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Passions Recaps: The week of May 12, 2008 on PS
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Monday, May 12, 2008

Eve tried to convince Vincent that she needed him to go to the hospital, but both Vincent and Julian opposed the idea for different reasons. Vincent did not want to be arrested, and Julian did not want to tarnish the Crane name with the scandals. Vincent demanded that Eve deliver his baby no matter what, and he ordered Julian to videotape the scene for his blog.

Eve complained that she was unable to make progress since Vincent's anatomy looked nothing like a woman's. Julian took a break from videotaping to get a drink. Eve remarked that Vincent's genitals were in the way, and Julian reached for a knife and told Eve to whack it off like she did his. Julian commented that he was about to be sick, and Eve pointed out that giving birth was a natural thing. Julian noted that there was nothing natural about a male giving birth.

Vincent suddenly passed out because of the stress from constantly pushing. Eve mentioned to Julian that she had to revive Vincent, and Julian offered a salad tong and some non-stick spray to help pull the baby out. Eve lashed out at Julian for being ridiculous. Julian grabbed Vincent's head and swayed it vigorously back and forth and screamed at him to wake up. Julian managed to revive Vincent, and Eve was able to deliver the baby. Eve delivered the news that Vincent gave birth to a beautiful healthy boy and Eve handed the baby to Vincent. Vincent told the baby that he would never abandon him like Eve and Julian did him.

Pretty was rejoicing over the impending death of Luis and Fancy by thinking of an outfit for their funeral.

Back on the Crane jet, Luis tried to figure out a way to gain control of the plane. The plane was losing altitude at an extremely dangerous speed. Luis thought of Sheridan since she had experience flying a plane. Fancy called Sheridan, and she was talking Luis into landing the plane, but Pretty walked in and demanded that Sheridan stop helping Luis. Sheridan tried to explain the situation Luis and Fancy were in, but Pretty clued a very shocked Sheridan in on her latest scheme.

Sheridan concluded that Pretty had lost her mind. Pretty tried to grab the phone from Sheridan. They both fought over the phone. Back on the Crane jet, Luis and Fancy started to panic and yelled out for Sheridan to help. Sheridan tried to get back to the phone, but Pretty made it impossible. Sheridan managed to serve Pretty a hard blow, and she passed out. Sheridan got back to the phone and guided Luis into landing the jet safe and sound. After Luis landed the jet safely, Sheridan informed him that she loved both him and Fancy and that she would have been devastated without them. Pretty overhead, and she got up and called Sheridan a "stupid bitch," and then punched Sheridan.

Gwen accused Gertrude (Theresa) of being an imposter after finding her dentures in the dessert. Gwen insisted that Gertrude tell her the truth about her identity. Gwen did not trust Gertrude since something was a bit off about her. Gertrude made a lame excuse about her false teeth being intended to make her to appear more attractive. Ethan bought her explanations, but Gwen still had her doubts.

Gwen had had enough of Gertrude, so she gently asked her to leave. Gertrude tried to stick around and clean up because she did not want Ethan to be alone with Gwen. After Gertrude left the room, she remarked that the night should have been for her and Ethan. Suddenly, Gertrude had an idea.

Back in the bedroom, Gwen tried to seduce Ethan, but Ethan remarked that he was not a machine.

Out in the hall, Gertrude drugged two glasses of wine intended for Gwen and Ethan. Gertrude knocked on the door to interrupt Gwen and Ethan and handed Ethan the drugged wine. Both Ethan and Gwen drank the wine.

After Gwen and Ethan were passed out because of the drugged wine, Theresa led Ethan to another room, and she took advantage of Ethan in his drugged state. Ethan thought that it was all a dream, and she told Ethan that his dreams were about to come true. Ethan was still woozy from the drugs when Theresa undressed him and coaxed him into having sex with her.

Back in the guest bedroom, Gwen started to awaken while Theresa was screaming "I love you" to Ethan. Gwen heard the noise and decided to go and investigate. Gwen staggered to the room where Ethan and Theresa were. She opened the door and saw Ethan in bed with a woman. Gwen called out Theresa's name and questioned whether Theresa was alive.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Eve gushed over Vincent's baby boy, and Julian reminded her that she was also Vincent's mother as well as the baby's grandmother. Eve asked to hold the baby. Vincent refused at first, but finally gave Eve the baby. Eve asked Julian if he wanted to hold his son, who was also his grandson, but Julian refused to even look at him. He made up an excuse about being sick so as not to set off Vincent. Julian was disgusted by the situation and refused to come to grips with it.

After a long discussion with Eve, Julian changed his mind and held the baby. He was not comfortable, but he put on a show for Vincent. He eventually came around and was overcome with joy for his child. Julian went into Crane mode. He suggested that the baby should have the best that money could buy and that the baby had to be registered immediately. Eve and Vincent objected because Vincent would be brought up on charges for murder and rape. Julian thought that it was fitting for Vincent to make sacrifices for the child and serve time for his crimes, so he picked up the phone to call Sam. Eve threatened Julian with pictures of his surgery, and she also warned him that the truth about Vincent would be revealed via the media. Julian held off and decided not to call Sam. While Julian was telling Eve that Vincent was a psychopath, Eve was convincing Julian that Vincent was too caught up with the baby to do any harm. On the contrary, Vincent whispered to his baby that although he decided not to kill Eve and Julian, he needed someone else to pay dearly, and Sheridan was his next target.

Paloma spoke to Noah of her vision. It involved Juanita stabbing Theresa to death. Tabitha saw them through her book of disaster and commented that Paloma saw the future and that evil had been unleashed on Harmony. Noah and Paloma were about to make love, and suddenly, the book of disaster appeared next to them in bed. It was sparkling with fire. The sparks attacked them. Both Noah and Paloma ran out of the room. They went downstairs to question Tabitha, but they ended up seeing the sparks from the book of disaster on Tabitha's table. Noah questioned Tabitha about the strange goings-on in her house. Tabitha played it off by telling both Noah and Paloma that they drank some of her psychedelic tea.

Juanita showed up in Harmony determined to find Pilar to kill her and her entire family. An FBI agent cornered Juanita, but she got away. Juanita and her henchman split up, and she managed to circle the FBI agent. She held the agent at gunpoint and ordered him to take her to Pilar.

Ethan was still under the influence of drugs while having sex with Theresa. Gwen walked into the room while still groggy and realized that Theresa was still alive and was having sex with Ethan. Gwen questioned her senses but was sure that it was Theresa. She called out Theresa's name. Theresa stared at Gwen while Ethan was still having sex with her. In addition, Theresa wanted to knock Gwen out with a hammer. She ignored Gwen since she didn't care. She was with the man she loved.

Gwen left the room and concluded that she must have been hallucinating because Theresa was dead. Gwen staggered downstairs towards Pilar and informed her that Theresa was alive. Pilar used Gwen's guilt to distract her from the truth. Gwen was not convinced, so she offered to take Pilar upstairs to the bedroom. Pilar continued to work on Gwen's guilt, but Gwen outsmarted her and concluded that Pilar was in cahoots with Theresa. Pilar begged Gwen to stop, but Gwen wanted Pilar to confirm that Theresa was alive first.

Back upstairs in the bedroom, Ethan was awake. He looked at Theresa and remarked that Theresa was alive. The drug was still in Ethan's system, so Theresa convinced him that it was just a dream. They kissed.

Back downstairs, Gwen pushed Pilar out of the way and headed upstairs to kill Theresa.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

As Ethan and Theresa were making love, Pilar tried to convince Gwen that she was crazy for seeing the two in bed together. Gwen went back into the bedroom to prove to Pilar that Theresa was alive, but when she got there, the bed was made up and there was no sign of Theresa or Ethan. Unbeknownst to Gwen, Theresa was hiding under the bed. She had kicked Ethan out of the bedroom prior to Gwen barging in. Gwen was determined to turn the bedroom upside down to find Theresa. Pilar saw Theresa hiding under the bed and sat on the bed to keep Gwen from finding her. Before Gwen could look there, Ethan came into the room wondering what was going on. Gwen told him that she saw him and Theresa making love in the room, and Ethan told her she was crazy. Ethan had flashes of him making love with Theresa in that room but didn't admit it. Gwen told Ethan she wasn't imagining things and that she wasn't just feeling guilty about Theresa's death. Ethan asked her why she would feel guilty about Theresa dying, and Pilar prepared to spill the beans to Ethan about Gwen's role in Theresa's "death." Before she could, Gwen covered by saying she felt guilty because she never wanted Theresa to die-she just wanted to beat Theresa in a fair fight. Ethan bought her explanation and later in their bedroom told Gwen they would be together forever. Theresa was listening outside the door, hurt by what she heard. Pilar told Theresa she would be putting their family in danger if Gwen found out Theresa was alive. Theresa told Pilar that Juanita didn't know where they lived and she would never find them.

In the living room of the Crane mansion, Fancy and Luis prepared a special meal for Sheridan to thank her for saving their lives and to announce their engagement to her. Back at Sheridan's cottage, Pretty barged in just before Fancy and Luis called to invite Sheridan to the main house. Sheridan told Pretty that if the plane had crashed it would have killed Luis too. Pretty wasn't remorseful for her actions. She said if she couldn't have Luis, no one would. Sheridan vowed to protect Luis from Pretty. When Sheridan reached the living room of the main house, Fancy thanked her for saving them from the plane crashing, and Sheridan acted modest about her efforts to save them. When Fancy showed Sheridan the engagement ring, Sheridan tried to cover up her pain by acting like she was happy for them. Then, Pretty walked in with an engagement present for the couple. When she tried to present the gift to them, Sheridan snatched it and accused Pretty of putting a bomb in it. Sheridan soaked the gift in champagne only to find out that the gift was just a clock. Fancy and Pretty were perplexed by Sheridan's erratic behavior, but Luis defended Sheridan.

Shortly after giving birth to his son, Vincent plotted to kill Sheridan for letting him plunge to his death from the cliff months ago. Eve told Julian that motherhood had mellowed Vincent out, but Julian predicted that if Eve were wrong and Vincent killed again, they would be at fault for not telling the police Vincent was alive. Julian told Eve he wanted absolute proof that Vincent's baby was his. If it wasn't Julian's baby, Julian said, that would change everything. Eve blamed Vincent's murderous nature on Alistair's torture. Julian asked Vincent what he was holding, and instead of telling him it was a picture of Sheridan, he said it was a list of the things he wanted to do for his son. Vincent told Eve and Julian he was going upstairs to get some rest and asked them to watch the baby. Instead of going to bed, Vincent snuck off and showed up at Sheridan's house with a gun, preparing to kill her. Meanwhile, Eve told Julian to watch the baby while she went to the hospital to pick a DNA test, but she went by Alistair's room instead with knife in hand, vowing to kill him.

Juanita kidnapped U.S. federal agent Henderson, who had been tracking her, and tied him up. She threatened him to get him to give up Pilar's whereabouts or her last name, saying she would kill his family. Henderson said he didn't know Pilar's whereabouts or even her last name-Pilar had been instructed not to reveal any personal details that could give away her location. He said Pilar only called in for updates. Juanita put a trace on Agent Henderson's phone so that the next time Pilar called, Juanita would be able to tell her exact location.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

There was no Thursday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, May 16, 2008

There was no Friday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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