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John continued to search for Marty. Todd avoided telling Marty the truth. Cole was not happy with Starr's decision to give up their baby for adoption. Nash was laid to rest, but Tess showed up at the memorial service. Sarah learned that Tina was a princess. Bo proposed to Lindsay.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 23, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Fallen Angels Squared

At La Boulaie, Dorian was disgusted as she watched Addie and a half-naked David enjoy their wedding dance. When she learned that Addie and David had been intimate, Dorian hit the roof. As David and Addie continued to fawn over one another in Dorian's presence, a knock on the door interrupted the couple's joyous moment. Before opening the door, Dorian urged Addie to say her goodbyes to David. Both Addie and David were startled to find Addie's psychiatrist from St. Ann's, Dr. Bonner, at the door. Dorian happily announced to David that Dr. Bonner had come to take David's "meal ticket" back to St. Ann's. Dorian told the doctor that Addie had suffered a breakdown and married a gigolo. Although Addie claimed to be perfectly sane, Dr. Bonner believed that, due to the circumstances, he should evaluate her mental condition.

While Dr. Bonner had Addie interpret inkblots, David protested that Dorian was being cruel and ruining Addie's chance at happiness. When Dorian stated that David only married Addie for financial gain, David insisted that Addie was fun and full of adventure-unlike Dorian. After Dr. Bonner's evaluation, Dorian was certain that he sister was on her way back to St. Ann's and sadly told Addie that perhaps she would regain her mental state in the future. Dorian's hopes were dashed when Dr. Bonner informed her that Addie was perfectly lucid and wouldn't require admittance to St. Ann's. As Dorian began to lose control and yell at David, Dr. Bonner stated that Dorian exhibited symptoms of bizarre aggression and extreme paranoia. Before leaving, he congratulated Addie on her progress and suggested that Dorian seek a mental evaluation. A stunned Dorian watched as Addie and David happily headed upstairs to enjoy life as newlyweds.

At the apartment, Lindsay read the Sun's headline, "Buchs Back Off Banks." Lindsay asked Bo why the family had decided to drop the charges, and was surprised to learn that Natalie had blackmailed Clint and Bo. Upon learning that Bo was aware of the identity of the real Buchanan heir, Lindsay showed signs of disappointment when Bo appeared hesitant to share the information with her, and he revealed that Nora also knew the secret. When Bo attempted to explain his reasoning for being secretive, Lindsay stated that she understood his position. Pleased by Lindsay's sensible reaction, Bo headed upstairs to get dressed for Nash's funeral.

Alone downstairs, Lindsay sprawled out on the couch to read the paper. Lindsay noticed someone slide an envelope under the door. When she opened the door, no one was present-but the envelope contained a letter from R.J. In his letter, R.J. stated that he realized that Lindsay had strong feelings for Bo, but R.J. revealed his hope to one day rekindle his relationship with Lindsay. He referred to her as a special lady and said that she had her reasons for killing Spencer and faking a mental breakdown in order to avoid prison time. R.J. explained that he was leaving for Chicago to visit Rachael and promised to keep Lindsay's secrets.

Relieved by R.J.'s vow of secrecy, Lindsay tried to burn the evidence before Bo returned-but no luck. As Lindsay prepared to torch R.J.'s letter, Bo appeared and questioned what she was up to. She quickly made up an excuse and placed the letter in Bo's folder, filled with paperwork. Bo stated that he realized that something was wrong and felt they needed to confront the issue. Bo told Lindsay that he appreciated everything she had done to help his family and revealed to a shocked Lindsay that David was the Buchanan heir. Bo informed Lindsay that he intended to drop by the Buchanan Mansion to take Nora some important paperwork concerning Dorian and the takeover. Afterwards, he would attend Nash's funeral. As Bo prepared to leave, Lindsay became preoccupied by a phone call from Will. Believing Bo had already left to visit Nora, Lindsay left the room and continued her conversation with Will. Meanwhile, Bo returned and took the folder that contained R.J.'s letter. Seconds later, Lindsay panicked when she realized that Bo had inadvertently taken the letter to Nora.

Both Nora and Clint expressed displeasure that the story regarding the Buchanan's decision to drop charges against Jared was published in the Sun. Clint had hoped to tell Jessica the news and didn't want her to read about it before he had spoken to her, especially on the day of Nash's funeral. Clint told Nora that he would help Jess get through her grief, but vowed to later direct his attention toward Dorian.

In their room at the Angel Square Motel, Jared awoke from another nightmare of Nash falling through the skylight. Natalie comforted Jared and reminded him that Nash's death was an accident. She told Jared about her dream-Jess didn't hate her and the family forgave her. When Jared stated that Jess was in pain and didn't really hate her, Nat sadly reminded him that Jess's pain would turn to hate after she learned that Nat blackmailed Clint into dropping the charges against Jared. Nat regretted the discord that existed between her and the family, but stated that it was important to share her life with the man she loved. Jared promised to always be with her.

At Llanfair, Viki read the headlines from the Sun, and listened to the message that Clint had left on the answering machine. Clint had requested that Viki keep Jess from viewing the paper until he had the opportunity to inform her about his decision to drop the charges against Jared. As Jess entered the room, Viki discarded the paper and attended to her distraught daughter. Jess expressed her grief over burying Nash and broke down in her mother's arms. When the conversation turned to Natalie and Jared, Jess told Viki that she was happy that Nat would be alone while Jared was in prison. Jess hoped her sister would experience the same loss she was forced to deal with. Jess told Viki that her anger continued to grow every time she thought about Jared killing Nash. Viki asked Jess to put aside her anger so that Nash could be buried in peace. Jess reminded Viki of Natalie's arrival in Llanview many years ago and the hell she put the family through in the past. Viki assured Jess that Nat was a changed person, but Jess strongly disagreed. Viki worried about her daughter and reminded her that her love for Nash was stronger than any hatred she had for Natalie and Jared. Jess hoped that her mother was right.

Clint arrived at Llanfair to break the news to Jess. Jess greeted her father and stated how pleased she was that Jared would pay for his crimes. When Clint told Jess that the family wouldn't be pressing charges against Jared, she exploded and demanded to know why. Clint explained that Natalie had blackmailed him and Bo into dropping the charges by revealing the name of the Buchanan heir. Both Viki and Jess were appalled. Clint told Jess that he was furious with Natalie, but insisted that the family focus on Nash-not anger over Natalie's betrayal. Jess agreed and headed upstairs to check on Bree. Clint and Viki worried about Jess' state of mind. Viki stated that she knew firsthand what could result from pent-up anger.

Back at the Angel Square Motel, Charlie thanked Roxy for allowing him to stay free of charge. Roxy appreciated Charlie's help with Rex and encouraged him to fight for Viki. Charlie doubted that Viki would ever forgive him.

Jared came downstairs and mentioned that Natalie needed some towels upstairs. Roxy offered to assist Natalie and suggested Jared speak with his father. Jared told Charlie that he loved Natalie and expressed his sorrow over the problems he had caused between her and her family. Both Charlie and Jared blamed themselves for ruining each other's lives. They decided to attempt to accept one another and put aside all guilt. Meanwhile upstairs, Natalie broke down in Roxy's arms. Roxy reminded her that she was a Buchanan, but Nat stated that she didn't think she would be a member of the family for very long. Roxy hugged her and promised to stand by her no matter what. When Roxy mentioned that Nash's funeral would take place in a few hours, Nat was surprised that no one had told her about the arrangements.

Natalie told Jared that she wanted to attend Nash's funeral because she wanted to tell him goodbye. Jared warned her that they could never show their faces. Nat agreed, and stated that they would only hurt Jess by doing so.

Clint asked Viki what had happened with Charlie. Sadly, Viki informed him that she had broken things off with Charlie. As Viki poured Clint a cup of coffee, Clint stated that he knew how important Charlie was to her and expressed his sorrow. Viki looked down at Clint, and for a moment she envisioned Charlie smiling up at her.

At Angel Square, Roxy poured Charlie a cup of coffee. For an instant, Charlie envisioned Viki, dressed as a waitress and sporting a huge smile, pouring him a cup of coffee.

When Bo arrived at the Buchanan Mansion, an argument quickly ensued between him and Nora. Nora was upset to learn that Bo had told Lindsay about David being a Buchanan. Bo attempted to reason with Nora and defended his decision to tell Lindsay the secret, but to no avail. Nora continued to belittle Lindsay. Bo placed the folder containing R.J.'s letter on the table. After pleading his case to Nora, Bo refused to listen to her insults regarding Lindsay and informed her that the paperwork she needed was in the folder. As Bo walked away and Nora laughed at his decision to trust Lindsay, R.J.'s letterhead could be seen among the paperwork.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And Baby Makes Three

At Todd's new house, Marty awoke in her private bedroom to find her picture of herself with John no longer in her arms. As Todd entered with food and medicine, Marty asked where the picture that had given her such peace had gone. Todd replied that the picture of John was gone "for her own good." He continued to hedge on the details of her relationship to John, and Marty demanded to know who she was to John, and who he was to her. Todd warned Marty against "concentrating on the negative," and Marty countered that in her situation she only had questions, no answers. When the doorbell rang, Todd left, promising to tell Marty the whole story when he returned. Todd descended the staircase and answered his new front door, greeting his attorney from the custody trial, Mr. Guthrie. Guthrie told Todd he had "the papers," and Todd took Guthrie's briefcase and strode into his living room, all business. As Todd signed the mysterious papers, Guthrie warned him that his signature was final. Todd said he understood, and that there was "no going back now."

Blair greeted John in the kitchen at La Boulaie, and was immediately questioned about the crisis with Starr and Cole. John realized that Blair didn't know about Starr's adoption plans, and when Starr entered the kitchen she was forced to confess the truth to her mother: She was planning to give her baby away. John told Starr and Blair that Cole was extremely upset, and that while John thought that Starr was probably doing the right thing, the orphaned Cole saw their baby as a new shot at a family. John assured the women he wanted to help, while not abandoning Cole. Starr told John and Blair that she loved her baby, but she knew that the best thing she could do for her child was let him (or her) go. She told them that her decision was hard for her, too, and that she still loved Cole with all her heart. She hoped that in time he would come to understand.

In the drawing room at the Buchanan mansion, Nora was blown away when Cole asked for help getting custody of his unborn child from Starr. Agitated, Cole gave Nora the whole story about Starr's plans, and asked why he didn't seem to have any rights in his situation. Nora told Cole he did have rights, but admitted that she felt that Starr might be doing the most prudent thing, and that he was too young to throw away his whole future. Cole was incensed that Nora was "taking her side too," but Nora said it wasn't like that. She asked Cole why he wanted the baby so badly, if Starr didn't. Cole rebuffed Nora's hypothesis that his need to keep the baby had to do with reconnecting to his lost parents and family, and said that when he and Starr had first learned she was pregnant, they were excited. Nora gently suggested that maybe Cole was excited, but with the reality of the situation hitting her and her body changing, Starr had realized she'd only gone along with their teenage fantasy because it made Cole happy. "You're fantasizing, she's living it!" Nora told him that Marty would've respected Starr's decision to give the baby up, but Cole told Nora that his mother was not around to give her opinion. Nora asked Cole if he'd thought what would become of his relationship with Starr if he went through with a custody battle, and Cole said that Starr didn't understand his feelings because she still had a huge family in the Cramers and Lords, whereas he was left with nothing and no one. He begged Nora to help him, and Nora tearfully, reluctantly agreed, but warned Cole that he could lose Starr for good.

At the front door, Lindsay encountered Nigel, who refused to let her in to riffle through Bo's papers. Lindsay explained that she'd gotten a "personal item" mixed in with Bo's professional Buchanan Enterprises documents, but Nigel, too familiar with Lindsay's history, was hesitant to believe her story. He grilled her about what exactly she had left with Bo's papers, and warned Lindsay that he wouldn't let anyone else endanger the family or its business. Frustrated, Lindsay said she was in a relationship with Bo and would never hurt him. "Nigel, you know me!" she exclaimed. "Precisely," Nigel replied. Nora emerged from the drawing room to confront Lindsay, and sent Nigel away. Lindsay saw that Nora was holding Bo's papers-and unwittingly, R.J.'s letter-and gave Nora her version of the truth, asking for Bo's papers. Disbelieving, Nora refused to hand them over, and the two women ended up wrestling over the folder in Nora's hands! Nora succeeded in pulling the papers away from Lindsay, and said that eventually Bo would get wise to her, ordering her to get out. Lindsay called Nora a life-sucking man-eater and stalked out of the mansion. With the doors shut behind her, Lindsay said to herself that if Nora found the letter, "I'm dead!"

Meanwhile, back in the drawing room, Cole did an Internet search for "child custody lawyers."

In the McBains' apartment, Michael emerged from a shower only to hear Marcie drop the bombshell about Starr's pregnancy, and her wish for them to adopt the child. Though Marcie seemed to agree with Michael that it was impossible, she admitted that Starr's words had affected her. "You're actually considering this," Michael realized, disbelieving. He was even more chagrined to learn that Todd didn't know of his daughter's pregnancy, and said it was a foregone conclusion that Todd would learn the truth. Hedging, Marcie said that Blair and Starr were planning to keep the secret, and if they could, then maybe, "hypothetically..." Michael told her there was no way they could make Starr's adoption fantasy happen, and Marcie agreed, castigating herself for thinking about it. However, in Michael's arms, Marcie still seemed uncertain.

Back at La Boulaie, Blair and John had a private conversation about Starr's decision to put her child up for adoption, and Cole's anguish because of it. Blair admitted that though she felt it was the right thing for her daughter, the choice to give the child away still made her sad. She lashed out at Cole, saying no sadness would have befallen them if he had only worn a condom, then stopped herself and apologized to John. John said she had nothing to apologize for, and agreed that, for Cole, Marty "lived on" in his unborn child. The conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Mr. Guthrie, who dropped off a delivery from Todd: Divorce papers, already signed. After Guthrie left, Blair looked over the papers and told John that Todd was suing her for divorce on grounds of "fraud." She held her emotions inside as she tried to make light of her loss, and told John that everyone had known her latest marriage to Todd was a sham from the start, so the divorce had been "just a matter of time." She admitted that "this time it feels different," and that with his new address on the papers, it felt like Todd was sending a message about moving on. As Blair wrestled with her emotions about Starr and Todd, John comforted her, saying, "He's an idiot." He kept giving Blair a pep talk, interrupted only when he saw the scattered pictures of Addie and David's wedding on the kitchen island: "Is this your mother and Vickers? Is that Elvis?" John and Blair laughed together, breaking the tension, and as John left, he reminded Blair that she was a good mother to Starr. Overcome with emotion, Blair thanked him for his kindness, and John left.

At Todd's place, Todd rejoined Marty in her bedroom and gave her his version of events leading up to her accident in Ireland. In Todd's story, John had taken the place of Ramsey. Todd said that John was "mixed up with bad dudes" who had taken Marty hostage, and that John was the one who had fired upon the hostage van's tires. He said that John had left Marty to die in the van at the bottom of the ravine in order to save himself, and that only Ramsey had tried to save her. Marty asked if John had been involved in Ramsey's death, and Todd made a theatrical show of falling silent and refusing to answer, finally admitting that "John was up to his neck." He gave her back the picture, but Marty remained distraught, not wanting to believe that what Todd had told her was the truth. Todd urged her to eat and rest, and as he left her room, assured her, "You're safer with me than with John." Outside the house, John arrived on the scene, and noticed the shuttered blinds.

At the hospital, Marcie passed by the nursery on her way to volunteering, and was touched by the babies' cries. As she watched the newborns, she met a young mother who had just given birth that morning. The mother told Marcie that she had tried for years to conceive and had given up hope, but finally she'd become pregnant. She asked Marcie if she had children, and when Marcie said no, the young woman said she hoped Marcie would be a mother too. Arriving for her appointment, Starr overheard, and when the young mother went inside the nursery, Starr spoke to Marcie again, begging her to reconsider her offer. When Blair arrived to escort her daughter, Starr and Marcie clammed up, and the Cramer women left Marcie alone with her thoughts, watching the young mother and her baby.

While Marty struggled to sit up in bed, Todd was confronted with John at their front door. Without missing a beat, John asked, "Is the lady of the house in?"

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Funeral for a Friend:

John paid Todd a visit at Todd's new place. When he found a prescription bottle, John questioned Todd. Todd lied and claimed that the medication was for his tennis elbow. To prove it, he took a pill in front of John. John didn't appear to be convinced, but he did drop the questions about the pills and switched to interrogating Todd about the missing mystery woman that Ramsey had kept hidden in one of his bedrooms. Todd refused to cooperate and managed to send John on his way. Once John left, Todd went to see Marty. She had overheard part of the conversation between John and Todd. Todd continued twisting the truth when Marty began asking questions about John. When Todd left, after telling Marty that he was going to Lee Ramsey's funeral, John stepped out from behind some bushes. He broke into Todd's home and started to make his way upstairs. Marty was in bed, looking at a picture of her and John.

Antonio and Talia searched for an intruder in Talia's apartment. They discovered that someone had thoroughly searched the apartment. Layla arrived home a few minutes later. While she checked her room for any possible missing items, Talia called Sarah to let her know the break in. After Talia ended the call, Antonio and Layla prepared to leave for Nash's funeral. Antonio and Talia suspected that the break-in and Ramsey's murder were connected so Talia remained behind to check a few leads online. Her investigation led Talia to a picture of Jonas. Talia pulled out Cris's sketch, of the man who had approached him and Sarah in the park a few days earlier, and compared it to Jonas' picture. She realized that the sketch was of Jonas. Just as Talia made the connection, Jonas walked into the apartment. Talia pulled out her gun and told Jonas that he was under arrest. Jonas chuckled and reminded Talia that she no longer worked for the Llanview police department. He then shut the door, confident that Talia would not shoot him. Later, Jonas placed a call to his accomplice. He told the person that Talia had been dealt with.

At Cris's studio, Sarah was worried after she learned about the apartment break-in. She told Cris that Talia and Antonio suspected that the man in the park was behind it. Cris turned to Tina for answers. Tina realized that she couldn't continue keeping secrets. She reluctantly told Sarah and Cris that she had gone to Ramsey to buy back the crown jewels of Mendorra. Cris didn't believe Tina so she produced proof. Sarah was curious when she noticed that the initials: H.R.H. appeared before Tina's name on the bank document. Tina explained that it stood for "Her Royal Highness." Sarah was stunned to learn that her mother had met and married the Crown Prince of Mendorra the previous year. Cris didn't seem surprised that Tina had not bothered telling anyone, much less her children, about the marriage. Tina apologized to Sarah but Sarah seemed more concerned about the danger that her mother was in. Cris suggested that they call and tell Antonio but Tina didn't agree. She wanted Cris and Sarah to give her time so that she could take the crown jewels and return to Mendorra. They agreed to give her until nightfall and then left to attend Nash's funeral.

Tina placed a call to an unknown person and talked about Sarah. Tina wanted to stay in town for a while longer so that she could spend more time with Sarah. However, Tina realized that her situation was too dicey to risk remaining in Llanview. Before she ended the call, Tina promised that she would be in contact again when she reached the airport. After Tina ended the call, she left Cris's studio. Jonas caught up with Tina at Angel Square.

Rex passed the diner and saw Gigi, Shane, and Brody inside, sharing a booth. After a few minutes, Rex decided to go in and approached the trio. Shane proudly showed off the ribbon that he and Brody had won on Father's Day for the three-legged race. Shane went on to boast that his father, Brody, had decided to remain in Llanview and had moved in with them. Rex was surprised by the news. He told Shane that he was happy for him before he left for Nash's funeral. At the door, Rex took a moment to look back at Shane, Brody, and Gigi.

At Angel Square, Jared checked the paper for possible apartments while Natalie talked about Nash's funeral. She wanted to go to the church to say goodbye to Nash, but knew that her presence would only upset Jessica. Roxy came along a few minutes later. She was on her way to the funeral but had decided to stop off and buy a bottle of wine. It was from Nash's vineyard and was the last remaining bottle on the shelf. When Rex happened by, Roxy tried to talk to him. Rex made it clear to his mother that he had nothing to say to her. Roxy appeared deeply hurt but left without pushing the issue further. Rex stayed behind to speak to Natalie for a few minutes. As he prepared to leave for Nash's funeral, Natalie asked Rex to give Bo a message. Rex told her that he couldn't; it wouldn't be appropriate given the circumstances.

Jared and Natalie decided to attend Nash's funeral, but were careful to keep themselves apart from the rest of the mourners.

Jessica tried to get through Nash's funeral but it was difficult for her even with her parents at her side. Sarah sang a beautiful ballad that she had composed for Nash. As the family gathered around Nash's casket, Jessica gently placed a card that Bree had made for her father on top of it. Clint was the first person to give a eulogy. He spoke about the respect and admiration he had for Nash. Viki followed and talked about Nash's devotion to Jessica during her battle with Hepatitis. Roxy was next. She spoke about how accepting Nash had been. After Roxy stepped down, Jessica stood and approached the podium. She tried to hold back the tears as she began talking about her husband and what he had meant to her. Roxy turned to look at Rex as Jessica spoke and then stood up and walked out of the church. Heads turned when Roxy opened the door and Jessica stopped talking. Natalie and Jared were revealed to be standing in the foyer of the church.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


"If it weren't for Nash, I'd be dead," Jessica began, in the midst of her tears. As she tried to get through her thoughts about her husband, Roxy got up to leave. Opening the doors revealed Natalie and Jared on the other side, listening to the service. "I'm sorry," muttered Nat, as she turned to depart. Jess stopped the couple from leaving and invited them to come forward, suggesting they sit on the first row. Clint was angry but Jess insisted that they stay. She began by stating that her husband would be alive if it weren't for them and since the funeral was supposed to be about closure, she now had something to talk about. "We should go," Nat insisted.

At Angel Square, Tina was surprised to see Jonas as she walked her dog, David Vickers. Telling her that he missed her, the ambassador revealed his gun, pointing directly at Tina. He demanded that she give him the jewels or he would have to turn her over to the police for Lee's murder. Tina assured him that she didn't kill anyone but that he himself had shot a cop. She also indicated that he wouldn't shoot her, since he would then not be able to locate the jewels on his own. Jonas quickly agreed but suggested she reveal the location or he'd shoot her dog instead.

John strolled around Todd's new place, wondering what or who could be hidden. Trying to get into the locked room on the second floor, he was abruptly stopped by Keys, who advised him that the room was filled with antiques. John informed him that he was a cop but they were interrupted by Janet, who was looking for Todd. She asked who killed Lee and told John that she was on duty. She looked hesitatingly at Keys who told her he had everything covered. Recalling that the woman was previously employed by Lee, John asked her about it. Ill-at-ease, Janet merely stated that she did a job for him, while Keys silently text messaged Todd that McBain was at the house.

At the diner, Gigi filled out a job application, explaining to Marcie that she was out of a job thanks to Dorian. Marcie spied the trophy that Shane and Brody had won as a father and son team, as Gigi explained how excited Shane was to actually finally have a dad. Brody too, was happy with the situation, she continued. Upon Marcie's questioning, she admitted that she liked him and appreciated his stepping up. "But..." Gigi began. "He's not Rex?" Marcie asked. "Rex is married," Gigi replied. "Rex is separated," Marcie countered. Gigi thought that Rex would hate her if he ever found out about her hiding that Shane was his son, especially after everyone in his life had been lying to him recently. Marcie reminded Gigi that she had lied because Rex had disappeared on her. Gigi pointed out that Shane's world would also be upside down. Marcie divulged that there was a possibility of her adopting another child. They both applauded each other on their mothering skills. Gigi felt that Marcie should opt for another adoption and take the chance. Marcie felt that she couldn't live through it if someone objected, given her history, and took another child away from her.

Urging Nat and Jared to stay, Jess expressed how happy Nash would be to see how many friends he had. She needed to talk about how he died, she continued, and "why you killed him, " she said pointedly to Jared and Nat. As Viki attempted to stop her, Jess pulled away, citing that everything was not okay and she refused to say that it was. Todd pointed out to those close by that it was the best funeral he had ever been to, as Jess became more agitated and sobbed harder as the minutes ticked by. She reminded everyone that the day of Nash's death was also Bree's birthday and told everyone of how that glee filled morning. She announced her pregnancy and mentioned that she had informed Nash of that fact as he lay bleeding to death. She wondered if Nat and Jared had shared laughs at their expense and asked if they were happy to get away with everything. She told everyone that Uncle Jared and Nat had been sleeping together all along, even as the pair voiced their denial. Her voice increased in volume, as Jess screamed of her husband humbling himself to Jared to try to save the vineyard and how his soul was killed even before he fell through the skylight. She accused the pair of being social climbing losers, trailer trash, and murderers, as Jared muttered that it was an accident and Nat sobbed. Todd received the text message and headed out.

Janet hurriedly added that she had been Lee's housekeeper. She stumbled as she tried to explain her new duties for Todd but finally managed to say that she was taking care of his new home. She denied knowing anything about a woman, either at Lee's place or at Todd's. John reminded her of her scene at the police station previously, when she had arrived to express concern about the patient to Lee. Suddenly, Todd returned home and Janet was saved. McBain got right to the point and asked Todd who was in the room upstairs. As only Todd could, he got rid of John without giving a straight answer, and Janet revealed the truth about her visit. The money she had received from Todd for services rendered was counterfeit. The million dollars in the briefcase was worthless and she threatened to report Todd to the police. He promised to make good on the money and added that he would see to Marty's continuing care. John lingered outside and waited.

As Clint again tried to get Nat and Jared to leave, an out of control Jess headed for her husband's casket. Brushing all of the flowers aside, she attempted to open it, so that his alleged murderers could see what he looked like at the end. The funeral service came to an abrupt end as Viki and Clint escorted their weeping daughter out. Roxy gave Nat a hug and assured them that they weren't trailer trash, but survivors. Bo asked that the funeral home pick up the casket and await further word on Nash's burial. Lindsay suggested that one could be pushed too far when there was a loss of life. Nora snidely replied that it was genuine grief. Lindsay offered Nora a ride back to the Buchanan mansion but it was declined.

Jess wanted to be at the vineyard to remember happier times and though Viki and Clint felt she was rushing things, she was adamant in her request to remain there, alone. Hearing the door rattle, Jess looked over expectantly, but her parents pointed out that it was only the wind. She cried over never seeing Nash's muddy footprints again. Clint offered to stay on the sofa but Jess just wanted to be alone with thoughts of Nash while she still could. She promised to call if she needed anything.

At the church, Bo wondered how Rex was feeling. Rex thought that he was not too bad until he saw Jess rip into his sister and Jared. He felt bad for them and, though it wasn't their fault, felt that they should have spoken up with the truth before that day. He expressed doubt over his own separation from Adriana and felt that though they promised not to get hung up on the past, they were doing that very thing. He felt at fault for letting her go. Thinking of the letter from R.J. that she needed to find, Lindsay suggested that she and Bo head to the mansion to check on Clint. Instead, Bo asked to speak to her privately. Antonio received a call from Talia, informing him that the apartment break-in was just a routine burglary. In fact, she added, there had been another one in the building. She also disclosed that Carlotta had fallen and twisted an ankle and needed to be taken to the hospital. She asked that he and Cris head to the diner to pick her up. She also requested that Sarah head home to meet with an insurance investigator.

As Jonas grabbed for David Vickers, Tina put the dog on the ground. Obediently, the dog bit Jonas' hand and ran as Tina urged him to. She took off, too, as Jonas grunted in pain and grabbed his hand.

At the church, Bo got down on one knee and proposed to Lindsay!

Arriving at the diner, Antonio and Cris found it empty.

As Talia waited, Sarah returned to their apartment. Apologizing, Talia watched as Jonas appeared and grabbed Sarah, appearing to chloroform her.

Jared blamed the turn of events on himself, citing how he had made so many mistakes. He told Natalie what a great sister she was. She was no longer a sister, she insisted. Jared added that he loved her, would make everything up to her, and that they would get through it. Nat pointed out that even though they weren't identical, she and Jess were twins, and as a twin, she could feel all of Jess's pain.

At the vineyard, Jess looked through a photo album, having flashbacks to both sad and happy times with her husband. She recalled his final moments. The flashbacks came faster and faster, as Jess became dizzy. Finally, she passed out on the floor.

Friday, June 27, 2008


At the church, Bo proposed to a shocked Lindsay. She was certain that she misunderstood Bo's words, but he assured her that he indeed wanted to marry her. When Lindsay asked if Bo was sure, he asked if there was a reason why he wouldn't want her to be his bride. Lindsay had a flashback of the incriminating letter that R.J. had sent, and remembered that it was still in Nora's possession. Lindsay reminded Bo that they had tried the marriage route before. Bo stated that Nash's death helped him realize how precious life was. Bo told Lindsay that he didn't want to live without her. When Bo asked Lindsay if she shared the same feelings, Lindsay nearly cried as she told Bo that she had never gotten over him. The couple discussed how they turned to each other after the loss of Drew and Jen. Lindsay told Bo that there was something he didn't know about her. Bo rattled off the long list of misdeeds that Lindsay was responsible for, and told her that she had made some bad choices-but wasn't a bad person. Bo told Lindsay that he wanted a fresh start with her. Lindsay accepted Bo's proposal.

Nora sat in the bedroom and prepared to tackle the files that Bo had delivered. Just as she placed her hands on the folder that contained R.J.'s letter, she was distracted when Clint entered the room and put the folder away. Clint told her that Jessica insisted on staying at the cottage alone. Both, Clint and Nora worried about Jessica's state of mind. Clint wondered why Natalie would even consider showing up at the church with Jared, but believed it was a terrible thing for Jessica to unleash her anger upon them at the funeral. Nora stated that Jessica revealing her true emotions would probably help her to recover quicker. As Nora comforted Clint, he told her that he loved and needed her at that moment more than ever. As the file containing R.J.'s letter laid nearby, Nora and Clint made love.

As the telephone rang, an unresponsive Jessica was sprawled on the floor of the cottage.

In Angel Square Park, Nat wanted to apologize to Jessica, but Jared attempted to stop her by saying she would only make things worse if she spoke with her sister. Nat prayed that Jess would forgive her and Jared and eventually realize that Nash's death was an accident. Jared regretted his decision to scam the Buchanan's and seek revenge on Tess. He said that he deserved everything that had happened to him, but Natalie didn't. Nat refused to allow Jared to take the blame and expressed her need to mend her relationship with Jessica. Nat asked Jared if he believed Jess would ever forgive them. Jared stated that in time Jess would forgive Nat, but never him. He then begged her not to visit Jess.

Jessica staggered across the room to answer the phone. Jess spoke to her mother, who was frantic with worry. Although Jess assured Viki that she was doing fine, she appeared to be in distress. After hanging up with Viki, Jess stared at herself in the mirror. Appearing mesmerized by her reflection in the mirror, Jess undressed and let down her hair. Standing in her underwear, she threw an object into the mirror. She continued to stare at her reflection in the shattered mirror. Suddenly, Jess fell to the floor.

At the diner, Antonio and Cris were suspicious when they discovered that Talia had lied about being at the diner with an injured Carlotta. After realizing that Carlotta was fine and hadn't seen Talia, the Vega brothers knew that something was terribly wrong.

Sarah arrived at the apartment and questioned why Talia wasn't at the diner. A terrified Talia turned around to face Sarah and began to apologize to her, but Jonas snuck up behind Sarah and chloroformed her. Talia rushed to Sarah's side to help, but Sarah was unconscious. When Talia asked Jonas why he would resort to such tactics, he stated that he didn't hurt Sarah-Talia did. Talia reminded Jonas that he was the one who chloroformed Sarah, but Jonas said Talia lured Sarah back to the apartment and diverted the Vega brothers. Talia insisted that Jonas didn't give her a choice in the matter. With a devilish grin, he assured her that she made the right choice.

A frantic Tina arrived at Cris's loft and hid the diamonds among Cristian's belongings. She observed a sketch of Sarah that Cris had drawn. Tina expressed her guilt over placing her daughter in danger, but was thankful that Sarah was safe at the church-or so she thought.

As an unconscious Sarah rested on the couch, Talia checked her vital signs and questioned Jonas' next move. Talia received a call from Antonio on her cell phone, but Jonas wouldn't allow her to answer. Afterwards, Jonas stated that he had plans to effectively deal with Sarah and would receive help from Talia. When Cris was unable to reach Sarah on her cell phone, the brothers headed to the girls' apartment.

At the apartment, Antonio and Cris discovered that Talia and Sarah were missing. Realizing that the girls were in danger, Cris decided to come clean with Antonio. Cris revealed to Antonio that Tina was the mystery woman in Ramsey's apartment and that Jonas was searching for her. Cris told Antonio that Tina was the princess of Mendorra and had recovered the missing jewels. Cris admitted to hiding Tina in his loft because Jonas was after her and the jewels. Antonio was outraged to learn that Cris had some involvement in Ramsey's murder case and demanded that Cris take him to Tina immediately. The Vega boys headed to the loft. After Cris and Antonio left the apartment, Jonas forcibly led Talia back into the apartment and complimented her on not tipping off Antonio. Talia asked what Jonas planed to do with Sarah, but Jonas told her that all she needed to worry about was cooperating with him and reminded her that there would be consequences if she didn't.

Back at Cris's loft, Tina worried about David Vickers, the dog. She vowed to find him. Meanwhile, as Nat and Jared discussed the possibility of Nat mending her relationship with Jess, David Vickers, the dog, wandered over to them. Nat and Jared were stunned when they read the name on the dog tag. Jared and Nat decided to take the homeless dog with them. They kissed and stated that they were glad to have each other.

Over the phone, Tina updated an unknown person on her predicament. She insisted that she wasn't to blame for the unfortunate events and reminded the person that they were both involved in the situation. As Tina pleaded her case to the unknown accomplice, Cris and Antonio entered the loft and interrupted her conversation. Upon learning that Cris had told Antonio everything, she lashed out at him and demanded to know Sarah's whereabouts. Antonio told Tina that Sarah and Talia were both missing and that he believed Tina was responsible for their disappearances. At that moment, Antonio received a call that was placed from Talia's phone. Jonas identified himself to Antonio and handed Talia the phone. Antonio demanded to know why she was with Jonas, and Tina began to scream, "Where's Sarah?" Talia told Antonio that she was sorry, and Jonas snatched the phone from her. In the background, Jonas heard Tina's screams. Jonas told Antonio to inform the princess that Sarah was with him. When Antonio threatened Jonas not to harm the women, Jonas advised him that he wasn't in any position to make threats, and warned Antonio not to involve John. After Jonas hung up, Antonio told a worried Tina and Cris that Jonas didn't reveal what he wanted or what he planned to do with Sarah and Talia.

Back at the apartment, Talia told Jonas that Antonio wouldn't allow Jonas to carry out his plans. As he forcibly grabbed her, Jonas warned Talia not to attempt to call either Antonio or John. He looked at his watch and announced that it was time to go and meet Antonio.

In a room in the church, someone dressed in black opened Nash's coffin. A black coat fell to the floor. Wearing heavy makeup and dressed in a tight-fitted dress, Tess hovered over Nash's dead body and stated, "Hey baby. I'm here. It's me, Tess!"

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