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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 5, 2008 on GL
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Monday, May 5, 2008

In Harley's kitchen, Harley toiled over Josh's assignment to spy on Cassie. Cyrus talked Harley into letting him find out whom Cassie had slept with. He said he saw Cassie every day. If her lover were still around, then he wouldn't be that hard to distinguish. Harley agreed and mentioned that if she could just clear her caseload then things would get back to normal. Cyrus said he wanted her to get back to their relationship. Gus had had years with Harley, and Cyrus said that he demanded nothing less. He left as Harley thought about what he had said.

Cyrus went straight to the farm and revealed to Cassie that Josh had hired Harley to find her lover. Cassie seemed shocked, but Cyrus calmed her by saying that he had the case under control. He planned to tell Josh that he had found the guy and to assure Josh that the affair had ended. As Cassie wondered how she had gotten there, Cyrus commented that normally he wouldn't even stick around to deal with messes like that. Cassie noted that he was still there.

Meanwhile after Harley worked on Gus's cases at the police station, she went to Towers to reserve space for a fundraiser for Gus's children's home. She bumped into Reva and told her about the project. Reva mentioned the movie and Daisy's desire to work on it before college. Harley said Daisy didn't want to go to college, and Reva thought that a little grunt work on the movie set might change Daisy's mind. Suddenly, Harley switched the subject to Cassie, saying that she hadn't spoken to her in a while. Reva quietly replied that she hadn't been so close to Cassie lately.

Harley returned to the station, and Daisy visited to ask her to go shopping. They talked about the movie and Daisy's plans for the future. She wanted to travel Europe with Harley, Zach, and Jude. Harley sighed, saying that a trip like that really would be a dream. Daisy said that even if it weren't Europe, Gus would want Harley to do something for herself and have some fun.

After talking to Daisy, Harley showed up at Cyrus's messy hotel room to tell him that she hadn't learned anything about Cassie from Reva. Cyrus thought it was unnecessary for Harley to pay him a personal visit to tell him that she had no information on a case that she no longer handled. He implored Harley to be honest about just wanting to see him. Harley said that their relationship had started in a very bad way. She wondered if they could just start over, keep their clothes on, and then see where it would lead. Perhaps he could even take her to dinner. Cyrus smiled at the possibility of having a date with Harley.

After talking to Cyrus, Harley returned to the police station and closed one of Gus's cases. She asked Doris's annoying cousin, officer Wolfe, to take the perpetrator to lockup. With satisfaction, she wrote Gus's name by the case on her white board in black marker.

Meanwhile Olivia decided to move into the house she had taken from Natalia. After Jeffrey dropped her off, she was overcome with pain and called a car to take her to the Beacon. There she ran into Cassie and asked her if she could have a look at payroll. Cassie snapped at Olivia for trying to check up on her. Olivia seemed surprised and said she was merely bored and not checking up.

At Company, Reva and Josh pored over photos and reminisced about the old days as they decided what memories could become scenes in the movie. "Hollywood Hawk" approached with tons of ideas on how to squeeze money out of the movie producers. As Josh left, Jolene ran into him and called him "Joshua." Reva chided Jolene about doing that.

At Cross Creek, Reva learned that Olivia had moved out. Jeffrey proposed that he and Reva have a romantic evening at Cross Creek. After talking to Jeffrey, Reva took flowers to Olivia's suite. She asked Olivia why she had moved out of Cross Creek. When Olivia said that it had been time, Reva wondered if Olivia were really going to just let Jeffrey go so easily. Olivia said knew that Jeffrey loved Reva. She needed her own real love and swore to find it before she died.

Later, Ava surprised Olivia by setting up interviews with nurses. As they started showing up, Olivia conducted the interviews. Meanwhile, Jeffrey found Lillian at Company and asked her to be Olivia's nurse. Lillian said no way, but Jeffrey asked her to think of Emma, Lizzie's sister.

When Jeffrey took Lillian to Olivia at the Beacon, Olivia slammed the door at the sight of Lillian. Jeffrey entered and also asked Olivia to think of Emma. Once Jeffrey left the two women alone, Olivia ordered Lillian to do chores and run errands. As Lillian left, she told Olivia that she had seen horrible things as a Vietnam nurse, but at least those people had been brave. She said Olivia should be ashamed of herself.

After Lillian left, Olivia couldn't find anyone to pick up Emma. Olivia attempted to do it herself. Outside on some stairs, Olivia gripped a railing and braced herself. She called someone to go there and help her.

Meanwhile Cassie had returned home, and Josh entered to ask her if they were still going out for their date. Cassie said she had sent Daisy home because Josh had left and hadn't called. He assumed that meant they were staying in. Cassie asked again if he were going to forgive her. Josh replied that he didn't know, but he said he was trying.

Cassie made calls and found someone to watch R.J. that night. Josh seemed unexcited that they could still have their night alone. Just then, Jolene stopped over to interview them about the movie. When Cassie and Josh went to the kitchen to get Jolene a glass of tea, they argued about solving their problems. Josh got upset and returned to the living room to tell Jolene that she had arrived at a bad time. He rudely hustled Jolene out and slammed the door on her. He decided to go out for food. Cassie offered to cook, but Josh was already out the door.

Meanwhile Reva and Jolene went shopping. As they sat on a bench on Main Street, Jolene said she wanted to find vintage clothes to mimic Reva's eighties look. Reva laughed at the word vintage, and Jolene mimicked her laugh. As Reva continued to laugh and Jolene kept mimicking her, Josh strolled up. Jolene asked him how it felt to have married two sisters from the same family.

Jolene said Cassie was the worst version of the "other woman" that Jolene had ever heard of. Josh tried to defend his choice, but Jolene wondered if it bothered Reva. Reva said Josh had married plenty of other women, but "he always comes back to me." Josh told Reva that Cassie was his wife. "Your current wife," Reva added. Josh advised Reva to concentrate on tales of her own numerous marriages. Reva said she would, but at least she owned who she really was.

As Josh later studied the Bible at CO2, Cyrus approached and said that he had taken over Josh's case from Harley. He asked Josh if he really wanted the information. Josh affirmed that he did. Cyrus said that the man Cassie had cheated with was an insurance agent from out of town who had spent only one night at the Beacon and hadn't returned since. He gave Josh the name Chris Boyle. He said Josh shouldn't let it eat at him because Cassie was committed to Josh. He left a small notepad with the information in it on the table and left.

Meanwhile, as Hawk surprised Jeffrey at Cross Creek by telling him that he'd be a house guest for the duration of the movie filming, Reva sat down with Cassie at the farm and said she had heard that Jolene had been by there. As they opened a photo album, Cassie wondered what parts of Reva's life the movie would cover. At about that same time, Jolene called Carson from Towers. She recalled that Carson had been struggling to find the heart of the movie script. Jolene knew what direction Carson should take. She said that the movie should be a love story about Reva and Josh.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

While Dinah and Bill prepared to meet with the Spaulding board, Alan sat with Rafe, telling him that he planned to attend an important meeting. At the mansion, Dinah invited Remy to the board meeting; however, he declined, unable to understand Dinah's need to go corporate. Dinah said that it was time for Bill and her to show everyone that they were forces to be reckoned with. Remy likened them to the Alexandra and Alan of the new millennium.

Meanwhile Lizzie helped Bill dress for the meeting. As she dropped him off at Spaulding, she suggested that he find jobs within the company for Natalia and Rafe. Bill wondered why he should do that, and Lizzie replied that he should do that because they were family.

Meanwhile, Ava looked for Olivia at the hospital and received a note from her saying that she wanted Ava to go to the board meeting instead of waiting around the hospital for her. Ava complied, went to Spaulding, and set up the meeting room. When Bill entered, he dismissed her, saying that he didn't want her at the meeting. Upset, Ava left.

Meanwhile, Remy and Lizzie encountered each other at the park, and Remy wondered why Lizzie wasn't at the meeting. When Lizzie said Bill wanted to do it alone, Remy told her that Dinah had invited Remy. Remy didn't understand why Bill hadn't invited Lizzie. Lizzie changed the subject to Ava. Remy explained to Lizzie that he had taken a liking to Ava. He almost felt bad for taking Lizzie's money to distract Ava from Bill.

Lizzie went shopping and bumped into Ava on Main Street. Ava insinuated that Bill had used Lizzie's personal conversations with him to gather information for a Spaulding takeover. Lizzie refused to believe it, but Ava reminded her that since the beginning of Bill and Lizzie's relationship, Bill had always been playing Lizzie to get ahead in business. Ava felt that Lizzie was na´ve to believe that Bill suddenly had an interest in girls who cried over dollhouses.

Meanwhile Dinah spoke to Maureen on the phone, planning a family victory party for later that evening. She instructed her not to tell Vanessa. Once her call ended, Alan strolled by saying that he planned to attend the board meeting. He warned Dinah that she and Bill would make fools of themselves that day. Later, Dinah discovered Alan in his old Spaulding office, and she called security to escort him out. As he left, Dinah announced that she had bought the TV station, and their takeover of Spaulding would be the top story in the news.

Dinah and Bill talked before the meeting, and Dinah worried about Bill's relationship with Lizzie. Bill was convinced that Lizzie loved him. He said if Lizzie wanted their relationship then she would accept the news that they had done a takeover instead of the planned merger. After Dinah and Bill met with the board, they congratulated each other in the lobby of Spaulding. Dinah again asked about Lizzie. Bill seemed confident that Lizzie would accept the news and go with him to their celebration later.

When Maureen arrived at Spaulding, Dinah told her that she'd have her own office. Maureen wondered how Vanessa would feel about it. Dinah said Maureen shouldn't worry about what their mother worried about because Maureen was like Dinah. The little girl laughed, saying she could never tell their mother that.

Maureen asked Dinah if Mallet would attend their party, since Dinah had said that she was doing all of it for him. Dinah replied that she had done it for the family. If Mallet didn't show up at the party, it was okay because they still had their family.

Meanwhile Lizzie picked up Bill outside. He said that he couldn't have done what he had done that day without her. Lizzie agreed and accused him of using her to get family secrets for the takeover. Bill tried to tell her that he hadn't used anything she had said because he had done his own homework, but Lizzie was convinced that Ava had been right. She told him that Ava had overheard him and Dinah saying that they planned to blow Spaulding to smithereens. Bill wanted to know how they could fix the problem, and Lizzie told him to rescind the takeover. Bill looked at her as if she were crazy, and Lizzie angrily left.

Meanwhile, Rafe and Natalia left Company to go have some tests for Rafe done at Cedars. Rafe asked Natalia why they remained in Springfield, since Gus had died. Natalia didn't answer. At Cedars, Natalia saw Remy looking for Ava. He told her that Olivia had been readmitted. Natalia went to see Olivia, and Olivia assured Natalia that her hospital visit was routine.

When Natalia left Olivia, she discovered Alan in the lobby with Rafe. Alan told them that he planned to get everything back that he had lost. Natalia asked him to instead concentrate on keeping what he still had. When Alan offered to make them lunch at Company, Natalia wondered if he would have cooked them lunch if he still had the mansion. That option had never occurred to Alan. At Rafe's urging, Natalia agreed to lunch and then advised Alan to visit Olivia.

Alan took Natalia's advice and went to Olivia's room. Olivia thought she had died and "gone to the bad place." She apologized for having Gus's heart, but Alan said that because of Gus, she had survived. She should not feel sorry for that. Olivia explained how hard it was to keep up a positive fašade for everyone when all she wanted to do was die. Alan told her that he understood her feelings.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, he said he didn't have cheerful parables for her. Olivia was relieved to hear that. Alan said that some days he had trouble putting one foot in front of the other. He reminded her of a time when they had thought they could rule the world. Olivia smiled and called it the good old days. He said that he still wanted that. Olivia asked him why. Thoughtfully, he touched her hand and said goodbye.

At Company, Rafe and Natalia decided to make lunch for Alan, but he showed up and went into the kitchen to cook as he had said he would. Natalia turned to Rafe and said, "That's why we're here." She said that Rafe had family there; if they wanted to be close to Gus, they would remain in Springfield.

Meanwhile, Ava spent time with Remy as she waited to pick up Olivia. In the stairwell at Towers, she beat him at cards. He took her to Cedars, and he smiled like a kid in love as Ava thanked him for his attentiveness and told him that he didn't have to wait for her.

In the meantime, Bill attended Dinah and Maureen's intimate celebration in the Spaulding parlor alone. Dinah and Maureen were the only ones there, and they danced around Bill. He went outside, sat on a bench, and seemed sad.

Lizzie found Alan at Company. Alan saw that she was upset, and he asked her what was wrong. Lizzie said that they needed to take Spaulding back because the company belonged to them. She buried her face in his chest, and he cupped the back of her head.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A displeased Bill Lewis found Ava on Main Street with Remy. After asking to speak to her alone, Bill accused Ava of purposely hurting Lizzie by telling her what his intentions had been for Spaulding Enterprises. He felt that he should have been the one to tell Lizzie the truth. Bill whipped out his checkbook and handed Ava a check, telling her that it would cover her expenses and medical bills. He said he only wanted her to call him when the baby was born.

Bill had a difficult time concentrating on work and press interviews since Lizzie had left him. He called her several times with no answer from Lizzie. When a reporter asked him if he had any regrets, he shared that everyone had regrets; however, people moved on and dealt with them. Back at the hotel, Bill discovered a memento that Lizzie had left behind, and he left to find her. He encountered Lizzie on a pathway and tried once again to explain to her that he hadn't used her to take over Spaulding. Lizzie told him that she was teaming up with Alan. She gave him the key to his room and said it was over between them.

Meanwhile the gravity of becoming a single mother set in on Ava as she told Remy that things weren't working out with Bill. She thought she would become gross and fat. She didn't want to hear about babies being a blessing. Remy told her that babies freaked him out, but he knew that she'd never become gross and fat. Remy added, "Not gross, anyway," and Ava finally laughed. He kissed her forehead.

Later, Ava sat at the bar at Towers with a drink and Bill's check. Remy happened along, tasted her drink, and took it away when he detected alcohol. Remy decided that Ava needed a distraction.

Remy took Ava to the mansion, where they were soaked by the unpredictable sprinkler system on the lawn. After Ava found a robe to change into, she entered the parlor, where Remy waited. He told her how beautiful she was. They kissed, and Ava took off Remy's shirt. Afterward Ava seemed anxious to retreat from Remy. He appeared to get the hint, but then Ava asked him if he would be at their favorite running spot in the morning. She told him that she'd be there. They smiled, agreeing to see each other in the morning.

Meanwhile at Company, Lizzie and Alan Spaulding calculated the shares they needed to wrestle away from Dinah and Bill in order to regain control of Spaulding. Lizzie gave Alan a PDA and a new condo. Alan told her that she was making a big commitment to him. He wanted to ensure she wasn't merely out for lover's revenge. Lizzie assured him that she was in all the way. Out in the car, Lizzie transferred shares into Alan's name and then slumped at the wheel, crying.

When Buzz caught Alan stinking up Company with one of his cigars, Alan announced to him that he was on the way to being back on top. He wrote Buzz a check for his rent. Buzz shrieked at the dollar amount and told him to keep his money. Having Alan living at the boardinghouse had actually turned out to be nice, and Buzz said the other boarders liked him. Alan agreed, saying he enjoyed making friends and giving out financial advice.

When Buzz wondered if Alan wanted to stay on, Alan said he was done waiting in line for the shower. He asked Buzz how to use his PDA, and Buzz shrugged, saying he still used payphones. Alan invited Buzz to stop by his new apartment for that game of poker they always mentioned they'd play.

Later Lizzie bumped into Beth at Company and told Beth about the breakup. Beth invited Lizzie to stay at the Bauer house. Lizzie thought it was a great idea. She whispered to Beth that she had thought Bill was the one. Lizzie had since realized that she and Bill hadn't known each other as well as they had thought they had.

After talking to Lizzie, Beth learned from Buzz that Lizzie had purchased Alan a condo. Beth wondered if Buzz was glad that Alan was vacating the boardinghouse. Buzz said Alan had actually been a good tenant, had made himself at home, and had even been fun.

Once Lizzie settled into a room at the Bauer house, Bill drove up and called to say that he was outside. Lizzie refused to go out. Beth went outside and instructed Bill to go home. Bill sat on top of his SUV, working on his laptop. Constantly, he stared up at Lizzie's window. She peeked through her curtains, stealthily jerking back so that he couldn't see her.

At one point, Lizzie took Beth to the window to look upon a lovesick Bill. After a while, Bill packed up the laptop and then pulled out a radio. He blasted a love song for Lizzie. Lizzie covered her ears with a pillow. He received a call from Wanda. Leaving the radio, Bill got into the car. As he drove away, Lizzie went outside, stood by the radio, and tilted her head in anguish.

Meanwhile, Dinah happened upon Mallet conducting a stakeout in a police van. He asked her to keep him company, and Dinah climbed in. She mentioned that she and Bill planned to do great things for Springfield, and she wanted to share it with Mallet. She asked him to go to the house, but he refused. Dinah climbed into the backseat, deciding that perhaps they could have a party in the van. Even after she slipped off her undergarments, Mallet respectfully declined a romp in the back of the police van.

Mallet suggested they go to Company. When he and Dinah walked inside, they discovered Alan in the midst of moving. Mallet heard Alan say he was calling a cab and realized that all of Alan's things wouldn't fit in a cab. To Dinah's dismay, Mallet decided to help Alan move. She grunted when Mallet told her to grab a box.

Outside at the van, Alan picked up a pink bra from the back of the vehicle and asked Dinah if it belonged to her. When she snatched it, he said that he knew he should have gotten a cab. Dinah told Alan to be thankful he was getting a new chance and a fresh start. After they packed up the van, Dinah said Alan was probably glad to be getting out of the boardinghouse. There would be no waiting in line for showers and no more noise. He'd be away from the crazy characters who called the boardinghouse home. Alan thought Dinah was right. The boardinghouse was home.

Alan returned to Company with all of his things. He told Buzz that he had some bad news. He said his condo had been double-rented, therefore, he needed to return to the boardinghouse if his room were still available. He reminded Buzz that it would only be temporary. Buzz nodded, adding that it would be only until Alan could find something more suitable.

Alan said that when he had been just outside with Dinah, he had realized he hadn't wanted to go to his place; he had wanted to return to the boardinghouse. Buzz informed Alan that he had lost his place in the shower rotation. Alan grinned, admitting he could use a hot shower. Buzz asked him to play a game of cards. As they played, Alan told Buzz he enjoyed a routine, and young folks could have all the drama.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Harley decided to hold her fundraiser for the Boy's Club at Company. Her family and friends pitched in to help set it up. When Natalia saw a sign outside Company that read, "Gus' Boy's Club," she turned around and left. Cyrus surprised Harley when he showed up, and Daisy quickly told him that Company was closed. Harley let Cyrus stay, and she went home to change for the event. While at home searching for her earrings, Harley found her son's drawing of Gus and the family. She fell back on the bed, crying.

After a while, Daisy went home in search of Harley and discovered her half dressed for the party. Harley defensively she said she had decided not to attend. Daisy told her that she couldn't involve the family to such a degree and then back out of it. Harley sobbed that she was doing the best that she could. Daisy seemed disappointed as she left without her mother.

Instead of returning to the party, Daisy wandered to a pizza parlor and saw Ashlee outside. While explaining that she and Rafe had broken up, Daisy noticed something amiss with Ashlee. Earlier, Ashlee had declined going to the party with Coop. She told Daisy that she was upset that her weight loss wasn't happening fast enough. She was tired of her liquid diet, and she was tired people asking her questions about what she was going through.

Daisy asked if Ashlee had discussed her feelings with Coop. Ashlee said she hadn't because he had been against the procedure in the first place. Daisy presented Ashlee with a little gift. She gave Ashlee a fake ID and said that Ashlee had just turned twenty-one.

Ashlee and Daisy went to Towers and got martinis with their fake IDs. Ashlee discussed how hard it had been for her in high school. She told Daisy that she had eaten her lunch in the library and then recalled bribing Jonathan to take her to her prom. Daisy advised her to put those things in the past. Ashlee found it hard to let go of the pain.

Daisy noted that Ashlee was shrinking before her eyes. Daisy said Ashlee would soon be able to rub her new weight in the faces of all who had rejected her. Ashlee wondered what she'd do after that and then guzzled her martini.

When Daisy returned to the party at Company, Buzz knew right away that she was drunk. She begged Buzz not to tell her mother. Meanwhile, Coop found Ashlee out on a bench, drunk and writing letters to everyone who had hurt her feelings. When she admitted that she and Daisy had been drinking, Coop told her she wasn't supposed to be drinking. He also wondered how she had even gotten served.

Looking at the letters, he saw that she had written to Lizzie, Alan, Doris, and the snobby boutique man who had told Ashlee that he hadn't had anything in his store for women of her size. He asked her if writing the letters was good therapy for her. Ashlee nodded and then suddenly ripped all the letters up, saying that she didn't need them anymore. She thanked Coop for entering her life and loving her for who she was.

Meanwhile, Marina grumbled to Frank about having to appease Harley when Marina was the woman scorned. She didn't want to go to the party because of Cyrus, but Frank didn't think Cyrus would be there, since Harley had thrown him out of her house. Even though Marina said she wouldn't take Cyrus back, she went shopping and bought a sexy black dress.

To Marina's surprise, Mallet later picked her up for the party. He complimented her dress. Some time after they arrived at Company, Marina found Cyrus alone on the boardinghouse stairs. Mallet attempted to pull Marina back into the party, but she wanted to linger with Cyrus.

Meanwhile, Frank stopped by Natalia's room to convince her to attend the party. He inadvertently revealed that he had been staying at the Springfield Inn. Natalia wondered how long he had been doing that, but he didn't answer. She decided to attend the party and called Rafe to meet her. While at the party, Frank spotted Marina outside with Cyrus and became upset. Natalia tried to calm him down by saying that Marina was a grownup. There was nothing that Frank could do.

Back on the stairs, Marina sympathized with Cyrus about his breakup with Harley. Cyrus tried to interrupt her, but she went on about how she had known Harley wasn't right for him. Again Cyrus tried to interrupt her, but she continued to say that she still cared for him.

As Marina offered Cyrus a place to stay, he cut her off by saying that Harley and he were together. He said they weren't living together, but they were still in their relationship and taking things slowly. Marina pretended to be happy for him. She fumbled, spilling beer on her dress. Mallet abruptly pulled Marina away and told Cyrus to stay away from her.

Mallet took Marina upstairs to change, and they compared who had been a worse companion: Dinah or Cyrus. He wrestled with her stuck zipper as they argued, and they wound up kissing. Meanwhile, downstairs, Frank wondered where Marina had gone. Natalia said she had let Marina go to her room and borrow a clean dress.

Natalia went upstairs to check on Marina. She walked in on Mallet and Marina in the middle of undressing each other. Marina apologized to Natalia and asked her not to tell Frank. Natalia closed the door as Frank walked up the steps to check on his daughter. Natalia lured him away, assuring him that Marina was fine.

Outside, Natalia and Frank talked about parenting. Natalia explained how she had learned to listen to Rafe more than talk. Frank humbly said he'd try that on Marina. Natalia thanked Frank for urging her to attend the party. She had needed the break. Frank bashfully pushed helium balloons at her and told her that the break had ended.

Back in the room, Mallet asked Marina if he could take her home. She said she wanted to stay a while. Mallet then asked her, "To be continued?" Marina smiled, saying, "To be continued."

Meanwhile Cyrus went to Harley's to find her. He told her that the event was making a lot of money. He wondered if she were trying to be fashionably late. He told her to get in the car. They went to a gazebo, where Harley told Cyrus that it was unfair to saddle him with a woman who would always think of someone else. Cyrus felt that Harley would get through mourning Gus with time. Cyrus said that even if she did think of Gus, she went home to Cyrus at the end of the day.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Mallet was rehearsing his "Back to the Beat" presentation with Dinah when Matt arrived to discuss the renovations that Dinah had planned. After discussing the plans, Dinah told Matt she wanted to throw a huge party when the renovations were done. She stated that she wanted to invite the entire town except Alan. Matt asked Dinah what was going on with WSPR. Dinah admitted that she had bought it.

When Matt asked about Vanessa, Dinah stated that she was not trying to shut her mother out. She wanted her mother to know that she was all right. Later, as Dinah was at the salon, getting a pedicure, she ran into a Spaulding stockholder who was not happy that Bill had cancelled their meeting.

At the Bauer house, Lizzie woke up to the sound of her sister crying. Beth asked Lizzie to watch Peyton, since she had to go to a Parent-Teacher conference for James. Later, after Lizzie finally got a crying Peyton to go to sleep, Bill, who had cancelled the stockholders' meeting to surprise Lizzie, arrived with flowers and chocolates. Unfortunately, his arrival woke up the baby, and Lizzie suggested that Bill visit the mother of his baby.

Lizzie then left the house with Peyton, hoping that the drive would tire the baby out. After she left, Bill sat outside the house with Roxy with his flowers and chocolates. After he called Dinah, unsuccessfully asking her to buy a Mother's Day present for Vanessa from him, he noticed that Roxy had eaten the chocolates.

While taking Roxy to the veterinarian, Bill ran into Mallet, who asked Bill to get Dinah to back off the Spauldings. Mallet warned Bill that Dinah was running wild, and people could get hurt. Bill said that he would do that if Mallet agreed to give Dinah another chance, stating that Mallet was what Dinah wanted anyway. When Bill mentioned that Roxy had eaten a box of chocolates, Mallet warned him that chocolate was poisonous to dogs. Bill rushed Roxy to the vet and later called Lizzie, who rushed to meet him.

Luckily, by the time Lizzie got there, Roxy was fine. Lizzie blasted Bill for almost poisoning her dog. When Bill suggested that they buy something nice for Roxy, Lizzie told him to stop trying to buy them. After commenting that Bill did not even like Roxy, Lizzie told him to be with Ava and his baby. Bill went home with Lizzie, anyway, and on the pretense of talking to Roxy, told Lizzie that he really missed her. Lizzie informed Bill that they were done and that he needed to get on with his life.

Remy happened by Marina talking on her cell phone. When he found out she was talking to her mother, it dawned on him that he needed to get something for Mother's Day. After telling Marina that Mel refused to buy their mother's presents for him any longer, Remy set out to go shopping. On Main Street, he walked past Ava, who was practically falling asleep at CO2. Remy remembered that Ava had a doctor's appointment.

Ava complained that everyone was concerned about her child's welfare except its father. Ava told Remy that she was not going to her appointment. Later, Remy showed Marina what he had bought. When Marina found a hair broach, Remy admitted that was for Ava. Remy told Marina that he really liked Ava, but he was stuck in the "friend zone" with her. Marina suggested he do something more creative to get her attention.

Afterwards, Remy saw Ava eating French fries and sarcastically commented that that was good for the baby. Ava asked if her pregnancy was making Remy gushy, and he stated that he had liked her before. He then said that he would tell any pregnant woman not to eat that kind of food. As Remy told Ava that she needed to eat healthier food, she suddenly got sick and threw up. When Remy asked if there was anything he could do, Ava responded that there was one thing.

Marina arrived at Mallet's presentation, and she and Dinah squabbled over a seat that Dinah was saving. Though their argument was superficially about holding on to seats, it was clear that they were discussing men. Later, as Mallet was giving his speech, Remy streaked through the lawn behind him. Marina chased after him and promptly cuffed him and dragged him downtown. After the speech, Marina interrupted Mallet's talk with Dinah and told him that the commissioner wanted to see him.

After Mallet's meeting, he visited Dinah and showed her the commissioner's notes. He then asked Dinah about the renovations that Matt was talking about. Dinah told him a little about the miniature golf course and told him that she did have a plan. Dinah stated that she wanted to stockpile enough cash so that she would never have to worry like they had after she had been shot. Mallet told Dinah that he was proud of her.

Marina walked Remy through Main Street and uncuffed him right in front of Ava. Soon, she learned that he and Ava had had a bet and he had won. When Marina left, Remy told Ava that she needed to go to her doctor's appointment. As they were lightly arguing about him getting taken down by a girl, Bill arrived and told Ava that he wanted a schedule of all her doctor appointments, since he wanted to be there for her and the baby. Remy was not pleased.

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