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Passions Recaps: The week of June 30, 2008 on PS
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Monday, June 30, 2008

Time was catching up with Tabitha, and Endora was still in hiding. Tabitha asked a confused Juanita to inform Tabitha if she saw Endora, even if something moved that should not be moving. After Tabitha left the room, Juanita was focused on the explosives she was going to use to obliterate Pilar and her entire family. Tabitha returned and overhead Juanita and the henchman chatting, so she asked them what they were planning. Juanita said that she was going to do some remodeling. Tabitha warned Juanita to stay clear of the basement but then realized that she no longer owned the house, so she told Juanita that she could do whatever she liked. Tabitha took up one of the packets for the dry explosive, and Juanita quickly stated that Tabitha should not touch it. Tabitha picked it up and broke a piece of it off and explained to Juanita that the museums used them to put under fragile objects to prevent them from moving if there were any vibrations. Tabitha took a piece of it to put underneath her fragile objects that she had packed. Tabitha asked if Juanita was going to do any landscaping, and Juanita gave an affirmative response. Tabitha was worried since there were so many dead bodies buried in her backyard. Juanita warned the henchman that there could be no mistakes.

Tabitha begged Endora to leave Harmony with her because their time was almost up. If they did not leave, they would perish with everyone else.

Sheridan exposed Pretty's secret. The scar that Pretty had been sporting was a fake. Sheridan ripped it off, and Pretty pretended that the scar was real. She cried and asked if there was any blood. Sheridan told Pretty to give it up since she had been caught. Sheridan, Luis, and Fancy realized that Pretty was not right in the head since she was mumbling incoherently to herself. Luis thanked Sheridan for being so helpful, but Sheridan could not bear to see Pretty in such a condition. It reminded Sheridan of her great grandmother who was mentally imbalanced. Moreover, Sheridan worried that mental illness would affect all females in the family. Luis asked Sheridan what was on her mind, and Sheridan mumbled to herself that the things she did to try to win Luis were all signs of mental illness. Sheridan asked Luis if they could go back to the way things were, and Luis said that there were too many obstacles and that he had moved on with his life. Sheridan was very disappointed that Luis had moved on for good.

Luis informed Pretty that she had some visitors that would take good care of her. Pretty seemed convinced until she realized that she was about to be taken to a mental institution, so Pretty refused to go. Pretty grabbed a hold of a gun and pointed it at Fancy. Fancy angered Pretty in order to distract her. Luis then wrestled the gun out of Pretty's hand. Pretty was taken away in a straitjacket and left screaming that she hated Fancy and wanted to kill her.

Rebecca tried to force Gertrude to admit that she was Theresa. Gertrude mumbled to herself that Rebecca was onto something and then informed Rebecca that she knew nothing about Theresa since they had not met. Ethan questioned why Rebecca was asking Gertrude about Theresa instead of answering his question. Rebecca continued peppering Gertrude with questions regarding her identity. Gwen was getting excited that Theresa was about to be exposed, but suddenly, she realized that if Rebecca exposed Theresa, Ethan would dump Gwen in a New York minute. Gwen wanted Rebecca to shut up, but Rebecca kept talking.

Before Rebecca could expose Theresa, Gwen punched Rebecca. Ethan was shocked and asked Gwen to explain herself. Gwen quickly mentioned that Rebecca was drunk and was embarrassing her with the talk of dealing with a supposedly dead Theresa. Gertrude questioned Gwen's tactics since the children could have witnessed the violence. Gwen came up with an excuse to satisfy Ethan and Gertrude's curiosity; however, both Gertrude and Ethan wanted to know why Rebecca was asking Gertrude so many questions about Theresa. Gwen mumbled to herself that since Theresa could not reveal herself, fearing any repercussions from Juanita, Gwen could torture Theresa for as long as she wanted. Gertrude was very suspicious of Gwen. Ethan was not satisfied with Gwen's explanations, so Gwen told Ethan that Rebecca was afraid that Ethan would not recommit to her because of memories of Theresa. Ethan hugged Gwen and reassured her that Theresa was a distant memory and that Gwen was all he thought about.

Gwen asked Ethan to leave the room so that she could talk to her mother. When Rebecca came to her senses, she questioned why Gwen punched her, and Gwen explained to Rebecca that it was not the best time to expose Theresa. Rebecca agreed with Gwen and pointed out that Gertrude should not help with the planning of the wedding since she would do something to ruin it. Gwen immediately ran upstairs to help Ethan.

Theresa realized that there was nothing that she could do to stop the recommitment ceremony, so she decided to just grin and bear it. Gwen interrupted Ethan and Gertrude with the planning of the wedding and instructed Gertrude not to do anything to help with the ceremony. Gertrude wondered why Gwen had a change of heart so abruptly. Ethan questioned Gwen's actions as well, and Gwen explained it away by stating that she was just a nervous bride.

Rebecca bumped into Juanita, at the wharf, and asked Juanita if she had ever hated someone bad enough to kill the person. Juanita fully agreed. They both had a lot in common since they shared a common enemy, Theresa. Juanita told Rebecca that she understood the need for revenge and that there would be much death in Harmony. Rebecca gave Juanita a blank stare since Rebecca was only discussing one person, but Juanita was focusing on Harmony as a whole.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fancy and Luis arrived at the church, extremely happy, for their wedding rehearsal. Sheridan stood in the background reminiscing about her and Luis' recommitment ceremony in Mexico. While alone, Sheridan unhappily wished Luis and Fancy the best, but on second thought, she could not give Luis up. Ivy questioned Sheridan where she went wrong since her son was dead and one of her daughters was in a mental hospital. Ivy mentioned to Sheridan that the Crane women tended to go crazy if their men were taken from them. In addition, Ivy said that she was glad that Sheridan did not go crazy when Sheridan lost Luis.

Eve and Julian arrived at the church for Luis and Fancy's rehearsal. Eve began to tell Julian about his doctor's visit, but Esme interrupted and asked what Eve and Julian were discussing. Julian mentioned the appointment with his doctor, who was an expert on penises. Julian's penis was not properly attached after the accident. Esme assumed that Julian's doctor was gay and went off on a tangent and said that her gynecologist was gay. Esme finally got it and still insisted that Julian's doctor was gay. Esme remarked that any doctor who had a burning desire to examine other men's "wink wangle" for a living was probably gay. Esme asked Julian if the doctor could turn his penis around and also make it a little bigger or a lot bigger. Julian was dumbfounded, and Eve stood in the background speechless. Esme hoped that Julian's attacker was found. Viki, who was observing in the background, said it was quite a simple job. A flashback occurred with Viki holding a knife to Julian's penis while severing it. Before walking away, Viki noted that she would do a lot worse to anyone who tried to take her Aunt Esme away from her.

Julian asked Esme to excuse herself so that he could speak to Eve in private. Esme misunderstood and assumed that she was being abandoned again. Julian tried to explain, but Esme did not care to listen. After Esme left, Julian admitted to Eve that he had always loved her. Eve got back on the topic of Julian's doctor and informed Julian that the doctor could not reverse the direction of his penis. Eve blamed herself, but Julian said that it was all Vincent's fault. Julian hugged Eve. He started to develop an erection and realized that he would die, so Julian thought of Eleanor Roosevelt and ran out to get some ice water to cool down. Julian found an ice bucket, and he held it to his penis. Julian asked Eve if she could imagine being with a man that could not make love to her, and Eve said to Julian that he could make love to her intellectually and mentally. Julian had another erection, so he grabbed the entire ice bucket and dumped the ice down the front of his pants.

Vincent and Viki prepared the poisoned mushrooms for the guests. Esme passed by to say hello to Viki and stated that no one in Harmony would forget the rehearsal dinner. After Esme left, Vincent mentioned to Viki that only those left in Harmony would remember the dinner because all of the guests would be dead. A distraught Esme returned and was about to taste the poisoned mushroom sauce, but Viki got back in time to stop her. Esme questioned why she was not permitted to taste the mushroom sauce, and Viki and Vincent told her that the sauce was not completely done.

Sheridan wandered outside and overheard Viki and Vincent planning to kill everyone. Sheridan was shocked to know that Viki was a killer. Sheridan walked away and thought of telling Sam but was having second thoughts because if Fancy died, she would have Luis. Sheridan battled with her conscience. She wanted only Fancy to eat the poisoned mushrooms, but then stated that she had to turn Vincent in. Sheridan justified not telling Sam by stating that she would do it for Marty and not turn Vincent and Viki in.

Rebecca arrived along with Gwen, Ethan, and Gertrude (Theresa). Gwen specifically told Gertrude that she had a very special errand for her to do. Gwen instructed Gertrude to go to the basement to get a special gift for Ethan. Gertrude went to the basement for the box, and as soon as Gertrude walked over to get the box, the door was slammed shut behind her. While trying to find her way out, Gertrude accidentally knocked over some boxes, and one of them hit the gas main and turned it on. Gertrude gasped for air as she knocked on the door and called out for someone to help her. No one showed up and Gertrude fell to the floor unconscious.

Ethan asked about Gertrude, and Gwen told him that Gertrude was on an errand for her. He asked again, and Rebecca said that she did not care and stated that ugly people like Gertrude should not attend weddings because they depress people.

Back at Tabitha's house, Juanita and the henchman made sure that the bomb was ready to do some damage. While the henchman was assembling the bomb, Juanita got impatient and tried to put it together herself. She unknowingly armed the bomb, and the henchman told her to say her prayers because they were about to die. Juanita tried to disarm the bomb while the henchman knelt down on the floor to pray for his safety. Juanita was able to disarm the bomb. The henchman mumbled to himself that his one mistake was accepting a job with a crazy woman. After the henchman fixed the bomb and set the proper timer, Juanita rejoiced and stated that Pilar and her family would not escape death.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Eve set up a romantic dinner for Julian at the Crane mansion to show him that they could be intimate even if they couldn't have sex. At first, Julian thought Eve was trying to kill him by seducing him so he could have an erection, which would be fatal. But Eve explained that she wanted some romance, and it wouldn't kill him, she said. Then Eve injected Julian with a drug to keep him from getting an erection. She was determined to show him that they could make love intellectually. She put on some slow music, and they danced closely. She asked him what his greatest desire was, and he said it was being close to her. Eve said she wished they had been strong enough to overcome their problems in the past and stay together. Julian said if he had trusted in their love, they wouldn't have wasted years being apart from each other. Eve told Julian not to blame himself for the way they squandered away their relationship the first time around. Eve said they spent enough time beating themselves up for the mistakes of the past and should instead focus on the future. Eve wondered if she would be able to stay sober through the good and the bad times in their relationship. She asked Julian if he could promise that he wouldn't seek comfort in another woman's arms. Julian promised that he would be faithful to only her, and Eve promised to turn to Julian in tough times instead of turning to alcohol or drugs. Eve wondered where Vincent was and prayed they he wasn't somewhere trying to hurt innocent people. Eve and Julian proclaimed their love for each other, and after they kissed, Julian dumped a bucket of ice on his lap.

Tabitha tried to convince Endora to leave Harmony with her before disaster struck the town. Suddenly, Tabitha's bowl started bubbling, and then it splashed up. Tabitha tasted the water and realized it was saltwater. It was another warning that disaster was nearing-the sea was going to reclaim everything that was taken from it, including the town of Harmony. Tabitha pleaded with Endora to leave, but she refused, saying she wanted to take everyone with them. Tabitha told Endora her idea wouldn't work, because the prophecy said that disaster would find all the citizens of Harmony no matter where they were in the world. Tabitha noticed that the sands in the hourglass had stopped flowing with sand still left at the top, and she wondered if that meant that Harmony was no longer in danger. Tabitha checked it more closely and saw that the sand started flowing again after all. Evil was still headed to Harmony. Tabitha's bowl started bubbling up again, and she realized there were two evils in Harmony, but she didn't know when the two evils would join together.

At the church, Vincent and Vicky prepared their poisoned mushroom sauce, and he said he wanted the victims of their murder plot to enjoy his mushroom sauce before they died. Vicky reminded him that the poison would act quickly so the victims wouldn't have much time to taste the sauce. Vincent delighted in knowing that they would get their revenge by killing all the citizens of Harmony. Vicky realized that Julian and Eve had left the church, and Vincent was disappointed. He wanted them at the rehearsal dinner so they would be murdered along with all the rest. Meanwhile, Juanita and her henchman headed to the church to plant the bomb they would use to kill everyone who attended the multiple wedding.

At the church, Gwen was anxious to rehearse her and Ethan's part of the wedding. She and Rebecca were proud of themselves for keeping Theresa locked up in the church basement so she wouldn't be able to stop Gwen's recommitment ceremony. It was Noah and Paloma's turn to practice their part of the wedding ceremony, and Pilar gushed over how happy and in love the two were. Ivy talked about how much time she wasted on trying to get ahead socially when she should have been with Sam all along. Pilar wondered to herself if Theresa would be as unlucky in love as Pilar was. Meanwhile, in the basement, Theresa had passed out from the gas fumes emanating from the basement pipes.

Vincent was so upset over his parents not being at the church that he accidentally knocked over the poisoned mushroom sauce. Gwen and Ethan walked in on Vincent (who was disguised as a female caterer) and Vicky trying to clean up the mess. Vincent and Vicky assured them that dinner would be ready in time. Then, they snuck off to the wharf to pick more poisonous mushrooms for the sauce. When they arrived at the wharf, the wood planks that had been there before were gone. But Vincent found some poisonous mushrooms on some nearby wood. They made it back to the church and began making another batch of the poisoned sauce. Vincent noticed that his parents still weren't back yet. Vincent and Vicky's sauce was ready, and they couldn't wait until their victims tasted it. Vincent's next plan was to find his parents and get his revenge.

While waiting for their turn to practice their vows, Ethan suggested the day of their recommitment ceremony should be their official wedding anniversary. Pilar noticed that Gertrude hadn't returned from her errand, and suggested Paloma and Noah go with her to the basement to find Gertrude. Theresa called out for help from the basement, but the fumes were overcoming her. In the hallway, Pilar heard her cries, and knocked on the door. Paloma smelled the gas, and Pilar frantically banged on the door calling for Gertrude to let them in. Meanwhile, Juanita arrived at the church and went to the basement to plant the bomb. Noah broke down the door, and Paloma checked Gertrude/Theresa, but she wasn't breathing. Paloma noticed the gas valve was still open, so she shut it and turned on a fan. Paloma begged Noah to save her daughter.

Ethan and Gwen were next up to practice their vows, and Gwen and Rebecca were confident that Theresa was out of the way. In the basement, Noah gave Gertrude mouth-to-mouth, and it worked. Noah put two and two together after Pilar's declaration and realized that Theresa was really Gertrude and she was alive. Outside, Juanita was listening in on their conversation. Pilar said she misspoke, saying she thought of Gertrude as her daughter since she took such good care of the kids. Juanita couldn't hear exactly what was being said. Gertrude, Paloma, Pilar, and Noah went upstairs to take part in the rehearsal dinner. Juanita thought to herself that Pilar should enjoy herself, because the next day, she and her whole family were going to die. Juanita set her bomb, and salivated over the thought that it would bring down the entire church. Theresa made it upstairs in time to see Ethan and Gwen kissing as they practiced their commitment ceremony. Rebecca and Gwen noticed that Theresa was back, and Gwen said she might have to kill Theresa to keep her from sabotaging the ceremony. Then it was time for the rehearsal dinner, and Vincent and Vicky were ready with their poisoned sauce. Rebecca left the church to meet Pablo at the stables, so the rest of them sat down to dine.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

There was no Thursday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, July 4, 2008

There was no Friday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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