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Passions Recaps: The week of May 5, 2008 on PS
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Monday, May 5, 2008

Theresa was excited about revealing herself to Ethan, so she planned a fantasy scene that Ethan described to her. On his way to the guest room, Ethan questioned the sender of the note, and he found it unusual since he never used the guest room. While Theresa was on the phone with Pilar, she was overcome with joy and started planning for her future with Ethan. She then fantasized about revealing herself to Ethan.

In Jonathan's room, Gwen gushed to him about being a perfect family with Ethan minus Little Ethan. Gwen noticed that Ethan had been gone for a while, so she went to look for him.

Ethan went in the guest room while Theresa was in the bathroom, preparing to greet him. Gwen suddenly showed up in the guest room and asked Ethan if he'd had the room done up. Ethan did not take credit, since he was under the impression that it had been Gwen's doing. They both wondered who could have done it. Ethan showed Gwen the note about meeting someone in the guest room, and Gwen concluded that it was rather strange. Gwen blamed Theresa, since that was reminiscent of her past behavior but then remarked that Theresa was dead.

Theresa was about to open the bathroom door but decided to listen first before going out there. She heard Gwen in the room with Ethan and realized that she was in a predicament. Theresa accidentally dropped something. Gwen and Ethan decided to go and investigate. Theresa tried to figure out what to do and decided that the best thing to do was to reveal herself to Ethan.

Back in Mexico, the prison guards prepared Juanita for court. Juanita uttered to the guards that she would escape and go after Pilar and her family. One of the guards was Juanita's henchman. As soon as the opportunity permitted, Juanita's henchman killed the other guard and freed her. Before Juanita and her henchman left the prison grounds, a police helicopter cornered them and demanded that they stop instantly. Juanita ran and ordered her henchman to do so as well. The henchman suggested to Juanita that she needed to go into hiding, but Juanita said she would rather face danger just so she could destroy Pilar and her family.

Kay was devastated about her wedding dress getting destroyed by an unusual fire. Noah remarked that the situation was strange, and Tabitha kept telling herself that evil was in Harmony. Kay blamed Noah for knocking over a candle that had destroyed her dress. Tabitha muttered to herself that someone human had not caused the burnt dress. Noah was about to engage in a fistfight with Roberto.

Tabitha could not take the tension in the room; consequently, she froze everyone in the room and tried to consult the book of disaster. She begged for an explanation, but the book vanished and left a pool of blood. That was the only sign Tabitha needed to conclude that everyone in Harmony was doomed.

Tabitha prevented the fight that was close to starting between Noah and Roberto. Paloma lashed out at Noah and informed him that Roberto's kiss had been unexplained, which was similar to Noah and Fancy's strange kiss. Paloma begged Noah to see the similarities of both occurrences. Noah finally caved in and told Paloma that he loved her. Noah threatened Roberto and advised him to stay away from Paloma.

Miguel started to talk about love, and the book of disaster reacted negatively by knocking things over, and it hurled objects at everyone in the room. Everyone except Tabitha questioned the strange happenings. Paloma saw a vision of Juanita holding a bloodied knife over Theresa in Tabitha's mirror, and she concluded that it was a message from the grave.

Outside Luis and Fancy's hotel room, Pretty screamed at the top of her lungs. She was disappointed that Luis had proposed to Fancy. Pretty was about to bang on the hotel room door in anger, but Sheridan stopped her.

Luis heard the screams and decided to investigate. Fancy was against it at first, but she agreed to check out the screams. Sheridan saw that the door was about to be opened, so she grabbed Pretty and got out of there. She did not want Luis to know that they were following him. Pretty overheard Fancy telling Luis that she could not wait to be his wife, and she was not a happy camper.

Pretty tried to figure out a way to prevent the wedding between Luis and Fancy. Pretty overheard when Luis mentioned the Crane jet on the phone, and reached the conclusion that Luis was eloping with Fancy. Pretty ran off stating that she would stop Luis at all costs.

Luis surprised Fancy by preparing a romantic getaway on the Crane jet.

Pretty drugged the pilot, Stanley, so that he was incapable of flying the plane. She remarked that it would be Stanley's last flight. In addition, she said that if she could not have Luis, no one else could.

The drugged pilot prepared Luis and Fancy for takeoff.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Julian had a nightmare about his penis, and he thought that Eve was the one who had attacked him and was back to finish the job, but it was only a dream. Julian got up because he could not sleep. He ended up talking to his penis. He decided to go to the bathroom, but since his penis had been reattached backwards, he made a mess of his clothing. Julian remarked that he could not even go to the bathroom as a real man anymore. He decided to get dressed, find Eve, and give her a piece of his mind.

Eve was back at her apartment, taking a drink. Eve blamed Vincent for talking her into reattaching Julian's penis in the wrong direction. Vincent thought that justice had been served, since Julian had used his penis as a weapon against women, especially Eve. In addition, Vincent stated that Julian would have no choice but to be faithful to Eve, and Eve tried to explain to Vincent that Julian would have a hard time psychologically adapting to a much smaller penis.

In the midst of their conversation, Eve noticed that Vincent's water broke, and she informed him that he was having a baby. Vincent was not even having any contractions. He gushed that he was finally going to be a parent, and Julian would be "daddy" and "granddaddy" all at the same time. Eve suggested that Vincent go to the hospital, but Vincent reminded Eve that he was supposed to be dead, and he would be found out.

Eve returned with the blankets to aid Vincent with his delivery. She saw Vincent put on Valerie's wig and questioned the choice. Vincent noted that he wanted the baby to know that both he and Valerie were there for "it" from the start. Vincent began videotaping the moment, but Eve pointed out that it would not matter once the contractions took over. Suddenly, Vincent started having contractions. He dropped the video camera and grabbed hold of the kitchen table. Vincent begged for a spinal in order to ease the pain, but Eve refused, since it would have been too risky due to the way his insides were built.

Julian walked in the room and asked Eve what was going on. She told Julian that Valerie was about to give birth. Eve remarked that "his" water had broken and that "he" was in labor. Julian questioned Eve's use of pronouns and concluded that Eve was drunk. Julian kept going back and forth with Eve regarding Valerie's gender, and Julian was convinced that Eve had lost her mind.

Eve exclaimed that she was fed up with Vincent and his dual personalities. Julian continued harping on the fact that he was sure that Valerie was a woman and that men did not give birth to babies. Julian insisted that he wanted to take Valerie to the hospital. Vincent screamed, "No!" Julian went in front, since he had been facing Vincent's side all along, and he realized that Valerie was a he and not a she.

Eve stepped aside so that Julian could get a good view. Vincent took the Valerie wig off, and he said, "I guess the cat's out the bag. Hey, daddy. That's me. Your sonny boy has come home again." Julian stumbled on his words, and he grabbed the bottle from Eve and started gulping down the booze.

Luis and Fancy made love while Stanley, the pilot, tried to stay awake for the flight.

Meanwhile, Pretty sat in the control room and wished the worst for Luis and Fancy. She hoped that the pilot would be out cold by a certain altitude and that Luis and Fancy would be toast, since the pilot would be incapacitated.

The pilot started to get sleepy from the coffee Pretty had drugged, but he realized that something was wrong, so he called in for help.

Back on the ground, Pretty paced the floor and hoped that the pilot was out cold. The operator in the control tower told Pretty to leave, but she threw her weight around by telling him that her family had built the place. Pretty overheard Stanley's call. She was very excited about the news.

The control tower operator tried to talk the pilot down. Pretty was not too keen on the idea, so she thought of ways to make sure that the plane crashed. Pretty grabbed a plaque from the wall and slammed it down on the tower control operator's head. She was determined to make sure the plane with Luis and Fancy crashed.

Back on the plane, Luis and Fancy were enjoying their romantic moment, unaware that the pilot was in trouble.

Theresa was confident about revealing herself to Ethan with the hopes that Gwen would be ousted for all that she had done to Theresa. On the other side of the bathroom, Gwen and Ethan banged on the door, demanding that whoever was in there open it. A phone call interrupted Ethan. The news was that Juanita Vasquez had escaped. Theresa opened the bathroom door and heard what Ethan had said regarding Juanita. Theresa was terrified by the news, and so was Ethan. Gwen didn't think it mattered, but Ethan reminded her that Juanita was the one who had killed Theresa.

Theresa went back in the bathroom and locked it. The game plan had changed since Juanita had escaped. Theresa had to go back into hiding in order to protect her family. On the other side of the door, Gwen and Ethan kept banging on the door, but no one opened it. Gwen walked to the side and muttered to herself that a few months earlier, she would have thought that Theresa was behind the door, but she was confident that Theresa had died.

Theresa tried to open a closed window in order to escape, but that did not work. Gwen managed to find an axe in order to break the door down. Theresa was terrified because she was stuck with nowhere to go. After Gwen put a hole in the door with the axe, Ethan opened it. When they got inside, they were surprised to see who was there.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Julian was stunned as he saw Vincent on the Russell kitchen table, about to give birth. Eve finally explained to Julian the whole story about Vincent and Valerie.

Luis and Fancy had just finished their romantic interlude on the Crane jet when they were suddenly tossed about the cabin. Thinking it was just bad turbulence, they were horrified to discover the pilot slouched over in the cockpit, completely unconscious.

Juanita had escaped from prison but was angry and frustrated that she couldn't find Pilar and get her revenge. Pilar got the news that Juanita was on the loose and rushed to stop Theresa from telling Ethan the truth before it was too late.

Ethan and Gwen discovered Gertrude in the bathroom of the romantically decorated bedroom. Gwen demanded to know why Gertrude was trying to seduce Gwen's husband.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

There was no Thursday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, May 9, 2008

There was no Friday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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