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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 21, 2008 on GL
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Monday, April 21, 2008

At the Beacon Hotel, Natalia continued to take care of Olivia. When Natalia learned that Olivia could eat solid foods, Natalia decided to pick up a meal for her. Down at Company, Frank saw Natalia and said that her bill was on the house. Natalia declined. Frank asked her again if she needed help with anything and she admitted that her stove at her new place didn't work. She explained that Olivia had bought the house Gus had given Natalia and Rafe, causing them to have to move somewhere else. Frank suggested that he could talk to Olivia for Natalia. Natalia declined his help, and Frank insisted that Natalia's meal was on the house.

Natalia returned to Olivia's room and Olivia said that she had to go to the bathroom. When Olivia said that she needed help, Natalia asked for a deal regarding the house that Gus had intended for Rafe and her. Natalia suggested that Olivia could possibly rent it to her. Olivia said no but still expected help to the bathroom. Natalia refused and Olivia tried to go herself. Natalia felt bad and went to help Olivia, but Olivia collapsed to the floor. Natalia rushed Olivia to Cedars. Olivia asked Natalia not to call anyone, but Jeffrey showed up. When he asked what had happened, Natalia lied to him, saying that Olivia's nurse had been on break when Olivia collapsed. Since the nurse wasn't working out, Jeffrey said it was time for Plan B.

Saying that Olivia's family needed to step in to care for her, Jeffrey took Olivia to Cross Creek. Reva was out of town, but Jeffrey was sure she'd understand. Jeffrey planned to get another nurse and said he would help Olivia in the evenings. Natalia called Jeffrey to ask how Olivia was doing. He told her that Olivia was doing well and thanked Natalia for helping.

Meanwhile Mallet responded to a call of an intruder at the Spaulding mansion. As he questioned Dinah about the intruder, she offered him a drink. He figured out that there was no intruder and told her that the police station was short-staffed. Reporting a false crime was a felony. Dinah asked him if he wanted to take her to the station. Mallet handcuffed her. Down at the station, Dinah flirted her way out of being arrested. Mallet warned her that the next time she pulled a stunt like that, he would send Marina instead of responding himself.

After Dinah left the station, Mallet talked to Marina about how much he wanted to be with Dinah but how destructive their relationship was for him. Mallet proposed that Marina go on any police calls involving Dinah and that he would go on any calls that pertained to Cyrus. Marina agreed. Some time later, Marina found Dinah on Main Street and told her that if she had any more police problems, she needed to call her and not Mallet. Dinah asked Marina if she were sleeping with Mallet. Marina said that she could lie and say yes, but she felt that she didn't have to. Marina then walked away.

While Dinah had been at the station, real intruders arrived at the mansion. Bill and Lizzie drove to the mansion because Lizzie wanted to pick up some of Sarah's old things from the attic. Bill offered to give Dinah a call, but Lizzie knew a back way into the mansion and said they wouldn't get caught. In the parlor Bill and Lizzie discovered Remy smoking a cigar and calling his pals for a poker game. Bill went to call Dinah while Lizzie admonished Remy for having his feet on the sofa. Bill asked Dinah to meet him at Company to talk. Once off the phone, Bill told Lizzie that he had to go and do something at work. Remy offered to help Lizzie pack while Bill was gone. After Bill left, Lizzie told Remy that she was certain Ava had called Bill. Lizzie believed that was why Bill had left in a hurry. "She sticks out her tummy and he comes running," Lizzie said.

As Remy loaded boxes into Lizzie's trunk, he offered his services to her. He said he didn't break kneecaps or anything like that, but he felt he could come in handy. Lizzie agreed that she needed to take some sort of action. She had learned that if she lived like Tammy, then she would die like Tammy. Lizzie felt it was time to return to her "old ways."

Meanwhile Dinah met Bill at Company and Bill expressed his concern that Remy would tell Lizzie that Bill had partnered with Dinah to take down Alan. Dinah said that Remy was trustworthy. Bill worried about losing Lizzie. Dinah said that he wouldn't lose her as long as he did one tiny thing for Dinah.

Per Dinah's instruction, Bill went to the station to talk to Mallet about his relationship with Dinah. Mallet suspected that Dinah had sent Bill to Mallet to have the conversation. Mallet asked Bill to tell Dinah that she did get to him but he wouldn't give in. He said he had tired of the drama. Bill hinted to Mallet that Dinah had something to do with him being police chief. Bill said that when Mallet had been about to leave town, Dinah had found a way to keep him in Springfield.

Once Bill left, Mallet talked to Frank about the chief of police job. Frank said that he had been the chief of police and he had put two hundred percent into the job. It had ended. Mallet tried to speak, but Frank interrupted, saying that he felt everything happened for a reason.

After talking to Frank, Mallet traveled to the mansion. When he came in, Dinah poured drinks and asked for a to a reason to make a toast. Mallet said that they should toast Frank, the man they royally screwed. Dinah wondered who told him what she had done, but then she said it didn't matter. Dinah advised him not to tell anyone and to fight to keep his position at the station. Mallet wanted to tell the truth about how he got his job, but Dinah said that being honest would not get Frank his job back. Mallet retorted that it wasn't fair. Dinah said that she had been shot and that wasn't fair. She also accused Mallet of dating Marina. When Dinah told him that he should have been kissing her as thanks for what she had done, Mallet decided to leave. As he went, she called after him, wondering what he planned to do.

Meanwhile Bill returned to where Lizzie had parked at the mansion. He approached her as she was in her car. Offering her flowers, he apologized for leaving her to pack alone. Lizzie expressed her concern that Ava would not settle for Bill just being a father to her baby. Bill told Lizzie that she had nothing to worry about where Ava was concerned.

Meanwhile Remy opened up the hood to Ava's car and revealed the engine. Some time later, Ava sat in the car and turned her key in the ignition. The car wouldn't start. Remy strolled up as Ava lifted the hood. He offered to help her.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

As Ashlee lay in bed at home, recovering from her surgery, she told Coop about how excited she was about the future. When Doris came to visit, she seemed to have read up on Ashlee's procedure and asked Ashlee many graphic questions about her incisions and fluid lea.k.age. When Doris left, Ashlee commented to Coop that her mother's visit had been almost fun.

Coop's phone rang and he groaned because it was Blake. He had told Blake that he was spending time helping Ashlee recover. He was annoyed that Blake took up so much of his time. He knew that Blake was calling for a photo shot and Ashlee urged him to go. She said that Blake was trying to make him a star and Ashlee loved her for it.

They went to his photo session and Ashlee saw a decadent spread of food on the tables. She felt awkward and tempted by the food. She rushed out and went to Company where she explained to Buzz what had happened. Coop followed her and she admitted to him that being around the food made her feel "un-normal." Coop told her that she was perfect, but he reminded her that changing her life wouldn't be easy.

Meanwhile Harley again wandered down to the police station and stared at Gus's desk. When an officer asked her whom she had come to see, Harley went home. She told Cyrus that she had decided to return to the police force. Cyrus wondered what would become of their business. Harley replied that they had no clients. He then wondered about her being stressed and the toll it would take on their relationship. After talking, Harley admitted that she wanted to return to the force to solve the six cases that Gus had left open when he died. She felt solving them would bring her some closure.

Over at the farm, RJ questioned Josh's whereabouts and Cassie told him that Josh was away on business. Once RJ took off on his bike to a friend's house, Cassie called Josh and left him another message about how much the family missed him. After her call, Harley came by the house and asked Cassie for help with one of Zach's science projects. She asked Cassie about how she could move passed Gus's death. Thinking of Tammy, Cassie said that it didn't go away easily. As Cassie found the supplies that Harley would need for Zach's project, Harley noticed something amiss with Cassie. Cassie admitted that she had been working late at the Beacon and desiring to hang around people who didn't know her or Tammy. Cassie apologized because, given her own state of mind, she really wasn't the person Harley should have been talking to. When Harley discovered that Cassie would be alone that evening, she invited Cassie to dinner at her house.

Meanwhile Cyrus went for coffee at Company and wound up talking to Buzz about the financial situation in Harley's household. After listening to Cyrus's excuses for the money problems, Buzz said that the reasons didn't matter. Harley, Daisy, and the boys deserved better. He advised Cyrus to do whatever he could, including working extra shifts or picking up cans. Buzz said everyone was good at something. Some time later, Cyrus disabled a house alarm. When he tried to break into the house, the alarm went off. Cyrus ran from the house.

After Cyrus returned home, he worked on their broken banister until Harley came in with Cassie. Seeing that they were busy, Cassie tried to leave. Cyrus agreed that they were too busy for company, saying that the banister was a lot of work for him. Harley assured Cassie that they wanted her there and said Cassie could even help Cyrus with the banister. Cyrus and Cassie exchanged tense glances.

Once the soup dinner was ready, Cassie, Cyrus, and Harley sat down to a silent and awkward meal. Harley flipped on music and made a toast to them for sticking by her. During dinner, Doris Wolfe made a radio announcement about a hiring freeze down at the police station. Suddenly Harley said that she had forgotten to get cookies. She encouraged Cassie and Cyrus to continue dinner and she ran out. Cassie asked Cyrus how often Harley been running out like that. Cyrus started to talk about the recent problems in his relationship with Harley, but then he decided that he was talking too much. He said he would shut up and then he started doing dishes.

Meanwhile Harley traveled to the police station and told Doris that her hiring freeze would cause Gus's six cases to go unsolved. She begged Doris not to take away the last thing that was Gus. Harley volunteered to work the cases and even take less pay. After some convincing, Doris gave Harley the job and Harley hugged her.

Meanwhile, Remy called Lizzie to tell her that he had sabotaged Ava's car and then fixed it. Afterward, he had asked Ava out on a date, but Ava seemed fixated on Bill. When Lizzie told him to think of something more to do, Remy replied that he wasn't paid to think. Lizzie rolled her eyes and asked how much more money Remy wanted.

When Ava later swung by Bill's to talk about the baby, Lizzie invited her in and told her to make herself at home. Lizzie then showed Ava all the things she had gotten from the mansion to give to Ava's baby. Lizzie said that Bill had even gone shopping for the baby. Lizzie mentioned that Ava had been hanging out with Remy and said that Bill could get territorial. Ava wondered how Lizzie knew about Remy and Lizzie shrugged it off as being a small town. Lizzie left the room and Ava saw Lizzie's dollhouse on the floor near the bed. Ava played with the dollhouse, pretending that she lived there with Bill and her baby, but Lizzie kept coming over to their house.

Some time later, Lizzie went crying to Bill that Ava had stolen her dollhouse. Lizzie went on a rampage, swearing she'd get her dollhouse back. Bill knocked on Ava's door and learned that Ava did have the dollhouse. She thought Bill had bought it for their baby. When Bill hinted that Ava had taken the house to upset Lizzie, Ava knocked it over and told him to take it. She said it she didn't want it because it was too much trouble. Bill took the dollhouse and returned it to Lizzie. Lizzie cried because it was broken. Bill said it was just under renovation. He promised to fix it and they kissed.

Meanwhile Ava called Remy to say that she didn't trust her car. She asked him for a ride. Remy took Ava to Cedars and she asked him to wait while she saw her doctor. When Ava met with the doctor, she seemed to express that she had changed her mind about getting pregnant. She didn't want to try the treatment again, but the doctor told Ava that she had already conceived.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

When Mallet informed Marina that Harley would be her new partner, Marina begged to be partnered with her father. Mallet told Marina that she and Harley needed to recover from the Cyrus problem. Marina questioned if Harley were even ready to wear the uniform. Meanwhile Harley scrambled to prepare for her first day back on the job. She had been so scatterbrained that she didn't notice that Cyrus had driven the boys to school and she almost forgot her gun on the way out the door.

While Harley went to work, Cyrus somehow appeared in Dinah's parlor. She accused him of casing the house. Cyrus said he was there to see Alex. Dinah said that was a lame excuse and decided that Cyrus was off his game. She told him to get out. Cyrus left but not before reminding Dinah that, even with all her newfound fortune, she was still alone. After Cyrus left the mansion, he set a timer and then rushed to break into another home.

When Marina and Harley went out on a case, Marina treated Harley like a rookie. Upon approaching the car, Marina insisted on driving. Harley recognized the car as "Mabel," Gus's car. She searched the sun visor and found a flower made of aluminum foil. She pressed it onto the radio knob and Marina rolled her eyes. They drove to meet Gus's former informant, Skids. When they met Skids, he wanted to deal only with Gus. Marina blatantly said Gus was dead, and she and Harley were all Skids had. Skids pulled a gun and Marina screamed Harley's name. Harley stood there, frozen from the moment she had heard Marina say that Gus was dead. Marina chased Skids as Harley stared with her mouth gaping.

Cyrus somehow found Harley and asked her to breathe. She huffed, saying that she needed to help Marina. Cyrus held her and soothed her. Harley picked up Skids's gun and realized that at least he was unarmed as Marina chased him. When Marina returned, she found Harley in Cyrus's arms.

When Cyrus returned home, he received a visit from Mallet who was investigating a break-in from a couple days earlier. The intruder matched Cyrus's description. Cyrus made light of the situation and Mallet offered to take him to the station to talk about it. Cyrus said that Mallet wasn't taking him to the station because nothing had been stolen. Mallet tried to understand what Cyrus was up to, but Cyrus said that he lived with a cop and would be crazy to become a burglar.

Mallet returned to the station and Marina approached him to tell him that Harley wasn't ready to be a cop. Mallet thought Marina was biased, but Marina said she wouldn't come to her chief to sell out another cop. She really had her doubts about whether Harley could do the job or not. Mallet mentioned Gus's death. Marina said that they all missed Gus, but Harley had left Marina on her own during an assignment. Mallet asked Marina to give it more time and he said that he would have Marina's back. Marina hung her head down in response.

When Harley returned home, she had tears in her eyes. Cyrus tried to cheer her up, but Harley seemed concerned that maybe her panic attacks were returning. Harley explained that when Marina had said that Gus was dead, her attack started. Harley knew that Gus's death was too hard for her to accept. When Cyrus said that the time would come when she could let Gus go, Harley cried all over again. She said she didn't know if that time would come.

Meanwhile Dinah traveled down to the station. Mallet saw her and expressed that he couldn't go on with lying about his job. The police commissioner approached and as he did, Dinah suggested that Mallet tell him the truth. When the commissioner reached them, he said that he was glad to see Dinah, took her by the hand, and led her away for an apparent meeting. Mallet seemed baffled. Mallet soon learned that Dinah had made a huge donation to the police department. During a brief press conference, Mallet learned that he had allegedly coordinated with Dinah to push through the commissioner's "Back to the Beat" project to return cops to the downtown streets. After the commissioner left with the reporters, Dinah warned Mallet that he could quit his job, but if he did, she would withdraw her support for the station. She said she didn't trust them with her money if he wasn't working there.

At the boardinghouse, Alan attempted to garner investors, but he got hung up on when he couldn't find his figures. Rafe visited and said he noticed Alan at the library doing research. Rafe offered to lend Alan his computer, but Alan said that he didn't know how to use one. Rafe thought that was because Alan had had too many people working for him in the past. While Rafe showed Alan how to use a computer, he wondered if Alan really could get all his money back. Alan was confident that he could, but this time, he said he was looking to do something bigger and more important.

Meanwhile at Towers, Beth and Lillian had a meal together. Lillian tried to persuade Beth to stay with Rick. Beth said that she didn't see Alan and Rick as any different when it came to gathering their children around them. She felt that Alan seemed softer without his money and power. Lillian replied that Alan would get his money back and then would be the same as before. Lillian asked Beth to call Rick and listen to him. When Beth hesitated, Lillian said that maybe Beth didn't want to listen to Rick any more. Beth rose from her seat, thanked her mother and left.

Beth went by the boardinghouse to talk to Alan as he was working with Rafe. She needed to talk to him because she had been doing much thinking. She had decided that she wanted Alan back. Alan seemed surprised and then he smiled brightly. Alan told her, "No, not like this." He suddenly seemed sad and said that he couldn't take care of Beth and Peyton when he lived in one room at the boardinghouse. He said that soon he would be back where he was before and then they could resume their conversation. Beth said that she didn't care about the money or where Alan lived. She said she wanted him. Alan told her that he wanted her. He said that he felt he had been dealt a hard blow, but he was working a project. For the first time, he felt that he was going in the right direction. Alan said that what Beth had just told him made him more motivated than ever. Beth looked confused and she left. Excited, Alan resumed planning his investment business.

Later Alan found Dinah on Main Street. He asked her for truce. He said he had a mutually beneficial proposal and if she worked with him, she wouldn't be sorry. After Dinah talked to Alan, she went to the nail shop and saw Beth waiting for Ruby. Dinah told Beth that she really had some power over Alan. Beth learned from Dinah that Alan had proposed a truce that involved Beth and the kids living at the mansion with Dinah. Dinah said that she was going to turn Alan down and accused Beth of putting Alan up to asking her for it. Beth had no idea what Dinah was talking about, but Dinah insisted that Beth had manipulated Alan into it. She told Beth to stop trying to get what she wanted out of her through Alan. Beth rolled her eyes, said "whatever," and then went to wait on the other side of the room for Ruby.

Meanwhile Rafe and Alan had their shoes shined at a stand on Main Street. Alan received a call from an investor named Franklin. He was willing to look over Alan's numbers. Alan told Rafe that there was something about a man getting his shoes shined that made him feel as if he could do anything.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

At Cross Creek Jeffrey offered to take Olivia for a drive. Olivia excitedly suggested they drive by the lake. Jeffrey agreed that they would, after they saw Mel about their divorce. Down by the lake, Jeffrey went over the divorce papers with Olivia and explained a clause in the final paragraph. The clause said that Olivia must stay with Reva and Jeffrey for as long as she needed help. Jeffrey said the clause was nonnegotiable. He gave her a pen and Olivia asked to sit alone by the lake for a while. Jeffrey left her alone with the pen and papers.

Meanwhile Cassie discovered that Cyrus was voluntarily picking up extra shifts at the Beacon when she discovered him working at an unscheduled time. He told Cassie that Harley had returned to the force and had resumed Gus's unsolved cases. Cassie traveled to the bar at Towers. A man sat down beside her and she introduced herself to him as "Brooke."

Olivia wandered up to the bar as Cassie flirted with the man. Olivia heard the man call Cassie "Brooke." Olivia chased the man away by saying that "Brooke" needed to change Olivia's heart transplant bandages. Once the man was gone, Olivia said she understood that sometimes a person needed to feel like someone else. When Cassie heard that Olivia was divorcing Jeffrey but still living with Reva and him, she offered to buy Olivia a soda without Rum. Olivia said that Cassie's strictness must have come from the ministry. Cassie frowned distastefully.

After talking to Olivia, Cassie visited Jeffrey at work to ask whether Josh had called Jeffrey or Reva. Cassie admitted that they had fought before Josh left, and she didn't know if he were still angry with her. Jeffrey said that Josh was in the forgiveness business. Cassie nodded and suggested that Jeffrey go find Olivia.

Down at Company, Frank chided Harley for leaving Marina without backup and he told her that she was taking on too much responsibility. Harley said that she needed to help her family and also help Rafe and Natalia. Later Frank saw Natalia outside Company and offered to help her carry her bags and the new hot plate she had bought. When Natalia declined, Frank said that Gus would haunt him if he didn't help. Frank took Natalia back to her place where she talked to him about how disappointed she and Rafe had been to lose their house. Frank invited Natalia to live at Company, suggesting that Rafe could even work there. Natalia thanked him. She seemed about to cry when she declined, saying that she and Rafe were fine.

Later Rafe came home and Natalia told him that she had a job interview at Towers. Her new hot plate short-circuited and suddenly she decided that they weren't living that way any more. She told him to get ready for changes and left for her interview. When Natalia arrived at Towers, she saw Olivia talking to a man at the bar about Gus's heart. The man totally forgot about Olivia when he recognized Natalia from his old neighborhood. After he left, Olivia and Natalia exchanged insults. Natalia told her that she was glad to see her up and around instead of wasting Gus's heart by trying to die.

Later Jeffrey brought Olivia home and she signed the divorced papers. She had said she had been thinking of a way to make the divorce hard for Jeffrey, but she couldn't figure out how to do it. She handed him the papers and said it was done.

In the meantime Natalia took Rafe to the boardinghouse and asked Frank if they could still live there. Frank offered them two rooms near each other. Natalia asked how much the rooms were and Frank told them they'd get a family discount. She made him promise to talk to Buzz and then tell her what she owed. After Natalia and Rafe left, Frank called Buzz and left him a message that he was moving to the Springfield Inn so that Rafe and Natalia could have rooms at the boarding house.

Meanwhile as Harley questioned a suspect at the station who had been caught with a fake ID, Daisy continued selling her IDs out in the open. She sold one to a schoolmate who mentioned that Rafe was dating someone else. Down at Company, Cyrus saw Daisy selling an ID and warned her that she was being too conspicuous. Daisy didn't believe anyone would suspect her as they would an ex-con like Cyrus. She told him to mind his own business while she made money for the family. Some time later Daisy was on Main Street when Harley approached her and asked her if she had a fake ID with the name "Mom."

Harley took Daisy home. Harley said that Tom Springer, someone Daisy had sold an ID to, implicated Daisy so he could to get out of trouble. Daisy confessed to selling the IDs for the money. She said she did it because Harley wouldn't give her the money for her "field trip to New York." Harley asked if there were really a trip and Daisy admitted that she had lied to get money to move in with Rafe. She further said that Rafe wouldn't be with her because Rafe thought that Gus wouldn't want him to be. She started to cry and said that their family was falling apart. She decided to go for a walk and instructed Harley not to follow her.

Daisy walked down Main Street and found Rafe at a table at CO2 with a cheerleader named Christina. Christina readily exited to make a phone call. Daisy wondered if Christina was Rafe's new girlfriend. He said no and Daisy nodded, saying that she understood he had to date someone Gus and Natalia would approve of. Daisy bet the girl had never been pregnant before and then she stalked off.

Meanwhile after Cassie left Josh yet another message, she discovered Daisy sitting on a bench on Main Street. Daisy told her that Rafe had a new girlfriend and she couldn't understand how he could love her one day and change the next. Cassie said she didn't know why love could be so complicated and offered to get Daisy ice cream.

Meanwhile Cyrus came home and Harley told him that she had busted Daisy for selling fake IDs. Cyrus admitted that he had been helping Daisy. Cyrus filled Harley in on how Daisy and Rafe had gotten an apartment. He told her that he had busted them and took their money to pay off credit cards. Cyrus allowed Daisy keep her business because she was such a little entrepreneur. Harley wondered how in the world Cyrus thought that made her look, that her boyfriend was working with her daughter on an illegal business. Parents had their children taken away for much less than that, Harley told him. A panic attack crept on, but Harley refused to let him calm her. He pleaded that they needed money and he never planned to let Daisy get hurt. Harley said she believed him. She mentioned that Daisy had been in the car that hit Tammy. After Gus had found Daisy in the car, he hid her to protect her. Harley said Gus put his career and everything on the line to protect Daisy because he had loved Harley. So she said she believed Cyrus was doing the same thing.

Harley repeated to Cyrus what Frank had told her when he had said that she had been taking on too much. Cyrus was hopeful that they could do it all. Domestic life was new territory for him. He said he had never stuck in a relationship long enough to screw up this badly. Harley said that sitting at Gus's desk, driving his car, and working his cases had felt so right to her. However, "This," she said, "feels wrong." Harley admitted that being with Cyrus made her feel as if she were cheating on Gus.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Dinah visited Bill at Lewis Construction to invite him to lunch. Dinah informed Bill that Spaulding Enterprises was ripe for a takeover but Bill seemed reluctant because of Lizzie. Before leaving, Dinah told Bill that together they could rule the world. Later, Bill went to Spaulding Enterprises and seemed to consider Dinah's offer.

Lizzie visited Alan at the boarding house, which Alan sarcastically called his office. When Lizzie said that Alan must be going crazy living there, he assured her that he would be back in the mansion. Later, Lizzie ran into Dinah at the nail salon. Dinah mentioned that things might be awkward between them since Dinah was living in Lizzie's grandfather's house but Lizzie replied that it was not Dinah's fault that he lost his money. Lizzie pointed out that at least the mansion sort of stayed in the family, since Dinah was Bill's sister.

Bill saw Alan outside Company and gloated about how the food at the mansion did not compare to the food at Company. Alan told Bill to give Dinah a message: she was on top, so the only place to go was down. Later, Bill went home and, after asking Lizzie if she trusted him, he asked her to take a walk with him.

Josh arrived home but Cassie was not there. Harley arrived at the same time looking for Cassie as well. Theorizing that Cassie was at work, Harley suggested that Josh pick some wildflowers for Cassie and when she returned, to give her a hug and a kiss and be grateful for what he had. This reminded Josh of Harley and Gus and he asked if she had any regrets. She told him she had too many to count. Harley told Josh that she knew that something happened between him and Cassie. Josh began to talk about it, but stopped himself. Harley said that she was sure that he and Cassie would work things out. She stated that she did not want anyone else in the town breaking up. When Harley left, Josh followed her advice and picked the wildflowers.

Cassie came across Cyrus carrying a piece of luggage. Cyrus told her that Harley asked him to move out since she needed to figure some things out. Cassie jokingly asked if he was going to find his next rich widow and then told him that she was sure that Harley missed him. Cassie then offered Cyrus a room at the Beacon. Later, at the Beacon lounge, Cassie was shocked to see Josh and greeted him with a hug. The pair went to the farm and after some small talk, Josh told Cassie that he wanted to talk to her about what happened and get past it if possible. Cassie assured Josh that the affair just happened one time and that it was over. Josh asked Cassie what would have happened if a total stranger had walked into the bar instead of him. Cassie told him not to wonder about that. Josh did not seem appeased and told her that he had given her everything he had to give. Though Josh wanted to go out to eat, Cassie began cooking since she wanted them to eat as a family. Later, Josh picked up RJ, who suggested a day at the movies the following day. When RJ washed up for dinner, Cassie tested Josh to see if he was open to RJ's idea and Josh made it clear that he was. Before going upstairs, Josh told Cassie that he would be sleeping in Will's old room for a while.

Harley spoke with Mallet outside the police station at his request. He asked Harley if he had to worry about what happened out in the field. Mallet asked if she froze up and Harley said that it was not like that; she merely hesitated. Harley blamed it on being rusty since she had not been on the force for a while. Mallet was not convinced and told Harley that he was placing her on desk duty. Harley objected and told him that she wanted to finish Gus's work. Mallet responded that they all missed Gus but Gus would not want her to place herself and others in danger. Mallet suggested that Harley needed a break.

Harley came home to find Cyrus outside. Thinking he was there to make things difficult, Harley asked him not to but he assured her that he was only there to pick up his things. Cyrus told Harley that he found a place to stay. This surprised Harley since she did not even know he was staying in town. When Cyrus was done packing, he went to leave and he walked away, Harley rushed after him, hugged him and the pair kissed. Afterwards, Harley told Cyrus that he had to go. Cyrus told Harley to trust what just happened but Harley said she could no longer just follow her heart anymore. She really needed to think.

Mallet saw Dinah at the station and half-jokingly accused her of fabricating a crime again in order to see him. Dinah told Mallet that she was there to discuss their Back to the Beat project. Dinah stated that they needed to pick a date for the event and suggested that they could go together. She added that it could be fun. Mallet stated that they never had a problem having fun-it was knowing when to stop that was the problem. Later, Mallet saw Alan at Company and Alan asked Mallet about the cuisine at the mansion. Alan told Mallet that people were talking about him. Alan stated that people were questioning how odd it was that the Chief of Police's ex-wife broke more laws than she kept. Alan mentioned that people noticed how Dinah's financial rise to the top coincided with Mallet's new job and wondered about the timing. Mallet said that people were idiots and quickly walked off.

Dinah visited Alan at Company and told him that in the near future, Spaulding Enterprises would cease to exist. Dinah told him that Spaulding would be merged with Lewis Construction and Bill would be in charge. Alan told Dinah that for the moment, she was on top, and that was when people started to leave. Dinah told Alan that she would not make the same mistakes he did and he replied that she already had. Dinah tried to call Mallet but, to Alan's satisfaction, there was no answer. Meanwhile, at the station, Mallet refused to take Dinah's call.

Bill took Lizzie to the mansion and told her that Dinah got her hands on some Spaulding stock and leveraged it in order to get a controlling interest. Bill stated that Dinah was thinking about merging Spaulding and Lewis and wanted him to manage the company. Lizzie was speechless and Bill told her if she told him not to do it, he would walk away. Lizzie surprised Bill by saying that she thought he should do it.

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