showed up unexpectedly at Carly's and asked Parker where his mother was. Parker suggested Holden call her on her cell phone, and eventually he tracked her down at the coffee shop. Carly called it quits on the affair and told Holden to go back to his wife and family. Holden admitted that it was too late; he had already told Lily everything. Carly was not pleased and, after kissing Holden one last time, explained that the sooner she got to Lily, the sooner Lily could begin to hate her and stop blaming Holden.

At the Snyder farm, Janet asked Jack if she had overreacted with Liberty and scolded herself. She confided to Jack that having Liberty was the best and worst thing that had ever happened to her.

At Carly's, Liberty and Parker approached the homework while sitting on Parker's bed. Liberty teased him, and the two began kissing with a bit more intensity than before.

Holden went home where he found a picture of Lily and him had been turned over. Lily had gotten into her car and driven aimlessly before finally turning for home. As Lily approached her driveway, Carly was illuminated by the headlights. Lily hit the accelerator and screamed, "You bitch!" and headed straight for a horrified Carly.

Friday, July 18, 2008

At the Snyder farm, Janet made breakfast for Luke and Noah and joked around with them. She then told them she was worried about Jack because he'd gotten an emergency call in the middle of the night to investigate an accident, and she hadn't heard anything from him since then. Janet left to try to find Jack, and Luke and Noah cleaned up. Noah wondered whether Emma would have a problem if she knew Jack and Janet were sleeping together in her house, and he said he doubted it would be as big of a deal as it might be if he and Luke were sleeping together under Emma's roof. Luke said he was tempted to go to Noah's room at night, but he didn't want to risk having his Aunt Emma find out, because she'd be likely to tell Noah to move out. Noah told Luke he felt safe at the farm and that Luke was lucky to have both of his parents still alive. That reminded Luke that he hadn't heard from either Holden or Lily, so he called home, only to be told that Lily was in the hospital.

Liberty and Parker spent the night sleeping on Parker's bed, on top of the covers and fully clothed. At Brad and Katie's house, Katie told Brad that Liberty wasn't in her room and that her bed did not appear to have been slept in. Brad called the Lakeview but was told Janet had already checked out and that she had not left a forwarding address. Brad and Katie went to Carly's house to find out if Parker knew where Liberty was. The door was unlocked, so they went inside and began calling for Parker. Parker woke up and shook Liberty, telling her to get up because her dad was downstairs.

Janet walked into Carly's house and was surprised to see Brad and Katie; they were equally surprised to see her. Janet told them she was looking for Jack, because he'd left in the middle of the night to go to work. Brad was shocked to hear that Janet was now living with Jack and that they were still seeing each other; Janet told him she and Jack were adults and didn't need Brad's permission to have a relationship. Brad yelled at Janet about "living in sin" with his brother and not setting a good example for Liberty. Katie tried to get Brad to calm down, unsuccessfully. Katie then asked Janet if Liberty had spent the night with her. Janet was upset to learn that Liberty was missing.

Upstairs, Liberty heard Janet's voice and told Parker her mother would go ballistic and hit her again if she found out Liberty had spent the night with him. Parker was surprised to learn that Janet had hit Liberty, but Liberty said it wasn't a big deal and that it had been because Janet had been afraid Liberty would get pregnant. Liberty climbed out the window. Downstairs, Janet realized Liberty might have decided not to go home after their fight the night before. Brad asked what the fight had been about, and Janet told him it had concerned Liberty and Parker's relationship. Brad was shocked to hear there was a "relationship" there, between his daughter and his brother's adopted son.

Liberty walked into Carly's house and asked if the group was having a meeting of Parents Anonymous. They asked where Liberty had been, and she lied and said she had woken up early and had decided to eat breakfast at Al's Diner. Parker came downstairs and asked what was going on. Janet told Liberty that she would take her to school, and they left. Brad took Parker outside and reminded him that Liberty was his cousin. Parker said that was only a technical thing, but Brad told him that when Parker signed on to be a Snyder, it meant he became related to the whole family. He told Parker he had to remember the idea of family, loyalty, and respect. Parker asked if they were the Snyders or the Sopranos, and Brad retorted that Parker would be "singing like a soprano" if he didn't listen to Brad.

Janet told Liberty she could see that Liberty was still wearing the clothes she'd had on the night before, except they looked wrinkled. Janet told Liberty not to lie to her, so Liberty admitted she had slept on Parker's bed. She assured her mother that nothing had happened but said, "Hit me now and get it over with." Janet told Liberty she wasn't going to hit her. Instead, she told Liberty to get in the car, because she was going to take her to the farm. As they drove off, Parker ran behind them, trying to catch up. Parker went back home and sent a text message to Liberty, asking if she was okay.

At the farm, Janet apologized to Liberty for ever having hit her, telling her she was ashamed of herself. Janet swore it would never happen again. In order to protect Liberty and keep her from making the same type of mistake Janet had made, Janet told Liberty she was going to take her to see a gynecologist. Liberty said she could go alone, but Janet said she couldn't because she was a minor. Janet said they would go together and talk to the doctor about birth control and sexually transmitted diseases, and Liberty could get the HPV vaccine while she was there. Liberty asked if she could have sex if she was on birth control, and Janet said absolutely not, because Liberty was a still "a baby," and Janet wanted her to have a better life than she'd had.

At WOAK, Katie was preparing for the day's segment of "Oakdale Now," while Brad was thinking about Liberty. Brad told Katie he thought Liberty had been lying about having slept at home, and he was worried that she had actually slept with Parker and that they might have had sex. Katie said there was a way to find out if Liberty had been lying. She called Henry and was told that Liberty had not gone to Al's for breakfast that morning. Brad was upset. Katie told Brad he would need to have a conversation with Liberty about sex. Brad said he didn't think he could do that, but Katie pointed out that it had to be him and/or Janet, because they were Liberty's parents.

At the hospital, Jack, Carly, and Holden waited for Lily to regain consciousness. When she did, Holden went in to see her. After Holden told Lily what had happened, Lily remembered everything, including the fact that Holden and Carly had been having an affair. Lily ordered Holden out of the room and told him to have Jack come in to talk to her. Lily told Jack she had pulled into her driveway, seen Carly, and tried to run her down with her car, but at the last minute, she had turned the wheel because she couldn't do that to her kids or to Carly's kids. Jack was stunned and asked why Lily would want to hurt Carly. Lily told Jack to go ask Carly and Holden.

Jack went back into the hallway. Looking at Holden and Carly, he realized what Lily had been trying to say. Jack tore into Carly and Holden, asking how they could do such an inexcusable thing. Holden tried to defend Carly, but Jack said he knew what Carly was like when she wanted something and that Carly didn't care who got hurt in the process. Holden told Jack to stop, because Carly had taken enough from him, but Jack said it was the other way around. Lily walked out of her hospital room and asked what Carly was doing there, telling Jack to "get her out of here!" Luke and Noah arrived, and Luke asked his mom if she was okay. Lily said she was going to be fine. Luke asked why Lily was so mad at Holden and Carly. Holden told Carly it might be best if she left, so Carly did.

A doctor walked up and told Lily she had to have one more exam before she could leave. Lily left with the doctor, and Luke asked Holden what was going on. Noah excused himself, telling Luke he thought he should go. Luke asked Holden again to tell him what was happening. They sat down to talk, and Holden told Luke about his affair. Holden said he had never intended to hurt Lily or Luke, but that things hadn't been right in his marriage for a long time. Luke asked incredulously, "And this is how you fix it?" Luke said he would never understand how his dad could do such a thing.

Lily came out and said she had been discharged. Holden said he would drive her home, but Lily wanted Luke to take her. Luke left to get his car. Holden asked if he could talk to Lily later; she responded, "You can talk to my lawyer." At home, Luke told Lily that Holden had told him about the affair. Lily asked Luke not to let her problems with Holden influence how he felt about his dad, because Holden was still the same man who had raised Luke and loved him. Luke said the affair had changed everything.

Carly went home. Jack followed her, and not knowing that Parker was upstairs, he began yelling at Carly about her affair with Holden. Carly told him it was none of his business, but Jack said it was, because of their kids. Jack accused Carly of having slept with his cousin and best friend to get even with Jack. Carly sneered at Jack and told him not everything she did had something to do with him. Carly told Jack that neither she nor Holden had meant for the affair to happen. Jack asked whether Carly and Holden had slept together more than once. When Carly didn't answer, Jack said, "That's what I thought." He told Carly that she always did whatever she wanted and then claimed she hadn't had a choice. Jack shouted, "You cannot be forgiven for sleeping with Holden!" Parker, who had come downstairs to get his keys, overheard him; he grabbed his keys and quickly left.

Jack and Carly heard the front door close, and they went to see who it was. There was no one there. Jack checked Parker's room, but it was empty. He told Carly that Parker should be at a tennis lesson. Carly was relieved, because she thought it would have been terrible for Parker to find out about her affair that way. Jack asked if there was a better way for him to find out. Carly told Jack to get off his high horse, saying, "Do you have any idea what a relief it was to be with a man who doesn't criticize me all the time? Get out of here!"

Parker sent another text message to Liberty, asking her to meet him at Old Town. Liberty asked Janet if the sex talk was over and she could leave. Janet said yes, but first she hugged her daughter tightly, telling her she loved her. When Liberty found Parker in Old Town, he told her his mother had ruined things for his family once again. Liberty put her arms around Parker to comfort him.

Jack went to the farm and told Janet what had happened with Carly. Janet told him how sorry she was; she hugged him, saying, "You deserve better."

Holden went home and told Luke he was there to see Lily. When Luke told him Lily was resting, Holden said he would wait. Luke replied, "Don't bother. She doesn't want to see you, and neither do I."

At home, Carly poured herself a glass of water. After sipping from it, she broke down, throwing the glass against the wall and sobbing.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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