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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 7, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, April 7, 2008

Barbara woke in the hospital with Paul by her bedside. She was exhausted from the surgery to remove her tumor and was shocked to find Paul there, since she hadn't told him about the operation. She learned from Paul that Sofie had told him. A little while later, Sofie arrived to check up on Barbara, but before she could go in to see her, Aaron found her and asked if she had forgotten about their breakfast. Sofie apologized for missing their date and Aaron said he understood that she was concerned for Barbara. He offered to wait for Sofie while she visited with Barbara. As Sofie entered the room and asked how Barbara was, she was greeted by Barbara's frustration. Barbara reminded Sofie that she asked her not to tell her children about the operation, but before Barbara could go on, Paul jumped to Sofie's defense, telling his mother that Sofie hadn't interrupted Will and Gwen's going away party and only told Paul because she thought Barbara shouldn't be alone. Paul convinced Barbara that Sofie had done the right thing and Sofie left for breakfast with Aaron, leaving mother and son alone so Barbara could rest.

Mike arrived at the Snyder farm in search of Emma, but Meg greeted him and said that Emma had gone to visit Iva and would be gone for a few days. He asked Meg if she would help him learn more about the farm and she agreed to answer any questions she could. Since it was still early and neither had eaten, Mike offered to cook them both breakfast. As the two ate, Mike told Meg about his travels in Europe and the two enjoyed reminiscing. As Meg washed the dishes, Mike quizzed her about the farm's infrastructure, but Meg proved to know little about the farm. Mike asked if he could just leave some papers with Meg for Paul to sign and she explained that she was no longer with Paul romantically and had no plans to see him soon. Mike asked Meg what had gone wrong between her and Paul and she told him the story of their turbulent romance and finally detailed her accidental miscarriage at Paul's hands. Mike asked if Meg still blamed Paul and she admitted that they had both behaved badly and that she was hopeful Paul could change. After listening to Meg, Mike confessed that part of the reason he had returned to Oakdale was for Katie. He said that he had tried to just walk away from Katie, but believed he owed her an apology for leaving without more of an explanation. As Mike thanked Meg for listening, she reached across the table and held his hand. At that moment, Paul walked in and saw the two together.

Paul asked Meg and Mike if he was "interrupting something," but Mike explained they were just catching up. He thanked Meg for her help and gave the papers to Paul and left. Meg noticed Paul was upset and asked him what was wrong. Paul told Meg that Barbara had just gone through emergency surgery and Meg immediately hugged and comforted him. Meg offered to help with Barbara, but Paul's only request was for Meg to share a lunch with him and talk. Meg agreed to meet him at the Lakeview after she ran some errands and Paul left, happy that Meg had decided to see him later.

At Al's Diner, Sofie and Aaron finally sat down together for their date. Sofie told Aaron that she would be visiting Barbara again after lunch and Aaron was concerned that Paul would be there. Sofie wondered why Aaron was worried and he admitted that he had heard the two were spending a lot of time together. Sofie told Aaron that Paul was her friend and he had helped her when she was trying to get Hallie back.

After lunch with Aaron, Sofie returned to visit with Barbara. Moments later, Aaron arrived with a huge bouquet and offered his family's prayers for Barbara's recovery. Sofie was taken aback that Aaron would go out of his way to check up on Barbara. The two stayed with Barbara until she drifted off, but as they tried to leave quietly, Sofie's bracelet slipped off and woke Barbara up when it hit the ground. She asked Sofie to stay with her and she agreed, while Aaron left for his day. As Sofie returned to her bedside, Barbara commented on the beautiful bracelet Sofie had made and offered to help her professionally. Sofie was pleased that Barbara had offered to work with her once she was well.

Katie prepared for a day of work at the television station and was surprised that she was constantly being congratulated on her engagement to Brad. She was amazed that so many people on the crew knew of her impending marriage because she had yet to tell anyone about her decision to marry Brad. When Brad arrived for work, Katie immediately pulled him into their office and asked him why he had told everyone. Katie told Brad that she assumed they would keep their engagement quiet until they made a formal announcement and she thought everything was moving quickly. Brad admitted he was excited at the prospect of Katie being his wife and began telling people as soon as she said yes. He attempted to calm his fiancée down and sent her back to the make-up chair to prepare for their day in front of the camera.

Once Katie and Brad began to film their show, Brad repeatedly turned the focus of the episode back to love. He eventually announced, on live television, that he and Katie were engaged. The two finished filming the rest of the show and when the lights went down, Katie told Brad that she wanted to keep everything private and was annoyed with him for announcing their plans. Brad reminded her they were local celebrities and he only made the announcement after Kim encouraged him to do so. Alone in their office, Brad asked Katie if she really wanted to marry him. When he kept pushing for an answer, Katie told him she didn't want to go through with the marriage and stormed out of the room.

Brad followed Katie to her hotel room and begged her to let him in. She only relented when he began yelling in the hall. Once inside, he asked her why she had decided not to marry him. Katie said she had just changed her mind, but Brad argued that he had put up with a lot from her because he hoped she would love him someday and that she shouldn't stomp all over his heart in such a callous way. A frustrated Brad walked out and after thinking about what he had said, Katie rushed into the hall after him, but Brad had left. She went back to her room and asked herself why she had hurt him, but believed he was better off without her.

Tom and Margo enjoyed a weekday morning at home together and Margo commented about how long it had been since the two had enjoyed a quiet day with one another. Tom decided to take advantage of their time alone and gave his wife a much-needed message. He sensed his wife was tense about something and she told him that Katie was thinking about marrying Brad and she thought it was a rebound from Katie's failed relationship with Jack. Tom reminded Margo that Katie was an adult and needed to make her own decisions. He told Margo that the only couple she needed to be concerned about was the two of them and then he led his wife upstairs for more alone time. When Margo came back downstairs, she was greeted with the news that Katie had accepted Brad's proposal and let out a panicked cry that brought Tom into the room. She explained that she had just learned about her sister's big news and needed to find out what was going on. Tom tried to convince Margo that Katie needed to learn from her own mistakes, but Margo was determined not to watch Katie make another marriage blunder. After some persuading, Margo agreed to stay with Tom and think about Katie another day, but as soon as Tom was back upstairs Margo left to find her sister.

Brad took his rejection and went to the Lakeview bar. As he vented his frustration to the bartender, he realized that he would always love Katie and took a bottle of champagne upstairs to Katie's room to try to convince her to take him back. Just as he walked out, Mike, Katie's ex-husband, came in and sat at the bar.

Meg found Paul waiting for her at the Lakeview and as the two were talking, Mike saw them and asked Paul if he had a chance to go over the papers he had left. Paul seemed annoyed that Mike was interrupting him and Meg and when Mike sensed something was wrong he excused himself. Paul realized Meg was watching Mike and asked him to join them for drink. In the bar, the three enjoyed an awkward drink, but Mike realized Paul wanted to be alone with Meg and excused himself. Once they were by themselves, Meg thanked Paul for trying to be a nice guy and complemented him on his ability to change. She leaned over and gave Paul an unexpected kiss.

Up in his room, Mike ordered room service and prepared to work the night away. Unable to focus on work, he decided to get a bite to eat down in the hotel restaurant.

Alone in her suite, Katie continued her talk with herself and realized how great Brad was and how much he loved her. As she got ready to go and find him, she was happily surprised to find Brad had returned to her door. Katie and Brad both apologized and admitted they were scared of what the future would hold for them. Brad asked Katie to marry him again and she agreed. She told him she was only worried about the pressure of setting up the wedding and wanted to marry him quickly. Brad suggested the two elope and Katie agreed. They packed for a quickie wedding in Vegas and as they prepared to leave the hotel lobby, Margo stopped them and demanded to know where they were going. Katie told Margo about her plans with Brad and Margo demanded that Katie talk to her before going anywhere. Katie reassured Brad that Margo couldn't change her mind and kissed him, just as Mike stepped off the elevator.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Emily spotted Alison and Chris having coffee at Java and overheard them making plans to spend some time together. Emily walked up and told Alison that Chris was going to hurt her again, but Alison told Emily to mind her own business. Alison assured Emily that she and Chris were just friends and then returned to her coffee with Chris. Alison apologized that Emily was trying to make things difficult for them, and Chris said Emily wanted to make things difficult for him. When Alison asked what he meant, Chris told her about Emily having drugged him, which had almost gotten him fired.

Emily went to find her mother at the hospital and told Susan that Alison was still seeing Chris Hughes. Susan said Alison was stubborn like Emily, but Emily told Susan she hadn't been a strong enough mother to Alison. Emily got a call from Alison, who said she wanted to talk to her back at Java. Emily went to Java and told Alison she just didn't want her to get her heart broken again, because Chris was bad news.

Alison told Emily she knew that Emily had drugged Chris. Emily told Alison she hadn't known Chris would go back to the hospital that day, but Alison told her to stop trying to justify herself. Emily then warned Alison that if Chris ever found out about her past making pornographic movies, he would dump Alison the way he had dumped Emily when he found out she'd worked as a prostitute. Emily told Alison that for the Hughes men, women were always second rate. Alison told Emily not to worry about her, and she left.

At the hospital, Susan found Chris and told him to leave her daughters alone. Chris told Susan he and Alison were just friends, but Susan thought there was more to it than that and asked whether Alison knew Chris was also involved with Sofie Duran. Chris walked away after telling Susan that from now on, they needed to keep their conversations strictly professional and that Susan should stay out of his personal life.

Alison went to the hospital and found Chris. She told him that Emily said Chris had dumped her because she'd been a prostitute; Chris said it was actually because she'd lied about that and about having slept with Dusty. Alison said either way, there were things he should know about her before their friendship/relationship went any further. Alison handed Chris a copy of one of the pornographic movies she had made. Chris asked why she'd made the movie, and Alison told him about her crystal meth addiction and how Emily and Dusty had saved her by getting her out of the movies and off of the drugs.

Chris asked if they could get together the next night. Alison was surprised he still wanted to hang out with her, but Chris said she had been upfront with him, and he had known her for a long time and almost married her once; he said he'd like to get to know her all over again, and that everyone had done things that they regretted. Alison left and went to see Emily at her office. She told Emily what had happened with Chris, and Emily was shocked to hear that Chris didn't care about Alison's past. She asked, "How did you get a free pass, and I got dumped?" Alison said she didn't know and didn't care, but Emily needed to stay out of her life.

At the Lakeview, Mike Kasnoff narrowly missed seeing Katie, who was with Brad and Margo. Margo insisted to Katie and Brad that their wedding was not going to happen. After Brad told Margo it was none of her business, he left her alone with Katie, who told Margo to back off. Margo told Katie she couldn't give her blessing to the marriage plans because she believed Katie was settling for Brad. Margo wished Katie luck and left; Katie told Brad she was ready to go get married.

Carly received a call for Jack from Dallas Griffin, who wanted Jack's help on a case. Carly put Dallas off, telling him it wasn't a good time for Jack to work, since he was still recuperating. However, when Jack came in and asked her who had been on the phone, Carly was honest with him. Jack thanked her for telling him the truth, and then he called Dallas back and agreed to meet him at the police station to help him on his case. Jack told Carly he could drive himself and that they could both use a little space, but he assured her he would be coming back.

As soon as Jack left, Carly's doorbell rang, and she opened the door to find Mike Kasnoff standing there. As they caught up with each other, Mike told Carly about his business deal with Paul to develop the acreage at the Snyder farm that Emma was selling. When Carly recovered from the shock of this news, she asked if that meant Mike would be staying in Oakdale. He said that all depended on Katie.

Carly realized Mike didn't know anything about Katie's recent doings, so she filled him in on Katie's TV show with Brad and on Katie's relationships with Jack and Brad. Mike was surprised to hear about Katie's marriage to Jack and her involvement with Brad; Carly said it appeared that Katie had a thing for all of Carly's exes. Carly then said that Brad seemed serious about settling down, so if Mike was interested in throwing his hat into the ring with Katie, he'd better do it right away. Mike asked Carly not to say anything about him being back in town until he had a chance to figure out his next move.

Margo went to the police station, where she saw Jack and told him she was upset about Katie and Brad. She told Jack that Brad and Katie were eloping, and she blamed Jack because he hadn't made things work with Katie. Margo asked Jack to call Katie and try to talk some sense into her, but Jack said it wasn't his place.

Brad and Katie got to the airport only to find out their flight to Las Vegas had already departed. Brad got tickets for them on the next flight out, but Katie was worried she would spend the two hours hearing Margo's voice in her head. Katie told Brad that it all felt wrong, and Brad asked if Katie wanted to call it off. Katie said she thought it might be a jinx to elope. She told Brad that Margo had been at all of her weddings, so Brad said, "Maybe Margo's the curse!" Brad then told Katie they would wait to get married, and he would work his magic with Margo and get her to approve of their marriage.

Brad went to the police station and told Margo that Katie was still determined to marry him, but it obviously meant a lot to her to have her sister's blessing, so Brad said he was going to earn it. Margo said it wouldn't happen, and when Brad gave her a list of reasons why he was good for Katie, Margo stopped him and said he wasn't good enough. She told Brad that Katie didn't know what she really wanted. Brad told Margo that if she would go and listen to Katie, maybe she would understand that it was what Katie wanted. He left after telling Margo that if she came to her senses, she could find Katie at the Lakeview. Margo marched out of the station, telling Jack she was leaving but would be back.

Brad sat down in front of Jack's desk and told Jack he was waiting for Margo and Katie to have a heart-to-heart talk. Jack said maybe a long engagement would be the best thing, and Brad accused Jack of not wanting him to be happy. Brad left. Jack went back to Carly's, where he said he was tired and was going straight to bed. He kissed Carly on the cheek; she said she knew he could do better than that, so Jack looked at her for a moment, then leaned in and gave her a real kiss.

Margo found Katie at the Lakeview and told her Brad had said she should give Katie a chance to convince her that Brad was right for her. Margo promised to listen and not lecture. Katie told Margo how happy Brad made her and how he had promised not to hurt her like Mike and Jack had. Margo said Brad was a rebound relationship, but Katie said she had realized that Jack had been the rebound guy (from Mike). Margo said she just wanted Katie to be happy, so even if Brad wasn't the one she'd expected or wanted Katie to be with, if Brad was the one who made Katie happy, then Katie had Margo's blessing. Margo also told Katie she wanted to have an engagement party for her. Brad walked in, and Margo warned him not to hurt Katie or she would hunt him down. Brad promised, and Margo left. Katie thanked Brad for arranging to make things better between her and Margo.

Mike arrived at the Lakeview and asked for Katie's room number, but the desk clerk said she couldn't give it to him. She dialed Katie's room on the house phone, but Katie didn't answer. Mike decided not to leave a message and instead walked through Old Town , pondering whether or not to stay in Oakdale.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In their hotel room, Katie and Brad received a call from Margo telling them that she wanted to throw them an engagement party at her house that evening. She left it up to the happy couple to invite whomever they wanted. Brad was confused by Margo's sudden change in heart, but Katie reassured him that Margo was now behind their impending marriage and was trying to make up for her earlier disapproval. Katie and Brad split up the list of their friends to invite, but when it came time to figure out who would ask Jack, the two were reminded of Katie's past relationship with Jack and the awkward situation it presented. Brad agreed to take on the task of asking Jack, but told Katie he wouldn't ask his brother to be his best man. Katie encouraged Brad to do whatever he wanted and remained hopeful that they could have a happy future, despite her brief marriage to Jack. Both left to tell everyone about the celebration at Margo's.

Carly arrived at her home and found a note from Jack telling her that he was feeling better and had gone to the police station to check in. Carly was annoyed that Jack left without her and tried to figure out what her next move should be to keep her relationship with him moving forward. She decided she should go to Lily for advice about how to get Jack back in her good graces.

Jack went to the police station and told Margo that he had recovered from his gunshot wound and was ready to return to light duty on the force. Margo refused to put Jack back on the streets until his medical leave was over. When Jack started asking about work, Margo realized that he was really there to find out about Katie and Brad. She told Jack that Katie's wedding to Brad was back on. Jack was surprised by the news and unconvincingly faked his approval. Margo asked Jack how his reconciliation with Carly was progressing and Jack said they were starting out as friends. Jack admitted he was anxious about falling in love with Carly again because he feared that she would just continue to make the same mistakes that tore them apart in the past. Just as Margo was ready to offer her take on their relationship, Brad arrived to invite Jack to the party. Jack turned down the invitation and the two brothers exchanged insults. Brad remarked that Jack was a "sore loser" and stormed out. Margo told Jack that Brad was right and that going to the party would offer closure for everyone. Jack was concerned if he showed up, Katie might think he was still interested in her, but Margo explained that Katie would know it was over if Jack arrived with Carly as his date. Margo persuaded Jack to do the right thing and go to his brother's engagement party.

Katie arrived at the Snyder farm to invite Lily and Holden to the party and found Lily alone. She told Lily about accepting Brad's proposal and Lily offered her congratulations to Katie and said she would be there if she could arrange for a sitter. Katie and Lily discussed their shared inclination to marry and Katie admitted that she hoped her sixth marriage would be her last. Before Katie could leave, Lily asked if she had heard from Mike recently. Katie was taken aback by Lily's question and asked why she was wondering. Lily, knowing Mike didn't want Katie to learn he was back in town, covered for her question by telling Katie she had received a letter from Mike and had assumed he was reconnecting with people from Oakdale. Katie thanked Lily for the news about Mike and began to leave again. Just as Katie walked onto the porch, she found herself face to face with Carly. Carly immediately asked if Katie was there to find Jack, but Katie put Carly's mind at ease when she told her she was there to extend an invitation to Holden and Lily. Carly offered Katie her best wishes for her marriage with Brad and Katie in turn asked Carly to her party. Carly happily accepted the invitation and after Katie left, Carly gleefully gloated to Lily that with Katie married to Brad there was nothing to stop her and Jack from reconciling. Lily reminded Carly that Mike was back in town and his arrival might stop Katie's marriage to Brad from ever taking place.

At the kitchen table, Lily told Carly that Mike was the one who left Katie and that she probably still had deep feelings for him. Carly was quick to point out that she didn't care who Katie was with, as long as it wasn't Jack; Carly was determined to make Jack her husband again. Carly admitted that Mike's arrival complicated things, but Lily explained the only thing between Carly and Jack was their chaotic past.

Paul and Meg showed up for the zoning commission's meeting to unveil their plan for the Snyder land and get the city's approval for their development. Meg noticed that Paul was nervous about the presentation and when she asked if he was concerned, he admitted he didn't want to let her family down. Paul quickly changed the subject and asked Meg if she enjoyed their kiss the day before. Meg reminded Paul they were there for business and to stay focused until after the meeting. Paul listened to Meg's suggestion and asked if she knew where Mike was because he was in charge of the information for the zoning board. Paul started to leave Mike a nasty voicemail about not being at the meeting, but Meg grabbed the phone and reminded him that he was trying to be a better man. Paul confessed he was nervous and needed Mike's report, but Meg reassured him that he would do great in front of the committee and moments later the doors opened for their meeting.

Mike arrived at WOAK in search of Katie and stumbled on a publicity photo of Katie and Brad. When Katie's make-up woman walked into the studio, Mike asked about Katie and learned that she was due into work any moment, but the make-up artist hinted that Brad was probably doing his best to make her late for work. Mike asked the woman if Katie and Brad were serious and much to Mike's disappointment, she told him they had just announced their engagement.

In front of the zoning board, Paul explained their plan for the land. When the committee began to ask tough questions, Paul found himself at a loss to answer with concrete information and kept saying Mike was the one with the numbers. Just as the board was ready to end the meeting without giving approval for the development to move forward, Mike arrived with the reports the committee wanted. Mike eloquently convinced the board that the Snyder project was a great deal for the city. With the meeting over, Meg congratulated Mike on a job well done, but Paul wasted no time in chastising Mike for his tardiness. Mike apologized to Paul, but commented that he wanted to be prepared. When Paul continued to yell at him, Mike told him that he was through supervising the project and was leaving town. Meg and Paul tried to convince Mike to stay and see the job through, but he said Oakdale was no longer his home. Meg knew immediately that his reluctance to stay in town was all about Katie. Mike admitted that after learning of Katie's engagement, there was no reason to remain in town. Meg and Paul wished Mike well, as he left to gather his belongings and leave town that night.

After Mike walked away, Meg blamed Paul for Mike's decision to leave. Meg reminded Paul that Mike was the right man for the job and that Emma would want him in charge because he cared for the Snyder's land. Paul didn't know what to do, but Meg told him to find a way to influence Mike to stay in Oakdale.

At Worldwide, Mike packed his papers to leave as Brad arrived to share the news with Meg that he was engaged to Katie. Brad found Meg with Paul and invited her to the party. She agreed to go to the celebration and asked if she could bring Paul. Brad was happy both would be attending and left to go to work. Paul was excited Meg had extended the invitation and she admitted she had done it to improve his mood and get him to work on keeping Mike in town. Mike found the two and said goodbye, but Paul immediately started persuading Mike not to leave. Paul reminded Mike that his history with Emma and the Snyder family was essential for the success of the project. Mike agreed that he didn't want to disappoint Emma and decided to stay in town to finish the job. After the deal was done, Meg asked to speak with Mike alone and she offered him some guidance on how to deal with Katie and Brad's engagement. She told him not to run away from his past with Katie, but to figure out what went wrong between them so he would have closure. Mike thanked Meg and left.

Meg found Paul in his office and congratulated him on getting Mike to stay. Paul told her he would do anything to see her happy and was grateful she invited him to the party, but he wasn't going to go and disrupt a family gathering. Meg was impressed that Paul was being so thoughtful.

Katie showed up for work at the station and was told by the make-up artist that she'd had a visitor earlier. Katie wondered who it might be, but couldn't figure it out by the woman's description. The lady offered to draw a picture of the mystery man and as Katie waited to see who the man was, Jack arrived. Katie was stunned to see Jack and asked him why he was there. He said he was there to see Brad and when Brad arrived moments later, Jack told him he changed his mind and wanted to attend their party. Brad told Jack he didn't want him to come and spoil the night, but Katie stepped in and said he should accept his brother's apology. Brad relented and agreed to let Jack and Carly attend the gathering.

Jack went back home and told Carly about his day. He invited her to go with him to Brad and Katie's and she happily accepted. As he left the room, Jack asked Carly to invite Parker because he was crazy about Katie and would want to celebrate her happiness. Carly said she would ask Parker to go, but her face showed her obvious frustration with Jack's request.

Mike went to the police station to talk to Margo and learned that she had already left for the day. He told the officer he was a family friend and would go to her house to visit, but what he didn't realize was that he would be interrupting Katie's engagement party.

Katie and Brad finished shooting their scenes for the day and prepared to leave work for their big bash. Right after they walked out, the make-up artist appeared with the sketch of Mike and set it out for Katie to find the next morning.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lily and Holden asked Luke to babysit while they went to Katie and Brad's engagement party, but he declined because he had offered to help Noah and Ameera move into the cottage just vacated by Will and Gwen. Lily called Margo and backed out of the party and also cancelled for Meg who had been called into work. Casey showed up at the farm to help the newlyweds as well, and handed Lily a large box that he had found outside the door. Luke, who had high expectations for how the evening would go with Noah, told his parents not to wait up for him.

Lily opened the box and was stunned to find it was from Dusty. It was filled with memorabilia of the two of them during their teen years and later-old tapes, pictures, and programs. Lily could not believe that Dusty had saved all those mementoes, and Holden felt threatened by them. He began questioning Lily's feelings for him again, but she was able to reassure him.

Carly, who really wanted to go to the engagement party with only Jack, told Parker he did not have to accompany them. Jack seemed disappointed, and Carly accused him of not wanting to appear as a couple. Jack refused to be drawn into an argument and they left for the party.

Margo and Tom prepared for the engagement party at their house. Katie and Brad arrived first, followed quickly by Jack and Carly. It soon became apparent that all the other guests had cancelled and these were the only partygoers. Things were awkward between Katie and Jack, but Carly sincerely thanked Katie for her help during the crisis with Parker. Margo went to answer the door and was stunned to find Mike Kasnoff standing outside. She stepped outside and used her best detective tactics to question him about his motives for being in town. She told him to go down to the station the next day, when Katie suddenly walked outside and saw Mike.

Noah and Luke stayed behind while Casey took Ameera out for some ice cream. In town, Casey told Ameera he knew something was bothering her, and Ameera confided that she knew that her marriage to Noah was only for the sake of appearances, but she felt excluded from parts of his life. At the cottage, Noah and Luke were finally alone for the first time since Ameera's arrival and they celebrated by letting off steam and jumping on the bed. Things got a bit heated when suddenly an immigration officer knocked loudly on the door. Luke skipped out the back as Ameera came in through the bedroom window. When the officer checked the bedroom, there was Ameera waiting for her husband. The officer was satisfied and departed with a warning that he would be back. Ameera told Noah how much she hated lying and sneaking in windows. Noah suggested they sleep in the same bed in case the immigration people returned and looked in. Ameera seemed secretly pleased with this arrangement.

At Tom and Margo's, after the initial shock wore off, Katie and Mike hugged. Mike told her he was in town to develop the Snyder property and asked her how she was. Katie explained that this was her engagement party and took Mike inside to introduce him to Brad. Mike felt uncomfortable and did not stay long. Katie walked him out with him and they talked about finally settling things between them. The party ended then, and Katie and Brad went back to the Lakeview where Brad was feeling insecure about Mike's return.

Mike stopped in the Lakeview Bar on the way up to his room and had a conversation with Lisa. Lisa seemed very interested in Katie's reaction to Mike's return.

When Jack and Carly returned home after the party, Jack could not resist kissing Carly. He kissed her again until Carly asked him not to go further unless he really meant it.

Friday, April 11, 2008

At the farm, Luke confessed to Holden and Lily that he was not as comfortable with the Noah/Ameera living arrangements as he had thought he would be. Luke told his parents about the immigration officer's visit to the cottage the night before and how everyone had freaked out. Lily told Luke he would just have to find a way to be with Noah, and she suggested that since they went to school together, Luke and Noah could say they had a school project they were working on. Luke's face lit up, and he left.

At the cottage, Noah woke up and found Ameera preparing breakfast for him, minus her head-scarf. Noah sat down and tried to get Ameera to sit, too, and stop serving him. She put her scarf back on after Noah commented on the fact that she wasn't wearing it. Noah explained the differences in relationships in the United States, saying in America, many husbands helped their wives with dishes, etc. As the two them cleared the table after breakfast, Luke walked in, smiling until Noah asked, "What are you doing here?"

Luke explained his idea to make a movie for their communications class project; Noah asked what the movie would be about, and Luke said, "Us!" Noah said that clearly they couldn't make a movie about their relationship, but Luke said they could make one about the image they wanted to present to the immigration people: a bicultural love story about people from opposite sides of the world falling in love. Ameera approved of the idea, and Luke called and left a message for Casey to ask if he could be the cameraman.

Luke told Noah he wouldn't have any problems writing the script because it was like "Romeo and Juliet," and he already knew a lot about Noah and his background. Noah said they knew very little about Ameera's life before she came to the United States. Luke said he wanted to interview Ameera, but Ameera said she thought it would be better if Luke just made something up. Noah thought it would be better if Luke did an interview and Noah filmed it, so Ameera reluctantly agreed.

In the course of the interview, Ameera again stated how much Noah's father had helped her and her mother in Iraq, but she said the help they received had also made them outcasts from the rest of their friends and family. Ameera said after her mother died, it had been hard to know who could be trusted; Ameera then became distraught and tearfully left the room, saying she couldn't do it anymore.

Noah told Luke he thought something must have happened to Ameera after her mother died. Noah said he had to go find out how Ameera was doing. Luke became irritated and said he was leaving; Noah tried to lean over and kiss Luke goodbye, but Luke pushed him away and said he would call Noah later. Noah went into the bedroom and sat by Ameera on the bed. She apologized and asked if Noah really thought the movie would help them convince the immigration people that their marriage was real. Noah did, and Ameera said she would try to be stronger next time. She leaned back onto Noah, as Luke looked in through the window.

Mike called Katie and asked if she could join him for coffee. Brad woke up as Katie was about to leave and asked where she was going. Katie told him she was meeting Mike for coffee, and Brad told her to have fun. Katie was impressed by Brad's attitude.

When Katie met Mike downstairs, Mike apologized for having shown up uninvited at her engagement party. Mike said that even though it had been a long time since they'd been together, he was having a hard time imagining Katie marrying someone else. Katie said she'd had a hard time letting herself fall in love with someone else, but she had. She wondered if Mike had moved on, too, but he said no. Mike said that after what happened with Katie and Simon, he hadn't been able to open himself up to another relationship, and he felt there were still unresolved things he and Katie needed to discuss.

Katie told Mike she didn't think they had any unresolved issues, considering Mike had had divorce papers delivered to her. Mike apologized but said he'd been angry. Katie said she didn't blame him for that. Mike said it wasn't that she'd slept with someone, but that it had been Simon, which had made him think Katie wasn't over Simon yet and might not ever be. Katie said it didn't matter anymore and that she'd moved on. Mike asked Katie whether it was possible that she just thought she was ready for a relationship with Brad but still had feelings for him.

Henry walked through the Lakeview and spotted Mike with Katie. He rushed up to tell Brad what was going on, but Brad said he already knew about it and was fine with it. Henry warned Brad that Katie had never gotten Mike out of her system, but Brad said that after being with him, Katie had forgotten Mike. When Henry pointed out that in the past, Katie had gotten a divorce in order to be with Mike, so breaking an engagement wouldn't be that difficult for her, Brad decided he'd better check out the situation.

Katie told Mike she would always have feelings for him, but she couldn't look back. Brad came in and shook Mike's hand and asked if Mike would mind if he joined them; he then sat down by Katie. Mike told Brad and Katie about the plans to develop some of Emma's land. Mike suggested that perhaps Brad and Katie could cover the whole project as part of their TV show, "Oakdale Now." Brad didn't like the idea, but Katie thought Kim probably would love it. Mike said that while Brad and Katie were thinking about it, they would see Mike often, since they were all living at the Lakeview. Brad said once he and Katie got married, they would be moving out. Mike asked when that would be, and Brad replied, "Tomorrow," much to Katie's surprise.

Mike said he hadn't realized the wedding was so soon, and Katie said neither had she. Brad said, "Why wait?" and Katie responded that she could think of a couple of good reasons. Mike excused himself, saying Brad and Katie obviously had things to discuss. Mike ran into Henry in the lobby and greeted him warmly. Mike told Henry he'd just had coffee with Katie, so Henry said Mike must know she was planning to get married. Mike said there seemed to be some disagreement about when, so "you never know." Henry asked if that meant Mike had come back to Oakdale to get Katie back.

Henry then told Mike that he had hurt Katie badly when he left, and Katie had tried, disastrously, to rebound with Jack. Henry said Katie had only recently allowed herself to be with Brad. Henry said Brad had brought Katie back to life, and Mike said that wasn't going to stop him from finding out if there was anything still between him and Katie.

Katie accused Brad of making his wedding announcement just to scare Mike off. Brad said he did want to make it clear to Mike where things stood between them. Brad felt that since he and Katie had already talked about eloping, they might as well get married the next day. Katie said she didn't have a dress, so Brad said he would wait until she got one, and then he asked, "Deal, or no deal?" Katie said, "Deal," and they kissed. Mike walked into the restaurant in time to see Brad and Katie kissing.

Carly woke up remembering how she and Jack had made love the night before. She found Jack downstairs in the kitchen. As she told him how happy she was about their night together, he told her, "Last night was a mistake." Carly told Jack she thought it had been a sign they could work things out, but Jack said Carly seemed to think it meant they could go right back to where they were, and he couldn't do that again.

When Carly said there was no denying the closeness they'd felt the night before, Jack said it didn't mean everything else had been resolved. Carly thought it was a good starting point. Jack said it wasn't progress, so Carly told him if he wanted progress, then he needed to do something about it. Jack said if he hadn't had so many beers, he probably wouldn't have slept with Carly. That made Carly furious, because she had asked Jack if he was sure he wanted to sleep with her, and he had said yes. She was upset that Jack made it sound like "a drunken roll in the hay," because that wasn't what it had been to her. Carly said to her, it had felt like a commitment. Jack said that was what he'd been afraid of, and that was why he'd been holding back, but the previous night, he'd had "a weak moment." Carly left the room, saying, "How dare you call last night weakness, and how dare you use me that way!"

Carly got dressed and got ready to leave. Jack tried to apologize for hurting her, but Carly said it was clear they had seen things differently. When Jack told Carly, "Don't be like this," Carly asked, "Like what?" and then said she had no idea what Jack expected her to be, but she had expected a lot more from him.

An irate Carly marched into the Snyder farm kitchen and told Lily how upset she was with Jack's behavior. Holden told Carly to sit and stay awhile because he had to make a trip to the hardware store. After he left, Lily asked Carly what happened, and Carly told Lily that she and Jack had slept together. Lily excitedly said, "That's huge!" Carly said she had thought so, too, until Jack informed her in the morning that it had all been a mistake.

Holden saw Jack sitting on a bench in Old Town and told him he'd seen Carly at the farm, raving to Lily about something that was apparently all Jack's fault. Jack said that was true "this time." Jack explained that he'd had one too many at Katie's engagement party and had ended up sleeping with Carly. Holden asked if he had woken up thinking it was a bad thing but Carly hadn't felt the same way. Jack admitted that was the problem and said he wasn't ready to go back to Carly but didn't know what to do about it. Holden suggested that Jack move out.

Jack told Holden he couldn't move out because of what Parker's therapist had said about it being good for Parker to have his whole family there for him. Holden thought Jack was sending mixed messages, and Jack said he would just have to be careful not to drink so much next time. Holden said he was sure that hadn't gone over well, since no woman likes to be told a man only slept with her because he'd had one too many drinks. Jack said it was better than not being honest with Carly. Holden wished Jack luck and then left.

Meanwhile, Lily gave Carly the same advice, saying Carly should kick Jack out of the house, because with Jack sleeping on the couch, Carly was going to keep holding out hope for a reconciliation. Carly told Lily that she couldn't make Jack leave, because of the children. Lily thought the children could sense the tension between Carly and Jack anyway. Carly said she and Jack would have to figure out some way to live together and not let the tension destroy them.

Carly returned home, and Jack arrived and apologized again. Jack said they needed to talk about where they would go from there, but Carly said she wasn't going anywhere. Carly said they both agreed they needed to be there for the kids, and Jack said he would stay and be a father. Carly said, "But not a husband." She told Jack he'd gotten what he wanted; when he asked what she thought he wanted, she said for her to stop hoping things would be the way they'd been before. She then said, "Congratulations, Jack. I give up. I'm done."

Holden returned home and saw the box of Dusty's things still on the kitchen table. He picked it up, but Lily walked in and asked what he was doing with the box. Holden told Lily that it upset him to see those memories of her friendship with Dusty, because she had so recently rekindled that deep friendship with Dusty, and he wanted to put the box in the attic. However, Holden said if Lily didn't want him to do that, he wouldn't. Lily asked him to go ahead and take the box to the attic.

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