One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 28, 2008 on OLTL

Cole and Starr decided to run away and start over. Antonio stole money to pay for Jamie's medical treatment. Ramsey watched Antonio take the money during a drug bust. Gigi almost told Rex that he was Shane's father. Blair went to John for help, while Todd went to Ramsey.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 28, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, April 28, 2008

Cole tried to convince Starr to run away with him, but she was skeptical. Starr thought Cole's plan was crazy and told him that two teens would never survive on the run with a baby. Unwilling to accept no for an answer, Cole explained that he would get a job and they would eventually marry. Surprised by Cole's revelation of marriage, Starr was still hesitant and fearful that Todd would find Cole and kill him. Starr reminded Cole about the events that transpired when they tried to run away before. Starr expressed her concern about being on the run and pregnant. She also feared leaving her family and life behind. As Cole attempted to persuade Starr to reconsider, Markko interrupted and told Cole that his coach needed to see Cole right away. Fearing the coach would call Nora if he failed to show up, Cole begged Starr to wait for him and ran off to meet with the coach. Markko told Starr that Cole was taking care of everything, but Starr exclaimed, "I can't do it!" and ran off.

A series of events unfolded at Buchanan Enterprises. As Rex told Gigi of Jared's intentions towards her, he attempted to kiss her. An infuriated Gigi slapped Rex. Shocked by Gigi's reaction, Rex explained that he didn't intend to kiss her, but was only demonstrating Jared's actions. Unconvinced, Gigi reminded Rex that he was getting married in a few weeks and suggested that perhaps she should be wary of him instead of Jared. Meanwhile, down the hall, Viki and Charlie bumped into Marcie and Shane. Feeling proud of his comic, Shane showed Viki and Charlie his new villainess, Evelyn Evil. Stunned that the character shared an exact likeness to Adriana, Viki and Charlie suggested that Shane didn't show the comic to Rex. Shane didn't understand their apprehension and stated that Evelyn Evil was Rex's idea. He insisted that the character wasn't intended to look like Adriana; it just turned out that way. Marcie and Shane headed off to find Gigi, and Viki attempted to locate Natalie. In Natalie's office, Natalie and Jared were involved in a passionate kiss. As Viki approached the door, Jared tore off his shirt and Natalie began unbuttoning her blouse.

Before Rex and Gigi's argument could escalate any further, Shane and Marcie interrupted them. While Marcie and Gigi watched nervously, Shane presented his comic to Rex. Although he hesitated upon seeing the character, Rex didn't appear bothered by the fact that the villainess resembled Adriana. When Rex suggested that he and Shane make copies of the comic, Marcie and Gigi were left alone in the boardroom. Realizing that there was some tension between Gigi and Rex, Marcie wondered what was bothering Gigi. After Gigi confessed to a surprised Marcie that Rex almost kissed her, Marcie questioned Gigi about her feelings concerning Rex. Gigi admitted to caring about Rex, but told Marcie she needed to get over those feelings because Rex was marrying Adriana. Marcie believed that Rex had some unresolved issues concerning Gigi. When Gigi asked Marcie if she felt Rex was having second thoughts about marrying Adriana, Marcie suggested that Gigi speak with Rex about their relationship.

While Rex and Shane made copies in the copy room, Shane told Rex that he didn't know much about his father because Gigi didn't like to talk about him very much. As Marcie encouraged Gigi to discuss the kiss with Rex, Rex entered the office without Shane. When Rex stated that Shane was in another room, Marcie excused herself to go and get the little boy. Alone with Gigi, Rex suggested that they talk about Shane's father. Rex wanted to know why Gigi panicked every time he mentioned Shane's father. Rex told Gigi that her inability to discuss Shane's father was affecting the child. Rex revealed that Shane told him that it bothered him that Gigi never talked about his dad. Gigi remarked that Shane's father was the most amazing man that she had ever met. In tears, Gigi told Rex that she didn't like to talk about Shane's father because it hurt too much.

As Natalie and Jared straightened their rumpled clothing, Viki knocked on the door and asked Natalie if she were all right. Charlie's meeting had been delayed and he joined Viki at Natalie's office door. Terrified, Natalie wouldn't respond, and Viki continued to knock and call out to her. After regaining their composure, Natalie pretended to be working and Jared opened the door. Upon witnessing Jared in a locked room with Natalie, a look of shock and suspicion crossed the faces of both Viki and Charlie. Jared made up an excuse about being on a conference call. While Jared and Natalie spoke in cryptic code about their encounter. Viki and Charlie didn't appear convinced. When Jared left the office, Charlie nervously excused himself and tracked down Jared. Charlie tried to convince Jared to end his pursuit of Natalie, but Jared refused. Charlie believed Jared's secret would be exposed if Jared continued to make advances towards Natalie. When Charlie told Jared that he could never have a life with Natalie, Jared stated that he no longer believed that. Charlie was appalled when Jared suggested that Natalie felt the same way. Alone with Natalie, Viki demanded to know what had taken place between Natalie and Jared. When Viki began questioning Natalie about Jared, Natalie said that Jared was an asset to B.E., but admitted that she often had difficulty working with him. The conversation soon turned to Calvin Jenkins' hostile takeover of B.E. and the effect it was having on Clint. Realizing Viki was friends with Jenkins, Natalie urged her mother to contact him and come up with a solution to save B.E. from the takeover. Although she was still worried about Natalie, Viki agreed to contact Jenkins and left to meet up with Charlie. When Viki left, Natalie had a flashback of her intimate encounter with Jared. A look of horror crossed Natalie's face and she exclaimed, "Oh my God, what am I doing?"

Excited to resume their intimate moment, Jared entered Natalie's office and suggested they have a little fun. Natalie explained that she had a lapse in judgment, but realized that she could never make that mistake again. As she prepared to leave the office, Jared told her to sleep well, if she could.

At a Michigan bar, Dorian and Layla were shocked when Brody kissed a surprised Adriana. As Dorian punched Brody and demanded that he unhand Adriana, Brody realized he had mistaken Adriana for Gigi. While Dorian was angered by Brody's actions, Adriana forgave his mistake and attempted to convince Brody to go to Llanview. Brody refused to come to Llanview and told Adriana that Gigi and Shane were probably better off without him. Refusing to leave town without Brody, Adriana presented him with Shane's comic and stated how much the little boy admired the father he had only heard about. After viewing Shane's comic, Brody became emotional and stated he wasn't a hero. Adriana told Brody that Gigi hadn't been with another man since Brody and mentioned how Gigi was struggling as a single mother. When Brody asked how he would explain appearing in Llanview all of a sudden, Adriana revealed her plan. Adriana told Brody that Gigi and Shane were involved in an incident several months earlier in Texas and their names had been circulated in the media. She suggested that Brody could have easily located them through media reports. Adriana warned Brody that Gigi thought he was dead. After confirming that Gigi was still attractive and learning that Dorian would finance his trip to Llanview and beyond, Brody agreed to go to Llanview with Adriana, Dorian, and Layla. After Brody left to prepare for his trip to Llanview, Dorian remarked that Brody was a shifty character. Adriana told Dorian not to worry because she intended to clean him up and make him look like the hero Shane believed him to be. When Adriana received a call from Rex, she told him that she had to leave town to help Layla with their important business deal. Giving Brody a scheming glance, Adriana stated that she would be home in a few hours because the deal had been signed, sealed, and was soon to be delivered.

As Viki entered the coffee shop, she placed a call to Calvin Jenkins and made plans to meet with him. Upon noticing Starr, Viki approached her and soon realized her niece was distressed. Starr explained how she was suffering under Todd's strict rules and expressed her need to see Cole. When Starr mentioned that Todd ordered her to stay away from Cole for six months and that she didn't have six months to wait, Viki became suspicious. Starr covered her tracks and made up an excuse. Viki assured Starr that if her relationship with Cole were really meant to be, they would reunite one day. When Viki told Starr to lean on her family because nothing was more important than family, Starr suddenly cheered up and told Viki that she had helped her a lot. After saying goodbye to her aunt, Starr ran off to meet Cole back at the high school. Later, Charlie met Viki at the coffee shop. Charlie grew nervous when Viki told him that she knew what had taken place earlier between Natalie and Jared. Viki said that Natalie was uncomfortable working with Jared, and believed Natalie should stop working at B.E.

Starr returned to the school and told Cole that she wanted to run off with him and start their family. Starr said that she realized that Cole was her family. When Starr asked how long it would take for Cole to get everything organized, Cole told her that they needed to leave that night before anyone became suspicious of their plans.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

At the Llanview Police Department, John and Talia were enjoying each other's company until Antonio entered, sobering them up. Ramsey called Antonio in to his office and explained that he would be accompanying Antonio on the evening's undercover drug bust. Antonio was surprised but grateful that he would not be partnered up with McBain and his ex. Carlotta and Jamie arrived in the main office, and Jamie rushed over to embrace Talia, leading to an awkward moment between John, Talia, and Antonio. Carlotta pulled Jamie away from Talia, pointedly commenting that she was very busy was Detective McBain, and Talia withered under Carlotta's scorn. Antonio reassured his mother that he could take Jamie to her checkup the next day, but didn't mention her dire condition to Carlotta, a fact not lost on Ramsey. Ramsey was pleased to see Jamie and seemed to soften up around the little girl, kneeling down to her level and doing magic tricks for her, and giving her change for the candy machine. John and Talia watched the new commissioner's display of affection, silent and disgusted. After Carlotta and Jamie said their goodbyes for the evening, Antonio and Ramsey headed out for their undercover operation, leaving McBain and Sahid to sulk. When their colleague, Eddie, chimed in with another taunt about John and Talia's new relationship, John lost it, yelling at him to "back the hell off!" Later, they stewed about Ramsey's kindness to the Vega family. Talia mused that Ramsey seemed "almost human," but John was convinced it was all an act, a ploy to make Antonio into Ramsey's lapdog. Having overheard their latest remarks, Eddie harangued his colleagues about their insults towards Antonio and Ramsey, and challenged them, saying that Ramsey was not nearly as bad as they said and that the police force could do far worse.

Down on the docks, Cole and Markko met up, and Markko handed Cole his and Starr's fake IDs. Cole thanked him for all his help, but feared Todd's wrath falling upon his friends. Markko told Cole not to worry, but jokingly urged Cole not to name him as the baby's godfather. The two boys admitted they would miss each other.

At the Hallowed Grounds coffee shop, Viki met with Calvin Jenkins, while Langston crept in, awaiting the arrival of Markko and Cole. Viki reminded Calvin of their long friendship, and pressed him about the motivations behind his takeover attempt against Buchanan Enterprises. Calvin was pleasant but evasive, fearing that his business dealings would end up splashed across the front page of the Banner. Viki brought up Todd's article in The Sun about Clint's business tactics, and assured Calvin that Clint meant business. Viki said she knew Calvin wasn't like Virgil Webster or Warren Cobb, that he was a decent man, and she pleaded with him to tell her why he was after BE. Seeing that Calvin was pained and grappling with his choice, Viki ushered him out of the coffee shop so they could talk more "privately."

Markko and Cole arrived in Hallowed Grounds to meet with Langston, and Cole gave Langston a parcel-a letter for Starr, and her new fake ID. Cole refused to let Langston open the package, and asked her not to get involved. When Langston protested, Markko reminded her that their not knowing what Starr and Cole had planned was necessary, "so that when people ask us questions, we have no answers." Langston finally agreed, and Cole thanked her. He said that Langston had "[gotten] me when no one else did" after his mother's death, and said he would never forget what she did for him. After Cole embraced her and left, an uneasy Langston asked Markko, "Why did that feel like 'goodbye forever?'"

At the Buchanan mansion, Bo and Clint clashed about what to do about the Calvin Jenkins takeover bid. Bo wanted to appeal to Calvin again while Clint was determined to break out the big guns. The brothers clammed up when Nora entered. She cannily deduced that they were discussing Buchanan Enterprises' business strategy, questionable legality and all. Clint insisted that nothing he had planned was illegal, and Nora reminded them that Calvin's record was clean. "There's always dirt," Clint proclaimed triumphantly. The trio continued to wonder about Calvin's mystery backer, but were interrupted by a call from Calvin himself. He was headed over to the mansion to confront Bo and Clint, while Nora left the men alone for the showdown.

In the foyer, Cole snuck in and then out, only to be stopped by Nora at the door. Cole lied to Nora, claiming he was meeting some friends, and promised not to be out late. Nora fretted about her guardianship of the boy, worrying that she wasn't spending enough time with him, but Cole said she'd been wonderful. Nora admitted that Cole reminded her very much of Marty and her friendship. "Thank you for everything," Cole told her, and gave Nora a hug, then bid her goodbye, rushing out into the night.

In the drawing room, Bo tried to draw Calvin into reminiscences of old times with Asa, but Clint was in no mood for pleasantries, cursing at Calvin and warning him not to go through with his attack. The Buchanans were disarmed and shocked when Calvin revealed that he'd in fact changed his mind, and would not be making an attempt on BE. Calvin refused to elaborate on his reasons for the change of heart, and said his goodbyes, leaving the brothers mystified as to why he'd backed off. When Nora returned, she was pleased to hear the news. After Bo left to help Matthew with his homework, Clint and Nora shared a private moment together. Clint admitted to Nora that he was relieved and didn't much like playing "hardball," and they kissed after Nora remarked that she knew him better than she'd previously thought.

At La Boulaie, Starr nervously packed her things to run away with Cole, gazing at his picture and clutching a pregnancy "how-to" book. She wondered aloud which parent their child would come out looking like. When the rest of the Manning family entered, Starr hid her bags under the bed. Starr's family urged its fourth member to come down to the living room for "poker night" with pizza, and despite her protests of homework, Starr finally relented and joined them downstairs, taking time to hide her book under her bed as well. As "game night" got underway, Starr found herself enjoying the family togetherness, trying to teach the oblivious Baby Sam the fundamentals of poker. While Todd took picture after picture for posterity on his camera, Starr's newfound maternal instinct kicked in as she chided Jack for trying to feed their baby brother soda. Todd was thrilled to see his family happy and resolved to make "poker night" a weekly event, but Starr suffered in silence, her doubts about leaving her family weighing heavily on her heart. When Langston returned home for the evening, she and Starr made tracks for Starr's bedroom. Before Starr left her family for the night, she hugged a surprised Todd and Blair, and told them, "I love you. I love you all."

On the docks, Ramsey and Antonio awaited their perpetrator, and Ramsey broached the subject of Jamie's illness. He offered Antonio flexible work hours or financial assistance, but Antonio refused any special treatment and swore he would do whatever it took to hold onto Jamie, after losing both his fortune and Talia. When the drug dealer arrived on the scene, Ramsey and Antonio went through with the buy, then drew guns on the dealer and arrested him, calling in a backup unit. The dealer called Ramsey a "bastard" and swore he'd get him, and Ramsey pulled his pistol and shoved it in the perp's face, saying he wouldn't let him "screw this up for me." Antonio got Ramsey to back off, and the backup officers hauled the dealer away. Ramsey regained his cool and stormed off, telling Antonio to grab the evidence and the prop money and take them back to the lock-up. Suddenly, Antonio found himself left all alone with a knapsack full of money, seemingly pondering his options.

In Starr's bedroom at La Boulaie, Langston handed Starr the package from Cole. Starr read Cole's letter detailing their escape plan, and as she hustled around to finish her packing, Langston finally deduced that Starr and Cole were running away together to have the baby. Starr admitted that she'd had second thoughts after sitting down for dinner with her family, and that she'd remembered her love for her father. She reminded Langston that Todd would still be dangerous if he learned the truth, and worried that Langston and Markko would also be in jeopardy by association. Langston told Starr not to worry about them, and embraced her. A tearful Starr asked Langston to "say goodbye to them for me."

Downstairs, Viki arrived to return Starr's scarf from where she'd left it at Hallowed Grounds, and greeted the joyful Mannings. As Todd reveled in his genuinely happy family, Viki held her tongue, remembering her conversation with Starr. While Todd and Blair carried Jack and Sam off to bed, they told Viki to head into the kitchen to check out Jack's sparkling report card, and the foyer was left empty.

When the coast was clear, Starr snuck down the stairs, preparing to make her getaway. She dashed out onto the lawn from the living room, seeing Cole's laser pointer signal on the walls. Before she could go to Cole, however, Viki returned to the living room and called out to her.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

When Michael walked into the police station, looking for Antonio, Talia approached him. She wanted to know more about Jamie's medical condition. Michael refused to discuss it. He reminded Talia that, as Jamie's physician, he was ethically bound to respect his patient's privacy. He suggested that Talia talk to Antonio if she had questions about Jamie's health. John respected his brother's position and pulled him aside to have a private word with him about Marcie. John told Michael that he was concerned after a recent talk with Marcie. He sensed that things were off between the couple and asked if Michael's extra shifts at the hospital were his brother's way of dealing with his marital problems. Michael admitted that things weren't perfect but insisted that he loved his wife and they were working everything out.

As Ramsey lurked nearby, Antonio played right into his hands and took some money from the drug bust that they had just completed. Once Antonio had the money safely tucked away, Ramsey made his presence known. Pretending to be oblivious to the theft, Ramsey updated Antonio on the suspect's transfer to the police station and then showered Antonio with praise about his performance during the bust. He then cleverly switched the subject to Jamie, admitting that he had overheard Michael discussing the medical cost of Jamie's treatment. Feigning friendly concern, he also urged Antonio to tell his family about Jamie's condition. Antonio refused to consider the idea. He felt that it would be best for everyone to wait until he had everything under control. Shortly afterwards, they returned to the police station. Antonio went into his office and pulled out the stolen money. As he was holding it, John knocked on the door and entered. Antonio was startled and dropped the money but John didn't notice. While Antonio carefully maneuvered the money out of sight with his foot, John tried to talk to him about Talia. Antonio wasn't interested in what John had to say and ordered John out of his office. Once John was gone, Antonio quickly gathered up the money. As he locked it away, Ramsey buzzed him on the intercom. He said that he wanted to see Antonio about the money. When Antonio joined Ramsey in his office, Ramsey questioned him about the amount recovered. He claimed that it seemed strange that there was only $220,000.00. Ramsey said that he was used to seeing more even amounts of drug money. Antonio didn't flinch. He said that he hadn't counted the money at the scene and then signed off on the paperwork confirming the amount taken in. As Antonio left Ramsey's office, Talia tried once again to talk to Antonio about Jamie. Antonio didn't mince words. He made it painfully clear to Talia, and everyone else in the squad room, that he didn't want to see or talk to her ever again.

Eddie continued to verbally harass Talia at every opportunity, much to John's growing ire.

While Jessica, Nash, Jamie, Sarah, and Cris were sharing a booth at the diner, Carlotta joined them. She thanked Jess for being a good friend to Cris after he was arrested. Jess was touched and expressed her desire to renew their friendship. Carlotta let Jess know that she was open to it as she took Jamie into the kitchen. Once the adults were alone, Nash looked over Cris's designs and was impressed with his work. Just then one of Nash's investors stepped into the diner, so Nash had to excuse himself. Cris also stepped away from the table, leaving the ladies chat. Sarah took the opportunity to ask Jess if she was bothered by her cousin's relationship with Cris. Jess insisted that she wasn't. Later, Jess joined Nash as he finished up his business meeting with the investor. She was somewhat concerned about the exact nature of the investor's involvement in the vineyard but Nash assured her that he had everything well in hand.

Langston covered for Starr when Todd and Blair came looking for her. She told them that Starr had gone to the kitchen for a snack. Meanwhile, Starr was about to meet up with Cole on the back patio to run away with him when Viki spotted her. Starr was forced to turn around and join her aunt in the living room. Cole was worried by the delay and headed to the diner. Inside the living room, Viki questioned Starr about her odd behavior. Starr decided to be honest with Viki but only up to a point. She admitted that she had been trying to sneak out to see Cole. Viki continued talking to Starr but every time Starr seemed on the verge of opening up, Blair and Todd would walk into the room and Starr would clam up. As soon as Starr was able to, she took refuge in her room where Langston was hanging out. Langston was shocked to see Starr was still in the house. As Starr explained what had happened, Langston's cell phone began vibrating. It was Markko. He was with Cole at the diner. Langston immediately handed the phone to Starr while Markko handed his phone to Cole. Cole told Starr that they couldn't delay their plans by even one day. He had borrowed money from people and was worried that once they figured out what he had done, they'd realize he was intending to run away with Starr. Cole instructed Starr to sneak out through the kitchen and to meet him at the docks. While Starr was heading to the docks, Cole returned to the patio to retrieve the bags that Starr had dropped when Viki spotted her. Starr and Langston said their goodbyes before Starr once again tried to slip out of the house. This time she was successful. Cole was lucky too. He was nearly discovered by Todd but managed to get Starr's bags and dash away, unnoticed. When Langston heard Blair and Todd head to bed, she turned off Starr's bedroom light and stepped out into the hall. Before heading to her own bedroom, she told them that Starr had turned in for the night. Blair stuck her head into Starr's room and assumed that the carefully arranged blankets were her daughter. She softly closed the door and went to bed with Todd.

At the docks, Starr and Cole reaffirmed their love and commitment to each other and their baby before leaving Llanview.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

As Blair and Todd enjoyed breakfast and admired pictures from their family pizza night, an obviously uneasy Langston attempted to hide the fact that Starr was gone. When they began to wonder where Starr was, Langston offered to check on her for them and headed upstairs. When Todd called Langston weird for acting so strangely, Blair told him that he tended to make people nervous. Upstairs, Langston took apart Starr's bed, turned the water on in the shower, and seated herself at the computer, when she heard the Mannings coming up the stairs. Blair insisted on going into the bathroom to tell her daughter about the bagels for breakfast as Langston held her breath. Todd left the room and Blair turned on Langston. Demanding to know where her daughter was, she became frantic as Langston repeatedly told her that she didn't know. Blair whipped open the closet door to find half of Starr's clothes gone along with her suitcase. Her voice became quite loud and frantic, which drew Todd back into Starr's room. "What's going on here?" he asked. Blair urged him to stay calm and motioned for Langston to leave the room. Todd grabbed the teen, though, and asked for answers. All Langston could keep saying was "I don't know." She admitted that her best friend had left the previous night. She also admitted that it was with Cole. Langston apologized to Blair after Todd stormed out, and swore she knew nothing more.

Starr and Cole ate breakfast at a diner. An inquisitive Starr tried to learn where they were headed or even where they were, as she looked at a map. Cole didn't want Starr to ask for help with directions, pointing out that he didn't want to draw attention to them. He told her that they needed to stay off of highways in case her father was looking for them, but he admitted they were lost. He also told her they would need to conserve their money but grudgingly gave in when she offered to pay for their meal. Starr told him that she wasn't helpless, yet. They agreed that they were equally incompetent. "I cannot wait to marry you," Cole told her.

Placing a call to Layla, Adriana learned that her friend was at Brody's hotel door at the Palace but not getting any answer. Layla suggested that he was probably passed out after consuming so much alcohol on the plane ride back to Llanview. Adriana reminded Layla of the extra room key and urged her to use it. Unhappily letting herself in, the first thing Layla saw were mini liquor bottles strewn all over the floor. Next was the unconscious and almost naked woman lying in the bed, with no sign of Brody. "You lookin' for me, darlin'?" Brody inquired as he strolled from the bathroom in nothing more than a towel. "Oh my God," Layla muttered. He made a pass at her as she learned that the woman in bed was from the room across the hall, visiting town for a convention. Shortly after, Adriana called again and Layla ordered her to get there immediately as she was having difficulty getting their man out of the room. She wondered why Brody was even with this woman; he in turn asked Layla if she were the morality police.

In the meantime, Rex was dressed and ready to head to the Palace for a wedding meeting with Viki and Charlie. He inquired about Shane's comic book, since he heard that Adriana had received a copy of it. Thinking quickly, Adriana suggested that it was swooped up with a bunch of her designs that had been laying around. He told her of the character resembling her named Evelyn Evil, a character that he had a part in creating. This didn't sit too well with Adriana as Rex tried to explain.

Nigel informed Jared of Jenkins' change of heart regarding his takeover of Buchanan Enterprises but that the reason was known only to Jenkins. As he stared at Asa's picture, Jared wondered if Asa was a guardian angel. Nigel enlightened Jared to the real Asa-that he always fought for love and that was behind whatever he did. A skeptical Jared didn't believe it but Nigel was quite insistent. Nothing else mattered, he emphasized to the young man. Jared admitted that he was miserable about Natalie and was willing to give everything up. Nigel asked him to consider WWABD (What Would Asa Buchanan Do)?

Charlie and Viki admired Shane's comic book while Gigi pointed out that her son was obsessed with it. Charlie thought that he was just proud of his dad, while Viki offered to introduce the boy to some cartoon illustrators. Viki told Charlie how good he was around Shane and felt bad that he was not able to have his own son in his life. He thought that maybe some day things would be different. Natalie decided to work at home after she learned, via a phone call from Jared, that Cal Jenkins had called off his takeover attempt. In reply to Jared's plea for her to work at the office because he needed her, she responded that he should have thought about loving a Buchanan instead of being a Buchanan. She wondered about the turn of events with Jenkins and figured it was a miracle and the work of a guardian angel. Looking knowingly at her mother, Viki only admitted to a private conversation with the man and that she had stepped in due to a risk to her children. She strongly emphasized that she did not want Clint to know about her involvement. She wondered who had put Cal up to the takeover in the first place. After Viki and Charlie left, Nat realized she had papers for Charlie. Gigi offered to drop them off at the Palace.

Adriana showed up in Brody's room and asked about the woman in bed. Brody slowly realized that something else was going on that he didn't know about.

At the Palace, Cal Jenkins met with Dorian who vowed to destroy him. Cal calmly responded to Dorian that he planned on selling his B.E. stock and that no matter what she said, he wasn't about to back down. Dorian guessed that Viki was involved, figuring that she was the only one who might be able to buy the shares. Cal wondered why Dorian had a personal vendetta against the Buchanans but Dorian cited that she was merely a businesswoman. Shortly after, she ran into Viki and Charlie and asked about the Sun article on Clint. Viki was adamant that it was Clint's problem. The women jabbed at each other verbally, with Viki finally mentioning that Clint had made one good decision recently. With Dorian asking if it was a veiled comment directed at her, Viki acknowledged that it wasn't veiled at all. Viki complained that she was tired of Dorian's rudeness whenever she felt happy, while Charlie seemed quite amused at the women's exchange. Dorian received a call from Adriana, asking her to come to Brody's room.

Jared took Nigel's suggestion to heart and showed up at Llanfair and begged Nat to let him in. He told her that the takeover by Jenkins was back on and that Bo and Clint had already headed to Texas to be with him to soak in the old and better times at the ranch. He told her to get ready, that the private plane was waiting and that they, too, were heading to Texas. As she finally went to pack, he muttered, " Oh boy, I've got my work cut out for me."

As the three women managed to get the still sleeping woman in Brody's room dressed, he sneaked out and headed downstairs to the restaurant. He asked for a beer, though the maitre d' explained that it was too early in the day. As he wandered around, Rex and Gigi ran into each other nearby and headed over to where Viki and Charlie were sitting.

Todd stormed the Buchanan mansion looking for Nora. Nigel informed him that Nora was not around. Todd announced that Cole had kidnapped Starr and that plans should be made for Cole's funeral.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Starr and Cole arrived at their destination-an oceanfront property. Cole hugged Starr and proclaimed, "This is where we are going to start our new life together." Upon entering their room in the boarding house, Starr and Cole were under the assumption that they would have the room to themselves but were told by the guy in charge that several other teens would be sharing the room. When Cole attempted to make other arrangements, Starr intervened and agreed to share the room with the other boarders. Starr told Cole that the room was cheap and they wouldn't attract any unwanted attention because they could blend in with their roommates. Starr and Cole were given advance notice by their tour guide, Winter, that activity around the grounds was pretty dead, but once Memorial Day approached things were expected to liven up. Winter suggested that Starr and Cole's roommates would be in the mood to party practically every night once they arrived. Alone in their new surroundings, Starr worried if they would be able to survive on their own. As Starr looked around the barren room, Cole attempted to convince her that they would be able to make a lot of money waiting on tables. He promised that this lifestyle would only be temporary. Cole said they would be able to afford a nice apartment by the end of the summer. Cole told Starr that they would leave immediately if it appeared that anyone was onto them. Cole reminded Starr of their aliases, Dan and Mindy, and expressed his certainty that no one would ever learn their secret. Starr asked Cole if he regretted giving up his life, but Cole stated that Starr and the baby made him feel so much better about his life.

Back in Llanview, Todd barged into Ramsey's office and demanded to know John's whereabouts. Todd told Ramsey that Cole had kidnapped Starr and blamed Ramsey for his troubles. Todd believed that had Ramsey arrested Cole for shooting Miles Laurence and not allowed John to take the blame, Cole wouldn't have been able to abduct Starr. When Ramsey laughed at Todd's reasoning, Todd gave him an ultimatum-either find Starr or press charges against Cole for the shooting. Refusing to take Todd seriously, Ramsey kicked Todd out of his office. Before leaving, Todd threatened to enlist Gigi's help and take down Ramsey once and for all. Realizing that he wouldn't receive assistance from Ramsey, Todd warned Ramsey he would get what was coming to him, and left.

At Blair's request, John arrived at La Boulaie to discuss finding Starr and Cole. Blair blamed Todd for causing Starr to run away and told John that she wanted to do whatever she could to bring Starr home, but without Todd's interference. John agreed to help and suggested that speaking to Langston would be the best place to start. As Blair expressed her fear that Starr might never return home, Dorian entered the room and was stunned to learn that Starr had run away with Cole. When Blair blamed Langston for helping Starr run off, Dorian refused to believe Langston was involved. Dorian blamed an emotional Blair for being unable to communicate with Starr. After realizing that Langston assisted Starr in running away, Dorian became enraged and stated that she expected so much more from Langston. John said that he wanted to speak with Langston and Markko after he followed up on a few leads. Believing that she could get the truth from Langston, Dorian asked John to allow her to question Langston first.

As John prepared to leave, Todd arrived and began blaming John for Starr running off with Cole. Refusing to argue with an irate Todd, John left. Dorian told Blair that she intended to get the truth out of Langston, but Todd suggested that he should have a chat with Langston. Dorian warned Todd to stay away from Langston and threatened to kill him if he didn't. As Dorian headed upstairs, Todd began to rant about everyone who would pay for his troubles with Starr. Unable to take anymore of Todd's attacks, Blair blamed Todd for Starr's troubles and suggested that he accept responsibility and stop placing blame on everyone else. Todd and Blair continued to argue about Todd's behavior. When Todd suggested that Blair give Starr some tips on great sex, Blair became enraged and slapped him. Blair told Todd that she was done and was through with his "crap."

Upstairs, Langston helped Markko sneak into Starr's bedroom. Langston told Markko that Todd left La Boulaie in a fit of rage after learning that Starr had run off with Cole. Langston worried that Todd would eventually find their friends and hoped that Starr and Cole had gotten far away from Llanview. When Langston expressed her desire to speak with Starr, Markko appeared suspicious. Realizing that Markko knew more than he was saying, Langston accused him of knowing exactly where Starr and Cole had gone. Markko denied knowing where they were, but admitted to having the ability to contact them. Markko told Langston that Cole had purchased two prepaid cell phones. Cole had given one to Markko to use in case of an emergency. Because no one other than Markko was aware that the phones existed, calls placed between Cole and Markko would be untraceable. Upon learning that Markko had the phones, Langston persuaded Markko to call Cole so that she could warn Starr of the situation at home.

As Langston spoke with Starr, Dorian knocked at the door. While Markko hid in the closet, Langston quickly hung up the phone and placed it in her book bag. Upon entering the room, Dorian asked Langston why she was in Starr's bedroom. When Langston claimed to be looking for clues that would lead her to Starr's whereabouts, Dorian wondered what she had hidden in the bag. As Langston continued to make excuses and Markko was in a state of panic in the closet, Dorian opened the bag and began searching through it. When Dorian picked up a book, a terrified Langston begged Dorian to put it back. Dorian asked Langston why she would have a book regarding pregnancy in her possession. While Langston stood speechless, Markko exited the closet and announced that Langston was pregnant. A stunned Langston stared at Markko.

Winter joined Starr and Cole in the room. As Winter continued to predict that soon there would be non-stop partying at the boarding house, Starr appeared disturbed. After refusing a beer from Winter for the second time, Starr told him that she was pregnant. After Winter left the room, Cole lashed out at Starr for mentioning her pregnancy. When Starr announced that she made the decision because she was the one who was pregnant, Cole asked her if she blamed him for the pregnancy.

At the police station, Eddie harassed Talia about her affair with John. As Antonio approached, Talia admitted to having a hot date with John later. Realizing that Antonio had heard her statement, Talia apologized to Antonio. Antonio told Talia that he couldn't care less if she chose to ruin her career by having an affair with John. Frustrated with Antonio, Talia stated that she wasn't having an affair and insinuated that she might be in love. After telling Talia that he wanted nothing more to do with her, Antonio entered Ramsey's office and asked to leave early. Antonio claimed he wanted to spend some time with Jamie, and Ramsey gave his approval. When Ramsey asked Antonio how he was handling the situation with Talia and John, Antonio stated, "It's not my problem, commissioner." As Antonio exited the office, he approached Talia and John and wished them a good time on their date, commented that their behavior would never cause him to quit, and walked away. John told Talia to pretend that her conversation with Antonio never happened and they left to begin their date. Having witnessed the entire incident, Ramsey approached Eddie and ordered him to follow John and Talia. Ramsey demanded that Eddie make sure that John and Talia were actually together. As Eddie headed off to tail John and Talia, Ramsey looked suspicious.

John and Talia arrived at their destination, near the ocean. As they walked along the boardwalk, Talia asked John if he thought they had lost Eddie. John believed they had and stated that he was glad they were finally alone. Putting her arm around John, Talia said, "Just as we planned!" As they continued down the boardwalk, John and Talia discussed how beautiful their surroundings were. John stated, "What a beautiful place to be with someone you love." Hearing the sound of a boat, John and Talia looked out into the ocean. Neither seemed surprised to see Antonio approaching in the boat. John approached Antonio and asked if he was sure he wanted to do it because he was taking a real risk. Stating that it was worth it, Antonio embraced Talia and they shared a passionate kiss. John smiled as he watched the couple enjoy a special long overdue moment.

In Texas, Natalie and Jared arrived at the Buchanan Ranch and were greeted by Chuck Wilson. Expecting to find Clint and Bo at the ranch, Natalie wondered where they were. After Jared admitted to lying to Natalie about a meeting with Calvin Jenkins taking place, Natalie became infuriated and demanded to know why Jared would go to such extremes to get her alone. Jared told Natalie that he loved her, but a distraught Natalie responded by running out of the mansion. Jared chased after Natalie and located her in the yard. Natalie expressed her feelings about Jared choosing to be a Buchanan over his so-called love for her. Natalie demanded to know why Jared insisted on getting her up to the ranch. Jared told Natalie that he brought her to the ranch because that is where he fell in love with her. Jared believed that Natalie fell in love with him at that very place as well. In tears, Natalie continued to deny her feelings for Jared. After much pleading, Jared told Natalie that he would leave the decision up to her. Breaking away from Jared's grasp, Natalie told him that it was too late because he had already made his choice. Feeling he had lost her for good, Jared was heartbroken. Taking a look back at Jared, Natalie could no longer deny her love for Jared and pulled him into an embrace.

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