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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 7, 2008 on GL
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Monday, April 7, 2008

Gus's family and friends gathered at Company after the memorial. When Harley and Cyrus arrived, Marina pulled Harley inside to tell police stories about Gus and her. A funeral director approached Cyrus outside Company to say that Harley's credit card payment for the funeral was declined. Cyrus offered to make payment arrangements, but the director wanted payment in full. When the man asked to talk with Harley, Cyrus told him that he would need a casket if he went near Harley.

After telling a few stories at the party, Harley went to the bathroom. As she splashed water on her face, she saw Figment Gus standing behind her in the mirror. Harley said she always thought that Gus and she would have been together in the end. Gus told her that they were together in the end. Buzz knocked on the bathroom door and Figment Gus disappeared.

Later Harley decided that she would continue working on the house for Gus. She and Cyrus went to Harley's house where they donned overalls. When Cyrus kissed Harley's bare shoulder, she froze. Cyrus told her that it was okay to let him kiss her. Awkwardly Harley nodded, saying that she knew. She just needed to keep busy.

While Cyrus searched the basement for nails, Harley pried sheetrock away from the wall. Behind it, she discovered a red heart had been painted on the wood behind it. Gus's voice came to her, saying that he was a hopeless romantic. Harley turned to find Figment Gus sitting on the couch. She wondered when the pain would go away. Gus told her that fixing the house was a good start. Figment Gus disappeared and Harley turned to the heart on the wall. She wrote, "Harley Luv's Gus!" on it in black marker. After smiling, she covered the heart with masking tape.

Meanwhile Daisy ran into Sam at the hospital. As they conversed, she told him that Rafe had broken up with her. Instead of harping on Rafe, Sam suggested that Daisy explore the world before she started college. Daisy's eyes widened and she realized that there was more to life than Rafe. Sam told her to do whatever she felt like. Daisy kissed Sam. When Sam called it a rebound kiss, Daisy said it wasn't half bad. As they parted company, Sam said Daisy could have anything she wanted if she wanted it badly enough.

Daisy went home to find Harley working away in a nook of the house. After a hug, Daisy decided that Gus would want her to help Harley with the house. Harley encouraged her to go to talk to Rafe, but Daisy decided life was too short to chase Rafe. Cyrus broke them up as they hugged again. Daisy wondered if the funeral director had found them. When Harley wondered why the director had been looking for them, Cyrus assured her that he had taken care of the minor issue.

Harley went upstairs to retrieve power tools from beneath her bed. While she was gone, Daisy snidely told Cyrus that she had broken up with Rafe and that the fake ID business had been shut down. Cyrus admitted that perhaps he had been a bit hasty about her little business. When Daisy wondered what that meant, Cyrus said that Harley needed money. Instead of shutting the fake ID business down, Cyrus offered to be Daisy's partner.

Upstairs Figment Gus appeared to Harley once more to say goodbye. Harley became upset because she felt she still needed him. He made her promise to finish the house. Before disappearing, Figment Gus said he loved her and he would be waiting for her.

Meanwhile, Bill comforted Lizzie as she cried at Sarah's "grave." Even though she knew Sarah was really alive, she sometimes still thought Sarah was in the grave. Lizzie told Bill that having a child changed everything. Bill took Lizzie home and continued to comfort her. They made love. While Lizzie slept, Bill snuck out.

In the meantime, Ava forced Olivia to sit upright in her hospital bed. When Ava's cell phone rang, Olivia yelled at her to get out. Ava exited, leaving Gus's funeral program on the table. Olivia grabbed it and began to sob. Sam visited Olivia once more to say goodbye.

Out in the hallway, Ava answered her phone. It was Bill on the line, asking her to meet him. At Towers, Bill said he needed to be sure about Ava's pregnancy. Ava said she had taken her tests at Cedars and the tests confirmed her pregnancy. He asked Ava how she knew it was his child. Ava retorted, "How do you know it's not?"

Back in his hotel room, Bill found Lizzie on the floor with her dollhouse. Instantly Lizzie sensed something wrong with him. He asked her if she remembered how things were before they had gotten together. Lizzie said that before him, she hadn't felt like she could breathe. He apologized for pushing her away so many times. He promised not to do that again.

Meanwhile, at their new house, Rafe explained to Natalia that he had broken up with Daisy. He strongly believed that he needed to show Gus that he was taking care of Natalia. In reply, Natalia said that she had been tough on him about Daisy, but she wanted him to live his own life. She invited him to take a walk with her and they wound up at Company. After a short time there, Natalia slipped away, asking Frank to let Rafe know that she had stepped out for air.

Alan glanced into the window at Company and saw the party. He quietly went up to his room and stared at a picture of Gus. After a while, Alan ventured into the party. Buzz saw him at the door and nudged Rafe, who walked over and offered Alan a drink.

Meanwhile after praying at church, Natalia went to Olivia's hospital room. Natalia said that she didn't know why she was there. Olivia retorted that Natalia hated that Olivia had Gus's heart. Natalia uttered that she had given permission for the operation. Olivia thought that Natalia should have refused. Bitterly, Olivia said that she didn't ask for the heart and she hardly felt like living knowing that Gus had died. Natalia reminded Olivia that she had prayed for a heart. Sarcastically Olivia agreed that she had prayed for it, but said that Natalia's God had a sick sense of humor to give Olivia the heart of the man she loved.

Natalia said she hated Olivia because Olivia had taken her second chance with Gus. It wasn't fair that Gus had to die, but Olivia got to live. Olivia said Natalia must have wished Olivia were dead. Disagreeing, Natalia said she wanted Olivia to live because Olivia had all that remained of Gus. Olivia told her to go away. Natalia sat down in a chair beside the bed and said that she couldn't leave.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jeffrey and Reva traveled to the courthouse to have Jeffrey's marriage to Olivia annulled. Before they could meet with the clerk, Jeffrey received a phone call from the hospital saying that Olivia had refused to take her vital medication. Jeffrey and Reva rushed to the hospital. Jeffrey told Olivia that her death wish attitude was unacceptable and she was going to take her medication. In the hallway Reva saw Rafe. She tried to console him about Olivia having Gus's heart. Rafe told Reva to go to hell and he stalked off. After her exchange with Rafe, Reva attempted to cheer Olivia up with one of their catty bantering sessions. Olivia, however, seemed committed to dying so that Gus's memorial park wouldn't have been named in vain. Reva said that she had a better idea and left the hospital.

Some time later Remy found Rafe vandalizing the Beacon by tearing down signs and toppling plants. He brought Rafe to Natalia as she was cleaning rooms. Rafe expressed how angry he was with Olivia. Seeing that Natalia needed help with the child, Remy took Rafe out to a back alley to talk. Remy tossed some boxing gloves at Rafe and picked an argument about Gus's death. Rafe's rage bubbled over and he punched Remy over and over in the stomach. Remy stood tough, instructing Rafe to continue hitting him until Rafe's pain faded.

Meanwhile Dinah, feeling lonely in the mansion, took breakfast to Mallet at the station. Mallet shared with her how Alan had vilified him in the papers for Gus's death. Alan claimed that Mallet pulling police off traffic patrol to attend to a drug bust on Eighth Street indirectly led to Gus's accident. Frank had been quoted in the article as saying that he thought traffic duty was a high priority. Dinah didn't feel that the diversion of manpower from traffic duty would have saved Gus, and Mallet agreed.

Some time after talking to Dinah, Mallet encountered Jeffrey, who asked him to investigate Phillip Spaulding's whereabouts. Jeffrey wanted Phillip to stay away from Olivia while she recuperated. Mallet agreed to look into it since Alan had implicated Phillip in his demise. Over at the mansion, Mallet arrived and asked Dinah for permission to search it. He explained how Jeffrey expressed concerns about Phillip still being in town and added that Phillip possibly could have framed Alan. Dinah insisted that Mallet drop the issue. Eyeing her strangely, Mallet took what she said under consideration, but he still wanted to search her house. Dinah granted permission.

Meanwhile Natalia was buying lunch at Company when she encountered Jeffrey. He asked her if she could spend time with Olivia. He hoped that perhaps the two ladies could console each other. Natalia told him that she had seen Olivia the day before and that had been enough for both her and Olivia.

After working out some of his pain with Remy, Rafe appeared in Olivia's hospital room. He told Olivia that he didn't know what Gus had seen in her because she was such a waste. Olivia told Rafe that his father had spoken of him before he died. Rafe said that he had let Gus down. On the contrary, Olivia said that all Gus could talk about on his deathbed had been Rafe and how proud he had been of his son. She let Rafe know that Gus had clung to the satisfaction of what a decent man Rafe would be one day. A heavy burden seemed to lift from Rafe and he left the room. Out in the hallway, he saw his mother and told her that he was going to school to catch the second half of the day.

Upon entering Olivia's room, Natalia said that she had overheard what Olivia had said to Rafe. Natalia thanked her for telling Rafe what Gus's last words were. Olivia replied that she had made it up. Olivia said that she hadn't seen Gus before he died, but she had told Rafe that story so Rafe wouldn't suffer. Natalia wasn't sure whether to be angry or to thank Olivia for being kind to her son. Olivia quipped that it hadn't been a big deal. She had done it because she had really just wanted Rafe to get out of her room.

In the meantime, Remy strolled through the park and saw Ava crying. She had found out from Jeffrey that her parents' marriage was being annulled. Even though she knew the marriage was fake, she still really wanted her parents together. Remy jokingly offered her his family if she really wanted one. Ava said that his family sounded nice. Remy agreed that it was nice, but he didn't know how he fit into it. They pondered finding new paths in life and then parted ways.

After talking with Ava, Remy met Dinah in Olivia's park to discuss making everyone in Springfield think that Phillip had left town. Since Remy had done such a good job convincing everyone that he had seen Phillip, Dinah needed him to help her keep a police investigation from uncovering her link to Phillip. She asked Remy to name his price. Remy asked for spending money and a room in the mansion. Remy and Dinah agreed to meet and talk more.

Remy went to the police station and confessed to Mallet that he had been doing odd jobs for Phillip. Remy said that he had just one more errand that Phillip had asked him to run and then he handed Mallet a letter. Mallet read the letter, which was allegedly written by Phillip and addressed to Mallet and Frank. It said that since Phillip had succeeded in bringing down Alan, he was leaving Springfield for parts unknown. He asked the police not to follow him and said he planned to never return to Springfield. After Mallet read it, Remy added that he had seen Phillip get on a plane and had seen the plane take off. Mallet agreed to follow up on the lead.

Meanwhile Jeffrey and Reva were at home together at Cross Creek when Reva explained to Jeffrey that she had decided to take photos of Olivia's park. She planned to enlarge them and post them in Olivia's room. As Jeffrey helped Reva upload the pictures onto the computer, he got a call from Mallet explaining that Phillip had left a letter with Remy and then taken a plane out of Springfield. While on speakerphone, Mallet recounted Remy's entire story. Jeffrey thought Remy's tale was a little convenient. As Reva listened to their conversation, she noticed that one of her park pictures showed Dinah sitting on a bench with Remy.

While Jeffrey visited Olivia to tell her that Phillip was no longer a threat, Mallet called Dinah to tell her the same thing. Once off the phone with Mallet, Dinah breathed a sigh of relief. Just then Reva entered the parlor and accused Dinah of masquerading as Phillip. She showed Dinah the photograph and concluded that Dinah had masterminded Alan's legal problems. Dinah offered Reva a glass of wine.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

At CO2, Ashlee and Coop discussed the weight loss surgery that Ashlee had been contemplating. Ashlee said she wanted to undergo it for herself but also for Coop. She worried that the people Coop would meet in his new career would wonder what he saw in her. Coop assured her that he loved her and didn't care what anyone else would think of her. Lizzie had been listening to their conversation and stepped forward to support Ashlee. Even with everything Ashlee had going for her, Lizzie admitted that she had once judged Ashlee by her looks. Lizzie said that Coop was being selfish by telling Ashlee not to change if changing was what Ashlee really wanted.

In her room at the Beacon, Ashlee seemed to have reservations about the surgery. When Coop asked Ashlee her true motives, she said she felt like a knockout on the inside but not on the outside. She wondered why people had to get to know her before they took her seriously instead of taking her seriously right away. Coop dismissed people like Lizzie as shallow. He offered to support Ashlee, but he wondered if it were all really necessary. Ashlee said no and they hugged.

Later Coop worked out at the gym, and Blake toweled away his perspiration. Meanwhile Doris visited Ashlee in her room. Doris was glad that Ashlee decided against the surgery. If Ashlee suddenly became thin, Doris worried that Ashlee would feel too much social pressure. Doris mentioned that the last time Ashlee had felt pressure Ashlee shot Alan. Ashlee went to Coop's room and found Blake there with Coop, going over his book tour schedule while he showered. Ashlee abruptly announced that she couldn't join him on the tour because she was having weight loss surgery. She left before Coop could come out of the bathroom.

Later Coop found Ashlee on the boardinghouse steps. Ashlee said that her weight affected them as a couple. She felt bad because her awkwardness with her body had caused her to put off intimacy with Coop. She said that she had made up her mind and she was having the surgery. Coop asked her if he could spend the entire night before her surgery with her. He wanted to be there every step of the way.

Meanwhile over at the mansion, Reva threatened to tell Mallet about Dinah's scheme. Dinah asked Reva what she wanted and Reva said, "You can cut me in." Reva decided that when Alan finally figured out what Dinah had done, Dinah would need a heavy player on her side. Reva suggested that Dinah make her a full partner. Dinah and Reva shook hands.

Later Matt came to the mansion for a contract job and was surprised to learn that Dinah had been the one to call him for the meeting. Dinah remembered that Matt had been nice to her while she had been sick; therefore, she wanted him to upgrade the mansion. She asked Matt if he would take the job but not tell anyone that she was the owner. He agreed and said he was glad that she was back to herself.

Matt and Dinah traveled to the courthouse where they looked over maps of her property. Vanessa entered, saying that she had been to court on a traffic violation. Matt departed and Vanessa lashed out at Dinah for hanging out with Matt. Dinah let it slip that Matt was working on her house. Dinah explained that she had bought the Spaulding mansion, but Alan didn't know about it. Vanessa agreed to keep the information to herself.

At Company Alan felt deserted when Ava told him that she had to quit her job as his assistant. Doris Wolfe worsened matters when Alan approached her and asked her why she had pursued him so aggressively in his legal problems. Doris told Alan that she went where the money was. Upon leaving, Doris shook her head and said that she used to find Alan so attractive.

Upon returning to his cramped quarters, Alan received a visit from Lizzie. She presented him with an attaché case that she had bought because it reminded her of the one he had given her. Even though she hated the things Alan had done, Lizzie told him that she loved him. Lizzie left and Alan admired the gift. He became inspired to put on a suit and head out the door.

In a meeting room at the courthouse, Alan greeted Spaulding board members. One of them promptly told Alan that he was no longer a board member. Alan said that he needn't be a board member to meet with friends who were indebted to his family for the fortunes they had made. Even though Alan had fallen onto hard times, he told the board that he hadn't lost his entrepreneurial spirit or his numerous US patents. In memory of Gus, Alan planned to take those loyal to him to a higher place than they had ever been while aligned with Spaulding Enterprises.

Just then Reva slipped in and took a seat. She asked Alan to go on, as she was very interested in what he had to say. Alan continued with his proposal and at the end, he encouraged them all to get on board or miss the chance of a lifetime. One by one all of the board members silently filed out of the room, leaving his proposal on the table. Once alone, Reva grinned and offered to buy Alan a cup of coffee.

At Company, Reva explained to Alan that she had stumbled into his meeting by accident when she had been looking for Jeffrey. Reva said that she was interested in Alan's business proposition. She offered to front Alan money if he would give her stock and profit in the end. Alan laughed at her. He said that he wouldn't do business with her if she was a life raft and he was drowning.

After talking to Reva, Alan became intently interested in a group of businessmen sitting across the room in a booth. Meanwhile Reva met Dinah back at the mansion to tell her that Alan hadn't been interested in her offer. Dinah wondered what was next. Reva planned to take a trip out of town, but she told Dinah not to worry; she'd take her secret with her.

Meanwhile Ava had been avoiding Bill, but he finally cornered her in the elevator at Towers. Bill waved a pregnancy test at her and asked, "Plus or minus?" Ava grabbed the test from him and stalked off. While Bill waited, Billy arrived at Towers, and Bill told him that Ava was in the bathroom taking a pregnancy test for him. Bill said that he didn't know how he would tell Lizzie if Ava actually were pregnant.

After talking to Bill, Billy picked up Ruby from the nail salon for a date. He encountered Lizzie and reminded her that Bill had made some mistakes, but he had a big heart. He asked her to remember that and cut Bill a break when he needed it.

In the bathroom at Towers, Ava discovered the pregnant bathroom attendant throwing up in one of the stalls. The woman told Ava that she wished she didn't have to work, but she needed money because of the baby. After a short while, Ava sat down at a table with Bill. They stared at the apparently positive test result and she congratulated them because they had become parents. Ava glanced at the pregnant bathroom attendant who walked through the restaurant.

While Ava announced to Vanessa that she was pregnant with Bill's child, Bill cuddled with Lizzie in a baseball dug out, trying to find a way to tell her about the baby. He told Lizzie that they were about to face their first obstacle as a couple. Taking a breath, he announced that Ava was pregnant.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

When Harley was preoccupied that something was amiss in their home, Cyrus could hardly keep up with her erratic behavior. She had withdrawn all their money from the bank and allotted it in envelopes labeled for their various expenses. While they discussed her money system, Cyrus asked her if their relationship was okay. She seemed not to have heard him as she finally figured out what was wrong. Abruptly Harley grabbed all the money envelopes and told Cyrus to put the paint in the car. She said they needed to switch the paint color they had chosen for the house.

Later, Harley returned home with purple paint even though Cyrus had liked beige. As she discussed décor with Daisy, Harley instructed Cyrus to get supplies, treating him more like a day laborer than a boyfriend. After working all afternoon, Harley wasn't satisfied with the paint, and Cyrus again suggested beige, which went with everything. After painting the wall panels purple, green, and yellow, Harley wanted to buy more paint and try more colors. Cyrus whispered to her that they only had two money envelopes left and one was for food. Harley decided she wanted her father to come over and help her decide.

In the basement later on, Cyrus found Harley blowing up "Mona," Gus's carpool doll. Cyrus enjoyed the story about Gus and Mona but grew weary when Harley couldn't stop talking about Gus. She went through a box of Gus's things, excited to show the kids what she had found. Cyrus reminded her that they were supposed to be painting. When Buzz came over, Harley brought Gus's box into the kitchen. Cyrus stood idly by as Harley shared the contents with Buzz and Zach. Finding something in the box, she excitedly told Cyrus not to paint anything until she got back. After she left, Buzz told Cyrus that it was just stuff. "Yeah, Gus's stuff," Cyrus said.

Meanwhile, Harley took Jeffrey a plaque that had belonged to Joe August and asked him to send it to Eden, Gus's sister. Back at home Harley went through Gus's box with Buzz, Zach, and Daisy. They divided up Gus's mementos to give to friends. Harley found an old watch of Gus's. When they found a yearbook, Harley decided that Natalia should have the rest of Gus's things. Cyrus stood around in the kitchen until Zach asked if maybe Cyrus wanted any of Gus's things. After a moment of silence, Cyrus entered the living room, scooped up the box, and said he was taking it to Natalia.

Outside Cyrus set Gus's box on a trashcan. Daisy followed Cyrus outside and accused him of throwing Gus's things away. As Daisy argued with him, Harley came outside. Cyrus said that he was just trying to help get the stuff out of the way so Harley wouldn't have to deal with it. Harley told Daisy that the box only contained Gus's things, not Gus. Gus was gone. Daisy said if Cyrus had never been around, maybe Gus would be there. Daisy left and Cyrus hugged Harley, saying that he didn't want her to be sad. Harley said that being with Cyrus made her feel better.

Some time later, Harley laid the house plans out on the bed and showed Cyrus where Gus had apparently written the word "cream." Harley decided it meant that Gus had wanted the house painted cream. Harley said that it was so like Gus to want cream because it went with everything. Cyrus sarcastically said he never imagined that white would go with everything. She wanted to paint the whole house cream. Cyrus said they had gallons of purple paint. Harley replied, "Gus wanted cream and it's his house." While Harley showered, Cyrus picked up her clothes from the floor. He seemed troubled when found Gus's watch in one of Harley's pockets.

Meanwhile Ashlee ran into Daisy on Main Street. Daisy said she hadn't told Harley about her acceptance to the university yet. She was thinking about traveling instead of enrolling in school. When Daisy asked Ashlee to join her for pizza, Ashlee said there was something important she needed to talk to Daisy about.

Later Ashlee showed Coop model poses in a magazine. She seemed determined to make him have the perfect words and poses for his book interviews. He did a particular pose and Ashlee laughingly asked if he thought he were sexy. He said he did and asked her if she thought she were sexy. Ashlee became quiet. She answered that she didn't and then walked off.

In the meantime, the hospital again called Jeffrey down to tend to his uncooperative wife. Olivia said she wasn't trying to be a pain, but her incisions really hurt her. When Jeffrey sat down, Olivia told him that he didn't have to babysit her. Jeffrey opened a newspaper, saying that a judge and two ADA's were looking for him. He needed a place to hide out. After a while Jeffrey dozed off and Olivia threw a paper cup at him. He asked her if she was ready to get out of bed. Olivia quipped that she couldn't even raise her arm to brush her own hair. She murmured that Gus had brushed her hair once. Jeffrey sighed and volunteered. As he brushed, Olivia winced and Jeffrey told her that she had a lot of knots. They laughed and he brushed softer.

Afterward Jeffrey wheeled Olivia around the hospital to sport her new hairdo. Olivia mentioned that heart transplant patients didn't live long, but Jeffrey pointed out that Rick Bauer had been living well since his transplant. Olivia frowned, saying that Rick had had Mel to help him. With Gus gone, Olivia felt alone.

Meanwhile Ashlee went to the hospital to do pre-op work for her surgery. When Ashlee saw Olivia in her wheelchair, she told Olivia how she admired her because men fawned over her even when she was ill. Olivia didn't feel attractive with a scar that resembled railroad tracks on her chest. Ashlee told Olivia that she was beautiful, strong, and confident. Olivia said that her secret was her willingness to take risks and her desire to win. Ashlee said that she had never won anything. When Olivia said that Ashlee had won Coop from Ava, Ashlee replied that she had never thought of it that way. As long as no one ripped Ashlee's heart out and put someone else's inside her, Olivia felt that Ashlee was one step ahead of her. Just then an orderly walked by and told Olivia that she had nice wheels. When he left, Olivia rolled her neck around and snapped her fingers, murmuring, "I still got it goin' on, girl!"

Later Coop visited Ashlee and brought her a gift. He told her that he didn't know the right things to say about the surgery. He just wanted her to know that he loved her before the surgery and he would love her after. Ashlee told him that was the sweetest thing she had ever heard. She said she was nervous about spending the night with Coop, but she really wanted to do it. She told Coop she wanted to feel sexy. He kissed her and told her that she already was.

At the hospital Olivia looked at her bandages and shuddered. Then she picked up a mirror and painfully brushed her own hair. Jeffrey strolled in, wondering if she had planned to replace him as her hairdresser. He said it was a bummer because he had planned to do a French braid for her. Olivia hurt when she laughed. She giggled lightly, crinkling her nose.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Ashlee was on the phone with the hospital getting pre-op information. When she hung up, Coop repeated that she did not have to have the surgery. Ashlee began talking to him about the procedure but he cut her off since he had already read the pamphlet. Coop told her that he did not want her to change anything. Ashlee told him that she was doing this for herself and for their relationship. Ashlee stated that she wanted to be healthier and freer. When Coop pointed out that she seemed a little nervous, Ashlee replied that she was but it was a good nervous. Coop wrote in Ashlee's book that he loved her just the way she was. Ashlee asked Coop if he still wanted their plans for the night to go on and in response he kissed her.

Ava was trying to get Olivia to eat when she saw flowers by Olivia's bed. Knowing they came from Jeffrey, Ava looked them over and freaked out when she discovered they were real, since real flowers could spread disease. Olivia made a comment about "death by flowers" and Ava blasted her mother for talking like that. Ava told Olivia that Emma (who was home sick) could not hear "that kind of crap." Before rushing out, Ava told Olivia that if she wanted to be dead, she would have figured a way to do it already. After Ava stormed out, Olivia slowly began to eat.

Lizzie was at the mall when she ran into Ashlee who was lingerie shopping. Ashlee confided in Lizzie that it would be the biggest night of her life followed by the biggest day of her life. Ashlee then explained that she was going to have the band surgery. Lizzie was happy for Ashlee and wished her luck. Ashlee asked Lizzie's advice about whether she should wait until after the surgery to make love to Coop since she might enjoy it more. Lizzie said that making him wait could be hot but it was ultimately up to Ashlee.

Bill was in the mall parking lot waiting for Lizzie when Ava came out and dropped all of her bags. Bill hurried to help her and reminded her to take it easy since she had a life inside of her. Bill asked Ava what was in all the bags and she replied that they were to cheer up Olivia. As they discussed Olivia, Ava-and only Ava-saw Lizzie come out of the mall. Ava made a point of hugging Bill so that Lizzie would see. Ava offered Bill a ride and he made it clear that he was with Lizzie; a relationship between him and Ava was not going to happen. Ava told him to "never say never" and then left while Bill realized that Lizzie drove off without him.

Lizzie went to Cedars and told Lillian that she left Bill. Lizzie explained that she saw Ava hugging Bill, which was probably innocent and overreacted by abandoning him in the parking lot. Lizzie said that she was sick of fighting for everyone. She wanted something that was hers. Lillian assured Lizzie that Bill was hers and he was a good man.

Alone, Ava muttered to herself that she hated Lizzie and that she needed a baby.

At Towers for a romantic dinner, Ashlee toasted to a new, exciting, healthy life together. Coop brought up the surgery and Ashlee made it clear that she was doing it for health reasons. She wanted to make sure her body did not fall apart when she got older. She also admitted that she did not want to be the fun fat girl anymore. When Ashlee went to the powder room, Ava entered. Ava saw Coop, who asked about Olivia. After some small talk, Ava asked Coop to have a drink with her but he declined by telling her that he was with Ashlee.

After dinner, Coop and Ashlee went to her place where the two made love, for the first time, by candlelight.

Ava called Bill and left a message about how overwhelmed she was about the pregnancy and how she needed him. In the meantime, Bill was at home with Lizzie. Lizzie apologized for leaving Bill at the mall but he was not upset about it. Bill explained that he was just helping Ava load up her car and stated that he did not do anything wrong. Lizzie said that she knew that and gave him a basketful of Sarah's old baby clothes in case it was a girl. When Lizzie muttered that it was not fair, Bill gently comforted her.

Jeffrey was home working when Reva burst in to tell him she was being followed. At the same time, Jeffrey realized that the tape he was watching was taped over with another show. Jeffrey became a little upset and told her that that tape was evidence. Reva tried to tell him that someone followed her from her meeting with Alan, but Jeffrey was still upset about the tape. In addition, he did not quite believe her story. Jeffrey told Reva that he did not have a lot of possessions but what he did have he needed. When Jeffrey told Reva not to touch his things, Reva said not to tell her what to do and added that he should save that for his wife. Later, Jeffrey continued the conversation about boundary issues when he found one of Reva's papers in his files. Jeffrey made a point to tell her that his files were not part of her family album. Before Reva left to go to a Cancer Survivors Meeting, she pinned a pink ribbon on Jeffrey to promote Cancer awareness.

Jeffrey visited Olivia and told her that Emma was safe since Phillip was definitely gone. Olivia pointed out that Jeffrey must be relieved since he could ask for a divorce. Jeffrey replied that he figured he would wait until she was out of the hospital for that and offered to take her for a walk through the halls. While he was walking her back to her room, Olivia talked about the help she would need later on and mentioned that Ava would not be much help since she was pregnant. Jeffrey told Olivia that Ava was not, nor had she ever been, pregnant. Ava only told Olivia that to give her hope. Jeffrey went on to say that Ava was disappointed when she learned she was not pregnant since she did not want to be alone. Later, Jeffrey left and Ava returned. Olivia gently hit Ava for lying about her pregnancy. Ava stated that she was working on it. Olivia told her daughter that the gesture was very sweet.

After her Cancer Survivor meeting, Reva ran into Jeffrey at Cedars and, to his chagrin, teased him about his visit with his wife. Jeffrey teased her about her stalker and Reva confessed that there was never anyone following her. Reva told Jeffrey that she decided to go on a little vacation. Reva jokingly told him not to marry anyone else while she was gone.

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