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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 28, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, April 28, 2008

Margo and Tom arrived home for a special lunch together and found Casey sitting on the couch. He was still avoiding looking for another job. Margo and Tom told Casey that Emily wasn't the only employer in Oakdale and he needed to start looking for new employment. Casey asked why his parents refused to support his job with Emily and they both said Emily's past could put him in more danger. Margo and Tom reminded Casey about the hostage standoff with the judge in Emily's office and told Casey they didn't want to see him hurt because of Emily. Margo became so flustered by her argument with Casey, that she decided to return to the station and told Casey to come down later to give his statement about the hostage situation.

Margo arrived at work and was greeted by a smug Emily who had just given her statement to the police. Emily asked if Margo would let Casey work for her if she was at a more reputable paper and Margo told her she never wanted Casey to work for her regardless of where she was employed. Emily accused Margo of not being able to get past Emily's affair with Tom and told Margo she was punishing Casey for it by not letting him take the job at The Intruder. Margo told Emily she considered Emily poison to her family and didn't want Emily near Casey. Emily reminded Margo that it was her two sons, Adam and Casey, who were having trouble with the law and not Emily's son, Daniel, and insinuated that Margo might just be the poison in her family. Casey overheard the conversation and asked Emily not to speak to his mother that way. Emily said she was only there to give her statement, but would be happy if she never spoke to Margo again. After Emily left, Margo thanked Casey for sticking up for her. Casey explained that he told Emily to stop because Margo was his mom and not because he thought Margo was right.

After leaving the station, Emily ran into Tom at Java and told him to ask Margo to back off. Emily explained that Margo still blamed her for their affair and she was tired of apologizing for the relationship that gave her Daniel. Tom told her that Margo was just looking after Casey, and Emily explained that Margo needed to stop smothering Casey or he was going to do something drastic to break free of his mother's hold.

After his talk with Emily, Tom went to the station to speak with Margo about Casey's employment. Tom told Margo that they might want to reconsider letting Casey work for Emily. Tom and Margo returned home and told Casey that they would let him make his own decisions about his job, but they hoped that it wouldn't involve working for Emily. Casey hoped that Emily still had the job open and went to find out.

Casey found Emily in her office and asked for his old job back. He reassured her that Tom and Margo were all right with him working at The Intruder, and he promised to do a good job. Emily agreed to give Casey his job back and he hugged her in the excitement of the moment.

Outside Parker's hospital room, Holden told Jack to calm down and stop yelling at Carly. Jack was upset that Carly hadn't called him as soon as Parker was hurt and Carly admitted that she hadn't phoned him because she didn't want him at the hospital. Jack was angry that Carly was trying to keep him from the kids and reminded her that he had custody of their children. Carly angrily told Jack to stop threatening to take the kids away. Holden told Carly he would watch Sage and JJ out at the farm and left Carly and Jack to wait for Parker. Moments later, the doctor came out and explained that Parker was fine, but had a slight concussion and needed to be watched for the next few hours. When Carly told Parker she would take him home, Jack jumped in and said they would both be looking after him.

At the television station, Brad and Katie were stunned when Liberty told Brad that she was his daughter. Brad assumed the entire thing was a practical joke, but Liberty reassured him that she was very serious. Liberty showed Brad a picture of her mom, Janet Ciccone, and Brad suddenly recalled his past with "Juicy Janet" at his Junior Prom. Brad asked Liberty if Janet had sent her to find him, but she told him that her mother had only told her who Brad was, and it was Liberty's idea to seek him out. Katie pulled Brad aside and told him that it was probably just an old girlfriend trying to get money out of a local celebrity. Brad admitted Katie's scenario might be true, but also confessed that the math was right and he could be Liberty's father. Katie was shocked that Brad might have a child and wanted proof that the teenage girl was his. Liberty said they could talk to her mom, but Katie wanted a DNA test. Liberty happily accepted the opportunity to prove her paternity.

Brad arrived at the hospital with Liberty and Katie, and asked Susan to perform a discreet paternity test on Liberty. Susan agreed to do the test and took Brad in to get his DNA sample. As Katie and Liberty waited in the hallway, Parker and his parents emerged from his room, which sent Liberty scurrying for a hiding place. Katie asked what had happened and Parker explained that "some airhead girl" had knocked him off his skateboard and left him unconscious. When Jack asked why Katie was there, she looked around to introduce Liberty, but found the teenager had snuck away. She explained Brad was there for some routine testing and she wished them well as they left for home. When the coast was clear, Liberty returned and Brad sent her in to see Susan so Susan could get a sample of her DNA.

When Liberty was done, she asked how long it would take to find out if the tests proved Brad was her father. Katie explained it could take up to two weeks and Liberty said she would be staying in town to wait for the test results. Katie told Brad they couldn't just let her stay in Oakdale alone and chased after her. Liberty admitted she didn't have anywhere to stay and had been staying in the park. Katie told Brad they needed to let Liberty stay with them.

Brad, Katie, and Liberty returned to the Lakeview and asked the desk clerk for a room for Liberty. He explained they had no availability because of a big convention. Katie and Brad decided to let Liberty stay with them in their room. Once in the room, Katie told Brad she needed to go see Margo and he should spend some time with Liberty. Before Katie left, Brad told her that they would get through everything together, but Katie seemed unsure.

Alone in the hotel room, Brad and Liberty discussed what her mom was like in high school. They got ready to go to sleep and Brad was conflicted at the prospect of having Liberty be his daughter. As he tucked her in he wondered if she was really his.

Parker returned to Carly's home with Jack and Carly and they reminisced about happy family times. Jack stayed with Parker, while Carly went to get JJ and Sage from the farm. Parker asked Jack why he and Carly were fighting at the hospital and Jack explained he was angry that Carly hadn't called him. Parker told his father that he and the other kids were tired of all the fighting between their parents. Parker thought it was best if Jack and Carly stayed away from one another if they couldn't get along.

When Carly arrived at the farm she found Holden and the kids playing a game and explained that Parker was fine and back at home with Jack. Holden invited her to stick around for a while and play. Carly sat down and enjoyed the game, but after one round decided to take a break outside. Holden followed her and asked if she was all right. Carly admitted that she was sad watching Parker and Jack together because she knew she would never have that closeness with Jack again. Holden and Carly discussed their relationship troubles and encouraged one another to keep moving forward.

When Carly returned home with the kids, Jack offered to help her with dinner. Carly was worried that Jack just wanted to argue more about the family, but Jack had learned a lot from his talk with Parker and promised it would be a nice "quiet" dinner.

In the hospital corridor, Chris ran into Alison who claimed to be sick, but Chris thought she was just nervous about her first day of nursing school. She ran off into the on-call room and began to throw-up in the bathroom. Chris apologized for not believing she was really sick and offered to help her. He gave her a quick examination and told her she probably had the stomach flu. As Chris was comforting Alison, a nurse walked in and assumed she had walked in on a romantic moment between the two. A short while later, Alison got sick again and managed to get her shirt dirty. Chris offered to clean it up for her and started to help her out of her blouse, as the nurse walked in again and quickly excused herself. Alison looked at Chris and the pair started laughing at the idea of the rumors that would soon be flying around the hospital. Chris admitted that he wouldn't mind if people thought he was dating Alison and he leaned in to kiss her, but his pager went off and he told her he had to take the call.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Parker woke up feeling better after his skateboarding accident. Carly apologized for the way she and Jack had been acting. Parker said he didn't care if Carly and Jack got back together, but he did want them to stop biting each other's head off every chance they had. Jack arrived unexpectedly and asked Carly if he could take Parker to school. Carly reminded Jack that he was supposed to call first before coming to visit, but she agreed to let him give Parker a ride because she didn't want to fight anymore.

Luke told Holden he was moving in with Noah and Ameera, which Holden thought was a bad idea. Luke agreed it wasn't the best of situations, but he felt it would be better than not seeing Noah at all. Luke said he wanted to have with Noah what Holden and Lily had, and he was afraid it would slip through his fingers if he didn't do something about it. Holden wished Luke luck.

When Luke arrived at the cottage, only Ameera was there. Luke started to put his things away, but Ameera said Luke should move into the bedroom with Noah, and she would move into the living room because she was the guest, not Luke. Luke told Ameera he knew the living arrangements would be hard on her, because of the way she felt about Noah. Ameera brushed Luke off, saying she was fine. Noah returned home with groceries and told Luke he'd gotten all his favorite foods. Ameera watched as the two young men interacted with one another, then left the room, clearly uncomfortable.

Noah and Luke went into the bedroom, and Luke said his dad was right about the situation being "an emotional time bomb." Noah said he didn't care, because he had missed Luke. Noah closed the bedroom doors and told Luke he should unpack. Noah and Luke were about to kiss when Luke saw Ameera's shadow outside the bedroom door. Noah said there was nothing they could do about Ameera's presence, but Luke said he would leave. Noah couldn't believe Luke wanted to leave, but Luke said until he could truly be alone with Noah, it was too painful to be around him. He took his bag and hurried out, telling Ameera she could have her bed back.

Luke returned to the farm, where Holden found him sitting on the porch. Holden asked if Luke had decided not to move in with Noah, and Luke said yes, because if he and Noah were going to be together, it had to be the way it was supposed to be and nothing less.

Carly went grocery shopping and dropped one of her bags in the parking lot as she tried to open her car trunk. Holden appeared, teasing Carly about not having a shopping cart. He helped her pick up her spilled groceries and asked her if she'd had a run-in with Jack again. Carly said no, but things were still tense. Carly asked if Holden had talked to Lily, and he told her that he and Lily kept missing each other. They bid each other goodbye, but when Carly got in her car, it wouldn't start.

Holden asked Carly to let him try starting it. He couldn't get the car started either and told Carly her battery was dead. Carly's car still wouldn't start after Holden tried to jumpstart it, so Holden told Carly he would call a garage to tow the car, and she could put her groceries in his car and ride back with him.

At Carly's house, Carly put the groceries away while Holden lamented not having Lily around to help him with Faith and Natalie. Holden was worried about what he would be able to find for the girls to do over the summer if Lily wasn't back yet, and Carly said that was what summer camp was for. Carly told Holden she felt bad about her kids being so tense because of the situation with her and Jack; Holden felt the same way about his kids and their uneasiness because of his situation with Lily. Carly said the kids should be able to be kids for a couple of months and not have to worry about those things, and that was why she was thinking about a summer camp for her kids. Carly told Holden she planned to check out a nearby camp the next day. However, she got a call from the garage and found out her car wouldn't be ready for a week. When Carly said that meant she couldn't check out the camp, Holden said he would take her.

Carly told Holden she could wait a week to check out the camp, but Holden said he'd like to see it, too. He told her Emma could watch the kids, both his and Carly's, but Carly said Jack would probably appreciate the extra time with his kids. Holden said they could work out the logistics in the morning. As he was about to leave, Carly offered to make him lunch, to repay him for all his help. Holden said he would take a rain check, and Carly thanked him again for all his help.

Brad and Katie woke up and began kissing, until Katie remembered Liberty, who was asleep on the couch. They went outside in the hallway to talk, and Brad said he couldn't live like that for the two weeks it would take for the DNA results to come back. Katie had a solution: they would tell Liberty to go back to her mom's until they found out whether Brad was her father. Brad agreed, and he and Katie took Liberty to Al's Diner for breakfast. There, they ran into Jack and Parker. Parker recognized Liberty, who ran off before he could say anything. Brad asked how Parker knew Liberty, and Parker told him that Liberty was the girl who caused him to fall off his skateboard. Parker asked how Brad knew her, and Brad said, "She might be my daughter."

Brad explained the situation to Jack and Parker. A friend of Parker's arrived and asked if Parker wanted to ride to school with him; Jack agreed that Parker could leave with his friend. Katie went to check on Liberty. Jack asked Brad if he'd known about Liberty, and Brad said of course not. Katie returned and said Liberty had disappeared. Brad went to look for Liberty, while Katie waited at Al's with Jack in case Liberty returned.

Jack asked Katie how she was doing, and Katie said she was fine. Jack thought she might be angry, but Katie said it wasn't as though Brad had a secret family he had stashed in Chicago without her knowledge. Katie didn't see anything to be angry about, and she told Jack she loved Brad and wasn't going to blow their relationship. She then told Jack she needed to get to work and asked him to tell Brad where she'd gone.

Brad found Liberty in the park and asked her why she had run. Liberty said she was worried Parker's dad would arrest her for a "hit and run," but Brad assured her that unless she purposely jumped in front of Parker, she wasn't in any trouble. Brad then suggested Liberty go apologize to Parker, and they headed back to Al's. Jack told them that Katie had gone to work. Liberty asked where Parker was so she could apologize to him; Jack told her Parker had gone to school. Brad asked Liberty to order some coffee and food to go. After she walked away, Jack asked Brad how he thought Katie was dealing with the Liberty situation. Brad told Jack it was none of his business.

Jack said that just because Katie said she was okay with it didn't mean she was. Brad told Jack he wasn't interested in his "super-sensitive Katie radar," and he told him to butt out. Brad then got ready to leave and asked Jack to please bring Parker to the studio later so Liberty could apologize to him. Brad and Liberty went to WOAK, where Brad asked Katie how she was really doing. Katie said she was fine, and she asked if Brad had told Liberty that they thought she should go back home to stay with her mother. Brad told Katie he couldn't tell Liberty when she'd been so upset. He also said he didn't think he would feel right if he sent Liberty back to what might not be a good situation with her mother and later found out she was indeed his daughter. He asked if Katie could handle it if Liberty stayed until they knew the outcome, and Katie said she could, because they were in it together.

Parker walked into WOAK and saw Liberty, who apologized to him for the hit and run. Parker accepted her apology, and Liberty asked if they were cousins, since Brad and Jack were brothers. Parker said Jack had adopted him and that Liberty might not turn out to be Brad's daughter. Liberty said she was sure she was.

Meg waited with Mike at the hospital until the doctor came to examine him, then stepped outside, where she ran into Paul. She asked Paul if he was following her, but Paul said he was there for an appointment with a therapist. Meg was surprised and pleased to learn that Paul had decided to seek help to try to stabilize his life, until Paul said he was doing it for her. Meg told Paul she was happy he was going to therapy, but she told him he had to do it for himself, because she couldn't give him any guarantees that she'd be waiting for him at the end. Paul insisted the only reason he was doing it was to try to win her back. Meg told Paul firmly that therapy or not, they might not ever get back together, and until Paul understood that, she wasn't sure she should be around him.

Meg took Mike back to the Lakeview, where she filled him in on Paul's decision to undergo therapy and his motivation for it. Mike said Paul treated Meg like a possession, which was wrong and even potentially dangerous, and that Meg shouldn't care what Paul did anymore. Meg said the problem was that she did care, and she felt bad about having argued with Paul about his therapy. Meg then called the hospital and found out from a friend that Paul had canceled his therapy appointment. She felt guilty about making Paul feel he was hopeless, but Mike said maybe he was. Meg disagreed and left to go see Paul.

Paul returned to Fairwinds, where he poured himself a stiff drink. Sofie came in, and Paul told her to go away, saying Barbara needed her back at the Lakeview. Sofie said it looked like Paul needed her more. She asked Paul what had happened, and Paul told her he had tried to do whatever Meg needed to get her to love him again, but it wasn't enough. Sofie told Paul he shouldn't turn himself inside out trying to make someone love him. She said she had done that herself for years, and it was a form of abuse. Paul said their situations were nothing alike. Sofie said Paul was good enough the way he was, but Paul said he was nothing without Meg.

Paul said Meg was probably right about him being damaged goods, but Sofie told him to stop saying that. Sofie said if Meg couldn't see what a wonderful man Paul was, there were plenty of women who could. Paul said, "Name one," and Sofie replied, "Me," and kissed him. Meg arrived at Fairwinds and walked into the room where Paul and Sofie were half-undressed, kissing passionately on the sofa.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

At Fairwinds, Paul and Sofie continued to make out on the couch in his living room; Paul looked up and realized Meg had walked in and was watching them in disgust from the doorway. Paul immediately pushed Sofie off of him and ran after Meg.

After seeing Paul and Sofie together, Meg returned to Mike's room at the Lakeview and told Mike what she saw at Fairwinds. As Mike comforted Meg, Paul knocked at the door and demanded that Meg let him in and forgive him. Mike told Paul to go away, but Paul continued to scream and bang at the door. While Mike called security, Paul claimed that Sofie meant nothing to him and he only turned to Sofie because Meg shut him out. Meg told Paul she wouldn't open the door and when Mike told Paul to stop, Paul became enraged and threatened to break down the door. Security arrived and asked Paul to leave, but he refused and the security guard was forced to remove Paul forcefully. When the noise from the hallway stopped, Mike checked and told Meg that Paul was gone. Mike encouraged Meg to get a restraining order and she agreed it might be the best way to keep Paul away from her.

Chris and Alison met up in the hospital corridor and Chris asked if Alison was feeling better after her bout of the stomach flu. Alison said she was back to normal and offered to take Chris to dinner in appreciation for his taking such good care of her when she was sick. Chris accepted and the two agreed to meet after their shifts were over. Kim came to pick Chris and Bob up for dinner, but Chris explained he was having dinner with Alison. Kim was concerned about Chris getting involved with Alison again and she was worried that Chris was exchanging one lost Stewart sister for another. Chris convinced his mother that he was old enough to date whomever he wanted and Kim relented. She invited Alison to join them for dinner.

Chris found Alison after his shift and invited her to go to dinner at the Lakeview with his parents. Alison quickly shot down the idea and claimed that they weren't dating seriously enough to be dining with parents, but trying to renew their friendship. Chris told Alison that it was his mother's idea to invite her and this bit of information was enough to change Alison's mind; she agreed to join him for dinner with his parents.

At the office of The Intruder, Casey brought in paperwork for Emily and she congratulated him on getting through his first day of work since the hostage standoff. As they spoke, Margo phoned Casey and told him that Matt was at the station and wanted to say goodbye before he was shipped off to prison. Casey told Margo that he had no interest in talking to Matt. Emily overheard Casey's conversation and once he was off the phone, she tried to convince him that he should visit Matt. Emily explained to Casey that he needed to see Matt to get closure with him. Casey agreed to go, but Emily asked him to get her some additional paperwork before he left. When Casey went to get the reports, Emily decided to put a tape recorder in Casey's jacket pocket so she could record his conversation with Matt.

Casey arrived at the police station and Margo was relieved that he had decided to see Matt. Margo directed Casey to the interrogation room, where he found Matt waiting for transportation to take him to prison. Matt was pleased to see Casey and immediately began to apologize for putting Casey's family in danger. Matt tried to explain why he worked with Gerald Nevins, but Casey told Matt he knew everything he needed to know about the guy Matt worked for. Casey told Matt to take care of himself in prison, just as Margo and the guard came in to take Matt away. As Casey talked to Margo about Matt, he found the tape recorder Emily had placed in his pocket. Casey was shocked that Emily had bugged him and wondered why she would do such a thing. Margo told him he would have the opportunity to ask and pointed to Emily, who had just arrived at the station.

Casey confronted Emily and asked her why she was there. Emily explained that Paul had called and asked her to meet him at the police station right away. Their conversation was interrupted when Paul was brought in wearing handcuffs. The arresting officer told Margo that Paul was under arrest for disturbing the peace, assaulting a security guard, and resisting arrest. Paul asked to be booked quickly so Emily could bail him out. Emily told Paul he was on his own this time and Paul was taken away for his mug shot.

Emily turned her attention back to Casey and asked him how his conversation with Matt went. Casey handed her the recorder and told her to listen for herself. Casey stormed out and Emily chased after him and tried to explain why she bugged him, but Casey was angry and refused to listen to her excuses. Emily finally apologized to Casey and he agreed to stay on as her assistant. Emily offered to take Casey to dinner as a peace offering.

At the Lakeview, Kim and Bob complemented Alison on everything from her outfit to her starting nursing school, but the mood quickly went from good to bad when Kim accidentally insulted Alison's mother. Kim offered a less than heartfelt apology, but then continued the disastrous conversation by asking why Chris and Alison kept trying to date when it had always ended in heartache. Alison insisted that she and Chris were just friends and Kim complemented them on being able to keep a strong friendship after their tumultuous past. Alison excused herself and went to the lobby where she found Emily and Casey. Each of the Stewart sisters wondered why the other was there, but when Emily discovered Alison was with Chris, she and Casey decided to leave the Lakeview.

In the lobby, Alison explained to Chris that his mother might be right about their past. Chris tried to convince Alison that they could make a relationship work this time regardless of what the people around them thought. Alison agreed to return to dinner and to consider dating Chris again. Kim apologized again and Bob offered a toast to new beginnings. Suddenly, Alison heard the man behind her choking and rushed to help him. She saved the man by giving him the Heimlich maneuver and everyone was impressed by her quick action. After dinner, Chris and Alison decided to share a nightcap in his room.

Once they were in his room, Alison realized that Chris once lived in the hotel with Emily and was uncomfortable being there with him. Chris explained that it wasn't the same room, but Alison told him it wasn't just the room that was making her uncomfortable, but the fear they were making another mistake. Alison decided it was best to go and she left.

Casey found Emily drinking at Yo's and told her she owed him dinner. Emily passed him a bowl of nuts and told him to dig in. Emily told Casey that no one wanted them hanging out together and he should go home to his mommy. Casey wouldn't let Emily back out of buying him dinner and convinced her to play against him in a game of pool, with the bet being the dinner Emily owed him. Casey ran the table and insisted Emily pay up. Emily and Casey returned to The Intruder offices with some takeout and enjoyed the quiet. Casey told Emily that they needed to be honest with one another and stop hiding from the world.

Back at the police station, Margo told Paul he would be in jail overnight and Paul demanded to make another call. He phoned Sofie and asked her to come and bail him out. Moments later, Mike arrived with Meg to help her get a restraining order against Paul. Margo explained that Meg needed to go before a judge, but Margo believed Paul would be in jail until she could get it taken care of. Sofie arrived at police headquarters and said she was there to bail Paul out. Paul was brought in to the room by an officer and begged Meg to listen to him. He tried to explain that kissing Sofie was a mistake and he would never have done it if Meg hadn't turned him away. When Paul tried to walk towards Meg, Mike told him to back off, but Paul refused and Mike finally punched him. The police separated the two and Margo offered to find a judge to issue a restraining order against Paul. Mike took Meg home as Paul waited for Sofie to post his bail. Once the paperwork was done, Paul thanked Sofie for coming down, but she rushed out after learning that he thought kissing her was a mistake.

Paul returned to Fairwinds and immediately saw that Sofie had followed him home. Paul was surprised to see Sofie and she asked him if he really thought being with her was a mistake. Paul told Sofie she was sweet, but what happened between them was wrong. Sofie refused to believe Paul, and said that since he knew Meg was not coming back he should give Sofie a chance. Sofie declared her love for Paul and told him she accepted who he was and would do anything for him. Paul kissed Sofie and the two began to take each other's clothes off on the couch.

Mike took Meg back to the farm and she thanked him for helping her deal with Paul. Mike hugged Meg and counseled her on how to handle Paul. Meg was grateful for all Mike had done and said that this time she knew things were over with Paul. Mike offered to keep Paul away from Meg during the farm's development project and told Meg that in time she would be able to move on.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sage and Carly argued about whether Sage would go to summer camp. The child did not want to be separated from her mother again. Jack arrived in the middle of Sage's loud protestations and immediately questioned Carly's judgment. The adults continued the argument until Parker interrupted them with his sarcasm. Carly said she felt the children, especially Sage, needed to be kept busy and away from the tension between their parents. Jack promised to at least consider the camp.

At the Snyder farm, Holden and Emma also discussed the merits of the summer camp. Emma expressed additional concern about Lily and Holden's marriage. Holden seemed nervous and jumpy about the road trip to the camp with Carly. He drove to pick up Carly and she attempted to back out of going, but Holden convinced her to stick to their plan. Carly asked Holden if he thought she was a good mother, and Holden told her it sounded as if she were doing all the right things for her children.

Lucinda had a phone conversation with Lily as she and Faith were having breakfast in a restaurant. Faith had spent the night with her grandmother and was supposed to be on her way to school. Faith told Lucinda she really missed Lily, and Lucinda spilled the news that actually Lily was coming home that very evening.

Brad and Katie talked about Brad's discussion with Janet, Liberty's mother. Janet approved of Liberty's staying with Brad until the DNA results were in. Brad told Katie that if she wanted to back out of their marriage because of Brad's new "baggage," that he would understand. Katie felt insulted and told him that she was not bailing out on her marriage. They discussed finding a school for Liberty, who refused to go. She suggested her "rich" father pay someone to home-school her. Katie offered the bribe of a shopping spree for new school clothes, and Liberty changed her mind.

Faith and Lucinda went to the farm where Emma wanted to know why Faith was not in school. Lucinda explained that it was suddenly a special day since Lily was coming home that night and the girls wanted to plan a surprise welcome. Lucinda tried to caution Faith and Natalie that Lily might still not be quite herself.

Katie took Liberty to Fashions and explained who the girl was to a curious Lisa. While Katie was paying for the shopping spree, Liberty shoplifted a bracelet that had caught her eye. Brad waited outside the shop and called Jack to come down and give him some advice on schools. As Katie and Liberty left Fashions, a store detective stopped Liberty and found the stolen bracelet. Lisa came outside and was willing to take the bracelet back and forget about the incident, but Brad insisted that Jack arrest the girl to teach her a lesson.

At the Oakdale Police Department, Parker arrived looking for Jack. He was surprised to find the group from Fashions there and Liberty in the interrogation room. Brad gave her a hard time so Parker went in and convinced Liberty that jail was not where she wanted to be. Katie tried to get Brad to soften up so Brad offered to take Liberty home if she had learned her lesson. Liberty refused to go with him but also claimed she would not go back to her mother, either. Katie intervened again, and the stubborn dad and daughter apologized to each other.

On the road trip on the way back from camp, Holden and Carly had car trouble out in the middle of farm country. Holden called home but Emma did not spoil the surprise that Lily was coming home that night. Holden and Carly talked about the advantages the camp would offer their daughters, and Carly asked him how many different life changes he had been through since he had been with Lily.

When Holden finally got home, he got the "welcome" greeting from his daughters who thought he was Lily. Lucinda called and gave the family the bad news: Lily had changed her mind and was not coming home. Holden had to explain this to his disappointed girls.

Back at the Lakeview, Liberty put on a fashion show of her new clothes for Brad and Katie. Katie approved of them and especially of the girl's good mood.

Carly returned home to find Jack and the children waiting for her. Jack asked about the camp and agreed to send Sage there if Carly thought it would be beneficial to their daughter. Jack left, and a split screen showed a thoughtful Carly on her porch and a musing Holden at the farm.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Holden took Faith and Natalie to school and had to explain to them that Lily hadn't exactly lied about coming back the day before. Holden said Lily had changed her mind and decided she needed a little more time. Faith said she no longer believed her mother cared about them at all. Holden convinced the girls that Lily loved them and still loved him, too. He told them to trust him, saying Lily would come back to them, and everything would be okay.

At the Lakeview, Liberty got ready for school. Brad noticed that Liberty's shirt was rolled up so that her midriff was exposed, and he told her she couldn't go to school looking like that. Liberty said she didn't want to go to school anyway, but she rolled her shirt back down. Brad put his foot down and told Liberty she had to go to school. She said he could at least get breakfast for her first, so he and Liberty left, leaving Katie to take a shower to get ready for work.

Brad and Liberty went to Al's Diner. They saw Parker there, and Brad took him aside and asked him to keep an eye on Liberty and help make her first day at school a good one. Parker told his uncle that he didn't think Liberty would need any help, but he agreed to keep an eye on her.

Liberty went to school, and Brad sat down to eat breakfast. Henry came to his table and asked him who the teenager was and why Brad had bought breakfast for her. Brad explained who Liberty was, and then he asked Henry what it was like to raise a teenage girl, since Henry had basically raised Maddie. Henry responded, "Be afraid. Be very afraid!" Henry's advice boiled down to locking Liberty up until she was about 40 years old.

Brad left, and Vienna sat down to talk with Henry. Vienna told Henry she was tired because she'd had to get up an hour early to mix batter by hand since a mixer had broken the night before. Henry became upset, telling Vienna that she deserved a better life. Vienna assured Henry she didn't need the jet-setting life anymore, but Henry said she at least deserved a weekend vacation. Henry said someone would need to watch the diner for them. Vienna suggested Brad and Katie, and Henry told her about the situation with Liberty.

At school, between classes, Liberty saw Parker sitting outside in the park by the reservoir. Flanked by five boys, Liberty approached Parker and told him to tell the guys that she was out of their league. The boys dared Liberty to prove it by jumping in the reservoir. Parker said it was too cold, and Liberty would get in trouble at school, but Liberty told the boys she would do it if they each put up $20. They handed the money to Parker, and Liberty ran and jumped into the reservoir.

The boys left. Parker gave Liberty his jacket, and Liberty talked Parker into taking $50 of the money she'd won, as a repayment for the skateboard accident. She then told Parker they should go spend their money.

Carly went to the farm, where she found Jack having breakfast. Carly told Jack that she felt she should begin paying half of the expenses associated with her house, including the mortgage. Jack said it wasn't necessary, but Carly insisted and said she was ready to write Jack a check if he would just let her know how much she owed him. Jack looked over his bills and told Carly the current month's expenses were about $4,700. Carly was shocked to hear it was that high.

Jack told Carly again that he didn't mind taking care of the bills, since the kids lived with her. Carly told him she didn't want to feel like a charity case. She then said she was reopening Metro and would be able to pay Jack the next month. Carly told Jack she was positive she could make Metro a success. Jack worried about Carly taking on too much; Carly said she would eventually hire people to help her. Carly then told Jack goodbye; Holden walked in and said hello to Carly, who was on her way out.

Holden told Jack it looked like Carly was "on a mission," and Jack said Carly tended to bite off more than she could chew. Holden said Carly just wanted to prove she could be independent. Jack thought it was more that Carly wanted to prove she didn't need him anymore. Emma came home. Jack left, and Holden explained to Emma that Jack was worried about Carly reopening Metro, but he personally thought Carly would be fine. Emma told Holden he shouldn't get in the middle of the situation between Jack and Carly, and Holden said he wasn't.

In Old Town , Jack ran into Katie and asked if he could walk with her. She agreed. He told Katie he was trying to make things go more smoothly with Carly by agreeing to let the kids go to summer camp. Katie thought that was a good idea. Jack then told Katie that Carly was reopening Metro, and he talked about how much he didn't like it. Katie told Jack she didn't want to talk to him about his problems with his ex-wife.

Jack apologized to Katie. He then asked whether Katie and Brad were having any problems because of Liberty. Katie said she and Brad were dealing with Liberty together and that her marriage was a private matter. Jack said he thought they were friends; Katie said they were but that they were friends with boundaries, and those boundaries included Jack's marital and ex-marital problems being off limits, as well as Katie's marriage to Brad. She then excused herself and walked away.

Katie ran into Brad, and then they saw Parker and Liberty approaching. When Brad asked why Liberty was wet and not in school, Liberty told him that some mean girls in gym class had stuffed her in a shower and turned on the water. She said she'd gotten away and run out of the school, where she had run into Parker, who gave her his jacket. Brad asked if Parker had at least "busted some heads," and Parker replied incredulously, "In the girls' locker room?" Brad and Katie thanked Parker for looking after Liberty.

Brad wanted to go to the school and find the "mean girls" so they could be punished, but Liberty said if he did that, it would be worse for her the next time. She said she needed to handle the girls herself, and Katie agreed. Brad asked Parker if he thought Liberty could handle it herself, and Parker said, "Definitely." Liberty then asked if she could skip the rest of the day, since she was so "traumatized," and Brad agreed. He asked Parker to take Liberty back to the hotel before he went back to school. Brad and Katie left for the studio.

At the studio, Brad was worried about how Liberty was doing. He asked a staff member to juggle their filming schedule so he could leave right after the show ended. Brad told Katie he felt he should go make sure Liberty was really okay, and Katie told him she thought his parenting instincts were right on the money.

Parker took Liberty to the Lakeview. Liberty tried to get Parker to stay, but he said he had to get back to school. He then told Liberty that while he was no angel, she was really something, considering how easily she had lied. Parker asked if Liberty would be at school the next day, and she said she didn't think school was really for her. She thanked Parker for not ratting her out, and he left.

Katie and Brad arrived back at the Lakeview, where Liberty pretended to still be stressed about the events at school. Liberty went to take a bubble bath. Brad's phone rang; it was Susan, calling to say she'd put a rush on the DNA testing and would have the results the next day. Brad told Katie he was scared. Katie asked if he was scared that Liberty was his daughter or that she wasn't, and he replied, "Both."

Carly arrived at Metro only to find water everywhere because a pipe was leaking. Holden arrived shortly thereafter, and before Carly could warn him, he slipped and fell. They both started laughing. Holden told Carly she should call a plumber, but Carly said she wanted to try to fix it herself first. Holden offered to help. Together, they tightened a fitting under the sink, but when they tried to fix the faucet, it broke off, and water sprayed all over them.

Holden and Carly got the water problem temporarily under control using duct tape, but Holden said Carly definitely needed a plumber. Carly asked how Holden had known she was at Metro, and he said Jack had told him. Carly then assumed Holden had come as Jack's spy, but Holden said he'd come to ask her for advice. He told Carly about Lily's disappointing non-return and how upset Faith had been. Carly told Holden how sorry she was and said it was sad that their kids had to pay for their parents' mistakes. She said it wasn't fair, and Holden said lots of things weren't fair, "and that's why God made duct tape!"

Jack walked into Metro and found Holden and Carly laughing and wet. He asked what was going on. Holden explained about the leaking pipe. Holden then said he was glad Jack was there, because he was a better plumber than Holden. Holden told Carly goodbye and left. Carly asked if Jack was there to say "I told you so," but Jack said it was the opposite.

Jack apologized for trying to make Carly doubt herself about reopening Metro. He told her he hoped the reopening would be a huge success. Carly invited him to be there when Metro reopened, if for no other reason than so she could prove him wrong about the place. Jack smiled and said he wanted things to work out for Carly; she said if that were true, maybe he could take a look at the leaking pipe. Jack said he'd be honored. After he looked at the pipe, he told Carly it should hold until she could afford to get a real plumber to fix it after Metro reopened. He left to go to work. Carly called Holden to tell him his plumbing work had met with Jack's approval and to thank him for being a good friend. Holden said Carly had been a good friend to him, too.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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