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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 16, 2008 on GL
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Monday, June 16, 2008

Bill bumped into Lizzie at the hospital while she was looking for Lillian. He showed her sonogram pictures and said he was having a boy. When he said he was going home to Ava, Lizzie bitterly reminded him that it was her home. She said his picture-perfect life wouldn't last. Bill went to the mansion and discovered Billy in the parlor. Billy sarcastically said it was great to hear about Bill's engagement from a press release in the papers. Bill reminded Billy that he hadn't bothered to show up to the party. Billy presented Bill with Miss Martha's ring and said he wanted Bill to give it to Ava. Bill refused the ring and asked Billy to leave.

Billy left but quickly returned to the parlor. He was determined to get through to Bill for the baby's sake. While Billy had been opposed to the Spaulding takeover, he said he was proud that Bill had pulled it off. Billy said he had used to lock horns with HB all the time, but he wanted to try again with Bill for the sake of Harlen Billy Lewis the Fourth. Bill thought that was a whole lot of name for his baby. It carried a lot of baggage. Bill thought his son should have a new name so that he could be his own man. Billy said Bill might as well do away with the last name Lewis as well. Looking at the sonogram, he told his grandson, "Boy, you're going to need some good luck and don't you ever talk to your daddy the way he talks to his."

After Billy left, Bill went to the office and found Reva waiting for him. Reva congratulated him on his engagement and said that he needed to tell Jeffrey before Jeffrey found out some other way. She warned him not to rub the engagement or the baby in Lizzie's face.

Meanwhile, Lizzie found Lillian and told her that she planned to move the entire family into a house together. Lizzie, Alan, Beth, Peyton, James, and Lillian would all move into the Beacon until a proper house could be built. Lillian asked her about Rick, and Lizzie said Lillian needed to accept that Alan and Beth would be together. Lillian said they all didn't need to live together under the same roof to be a family. Lillian sensed that Lizzie just wanted to compete with Bill and his house and fancy parties. During the conversation, Lizzie received a phone call from G who asked her if they still had a deal. Lizzie said she needed more time. G told her that time was up. Lizzie agreed to meet him. As she left the hospital, she instructed Lillian to pack.

Afterward, Lizzie met Billy at Company to discuss Lewis Construction possibly building a house at the top of Mountain View Drive. Billy said that property overlooked the Spaulding mansion. He didn't want to build her a house if it were all about Bill. Billy thought Bill was miserable and that Bill was rushing to building a new life so that he wouldn't look back at the things he had lost. Billy didn't want Lizzie making the same mistake. Lizzie insisted on doing things her way. As she left, Billy decided that both Lizzie and Bill were in trouble.

Meanwhile, as Cyrus worked in Harley's yard, he decided to call Harley and leave her a voicemail. Daisy approached and Cyrus told her the truth about Harley's sudden departure from town. Cyrus said Harley had left because she knew Daisy didn't want Rafe in jail. Daisy believed Harley had done it because she was still trying to make her failures up to Gus. Daisy was upset about Gus dying, Rafe shooting Jeffrey, and Harley leaving town. She said she had gravitated to G because it had felt good to have a connection with someone. Cyrus warned her to stay away from G.

Later Cyrus located G at the shed and told him to leave town. G said he would never hurt Daisy and he claimed to care about her. Cyrus said that if G cared about Daisy, he'd leave her alone and make her glad that he was gone. Some time after Cyrus left, Daisy showed up at the shed. She was upset because she had found out that G had been flirting with Ashlee. G said Daisy made it easy for him to use her. He said he was also using Ashlee since she was the mayor's daughter. Daisy slapped him and stormed off. Frustrated, G kicked around some boxes.

Meanwhile Cassie sat inside a room at the Beacon looking at pictures of Tammy. Outside in the hall, Cyrus called G and told G that he was serious about G leaving town immediately. Cyrus said G had killed Tammy, and Cassie had never recovered from it. Cyrus feared someone would recognize G. As he hung up the phone, Cassie opened her door and greeted Cyrus in the hall. She said she was starting to see things and hear things. Cassie thought she had heard Cyrus say Tammy's name. Cyrus murmured that he wished he had met Tammy. Cassie said she would kill Tammy's murderer if she ever saw him.

Cyrus went to the lake and he encountered Mallet. Mallet thought it was strange that no one had heard from Harley. Cyrus said Harley had been having a bad time and needed a break. Cyrus said he didn't know when she'd return, but Mallet didn't think Cyrus would tell him even if he knew. Mallet vowed to protect Harley and asked Cyrus to tell him if he heard from her.

After Mallet talked to Cyrus, he saw Daisy running. Since Daisy seemed upset, Mallet intercepted her and asked her if she were upset about Rafe. Daisy became concerned and asked Mallet if Rafe was okay. Mallet said he didn't believe she was hiding Rafe, but he pressured her to tell him if Harley and Natalia were. He said the new chief had patrols from there to Mexico looking for Rafe, but Mallet wanted to bring him in safely. Daisy said she wasn't hiding Rafe, but someone else was.

Meanwhile Lizzie met G out in the woods and paid him off. She wondered how she'd know G wouldn't turn Alan in. G said that she wouldn't, and he told her to pay up. Lizzie murmured that she couldn't believe she was paying off the guy who had killed her friend. G retorted that Lizzie was the reason Alan had hired him. Lizzie shoved the money at him and stomped off.

After getting the money, G returned to the shed to pack. He took with him a photo of him and Daisy. As he packed, Cyrus entered the shed and G told him that he had broken Daisy's heart as instructed and he was leaving town. Cyrus offered to drive G to another state and help him make a new start. G mentioned that Arizona was nice. Cyrus said he needed to return to Springfield before Harley got home. G promised not to screw up any more.

As Cyrus and G were leaving, Mallet busted in with a gun and told G to get his hands up. When Mallet asked Cyrus why he was there, G said Cyrus had been just about to call the police on him. Mallet led both men out of the shed at gunpoint while Daisy looked on from the bushes.

Daisy went to Tammy's grave as Cyrus and G were hauled into the police station. Mallet wanted Cyrus booked for aiding and abetting. G shouted that Mallet was punishing a Good Samaritan. Mallet wondered what the connection was between G and Cyrus. G said he'd never seen Cyrus before. G asked Mallet when he could see his lawyer. Mallet retorted, "I don't know. When can Cassie Winslow see her daughter again?"

As Mallet processed Cyrus and G, Daisy encountered Reva outside Company. She told Reva that even when she did the right thing, she was still wrong. Reva wanted Daisy to talk about it, but Daisy was hesitant. Reva said that whatever it was, they could fix it. Shaking her head, Daisy said, "Not this time."

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dinah arrived at the police station to cover the breaking story of the arrest of the Foley brothers. She congratulated Mallet on the collar. She said that while she knew Cyrus had a brother, she had no idea that he was the hit man who had killed Tammy. Mallet asked Dinah to hold off airing the story until he had a chance to tell Cassie the news. Dinah went to the TV station and asked Ashlee to get a quote from Doris about G's return to town. Dinah said there were rumors that Doris had sent G away to protect Alan. She gave Ashlee a folder containing details of the story. When Ashlee saw G's picture in the folder, she called herself stupid.

Meanwhile at Cross Creek, Reva again questioned Daisy about Rafe's whereabouts. Daisy told her that she didn't know where Rafe was. If she did, she said she wasn't afraid to turn someone in. Daisy explained to Reva that she had turned G in for Tammy's murder. Reva was astonished as Daisy filled her in on everything that had happened since G's arrival. Reva demanded to know if the relationship with G was over. Daisy said that she wanted it to be. Daisy said Tammy's death was an accident. "Right," Reva said. "Because his plan was to kill my son!" Reva ordered Daisy to get her feelings for G under control and never see him again.

Reva knew they should talk to Cassie about the situation. As she called Josh and Cassie and left them messages, Daisy sneaked away to a baseball dugout. Ashlee approached and said she felt stupid because G had been using her since she was Doris' daughter. Daisy said G wasn't that bad. When Ashlee said G had been using both Daisy and her, Daisy called Ashlee jealous.

Down at the jail cell, G asked Cyrus to tell police that he had planned to turn G in. Cyrus wanted to help his brother, not hurt his case. G said he didn't buy into the whole "honor among thieves" thing. With wry smiles, they both decided that Daisy had turned them in. Mallet came to their cells and told Cyrus that his bail had been posted. Cyrus promised to get G a lawyer. When Cyrus was released, he found Buzz awaiting him.

Buzz took Cyrus to Company where Cyrus left Harley another voicemail. Afterward, Cyrus asked Buzz why he had helped him after learning his brother had killed Tammy. Buzz said, "You didn't." Buzz said he couldn't bring himself to bail out G. Cyrus said he couldn't believe G had turned out that way. Buzz told Cyrus to keep G away from Daisy. Cyrus said he would and thanked Buzz again.

Later Cyrus found Daisy sitting outside Harley's garage. He said Buzz had bailed him out, but G was still in jail. Daisy wanted to go see G and Cyrus offered to drive. She was surprised Cyrus would take her there after what she had done. Cyrus said she did what she should have done when she had first seen Grady. Daisy said she was sorry that Cyrus had been arrested along with G.

Instead of taking her to the jail, Cyrus took Daisy straight to Buzz to keep an eye on her so that she wouldn't go see G. After Cyrus left, Buzz told Daisy he knew about the missing food and money. Daisy was miffed that she always got caught doing things. She said G wasn't all that bad of a person and someone had to help him.

About that time, Reva showed up saying that she couldn't find Cassie. As Daisy sat on the veranda with her grandparents, she said she'd work off the money she had stolen from Company; however, she said doing so might interfere with her job on the movie set. Reva replied that Daisy never showed up there anyway. Daisy rolled her eyes, saying that she'd work the whole boiling summer away while her friends were-"Buying beer with their fake IDS?" Reva said, interrupting Daisy. Daisy thought Reva made Harley look easy. Daisy decided to clear the dishes. The moment Daisy went inside, Reva and Buzz looked at each other and wondered what they had been thinking to let Daisy out of their sight. Meanwhile Daisy sneaked out the back door.

Over at the farm, Josh had just left for the church when Mallet arrived to tell Cassie the news. Cassie seemed dazed and strangely calm when she heard that G was in custody. After Mallet returned to the station, he called Dinah and told her to go ahead with the story. Dinah reminded him to tell Cassie about Cyrus' part in the events. He called Cassie but he didn't get an answer.

Cassie was swinging on a swing set when Ashlee came up to her. Ashlee sobbed as she apologized for not knowing who G was. Cassie said she didn't know Ashlee had been involved. Cassie hugged Ashlee as Ashlee cried. Cassie told Ashlee it was okay, and then Cassie abruptly said that she had to go. Cassie went to the police station and overheard Dinah as she conducted her interviews. When Dinah said that she didn't think G was a completely bad guy, Cassie yelled that G was an animal that should be dead.

While Daisy retreated to Reva's shed and looked at the photos that G had of the two of them, Cyrus traveled to the farm to find Cassie. Josh was there alone. When Cyrus told Josh what had happened, Josh raged, "If Cassie knows about this, she's already at that jail, and your brother's lucky he's behind bars!"

Meanwhile as G was led through the police station, Cassie leapt at him, clawing his hair. She screamed at him, saying that he had looked Tammy in the face and then aimed a car at her. Dinah's crew filmed every moment as G said he hadn't meant to kill Tammy. Cyrus and Josh rushed onto the scene. Cyrus helped a police officer and Mallet hold Cassie and G apart. G referred to Cyrus as his brother and G asked him to charm Cassie off his back. Cassie looked at Cyrus and asked, "Did he say your brother?"

Cassie decided that Cyrus was worse than G. She said that Cyrus had lied to her when she had told him that she had seen G. Cyrus said he didn't know that G had killed Tammy, but Cassie didn't believe him. The scene was chaotic as Daisy and Reva rushed in and Daisy started apologizing to G. Cassie wondered why Daisy and Cyrus were protecting G. Cyrus said he had been in shock but G was no longer the brother he had known. G said he was sorry for Cassie's loss, and Josh pulled Cassie away. Daisy said she wanted to stay and talk to G, but Reva pushed her toward the door.

As G sat in his cell, Cyrus went outside and called Harley again. He didn't leave a message that time. Reva took Daisy back to Company and Daisy ran into Buzz's arms. Later she sat alone looking at a photo of her and G. Meanwhile Cassie sat on the sofa at the farm, staring at a picture of Tammy.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

At the Spaulding mansion, Dinah and Olivia haggled over who would make the wedding cake for Ava and Bill's wedding. Dinah had laid out a half dozen cakes slices in the parlor and was sampling them when Mallet entered to pick Olivia up for her doctor's appointment. Mallet apologized to Dinah for the awkwardness with him and Marina the other day. Dinah dismissed it as nothing. "Ollie," as Dinah had taken to calling Olivia, came downstairs and saw Dinah's cake samples. Olivia said she didn't have time to try the samples and had already asked Buzz to make the cake.

Meanwhile at Cedars, Jeffrey spilled a bunch of items on the floor when he tried to get out of bed. Reva came to his room and Jeffrey told her that if she didn't give him his clothes, then their wedding was off. Reva squinted her eyes and said, "I'm so scared." Once she had tucked Jeffrey back in bed, she said he threw the "we're not getting married" ultimatum around an awful lot. She wondered if he were looking for a way out.

Just then Olivia entered and asked if she could talk with Jeffrey parent-to-parent. Reva agreed but told Olivia not to let Jeffrey have his clothes. After Reva left, Olivia announced that Ava was engaged to marry Bill. Jeffrey replied, "The hell she is!" Olivia asked him to be happy for Ava since there was a baby involved. Jeffrey said Bill was not the father of Ava's baby. Olivia told him to pretend to be happy for his daughter.

Afterward, Olivia saw Reva outside Company and Reva asked Olivia if she could book her and Jeffrey's wedding at the Beacon so they could marry on the balcony. Olivia wondered if Reva were pregnant and then they laughed. Olivia said the hotel was booked up until October. She wondered what Reva's hurry was and Reva said she wasn't in a hurry; she was just ready to move on. Olivia informed Reva that she had told Jeffrey about his daughter's wedding. Reva replied that Jeffrey wasn't happy about it. Olivia said she didn't think Jeffrey understood why marriage was so important. Reva rolled her eyes.

Meanwhile Dinah went to Company to talk to Buzz about Ava's cake. Though Olivia was helping with the wedding, Dinah said she was the final decision maker. Dinah sampled Buzz's cake and told him that it was amazing. When she said she might have to have a bake-off between Buzz and the other caterers, Buzz noted that Dinah was taking the wedding planning seriously. She said Bill deserved a wonderful wedding and then she left.

When Dinah arrived home, Olivia was in the parlor having tea. Dinah said planning a wedding was a full-time job. She refused Olivia's help because it was fun being sister of the groom. Olivia replied, "Mother of the bride trumps sister of the groom. Golly, did I say that?" They both agreed to work together since they both wanted the best for Ava and Bill.

Meanwhile, Buzz was ordering ingredients for the cake when Natalia strolled in, wheeling her luggage behind her. Buzz hung up on his call and stuttered when asking her about Rafe. Natalia said she'd had a few days with Rafe and then Harley decided that Natalia was putting Rafe at risk. The two disappeared, leaving Natalia behind again. Natalia thought Harley was always doing what she thought was best over what others wanted. She said Rafe seemed like a different person, as if he had changed overnight. She didn't know what to do except wait until Rafe decided to come home. Later, Natalia hauled her luggage up the boardinghouse steps and sighed. Looking up, she asked, "What now, Nickie? What now?"

Natalia went to work at the Beacon. She received no answer when she knocked on Olivia's door. Natalia used her key to enter and noticed that Olivia's closets were empty. In the hallway, she saw Frank, who told her that Olivia had moved to the mansion. Natalia said Harley had run off with Rafe again. She felt as if Harley was taking total control of Rafe's life and said that the whole thing pissed her off. Natalia said the next time she saw Frank's "know-it-all sister," she planned to smack her.

Later, Natalia went to see Jeffrey at the hospital and apologized for Rafe's actions. Jeffrey said he believed the shooting had been an accident. He said he had no intention of pressing charges against Rafe. Jeffrey was off the case, and he said Doris might still be rough on Rafe. He told Natalia that he would do all he could for Rafe, but he advised her to get him a good lawyer.

Some time later, Olivia was alone at the mansion when Natalia arrived to thank her for the money she had given Natalia to visit Rafe. Olivia wondered if Natalia were moving into her house, and Natalia said she couldn't do it without Rafe. They talked about Alan and whether or not he was still having Gus sightings. Olivia thanked Natalia for keeping an eye on her while she had been living at the Beacon. Natalia said she'd see Olivia at work and then left. Alone again, Olivia looked at Ava's sonogram and then a photo of Gus. Meanwhile Natalia took her luggage over to the house Gus had bought. She opened the door and said, "I'm home."

Meanwhile, Reva encountered Frank at the park. Frank asked her if she had known that Daisy had been harboring G. Reva said she'd had no idea G had been hiding in the shed. Frank lashed into Reva, saying she wasn't taking good care of Daisy in Harley's absence. He said the movie made Daisy feel as if she had to compete with her wild and crazy grandma. Reva retorted that Frank needed to get Harley to bring her butt home and take care of her own kids. Frank thought someone else should care for Daisy. Reva said no one could watch Daisy 24/7. She told him to stop making everything into a national crime.

After arguing with Frank, Reva went to Company and was greeted by a frisky Buzz. She giggled as Buzz gathered her into his arms and kissed her neck. Reva fended him off, telling him that she didn't want him to be mad about the parenting squabble she'd had with Frank. When Buzz kept trying to kiss Reva, she shooed him behind the counter. She said he was in quite a romantic mood. Buzz showed her the cake sample he'd made in preparation for Ava's wedding. Reva mentioned her upcoming wedding to Jeffrey, and Buzz was surprised that she was marrying again. He asked her if it had anything to do with the movie. Reva said her past was smashing into her present and she felt she needed emotional distance. Buzz responded by kissing her on the mouth. She told him that he couldn't do things like that anymore because she was engaged.

Meanwhile Doris went into Jeffrey's room and told him that his Rivera case and his Foley case had both been reassigned. She told him that he couldn't return to his cases until he was better. When Jeffrey winced in pain, Doris extended his leave even longer, then left.

Reva went back to the hospital and brought Jeffrey some of Buzz's cake. Jeffrey said Olivia had told him about Ava's wedding. He said he didn't want to hurt Ava, but he didn't think she should marry Bill. He said he didn't know what Ava's hurry was to marry. Reva said she wondered the same thing since all of their friends looked at them like freaks for being engaged. She wondered if they were moving too fast, but Jeffrey said he was just getting the hang of it. He said he might just get it right with Reva. Reva said she'd hate it if they got it wrong. Again she asked him what the rush was. Jeffrey said there was no rush. Reva said that they agreed then; their wedding would be postponed.

Later Frank entered Company and told Buzz about his talk with Natalia. Frank thought that Harley's sense of right and wrong had taken a serious turn for the worse. He said the world was crazy when cops helped criminals and others bailed them out once they were arrested. Buzz said Cyrus was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Frank realized that it had been Buzz who had bailed out Cyrus. Frank said he'd never understand any of the things his father did. Buzz cut Frank a piece of cake and told him that he loved him.

Some time later, Marina and Mallet searched Reva's shed for evidence. Mallet commented that the Foley bothers were two of a kind. Marina said that Cyrus wasn't a murderer and he only robbed people who had too much money to begin with. When Mallet noted that Marina had defended Cyrus, she shrugged it off to telling the truth and then asked him what they were doing that evening. He mentioned bowling and miniature golf, and they left the shed.

When they went to the police station, they saw Dinah outside. Before they approached her, Marina groaned. Mallet said Dinah was handling him dating Marina well. When they greeted Dinah, Dinah said she was there to follow up on the arrest of the Foley brothers. Marina said Dinah's news coverage had been great. Dinah decided she wanted Marina's take on the arrest. "New boyfriend arrests old boyfriend-film at eleven," Dinah said. Marina said they wanted to avoid being like the tabloids and then left Dinah and Mallet alone to talk about Dinah's police interviews. Later Marina found Mallet so that they could go play mini-golf. He told her that for once he and Dinah had ended their conversation without drama. He said he liked Marina so much because there was never any drama.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reva and Jeffrey continued to discuss postponing the wedding. Jeffrey wondered if her reason for the postponement was due to his shooting or the movie. Reva vaguely said there was just a lot. Jeffrey asked her if Josh were her problem. Reva said he wasn't. She said it was more about how she arrived at her place in life. She doubted her abilities to make choices since her past choices had been really bad. Jeffrey wondered if the movie had reminded her of her bad choices. He thought perhaps her proposal to him had been an attempt to prove to herself that she had made the right choice with him. Reva left the room with a frustrated look on her face.

Reva went to Cross Creek. It was littered with props that replicated her past. She saw the red sequined dress and the gown from her first wedding to Josh. Tearfully she looked at the mantle carving. As Reva tried on the hat from the wedding gown, Mark appeared behind her, telling her that she still looked beautiful. She asked Mark if he liked playing Josh. Mark said he did, but he wished he understood Josh's character better. Reva volunteered to spend the afternoon showing Mark how to be Josh. A montage of Reva wheeling around in a wheelchair, her showing Mark the red dress and a baseball glove, and Mark intently listening to Reva played on the screen. Reva stood by the mantle carving and her eyes became misty again.

Meanwhile Mallet responded to a call that someone had locked his keys in his car. He arrived and found Buzz on the side of the road. Mallet and Buzz talked about Daisy and Harley both dating criminals. Buzz said he would let the police handle that because he was working on Dinah's wedding. Mallet commented that Dinah was going with a private caterer, but Buzz insisted that he was still a contender to make the cake.

After Mallet picked the lock on Buzz's car, Buzz drove back to Company and saw Mark, dressed in a white tuxedo, in the parking lot. He told Buzz that he was the actor playing Josh in the movie and he had finally gotten a hold on who Josh was and why Reva always returned to him. Buzz said Reva was with someone else. Mark replied that he was just following the script.

Back at Cross Creek, Reva received a visit from Mallet, who said he was concerned about Daisy and G. He and Reva agreed to keep each other informed. Mallet told Reva that she was brave for having the movie dredge up her past. He said if it had been him, he'd want to change things and make different choices. Once Mallet left, Reva called Olivia and told her that they needed to talk.

Meanwhile at the mansion, Olivia watched from Ava's bedroom doorway as Remy flirted with Ava and showed her some stretching techniques. Later in the parlor, Olivia told Remy that if he messed up what Ava had with Bill, then Olivia would ruin him. She ordered Remy to get out of the house. After Remy left, Dinah, Ava, and Olivia sat down to look at wedding plans. The baby kicked and suddenly Dinah and Olivia decided they had to have a baby shower. Ava looked overwhelmed as the ladies went to work. Remy watched from the overlook upstairs.

When Ava and Olivia were alone in the parlor, Olivia said Ava didn't have go to through with the wedding. Olivia had been happy because she thought Ava was happy. If Ava weren't happy, then Olivia said she'd support whatever Ava decided. Ava said she wanted the wedding but she was a little scared. Olivia told her that sometimes dreams worked out and sometimes that they didn't. Olivia promised to do everything in her power to make Ava's dreams come true.

Olivia took Ava to the hospital to see Jeffrey, and Ava announced her engagement to Bill. Jeffrey's lackluster reaction caused Ava to figure that Olivia had told him about it already. Jeffrey asked Ava if she were happy and Ava said she was. Ava added that they both were required to be happy for her because it was going to be like a royal wedding. Ava became ecstatic when her baby "Max" started kicking. Ava said she was happy to be having the baby with Bill even though it wasn't really his baby. When Ava stepped out to get food from Company, Jeffrey agreed with Olivia to support the marriage, but he told Olivia he wouldn't stand by and watch Ava be hurt. Olivia said neither would she.

Meanwhile, Dinah and Remy browsed the Internet for baby shower ideas. Remy hinted that Olivia said she was going to make Ava queen of the house. Dinah replied that it was Dinah's house and Dinah was the queen. She told Remy not to worry because she was the head of the family and she wanted him to stay. Remy went to Company and bumped into Ava while she ordered. They ate together and threw fries at each other. In the meantime, Dinah went to the hospital and told Olivia that she had worked hard for her family. While Dinah agreed to allow Olivia to play in the big house, she said if Olivia didn't play by Dinah's rules, Dinah would throw her out. Olivia sardonically said they were all one big happy family. Dinah and Olivia hugged.

Afterward, Dinah was parked on the grass in a park when Mallet came up. She said she wanted to have the wedding in that park or at the house. Mallet reminded her that it was Bill and Ava's wedding. He told her not to get hurt and not to hurt anyone else in the planning. He gave her a ticket for illegal parking and told her that she needed to obey the law. Back at home, Dinah stared at the parking ticket and a picture of Mallet and her. She vowed that she could control everything and told Mallet's picture to just wait and see. Meanwhile Mallet called Marina and asked to see her later that night.

When Remy and Ava came back to the mansion, Dinah asked Ava if she were okay. Remy went to get Ava water, but Ava said she was fine. Dinah asked Ava if she had any friends or family that would stand up for her in the wedding. Ava figured Dinah wanted to be the maid of honor and so she asked her. Dinah said she was so happy. As the maid of honor, Dinah said she controlled everything. That way it would all be as the bride wanted. When Remy returned, Dinah asked him if he wanted to be in the wedding party and he curtly said, "No."

Meanwhile at Company, Buzz was going out the door with food for Jeffrey. Reva sat on the boardinghouse steps and said Jeffrey couldn't have that kind of food. Buzz replied that Ava had ordered it for him. Buzz noted that Reva seemed happy, but he wondered if happiness made Reva nervous. Reva said she was confused about Jeffrey, her past, and her future. She didn't want to cause trouble due to fear of her feelings for Jeffrey. Buzz told her to just take it one moment at a time and enjoy. He felt she had earned it. Buzz thought she just might be one of those who could have happily ever after-or maybe not, but she couldn't live in fear about it.

Buzz left and Olivia walked up. Reva handed Olivia a stack of bridal magazines. Reva said they were for Ava because she didn't need them anymore. After talking to Olivia, Reva returned to Jeffrey's hospital room. He told her that she had been "truant" that day. Reva lay on his chest, and he asked her if there was something she wanted to tell him. Reva said she didn't want to get married. She said it wasn't because she didn't want Jeffrey. She did want him. Jeffrey said, "Okay." Reva asked him if he wanted to marry her and he said, "Nope, never did." He said he was only going through with it because he wanted her and she had wanted a wedding. Reva said she had looked at her past and realized she was right where she wanted to be. Jeffrey agreed that he was, too. He said they loved each other and were committed. Both agreed they were comfortable right where they were. Reva climbed on him in the bed and they kissed.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Lizzie woke Alan up from a "Gus" dream by knocking on his door. When Lizzie questioned his dream, Alan stated that Gus was trying to tell him something but Alan did not quite know what it was. Lizzie showed Alan the newspaper-on the front page was the story about Grady, a.k.a Gillespie, getting arrested. Alan was upset that Grady was back in town since he could implicate Alan in Tammy's death. Lizzie assured Alan that she took care of Grady. Lizzie told Alan that although she should hate him for what he had done, their family had lost enough. Lizzie refused to let Grady bring them down.

Cyrus visited Grady in jail. When Grady announced that he was being moved to the county jail, Cyrus offered to get him a lawyer. Grady informed Cyrus of his deal with Lizzie. Cyrus told his brother that he would take care of it. Later, Cyrus met Lizzie at the Beacon and let her know that he knew about her bribery attempt. Cyrus told Lizzie that his brother needed a lawyer. Lizzie supplied him with a card and told Cyrus that she wanted it to be over. Cyrus reminded Lizzie that her grandfather was in as much trouble as Grady.

Cassie stormed into the hospital to speak with Jeffrey but was intercepted by Reva. Cassie told Reva that she needed to know when Jeffrey was ready to go back to work. Reva correctly guessed that Cassie was concerned about Grady's trial, and expressed sorrow that Cassie had to go through everything all over again. Later, Cassie ran into Alan near the gazebo. Alan figured out that Cassie knew that Grady had been arrested. Cassie gloated that Alan believed that he had gotten away with murder, but the guy who could put Alan away was back. When Cassie accused him of being scared, Alan admitted that he was calmer because of Gus. Alan talked about seeing Gus in his dreams and stated that, at first, he thought he was crazy but it ended up giving him a sense of joy and peace. Alan told Cassie that he never understood her pain at losing a child until he lost his own. His words were small consolation to Cassie.

Reva paid a visit to Josh to talk about Cassie. Reva warned Josh that, with Grady's arrest, Cassie could be headed for a dark place and it was up to Josh to make sure she stayed stable. A dejected Josh pointed out that he had never been successful in reigning in Cassie. Reva finally noticed Josh's depressed mood and asked what was wrong with him. When he was not forthcoming, Reva told him that Cassie needed to know that someone was there for her. Josh asked if he had to be worried about Reva also, since it was her son that Grady tried to run down. Reva assured him that he did not have to worry any more than usual.

Lizzie went to a judge and, using information from Alan's files, blackmailed him into setting bail for Grady. Afterwards, Lizzie went to the jail and posted bail. After informing Grady that she posted his bail, Lizzie told him to find a way to get out of the country.

Cassie saw Cyrus outside the Beacon and informed him that he was fired. Cyrus tried to explain things to Cassie but she told him to talk to his brother. Cassie blasted Cyrus for not telling anyone that his brother was in town and even making her believe that she had not seen him. Cassie called Cyrus pathetic and he responded that he had nothing to do with Tammy. Cassie asked why she hated him as much as his brother if that was the case. As Cassie stalked off, Cyrus said that if he could go back and fix things he would.

Reva saw Alan sitting outside Company and encouraged him to turn himself in to the police. Reva suggested that Alan cop a plea before Grady did first. She asked him to consider what Gus would want him to do.

As Josh called around looking for Cassie, she returned to the farm. Cassie immediately began talking about Grady, and Josh suggested that she let Jeffrey handle it. Josh suggested that they go to the lake to get away from things. Cassie was reluctant and Josh stated that he needed to get away also. Josh told Cassie that they were going through the motions, pretending to be a couple. Josh wanted them to get back on track and asked what was more important-love or revenge. Cassie realized that he was right and agreed to go away with him.

Buzz saw Alan sitting on the park bench. Alan told Buzz that he was thinking about how lucky he was. Buzz could not believe that, considering that Alan had lost everything. Alan stated that because of what he lost, he had tome to smell the roses. Alan told Buzz that he would miss everyone at the Boarding House when he moved out, Buzz included. Alan said that Gus made him feel as if everything would be okay. Alan asked Buzz if he believed Gus was actually talking to him and Buzz said that it did not matter. Buzz said that it was a gift-and it was what Alan did with it that mattered. Buzz told Alan not to screw it up.

Reva visited Grady in jail. Grady realized that she was Daisy's grandmother and told Reva that he was sorry about what had happened to Tammy. Reva did not believe him and told him that she lost her son and his daughter because of Grady. Reva asked Grady how much Alan paid him and if it was worth it. He admitted that it was not even close. Reva informed Grady that Alan might step up and make a confession. Later, outside, Reva ran into Cyrus and asked if Harley knew that Grady was back. Reva told Cyrus that if he loved Harley, he would protect Daisy from his brother.

Cassie was on Main Street gathering supplies for her trip when she ran into Lizzie. Cassie suggested to Lizzie that she might want to go away to avoid what was going on with Alan. Cassie reminded Lizzie that Alan deserved what was coming. Later, Lizzie received a call from Grady asking about their deal. Grady told Lizzie about his visit from "the grandmother from hell" and told Lizzie that Alan planned to confess. Grady warned Lizzie that if Alan ratted him out, then all bets were off.

Cyrus saw Buzz in the park and thanked him for nothing. Cyrus explained that he would have been better off in jail. Cyrus told Buzz that he tried to explain things to Cassie, but that only led to her firing him and throwing him out of the Beacon. Cyrus told Buzz that he just had to help his brother. Cyrus had to see if there was anything worth saving. Cyrus admitted that he buried himself in a hole and needed to crawl his way out.

After lighting some candles in the church, Alan went to the police station and asked Gus for a sign. When an officer asked Alan if he needed help, Alan took that as his sign and began to make a statement. Before he could say anything, Lizzie arrived and dragged him out of the station. Alan tried to tell Lizzie that Gus would want him to do it, but she refused to listen.

Cyrus took Grady to Harley's house and told his brother that they had a big problem. Grady told Cyrus that he was sure Cyrus would fix it. Grady figured all they had to do was get his ankle bracelet off so that they could skip town. Cyrus informed Grady that he was certain that Harley would return home and Cyrus wanted to be there for her. Cyrus tried to talk Grady into staying and fixing things in Springfield. Cyrus reminded Grady that a life on the run was not much of a life and encouraged him to try something different by sticking around. When Grady asked why, Cyrus's responded, "Why the hell not?"

Reva went to Josh's again and told him the good news that Alan was confessing. With Alan copping a plea, that meant that there would be no trial. Josh was skeptical and told Reva that, when it came to Alan, he would believe it when he saw it.

At Company, Cassie overheard Buzz talking to Harley on the phone and asked to speak with her. When Cassie got on the line, she told Harley that she needed to tell her about Cyrus and her.

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