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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 2, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, June 2, 2008

Mike found Sofie bleeding and confused in the Lakeview lobby. Mike wanted to know what was wrong and Sofie, through her incoherent rambling, eventually said she had been raped. Mike tried to convince Sofie to go to the hospital or the police, but Sofie was unwilling to get help. Sofie mumbled about trusting the person who raped her and after much questioning, told Mike that Paul was the one who attacked her. Mike was surprised by Sofie's accusation, but insisted that Sofie go to the authorities. Sofie refused and said she could not tell anyone because Paul and Barbara were the only people who supported her and her business. She rushed up to her room and Mike ran out to find out what happened.

Meg and Paul sat at Fairwinds and talked about their reconciliation. As they started to kiss, Meg thought she heard noises and jumped up nervously. Paul comforted Meg and told her that he would not let anything come between them again. Meg was convinced that Sofie would return to cause trouble. Paul said that if Sofie could not understand that he didn't want a romantic relationship with her, he would have to end their business partnership. Meg and Paul began to kiss again and fell on the couch, but were interrupted when Mike barged in. Meg noticed Mike was upset and asked him what was wrong. Mike wasted no time and accused Paul of raping Sofie, a charge that Paul and Meg both quickly and vehemently denied. Mike told them about finding Sofie battered and sobbing at the Lakeview and reminded Meg of Paul's troubled and sometimes violent past. Mike urged Meg not to trust Paul and to leave. Paul tried to explain what had happened with Sofie to Mike, but Mike refused to believe anything Paul said. Mike asked Meg again to go with him, but Meg said she believed Paul and took his hand in a sign of support. Seeing that Meg could not be persuaded, Mike told her he would always be there for her and then left. Paul decided to leave and deal with Sofie's charges and left Meg alone at his home.

Paul found Barbara at the Lakeview and told his mother all about Sofie's allegations. Barbara was upset by what Paul told her and insisted she could take care of Sofie. Paul wanted Barbara to focus on her health and let him resolve his problems with Sofie. Barbara asked Paul if Sofie misunderstood their relationship and Paul explained that he had slept with Sofie once, but had rejected her the last time she came on to him. Barbara was upset by Paul's lack of judgment, but believed her son when he said he had not raped her.

While Paul talked to Barbara, Mike went straight to Margo's house and told Margo that Paul had raped someone. Mike wanted Margo to help, but didn't want to break Sofie's confidence by revealing her identity to Margo.

Meanwhile, Sofie laid in her bed at the Lakeview and fantasized that Paul came to her room and begged her to forgive him and take him back. She was jolted back to reality by a knock on her door. Sofie's daydream prompted her rush to open the door, hoping she would find Paul on the other side. Sofie was annoyed when it was Meg, not Paul, who had come to see her. She began to shut the door, but Meg pushed her way in and told Sofie that Mike had told them about her accusations. Meg pleaded with Sofie to leave Paul alone and not accuse him of rape just to get back at him for not loving her. Sofie said she understood and Meg advised her to get help for her cuts before Meg returned to Fairwinds.

A short time later, Mike arrived with Margo at Sofie's room and asked Sofie if they could talk with her. Sofie opened the door and Margo explained she was there as a woman and not a cop, but wanted to let Sofie know her options about pressing charges. Sofie refused to talk to Margo and shut the door. In the hall, Margo told Mike he needed to let Sofie decide what to do, and left. Mike spoke through the door to Sofie and said he was there if she needed him. Sofie opened the door and asked Mike to stay. Sofie said she knew that he had told Meg and Paul about her allegations, but she was not angry with him. Mike warned Sofie that Paul said she was "delusional" and said he had rebuffed Sofie's desperate advances towards him. Sofie said that she never expected Paul to admit he attacked her. Sofie said she was exhausted, so Mike left her to get some sleep. Sofie sat in her room and kept hearing Paul calling her "delusional" in her head. Sofie got up and rushed to her hamper and found the underwear from her one-night stand with Paul.

Carly frantically tried to handle Metro, which was grossly understaffed. In desperation, she began to phone Holden for help, but thought better of it after she remembered their last encounter. When Henry arrived for a martini, Carly roped him in to helping her with a leaky pipe. Henry emerged from the back room a short time later and Carly delivered his drink, and listened as Henry griped about not being able to support Vienna in the lavish lifestyle she was used to. As Henry spoke, Sage appeared with her babysitter and Carly learned that the sitter had to go to Chicago on urgent family business. Carly asked Henry to watch Metro while she delivered Sage to Lily's house, knowing her good friend would watch Sage in an emergency.

Bonnie arrived at the bar and Henry immediately lashed out at her because she would not help him get money from Grey Gerard's estate. Bonnie informed Henry that she had tried to help him get compensated for what Grey had done and she was fired because of it. Henry apologized for being the reason she was let go from her job. Bonnie told Henry, since she was no longer representing Grey's estate, she could take Henry on as a client and try to get him the money he wanted. Bonnie insisted she had learned a lot while working with Grey's attorney and just needed to figure out how to get him his money without being disbarred. Henry and Bonnie began to toast their new partnership, but Vienna arrived and told Bonnie to step away from Henry. Henry explained to Vienna that Bonnie was trying to help them, and Vienna agreed to work with Bonnie if it would make Henry happy.

Back at home, Lily received a surprise visit from Holden, but was shocked when Holden said he was there to say good-bye. At first, Lily believed Holden was there to end their relationship, but Holden explained he was only going on a short trip to Tennessee to check on some new horses and wanted to say good-bye to the kids. Lily wanted Faith to go with Holden, but he said he could not change his plans. Lily was annoyed that Holden was distancing himself from the entire family and asked Holden what was going on with him. Holden thought back on his romantic horse ride with Carly, but told Lily he just needed the trip to gain perspective on his life. Lily accepted Holden's explanation and left him alone in the front room. Moments later, the doorbell rang and Holden was surprised to find Carly and Sage on the doorstep.

Holden and Carly exchanged an awkward few moments, but focused their attention on Sage when she wanted to know where Faith and Natalie were. Holden told her they were watching a movie, and Sage ran off to join her friends, leaving Carly and Holden alone. Holden and Carly spoke with one another, but their friendship seemed strained and confused. Carly asked Holden why he hadn't already left for his trip, just as Lily returned, and Lily wanted to know how Carly knew about his trip. Holden lied and said he told Carly when they were discussing Sage's riding plans, he left out that it was after he had spent the afternoon with Carly. Lily said she understood and, after Carly asked about Lily watching Sage, Lily said that Sage was always welcome at her house. Lily went to check on the girls, and Carly asked Holden if his leaving on the trip was because of her and their ride together. Carly admitted that she thought something had changed between them on the outing, but Holden quickly interrupted her and told Carly she was not the reason for his leaving. Lily returned and sensed something was wrong, but Holden and Carly said they were just figuring out scheduling for Sage's next lesson. Holden said he would come back later to say good-bye to the kids and left hurriedly.

After Holden's hasty departure, Lily asked Carly if there was something going on between her and Holden. Carly said that Holden blamed her for Lily moving out of the farm, and Lily said she would talk to Holden and straighten everything out. Carly told Lily not to worry about it and said she had to return to Metro.

Carly went to the farm to talk to Holden, but he claimed he didn't have time and needed to leave. Frustrated because Holden seemed to be avoiding her, Carly asked Holden again if she was the reason for his sudden business trip. Holden refused to acknowledge that anything had changed between them and said he just needed to get away to think about his relationship with Lily. Carly wished him luck and said good-bye, but it was clear Holden would be thinking about more than Lily on his trip.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Brad and Katie went to Al's Diner for breakfast and were surprised to learn that Janet had called in to work to say she had to take a personal day off, leaving Vienna to wait tables. Brad worried that something might have happened to Janet, but Katie assured him Janet could take care of herself. Kim came into Al's and told Katie that she'd been thinking about an idea Katie had to go on the presidential campaign trail on behalf of the "Oakdale Now" show. Kim said the more she thought about it, the more she liked the idea. Brad said he could get different sexy celebrities to co-host the show with him while Katie was gone, and Katie, thinking about Janet, said maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all.

Brad and Katie went to the TV studio to tape that day's segment of "Oakdale Now," and when they finished, Kim said she thought the campaign story might be a good way to spice things up on the show. Brad told Katie that if what she was really worried about was leaving him with Janet, she needed to trust him, because he could handle himself with Janet, and nothing would happen while Katie was gone.

Henry arrived at the diner to find Vienna bussing tables, which upset him greatly. However, he told Vienna he'd just had a meeting with Bonnie, and Bonnie really believed Henry and Vienna could wind up with some substantial money from Gray Gerard's estate. Henry said when they got their first check, he would send Vienna to a lavish spa to be pampered.

At school, Parker ran into Liberty, who was trying to reach her mom to remind her to pick her up for lunch. Ashley came over to say hello, and Liberty told Parker to "go ahead and ask her" out. When Ashley asked Parker what it was he wanted to ask her, Parker stammered out a question about their math homework, which Ashley answered before walking away. Liberty couldn't believe it, but Parker said he couldn't ask Ashley out in front of Liberty like that. Liberty told Parker she thought he was thinking about her, ever since their kiss, but Parker denied it and walked away.

At lunchtime, Parker saw Liberty outside waiting for her mom to show up. Liberty again told Parker that she thought Parker liked her since they had kissed, and she offered him another lesson in kissing. Parker told Liberty she had way too much self-esteem and that he would grade her kiss a C minus. Parker said what he needed was a better teacher. Liberty was shocked by Parker's remark, and Parker walked away. Liberty tried again to reach her mom by phone, and again she didn't get an answer, so she decided to check on her mother in person. When she walked into the hotel room, she saw how bruised Janet's cheek was. Liberty asked who had done it to her, but Janet said no one had done it, that it was an accident. Liberty told Janet she'd come to have lunch with her mother and would be really, really nice to her, but Janet told her she would take a rain check, and told Liberty to leave.

Liberty went to WOAK, where she told Brad and Katie that her mother had been hurt, and she suspected the man Janet had had drinks with was the one who had hurt her. Brad left to go to the hotel to speak to Janet, while Liberty stayed at WOAK and talked to Katie. Katie asked if anything like that had happened before, and Liberty said her mother didn't have "the best screening process" for men. Katie could tell Liberty was worried about her mom, but Liberty told Katie she didn't like to talk about emotions and feelings; instead, she wanted to know how it made Katie feel when her husband left her to go defend an old girlfriend. Katie said Brad's desire to help people was one of the things she loved about him, and unless she wanted to change him, which she didn't, she would have to learn to live with things like that.

At the Lakeview, Brad got Janet to let him into her room. He asked her who had hit her, and Janet said no one. Brad said he knew it had been Bud, the man Janet had drinks with, but Janet told Brad it wasn't his business and to go back to his wife. Brad left and went down to the lobby, where he happened to see Bud. He approached Bud and very aggressively told him that he knew what Bud had done and if Bud went anywhere near Janet again, he'd have to answer to Brad for it. Brad called Katie to let her know what had happened, while unbeknownst to Brad, Bud went to the elevators and headed upstairs to Janet's room. Brad hung up after telling Katie he was going to go let Janet know he'd talked to Bud.

Bud knocked on Janet's door, and Janet, thinking it was Brad again, opened it. Bud stormed into the room, demanding to know why Janet had been lying about how she got hurt, saying she'd given herself the black eye. Janet said she'd never said he had hit her, but she tried to call security to get Bud to leave, and he tore the phone from her and shoved her down on the bed. Brad came into the room, spun Bud around and punched him, knocking him down. Bud told Brad, "You just made a really big mistake!" Bud used his cell phone to call the police and said he wanted to report an assault and press charges.

Katie dropped Liberty back off at school, where Liberty again ran into Parker. Liberty asked if Parker had found a new teacher yet or just bought a book on kissing for dummies. Parker said anything would be better than Liberty's teaching methods, and he thought Liberty had probably only kissed one guy in her life. Liberty said she had 15 times the experience Parker would ever have, and Parker told her to prove it. Liberty said Parker wouldn't be getting any more lessons from her, and Parker responded by saying, "You're so full of it!" and walking away.

In New York, Luke convinced Noah to go to the police about the situation with his father. However, outside the police station, they were met by Agent Coyle and a woman who introduced herself as Livia and said she was the lead NYPD detective on the case. The pair took Noah and Luke back to the abandoned building where Colonel Mayer had been hiding. There, Coyle and Livia came up with a plan that involved Noah going to the pier to meet his father as his father had demanded. Luke was against the idea of using Noah as human bait, but Noah said he wanted to do it.

Luke said if Noah was going, he was going, too. Livia said that might work, if Coyle took Noah down to the pier first, while she briefed Luke on what he could do. Noah and Coyle left, and Livia gave Luke a map of the pier area to study. While Luke's back was turned, Livia pulled out a weapon and smacked Luke from behind with it, causing him to lose consciousness.

At the pier, Coyle encouraged Noah to go out on the dock to look for his father. Noah did, and Colonel Mayer came out from where he'd been hiding and asked where Ameera was. Coyle appeared behind Noah with Ameera and said, "Right here." Noah made a move, but Livia drew a gun and pointed it at him, telling him to keep still. Colonel Mayer grabbed Ameera, and Coyle handed him an envelope. Colonel Mayer thanked Coyle, who left with Livia. Noah asked his father what he was going to do with Ameera and if he was taking her back to Iraq. The colonel didn't answer directly but said everything he'd done, he had done for Noah's own good.

Colonel Mayer put Ameera onto his boat and pulled away from the dock. Noah stood watching helplessly at first but became resolved to do something, and he dove onto the back of the boat as it left the dock. Meanwhile, Luke regained consciousness and stumbled outside the abandoned building, where he hailed a taxi.

Alison encountered Brenda, the director of Oakdale Memorial Hospital's nursing program, in the hallway of the hospital. Brenda took Alison aside and told her that her barely passing grades and poor lab work were indications she wasn't ready for the rigorous nursing program. Alison emerged from the meeting having been "kicked out" of the nursing program. She ran into Aaron and told him the news. Aaron hugged Alison, as Chris walked by. Chris saw the tears in Alison's eyes and asked what had happened. Alison told Chris, and Chris said he was sorry. Chris left, and Alison told Aaron she was going to go ahead and work her shift and not let anyone see how upset she really was.

Chris went into Brenda's office and told her he was surprised she had acted so quickly. Brenda said she was just doing what Chris had told her to do, and that he'd been right about Alison.

Near the end of her shift, Alison ran into her mother. Susan had already heard the bad news, and she took Alison aside to ask her if it had anything to do with Alison's relationship with Chris. Alison's initial response was that it couldn't have, but Susan said that wasn't what she'd been hearing around the hospital. She asked Alison what had been going on with Chris. As Alison told her mom about her decision not to sleep with Chris and how angry that had made Chris, Alison realized that perhaps Chris had indeed been angry enough to seek revenge against her by having her kicked out of the program.

Bob and Chris went to Al's for lunch. Bob asked his son how work and his personal life were going. Chris said he had slowed things down considerably with Alison. Alison came in, obviously upset, and said she needed to talk to Chris. She told Chris that she knew what he had done, having Brenda kick her out of the nursing program because Alison had refused to sleep with him. Alison said Chris would probably get away with it because of who he was, and because he would get Brenda to back him up on it, but she wanted Chris to know that even at her lowest point, she was better than him. Alison left the diner, and Bob asked Chris if any of what Alison had said was true. Chris said Alison might believe it was true, but it wasn't. Bob told Chris he hoped Alison would keep her accusations to herself.

Bob returned to the hospital. He asked a nurse if she knew where Brenda was, but the nurse said Brenda was on her break. Susan came into the hallway and saw Bob. Bob told Susan that because they'd known each other so long, he was disappointed that she was spreading rumors about Alison and Chris. Susan said she wasn't spreading rumors but that she had heard the rumors and had asked Alison if they were true. Susan said she didn't think Alison was lying about what had happened. Bob said Chris had denied it, and Susan said it was a case of "he said/she said," but she knew Alison, and she believed her. Bob said, "I know my son." Susan retorted, "Yeah, we both do!" before walking away.

Chris talked privately with Brenda in a stairwell at the hospital and said he wanted to be sure that all of their conversations were kept confidential. Brenda told Chris, "Absolutely, Dr. Hughes. I won't say a word, ever."

Alison called Aaron, who met her at Java. Alison told Aaron what she'd found out about Chris's role in her removal from the nursing program, and Aaron asked what Alison intended to do about it. Alison said she wasn't sure, since it was her word against Chris's, but she really thought she would have been a good nurse. Aaron assured her that he thought so, too.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Katie arrived at Janet's hotel room where Brad, Janet and Bud, Janet's date from the other night, were still arguing. Katie saw Bud calling the police and asked Brad to tell her what was going on, but Bud interrupted and said Brad had attacked him. Katie was shocked and angry that Brad had been in a fight over Janet. Janet tried to explain that Brad thought he was protecting her from Bud, but Bud explained he had not given Janet her black eye. Brad confronted Bud again and began yelling that he had found Bud manhandling Janet, but Bud denied ever harming Janet. Brad threatened to punch Bud again, just as Jack and another police officer showed up and demanded entrance into the room.

Once inside, Jack tried to figure out what led to the altercation. Janet admitted that Bud had not hit her, but Brad claimed he thought he was protecting the mother of his daughter when he went after Bud. Katie listened as Brad defended Janet and Bud said he was pressing charges. Jack told Brad he had no choice but to arrest him. Janet quickly offered to go with Brad to post bail, but Katie told her to stay away because she had already caused enough problems. As Jack led Brad out of the room in handcuffs, Liberty arrived and knew right away that her mom was the reason for Brad's trouble.

Down at the police station, Jack took Brad and Katie in to the interrogation room and Brad admitted that he hit Bud. Brad tried to defend his actions, but Katie had heard enough and left the room to phone Kim. A short time later, Katie returned and spoke to Brad alone. Katie was obviously annoyed with Brad, but he said he could not let Liberty see a man treat her mother that way. Katie was still angry with Brad.

A short time later, a visibly irate Kim stormed in to the station and told Brad that if the assault charges stuck he would be fired. Kim was furious with Brad's silly shenanigans and admonished him for not thinking of his responsibilities to the show. As Kim walked out, Katie chased after her and tried to explain the situation and defend Brad. Kim said that they would have to wait and see what the judge decided because advertisers would not want a criminal as their on-screen spokesperson. Kim left and Katie watched as Brad was taken down to be booked.

Liberty and Janet came to the station to check on Brad, and Katie explained he was fine. Katie pulled Janet to the side and accused Janet of enjoying Brad's heroics. Janet said she knew this was her fault and she felt bad about Brad's arrest. Katie saw Jack return and asked him what she should do to help Brad. Jack said Brad's best hope was for Bud to drop the charges. Jack deliberately left Bud's phone number out so that Katie could call him.

Parker arrived to see Jack and learned about Brad's trouble from Liberty. Janet asked Parker to take Liberty out and get her mind off of Brad. Parker agreed and he and Liberty set off for some fun.

Katie phoned Bud and asked him to come back down to the station so they could work something out. Bud arrived and told Katie he wanted money and an apology to drop the charges. Brad was returned from booking and said he would not say sorry to Bud. After hearing Brad's refusal, Bud left and Katie was furious with Brad. A patrolman took Brad into the interrogation room, as Jack offered to help Katie get Bud to drop the charges.

Jack and Katie went to Lakeview and found Bud. Katie offered Bud double the money instead of Brad's apology. At first, Bud refused, but after some convincing, he decided his best bet was to take the money.

While Jack and Katie were gone, Janet stuck around to talk with Brad. She apologized for the trouble she caused, but Brad reassured her it was not her fault. Brad suddenly realized Katie had left and asked Janet where she had gone. Janet told Brad that Katie had left with Jack. In an attempt to make Brad jealous, Janet made a point to play up the fact that Jack and Katie were working together.

Katie returned to the station with Jack and gave Brad the good news that Bud had dropped the charges. Brad was released from custody and went with Katie to talk to Kim. Kim said she was happy Brad's current legal troubles had ended, but was worried that Brad would make another mistake soon.

Janet continued to make trouble for Brad and Katie by talking to Jack. At first, she thanked Jack for helping with Brad, but then she insisted Jack was only motivated by his feelings for Katie. Jack claimed he and Katie were just friends, but Janet was not swayed. She remained hopeful that Katie and Brad could be split up, and seemed to think Jack might be the man to do it.

Parker took Liberty to the school yard and the two shared stories about their conniving mothers. Eventually they started playing football and had a good time messing around. During all their football fun, Liberty and Parker fell to the ground and just as it looked like they might kiss, Liberty's phone rang with the good news that Brad was out of jail. She quickly left the awkward scene.

At Java, Aaron tried to cheer Alison up after she was expelled from nursing school. Amy arrived at the coffee house and told Alison and Aaron that everyone was talking about how Alison had been kicked out of the program, once she stopped sleeping with Chris. Alison tried to defend herself and said she had not slept with Chris, but Amy said no one would believe her. Amy left to return to class and Aaron congratulated Alison on standing up for herself. Alison explained that even though she was out of the nursing program, she still worked at the hospital and did not want people thinking the worst of her.

Chris found Brenda, the head of the nursing program, and asked her to agree not to tell anyone that he had persuaded her to kick Alison out of school. As Brenda told Chris that Alison was already doing poorly in her classes and no one would be suspicious of her dismissal, Bob walked in and wanted to know why Chris had any say in Alison's expulsion. Bob asked Chris if he had interfered with Alison's education. Chris lied and told his father that he wanted to see Alison succeed and was surprised when she had been let go from the program. Bob asked Brenda if Chris was being truthful and she backed up Chris's story by saying that Alison's work was subpar. Bob apologized for thinking the worse of Chris and went to find Susan.

Bob located Susan in the hall and told her that Brenda had told him that Alison's dismissal was because she was unable to do the work. Susan said she was not surprised because Alison was struggling. Bob reprimanded Susan for not getting all of her facts straight before she accused Chris of getting Alison kicked out.

After talking to Bob, Susan went to Java and told Alison that there was no conspiracy behind her being dismissed from the program. Alison was angry that her mom was not defending her and returned to the hospital for another shift. Aaron decided it was time to talk to Chris.

Aaron went to the hospital and told Chris that he ruined Alison's dream because she would not sleep with him. Chris said he had nothing to do with it and said Alison self-destructed all on her own. He walked away after telling Aaron that Alison was no longer his problem.

Aaron found Alison and told her that he believed Chris sabotaged her education. Alison said she had no way of proving that Chris was behind her expulsion and she wanted to move on and focus on her job at the hospital. Alison returned to work and her first patient was in a room with Chris. After giving her instructions, Chris walked out and spoke with a hospital administrator about getting Alison put into a strictly administrative position. Once Alison was done with her patient, she learned from the administrator that Chris had asked that Alison no longer work with patients.

Alison confronted Chris in the on-call room and told him he had no right to get her removed from caring for patients. In the meantime, Aaron found Susan and told her that he was sure Chris was behind Alison's expulsion. Aaron explained that Chris had just had Alison removed from patient care and would need her mother's support because she was going to fight her dismissal.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Carly and Lily discussed their children as they prepared a barbeque at Carly's, but neither woman could start the grill. Lily offered to call Holden for help, but Carly dissuaded her from calling after she flashed back on her intimate moment with him while they were horseback riding. It became obvious that the meat was never going to get cooked if the women did not have help, so they finally phoned Holden. He arrived with his girls and Lily invited him to stay and cook the burgers. Carly excused herself when it became apparent that Holden and Lily needed to talk privately. Holden told his wife he wanted them to be a family again, and Carly watched them embrace.

Lucinda found Luke at the harbor searching for Noah and introduced her grandson to the real Ben Coyle. The man they thought was Coyle turned out be an imposter in Colonel Mayer's employ. Luke refused to leave the dock until he found Noah. Coyle notified the Port Authority who said that Mayer's boat had not yet left the harbor. Lucinda and Luke boarded the authorities' boat and refused to get off, so the government agents got on board and the boat shoved off.

On Mayer's boat, the Colonel roughed up the imposter Coyle as they discussed how to get out of the marina without identifying every passenger as the Port Authority required. Noah hid under a table and overheard their conversation. When Mayer got rough with Ameera, Noah revealed himself and challenged his father. Colonel Mayer told Noah there was a political group in Iraq very interested in the girl's return. He also cautioned Noah that the boy didn't know Ameera as well as he thought he did. Noah urged his father not to go back to Iraq but to let the girl go and to turn himself in to the authorities.

Alison and Aaron met with Bonnie McKechnie about the possibility of filing suit against Memorial Hospital because of the actions of Dr. Chris Hughes. Alison felt at first that Bonnie was not sympathetic to her cause, however. Aaron finally convinced Bonnie that she was doing the right thing and then he left so that Alison and Bonnie could talk privately.

Alison told Bonnie the facts, including that she had almost slept with Chris but had bailed on him. Bonnie cautioned her client that if she wanted to be a nurse at Memorial, filing the lawsuit could be detrimental to her career.

Chris met with Tom Hughes and gave his side of the dispute with Alison. Chris' story was strongly slanted in his favor, although he did admit that he had told Brenda, the director of the nursing program, to "use her own judgment" in the case of releasing or retaining Alison Stewart as a student. Tom recommended including Dr. Bob in their discussion and called and asked him to join them. Tom played devil's advocate with Chris until Bob arrived. Tom received a call from Bonnie who notified him that Alison was now suing both Memorial Hospital and Dr. Chris Hughes. Bob chastised his son for making a bad situation worse. He volunteered to do some damage control with Lisa.

At the Snyder's barbeque, Lily told Carly how happy she was that she and Holden were keeping their marriage going. Holden cooked the hamburgers, and Lily decided to take Ethan home since he was running a slight fever. That left Holden and Carly alone with the children. The girls went to play on the swings and Holden and Carly tackled the dirty dishes. This led to a soapsuds battle between them that left Holden with a very wet shirt. He finally took his girls home, where Lily questioned the wet shirt. She made Holden take it off so that she could get him a dry one.

Dr. Bob approached Lisa about her having a chat with her goddaughter, Bonnie, about Alison's law suit. Lisa followed through by talking with Bonnie and explaining how devastating such a suit would be for the families involved.

Aaron met Alison as she was arriving at the hospital for her shift and promised he would not let Chris hurt her any more. As Alison was in the locker room putting away her belongings, Chris surprised her. The two of them argued, and Chris warned her that if she pursued the lawsuit, the lawyers would be bringing up all of Alison's sordid past, including her performance in porn movies.

Back in New York Harbor, the Port Authority boat approached Colonel Mayer's boat and asked him to surrender. Mayer immediately jumped overboard and disappeared. The authorities came on board and took Ameera into custody over Noah's protests. The police were hoping she could tell them the Colonel's plans. Noah turned on Luke with harsh words for showing up with the authorities. Then he promised Ameera he would get her out of the situation. Luke was obviously disappointed and felt betrayed.

Alison left her shift early because she was so upset and found Aaron. She told him what Chris had said about her past, and the couple went to confer with Bonnie. They were encouraged by Bonnie's advice that Chris had damaged his own case by confronting Alison in the locker room.

Bob scolded Chris about his even having a discussion with Alison after he had been cautioned to stay away from her. Bob called Tom to come to the hospital for some strategy planning, and Tom, too, warned Chris to stay as far away from Alison as possible. Tom then took a call from Bonnie, who was threatening to add charges if Chris continued to harass her client.

At Carly's, Sage presented her mother with a drawing of Holden with a sopping wet shirt, riding his horse. Carly displayed the picture in her kitchen and smiled.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Carly and Sage went to the farm so Holden could teach Sage how to behave around horses and how to ride. Holden had invited Jack to join them without telling Carly, and while Sage was excited to see her father, Carly appeared to be disappointed. After Sage got used to her horse, Angie, she asked Holden if she could ride without him holding onto the reins. Carly asked which horse she should ride, and Holden said she and Jack could decide that. Carly was surprised that Holden wasn't going to be the one taking Sage and her on a ride, but Holden said Jack knew the trails, too, and he thought Sage would enjoy it more if her dad went with her.

Jack and Carly took Sage for a ride, and Jack, noting that Carly appeared to be distracted, assumed Carly was beginning to get qualms about Sage going to sleep-away camp. Carly admitted as much, and when the ride was over, she asked Jack to take Sage home while she went to thank Holden for setting everything up for them.

At the farmhouse, Carly asked Holden why he had gone to such great lengths to distance himself from her. She asked him what he was afraid of, and Holden replied, "I think you know the answer to that." Jack walked in and asked what was going on. Carly said the riding lessons had been intended to be kept secret so that Jack would be surprised when he found out Sage knew how to ride. Holden apologized for having stirred things up, and he rushed off to take care of the horses. Jack told Carly not to blame Holden for not keeping their secret.

At Fairwinds, as Paul was giving Meg a foot rub, Margo came in and told Paul that Sofie had claimed that Paul had raped her. Paul denied it, and both he and Meg told Margo that Sofie was delusional.

Mike accompanied Sofie to the Oakdale Police Department, where Sofie told the officer she wanted to report a crime. Margo received a call saying Sofie was at the station, so she, Paul, and Meg went to the station together. There, Margo told Sofie she would need to speak with her privately. In the interrogation room, Sofie claimed Paul had raped her after she had turned away his advances. When Margo told Sofie that Paul had said Sofie was making up the rape charge, Sofie handed Margo a plastic bag that contained a pair of her panties and said, "These will prove it."

In the waiting area, Paul accused Mike of having convinced Sofie to come forward with the rape story. Mike told Paul he thought Paul had taken advantage of Sofie because Paul had given Sofie financial backing for her business and thought Sofie owed him something in return. Paul told Mike that Sofie had made the whole thing up and that Mike was "a stupid idiot" for believing her.

Meg went to see Barbara to let her know what was happening. Barbara was horrified to learn what Sofie was doing. Barbara mentioned that Sofie had put her youngest son, Will, through hell and had apparently moved on to her other son, Paul. Barbara told Meg that Sofie was "unbalanced and desperately needy, a very dangerous combination."

Barbara went to the station with Meg and warned Paul that Margo would be biased in favor of Sofie because Margo herself had been a victim of rape. Paul said he would be careful. Meg took Mike aside and asked if helping Sofie was his way of getting back at Paul; Mike said no and that Meg apparently didn't know him very well. Margo told Paul that Sofie had made a formal accusation of rape, and Margo was going to run a DNA test. Paul agreed to let the police take a sample of his DNA for testing, because he was convinced Sofie had no evidence.

When Margo received the results of the preliminary DNA test, she called all of the parties back to the station to announce the results. The testing put Paul within the suspect group. After Sofie said she stood by her story, Margo placed Paul under arrest. Barbara said she would get an attorney for Paul so he wouldn't have to spend the night in jail, and then she told Sofie, "When the truth comes out, you're going to have to answer to me!" Barbara left to hire an attorney for Paul. Meg then asked Sofie how she could do something like that to someone she had claimed to love. Sofie said that after she'd met Cole, she had lost her ability to stand up for herself, and she had let Cole hurt her over and over again. Sofie said, "I'm not gonna let anybody use me and then throw me out. I'm never gonna do that again." Sofie left, and Meg pointed out to Mike that Sofie's words indicated she was merely a woman scorned, not a rape victim.

Paul posted bail and was released from jail. Meg told him they would fight the rape charge and prove that Sofie was lying. Paul said Sofie must have had some practice lying, and Meg agreed and pointed out that they knew very little about Sofie's background and her past. Meanwhile, at Sofie's room, Sofie opened the door to find Cole standing there. Cole said, "Hey, Sof! Long time, no see!"

At the Hughes house, Daniel arrived with Emily, excited about an imminent trip to New York City with his brother, Casey, and his dad, Tom. Tom walked in and told his sons that something had come up at Memorial Hospital, and he would need to stay in town to help his father with it, so he was not going to be able to take them to New York after all. Tom said the only way they could still go would be if Emily were able to take them on short notice. Casey immediately said no, and he offered to take Daniel by himself, but neither Tom nor Emily liked that idea. Instead, Emily agreed to go with Daniel and Casey.

When Emily and Casey were alone together, Casey told Emily he couldn't go to New York with her. Emily told Casey he had to go, or he would have a lot of explaining to do to Tom and Daniel. Emily said situations like the present one were going to come up all the time because their families were connected, so they would just have to get used to it and try to act normal around one another. Casey said normal for him was throwing Emily down on the couch, but Emily said the more they practiced acting "normal," the easier it would become. Tom came back into the room, and Emily said she had to leave to pack some things. After Emily left, Tom asked Casey what was up with him and Emily, and Casey said it was just weird to be going to New York with his ex-boss. Tom said he was glad Casey and Emily weren't best friends or anything like that, because even though she was technically part of their family, Tom didn't want her around any more than necessary.

In New York, Emily and Casey took Daniel for a tour around the city and then had dinner. Afterward, Daniel met his friend and the friend's dad for a concert they were scheduled to see. When Daniel had gone, Emily told Casey that since he'd been so uncomfortable with the idea of spending the night in New York, she'd changed his return plane ticket so that he could leave that evening instead of the next day. Casey wondered how he was supposed to explain his early return to his parents, but Emily said he was a good liar and would think of something. Instead of leaving, however, Casey ended up back at Emily's hotel room, where he and Emily made love.

Daniel came back from the concert earlier than Emily and Casey expected him to, and they rushed to remake the bed and pick up the room so Daniel wouldn't know what they'd been up to. Daniel came in and told them about the concert and then asked if they could order a movie to watch together on TV. Emily said yes, and Casey agreed to stay and watch the movie with them. Daniel fell asleep, and Emily took Casey out in the hallway, where she said she would take Casey's room next door, because she hadn't cancelled the reservation yet. Emily told Casey they had both taken a terrible risk, and she said she must be out of her mind. Casey kissed Emily repeatedly despite her objections and then broke away and went into the second room, leaving Emily speechless in the hallway.


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