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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 23, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Meg and Paul went by Memorial to pick up Barbara where she was recovering from the morphine overdose that Sofie had caused. The pair told Barbara they had managed to get her released into Meg's care. Barbara was happy to learn she was going home, but was even more pleased to see Paul and Meg happy together. While Barbara met with her doctors, Meg and Paul stepped into the hall to talk and Meg warned Paul that someone needed to stop Sofie before she hurt someone else. Paul was not convinced Sofie was behind the poisoning, but Meg persuaded Paul to keep the people he loved far away from Sofie.

Once Meg and Paul got Barbara home, Paul went to Lisa and explained to her that he and Meg believed Sofie was behind Barbara's medicine being switched. Lisa was appalled by Sofie's actions and agreed to kick her out of the Lakeview right away.

At the Lakeview, Sofie gossiped with the front desk clerk about Barbara's overdose and insinuated that Meg was responsible. Mike overheard Sofie talking and asked to speak with her, but Sofie told him she did not want to talk to him and walked away. Mike followed Sofie into the bar and Sofie lashed out at Mike for telling Meg where she went to high school. Mike accused Sofie of lying about Paul attacking her. Sofie told Mike she would never speak to him again and stormed off.

After her confrontation with Mike, Sofie ran into Lisa in the lobby and Lisa informed Sofie that she needed to vacate her room immediately. Sofie began to scream that Meg was behind her eviction, but Lisa told her she needed to go quietly or Lisa would call security. Right after Lisa walked away, Meg exited the elevator and Sofie accused Meg of ruining her life. As Sofie raised her hand to slap Meg, Meg grabbed it and told Sofie she was responsible for her own problems. Meg could no longer stifle her anger and told Sofie that she was grateful Gwen had adopted Hallie, Sofie's biological daughter, so that Hallie would never have to deal with a crazy mother like Sofie. Shocked by Meg's words, Sofie collapsed on the floor. Meg was not convinced that Sofie had really fainted, but bent down to check on her, anyway. Just then Paul arrived and when Sofie came to, she asked Paul to make Meg leave, but instead Paul shocked Sofie by telling her it was time for her to leave the Lakeview. Sofie realized Paul was behind her eviction and she hurried off to her room. Paul turned to Meg and asked her to forget about Sofie and join him upstairs in Barbara's room.

A short time later, Mike walked into the lobby and heard Lisa telling the front desk clerk that Sofie had been evicted. He rushed up to Sofie's room to check on her. Sofie was reluctant to open the door, but did when Mike offered to help. Mike explained he felt responsible because he pushed her to report Paul to the police and had since come to believe she had not been attacked and that she needed psychiatric help. Sofie stopped him and angrily said he sounded like Meg. With that she opened the door and told Mike to get out. Mike noticed that Sofie looked faint and told her to take care of herself.

When Paul and Meg returned to Barbara's suite they told her about Sofie leaving the Lakeview. Meg was hopeful that with Sofie gone their lives would be less hectic, but Paul said he did not want things to go back to normal. He told Meg and Barbara he had a surprise and then he dropped to his knee and asked Meg to marry him. Both Meg and Barbara were completely stunned and Meg admitted she was not sure if she could marry Paul. After some thought, Meg happily accepted Paul's proposal. Paul slipped a huge engagement ring on Meg's finger and promised "not to screw it up this time." As he and Meg celebrated their engagement, Paul's phone rang and Sofie demanded he come to her room right away because she had something to tell him. Paul told Meg about the call and she encouraged him to go and tell Sofie about their plans to marry. Meg believed there was nothing more Sofie could do to tear them apart. Once Paul arrived, Sofie greeted him with a hug and told him she was pregnant.

Katie went to Al's Diner and when Janet saw her there, she assumed Katie wanted to know how her evening had gone with Jack. Janet took her break and sat down with Katie, but Katie did not want to talk about Jack and just wanted to give Janet her lunch order. Janet would not let the subject of Jack go and continued to talk about how wonderful Jack was. Katie realized that Janet was trying to use Jack to make Brad jealous and Katie warned Janet she would regret it if she hurt Jack. Janet said she and Jack were just friends and she had no intention of hurting him. Katie thanked Janet for her candor and admitted that she still cared for Jack and did not want to see him sad. Janet told Katie her shift was over and she needed to take care of some errands. She left the diner.

Brad arrived at the farm to see Jack and tried to get his brother to tell him what happened with Janet. Brad warned Jack that Janet was not the woman for him because she was "too high-spirited" for him and the last thing Brad thought Jack needed was another woman full of spunk. Even though Brad was married to Katie, Jack felt Brad was trying to keep Janet for himself. Brad laughed off Jack's accusations and warned Jack that Janet was using him to make Brad jealous. Jack reassured Brad that he and Janet were just friends. As Brad tried to set Jack up with another woman, Janet arrived with a gift for Jack. Despite Brad's warnings, or maybe because of them, Jack invited Janet to go with him to watch Parker's tennis match and she accepted.

Brad met up with Katie at work and Katie immediately noticed that Brad was in a bad mood. She asked him what was wrong, but Brad ignored her question and then insisted that Katie stay clear of Jack and Janet. Katie was not happy with Brad's order, but let it go when Brad admitted he was having a bad day. Brad decided that he and Katie needed a little sun and he claimed he wanted to go see his nephew play tennis, but really Brad knew Jack and Janet would be at the match and he wanted to spy on the new couple. Katie agreed to go and the two left the station.

Liberty arrived to watch Parker's practice before his game and her appearance caused Parker to lose his concentration. Parker's coach kept reminding him to keep his eye on the ball and not the stands, but Parker could not seem to get his mind off of Liberty. When Parker's coach told him to take a break, Liberty walked up and apologized for distracting him. Parker refused to admit that Liberty was the reason he struggled with his game, but his next serve went straight into the net and proved to everyone that Liberty was the cause.

As Parker's tennis game was set to start, Janet and Jack arrived followed a short time later by Brad and Katie. Jack and Katie both commented at what a funny coincidence it was that everyone showed up to see Parker play. Liberty took Brad and Janet's hands and had them sit with her on the bench, leaving Jack and Katie to feel like outsiders throughout Parker's game. When Parker won his game, Liberty rushed up to him and congratulated him on a job well done. She could not let Parker think she was too impressed and told him to shower before he offended the entire crowd.

After the game, Jack invited Liberty and Janet to go to dinner with him and Parker, and they agreed. Once they were at Al's Diner, Janet thanked Jack for getting her more time with Liberty. After dinner Liberty and Parker went outside and Liberty again asked Parker to do her homework for her. Before Parker could answer, Jack and Janet came out and Janet took Liberty back to Brad's house.

Brad and Katie returned to their home, where Brad accused Jack of trying to take Liberty away. Katie realized that Brad knew Jack and Janet were going to be at the game and told Brad she was sick and tired of his sibling rivalry with Jack. When Liberty and Janet came home, Brad asked Janet what was really going on between her and Jack. Janet told Brad she and Jack were just friends, but she hinted that she would not be surprised if something more romantic developed between them.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sofie showed Paul the positive pregnancy test she had taken. Paul thought Sofie had faked it and told her to take a second test in his presence. Meanwhile, Barbara became very upset that Paul had gone to see Sofie, and she convinced Meg to go find out what was going on. Meg went to Sofie's room, but by the time she got there, Paul had left to buy another pregnancy test, and Sofie refused to tell Meg where Paul was. Meg returned to Barbara's suite, and Barbara insisted Meg call Paul to find out where he was. Meg did, and when Paul answered, he told Meg he had a couple of things he needed to do. Meg asked what Sofie had wanted, but Paul avoided giving her a direct answer. Instead, he suggested Meg get a bottle of champagne and meet him at the farm, so they could celebrate their engagement.

Paul went back to Sofie's room and gave her the pregnancy test he'd purchased. He stood by the bathroom door as Sofie took the test, to make sure she didn't falsify the results. When the test was positive, Paul questioned whether he was in fact the father. Sofie assured him he was. Paul said even if he was the father, it didn't change things between him and Sofie. He told Sofie that he had proposed to Meg, and she had accepted his proposal. Sofie said Meg wouldn't marry Paul once she found out that he was having a baby with Sofie, but Paul said it wouldn't change anything. Sofie asked if Paul wanted her to tell Meg the good news, but Paul, of course, said he would tell Meg himself.

Paul told Sofie he wanted nothing more to do with her, but Sofie told Paul he couldn't ignore her anymore, because she was the mother of his child. Sofie asked where Paul expected her to go, and Paul reminded her that he'd given her a substantial amount of money recently. Sofie said she wanted to save that money for the baby. Paul then called Lisa and asked her if she would let Sofie stay at the Lakeview after all and send him the bill for her room. Lisa couldn't believe it and asked why Paul would allow that after what Sofie had tried to do to Barbara. Paul said he knew it sounded crazy, but he would appreciate it if Lisa let Sofie stay and if she would not tell his mother about it; Lisa agreed reluctantly but said she didn't want to be involved in the situation with Paul and Sofie in the future.

Carly went to the Snyder farm and found Holden there alone. She told him he was making a big mistake by not going away with Lily immediately. Carly said the real reason Holden had postponed his trip with Lily was because of her, not because of his horse business. Holden became angry that Carly was questioning him, and he told her to leave him alone. Carly apologized, but Holden said she didn't owe him an apology. He told her she'd been right the day before when she'd said they shouldn't talk about how they felt, because if they did, they both knew where it would lead.

Lily went to Fashions to buy some new lingerie and told Lisa she was looking forward to some special evenings with Holden. Unable to decide just what to buy, Lily called Carly, interrupting her just as Holden appeared to be on the verge of kissing Carly again. Carly agreed to go help Lily, and before she left, Carly told Holden they should remind themselves who they were really hurting.

Meg went to the farm, and she chilled a bottle of champagne as she gave Holden the news that she and Paul were engaged. Holden was unhappy to hear that Meg was going to marry Paul, because he didn't believe Paul would ever change. Meg eventually won Holden over by saying she thought her big brother would want her to feel happy, and Paul made her happy. Holden said he did want Meg to be happy, and he said, "Sometimes you just need to listen to your heart, no matter what." Meg asked for Holden's blessing, and he gave it. She then asked if he would try to help persuade their mother that Meg was doing the right thing; Holden said he wasn't a miracle worker, but he would talk to Emma.

Carly arrived at Fashions, and Lily modeled lingerie for her, asking Carly's opinion as to whether it looked sexy or desperate. Carly assured Lily that Holden would love it. Carly and Lily headed for the Lakeview for lunch, and Carly suggested that Lily give Holden a nudge about taking the trip to Montana as planned, rather than waiting until the kids got home from camp. Lily wondered why Carly cared so much about when she and Holden went on their romantic getaway.

Carly said she wasn't trying to push Lily and that the cabin in Montana would be there for her whenever she and Holden decided to use it, but she wanted to be sure Lily didn't think sex was the only thing she needed to make her marriage work again. Carly pointed out that getting Jack into bed with her hadn't been enough to make their marriage work. Lily said Holden was the one initiating things between them, so she wasn't worried about that aspect. Carly told Lily she needed to make sure she worked on getting Holden to recommit to her in other ways, too, by making sure other things didn't take priority over his relationship with Lily. Lily asked what things Carly was talking about, and Carly said things like horses and stable hands, anything that might get in the way of putting Lily first.

Paul arrived at the farm and said he had something he had to tell Meg. Holden congratulated Paul on his engagement to Meg and said as long as Paul kept making Meg happy and didn't hurt her, Paul wouldn't have a problem with Holden, even though Holden still didn't like him. Holden pointed out that Emma still had her shotgun and would probably use it if Paul ever did hurt Meg. Paul said he understood. Holden's phone rang, and he stepped outside to answer it. It was Lily. Holden gave Lily the news about Meg's engagement, and Lily said she didn't know what to say to that; Holden said that was how he felt, too. Lily then asked Holden to meet her at her house in 20 minutes, and Holden said he would.

Meg told Paul how happy she was that her brother had come around to wishing them happiness together. Paul said he really needed to talk to Meg about what had happened with Sofie, but Meg said she was so happy at the moment that she didn't want to let any thought of Sofie ruin it for her. She said they at least deserved to enjoy their bottle of champagne, and Paul said Meg deserved every happiness. Paul told Meg he loved her and would do anything for her, and Meg kissed him and said, "Just marry me. Marry me."

Carly left money for the drinks she and Lily had had, and then she rushed off and went home, where she sat on her sofa and put her head in her hands. JJ came into the living room and asked if she was okay. Carly said she was just tired, and she asked JJ what was on his mind. He told Carly he was getting bored, since Sage was at camp and Parker had a summer job. He wanted to know if he could still go to summer camp. Carly joked with him about staying home to do chores but then said that if his doctor said it was okay, she would drive him to camp the next day.

When Holden arrived at Lily's, she asked if he would consider moving up their trip to Montana. Holden said he thought that would be a good idea. Lily said she wasn't complaining, but she was curious as to what had made Holden change his mind. Holden said he'd thought about how he could be spending time with Lily instead of taking care of horses, and he had realized it was a "no-brainer." Lily asked when they could leave, and Holden said he had to deliver the quarter horse in two days, but they could go the day after that.

Sofie went to Barbara's suite to visit, and Barbara threatened to call security. Sofie said she just wanted to see how Barbara was feeling, and Barbara pointed out that Sofie had tried to kill her. Sofie said that was what Meg wanted Barbara to believe because Meg didn't want Barbara to like Sofie. Barbara said she didn't need Meg for that, because both Barbara and Paul knew who Sofie really was. Sofie smiled and said Paul did know who she really was. Barbara asked what Sofie meant by that. Sofie said it was really Paul's news to tell. When Barbara continued to be abrasive, Sofie told her they would have to find some way to get along, for Paul's sake. Barbara told Sofie she was deluded, and she gave her a push as she closed the door, saying, "Now get out of here!"

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Luke went into Java for his morning coffee and was shocked to find Noah working behind the counter. Noah explained he got the job to help meet the cost of college not covered by his scholarship. Luke offered to help Noah pay for school, but Noah said he did not want Luke's help. Noah brought Luke his drink and as he headed back behind the counter, a police officer arrived and asked Noah to come with him to answer some questions. Luke wanted to tag along, but Noah did not want him to come. Luke ignored Noah and followed him to find out what was going on.

Once at the police station, the officer gave Noah an envelope containing his father's dog tags. The policeman explained the dog tags washed up in New York and that Colonel Mayer had officially been declared dead. Noah sat stunned and alone in the interrogation room holding his father's dog tags. Luke arrived and realized Noah was overwhelmed with sadness and took Noah to the farm to help him deal with the confirmation of his father's death.

Out at the farm, Noah was still reeling from the news and he admitted to Luke that he felt responsible for his father's drowning. Luke explained to Noah that he had issues with his father as well and felt he could help Noah deal with his grief. Luke told Noah about Damian and all the troubles they had in the past. Luke wanted Noah to believe that he could be a good man, regardless of whether or not his father was. Noah broke down and began to cry in Luke's arms. When Noah recovered, he told Luke he needed to get back to work. Luke tried to get Noah to stay, but Noah told Luke that being with him just reminded him that he was a failure to his father.

Luke followed Noah to Java and explained to his ex-boyfriend that he would always love him, but he was done following him around and hoping they would reunite. Luke continued on by telling Noah he would always be there for him and then he walked out.

At the Lakeview, Bonnie and Alison geared up for Alison's lawsuit against Chris to go to trail. Aaron showed up to check on Alison and listened as Bonnie prepared Alison by asking her some tough questions about her past as a porn star and drug user. Alison became overwhelmed by Bonnie's questions and excused herself. When Alison returned, Aaron noticed she was warm, but Alison said she could not put the case off any longer for a little illness. The three left for the courthouse.

At the offices of the Intruder, Casey and Emily discussed that Alison and Chris's trial had been closed to the media. Casey tried to convince Emily that his dad would not use Alison's porn tape against her, but Emily was not so sure. Casey wanted to get Emily's mind off the trial and pulled her in for a kiss. As the two continued to make out, Susan quickly knocked on the door and came straight in, almost catching the new couple in the act. Casey and Emily quickly went to opposite sides of the room, to avoid looking like they were together. Susan was surprised to see Casey and he tried to make up an excuse for being in Emily's office, but Susan did not seem to buying it. Emily switched the subject and said they did not have time to talk and needed to get to court.

At Memorial, Chris and Tom talked over Chris's case, and the brothers learned that Bob and Kim would be coming to watch the proceedings. Chris admitted that he was surprised his parents were coming to the trial and was nervous that Alison's accusations would end his career.

At the courthouse, Tom showed Bonnie a copy of Alison's porn tape and told her that he was prepared to use the video if the trial went ahead. Bonnie said she understood, but the only way to stop the case was for Chris to settle with Alison and reinstate her into the nursing program. Tom wanted everyone to just walk away, but Bonnie felt they had a case against Chris and had no intention of dropping the suit.

As the case began, Bonnie called Brenda, the head of the nursing program to the stand and questioned her about Alison's tenure in the nursing program. Brenda admitted that Chris had persuaded her to let Alison retake an exam against the program's policy, but Bonnie could not get Brenda to say that Chris asked her to kick Alison out of the school. When it was Tom's turn to question Brenda, he presented Alison's poor grades as proof that Brenda was within her rights to remove Alison from the nursing program. Bonnie reexamined Brenda and asked her about the timing of Alison's dismissal. Bonnie got Brenda to confess that she had spoken with Chris the day Alison was expelled, but could never prove that Chris was behind anything. With that admission, Bonnie called Alison to the stand.

Once Alison got on the stand, Bonnie wasted no time in asking her about her personal relationship with Chris. Alison explained that she and Chris were just friends, but they were moving towards an intimate relationship. She told the judge that she had turned Chris's sexual advances down on a few occasions, but the last time was the night before she was let go from nursing school. She detailed Chris's anger over the final rejection and his jealousy when he found her at Aaron's the next morning. Alison went on to say that she had not slept with Aaron, but let Chris think what he wanted. At the defense table, Chris looked surprised by Alison's assertion that she had not had sex with Aaron and he seemed to realize that he had reacted to seeing Alison and Aaron together without really knowing what happened.

When it was Tom's time to ask Alison questions, he cut straight to Alison's sex life. Tom got Alison to admit she had intimacy issues and trouble having sex. Tom was determined to prove that Alison did not have problems having sex and went into his briefcase to grab her porn tape, but Chris stopped Tom and told him not to use the video. Alison was excused from the witness stand and Tom called Chris to testify.

Once on the stand, Chris lied and said the only time he interfered with Alison's schooling was when he asked Brenda to let her retake the exam. Chris said he thought Alison would be a good nurse, but her grades did not allow her to stay in the program. When Bonnie began to question Chris, she asked if he was angry over seeing Alison with Aaron. Chris admitted that he was upset, but only wanted the best for Alison. He continued to lie and stated that he only told Brenda that Alison would be a great nurse. With both sides done with their witnesses, the judge agreed to make a quick ruling to decide if Alison's case could move forward. A short time later the judge returned and said he believed that Chris had interfered with Alison's studies, but because Alison was not able to meet the expected standards of performance in the school, she was responsible for her dismissal and her case could not go on.

The Hughes family went to celebrate Chris's win in court at the Lakeview, but Casey refused to see it as a victory. Chris told Casey to leave and Casey happily accepted and went to be with Emily. With Casey gone, the rest of the family continued to enjoy Chris's victory, but the mood changed when Susan, Alison, and Aaron appeared. When the group saw the Hugheses, Susan tried to get everyone to leave, but Alison said she would have to get used to running into Chris and his family. Alison soon found herself alone, after Susan was paged to the hospital and Alison convinced Aaron she needed some time alone. She found Chris having a drink at the bar and approached him to tell him she had changed and would soon find success. She went on to tell Chris that he had proved himself a liar and a coward and that was all he would ever be.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Janet ran into Jack at the school as she was picking up Liberty. She told Jack she credited Parker with Liberty's actually showing up at summer school. Brad appeared as well, thinking it was his day to pick up his daughter. When the youngsters joined their parents, Jack opted out of going to Al's for a snack. He told Janet privately that he didn't want "to play this game," and left.

Holden delivered a horse in the area of Camp Chapawee and dropped in to visit Faith and Natalie. The girls were delighted to see their father and hustled him off to watch them at archery practice. Carly drove JJ to the boys' camp across the lake and also stopped off at Chapawee to see if Sage was enjoying herself. Winkie, the camp director, sent her to find Sage at the arts and crafts center. Both Holden and Carly ate lunch with their children, but neither knew the other was there. They met by chance as they scrambled for seats for the big camp talent show.

Brad and Janet, along with Parker and Liberty, went to Al's for food, and everyone celebrated Liberty's grade of 95 on her test. Brad, who delighted in correcting Liberty's grammar, said he would consider her request of learning to drive. Parker asked Liberty to go to the movies, and she agreed, but once they left the diner, Liberty said she was not really interested in the newest action flick but would prefer that Parker help her with her math exam at home. When Brad left to call Katie, Jack arrived to pick up Parker only to find he had gone with Liberty. Jack told Janet, who was planning on taking the Snyder brothers for a drink at the Lakeview, that she had to stop using him to further her cause with Brad. Janet confessed to Jack that she had never gotten over her love for Brad, and Jack said he liked Janet but did not want to play games. He explained he could not stand to be manipulated and that Brad was happily married. He further told her to stop pretending Katie did not exist. Brad returned to find that he and Janet were the drinking party.

At camp, the talent show progressed, and Sage performed "I Love You, Baltimore," from "Hairspray." Faith and Natalie sang a sisterly duet while Holden and Carly held hands in the audience. Winkie abruptly ended the show, however, on the advice of Rangers who sent a warning of an impending major storm. She sent the campers to their bunks for an early bedtime. Carly and Holden said their goodbyes to the girls and prepared to leave. Winkie would not hear of their going, however, and told them the roads were subject to flash flooding during violent summer storms. She told them the cabin where they had spent the night when the girls arrived at camp was available again, and to hunker in and wait out the storm. Holden almost left, but a sudden downpour changed his mind. He burst into the cabin where Carly was undressing for bed.

At Brad and Katie's house, Parker was hoping for something more exciting than hitting the books, but was a good sport about taking on the math problems. He settled into the books while Liberty made popcorn in the kitchen. As Liberty came back into the living room, Parker grabbed her and planted a kiss on her just as Jack walked in.

In the cabin, Carly talked to Holden about how wonderful his and Lily's trip to Montana would be. Holden backed off suddenly when he realized he was falling under Carly's spell again. He dashed for the door, but Carly stopped him momentarily, then he bolted outside. He was determined to spend the night in his truck, but he came back soon, soaking wet. Carly got into the bottom bunk while Holden settled for the top one. All at once, the top bunk collapsed, dumping Holden on the floor and causing Carly to roll out of the lower bunk. They laughed so hard they had trouble taking the mattresses off the wrecked beds and putting them on the floor.

Brad and Janet had their drink, and Brad toasted her as "Mother of the Year." He kept apologizing for his absence of so many years from Liberty's life. Janet remembered that Liberty had left her favorite shoes in Janet's room, so the two of them headed up there so Brad could taken them home. In the room, Janet kissed Brad very hard.

At camp, Holden and Carly gave up fighting their feelings and began to make love while the rain poured on the roof of the cabin.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Jack walked into Brad and Katie's house and found Parker and Liberty kissing. Liberty asked Jack not to tell her mom, because Janet had a habit of getting upset at the thought of Liberty kissing anyone. Jack wouldn't agree not to tell Janet. He and Parker left to go home.

At Carly's house, Jack told Parker they needed to talk about Liberty. Parker didn't want to discuss it and told Jack he needed to stop acting like a cop all the time. Parker apologized, but Jack said it was probably true. Jack told Parker that although he liked Liberty, sometimes people who treated everything like a joke could cause a lot of pain. Jack left to tell Janet what had happened between Parker and Liberty.

At Metro, Katie asked Henry, who was tending bar in Carly's absence, what it meant if her husband had chosen to spend the evening with the woman he had gotten pregnant back in high school. Mike walked in, overheard Katie, and told her it meant her husband was nuts. Katie and Mike talked, with Katie explaining how Brad and Jack had an intense sibling rivalry, so when Brad saw Janet spending time with Jack, it made him want to spend time with Janet, too. Mike told Katie he knew what it was like to be married to someone who was obsessed with their ex (given that Katie seemed obsessed with Simon while she was married to Mike).

Mike apologized, but Katie said he was only telling the truth, and she was just glad Mike didn't hate her. She told Mike she wanted him to be happy and that one day, he'd find the right woman for him. Then she kissed him and thanked him for the talk and said, "I have to see how my nuclear family dysfunctioned tonight!" Mike stayed at Metro, and Henry filled him in on his desire to own part of Metro with Carly, and Carly's refusal to let him. He asked Mike to help him convince Carly that it was a good idea. Mike eventually agreed to see what he could do.

In her suite at the Lakeview, Janet kissed Brad. He pushed away and asked what had brought that on. Janet said she knew Brad still wanted her. Brad sat Janet down and firmly told her that he didn't think she loved him and that he wasn't good enough for her, because he didn't love her and never had. When Brad said Janet needed to find a good man, she said, "Like Jack?" Brad immediately said Jack was completely off limits, and Janet said that reaction was why she was confused about how Brad felt about her. Brad said Jack was a train wreck waiting to happen, and Brad didn't want Janet to get hurt, but that was the extent of his feelings for her.

Janet was crying, so Brad gave her a hug. Liberty walked into the suite and asked for an explanation of what was going on. Brad told Liberty that Janet had been upset, and he had tried to help her feel better. Brad told Liberty to be nice to her mother, and then he left. Liberty immediately asked Janet if she'd finally made her move on Brad and blown everything.

Janet told Liberty it was none of her business, but Liberty said her whole life had revolved around Brad, the man her mother couldn't stop pining for. Janet told Liberty she might be the worst mother in the world, but she wasn't going to talk about it that night. Liberty said Janet wasn't a bad mom, but she hated to see her crying over Brad, because he wasn't all that wonderful. Janet told Liberty she would stop crying if Liberty would promise never to get involved with a guy who would use her, throw her away, and never think about her again. Liberty assured her mother that she was the one who would do the walking away, not the crying.

There was a knock on Janet's door, and Janet asked Liberty to get rid of whoever it was while she went to wash her face. Liberty answered the door and found Jack. Liberty told him that Janet was very upset, so telling Janet about Liberty's kiss with Parker might send her over the edge. Liberty let Jack in and then left the suite.

Liberty went back to Brad and Katie's house and told Brad he had stomped all over her mother's heart. Brad said none of them would be doing Janet any favors by letting her go on believing in something that was never going to happen. Liberty told Brad that the reason Janet had never told him she was pregnant with Liberty was that she hadn't wanted to find out that Brad didn't love her, but Brad had ended that fantasy once and for all.

Later, Katie returned home, and Brad offered her some burnt cookies he'd baked. Katie asked what had happened with Janet, and Brad told her Janet had confessed that she loved him and had thrown herself at him. Katie's reaction of apparent relief puzzled Brad. Katie told Brad that everyone else had seen that Janet was obsessed with Brad, and finally, Brad knew it, too. Katie thought that was a good thing, because Brad would see Janet in a different light.

At the Lakeview, Jack asked Janet why she'd been crying, and Janet told him it was his fault. Jack was confused, so Janet told him she'd decided to tell Brad how she felt about him. Jack said he hadn't told her to do that, just to get it out of her system. Janet explained that was how she had interpreted his advice. She said she had told Brad she loved him, which hadn't gone over very well. Janet said she was a ridiculous person, and when Jack said that wasn't true, Janet said her 16-year-old daughter had more sense than she did. Jack told Janet she was just a person who felt deeply, and that was a good thing.

Jack told Janet he wished he was more like her, and he pointed out how open Janet was and how she only laughed at herself, not at others. He said he was too closed up, and Parker had told him earlier that he always acted like a cop. Janet said that wasn't true, but Jack said it was. Jack invited Janet to go back to Carly's place with him and have a beer out on the porch, and Janet gladly accepted the offer.

At Carly's, Jack and Janet sat in the living room, drinking a beer. Janet asked if it was weird for Jack to stay at his ex-wife's house while she was out of town, and he admitted it was. Jack said that even though he wished he and Carly had been able to be in the percentage of people who stay married, it hadn't happened, and he had moved on. Janet told Jack that Brad had actually been very nice to her when he told her he didn't love her, and maybe she could move on, too.

At the cabin at the girls' camp, Carly and Holden made love. Afterward, Carly asked Holden, "What do we do now?" Holden told Carly that even before they had made love, she had made him happy, and he hoped she wouldn't be sorry they'd made love. Carly said she wasn't sorry. Carly then told Holden that whatever happened, she would not become a complication for him and that she expected nothing from him. Holden told her that she defined the word "complication." Holden then told Carly again that he was happy, and it had been a long time since that had been true.

There was a knock on the cabin door, and Holden put on his clothes to answer it. When he walked outside, he found Faith standing in the rain. Holden looked back inside the cabin and saw that Carly was dressed, so he let Faith in. Faith was surprised to see Carly. Faith gave her dad a bracelet she said she had made for Lily and asked him to give it to her when he got home. Holden said he would, and then he told Faith he would walk her back to her cabin. Carly told Faith goodnight and mentioned how wonderful Faith had been in the talent show. Faith thanked her and said she was glad Carly had been there, because since Lily couldn't make it, Carly had been a stand in for her mother. Holden and Faith left, and Carly gave herself a slap on the cheek and said, "That was a reality check! What the hell were we thinking?!" When Holden returned to the cabin, he found a note Carly had left for him that read, "See you back in the real world."

Carly arrived home and found Janet in her living room, holding a beer. She asked her who she was, and Janet introduced herself. Jack walked back into the room, and Carly told him he had a lot of nerve bringing a date into her house. Jack followed Carly into the kitchen, where Carly apologized. She told Jack she'd had a bad drive home. Jack asked if everything was okay with Sage, and Carly said yes. Jack asked what had happened. Carly said nothing had happened and that she was going to go to bed, and Jack could let himself out. Carly went upstairs.

In his bedroom, Parker agonized over what to say to Liberty in a text message, but nothing sounded right. His cell phone rang, and it was Liberty, calling to see if Jack had gotten mad at him. She told Parker that the evening had been terrific, and Parker started to respond that he had thought so, too, when Liberty said she'd spoken to some girls from summer school and had realized that she was at the top of her class in math. Liberty asked Parker if he could come over again the next night to study, saying next time, she might even listen to him. Parker agreed, and they hung up.

Carly knocked on Parker's door and could tell that something was wrong with him. Parker told her he hated being the age he was and stupid. Carly told him no matter what, he would get older, but stupid was something that sometimes stuck around.

Jack told Janet he would take her back to her suite at the Lakeview. Janet told him she thought maybe he should stay and talk to Carly, because the mood Carly was in wasn't because of having seen Janet in her house. She told Jack that Carly had been in that mood when she walked in the door, so whatever happened had occurred before she got home. Janet left, and Jack went back inside and asked Carly if she was okay. Carly said she was and thanked him for checking, but she told him not to worry about her. Jack left, but he asked himself what was going on with Carly.

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