One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 14, 2008 on OLTL

Rex followed Bo to Texas, where they were both struck by lightning. At an A.A. meeting, Charlie learned that Brody was not really Shane's father. Tina and the prince were exposed as frauds. Tess tampered with the brakes on Natalie's car; however Viki borrowed the car and had an accident. Dorian discovered that Viki was dead.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 14, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, July 14, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl

Rex entered Bo's apartment and found movers packing up the remainder of Bo's possessions. The movers said that Bo was having his things shipped to a storage facility and hadn't left a forwarding address. As Rex pondered Bo's whereabouts, Madame Delphina appeared and informed Rex that she was inquiring about the apartment. Rex was shocked to learn that Bo had put his apartment up for rent. Madame said that Bo was in trouble and she could advise Rex on how to save him. Realizing that Madame was Roxy's psychic, Rex balked at her offer but paid her fifty dollars after she mentioned actual occurrences in his own life.

Madame conjured up the spirits and told Rex that Bo had gone for a ride and was no longer in Llanview. She said that it was important that Rex find Bo immediately because both their lives depended on it. Madame was unable to pinpoint exactly where Bo had gone, but suggested that Rex follow the "pecan pie." Believing Madame to be a fraud, Rex criticized her psychic abilities. Madame mentioned the word "deadly" and said that time was of the essence. Before leaving, Madame offered one last warning. She said that Rex had to say goodbye to the woman he loved before leaving town. When Rex reminded her that his wife wasn't in the country, Madame corrected him by repeating, "The woman that you love." Rex was baffled, but headed off to the diner to see Gigi.

When Rex arrived at the diner and told Gigi that he had come to say goodbye, Gigi assumed that Rex was going to Paris to see Adriana. She appeared relieved when Rex informed her that he was leaving town to search for Bo. Gigi offered to prepare Rex some food to take on his trip. Gigi was surprised that Rex came to say goodbye and reminded him that he didn't do so in Michigan. Rex said that he was a different person. Gigi asked if Rex intended to return to Llanview. Rex admitted that he might be gone for awhile, but assured her that he would definitely return home and asked her to say goodbye to Shane. As Rex headed for the door, Gigi gave him an impulsive hug. Rex responded lovingly. Rex asked Gigi what she had prepared for him. When Gigi mentioned that it was a dish that was almost as good as Noelle's pecan pie, Rex remembered Madame's words. Gigi asked him if he had any idea where he would start looking for Bo. Rex believed he knew exactly where to start.

John returned to his apartment and questioned whether Mike would actually leave Marcie if she decided to adopt Star's baby. Mike said that he didn't know how long he would need to sleep on John's couch, but couldn't accept Marcie's decision. After stating all the reasons why the adoption would never work, Mike expressed his concern that he didn't believe that Marcie could ever get over the loss of another child. John wondered if the loss would be harder for Mike, rather than Marcie. Mike was certain that Todd would do everything possible to prevent the adoption from taking place. John suggested that Mike forget about Todd, and consider fighting for Marcie and the child.

While waiting to meet with Starr at the diner, Marcie spoke with Gigi. Gigi observed Marcie's nervous demeanor and wondered if Marcie was thinking about the adoption. Before Marcie could answer, Starr showed up. Starr was elated when Marcie agreed to adopt her unborn child. When Marcie told Starr that Mike wasn't happy with her decision and that she would probably raise the child on her own, Starr appeared skeptical. Starr questioned how Marcie would support a baby without Mike's help. After Marcie told Starr about her job prospects and reminded her how much she would love the child, Starr had a change of heart and was anxious to proceed with the adoption. Starr mentioned that Todd had found out about the adoption, but she was confident that he couldn't do anything to change her decision. Starr also believed that Cole would come to realize that the adoption was in the best interest of the child. Marcie suggested that they head over to the courthouse and discuss the matter with Marcie's lawyer, Judy. Starr agreed and the two headed to the courthouse.

At the courthouse, Todd placed a call to check on Marty's condition. Cole appeared and Todd immediately hung up. When Cole asked why Todd wanted to meet, Todd demanded that Cole file an injunction against Starr. Todd said that the injunction would prevent Starr from giving her baby to the McBains. Citing that he didn't want to hurt Starr, Cole refused to fight her over custody. After Todd reminded Cole that he must have been desperate to seek help from him, Todd stated that Cole came to him because he knew that Todd was the only person who would be able to prevent the McBains from obtaining custody of Starr's baby. As Cole continued to profess his love for Starr, Todd informed him that he had lost Starr the moment she found out that Cole was the one who told Todd about her pregnancy. Cole appeared heartbroken when Todd stated that Starr wanted to hurt Cole as much as she wanted to hurt him. Cole expressed his displeasure with Todd and showed no interest in aligning with him. Todd's lawyer entered the courtroom and asked Todd if he wanted to continue with the injunction. Looking at Cole, Todd said that the decision was up to Cole. Before Cole could reply, Starr and Marcie entered the room. While Starr, Marcie, and Cole appeared shocked, a knowing smirk crossed Todd's face.

At the Mendorran Palace, Cris was outrage to learn that Carlo was behind the kidnappings and was Talia's father. Considering the Vega brothers' long history with Carlo, Cris wondered if Talia had set Antonio up. After Sarah stated that Talia appeared to hate her father, Cris realized that Carlo had set them all up, and sensed that they were in terrible danger. Sarah was shocked when Cris told her that Carlo had brainwashed him and programmed him to kill. Cris expressed his hatred for Carlo, and said that he would kill Carlo if given the opportunity. Cris blamed himself for not killing Carlo when he had the chance. He said that they wouldn't be in the situation they were in had he done so. Sarah reminded Cris that he wasn't a killer, and blamed herself for trying to help Tina. Refusing to allow Sarah to accept the blame, Cris promised to rescue her from Carlo's trap.

In the dungeon, Talia screamed for Antonio to release the sword from Carlo's neck. Antonio stood in shock when Talia cried out, "Antonio, he's my father!" After Talia pried the weapon from Antonio's hands, he demanded to know why she hadn't revealed that Hesser was her father. Carlo laughed and praised his daughter for saving his life. Talia said that she prevented Antonio from killing him only because she refused to allow Carlo to make a murderer out of Antonio. Talia told Antonio the sordid details of how her mother fled with her as a child, and assured Antonio that she never wanted anything to do with Carlo. When Antonio asked why Talia came to Llanview, she stated that she wanted to join the Llanview police department in an attempt to undo the horrible things that Carlo had done. Talia demanded to know what Carlo wanted from them. Carlo said that he wanted to make up for all the time he had lost with his daughter. Antonio listened as Talia criticized Carlo and stated how much she despised him.

As Carlo continued to antagonize him, several times Antonio attempted to assault Carlo but Talia prevented him from doing so. After learning that Ramsey had helped Carlo escape from Statesville, Antonio reminded Carlo that he was too old and out of shape to continue winning. In disgust, Carlo looked at Antonio and stated, "I always win!" Talia told her father that he wouldn't win this time because he would never win her love. Before leaving the cell, Carlo said that Talia would do much more than welcome him back into her life. Carlo retrieved the sword from Talia and locked the couple in the cell.

Alone with Antonio, Talia apologized for not revealing her true identity. She said that she needed to keep the secret in order to keep her sanity. She told Antonio that she loved him and begged him to forgive her. Antonio hugged Talia, and told her that there was nothing to forgive.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oops, She Did It Again

At La Boulaie, Markko fiddled with a video camera and complained as a scantily dressed Langston prepared to "seduce" David on tape, live and in living color. When a towel-draped David approached, Langston forced Markko to hide in Dorian's closet and film from inside as she greeted David and turned on the forced charm. David was unnerved by Langston's vamping and shied away from her advances, and when his girlfriend got too close to Vickers, a heated Markko burst out of the closet and called a halt to the proceedings. David deduced that Langston had planned to frame him for adultery so Addie would divorce him, and admonished the young girl for her scheming while praising her Cramer loyalty. Infuriated, Langston and Markko fled, leaving David to clean up the mess Markko had made in the walk-in closet. But when David poked around in the closet, he found the drug "Rohypnol" in Dorian's medical bag, and began putting pieces of a puzzle together.

At Cramer Enterprises, Dorian chatted up her beautician while making Clint and Nora wait in the lobby outside her office. In the lobby, Nora tried to make awkward small talk, but Clint couldn't get past her public outing of Lindsay at Bo's wedding, and the humiliation it had caused his brother. Nora apologized but said that Bo had had a right to know, and that Clint still needed her help to unseat Dorian. Clint assented, and said that Addie and David's impulsive marriage was Dorian's Achilles heel. He instructed Nora to let him wind Dorian up about the "Cramer-Vickers" marriage while Nora ran interference by talking business. When Dorian finally admitted Clint and Nora to her office, the couple proceeded with their plan, with Clint needling Dorian endlessly about Addie and David's "love affair," making Dorian increasingly furious. Nora warned Dorian that they still had the possibility of being able to take her to criminal court for her acquisition of Cobb and Webster's stocks, and Dorian dared them to try to take her to trial. She threw Clint and Nora out, but not before Clint got in even more jibes about Dorian's need to host David and Addie's wedding reception. After they'd left, Dorian made plans to head home for the night, but asked her secretary to alert her when "he" arrived.

At John's apartment, the McBain brothers were treated to some surprise guests: Blair and baby Sam. Blair told John she'd come out of her way to see him, in the midst of the craziness with Starr and Cole's custody battle. Already depressed, Michael was upset and withdrawn when faced with the child he'd lost. Blair apologized for the awkwardness, but promised to support his and Marcie's bid for Starr's baby, only to discover that Michael did not support the adoption at all. Michael told her he didn't believe Starr and Marcie's scenario would work, and felt that Todd would always be an omnipresent threat in their lives if they dared try to raise his grandchild; he said that if Marcie wanted to keep Starr's baby, she'd be raising it alone.

Michael left John and Blair to talk amongst themselves, and Blair vented about Todd's new involvement in the pregnancy debacle. She tried to put on a brave front, but John saw through Blair's act, forcing her to confess that she was scared. Blair said that Todd wasn't going to back down anymore or change his mind as in the past, and that she felt helpless. John promised to be there for her, Starr, and Cole every step of the way. Blair tried to busy herself by helping John clean up the apartment, and came across Marty's Christmas gift: The "Todd Manning" dartboard. John admitted that because of his attachment to Marty, he hadn't been able to throw it away, and instead, Blair and John decided to bond over a game of darts themselves. After Blair and Sam said goodbye for the evening, John tried to assuage Michael's concerns about Starr and Marcie's plan, and assured him that things would be different "this time."

At the courthouse, Starr, Marcie, and Judy Schulman-Brown confronted Cole, Todd, and Todd's lawyer, Morgan Guthrie. The teens remained at odds, and Todd warned Starr that Cole would not be signing over his paternal rights to his child, especially not to Marcie "the baby thief." Starr excoriated Cole for siding with her father, and Cole feebly protested that the injunction was all Todd's idea. Starr blasted her boyfriend, saying he was just like Todd. Todd tried to compare Starr's urge to give her child up with his own initial feelings of hatred for Sam as Margaret's baby, a child of rape, and said that her emotional reaction would pass; Starr insisted that her mind was made up, and nothing could stop the adoption.

The judge arrived, and heard the lawyers' arguments for and against the adoption agreement, as well as Starr and Cole's back-and-forth bickering. The judge then ruled that any contract for closed adoption was non-binding while the baby remained in utero, and could not be entered into until the baby's birth, nor without the consent of the father. He added that any injunction by Cole or Todd to seize custody was also irrelevant until the birth, and that the only way an adoption could go through with Starr and Marcie was if, at that later date, Cole chose to sign away his parental rights. The judge concluded that thus far, neither party had any legal standing yet, and urged them all to take time to think and work things out before the child was born. With the court in recess, Starr and Cole spoke again. Starr warned Cole that with custody of their baby, Cole would also get Todd in his life permanently, and that he needed to think things through. Despite Todd's taunts that Cole would never sign away his rights, Starr told Cole she wouldn't change her mind about the adoption.

At Llanfair, Tess sat in the kitchen with her vision of Nash, telling him how much she missed him. She was interrupted by the arrival of Jared and Natalie, and immediately began to gush at them, asking them to stay and cook dinner with her so she and her sister could begin to "re-bond." Jared and Natalie hesitantly agreed, and they began to work on cooking pesto risotto. Saying she needed to get more ingredients, Tess snuck away to the garage to tamper with Natalie's car brakes, using a pamphlet entitled "Brake Tampering For Dummies." Her machinations were interrupted, however, by the return of her hallucination of Nash, who guilt-tripped her about her plans to murder Natalie, warning her that "you can't come back from this." Tess clung to Nash, saying that Natalie and Jared took him from her and had to pay. Back in the kitchen, Jared told Natalie that "Jessica" was trying way too hard to make their new living arrangements work, but a happy Natalie embraced him and assured him that everything would be okay. Tess returned and began grinding her newfound "pine nuts" into the mixture of ingredients, saying that strangely enough, they were her favorite part of the recipe. Then, she faked hysterics, asking the lovers to go to the vineyard cottage for her and retrieve some of Nash's wine. As Natalie and Jared rushed off, Tess watched them go, waving goodbye with an evil smile on her face.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tough Brakes

Rex was at the Bon Jour Café asking Noelle questions about Bo. Noelle recalled seeing Bo earlier that day. She warned Rex that Bo had been in bad shape and drinking. Rex listened as Noelle recounted what had transpired between Bo and Mo. Mo had tried to get Bo to eat some pie but Bo had been intent on staying inebriated. Rex continued to question Noelle as he tried to figure out where Bo had been headed when he left the diner. As they talked, Rex mentioned that Gigi had helped him track Bo to Texas. Noelle was excited at the mention of her friend's name. Rex barely managed to get a word in edgewise as Noelle went on and on about Gigi and Shane, and how Gigi had been in love with Shane's father. Noelle didn't seem to notice how uncomfortable her words made Rex. Luckily, Noelle then switched the subject and talked about her romance with Mo. She credited David Vickers for bringing them together. Rex was surprised to hear David's name, but steered the discussion back to Bo. Mo joined them and said that the only thing that he recalled Bo saying as he left was something about "Pa."

At the ranch in Texas, Chuck opened the front door to find Bo weaving side to side on the doorstep. Although Chuck was pleased to see Bo, he couldn't help but ask him the reason for the unexpected visit. Bo said little beyond that he hadn't planned on stopping by the ranch. Chuck told Bo that he was welcome to visit the ranch any time as he escorted Bo to the living room. Before leaving Bo alone, Chuck warned him that a nasty storm was moving in.

As Bo poured himself a drink, Asa appeared in a vision and accused Bo of being a drunken bum, who had turned out to be quite the disappointment. Bo reminded Asa that he wasn't in a position to hurt him anymore. Asa scoffed at that and continued to berate his son. Asa told him that Bo's quest, to always do the right thing, hadn't done Bo any favors. It had put Lindsay in Bo's life twice, cost him his job with the police department, and allowed Dorian to take over Buchanan Enterprises.

Dorian climbed into the back of her limo, holding a huge pair of garden shears. She was unaware that David Vickers was behind the wheel of the car. Dorian demanded to be taken to La Boulaie and then began talking about her plans for the garden tool when she arrived home and confronted her sister's new husband. David drove off without saying a word. Moments later, he managed to catch Dorian by surprise and snatched the shears out of her hands. Dorian was outraged when she realized that David was driving her car. She insisted on an explanation, but David made it clear that he was in control. He told her that he had found Rohypnol in Dorian's medical bag and wanted to know why she had it. Dorian lied and gave several medical reasons before declaring that the medication was old. David didn't believe her and accused her of using the medication to get Charlie drunk. Dorian deflected and asked David why he had been snooping in her medical bag. David told her about Langston's scheme to seduce David and have Markko capture it on film. Dorian was pleased to realize that Langston had been willing to go to such great lengths in order to help Dorian. As David and Dorian continued to bicker, they began to experience car trouble. It turned out that the car was out of gas. When Dorian began screeching at David, he walked off, abandoning Dorian and the car on the side of the road. Dorian warned David that there would be repercussions.

At the diner, Gigi brought Charlie a cup of coffee and joined him in the booth. They talked about Viki and the mistakes that Charlie had made. Charlie confided that he believed that he had figured out why he was drunk, but not how he was forced to drink alcohol. The subject then switched to Rex and Adriana's marriage. Gigi told Charlie that Adriana was responsible for Brody's arrival in Llanview. As she spoke about Brody, Charlie realized that Gigi might be with him for Shane's sake. When he asked Gigi if that was the case, Gigi answered by saying that she would do whatever she could to make Shane happy.

At Llanfair, Viki bumped into Natalie and Jared as they prepared to leave for the vineyard. She was carrying a basket of garden chemicals that she intended to put away before she went to a nursery. Jared offered to take the basket to the cellar for Viki. Viki seemed reluctant to accept his offer but relented when Jared insisted. Viki then turned her attention to Natalie. Natalie told her mother about Jessica's request for a special case of wine. Viki offered to run the errand for Natalie, explaining that the cottage was very close to the nursery. While Natalie stepped away to take a call, Jared took the opportunity to talk to Viki about Charlie. Viki listened as Jared told her that Charlie was in a difficult position. Jared had made Charlie choose between the woman he loved and his son. Viki pointed out that Charlie didn't have to lie about being Rex's father. Jared agreed but asked Viki to consider giving Charlie another chance. Viki told Jared that she did not want to discuss it with him further just as Natalie returned, holding her car keys. Viki took them from her daughter and left.

Tess was in Llanfair's kitchen talking to Nash about the grisly car crash she had arranged for Natalie and Jared by cutting the brake line in Natalie's car. She was dancing with Nash when Natalie and Jared walked in. Tess covered her curious behavior with the excuse that the song playing on the radio had a special meaning to her and Nash. Tess then changed the subject and asked the couple what they were doing in the kitchen. Natalie explained that Viki had offered to pick up the wine and borrowed Natalie's car. Tess showed little reaction to the news. Natalie then asked for the key to the cupboard so that she and Jared could store the poisonous chemicals that Viki wanted safely stored away. Tess tossed the keys and waited for them to leave. Alone again with Nash, Tess expressed her annoyance. She hadn't planned on Viki being killed that day. She had little remorse, though, that Viki would be killed. The way Tess saw it, Viki deserved to die for what she had allowed to happen to Jessica as a little girl.

Tess didn't despair for too long. She decided to grab one of the poisons that Jared and Natalie had put away, and added it to the pesto risotto on the stove. Later, she served Jared and Natalie the deadly dish, forgoing a portion for herself. She told them that her morning sickness tended to last all day.

Viki was driving and thinking about Charlie when she spotted Dorian, stranded on the side of the road. Viki tried to slow down but her brakes failed. Dorian, determined to force the car to a stop, stepped into the car's path and stood her ground. Behind Dorian, guardrails loomed.

Bo was in the horse stables, preparing to ride. Outside, the thunder boomed as Bo took a drink from a nearly empty bottle of whiskey. As Rex arrived at the ranch, Bo had a vision of Rex, pleading with him not to go out riding.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Bo informed Rex that he was finished with Llanview and ordered him to leave the stable and Texas so that he could get on with his life. As he continued saddling up his horse, he questioned Rex on his ability to locate him. Rex relayed his story and how Delphina's ominous words led to Gigi's and Noelle's more fortuitous words and those led him straight to Bo. The entire story was almost lost after Rex mentioned stopping to see Gigi, the woman he loved. Bo picked up on that immediately and knowingly chided Rex that it was about time that he admitted it.

In Mendorra, Talia and Antonio cuddled together, with Talia feeling amazed that Antonio was still by her side, after learning that Carlo was her father. He felt that Talia had probably hidden it from herself for years and understood her not mentioning it. Talia felt that if she had told Antonio sooner, none of them would be prisoners in Mendorra and in the situation they found themselves in. Antonio completely disagreed and pointed out that Sarah was involved due to her mother and that they hadn't known about Carlo no longer being in prison. He added that he would have still chosen to be by her side, no matter where that was. They were interrupted by Jonas, who announced that it was time for them to head out for a "big news day."

At the diner, Shane and Brody arrived while Gigi was working. They were happy about their day together, and Brody kissed Gigi unexpectedly on the cheek. She pulled away abruptly, grimacing. "Are you mad that Dad kissed you?" Shane asked his mom. Gigi quickly sent him to the kitchen on a mission as she turned to Brody and accused him of reeking of beer. Brody explained that he had had a couple of beers early on, with food, and that they had been watered down. He swore that he had not been drinking and driving and would do anything to take care of Shane. Gigi responded that Brody was nothing more than a drunken loser.

Dorian stood in the middle of the road, trying to flag down the sole car in the darkness. Narrowly missing her, the car finally stopped and the driver was revealed to be none other than Viki. Dorian yelled about almost getting killed, but Viki assured her that Dorian would have been road kill if she had really wanted to kill her. She added that the brakes had given her some difficulty and that she hadn't been able to stop the car any sooner than she did. Viki got out of the car and explained her mission to the vineyard. Dorian revealed how David had left her stranded, an action that Viki understood perfectly.

As they sat down to eat, Natalie proposed a toast to Nash. Jared and Tess/Jessica clinked glasses in unison. As Nat was about to put the first forkful into her mouth, Jess suddenly jumped up and cleared the table of all dinnerware and food, throwing the dishes to the other side of the room. Claiming to be upset over the toast, she ran upstairs and into the bathroom.

As Tina, Cain, Sarah, and Cris waited, Carlo appeared, along with the local press corps. "All will be revealed," he promised. When Cris expressed his hatred for Carlo, the mobster pointed out that Cris still appeared to have the "killer instinct" and he thought that he had been cured. As everyone congregated, Carlo began to speak. He told the press that he was a citizen of both the U.S. and the world. He told them that Prince Helmut and his princess were frauds!

Returning to her car and quickly locking her doors as Dorian banged on the windows, Viki calmly told a screaming Dorian to stop. In order to receive a ride, Dorian would have to do what she was told. Dorian snidely asked which of Viki's identities was driving. Viki told Dorian that even though La Boulaie was closer, she would have to accompany Viki to the vineyard first, and then she would be taken home. Dorian was not happy but grudgingly rescued her cell phone and doctor's bag from her own car.

As she splashed her face with cold water, Tess looked into the mirror and saw Jess. "How the hell did you get out, Jessica?" she asked. Jess promised to get rid of Tess again like she did in the past. Tess reminded Jess of how she behaved at the funeral and how she wanted to get back at Nat and Jared just like she did. Jess responded that she didn't want to kill them as Tess did. Tess agreed to give them a day's reprieve but pointed out that she was still happy, as Viki was probably going to wrap herself around a tree anyway. "What have you done?" Jess demanded to know. Tess explained that she damaged the brakes in the car meant for Nat and Jared. Jess begged her to somehow stop it from happening. Downstairs, Jared and Nat agreed that it had been a mistake for them to move back into Llanfair.

Rex changed the subject away from himself and told Bo that he could not ride the horse in the approaching storm. The men argued and Bo shoved Rex to the ground. Rex refused to leave and demanded that Bo provide him with answers as to why he was acting as he was. Bo revealed that Asa had called him a fool and a coward that very night. Rex asked Bo exactly how many bottles he had downed but the older man was still alert enough to lock Rex into one of the stalls. He finished readying his horse and rode out, leaving Rex behind. Rex managed to free himself and reluctantly saddled his own horse, following behind.

It was announced that the prince's staff member had DNA results and genealogical papers to prove that the prince was not the prince at all, even with his backside simulated birthmark. Carlo ordered the guards to take everyone prisoner. As Antonio and Talia arrived, they heard that the rightful heir was actually present and he was none other than Jonas Chamberlain.

Tess apologized but told Jess that the situation with the brakes was final. She figured that with the way Viki had treated her as a child (even though Viki was Niki at the time), that she deserved to die too. Jess begged her to stop it but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Gigi conceded that she knew that Brody had been through tough times in Afghanistan but she could not have him drinking in Shane's company. Brody promised to stop. Gigi pondered telling Shane the truth about his father but she knew that he worshipped Brody. She felt that Brody needed to live up to his promise or he couldn't be around Shane any longer.

Jared suggested that he and Nat just be patient with Jess. Tess bounded down the stairs, catching Nat and Jared in a lip lock. She cleared her throat and assured them that she was feeling better. She enlightened them on the talk that she had with herself upstairs and assured them that such behavior would not happen again. She looked forward to another dinner and would even include Viki.

Rex caught up to Bo, who warned him that the horse would probably throw him. They came to a fence and Bo relayed how he never jumped that fence when he was a kid. He explained that he wasn't a chicken, but merely respecting someone else's property. He always did what was right for the right reasons. With no job, no woman, no family business, and no self-respect, he felt ready to jump the fence and be done with it. He decided that he wanted to see how things were on the other side for once, he explained to Rex. The young man pointed out that the dark side was highly overrated, having been there himself. As the thunder continued, Rex's horse was spooked and threw him onto the ground. Bo helped him up and told him to leave because Bo was still prepared to jump the fence. Rex tried to stop him, suggesting Bo shoot him. Bo reached for the metal fence as lightening flashed.

Gigi suggested that Brody attend AA meetings, as he obviously needed some type of help. Brody felt that Gigi needed help too. She made it clear that she was afraid that Brody would slip up and that Shane would end up hearing the truth. Again she wondered about just telling Shane the truth and getting it over with. Just then, Shane walked out of the kitchen and wondered what his parents were talking about.

The Mendorran press was ushered out. Carlo answered the question as to why he himself was present at this revealing. He bared his teeth and told everyone that there would be a royal wedding. He was about to see to it that Talia would be the future queen of Mendorra.

Friday, July 18, 2008

And The Wisdom To Know The Difference

On the way to the cottage, Viki and Dorian bickered. While Dorian berated Viki, Viki continued to slowly pump the brakes to ensure that they were working properly. Dorian demanded that she quit fiddling with the brakes and just drive the car. Dorian appeared amused when Viki asked to discuss Charlie. Viki suggested that Dorian had some knowledge of Charlie's drunken episode. As the two women argued, Dorian said that she understood how it was to love a drunk, and blamed Viki for Mel's death. Recalling the fateful day that she switched seats with Mel on the airplane and accidentally intercepted the letter that was meant for him, Viki revealed that she also blamed herself. Viki believed that had she not gotten off the plane, Mel wouldn't have died in her seat. Dorian was filled with emotion and said that Mel should still be alive-not Viki.

A determined Viki continued to inquire about Dorian's involvement with Charlie on the night he took a drink. When Viki insisted that Dorian had somehow caused Charlie to drink that night, Dorian laughed and denied the accusations. Viki demanded to know what Dorian had done to Charlie. Fed up with Viki's charges, Dorian said that she slept with Charlie. As a shocked Viki listened, Dorian said that she had found Charlie drinking in the park. According to Dorian, Charlie was distraught over the argument he had with Viki and turned to the bottle. Dorian comforted him and took him to her home. Dorian said that they shared a few drinks and gave in to their passion. Refusing to believe Dorian, Viki begged Dorian to tell the truth. A smug Dorian told Viki that she had sex with Charlie and that Viki only had herself to blame. Dorian said that Viki pushed Charlie into taking a drink because she wasn't supportive of him. As she recalled Charlie telling her that he had a memory of being in Dorian's bed, Viki was devastated.

Viki refused to believe that Charlie would sleep with Dorian, even in a drunken state. Dorian reminded Viki that she said the same thing about Joey and Clint, and stated that she had managed to lure them both. In a state of panic, Viki pleaded with Dorian to be truthful, but Dorian continued to lash out at her. As Viki took her eyes off the road and argued with Dorian, Dorian screamed for her to watch out. Viki attempted to brake, but couldn't. The women struck something in the road and both women were knocked unconscious. Dorian came to and called out to Viki. With blood streaming from her face, Viki appeared lifeless. Dorian checked her pulse and exclaimed, "No Pulse! Viki's dead!"

At the diner, Brody listened nervously as Gigi told Shane that she needed to tell him something about his father. Brody interrupted Gigi's near confession and told Shane that Gigi believed that he had a drinking problem. Shane argued that his mother was wrong about his dad, but Brody stated that he intended to seek help so that he wouldn't lose Shane, and left the diner. Shane reminded Gigi that his father was a good person and regretted missing out on the time he had lost with them. He cited all of Brody's good qualities and begged his mother not to take Brody out of his life. Feeling Shane's pain, Gigi stated that she didn't intend to remove Brody from Shane's life, but insisted that she only wanted him to be safe when he was with Brody. Shane asked Gigi if she would ever love his father and get over Rex. Gigi reminded her son that Rex was a married man, and mentioned that Rex had left town. When Shane asked when Rex would return, Gigi sadly stated that she had a feeling that he would be gone for awhile.

At the ranch, Bo reached for the metal fence and was struck by lightning. As Rex ran over to help, he was also struck. The men were knocked unconscious and fell to the ground. Chuck located Bo and Rex, but was unable to revive them. He ran off to find help. While the rain poured down on them, Rex called out Gigi's name and Bo reached over and placed his hand on Rex. Chuck returned with a rescue unit, and Bo and Rex were taken by ambulance to the hospital. As the men were carried away, Rex's cell phone was left behind. Charges of electricity could be seen flowing through the phone.

At his first Alcoholic Anonymous meeting, Charlie introduced himself and explained to the group that he had no idea how he had fallen off the wagon. When Charlie stated that someone forced him to drink, one of the group members criticized him and called him a liar. Refusing to believe he took a drink on his own, Charlie continued to argue his case. Charlie told the group that a true alcoholic always remembered that first drink-which he didn't. Charlie related that he had worked hard to keep a special woman in his life, and had no reason to ruin the relationship by drinking again. He told the group that he only remembered being in the company of someone who didn't want him to reveal the truth about his son, and was convinced that he was forced into taking a drink. Several group members agreed that they all remembered the circumstances that led up to their first drink, and considered the fact that Charlie's assumption might be correct.

As the group leader wished Charlie luck and prepared to adjourn the meeting, Brody entered the room. Brody told the group that he wasn't an alcoholic and only attended the meeting because his girlfriend suggested it. Charlie stared at Brody, but said nothing. Brody told the group that he was an Iraq veteran, and had a hard time returning to civilian life. Brody said that many of his friends had died during the war, and he had turned to the bottle as a way to cope. Brody stated that he was reunited with his ex-girlfriend and her child. He said that they had changed his life for the better and he was determined not to lose them. As Charlie listened, Brody revealed that the child wasn't his and that the biological father had no idea that he had fathered the child because he left town before his son was born. Charlie appeared suspicious.

At the Mendorran Palace, Carlo announced that Talia would marry Jonas and become the true Princess of Mendorra. Talia and Antonio were both adamant that there would be no wedding between Talia and Jonas. As Jonas smiled devilishly, Carlo stated that Talia was born to be a queen and would marry Jonas. Carlo informed Talia that if she didn't marry Jonas, Cris and Sarah would die, but Antonio would experience a slow and painful death. As Cris distracted the armed guards, Antonio grabbed Carlo by the neck and begged Talia to allow him to kill Carlo. Talia pleaded with Antonio to release her father, and Antonio did so. The guards returned with Cris, and Carlo ordered them to remove Antonio. As the guards led him away, Antonio promised Talia that he would return for her. An emotional Tina told Cain that they were to blame for everything.

Jonas snatched the jewels away from Tina and expressed his disgust with her. Jonas attempted to place the jewels around Talia's neck, but she screamed that she hated Carlo and would never marry Jonas. The guards carried her away. As Tina and Cain attempted to leave the palace, Carlo told them that they would be beheaded for treason. Sarah begged Carlo not to hurt her mother. Tina told Carlo that he could do as he pleased with her, but pleaded with him not to hurt Sarah. Carlo smiled and stated that he wouldn't hurt Sarah, but Cristian would. Cris demanded answers. Carlo announced that Cris would kill Sarah.

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