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Passions Recaps: The week of April 28, 2008 on PS
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Monday, April 28, 2008

Eve gave Julian a stern warning about getting excited since an erection could kill him. Julian was lucky that Eve got to him when she did. His little stint with Esme could have been catastrophic. Eve mentioned to Julian that a corrective surgery might help his situation. Moreover, Eve had to restrict Julian's visitors because she knew that Julian would not cooperate. Even though Eve gave Julian two National Geographic magazines to read, he managed to associate sex to the characters in the magazine. Julian fought his feelings but could not avoid fantasizing about Rebecca, Esme, and Eve. It was abruptly halted when Julian came to the realization that an erection would be detrimental to his health.

Gwen tried to convince Ethan to send Little Ethan away to boarding school due to the prank Little Ethan pulled on her. Ethan disagreed with Gwen and told her that she was overreacting. Gwen demanded that Little Ethan be sent away, and Gertrude retorted that Gwen had no place making such a decision since she was not Little Ethan's mother. Gwen put Gertrude (Theresa) in her place, but that did not stop Gertrude from voicing her opinions. She almost gave herself away to Pilar by implying that she knew that Little Ethan's mother would not want to send Little Ethan away.

After Ethan and Gwen left the room, Pilar thanked Gertrude for intervening and taking up Little Ethan's cause. Pilar started wondering if Gertrude was Theresa.

Rebecca asked Gwen to explain why she was blue, and Gwen let her in on Little Ethan's antics. Rebecca suggested to Gwen that she had enough ammunition to send Little Ethan packing, but Gwen filled Rebecca in on Gertrude's eagerness to step in and encourage Ethan not to send Little Ethan away. Gwen started to have second thoughts about Gertrude, and she planned to deal with her after she was successful at sending Little Ethan away to boarding school.

Ethan came back after unsuccessfully looking for Little Ethan. Pilar pleaded with him not to send Little Ethan away, but it appeared as if Ethan was taking Gwen's side. Pilar became desperate and attempted to tell Ethan that Little Ethan was his biological son. Gertrude overhead and became extremely worried. She interrupted Pilar before Pilar told Ethan the truth. In addition, Gertrude made another slip up. She specifically offered Pilar hot cocoa the way Theresa used to make it. Ethan left the room to try to search for Little Ethan again. Gertrude realized that Pilar was suspicious of her, so she tried to leave. Pilar spoke Spanish to Gertrude, and she understood. As a result, Pilar realized Gertrude was Theresa and asked her to confirm it. Gertrude reluctantly revealed herself to Pilar. They both embraced. Theresa informed Pilar that she wanted to reveal herself but it was not safe. While Pilar and Theresa embraced, Ethan was on his way back to the living room.

Pretty and Sheridan overheard Luis telling Fancy that Fancy was the most important thing in his life. Sheridan pointed out to Pretty that Fancy was getting too close to Luis, so Pretty interrupted them. She talked Luis into taking her back to the mansion. Sheridan did not hesitate to rub salt in Fancy's wound by telling her that Pretty was taking Luis away from her. After Luis brought Pretty to the Crane estate, Luis tried to spend some time with Fancy, but Pretty came up with something for Luis to do for her. Fancy was convinced that she was losing Luis to Pretty. Sheridan stood on the sidelines without lifting a finger because Pretty was doing the work she would have been doing.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Viki paid a visit to Julian's room but stayed outside. She asked Esme Julian's condition as she flashed back to stabbing him. Viki gathered the information in order to plan her next attack. Viki noticed that Julian was having an erection during his dream, so she tried to distract Esme from going into the room. Esme found a reason to go and check on Julian, and she noticed the erection underneath the covers. Esme worried that Julian was going to die "hard." Viki was upset that Esme took action to save Julian by pouring cold water on his midsection.

Esme left Julian's room and returned looking like an undertaker. She began reading the telephone book to Julian, which was working until Julian decided to focus on Esme's crossed legs. Esme decided to leave and change her clothing again, but not before Viki removed Esme's coat and exposed her negligee. Julian saw a half-dressed Esme, and he rose to the occasion while still lying in bed. Viki was pleased at what she had done since her intention was to bring Julian closer to his deathbed.

Edna and Norma visited Julian at Esme's request. They dressed as candy stripers and proceeded to perform for Julian. Both Edna and Norma performed a striptease. Edna pulled off her diaper and threw it next to Julian's pillow. Julian begged for mercy and asked them to stop. Esme was satisfied that Julian would not get an erection. Viki, on the other hand, was not very pleased. She told herself that she would find a way to kill Julian.

Edna and Norma paid Tabitha a visit. Norma questioned Tabitha about the strange happenings in Harmony. After Norma and Edna went upstairs, Tabitha announced that evil was about to visit Harmony. One of her magic books caught fire after she made the announcement.

Fancy was surprised that Luis visited her room, considering his behavior with Pretty the previous day. Sheridan and Pretty eavesdrop outside of Fancy's room and tried to come up with a plan to keep her and Luis apart. Luis tried to reassure Fancy by telling her that she was more important to him than Pretty. Sheridan and Pretty left and returned with a cage filled with bats. The intention was to release them into Fancy's room, but when they did not hear any screams, they realized that Luis and Fancy had left the room. The bats ended up attacking Pretty and Sheridan instead.

Luis booked a hotel room for Fancy with a beautiful romantic setting. He tried his best to put her mind at ease, and reassured her that Pretty meant nothing to him and only Fancy was important. In addition, Luis reassured Fancy that all of her dreams would come true. He then pulled out a small black box with an engagement ring in it. He kept it by his side while hugging Fancy.

Gertrude (Theresa) made it very clear to Pilar that the only reason she risked coming to Harmony was to be near Ethan and the children. Ethan walked back to the living room and saw Pilar embracing Gertrude and questioned Pilar's behavior. Pilar saw Ethan and quickly let go of Gertrude and attempted to give Ethan an explanation. Pilar came up with an excuse that satisfied Ethan. Pilar suggested that Gertrude leave Harmony before it was too late. Gertrude expressed her sadness over seeing Ethan with Gwen. Moreover, Gertrude mentioned to Pilar that her intention was to make sure Ethan found out the truth about Gwen.

Gwen brought Ethan upstairs to seduce him, and they made love. Gwen left to go and freshen up. Ethan reached into his nightstand, and his hand came upon a picture of Theresa. Ethan said to himself that he would not forget Theresa. Gwen saw and tried to figure out what she needed to do to get Ethan to forget Theresa. She joined Ethan in bed and decided to go for round two. Ethan refused at first, but Gwen was too convincing for him to resist. Ethan's mind flashed back on Theresa's picture, and he stated that he would always love her. Gwen knew that Ethan was referring to Theresa.

Juanita was caught by the police. She escaped, but she was eventually caught after being surrounded by a police helicopter and a policeman pointing a gun at her.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Theresa told Pilar she couldn't tell anyone about her true identity until Juanita was captured. Ethan overheard them talking and asked Gertrude (Theresa) what secret she was referring to. Theresa tried to cover by explaining that she and Pilar were talking about telenovelas. Ethan said Theresa used to watch telenovelas with Little Ethan all the time and he would be reminded of Theresa every time he saw a commercial for one on TV. He said it would be nice if life were like telenovelas, where characters die and suddenly come back to life, because that way Theresa could come back to life. Pilar told Ethan that if Theresa were listening, it would make her happy to know that he still loved her. Ethan complained that he didn't have the energy to deal with all the new problems he was facing, and if Theresa were still alive, things would be different. Gertrude asked Ethan what he would do if Theresa came back to him.

Ethan told Gertrude that he fantasized about Theresa coming back to him all the time. He described his fantasy of Theresa coming back to him. Pilar told Ethan that talking about Theresa was probably hurting him. After Ethan left the room, Pilar scolded Theresa for trying to get Ethan to talk about her, saying she could have ended up throwing herself into Ethan's arms. Theresa prayed that Juanita was captured so that she could reveal herself to Ethan. Suddenly, the phone rang, and Pilar was told that Juanita had been arrested. Pilar encouraged Theresa to go find Ethan and tell him that she was alive. Just when she was on her way to do so, Theresa realized she couldn't because things had to be exactly the way Ethan had imagined in the telenovela. She gave Pilar a note to give to Ethan while she planned a romantic evening for her and Ethan. Upstairs, Pilar gave Ethan a note that Theresa wrote for him, saying it came from one of the maids. It said that someone wanted to meet him in one of the spare bedrooms. Ethan went off to find his surprise. Meanwhile, Theresa set up the romantic evening for Ethan and thanked God for answering her prayers.

While Tabitha fretted over the evil that was due to arrive in Harmony, Paloma confided in Kay that she had feelings for Roberto and Noah. She asked Kay how to handle loving two men at the same time. That's when Paloma noticed the spark coming from behind Tabitha's back while Tabitha was holding the Book of Disasters. Tabitha was able to zap the Book of Disasters onto the table before Paloma could tell what was happening, and then she blamed the spark on static electricity. As Paloma wondered how she could tell what her true feelings were for Noah and Roberto, the two showed up in Tabitha's living room and overheard Paloma talking about them. Kay told Paloma that if she had just listened to her heart, she would have known who to choose between Fox and Miguel to begin with. She encouraged Paloma to listen to her heart and said that if she did, she would choose Noah because they loved each other. Tabitha told Kay that Paloma was at odds with Noah because she caught him kissing a woman at the Blue Note, and she had real feelings for Roberto. Kay encouraged Paloma to talk to Noah about her dilemma. Paloma asked Noah if he had a past with the woman who kissed him at the Blue Note. Noah explained that the woman was just a regular, who obviously had feelings for him, but they never dated. Noah told Paloma she was the one he loved, and he pulled her in for a kiss. Noah suggested he and Paloma go away somewhere where they could be alone for a romantic time together.

Meanwhile, Miguel arrived with a box of supplies for wedding favors. Kay told Tabitha that she still wanted to know about the spark that she and Paloma saw behind her back. Tabitha told herself that she couldn't tell Kay about the evil coming to town, because she might have tried to use her powers to stop it and make things worse. Later when Kay badgered Tabitha about the spark, Tabitha said she was working on a surprise for Kay's wedding. Tabitha, Miguel, and Kay put together the wedding favors, and Tabitha thought to herself that Kay's wedding would be cut short. While Noah was in the living room informing Kay and Miguel about their plans to go away, Roberto joined Paloma in the kitchen and congratulated her on her plans to reunite with Noah. Magic from the Book of Disasters zapped Paloma in the back, forcing her to kiss Roberto just when Noah walked in. Kay's wedding dress arrived at Tabitha's house, and she sent Miguel off so he wouldn't see it. The Book of Disasters started glowing while Kay was looking at her dress. In the kitchen, Noah caught Paloma kissing Roberto and ran off. While Kay played referee between Noah, Paloma, and Roberto in the living room, a spark from the Book of Disasters flew off and landed on Kay's dress, causing it to smoke. Kay then realized her dress was on fire. Miguel, Noah, and Roberto tried to put out the fire on Kay's dress, while Paloma comforted Kay.

Sheridan and Pretty's plan to ruin Luis and Fancy's romantic evening was ruined when the two lovers disappeared. Meanwhile, Luis had spirited Fancy away to a romantic getaway and was planning to propose to her. Sheridan and Pretty plotted to find Luis and Fancy and split them up so they wouldn't be able to work through their problems. Luis reassured Fancy that she was the most important person in the world to him, and to show her, he got down on one knee and showed her an engagement ring. As Sheridan and Pretty set off to find Luis and Fancy, Luis told Fancy that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and then he popped the question. Fancy turned down Luis' marriage proposal. Sheridan remembered the inn and figured out that Luis and Fancy were there. Fancy told Luis she wanted him to marry him out of love not pity. Luis told Fancy the only people he pitied were the men she went out with before who never proposed to her and the only man she was going to marry was him. Luis asked Fancy if he had to get a tattoo on his chest declaring his love for her, and while Fancy was intrigued by the idea, she said he didn't have to do that. Fancy apologized for ruining his proposal and asked him to propose to her all over again. Luis got down on one knee and proposed to her again. Outside their room, Sheridan looked through the keyhole and saw Luis down on one knee. This time, Fancy said yes. Sheridan was too upset to talk, so Pretty looked through the keyhole and saw Fancy accepting Luis' engagement ring, so she screamed.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

There was no Thursday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, May 2, 2008

There was no Friday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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