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DNA tests proved Liberty was Brad's daughter. Her mother, Janet, flirted with Brad, while Liberty skipped school and hung around with Parker. Casey investigated a theft, but Margo accused him. Casey and Emily caught the thief, and Margo apologized. At the prison, Colonel Mayer warned Noah not to mess things up. Meg dropped charges against Paul but kept the restraining order. Metro's reopening was a success. Lily tried to lure Holden back to the bedroom.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 5, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, May 5, 2008

Brad and Katie were on set and ready to film an episode of their show, but Brad was so distracted waiting for the DNA test results that he couldn't focus on his work. Brad told Katie that he worried if the results showed that Liberty was his daughter, he would lose Katie. Katie took Brad into their office and explained that regardless of Liberty's paternity, she would stay with him. Brad believed that being a father to a teenage girl might change him, and he would no longer be the fun guy Katie loved.

Brad told Katie that he would understand if she wanted out of their marriage, but Katie reassured Brad that she loved him, but she joked she would go if he lost his sense of humor. Katie convinced Brad he was just cranky because they hadn't been able to share the marital bed since Liberty had been in their room at the Lakeview. Brad rushed Katie out of the office and back to the hotel.

Once Brad and Katie returned to their room, he picked her up in his arms and placed her on the bed, but an unusual sound sent the two looking for the source. They tore the bed apart and realized they had landed on a bag of chips Liberty had left in the bed. With the chips all over the bed, the two got to work cleaning up the mess but were interrupted by a call from Susan, who told them the paternity test results were in. Susan explained that Brad needed to go to the hospital to sign for the results, so he and Katie rushed right over to Memorial.

At the hospital, Brad found out once and for all that Liberty was his daughter. Katie hugged Brad to celebrate but looked concerned about their future. Brad was excited that Liberty was his daughter and told Katie that he wanted to be the best dad possible. Katie insisted that Brad already had the makings of a wonderful father, and Liberty was lucky to have found him. Brad asked Katie to take him to find Liberty so they could share the good news with her.

Liberty waited outside the high school during the lunch hour to return Parker's jacket. She convinced Parker to leave campus with her for a little adventure in town. As the two sat amongst the stores of Oakdale, Liberty noticed that Parker looked anxious. He told her that he was afraid of getting caught ditching school and was worried he would end up grounded again. Liberty took Parker shopping at the mall for a video game to get his mind off his classes.

After the mall, Liberty and Parker went to Al's for a midday snack. Parker insisted that Liberty was skipping school and eating up a storm because she was anticipating the results of her DNA test. Liberty told Parker to quit talking about the DNA results, or she would tell Jack that Parker had left school. Parker decided it was time to get back to school, but Liberty asked him to plan a new escapade for the following day. Parker told Liberty that he hoped the results would end up the way she wanted.

As Parker and Liberty returned to school, Brad and Katie stopped them in the parking lot. Brad told her they had some news for her, but first he wanted to know what she was doing out of school. Brad assumed Liberty had been bullied again and insisted on going in to talk to the principal, but Liberty stopped him and said she and Parker were just out getting some air. Liberty quickly left campus with Brad and Katie to find out the results of her test.

At Al's Diner, Brad handed Liberty a medal he had won in high school, and Liberty understood that the gift meant he was her father. Brad confirmed her realization. Liberty was happy with the news and hugged Brad.

Alison complained to a fellow nursing student about how difficult the classes were, and her new friend pointed out that Alison was dating her own expert tutor, Chris. Chris saw the two women talking, approached Alison, and tried to give her a bouquet of flowers, but Alison told him to leave her alone and walked away. Chris chased after Alison, and once they were alone, she asked him to stop giving her gifts and showering her with affection at work. She explained that everyone in the hospital was talking about them, and she worried people would think Chris was helping her get ahead in class. Chris tried to convince Alison they could date without people gossiping, but his beeper called him away to a waiting patient before they could finish their conversation.

Back in his office, Chris's mom dropped by for a visit and offered her apologies to Chris for insulting Alison at dinner. Kim told her son that he should take his time before getting serious with Alison, and Chris said that Alison felt the same way. Kim listened intently as Chris explained that Alison didn't want to start an intense relationship when she was busy with school. Kim was impressed that Alison was thinking clearly and told Chris that he should use the time to figure out what he wanted. Chris thanked his mom for her advice but said he wasn't giving up on Alison. Kim told Chris to respect Alison's wishes, but he thought he knew what Alison really wanted.

Alison arrived at Java and ran into Aaron, who offered to help her study for her test. At first, Alison wasn't convinced Aaron could help, but he told her he could get her a good tutor. Aaron called Meg, and she explained Alison's schoolwork to her. Alison was grateful to Aaron for helping her get through her work, and the two sat down to talk. Alison asked Aaron how things were with Sofie, and Aaron explained that his relationship with Sofie was over. Alison couldn't hide her joy that Sofie and Aaron were through, and she made a few jokes at Sofie's expense.

Aaron congratulated Alison on returning to school but warned her about getting involved with Chris. Alison told Aaron that her relationship with Chris was off-limits for discussion. Aaron wanted to know why Alison could talk about Sofie, but he couldn't talk about Chris. Alison insisted that Chris was on her side and really cared about her, but Aaron reminded her that she had said the exact same thing before she had broken off her engagement to Chris the last time. Alison told Aaron to leave, but before he got up from the table, he told her all he wanted was for her to be happy.

While Aaron sat at the counter and Alison studied at her table, Chris arrived and asked Alison to dinner again. This time, Alison accepted as Aaron looked on. Chris was thrilled that Alison had agreed to go on a date and told her he would see her later. After Chris left, Aaron walked up to Alison and told her he knew what she was doing, but Alison said he didn't know her at all and walked away.

At work, Emily was busy on the phone, but Casey kept interrupting her conversation by shoving a tacky coffee mug inscribed with "I love my boss" in her face. Emily got off the phone and told Casey he would need to do more than flatter her with cheap gifts to get ahead in the newspaper business. Casey asked about the story he had heard her talking about on the phone, and Emily began to describe how some very important manuscripts had been stolen from Oakdale University. Casey told her he already knew about the robbery, and he wanted to be her new reporter for anything going on at the campus. Emily quizzed Casey about the university scene to see if he knew his way around, but even though he couldn't answer all her questions, his confidence convinced Emily he could get the story she needed. She sent Casey out to find out who was behind the crime.

After her talk with Casey, Emily went down to the Oakdale police station and tried to flatter a patrolman into telling her what he knew about the stolen manuscripts. Margo saw Emily talking to one of her cops and told her the robbery was not open for discussion. Emily asked Margo when she was going to stop punishing her, but Margo explained she was tired of Emily's lies and manipulations of the people Margo loved. Margo told Emily that her past as a hooker made Margo despise her more than ever and that sooner or later, Casey would figure out that Emily was bad news. Emily stormed out of the station.

Casey began to investigate the theft at the college right away and found his old roommate and gambling buddy, Elwood, at Java. He asked Elwood to try to find out who was in need of some quick cash on campus, and Elwood said he would look into it and get back to Casey, as long as Casey protected his identity.

Emily returned to work and told Casey about her argument with Margo. He agreed to meet his mother for lunch and find out what he could about the missing manuscripts then report back to Emily.

Casey arrived at home to have lunch with his mom and threw his bag by the door. When he found no one was home, he went upstairs, leaving his backpack by the open patio door. With Casey out of the room, Elwood sneaked in and left undetected. When Margo arrived home for lunch, she found Casey's bag open with one of the missing manuscripts inside. Casey insisted he knew nothing about the stolen documents or how they had ended up in his possession, but Margo was reluctant to believe him.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tom arrived at home and found Margo and Casey arguing about how the stolen manuscript had gotten into Casey's backpack. Casey told his dad that Margo had basically called him a thief and a liar. Casey insisted he hadn't stolen any of the manuscripts from Oakdale University, but Margo didn't believe him.

Tom asked for background on what was going on, and Casey told them he had found out about the stolen manuscripts from Emily. Margo thought Emily had tried to use Casey to get a story, but Casey said he had volunteered to help, since the story involved the university. Margo then questioned whether Casey had set the whole thing up to score points with Emily. Casey told Margo to go ahead and arrest him and accused her of having been waiting for him to screw up ever since he had gotten out of prison. Tom said they were simply trying to understand how a manuscript Casey had never seen had ended up in their house inside Casey's backpack. Casey said someone had to be setting him up to try to send him back to jail.

Casey told his parents he was going to go find out what was going on. He went to Java, where he found Elwood and accused him of having planted the manuscript. Elwood told Casey to leave before he called the manager over and had Casey kicked out. Casey went to see Emily and filled her in on what was going on. He said if he couldn't prove Elwood was trying to set him up, he might be back behind bars by the following week.

Emily told Casey she had paid an informant to let her know when somebody tried to sell any of the stolen manuscripts. The informant called and said someone had contacted a rare bookstore, asking if they'd be interested in some Civil War manuscripts. Emily and Casey headed to the store to follow the lead. Casey went inside and pretended to the clerk that he was the person who had called about the manuscripts. However, Tom and Margo arrived, and Margo overheard what Casey was saying and told him she had to arrest him.

Just then, Casey spotted Elwood outside the bookstore; Casey rushed out and tackled Elwood. When Tom and Margo went out, they saw that Elwood had the other stolen manuscripts in his backpack. Margo had Elwood arrested. She then apologized to Casey for having doubted him. Casey shook his head and walked away, followed a moment later by Emily.

Alison dressed up for her dinner date with Chris and went to the hospital to meet him. Chris was surprised because Alison had indicated she wanted to keep their relationship discreet at work. Alison told Chris she'd changed her mind and didn't care what the people at work thought.

Alison told Chris they weren't doing anything wrong, so she wasn't going to hide their relationship. Chris leaned in to kiss her, but Alison stopped him, saying there was a catch. She said she wanted flowers, candy, and love notes; in other words, she wanted romance. They left the hospital and walked through Old Town, where Alison told Chris she liked how she felt when she was with him. Chris said he wouldn't rush things; Alison said they didn't need to take things too slowly, and she kissed him.

Chris and Alison went to the restaurant for dinner. Alison reminisced about the time she had tried to "buy" Chris at a bachelor auction. That evening had ended up being their first night together and the night Alison had lost her virginity. She described the events that had led up to it, and Chris became flustered. While placing his order for dinner, Chris became even more distracted by Alison's flirtations. Alison told Chris she wanted to skip dinner and just have "dessert" upstairs. They left the restaurant and went into the elevator, where they kissed.

Upstairs, Chris and Alison lay on the bed, with Alison in only her underwear. Chris kissed each of her body parts, naming them as part of his "anatomy lesson." However, as they began to make love, Alison suddenly stopped Chris, saying she couldn't do that. Alison apologized to Chris, who nicely told her he didn't want to do anything she wasn't ready for. Chris asked Alison to just lay down with him and let him hold her, and she did. However, Alison got up and got dressed, telling Chris she couldn't stay and apologizing again before she left.

At Lucinda's cottage, Noah showed Ameera how to make pancakes and told her he had learned to cook while growing up on Army bases. Luke arrived at the door and apologized to Noah for the things he'd said when he had decided he couldn't live with him. Luke said Noah was worth waiting for because what they had was real. Noah apologized, too, and said there was no one he wanted in his life every day as much as Luke. They embraced as Ameera entered the living room.

Ameera's cell phone rang, and she went outside to take the call. Noah invited Luke to sit on the couch next to him, and they cuddled until Ameera returned, obviously upset about something. Ameera told them the phone call had been from the warden at the state prison, who had said Noah's dad wanted to see her. Noah said if anyone was going to go see his father, it would be him and that he would go alone. Luke and Ameera objected, but Noah insisted.

Luke asked how Colonel Mayer would even have known Ameera was living there, and Noah said he had called ahead and given the warden all of their names the last time they had tried to go up to the prison. Noah said even though his father had asked to see Ameera, whatever it was he had wanted to tell her, he could say to Noah instead. Luke told Noah he would stay with Ameera while Noah was gone. Noah promised Luke he wouldn't let his father get to him, and the two embraced before Noah left.

At the prison, Colonel Mayer was surprised to see Noah instead of Ameera. Noah warned his father to leave Ameera alone. Colonel Mayer was confused and asked why Noah even cared what happened to Ameera. Noah said, "Because she's my wife," and showed his father his wedding ring. The colonel was pleased to hear about the marriage and told Noah he wanted to try to rebuild their relationship. Noah said that wasn't going to work because his father had never been able to really see him for who he was. When his father asked him if Ameera knew the truth and whether Ameera and Noah had a real marriage or a marriage in name only, Noah said he wasn't going to be baited by his father.

The colonel told Noah that unlike Noah, Ameera valued loyalty and appreciated everything the colonel had done for her and her mother. Noah asked about his own mother, whom his father had killed. Enraged, the colonel shouted that Noah's mother had been "a liar and a whore," but Noah said, "At least she wasn't a murderer!" The colonel grabbed Noah, and the prison guard had to separate them. Colonel Mayer warned Noah not to mess things up for him. Noah yelled, "Mess what up? What do you want with Ameera?" but his father simply repeated that Noah should stay out of it and then asked the guard to take him back to his cell.

Noah returned to Oakdale and found Luke and Ameera at the diner. He told them he had blurted out to his father that he and Ameera were married. Ameera asked if Noah thought his father would tell the immigration people, but Noah didn't think so. Luke thought Noah should be more curious about what his father wanted with Ameera, but Noah just wanted to forget all about it. Luke said with the marriage, Colonel Mayer had more ammunition than ever. Ameera said none of it would be happening if it weren't for her, and she got up and walked out of the diner, with Noah following.

Noah returned to the diner alone and told Luke that Ameera just needed a few minutes alone. Noah said maybe his father was right, and Noah shouldn't worry about what Colonel Mayer wanted with Ameera. He told Luke that if he and Ameera both stayed away from Colonel Mayer, then Colonel Mayer would have nothing on them.

Outside, Ameera called Colonel Mayer at the prison and asked why he had wanted to see her. Colonel Mayer told her he missed her and asked whether she missed him. Ameera said yes, and Colonel Mayer then asked if she was still his girl and whether he could still trust her. Ameera again answered, "Yes." Colonel Mayer said, "Good," and hung up.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Katie, Brad, and Liberty enjoyed breakfast in their room at the Lakeview and celebrated the fact that Liberty was Brad's daughter. However, Liberty continued to lie to Katie and Brad about attending school and kept the charade going by getting dressed for her morning class. Before Katie and Brad could leave for work, Katie found the expensive sunglasses Liberty had purchased in town with Parker. Brad was worried that Liberty was shoplifting again and wanted to know how she had gotten the money to buy the glasses. Liberty lied and said she had borrowed them from a girl at school, and Brad believed her and was relieved to hear that Liberty was making friends. Liberty left the hotel room, telling Brad and Katie she was going to school.

Jack arrived at Carly's house to help out with the kids and found Parker and Sage getting ready for school. When Jack stumbled upon Parker's new video game, he questioned where Parker had gotten the game. Sage blurted out that Parker had bought it with his own money, and Jack demanded to know where Parker had gotten the money for such an expensive game. After Sage left for school, Parker finally admitted that Liberty had given him the money.

Jack immediately took Parker to talk with Katie and Brad and tell them about Liberty's adventures since her arrival in Oakdale. Brad and Katie figured out that Liberty had lied about being bullied and where the sunglasses were from. After a call to the school, Brad learned that Liberty had been skipping school ever since they had registered her for classes. Parker told Brad and Katie where to find Liberty, and they immediately went to get her.

Brad and Katie found Liberty in Old Town and confronted her about all of her dishonesty. Liberty admitted she hadn't been to school, but said she would start going if they got her a room at the Lakeview. Katie was reluctant to cave in to Liberty's demands, but Brad agreed it would be worth it if Liberty would go to school and stay out of trouble. Brad then insisted on taking Liberty directly to school.

At the television station, Brad and Katie continued to discuss Liberty having her own hotel room. Katie thought it was unwise to give such a deceitful girl access to so much freedom, but Brad wanted Liberty to know he trusted her. Katie believed that Liberty was lying about more than they knew, but Brad insisted that Liberty would straighten out. Katie and Brad decided to call Liberty's mom and let her know that Brad was Liberty's father and about her recent troubles in school. Brad left Janet a message. Katie insisted it was odd that they were never able to reach Janet, but Brad explained it was typical of the undependable girl he had known in high school.

Meg ran into Mike at the Lakeview and he invited her to join him for breakfast. While Mike went to talk to Lisa, Meg waited for a table and saw Barbara. Meg asked how Barbara was responding to her chemotherapy, and Barbara said she was doing well. Barbara commented that she hoped Meg was there to meet Paul, but Meg explained that Paul had been arrested while trying to break into Mike's room to see her.

Barbara begged Meg to give Paul another chance and reminded her that Paul loved her unconditionally. Meg said she couldn't see Paul anymore, and she had taken out a restraining order to make sure he left her alone. Meg went on to tell Barbara that there was no future for her and Paul. Barbara asked Meg to help Paul, but when Meg said she couldn't, Barbara said she would look after Paul and left to go see him at his home.

Mike joined Meg in the dining room for breakfast, and she told him about her talk with Barbara. Meg felt that she had been meant to see Paul and Sofie together so that she would finally learn she could never trust Paul again. Meg told Mike that she still wanted to help Paul, but she knew it wasn't her place anymore. Mike said the only thing she could do for Paul anymore was to drop the charges against him, and Meg agreed. Mike didn't want Paul going to jail because he was worried it would ruin Paul's reputation and that the farm project would be hurt. Mike urged Meg to keep the restraining order against Paul but said if it failed to keep Paul away, Mike would keep Meg safe.

At Fairwinds, Paul poured himself a morning cocktail and was greeted by Sofie, who had arrived at his home. She directly asked if he remembered making love to her. Paul apologized for not calling her after they had slept together and handed her a rose in an act of contrition. Paul told Sofie that he regretted their encounter and said it should never happen again. Sofie claimed she knew they were meant to be together, but Paul said he had only made love to her because he had been drunk and had felt bad after Meg had broken up with him. Sofie argued that they had always been attracted to one another and should focus on a future together.

Sophie began to undress in the hopes of seducing Paul, but she was interrupted when Barbara entered and demanded to know what was going on. Sofie rushed out of the room, and Barbara told Paul to end things with Sofie immediately. While talking to his mother, Paul received a call from his attorney, who insisted that Paul go to the station right away.

Sofie reentered the room, and Barbara told her to stay away from Paul. Barbara tried to convince Sofie that Paul still loved Meg, but Sofie adamantly demanded that she was the woman that could make Paul happy. Barbara thought that Sofie was making the same mistake with Paul that she had made with Cole and told Sofie to let Paul save himself. Sofie told Barbara she wouldn't give up on Paul and ran out.

Paul arrived at the police station and learned from his attorney that the charges had been dropped. Paul's lawyer told him that Mike was responsible for his legal troubles being resolved, and Paul should thank Mike, since he was standing right behind Paul. Mike said he had kept Paul out of jail to protect the Snyder Farm project and that Paul needed to stay away from Meg, or he would answer to Mike.

As Paul signed the paperwork for the cops, Sofie arrived and asked Paul what was happening. He told Sofie the charges had been dismissed, and he needed to leave. Sofie chased after him and congratulated Paul. She wanted to go out and celebrate, but Paul told her he had nothing more to say to her. Sofie desperately tried to persuade Paul to spend time with her, but Paul told her to stay away from him for her own good.

Barbara returned to the Lakeview and took Sofie to brunch. She told Sofie she would help with her jewelry line, and they could launch it at Metro's new opening. Barbara wanted Sofie to know that running a business would keep her busy, and Sofie understood that Barbara meant to keep her occupied with work and away from Paul.

At the farm, Parker told Jack he felt bad for telling on Liberty, but Jack insisted Parker had done the right thing. Meg arrived home, and she and Jack discussed Parker's recent troubles. Jack shared the news with Meg that Liberty was Brad's daughter and had her father's propensity for mischief. Meg explained to Jack that she still had a restraining order against Paul and didn't know what her future held, since she was sure that Paul was out of her life for good that time. Just then, Mike arrived and told Meg that she wouldn't have to worry about Paul anymore. Meg thanked Mike for helping with Paul, and he invited her to join him on the worksite.

As Mike and Meg walked around the farm, they found Paul sitting in the middle of one of the fields. Mike asked him what he was doing, and Paul insisted he had followed the restraining order and had not gone near the farm. He explained that Meg had walked up to him, and he thought that since she was there, he could talk to her about their relationship. Mike told her she didn't have to talk to Paul, but Paul said he would stay away from Meg if that were what she wanted and then told her goodbye. Meg watched sadly as Paul walked away.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

by CBS

Lily eagerly returned home with a still-cautious Lucinda, and Faith and Natalie warmly welcomed her. Jack's intended good deed fell flat because Holden had helped Carly get ready for opening. Lily apologized to the girls for disappointing them and asked about Holden -- and was told he was helping Carly. Faith urged Lily to let her and Natalie dress Lily up for a fairytale reunion with Holden. As Holden told Jack he honored Carly's friendship, Carly greeted Barbara and Sofie, who had just arrived. However, when Sofie spotted Meg entering with Mike, she hurried off to make a call.

Natalie and Faith helped Lily pick a dress. Holden wanted to keep busy to keep his mind off Lily. Carly commiserated. Lily was nervous as she anticipated her reunion with Holden. Sofie was frustrated as she got Paul's answering machine. When Paul heard that Meg was at Metro, he grabbed the phone and considered Sofie's suggestion that he break the restraining order "by accident." Paul arrived, surprising Meg, while Sofie observed. Holden asked Carly to dance.

Faith was concerned that Lily and Holden wouldn't get back together, but Lucinda reassured her. Lily entered, and she and Holden locked eyes. Holden told Lily he was glad she was back, and Carly didn't rise to Jack's sarcasm over her losing Holden's attention. When Paul wouldn't leave Meg alone, Mike asked Jack to arrest him for violating the restraining order.

Carly reassured Lily that Holden had missed her terribly. Paul, sensing Meg's attention, put on a show by dancing with Sofie. Liberty gave Parker a call and realized she had much to teach him about dodging trouble. Meg, unable to keep her eyes off Paul, left with Mike. Paul unintentionally encouraged Sofie as he ended their dance. Lily, eager to be alone with Holden, sent an encouraging Lucinda home. Carly gently told Jack she didn't need his help. Holden gently told Lily he was not ready to make love.

The proud Brad and wary Katie delivered Liberty to her new room, and Brad wanted to party alone with Katie -- then he and Katie heard loud music and a crash. Katie was unsure about leaving Liberty alone, but Brad laid down ground rules -- no leaving the room and no guests -- before leaving the unrepentant Liberty alone. Brad was preening in his new father status, but Jack talked to Katie about the problems of raising teenagers. Katie dismissed Jack and walked off.

Liberty called Parker, claiming a lascivious doorman was harassing her, and urged him to head over. Liberty admitted she had gotten Parker there under false pretenses. Brad was ready to get romantic with Katie, but she wanted to check on Liberty first. When Brad knocked on Liberty's door, she claimed to be naked as Parker worried about getting caught. Brad and Katie wished the seemingly innocent Liberty goodnight.

Brad and Katie were finally getting down to making love when a knock on the door interrupted them -- and Katie answered to a sexy woman who claimed Brad had called her. When the woman barged in and gave Brad a hug, he realized it was Juicy Janet, Liberty's mother. Brad vetoed Janet's suggestion that they talk immediately, but was thrown when Janet had no place to stay. Brad told Liberty that Janet would be bunking with her, and Janet, alone with Liberty, liked how Brad looked and lived. Katie was hesitant -- at first -- to make love with thoughts of Janet floating in her head.

Barbara was impressed with Sofie's jewelry work, but all Sofie could think about was Paul. Barbara thought a new dress and going to Metro were the perfect distractions for Sofie's thoughts of Paul.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Emily went to her office and found Casey asleep in a chair. She woke him up, and he told her he'd been sleeping there because of his mom and dad's reluctance to believe his innocence in connection with the stolen manuscripts. Casey then took in a bottle of champagne he'd found on his desk; Emily explained that she had put it there, saying it was to celebrate the ending of the stolen manuscript story. Emily showed Casey the front page of the Intruder, which had a picture of Casey tackling Elwood. Casey laughed, and Emily told him to open the bottle of champagne for a toast because the story had sold a lot of papers.

As Casey popped the cork on the champagne, his mother walked into the office. Margo asked for a moment alone with Casey, but Casey told her to say whatever she had to say in front of Emily. Margo then apologized to Casey for having doubted his innocence and promised it would never happen again. Margo told Casey she would stay out of his life and let him make all his own decisions with regard to friends and work. When she asked if he would accept her apology, Casey told her no, saying she had no idea how it felt to have her own family assume she was guilty of something she hadn't done. Casey told Margo to leave.

After Margo left, Emily told Casey he'd been too hard on his mother. She pointed out how difficult it had to have been for Margo to stand there in front of Emily, a woman who had had an affair and a child with her husband, and apologize to Casey like that. Emily said she hoped Daniel would never speak to her that way, and she said that a strong man, with nothing to prove, wouldn't have humiliated his mother like that.

Casey went home and found Margo in the kitchen. He apologized for having been a jerk and told Margo he accepted her apology and hoped she would accept his. Margo hugged him and asked if he would please consider continuing to live there with her and Tom. Casey said he would, at least until he could find a place of his own.

Casey returned to the office, where he told Emily that things were "officially cool at home." Emily offered a champagne toast, saying, "To good times and high profits!" Casey said he would drink to that, but he asked Emily to please stop comparing him to Daniel, saying, "I'm not that young." Emily replied, "Casey, you're just a kid." Casey leaned in toward Emily and said, "No. I'm not." Emily raised her glass and clinked it against his before he could do anything else, and they drank their champagne.

At the farm, Faith pestered Holden with questions about how he had felt when Lily had surprised him the night before at Metro. Lily entered the kitchen and listened to Holden, who told Faith that Lily had taken his breath away. Natalie entered the room, too, also asking questions, and Holden sent them both upstairs to get ready for school. He then apologized to Lily for having disappointed her the night before. Lily said she understood, and she hoped perhaps they could spend the whole day together. Holden said he had too many errands to run and would be back later, and he walked out, leaving Lily looking disappointed once again.

Janet knocked on the door to Katie and Brad's suite. Brad let her in, and Janet offered him doughnuts. Janet said they needed to talk about Liberty, and Brad agreed but insisted they do so downstairs in the lounge.

Janet left, and Brad told Katie he thought he should meet with Janet alone. Brad went downstairs, and Liberty entered Katie's room, asking where her mother and Brad were. Katie told her. Liberty asked if Katie was the one who had gotten Janet to go to Oakdale, and Katie said no; she and Brad had both been surprised when Janet had shown up. Liberty warned Katie not to leave Janet alone with Brad very long. Katie said she wasn't jealous, but then she decided she was hungry and should go downstairs to get something to eat.

Downstairs, Janet and Brad ordered breakfast and talked about why Janet hadn't let Brad know he was a father. Janet cried and said she was upset that Brad had never called her after their night together, but Brad said he had been young and stupid back then. Janet said he should have known what had happened because she had never returned to school.

Brad asked Janet if she had considered putting Liberty up for adoption. Janet said after Liberty had been born, Janet couldn't have done that because she had fallen in love with Liberty as soon as she had seen her. Janet told Brad she'd never gotten married because Brad was the only man she'd ever loved. With that, she put her hand on Brad's hand, just as Katie and Liberty walked into the room.

Brad jumped up and told Katie he was glad she was there. He invited her and Liberty to join them. Katie asked Janet why she had suddenly decided to look up Brad after all the years that had passed. Janet said that while Liberty had always known who her father was, she had only recently expressed an interest in meeting him. Liberty said that wasn't entirely true.

Liberty told Katie and Brad that she had been channel surfing one day when she had happened upon the live episode of Oakdale Now on which Katie and Brad had gotten married. Liberty said her mom had jumped up and said, "I can't believe that hunk is your dad!" Janet agreed but told Katie what was shocking was that there had been several good-looking men at the wedding, some of whom were apparently Katie's ex-husbands.

Katie looked uncomfortable, and she and Brad decided it was time to leave for work. Brad invited Janet to drop by the studio later for a tour. Janet said she'd do that after she made sure Liberty got to school. Brad and Katie went to the studio, where Katie was upset with him because he was acting like he didn't know Janet was after him. Katie said Brad's radar was always good about determining when women were attracted to him, so she didn't know why he was lying about knowing Janet wanted something to happen with him. Brad laughed and admitted it, but he assured Katie that he loved only her, and he pulled her into an embrace.

At the Lakeview, Janet kept Liberty home from school while she went upstairs to look for a suitably attractive outfit to wear to WOAK for the studio tour. When she settled on a dress, Liberty said it was her "make 'em beg for it dress." Janet said she didn't care; she liked that dress and was going to wear it.

Jack went to Carly's house to give Parker a ride to school. Parker wasn't feeling good because he'd eaten too much junk food with Liberty the night before. He told his parents he thought he might be getting sick with something, but he didn't have a fever, so Carly and Jack told him he should go to school and call if he didn't feel better later. Jack invited Carly to go with them so he and Carly could talk after dropping Parker off. Jack mentioned that Parker had been hanging around with Liberty and had confessed to Jack that Liberty had been skipping school. Jack was proud of Parker for not lying about it and wanted to talk to Carly about the situation. Carly agreed to go with him, but then Lily called and asked if she could head over right away.

Carly told Jack she'd have to take a rain check and talk to him later because a friend needed her. Jack left with Parker and ran into Holden in the school parking lot, where Holden was dropping off Faith and Natalie. After the kids were gone, Jack apologized to Holden, saying he'd been out of line the night before at Metro. He told Holden that even though Carly wasn't his wife anymore, he still felt the need to look out for her, but he would try to get over that habit. Holden said they were cool, and he left.

Lily arrived at Carly's house and told Carly that her reunion with Holden had not been a complete success, as Holden had shown no interest in sleeping with her. She asked Carly for help, saying she knew Carly and Holden had been spending lots of time together while Lily had been gone, and perhaps Carly could talk to Holden. Carly said she and Holden didn't talk about sex, but Lily said maybe Carly could help find out what Holden was thinking so that Lily could figure out a way to turn Holden on again.

Carly reluctantly agreed and then went to Old Town, where she managed to "accidentally" run into Holden. Holden congratulated Carly on the reopening of Metro and told her he was proud of her. Carly thanked him and asked how his reunion with Lily had gone. Holden said it hadn't gone all that well. He and Carly went to Java for coffee, and Carly tried to find out what had happened the night before. Holden said Lily had shown up at Metro, looking stunning and acting as though she had expected him to sweep her off her feet and take her away for a second honeymoon. Carly asked what was wrong with that, and Holden said he couldn't jump into something like that so easily.

Holden told Carly he didn't want to keep making the same mistakes over and over without fixing whatever was wrong between him and Lily so that they would be able to deal with whatever happened next. Carly told Holden to tell Lily that, and Holden said he had tried, but Lily wasn't hearing him. He worried what might happen if Lily found herself becoming close to another man like Dusty again. Carly said that wasn't going to happen and told Holden to try to talk to Lily again because he was a Snyder man, and Snyder men were all about family. Holden told Carly he thought Jack should have given her another chance, but Carly disagreed, saying she and Jack were well past that point.

Carly returned home and told Lily what Holden had said, adding that the whole thing with Dusty presented a problem. Lily insisted that she had left town in order to put that in the past and had done so successfully. Carly said that was good, but Holden needed some time and space to do the same thing. Lily thought that was completely the wrong approach and begged Carly to help her figure out a way to seduce Holden.

Holden went back to the farm, where he found Jack doing paperwork at the kitchen table. Jack said it was quieter there than at the station, but Holden said the farm was like Grand Central Station. Jack remarked that that should get better because Lily was back. Holden asked what Jack meant, and Jack said he assumed that Holden, Lily, and the kids would move back to their own house. Holden said there was no rush to do that and that they were going to take things slowly.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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