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Aidan tried to rescue Jake Martin from captivity in Darfur. Angie was shocked when Jake turned up at the hospital as a patient. Jesse and Tad questioned Hazel about Kate. Richie blackmailed Annie.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 5, 2008 on AMC
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Monday, May 5, 2008

At Fusion, Greenlee had difficulty concentrating on business. She remained convinced that she would not see Aidan again and desperately wanted fly to Darfur to get him home. Kendall was sympathetic and told Greenlee that she had to keep her thoughts positive. Then, she reminded Greenlee how important their upcoming business meeting was. If all went well, Charm's distribution would increase tremendously as it became available in every Japanese department store.

Greenlee temporarily put her concerns about Aidan on hold so that she could help make final preparations for the meeting. Elsewhere, Annie followed through with her plans to get herself fired from Fusion. She added footage of the ladies pole dancing to the presentation and fantasized about Ryan defending her after the fallout from the fiasco that she had created. A short time later, the Japanese businessmen arrived.

Everything went smoothly until Annie's sabotage. When the images of the ladies pole dancing flashed across the screen, the ladies were stunned while the businessmen gaped. Annie pretended that her keyboard had malfunctioned, which prevented her from shutting her computer down. Eventually, Babe sprang into action and pulled the power cord out of the computer. Greenlee was livid.

While Kendall and Amanda busied themselves with damage control, Greenlee demanded an explanation. Annie insisted that it had been an accident. As things grew heated, Kendall spoke up on Annie's behalf. Annie realized that things were not going according to her plan. She offered to step down from her position, hoping to force the situation.

To Annie's dismay, no one asked for her resignation. Instead, one of the gentlemen announced that the presentation had been a success, and they were eager to do business with Fusion. Annie was furious. She tried to hide it, but Babe sensed that something was off and asked if Annie was okay. Annie gave her a tightlipped smile and said, "Sure," and then walked off. Babe watched her leave, her expression pensive.

Ryan joined Zach at Cambias to discuss the situation in Darfur. He was impressed by the humanitarian efforts made on the company's behalf in Africa. As they talked, Ryan asked for more details about the kidnapped employee Aidan had been sent to rescue. He was surprised to learn that the kidnapped man was Dr. Jake Martin. When he asked Zach why he had not informed the Martin family about Jake's situation, Zach admitted that he had wanted to wait until they had made a rescue attempt first.

In Darfur, Jake found himself with a tempting opportunity to escape when his captors left his cell door ajar, and he was alone with his unconscious patient. Jake turned his back on freedom and finished the lifesaving surgery on his patient. Later, the guards returned, took their comrade, and locked Jake in his cell.

Ryan found Annie at Confusion, drinking scotch straight up. She explained that she'd had a bad day at work. When Ryan asked if she needed his help, Annie surprised him by planting a passionate kiss on his lips. She pulled away a few moments later, apologized for not keeping things as "just friends," and turned her back on him. Ryan was speechless.

At the Comeback, Tad and Krystal argued about Adam. Tad insisted that Adam's latest stunt was nothing more than another desperate attempt for Krystal's attention. Krystal didn't agree. She felt that Adam was truly troubled and needed help. Nearby, Jesse and Angie had just arrived. Jesse was worried that Cassie had ditched them because he made her feel uncomfortable. Angie thought Jesse was worrying needlessly.

Jesse and Angie soon sat down, and Tad and Krystal joined them. As the ladies started discussing wedding plans, the gentlemen excused themselves and went to a nearby pool table for a game. Cassie called to let her mother know that she would be spending the night at the Chandlers'. After Angie disconnected the call, she admitted to Krystal that she was concerned that Cassie might be trying to avoid Jesse. Kyrstal didn't agree. She felt Cassie was just being a typical young girl who had ditched her mom for friends.

Krystal then switched the subject. She shared her concerns about Adam. Angie offered to talk to Adam to suggest that he see a professional. At the pool table, Tad told Jesse about Adam's latest antics to get Krystal's attention. As he opened up to his friend, Tad admitted that he did love Krystal. Reading between the lines, Jesse finished "but she's not Dixie."

Eventually Jesse and Tad touched on the subject of Kate. Jesse promised that he would help Tad find his daughter. Tad appreciated the offer but felt that they would need a miracle to find her. A few minutes later, Tad received a surprising phone call. It was Tammy, a friend of Tad's, who had tracked down Hazel Morehouse. Hazel had worked for Greg Madden and knew quite a bit about the fate of the children that Greg Madden had adopted out.

Rob continued his search of the Hubbard apartment after Cassie and Colby left. He found a sketchbook that had a picture of the stuffed elephant, with the diamond sewn inside, that he was looking for.

Adam was spooked when he saw a reflection of Dixie in a mirror. He returned to the living room, yelling at Father Clarence. He was certain that the cleric was behind the vision. Adam then decided that his antianxiety medication was causing hallucinations and vowed to stop taking it. To focus on something else, Adam reached for his briefcase so that he could work. He was rattled when he opened the briefcase and found a copy of Kate's adoption record.

Adam tried to hide his growing unease by daring Father Clarence to do his worst. Adam was stunned when a laughing Dixie appeared in the living room. At first, he tried to convince himself that she was just another hallucination, but Dixie refused to be dismissed that easily. When Adam was forced to admit that she might be a ghost, he asked her what she wanted from him. Dixie told him that he needed to do the right thing and tell Tad the truth about where to find Kate. Adam flatly refused.

Dixie insisted that Adam would soon be faced with a critical decision, and she intended to make sure he made the right choice. As they were arguing, Colby and Cassie walked in. Colby grew concerned when she found her father alone in the room. Adam explained that he had been practicing a speech for a meeting. Colby accepted the excuse and walked out with Cassie.

After the girls left, Adam and Dixie resumed their argument. Dixie warned Adam that if he didn't do things her way, he would be sorry. She gave him another demonstration of her power before disappearing. Adam was visibly shaken by the encounter.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ryan visited Zach after Zach found out that Aidan had crossed the border. Ryan said he was worried teams would not be able to extract Aidan if things turned deadly. Aidan called to let Ryan and Zach know he was safe. When Aidan heard noise outside, he assumed it was his team and got off the phone. But instead, several men wielding guns showed up at Aidan's room.

The men knocked Aidan unconscious and tied him to chair. Aidan was thrown into a cell with Jake Martin, the man Aidan had been sent to find. Aidan told Jake that Tad had no idea they had been taken hostage. Jake thought that Aidan had gotten himself thrown in the cell purposely because he had a plan to get them out.

Zach asked Ryan if the therapy was helping with his amnesia. Ryan said that nothing had jarred his memory but wondered how Zach would handle the problem if the roles were reversed. Zach said that before he had gone to Pine Valley, he had rekindled a flame with Maria Santos. He said that it would have been best to leave Maria alone with her new life. Ryan said that he loved his children, but had yet to feel the same for Annie. Regardless of the circumstances, Zach said he was glad to be working with Ryan again.

Kendall tried to ease Greenlee's worries about Aidan by taking her to a bridal store. Krystal and Angie went into the bridal store, but an employee said it was closed for a private showing. Greenlee and Kendall insisted Angie and Krystal stay and join the party. They tried on dresses and sipped champagne. Angie got frustrated when she could not find the perfect wedding dress.

Kendall offered Jesse and Angie the casino to use for their wedding, since all the other locations the couple wanted were booked. Angie said she would think about it -- before a wedding dress caught her eye. When Angie tried on the dress, all of the ladies gasped in amazement at how pretty she looked.

Tad, Angie, and Jesse went to the Comeback to look at the documents Tad had received that might help him find Kate. Tad and Jesse went to an alley and found a sign for the Sunshine Bar. Tad thought it symbolized the song "You Are My Sunshine" that Dixie had often sung to JR. Tad saw Hazel, Dr. Madden's nurse, go into the Sunshine Bar and figured it was his last chance to find out where Kate was.

Jesse went into the bar, and Hazel gave him a beer. Jesse tried to make conversation with Hazel, but she got distracted when a few bikers entered. One of the men grabbed Jesse by the throat and threatened to kill him. However, Jesse was able to dismantle both of the bikers pretty quickly. The bikers scampered away to collect their money from Tad, who had hired them to fake the entire scene.

Richie and Opal had lunch at the Comeback. Opal told Richie that if he did not change his bad ways, fate would catch up with him. She said that although Richie might look innocent, the tarot cards revealed what would happen if he continued in his way of life. Richie asked Opal what the cards said about his relationship with Babe. Opal said it was clear Richie did not belong with Babe.

Richie left to take a phone call as Opal received a call herself. Richie met Trina, the prostitute that he had hired to set up JR in the park. After learning that JR was rich, Trina tried to blackmail Richie.

Adam tried to win over Dixie's ghost by holding out a plate of pancakes. He wanted the plate to suddenly fly out of his hand to prove that the house was haunted. When JR saw the pancakes, he offered to throw them away if Adam did not want to eat them. Adam said JR shouldn't throw food away. JR suggested that Adam take a vacation because the family was worried about him.

When Babe arrived at the mansion, JR told her he was scared about his father's behavior. JR said Tad believed that Adam was trying to lure Tad back to Chandler Enterprises. However, JR insisted that his father's actions were not pretend. Babe decided to take Little Adam for the day so JR could help his father. Babe saw Richie talking to Trina while she was in the park with Little Adam.

Adam asked Opal to go to the house and help him find Dixie's ghost.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Colby and Frankie returned to the hospital after they had gone bowling together. Colby bragged about beating Frankie. JR then met Frankie for a checkup as Colby went to get a drink. As Frankie examined JR, he asked if JR had found out who had kidnapped him and made him sick. JR said that he was still unsure but promised to find answers. JR asked Frankie if he was interested in Colby. Frankie stated that Colby was smart and funny, but he viewed her like another little sister.

Meanwhile, JR and Frankie realized that Colby was eavesdropping. Colby scolded both men for treating her like a little girl. She reminded them that she was the best volunteer at the hospital and at the top of her class. Frankie declared that he admired Colby for her accomplishments, which calmed her down. Colby then spoke privately with JR. She asked if JR was still planning on moving back into the mansion. JR replied that he was moving back because he felt that Colby needed help with taking care of Adam.

Babe went to the park with Little Adam. Babe was shocked to see Richie conversing with Trina, the prostitute that had supposedly slept with JR. Babe called Krystal to ask if Krystal could watch Little Adam. As soon as Krystal arrived, Babe approached Richie and Trina and confronted them. Babe accused Richie of setting JR up so that it looked like he had slept with a prostitute.

Richie calmly denied the accusation. He claimed that he had just met Trina in the park right before Babe had arrived. Babe did not believe the excuse. Trina pretended that she had just met Richie and walked away. Richie alleged that he could not hurt JR because that would make Babe upset. Richie further maintained that he would never lie to Babe.

Babe pretended to believe Richie's story. Richie said goodbye to Babe and left. Trina returned and mocked Babe. Trina quipped that she felt bad for Babe because JR had had sex with her in a cheap motel room. Babe punched Trina in the face and walked over to Krystal. Babe told her mother that JR had been right all along -- Richie had framed him.

Greenlee visited Zach at his office. Greenlee divulged that she had spent two hours trying on wedding dresses but feared that she would not have a wedding. He poured her a glass of wine. She vented about her concerns over Aidan being in Africa. Zach assured Greenlee that Aidan would survive. He quickly changed the subject and thanked her for saving his life. She joked that she had merely whined when they had been stuck in the bomb shelter.

Zach reminded Greenlee that she had saved him when she had found him unconscious by the side of the road. She admitted that she had wanted to leave him for dead but had not been able to go through with it. She asked if he ever wondered about who had run him down and then sealed him in the bomb shelter. He confessed that he thought about it every day and vowed to find the culprit. He then showed Greenlee that he could track Aidan's location with a homing device. She was relieved to learn it.

Adam called Opal over to the mansion because he needed her expertise on ghosts. Opal thought that Adam was kidding when he requested that she check to see if the mansion was haunted but quickly realized that he was serious. Adam said that there was an evil spirit inhabiting the mansion. Opal wondered if he recognized the spirit. He denied that he knew the spirit and demanded that Opal get rid of it. She wondered if the ghost were truly evil. He affirmed that it was very evil.

Just then, Dixie's ghost appeared to Adam. Adam looked frantic and asked if Opal could see "her." Opal could not see Dixie and accused Adam of playing a joke on her. Adam insisted that there was a ghost in the room but would not admit that it was Dixie. Opal said that she was going to hide the booze from Adam. Dixie laughed as she made goofy faces and gestures to Adam.

Dixie urged Adam to tell Opal that she was in the room, but Adam refused. Opal took her "brimstone rocks" out of her purse. Adam snidely asked if Opal planned to throw rocks at the ghost. Opal told Adam that the rocks would help her eliminate the ghost. Opal proceeded to kiss the rocks and place them on the floor.

Adam looked frustrated because Dixie was still in the room. Dixie picked up a rock and Adam yelled at her. Opal was frenzied by Adam's temper and grabbed her belongings. Opal said that she could not handle Adam's anger. Opal stated that the ghost was powerful if it was taking on Adam.

Dixie informed Adam that she liked Opal, but it would take more than rocks to get rid of her. Adam tried to pour himself a drink, but Dixie moved the glass away from him. Adam asked how he could get her to leave. She explained that if Adam reunited Kate with Tad, then she would leave him alone. Adam said that he would never help Tad.

Adam inquired why Dixie did not tell Tad where Kate was herself. She noted that the rules of the afterlife prevented her from speaking with Tad. She said that she could only encourage Adam to do the right thing. She further stated that Adam would be helping himself if he helped Tad. Adam commented that he did not need soul saving, but Dixie disagreed. As Dixie exited the front doors of the mansion, she told Adam to look into the mirror to see his future. Adam angrily walked to the mirror and saw his image engulfed in flames.

Julia and Joe had news for Angie. Julia explained that she had received a job offer for a head nursing position at a hospital in Australia. Julia had gladly accepted the offer, but Joe and Angie were sad that she would be leaving the hospital. Julia stated that she had fallen into a rut in Pine Valley ever since Jamie had left town. Julia felt it was time for her to start a new life. Julia wanted to discuss possible replacements for her position, but she could sense that Joe was distracted.

Joe confessed that he was worried about his son, Jake. Joe went on that Jake was in Africa and emailed him every week. Joe was nervous because Jake had not contacted him in two weeks. Julia assured Joe that Jake probably had a good reason for not emailing, such as failed Internet access. Joe hoped that was the case but noted that he could not help but worry because he was a parent.

Hazel thanked Jesse for getting the "thugs" out of her bar. Hazel gave Jesse another beer and began to talk to him. Jesse admitted that he needed information from her. Hazel looked uneasy. Jesse divulged that he knew about Hazel's past with Dr. Madden. Jesse claimed that he and his wife were looking for their daughter that they had given up for adoption. He begged Hazel for her help.

Just as Hazel was about to give Jesse information, two of Hazel's friends dragged Tad into the bar. Hazel saw Tad and immediately recognized him. She deduced that Jesse and Tad knew each other and had set her up. Tad affirmed that he was desperate for her help. He explained that he had never met his six-year-old daughter. Jesse pleaded with Hazel to aid Tad in his search.

Finally, with tears in her eyes, Hazel disclosed that Dr. Madden had taken Tad's child to New Mexico. Jesse and Tad left the bar with high hopes. Jesse enthusiastically told Tad that they were going to find his daughter.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

In a telephone call, Erica asked Opal how Spike and Ian were doing. Opal said Spike had said her name for the first time recently. Opal said everyone missed Erica, especially Jackson, as Carmen overheard the conversation. Opal added that Mona would be proud of Erica for standing strong while in prison.

Afterwards, Opal visited Palmer to see if he would help bust Erica out of jail. Palmer said he loved Erica but wasn't willing to clean up her mess. Opal saw a news article, which made reference to Warren Buffet, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, and decided to find another man to free Erica. Opal was able to track down Warren on the telephone and ask him to reduce Erica's sentence. Warren agreed to talk with Erica and explore her options.

Erica and Carmen decided to play cards instead of sorting the laundry. Carmen asked Erica whom she had been talking to on the phone. Erica replied that she had been speaking with her best friend, Opal. Erica said Carmen and Opal were very similar in spiritual ways. Erica got bored with the card game and went back to folding laundry.

Carmen told Erica she had heard Samuel had practically carried her out of solitary confinement, and maybe they had the hots for each other. Erica insisted that Jackson was the love of her life. She said that being away from her family was harder than she had imagined. Carmen said Erica should fight to find a way out of prison because she didn't belong there. In the meantime, Erica said she still wanted to improve the prison system.

Babe fixed JR his favorite hamburger at the Comeback. JR thought that Babe had an ulterior motive for cooking up the feast. Babe admitted that she did have something important to tell JR. She showed JR the picture of Trina, the prostitute who had set him up, in the park. Babe said she had seen Trina with Richie and was positive Richie had set JR up. Babe apologized for not believing JR, but JR said he had given plenty of reasons not to believe him.

Annie met Richie at the park. Annie said Ryan still wasn't convinced that Richie had broken into their home. Richie accused Annie of staging the break-in, and he said she would have to pay up if she didn't want Ryan to find out. Annie said Ryan would not believe Richie, but Richie thought otherwise. When Annie tried to walk away, Richie grabbed her arm and demanded that she hand over the money he needed. In the end, Annie caved in and wrote Richie a check to keep him quiet.

Aidan told Jake they would need to move quickly to get past the guards. He pulled the chain around his wrist out of the wall. After freeing his wrists, Aidan got Jake loose. Jake said he was surprised the guards had not taken Aidan's nice watch. Aidan said he was glad they hadn't because it was a gift from his fiancée, Greenlee. When Jake heard Aidan say Greenlee's name, he seemed surprised to know that Aidan was marrying Greenlee Smythe.

Aidan did not see the signal for a helicopter from Zach's men, so Jake looked through his medical supplies to determine if he had enough materials to make a bomb. Jake told Aidan he was not going back to Pine Valley. Aidan and Jake quickly pretended to shackle themselves back up when they heard guards approaching. The guards told Aidan and Jake that they were going to demand five million dollars from Zach, or they would kill their prisoners.

Zach, Ryan, Kendall, and Greenlee kept tabs on Aidan's location. Greenlee said that she hated that Aidan had to get caught as part of the plan. Zach said the helicopter couldn't land because the helicopter pad had blown up. Greenlee demanded they find another spot to land the helicopter, but Ryan said it wasn't that easy. Zach and Ryan said they could find another way to get Aidan out.

Once alone, Zach told Kendall that he did not think Ryan was a threat to their relationship anymore. Ryan managed to secure a truck to rescue Aidan but was still worried something could go wrong. Zach said the helicopter that was supposed to rescue Aidan had been shot down. Greenlee said she felt like a bad luck charm because all of her previous husbands had died. Leo had died, and Ryan had tried to kill himself, but Kendall said that Leo's mother had caused his death, and Ryan had returned to Pine Valley, alive and well.

After Greenlee and Kendall left for coffee, the leader of the group called Zach. The leader demanded five million dollars in less than one hour or else he would kill Aidan and Jake. When the leader called back, Zach was able to see Aidan and Jake alive. As Greenlee and Kendall returned to the office, Zach promised to have the money sent in 30 minutes but wanted a guarantee that his men would be safely transported home. When the leader heard an unusual noise outside, the group rushed outside, and the camera went blank. Aidan and Jake jumped up, holding homemade bombs.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Erica was slightly shocked when it was Opal, not Jackson, who showed up as her visitor of the day. Opal reminded Erica that during their last conversation, she had promised that she would find a way to get Erica out of jail. Erica's hesitation turned to pleasant surprise when Opal led Warren Buffet in to see her. She thanked the billionaire for taking time to see her, but Opal's overwhelming compliments prevented him from getting a word in edgewise. He then got a phone call from Bill Gates, and when he stepped away, Opal assured Erica that between the world's two richest men, Erica would certainly be released from jail early.

When Warren returned from his call, the women were certain that he would have something akin to a "get out of jail free" card. Instead, he offered Erica some playing cards and pointers about the game of bridge. He suggested that once she and a few friends started to play, time would fly by. Then, after an awkward hug from Opal, he went to catch a flight, and the two disappointed women considered their fate. Opal tried to make the best of the situation but after she saw the anger in Erica's eyes, she knew that she had failed. Moments later, Erica told her to leave.

Jesse and Angie took Cassie to the Comeback and introduced her to Tad and Krystal, and the group toasted to weddings and homecomings, as well as finding and spending time with loved ones. Angie and Cassie stepped outside a short time later, just as Joe dropped Frankie off, which gave Joe the opportunity to meet Angie's daughter. Back inside, Tad told Krystal that he needed to leave and check on something.

As Tad stepped outside, he spotted a five-year-old as she hurtled toward him. He picked Kathy up in short order and visited with Julia briefly before Angie joined them. He was taken aback when Angie announced that they had decided on a wedding date that fell before Julia planned to leave town. Julia filled Tad in about the job offer in Australia, and although visibly saddened, Tad congratulated his old friend and reminded Kathy that as an honorary Martin, she was obligated to visit often.

Shortly thereafter, Tad took his leave, and the rest of the group retreated into the bar, where Joe regaled them with stories from Angie and Jesse's youth. Across the room, Frankie checked in with Krystal and asked if she knew how Colby was faring. Krystal took that opportunity to chime in on Colby's feelings for the young doctor. Frankie acknowledged them but gave them very little weight because of her age.

Krystal told Frankie that she had been a young girl much like Colby once, and knew that what the heart said often won over what the mind tried to impart. He asked her how her story had turned out, and she pointed out that Babe was her happy ending. Robert, who tried to keep his joy at seeing the Hubbard family all in one place under wraps, interrupted them.

While Joe and Jesse stepped outside to talk further, Frankie introduced Robert to his sister. Intent on getting on the inside track with her, Robert indicated that he had an interest in art, and asked if he might be able to see some of her work. She told him that because he had saved her brother, he would be allowed to see her sketches.

Over at the bar, Angie filled Krystal in on her adoption of Cassie as an infant and the lost little girl look that Cassie had had as a baby. She shared that the look had reappeared when Angie and Jacob had decided to split. Angie revealed her promise to never pull the rug out from under her daughter's feet again, and Krystal asked if she thought Cassie was feeling that way about Angie and Jesse getting remarried. Angie denied it and Krystal assured her that Cassie would grow to love Jesse as everyone else had. A page from the hospital cut their conversation short, and Angie made a beeline for the door.

Joe thanked Jesse for the help he'd given Tad in the search for Kate. Jesse then told Julia and Joe that they had uncovered some new information about the adoption, and everyone, including Kathy, celebrated the good news. On the other side of the room, as Robert continued to talk art with Cassandra, Little Adam pulled the stuffed elephant out of her bag.

Adam awoke from a nightmare and found Dixie lying in bed with him. After he dosed her with his usual vitriol, Dixie told him that she had a present and had left it in Tooth Fairy style. When Adam reached under his pillow, he found the indestructible adoption certificate. Adam pretended that he was unperturbed by its reappearance and continued his battle against Dixie's request. She locked him in the room and reminded him that she would not leave until she was certain that he would do the right thing. Adam asked what would happen if he ignored her request, and she pointed out that he'd already seen his fiery destiny in the mirror.

Adam then tried to escape Dixie another way but was thwarted when he found his way blocked by smoke and fire. The fiery show gave Adam a moment to consider what had happened thus far, and he concluded that the point wasn't that he should give the paperwork to Tad; rather, Dixie didn't want to face Tad with the truth. He realized that he had gained the upper hand, so Adam continued to torture Dixie and pointed out that Tad had moved on with his life and had -- with a wife and new daughter -- finally obtained the life he had always wanted with Dixie.

Before Dixie could rend control from Adam's hands again, Stuart entered the room unceremoniously to check on his brother. Adam told his brother that the house was haunted and that he felt that if anyone could talk reasonably, it would be Stuart. Concerned, Stuart asked whom he needed to talk to and then didn't know how to react when Adam told him that the person was Dixie.

In his usual endearing fashion, Stuart told Dixie about Adam's declining health and asked for her help with keeping him well. Adam tried not to be disappointed in his brother's message, and started for the closet door to see if Stuart's words had banished Dixie from the earthly world. Before he reached the handle, a gust of cold wind hit him, and Adam knew that he hadn't seen the last of his ex-wife.

Adam babbled on for a few more moments before his brother suggested that Adam needed to get out of the house. Adam realized that he could do that with the business trip to Arizona and skipped packing anything, which allowed him to get out of the house more quickly. Stuart led the way and thus thwarted any chances Dixie might have had to delay an exit.

Kendall returned from a coffee run and found that there were no updates regarding Aidan and Jake's well-being after the explosion. Although they tried to tiptoe around her, Greenlee was open about the fact they had no idea whether their loved ones were alive or dead. Although Greenlee lashed out at her best friend for what she perceived as pity, Kendall tried to encourage her to stay strong. Greenlee told her that any other scenario aside from Aidan surviving the blast was not an option that could be seriously considered.

Then, Tad showed up and told the group that he had gotten more worried about Aidan and wanted an update. He took the looks on their faces as nothing short of bad news. Before anyone could confirm or deny his assertion, the video feed returned, and without thinking, Kendall blurted out her worry about Aidan and Jake's whereabouts and safety. Suddenly realizing his brother was involved in the danger, Tad demanded that someone catch him up to speed with what had happened.

Zach stepped up and explained that the plan had been for Aidan to go in, get Jake, and get them both out with no problems and then noted that some unexpected variables had changed their course. He was able to assure Tad that Jamie was safe in a different location before Greenlee interrupted when she saw something on the screen. Ryan zoomed in the camera for her, and Greenlee announced that the watch on the screen was the one that she'd given to Aidan for good luck. They all fell silent, but Greenlee refused to believe that the picture meant anything, as she was certain that her fiancé would return to her.

Zach backed out of the room with Kendall close behind, and in a surprising turn, Kendall worked to convince her husband that he could not be held responsible for what had happened. He pointed out that he had been very angry that Aidan had slept with his wife, and that could have helped him decide who would be sent into a dangerous situation. Kendall refused to believe it and said that there was no blame to shoulder because Aidan was the best man for the job. Tad joined them just then and asked if that statement was entirely correct. Back in the main room, Ryan tried to comfort Greenlee and said that they would get through whatever happened together. Greenlee kept his concern at bay and said that after losing Leo and Ryan, she refused to go through it again.

Once Tad realized that Kendall had broken her promise to not talk of her infidelity when she revealed the truth to her husband, he felt he could let all of his feelings out. Kendall tried to stop him, but Zach encouraged her to let Tad talk. Tad noted that when Aidan had accepted the job at Cambias, he had told the young man that he had made the wrong decision, as a man as powerful as Zach didn't just forget betrayal.

Tad felt that Zach's decision to send Aidan on a suicide mission on his first day constituted payback. He rejected the sympathy that Kendall tried to offer and instead took a shot at her when he said that if Aidan died, her betrayal died with him. Before she could get another word in, Tad excused himself and left to tell his parents of the death of their youngest son.

Greenlee shared with Ryan the last moments she had spent with her fiancé and said that it would have been romantic if she had focused more on him and less on a way to keep him in town. Ryan admitted that Aidan sounded like a man in love, and Greenlee once again asserted her belief that nothing and no one would get in the way of Aidan's return trip home.

Outside the Chandler mansion, Dixie sent a promise up to the heavens that Tad would soon know the identity of his daughter. At the same time across town, Tad arrived back at the Comeback, and as he looked in the window and saw his father's jovial expression, he hesitated to go inside with the bad news. He finally walked in, and although his family greeted him happily, they soon realized that Tad was burdened with something painful.

Adam relaxed on his private jet in preparation for his flight but found his eased demeanor short-lived when Dixie showed up on board and announced that it would be a bumpy flight.

At the hospital, Angie was briefed on a patient that had suffered multiple maladies. When she walked into the room, she was shocked when she confirmed that the patient was indeed Jake Martin. She offered to notify his family, but he ordered her not to call. At the same time, on the other side of town, Greenlee recapped the first time she and Aidan had said "I love you" to each other -- moments before Aidan wrapped up the story in his own words. They all turned, stunned at the sight of the Brit in the doorway.



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