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Monday, July 14, 2008

Juanita was impatient and was ready to carry out her dastardly deed, but she had a hunch that something went wrong in the church because everyone was too quiet. The henchman kept discouraging Juanita from going upstairs to check things out.

Upstairs in the church, both Tabitha and Esme arrived to find everyone in the church dead, except for Viki and Vincent. Vincent gloated about his misdeeds, and Viki was ecstatic that no one was alive to take her Aunt Esme away from her. Tabitha informed Esme that everyone was dead, so there was nothing that she could do to save anyone. The church began to shake, and Esme thought that it was an earthquake. It was a result of Tabitha, an evil witch, setting foot on holy ground. Good was at odds with evil. Tabitha entering the church upset the equilibrium. Things were no longer in balance. Esme was frustrated because she was sure that Tabitha was able to help. Tabitha hesitated because she knew what was at stake. Tabitha then decided to sacrifice her powers by giving them up in exchange for giving everyone back their life. Tabitha chanted, "Save the innocent and take my powers!" A flash of lightning hit Tabitha and then hit everyone that lay dead in the church.

Vincent questioned what he had just witnessed, and Esme explained to Vincent that it was goodness at work. Julian called out for Esme, and Esme ran to his assistance. Both Julian and Eve remembered that it was Vincent who had poisoned them. Everyone else got up and could not understand why they were still alive.

Esme went looking for Tabitha to thank her for saving everyone, but Tabitha was pierced to the wall like a cross. Esme was upset and said that Tabitha could not be dead. Tabitha regained movements in her arms and asked Esme if what she did worked. Esme was more than delighted to tell Tabitha that she performed a miracle. Unfortunately, Tabitha lost her powers in the process. Esme thought that Tabitha still had her powers since Tabitha was able to transform herself to the way she was before she was struck by lightning in the process of her sacrifice. Esme asked Tabitha to cast a spell to prove that she was still a witch, but Tabitha failed to carry out any spells. Esme was confused that Tabitha was able to transform. Tabitha concluded that it must have been some sort of residual powers. Tabitha was very disappointed that she was no longer a witch.

Tabitha worried that if someone found out that she was a witch, she would be a goner, since she had no powers to defend herself. Tabitha decided to go home to Endora and try to figure out how to raise a witch even though she was no longer a witch. Esme was sad for Tabitha since she had sacrificed so much. Tabitha went home to Endora and told her that it was time to leave Harmony since Tabitha had done what Endora had asked. Endora informed Tabitha that Endora was not able to break her own invisible spell, and Tabitha was extremely disappointed because Tabitha had just lost her powers. Endora told Tabitha not to worry because Endora would figure something out. Tabitha wanted to hug Endora, but Endora was invisible. Endora then turned herself into a teddy bear so that Tabitha could hold her.

Luis thanked Sheridan for saving Fancy's life, and Luis said that Sheridan meant a lot to him. Sheridan started getting her hopes up after Luis professed that what had just happened changed him. Luis only wanted Sheridan's friendship, but that's not what Sheridan wanted to hear.

Gwen went over to find Ethan, and Ethan was confused about being alive because everyone was poisoned. Gwen talked about continuing the wedding ceremony, but Gertrude (Theresa) tried to discourage Gwen from moving forward. Ethan then asked Gertrude to help, and suddenly, Ethan had a flash of memory of Gertrude with her glasses off. Ethan looked at Gertrude and told her that she was Theresa and not Gertrude. Gwen immediately panicked. Ethan said that Gertrude had kissed him and said that Gertrude was Theresa. Ethan then tried to take Gertrude's glasses off. Gertrude pulled away and convinced Ethan that Theresa was no longer alive. Ethan was satisfied with Gertrude's explanations and said that Theresa would not be alive and play such a trick on him. In addition, if Theresa were alive, Theresa would have found a way to be with Ethan. Ethan apologized and walked away. Theresa was disappointed and stated to herself that she was right there but could not tell Ethan the truth.

Juanita dressed as a nun and decided to go upstairs because the suspense of not knowing what was going on was getting to her. Juanita offered Paloma some water to give to Pilar. After Paloma mentioned to Noah that their wedding plans were still in the works, Juanita stated to herself that she could not wait for her bomb to finally wipe out Pilar and her entire family.

Pilar approached Juanita and asked Juanita if they had met because Juanita looked so familiar. Juanita was able to persuade Pilar that she was someone else. Pilar was satisfied and hoped that she and the nun, Juanita, would become friends. Pilar walked away, and Juanita remarked to herself that she only helped Pilar in order for her to feel the full blast of the bomb. Downstairs in the basement, the henchman set the timer for the bomb.

Sam placed Vincent and Viki under arrest for poisoning everyone in the church. Esme interrupted Sam while he was reading Viki and Vincent's rights. Esme encouraged Viki to confess to her other crimes, but Viki pretended not to know anything and tried to paint Esme as unstable. Esme ended up telling Sam that Viki was the serial killer and also the person who chopped off Julian's penis and killed Alistair.

Vincent revealed that Tabitha was a witch and that she was the one who saved everyone. Eve did not believe it, so Vincent mentioned to everyone that Esme was the one who brought Tabitha to the church. Julian hoped that Esme would not reveal Tabitha's secret. Julian quickly intervened and said that it was ludicrous. Esme followed Julian's lead, and then Luis concluded that Vincent was trying to come up with an insanity defense. Sam dragged Vincent out, and Vincent promised Eve and Julian that he would be back to exact his revenge.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tabitha was not very cheerful getting out of bed. She was transformed into an ordinary mortal due to the sacrifice she made for the people of Harmony, thanks to her daughter, Endora and Esme. Kay mentioned that it was her wedding day, but Tabitha was too busy feeling sorry for herself. Since Tabitha was abruptly a mortal, she could not function without coffee. Tabitha filled Kay in on the shenanigans at the church and losing her powers in the process. Kay hugged Tabitha and congratulated her for being such a good person. In addition, Kay wanted to tell the Harmony folks that Tabitha was a witch. Tabitha explained to Kay that she had loss all her powers and that Esme was to be blamed for filling Tabitha's head with ideas. Endora made it worse by making Tabitha feel guilty if Tabitha had not helped. Tabitha told Kay that everyone would have been better off dead, and in the process of telling the story, she accidentally revealed to Kay that Julian was her (Tabitha) baby's daddy. Kay was shocked by the news of Julian being Endora's father since Kay never suspected that that was the case. Kay attempted to encourage Tabitha to tell everyone the truth that Tabitha was a witch. Tabitha thought that it was a horrible idea. Tabitha said that Kay was na´ve for wanting to reveal the truth.

In the middle of a conversation with Kay, Fluffy attacked Tabitha. Fluffy did not recognize Tabitha because Tabitha had lost her identity when she was stripped of her powers. Tabitha took it very seriously because she loved Fluffy.

Kay got on the topic of her wedding again, but Tabitha was not having pleasant thoughts for Kay. Tabitha's mind reflected on the vision of a black cake that went up in flames. It was a vision that Tabitha had seen before losing her powers. Tabitha concluded that it was a sign that the wedding was going to be a real disaster. Kay was excited, so she hugged Tabitha. Tabitha pretended to be happy for Kay but did not reveal her vision. After Kay left the room, Tabitha reminded Endora that they had to leave Harmony. Endora wanted to stay for the wedding, but Tabitha was convinced that something horrible was going to happen at the wedding.

Luis was sure that nothing was going to interfere with his wedding, but Pilar couldn't help only feeling sad. She was worried that Juanita was waiting in the wings to destroy her family. Pilar saw a black crow in her backyard and labeled it as an omen. Pilar gave both Miguel and Luis marital advice and begged them to leave Harmony with her as soon as the double wedding was over. Luis and Miguel agreed with Pilar to leave after the wedding reception.

Luis chatted with Miguel and told Miguel that Fancy was the woman he loved. Luis congratulated Miguel on his upcoming marriage to Kay. Moreover, Luis stated that everyone who was meant to be together would be together.

Gwen had a nightmare about pulling a gun on Theresa and wished that she had killed Theresa years ago. Theresa came back to life and made it very clear that Gwen could not stop her from being with Ethan. Gwen awoke from her nightmare. Gwen took the dream as a sign and decided to go after Theresa. Gwen went to Theresa's (Gertrude's) room, where Gertrude was asleep, and warned Gertrude to stay away from Ethan and not to try to do anything to interrupt the recommitment ceremony. Gwen declared that she had won and that Theresa could not do anything to stop her. Moreover, Gwen threatened to expose Theresa to Juanita if Theresa did anything to stop her wedding. After Gwen left the room, Theresa got up and removed the earplugs from her ears. Theresa was unaware that Gwen had been in her bedroom, but had a hunch that her life was in danger.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tabitha was amazed at how beautiful Kay looked in her wedding gown, and Kay couldn't believe she was finally marrying Miguel. Kay assumed that Tabitha and Endora would attend the wedding since Tabitha wasn't a witch anymore. Before Tabitha could address that assumption, Sam walked in and told Kay he wanted her to be happy with Miguel. Kay said she wouldn't forgive herself for hurting Sam and Grace. Sam told her that what mattered most was that Kay learned from her mistake. Kay said having Jessica attend her wedding would have made her day perfect. Then Sam had a surprise for Kay. It was Jessica, who had returned to town to see Kay before the wedding.

Sam told Tabitha how Viki and Vincent claimed that she brought everyone who had been poisoned by their mushroom sauce back to life. Sam told Tabitha that she was the best friend and neighbor that he could have wished for, and Tabitha said she couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Kay was glad Jessica was able to visit, but she hoped Jessica could have been her maid of honor. Jessica said her drug treatment program forbade her from attending weddings because of the temptation from the alcohol that was usually served. Jessica said she planned to go back to college and see what developed between her and Reese, who was thinking about moving back to Harmony from Boston. She said having Little Sam with her at rehab motivated her to get her life back on track. Jessica said she still couldn't believe Kay was marrying Miguel, her high school sweetheart. Jessica reminisced about how Kay pursued Miguel and tried to break up him and Charity. Everything Kay did, she did for love, Jessica said, and she finally understood that. Kay said she wished her mother were there so she could see they were all okay. Sam said Grace knew they were okay. Tabitha thought to herself that their happiness wouldn't last, but she didn't have the heart to tell them. The end was coming to Harmony and she and Endora had to leave immediately or even they wouldn't make it out of Harmony.

Kay suggested they leave for the church, but before they could leave, Sam gave her a letter from Simone. Simone told Kay in the letter that she was sorry she couldn't make the wedding, but she had to help her father T.C., and Whitney with Miles and the baby. Simone said she would be there in spirit and she enclosed something new for Kay's wedding day. It was a pair of earrings. Jessica remembered how Simone stood up to Spike for her, and Simone even sent letters to Jessica at rehab telling her she could make a clean break from Spike without losing her baby-and she was right, Jessica said. Kay said goodbye to Jessica, who had to get back to rehab. Kay asked Tabitha if she would see Tabitha and Endora at the church. Tabitha wasn't sure she would go to the church, but she gave Kay a wedding gift. It was a bracelet given to Tabitha by Cleopatra on Tabitha's wedding day. Tabitha told Kay she always cherished the bracelet as she cherished Kay. Kay made her way to the church, and Tabitha lamented about how it would be the last day of everyone's lives unless some miracle happened.

As Tabitha was packing her things to leave Harmony, Endora came downstairs unaware that she was a teenager. Tabitha asked her to zap herself back to being a child, but Endora wasn't able to. Tabitha realized it was a side effect of Tabitha's powers being taken away. Tabitha asked if Endora was dreaming about being a teenager before she went to sleep the night before, and Endora admitted that she figured if she were a teenager, Tabitha wouldn't be able to make her leave Harmony. Tabitha told Endora they were leaving Harmony, but Endora said she wanted to go to the wedding first, so she zapped them to the church, against Tabitha's wishes. Tabitha asked Endora to zap them back home so they could prepare to leave town. Sam walked in and saw Tabitha and wondered how she got to the church before them. Tabitha lied and said the teenaged Endora was her great niece Doreen, and she drove them to the church. Kay was glad Tabitha was at the church, but she wondered how they really got there. Tabitha explained that Endora was a teenager and zapped them there. Kay was hopeful that the prophecy was wrong and nothing was going to threaten Harmony.

Juanita was dressed as a nun inside the church, preparing to seek her revenge on Pilar and her loved ones. Juanita was glad that she had the bomb set up in the basement so everyone could be killed at once. She decided to call Gwen and thank her for her help in seeking her revenge on Pilar's family.

Ethan and Gwen had breakfast together before their vow renewal ceremony, when Gertrude picked up the phone, Juanita assumed it was Gwen, and when Gertrude told her she wasn't Gwen, Juanita asked if she was Gwen's mother. Gertrude identified herself as the nanny and asked who was calling, but Juanita refused to identify herself. Theresa thought to herself that the voice sounded familiar. Gertrude told Gwen she had a call and that the woman refused to identify herself. When Gwen got on the phone, she realized it was Juanita. Juanita said she knew about the multiple weddings. Gwen wondered how Juanita knew that, and Juanita said it was the talk of Harmony. Gwen realized Juanita knew where they were, and Juanita said she was on her way to join Gwen in Harmony. Gwen asked what Juanita was planning, and Juanita said she didn't want to ruin the surprise. Gwen asked for a hint, and Juanita said she was sorry she wouldn't make Gwen's wedding but she was sure it would be a real blast.

When Gwen came back in the room, she lied and told Ethan that it was the salon on the phone, telling her that her mother may be running late for the wedding. Ethan said the wedding wasn't for several hours. Gwen covered by saying she guessed Rebecca was getting a lot done. Gwen said she was thinking about their honeymoon and she wanted to leave right after the ceremony. Ethan said he wanted to spend some time with the kids, and he wondered why she was in a rush to leave. After some prodding from Gwen, Ethan agreed to leave on their honeymoon right after the wedding. Gwen went off to pack, but she reminded Gertrude of what she said that morning-try to do anything to mess up the wedding and she would regret it. Gertrude thought to herself that she didn't talk to Gwen in the morning.

Ethan thanked Gertrude for saving his life at the rehearsal dinner. Gertrude said she couldn't bear it if anything happened to him because the kids would be devastated. Ethan told her when he was poisoned, he saw a woman watching over him and he felt love and happiness. It was Theresa, he said. Gertrude said that wasn't possible, because Theresa was dead. Ethan said it didn't matter because he knew what he felt and she was there. Gertrude said Theresa probably wished she could have been there. Ethan said it felt so real and he wished that he could hold her and touch her again. Gertrude said she was sure Theresa would do anything to be with him. But she couldn't take the chance, Theresa/Gertrude thought to herself. Gwen was all packed and ready to go on their honeymoon once she and Ethan renewed their vows. Gertrude said she thought they were spending the evening at the Crane mansion and leaving the next day, but Gwen told her there was a change of plans.

Luis was surprised that the florists had the flower arrangements set up in the church, considering the roads were still out from the storm the night before. Pilar went off to check in the bride's room to make sure the bouquets were dropped off, but before she left, Miguel noticed that the runner that the brides were supposed to walk on was missing. So, Pilar decided to go down to the basement to look for it, accompanied by her two sons. They searched the basement, and Pilar asked Luis to be careful not to get his tux dirty before the wedding. Luis said she made it sound like there was a bomb in there. Luis checked a door for the runner, but it was locked.

When Juanita got off the phone, she went to check the bomb, since her assistant was nowhere to be found. She walked into the same room that Pilar, Miguel, and Luis were searching, and Pilar saw her in her nun's habit. Before Juanita could leave, Pilar told her to wait because she needed her help. Juanita thought to herself, if Pilar recognized her, Juanita would have to kill her. Pilar asked Juanita for the key to the closet so she could get the runner, but Juanita said she didn't know where the key was. Pilar was going to check in the office, but Juanita told her there was no one up there. Pilar said there was always someone there, and she recognized Juanita as the new nun she met the day before. Pilar said she still felt like they met prior to the rehearsal dinner, and she asked Juanita if she was sure their paths didn't cross before.

Juanita said she was sure they hadn't met prior to the day before. Miguel returned with the key to the closet, which he got from the janitor. Juanita thought to herself that they couldn't find the bomb or her plan would be ruined. Before they could get into the closet, Luis came downstairs to tell them that the runner was upstairs the whole time.

Miguel wanted to stop by the bride's room and see Kay, but Luis told him not to because it would be bad luck. Miguel asked Luis if he loved Fancy more than Sheridan. Luis said it was different, and he asked if Miguel loved Kay more than Charity. Miguel told Luis it was different for him too. He said having Kay as a friend at first blinded him to the fact that Kay was the person he felt closest to his whole life. Pilar gave Miguel a letter Kay wrote to him. Miguel wanted Pilar to deliver a letter from him to Kay, and Pilar agreed as long as it was G-rated, but Miguel joked that he changed his mind. Luis asked about Fancy. Pilar told him she would be at the church soon, and Pilar was anxious to see her and Paloma too. Luis said it was too bad that Theresa wasn't there, because it would be some foursome. Pilar said that would be Theresa's dream come true.

Gertrude arrived at the church carrying Gwen's wedding gown, and Ethan told her he went back to the sanctuary-the place where he thought he saw Theresa-to feel her presence, but was unable to. Ethan though the poison had played tricks with his mind, and Gertrude reminded him that he still had Gwen. Ethan said it wasn't the same and Gertrude should know because she lost the love of her life. After he left, Pilar saw an emotional Theresa/Gertrude and suggested that she leave the church right after her siblings got married because watching Ethan and Gwen renew their vows would be too painful for her. Theresa agreed.

In the chapel, Miguel and Luis were anxious to get married. Luis got a text message from Sheridan, saying he shouldn't marry Fancy and he needed to speak to her. Kay commented on how cute Maria looked as the flower girl, and Sam said Miguel was beaming like the proud father he was. Tabitha said Endora was proud of Endora's best friend. Kay said she wanted to marry Miguel her whole life and it was finally happening. She said she was okay with Sam loving Ivy the way she loved Miguel. Sam tried to explain that he loved Grace, but Ivy was his first love and he never got over losing her. The wedding march played, and it was Kay's turn to walk down the aisle.

In the basement, Juanita stroked and kissed her bomb, noting that the first wedding was beginning and there were three more to go before her bomb was set to explode. She said she wished she could be there to see everyone get blown up. Instead, she planned to watch from a safe distance outside the church.

Upstairs, as Kay walked down the aisle, Endora wanted to go in to sit down, but Tabitha said they couldn't because she had a bad feeling. Sam gave Kay away to Miguel as the bomb's clock counted down.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

There was no Thursday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, July 18, 2008

There was no Friday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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