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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 31, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, March 31, 2008

Ameera, Luke, and Noah took a walk through town and discussed their classes at Oakdale University. When Luke decided to return to campus to get some work done, he leaned in to kiss Noah goodbye and Noah jumped back and told him not to kiss him. A stunned Luke asked if Noah was mad at him, but Noah said he wasn't and reminded Luke that it wasn't safe for them to kiss in public. Noah explained that immigration could be watching their every move and trying to prove his marriage to Ameera was a fake. Luke told Ameera and Noah that they were paranoid and there was little chance anyone had them under surveillance. Noah apologized, but Luke explained he wasn't going back into the closet. Noah reminded Luke that he had agreed to Noah's marriage to Ameera and Luke settled on the fact that he and Noah would have to be more discreet in public. With the argument resolved, they all went their separate ways and agreed to meet up at Java after their classes.

At the farm, Emma was dealing with the farm's everyday problems when she received a visit from a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent, who had arrived to check up on Noah and Ameera's marriage. Emma explained the kids were on campus and would return shortly, but the agent remarked he was there to look at Noah and Ameera's living situation and he would start in their bedroom. Knowing their wedding was one of convenience, Emma was reluctant to discuss Ameera and Noah's relationship with the agent. When she disclosed that the two did not share a room, the agent asked why, and Emma pleaded with him to talk the issue over with the couple. The agent kept pressing Emma for answers and she offered a few reasons, but the agent was not convinced and told her if he proved their marriage was a fake, Ameera would be returned to Iraq.

Barbara arrived at Memorial for her latest radiation appointment and while she waited in the lobby for Gwen, she was greeted by Sofie. Gwen had agreed to accompany Barbara for her treatment, but had been held up at home waiting for a plumber. Sofie had come to the hospital looking for Chris, but was happy to see Barbara. The two discussed Barbara's treatment and she told Sofie she was grateful that Sofie had convinced her to tell Will and Gwen about her battle with cancer. The nurse in charge of Barbara's appointment told her it was time for her therapy and she couldn't wait any longer for Gwen or she would have to reschedule. Barbara begrudgingly went in alone and Sofie was pained by Barbara's lonely situation and decided to go with Barbara for the treatment. Gwen arrived just as the radiation therapy was over and she apologized for being late. Gwen asked if she could take Barbara home and help her through her day. Sofie said goodbye, as Gwen took an exhausted Barbara back to the Lakeview.

Once they arrived at the hotel, Barbara and Gwen decided to enjoy lunch together before Barbara went to her suite. As they sat and talked they noticed Sofie as she arrived for work in the hotel bar. Barbara told Gwen that she thought it might be best if she and Will moved after all and started a new life away from Oakdale and Sofie. Gwen argued that she and Will wanted to stay to help Barbara through her treatments, but Barbara told Gwen that Sofie could cause problems for her and Will if they didn't take Hallie away from town. Barbara left to get some rest upstairs and Gwen asked Sofie for the check. Gwen and Sofie took the opportunity to talk and Sofie offered to help Barbara through her treatments so that Will and Gwen could move. Gwen was surprised that Sofie had changed her mind, but the two agreed it might be best for everyone to put some space between them so they could all adjust to the adoption. Gwen left to talk everything over with Will.

At Memorial, Casey stopped by to check up on Alison after their recent run-in with Gerald Nevins. Alison told Casey she was doing well and asked after Margo. Casey explained his mom was handling things well and that everything seemed to be getting back to normal. When the E.R. got backed up, Alison was called away and she wished Casey well.

In an exam room, Alison felt overwhelmed by a patient hurt badly in an accident, but she did her best to keep him comfortable until Chris arrived. While Chris prepared to treat the patient, he asked Alison to help him with the patient's care since the hospital was backed up. As Alison helped Chris care for the injured man, she became lightheaded and looked as if she would faint. Chris helped her stand up and asked her if she was all right. When the patient was stabilized, Chris took Alison to get some water and told her it was normal to get faint at the sight of a trauma wounds. Chris complimented Alison on her abilities and invited her out for lunch to celebrate saving the man. Alison was reluctant to accept because of Emily, but after some prodding agreed to go.

The two arrived at the Lakeview for lunch and ran into Sofie who turned out to be their waitress. Sofie told Chris that she had talked to Paul and he agreed not to cause any problems for Chris. Sofie was uncomfortable seeing Chris with Alison together and walked away. Alison noticed Sofie's demeanor and offered to reschedule her lunch plans with Chris, but he told her he just wanted to have a nice lunch with a friend.

At Carly's house, Jack and Carly were left alone once the kids had gone to school. With everyone out of the house, Jack took the opportunity to have a conversation with Carly to remind her that their living arrangement was temporary until he had recovered from his gunshot wound and could return to the farm. A flustered Carly acted as if she knew the situation was only temporary, but her face showed obvious disappointment in Jack's declaration. Jack tried to explain that he and Carly made a good team when it came to parenting, but their attempts at marriage had always ended in disaster and he couldn't keep making the same mistakes. Carly told Jack she just wanted to take care of him after his shooting, but she couldn't hide her sorrow as she left for the store.

At the station, Brad and Katie got ready for a segment and when Katie became so distracted that she couldn't read the script right, Brad told her to take some time and go talk to Jack. Katie explained that she wanted to be with Jack, but did not know if it was a good time to try to have a relationship with him. Brad convinced her to go and talk with Jack to at least try to get back together with him.

Brad and Carly saw one another at Al's Diner and Brad congratulated Carly on trying to get back into Jack's life. Carly denied that she was trying to scheme her way back into a relationship with Jack, but did mention to Brad that he should be grateful that Jack was at her house and away from Katie. Brad told Carly that even though he cared a great deal for Katie, he didn't want her by default. He only wanted to be with Katie if he was her number one choice. He told Carly that was the reason he sent Katie to talk to Jack, because he hoped Katie's conversation with Jack would help end Katie's hope of a future with Jack. Carly was surprised Brad had sent Katie to visit Jack, but decided to wait and see what happened after the two talked. Carly admitted to Brad that if Jack wanted to be with Katie she would accept it and move on, but she had faith that everything would work out in the future for her and Jack. She left Brad to return home to check in on Katie and Jack's chat.

Katie arrived at Carly's house and was greeted by Jack, who was happy to see her. Katie told Jack she was there to talk to him about their relationship and find out where she stood. Jack explained he didn't know if he had time to start dating her again because he needed to focus on his kids and make sure they were well taken care of. Katie asked if she should wait for him, but Jack said he couldn't promise her anything and didn't want her to miss a real chance at happiness with someone else. Carly arrived home and Katie decided it was time to leave and told Jack that things might work out, but she understood that she shouldn't wait for him. She gave Jack a quick kiss goodbye as Carly watched smugly from the other room.

Katie returned to the station and told Brad that she found out what she needed to know and was ready to focus on work. She easily read through the script and gave Brad no answers about how things had ended with Jack, but he could see the disappointment on her face.

At Carly's house, Carly asked about Katie's visit and Jack told her things were fine. Jack reiterated to Carly that he wasn't ready to return to their relationship, but Carly admitted she didn't want to go back, but wanted to move forward and build on the happiness they once shared. She asked if Jack was willing to try again and he said he didn't know, but when Carly turned away he walked up behind her and kissed the back of her head and held her, giving Carly hope that they could be a couple again.

As Ameera enjoyed her coffee at Java, Casey saw her and said hello. He sat down to talk and during their conversation he mentioned his time in prison. Ameera was surprised her new friend had spent time in jail, but Casey explained why he had ended up incarcerated and Ameera was understanding of Casey's crime. As the two talked about Casey's struggles in prison, the immigration agent who had been at Emma's farm arrived at Java and interrupted their conversation. He demanded to know what Ameera was doing with another man and told her he had been to the farm and discovered she and Noah did not share a room. Ameera and Casey explained they were just friends, but the agent said that with everything he had learned he was questioning her marriage to Noah and that unless she could prove otherwise, her visa might be revoked. The immigration officer kept questioning Ameera and finally accused her of being in a relationship with Casey. Noah and Luke had walked into Java and saw the agent questioning Ameera. Noah rushed over and greeted her with a hug and thanked Casey for keeping her company. The official told Noah everything he knew and asked him to defend his marriage. Noah told the agent that he and Ameera were looking for a place to share near campus and that Casey was Luke's boyfriend. The immigration officer left, but only after warning Noah and Ameera that he would be watching them closely.

With the agent gone, Noah told the others he had a great plan to keep immigration off their backs. He told Casey that if he pretended to be Luke's boyfriend he would be able to spend more time with Ameera and not cause the government to become suspicious. Casey was not keen on pretending to be gay, but liked the idea of getting to know Ameera better. Noah commented that it was a great plan because everyone would get what they wanted, but Ameera mumbled that she wasn't getting what she really needed. Noah asked what Ameera meant and she told him that she didn't want to live her life in America as a lie. Noah reminded her that he loved Luke and she knew their marriage was only for her to get a visa to stay in America. She agreed to the plan, but Casey was uncomfortable and admitted he needed time to think it over, then he left.

Luke, Noah, and Ameera returned to the farm and Emma told them about her talk with immigration. They explained that they had already run into the agent and that they knew everything that had happened. Emma sent Luke and Noah out to the barn to take care of some chores and Noah took the time to reassure Luke that his plan could work. Luke said he had faith in Noah's plan, but that Noah needed to remind Ameera that their marriage was only so she could stay in America. Luke was beginning to believe that Ameera had feelings for Noah.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Jack asked Carly to stop trying so hard to make him happy. He reminded her he was only staying with her and the kids to recuperate. When Carly asked how she could change his mind, he said he didn't want to go down the same road with her again, because it was too painful. Carly said they could make a different path, but Jack didn't think she was capable of that. Carly told Jack she could be more like Katie if he wanted her to: "marginally more honest, a lot perkier, and when someone makes me angry ... I'll just write a tell-all book about it!" Jack got up, groaning with pain, and Carly realized it was time to change his bandages. Doing so, she told him the only time she'd ever been terrified about what had happened to him was when he'd been missing and presumed dead. The other times, she had taken it for granted that he would recover, and they would be together forever.

Carly told Jack he was the only man for her and always had been. He laughingly reminded her of the other men in her life. When he asked about Hal, Carly looked wistful for a moment, remembering their departed friend, before laughingly replying, "Money." Jack asked about Brad, and Carly again said, "Money!" "Winston?" Carly exclaimed, "He kidnapped me!" Jack then asked about Craig Montgomery, and Carly claimed temporary insanity. When Jack finally mentioned Simon, Carly said, "Your fault," and reminded Jack that he had moved out before she became involved with Simon.

Carly told Jack not to throw her past affairs in her face, because his own past was not squeaky clean. She reminded him about both Julias, and Jack said, "Oh, but I never said you were the only woman for me!" Carly hit Jack, and he laughed at her. Carly became serious again, telling Jack that it was fate for them to be together. She said, "It's our history. It's who we are." She leaned over and kissed him; he responded, and seconds later, they kissed again.

Emma told Holden and Lily she had decided to sell most of the farm, keeping only the house, the pond, and a few acres. Emma said the farm had become too big of a worry for her, and there were other things she'd like to do with her life, like traveling. Lucinda arrived, bearing gifts for Faith and Natalie, and Lily and Holden told her about Emma's desire to sell the farm. Lucinda thought it was a wonderful idea and offered to buy the farm herself. Emma said all of her children would have to agree to the sale. Meg arrived, and after being told what was going on, she agreed that Emma should do whatever she wanted to with the farm.

Lucinda said she had always thought the farm would be a good investment for Worldwide and that she would pay top dollar for it, to repay Emma for the many years of happiness Holden had brought to Lily and for giving Lily refuge at the farm when she was a teenager. Meg reminded Lucinda that Paul was CEO of Worldwide and would therefore have to approve the deal. Emma said she refused to let Paul own any part of her farm, but Meg, along with Lucinda, Holden, and Lily, talked her into at least discussing the idea with Paul.

Barbara asked Paul to help her convince Gwen and Will to follow through on their plan to leave Oakdale. Meanwhile, Gwen told Will about Sofie's offer to help Barbara get through her medical treatments. Will was surprised and leery about his mother and Sofie agreeing that Will and Gwen should leave town, but Gwen convinced Will that it was best for everybody concerned. By the time Paul and Barbara arrived on their mission to talk Gwen and Will into moving, Will was able to tell them they had agreed it would be best if they left Oakdale.

Paul told Will he was happy Will and Gwen would get a new start, and he offered his apologies for having taken Sofie's side about the baby. Paul said he should have learned not to meddle in his family's lives after what happened with Jennifer. Will said Jennifer had forgiven Paul, and he and Gwen did, too. Paul hugged Will, but then his cell phone rang; it was Meg, asking Paul to come to the farm, because she had a proposition for him. Paul told Gwen and Will he had to leave and asked them not to leave town without saying goodbye. They agreed, and Paul left.

Will told his mom he thought they would be leaving town in a couple of days. Barbara said that was too soon and that she wanted to have a farewell party for them. Will said that wasn't a good idea, but Gwen thought it would be great. As Barbara left, she thanked them for letting her have the party, saying it would take her mind off her radiation therapy. Will thanked Gwen for being so thoughtful. He then told Gwen he would focus on the details of the move, and Gwen said he was a good dad. They talked about what a good dad Hal had been, and Gwen said Hallie had a lot to live up to, having been named in Hal's honor. Will said they all did.

When Paul arrived at the Snyder farm, he saw Lucinda, Meg, Holden, Lily, and Emma all gathered in the kitchen and jokingly said, "A surprise party, for me!" They told him about Emma's desire to sell the farm and Lucinda's idea that Worldwide buy it. Paul told them he was definitely interested, and Holden immediately pointed out that "my sister's not part of the offer!" Meg told Holden she could speak for herself, and Paul said so could he. Paul then told everyone that if Worldwide purchased Emma's farm, he would do everything he could to protect the investment and preserve the farm for future generations. Lucinda asked if everyone was in agreement, and Emma told Paul, "You cross me, young man, and you'll be staring down the barrel of a shotgun." Paul asked Meg if that was a "yes," and then he told Emma he would have papers drawn up in the morning.

Meg walked Paul out and told him she was glad the deal was purely business for him. Paul said it was a business deal, but everything he did and thought and dreamed of was for Meg. Meg became angry and threatened to cancel the sale of the farm, but Paul assured her he would be the perfect trustee for the farm and would do what was best for Emma. He said no one else needed to know he'd do anything to have Meg back in his life.

Lucinda received a call from Gwen, who said she and Will needed to talk to Lucinda. Lucinda left the Snyders and went to the cottage, where Gwen told her they were planning to leave Oakdale. Lucinda thanked them for having been good tenants, told them that change could be good, and wished them good luck. After Lucinda left, Will and Gwen told Hallie a mixed-up fairy tale about 3 bears, a big bad wolf, and Oz, which ended with them living happily ever after, together.

At the end of the workday, Brad invited Katie to dinner, but she said she preferred to go home and order room service. She suggested he invite Bonnie instead, but Brad said he and Bonnie were no longer seeing each other. Brad went to Al's to eat dinner alone. Neither Brad nor Katie could eat, and by chance, they both decided to see a movie and ended up sitting near each other in the theater. Katie asked why Brad hadn't found a date in his little black book, but Brad said the book had been retired, because he only wanted Katie.

When Brad suggested that Katie was moping because of Jack, she told him she had gone to see Jack, and Jack had made it clear he wasn't ready to resume a relationship with her. Brad said that even though he thought he and Katie would make a better couple (and have prettier children), if Katie truly wanted Jack, then he was sorry she had been disappointed by him. Neither of them was enjoying the movie, so Brad suggested they get dinner instead. They went out to eat, where Katie said at least her appetite had returned. Brad said that was proof that he was good for her, and Katie agreed, but she told Brad she was too confused to get involved with him right away. Brad said he would wait until her confusion had cleared and she had realized she belonged with him. He walked her to her door, and Katie thanked him and kissed him on the cheek. Brad bent down and kissed Katie on the lips, and after a few seconds, she returned the kiss.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

After a night together at the Lakeview, Katie woke to regret having slept with Brad and did her best to sneak out from under his arm. She sat on the floor and wondered aloud what she had done, believing that sleeping with Brad was a mistake. As she crawled silently on the floor, Brad woke and asked her where she was going. Brad wanted Katie to tell him what had changed since the prior night and she told him that being with him made their friendship more confusing. Brad told Katie he would never hurt her, but Katie refused to believe that he could transform and be faithful. Brad said meeting her changed him because she made him want a family and a life with just one person. Brad tried to convince Katie he had become a new man, but he slipped and said he wouldn't be a "father figure" like Jack, but a real partner. Brad's statement enraged Katie and sent her running from the room. Brad realized he had said the wrong thing and chased after her.

Katie drove to the lake for a jog and when she parked she saw Brad pulling up in his car behind her. She mumbled for him to stay away and set off running with Brad hot on her trail. Katie felt she needed to get away from Brad and jumped on a stranger's bike with Brad behind in pursuit on a kid's bike. The victims of the bike theft called police to report the crime, while Brad and Katie took a spin around the lake. Brad kept pleading his case as Katie fled and, with all his focus on Katie, Brad rode straight into the lake. Brad thrashed around in the water and yelled for Katie to save him, but she didn't believe he couldn't swim. When she turned around momentarily, Brad went under the water and Katie prepared to go in after him. Just as she waded into the lake, Brad appeared and told her that he knew she really cared. Brad dropped to his knees and spontaneously asked Katie to marry him. Before Katie could answer, the proposal was interrupted by the police, who arrested Brad and Katie for stealing the bikes.

At Carly's house, Carly continued to care for Jack and, during their breakfast, asked him about the kiss they shared the night before. Jack refused to admit that the kiss meant anything to him and left Carly feeling disappointed and unsure of their future together. Jack reminded Carly that the physical aspects of their relationship were never a problem, but the real difficulties in their marriage had been his inability to trust her. Carly agreed that Jack would never be able to believe in her unless he gave her another chance to prove herself. Jack explained he had already given in to her before and it never worked out. He told her he had nothing more to say about their relationship, walked out, and waited for Carly to take him to a doctor's appointment.

Susan greeted Jack and Carly at the hospital and prepared to take Jack into an exam room. When Carly tried to follow, Jack asked her to wait out in the hall. Susan told Jack that his gunshot wound was healing well and that he had been receiving good care at home. After the examination, Susan delivered Jack back into Carly's hands and told him with continued rest he would make a complete recovery. Carly was happy with the news and was ready to take Jack home, but he convinced her to take him by the station to check in on Margo.

At home, Margo recalled shooting Gerald Nevins as she prepared to return to work. At the station, the entire police force welcomed Margo back and she remarked that she was happy to return. Right after the celebration, Dallas brought in a drug dealer for Margo to interview and the criminal tried to break free, but Dallas wrestled him to the ground. Margo overreacted to the prisoner's escape attempt and drew her weapon, yelling for him to freeze. Dallas and another officer looked shocked by Margo's quick draw and told Margo they had things under control. Dallas asked if Margo was all right and she insisted she was fine.

When Carly dropped Jack off at the station, he insisted on going in alone, leaving Carly to feel unwanted again. She insisted on picking him up and Jack agreed. Inside, Jack looked through his paperwork and talked to Margo about the horrible nightmare she had just gone through with Gerald Nevins. Margo told Jack the ordeal had brought up bad memories of her rape and caused her to rethink her career. She went on to say she was trying to put it all behind her. She quickly changed the subject and congratulated Jack on Parker's freedom and his reconciliation with Carly. Jack told Margo he wasn't "living" with Carly that way and that his relationship with Katie was over too.

Some time later, Carly arrived to pick up Jack, just in time to see Katie and Brad being taken into the police station in handcuffs. The two bike thieves tried to explain what happened to Margo, but she sent them into the interrogation room. Jack looked in while Katie sat on Brad's lap in the interview room and tried to keep the soaking Brad warm. Jack looked disappointed and Carly arrived just in time to see the displeasure on Jack's face. Jack asked Margo what happened and she explained the two stole bikes and the owner was pressing charges. Margo told Jack that she was just letting the two squirm before she listened to their reasons. Noticing Jack's expression, Margo asked if Jack had a problem seeing Katie with Brad. He didn't answer, but walked away. Carly asked Jack if he was ready to go and he agreed it was time to leave with Carly, but he looked back to see that Katie and Brad were being released from custody. Margo informed Katie and Brad that if they paid for the bikes the victims would drop the charges. Katie asked to talk with Jack, but Margo told her that he had left with Carly.

While Carly and Jack drove home, he asked her to make another stop by the Lakeview. Carly said yes, but told Jack that he was running all over town to avoid being alone with her because he was afraid of his feelings. Jack just looked at her and got out of the car.

After the police released Katie and Brad, they returned to their cars and Katie told Brad she would think about his offer of marriage. Brad was happy that Katie was willing to consider his proposal.

Paul arrived at the farm and Meg greeted him. She was surprised he had returned so soon to deliver papers for Emma regarding the sale of the farm. Meg told Paul he needed to discuss the property's sale with Emma and called her to the kitchen. Paul began to summarize the documents he was bringing her, but Emma stopped him and told him that she wasn't going to sell him the farm. Emma explained that another company, Resources by Nature, had approached her with a better offer than Worldwide. Paul was angry because he believed Emma was using his offer to start a bidding war. When the talk between Paul and Emma escalated into an argument, Meg asked Paul to go outside so she could talk to Emma alone.

In the kitchen, Meg asked her mother if the new bid on the farm was about more money or if it might be about keeping Paul from buying the farm. Emma acknowledged that Paul being the head of Worldwide played a big factor in her decision. She said she didn't trust Paul and worried that he would use the farm to get back into Meg's life. Outside, Paul called Emily and asked her to use her contacts at the paper to look into the company that was trying to outbid him. He wanted to know everything she could find before the sale went any further.

After talking to Emma, Meg found Paul on the porch and told him that his rant about the other bid had not helped to convince Emma to sell him the farm. Paul explained that if the deal with the farm fell through, he feared it would end his chances of winning her back. Meg realized that Paul thought buying the farm would bring them together again and she told him that he needed to remember he was purchasing the farm, not her. Emily arrived with the information Paul was after and Meg left the two to talk. Emily told Paul that Resources by Nature was a wealthy international conglomerate and he became worried he would be in a bidding war he couldn't win. Paul explained to Emily that he was concerned that regardless of what he offered Emma, she wouldn't accept it.

Paul decided to go in and tell Emma that he would match any offer the other company made. Emma explained that the deal wasn't just about money, but about making sure her land ended up in good hands. Paul argued his case and promised to respect whatever decision Emma made. Before he left, Paul told Meg he could change if she gave him a chance.

Once alone, Emma told Meg that she was impressed that Paul had come in to apologize for his earlier outburst and she was happy to see he could make amends. Meg told her mother that Paul had a charming side that was hard to resist and that her feelings for him were hard to sort out. The pair was surprised to hear a knock at the door and even more shocked to find Mike Kasnoff had returned to Oakdale. Emma and Meg welcomed Mike back to town warmly. Mike explained to Emma and Meg that he was the one behind the new bid and he hoped they would sell him the farm.

Chris ran into Alison at the hospital and thanked her for helping save a patient. He complimented her on her medical skills and encouraged her to return to school to get a nursing degree. Alison told him she was thinking about going back to school with the money Dusty left her, but remembering Chris's tumultuous past with Dusty, she apologized for bringing his name up. As the two talked, Emily stumbled upon them and watched their discussion. Alison told Chris that his entire face changed when she brought up Dusty. Chris explained it wasn't Dusty, but Emily who was the problem. Hearing this, Emily walked up to the two under the pretext of finding Susan, and Chris quickly excused himself. Emily questioned why Alison was sharing breakfast with Chris. Alison reminded her sister that she and Chris were once engaged and were still friendly, regardless of Emily's past with him. Emily warned Alison to stay away from Chris, but Alison stormed out after telling her sister to mind her own business.

Emily found Susan in the hospital corridor and explained what had just happened. She asked her mother to help keep Alison away from Chris because she felt Chris was bad for her baby sister. Susan agreed to help, but only if Emily agreed to stop her retaliation against Chris for breaking up with her. Emily said she would and Susan walked away to see patients.

Emily decided to find Chris and cautioned him to stay away from her sister. He told her that "desperation didn't look good on her" and walked away. Frustrated, Emily left the hospital.

Susan found Alison and reminded her that Chris had hurt her in the past and that it wasn't a good idea to date him again. Alison insisted that she and Chris were just friends, but told her mom that if she and Emily didn't back off, she would ask Chris out just to spite them. After talking to her mom, Alison told Chris that Emily and her mom had recommended that she stay away from him. Chris apologized for causing her problems, but Alison said they should spend time together, as friends, at Will and Gwen's going away party. Chris explained he couldn't go because Will and Gwen were still mad at him for testifying for Sofie in the adoption case. Alison told him that he needed to make things right before Will and Gwen left town, but Chris said he didn't see the point in working on that relationship. Alison remarked that she thought Chris was a "better man" than that and walked out.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Holden and Carly ran into one another in the coffee shop. Holden asked how Jack was getting along and Carly related that having him at home had been wonderful for the children, but that she was not making any progress in renewing her romance with him. Holden reminded her that it was difficult for Jack to trust Carly again, and Carly accused Holden of being self-righteous. Carly was not pleased when Holden pointed out that sometimes relationships just run out of steam.

Jack went to the Lakeview looking for Lisa but found Lily instead. They sat and talked a while, and Lily urged Jack to give Carly another chance. She likened Jack and Carly's situation to hers and Holden's, which was now back on track. Jack reminded Lily that Carly had continually lied to him and he could not subject his family to that again. Lily kept up her pep talk for Carly, and Katie came into the Lakeview and overheard her.

Finally Lily suggested that Jack might be holding himself back for reasons other than Carly's truthfulness. After Lily left, Jack spoke to Katie who told him about Brad's proposal. Jack was shocked, but told her to go ahead if that was what she wanted. That was not the response Katie wanted, and she went up to her room and threw away her wedding picture with Jack.

At the Snyder farm, Mike Kasnoff explained his affection for the farm to Emma and Meg and was surprised to learn that Worldwide had also made a pitch to develop the land. He was stunned to find out that Paul Ryan was head of that company, as well. Meg went outside and called Paul to tell him about the competitive bid, and Paul said he was on his way.

At the Oakdale police station, Katie arrived to speak with Margo. Margo gave her a hard time about the bike theft incident earlier and Katie dropped the bomb that Brad had proposed. Margo could not believe that Katie was considering marriage again and reminded her to count how many husbands she had already had. She kidded her about giving Lisa a run for her money on the number of marriages. Margo let it slip that Jack had told her he was not going to pursue Katie anymore and urged her sister to proceed with caution.

Brad shared his proposal story with Henry and Vienna at the diner, and the two had very different reactions. Vienna suggested that Brad follow that up with a spectacular grand gesture that would sweep Katie off her feet. Henry, however, opted for caution. His advice was to let Katie make up her own mind in her own way. Vienna kept pushing for the dramatic flair, but something inspired Brad and he rushed out. Henry bet Vienna $2000 that Katie would turn down Brad's proposal but Vienna did not like Henry's resorting to gambling tactics again, so they agreed on a lovemaking session as the prize instead of cash.

Paul arrived at the farm and saw Mike Kasnoff. They discussed the sale of the farm and that neither wished to get into a bidding war. They agreed on a price and then Mike suggested that they each make a pitch to Emma and then to let her choose her buyer. Mike gave the first presentation, complete with architect's drawings and renderings of a proposed housing development, which also preserved the privacy of the Snyder Pond. Paul was discouraged, but he guaranteed that all of Worldwide's resources would be combined with Emma's input to create a remarkable project. Mike reminded Emma that he needed a decision as soon as possible. On the sly, Paul called his researchers at Worldwide and asked for information on Mike Kasnoff and his company.

At WOAK, Brad put his inspiration to work. He looked through old videotapes of "Oakdale Now" shows and began taping a special segment called "Katie and Brad Now." The tape showed many of the gaffes and goofy moments on air between the two of them.

Holden and Lily came home to the farm and were delighted to see Mike. Lily suggested that Mike and Paul's two companies form a partnership and work together on the Snyder project. All parties agreed to that solution and shared a toast to success. Lily and Mike talked separately, and Mike let it be known that he was not ready to confront Katie, his former wife, again.

At Carly's house, Jack and Carly discussed getting back together when they were interrupted by a smoke alarm in the house. The toaster was on fire and Jack put it out with salt. Jack's wounds were uncomfortable afterwards because of the sudden movement, so Carly comforted him.

At the TV station, Katie found Brad and thanked him for the tape and all the memories it brought back. She told him she finally had an answer for his proposal, and Brad was stunned to hear her say, "Yes!" He vowed to make her the happiest woman on earth.

Back at the Lakeview, Mike checked in for an indefinite stay, and up in their room, Henry and Vienna finished a marathon lovemaking session. They laughed that they had already celebrated but did not know who had won the bet about Katie's proposal from Brad.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Gwen called Carly to say she and Will were leaving town and to invite Carly to their going-away party. Carly gave Jack the news and said she felt like her whole family was deserting her. Then she said she was a big girl and needed to deal with her problems on her own. Jack told Carly he'd like to say goodbye to Gwen and Will, too. Parker came home and said Will had called him, and Jack said they could all go to the party together.

Aaron told Sofie about Will and Gwen's farewell party and tried to get Sofie to go with him, but she didn't want to have to say goodbye to Hallie once again. Alison convinced Chris that he needed to make an appearance at Will and Gwen's house to say goodbye and to apologize for what had happened during the custody hearing, when he had helped Sofie try to win Hallie back.

Noah told Luke he thought he should go to Will and Gwen's party with Ameera, for appearance's sake. Luke said that was fine, and when Casey arrived at the farm, Luke said Casey could be his "date." Casey didn't like the idea but went along with it when Ameera said she was glad he was going to the party with them.

As Paul and Barbara arrived at Will and Gwen's cottage, Barbara almost fainted. She told Paul it was probably the emotion of the day catching up with her. When they went inside, Paul told Will that although Barbara was upset, Will and Gwen needed to make this move for their own sakes. He assured Will he would take good care of their mom. Meanwhile, Barbara said goodbye to Hallie. She then hugged both Will and Gwen and told them each goodbye, becoming tearful as she did so. Barbara left, and outside, she had another episode of weakness.

Carly, Jack, and Parker arrived at the cottage to say their goodbyes to Will and Gwen. Carly went to take a picture of Gwen and Hallie, and Gwen asked what was going on with Carly and Jack. Carly said she was working on it, and Gwen said that was good to hear. Carly said she would need to earn Jack's trust again, which would take time and patience.

Jack reminded Will that Hal had been Jack's best friend and mentor, and he told Will that if he ever needed anything, all he had to do was call. Paul told Parker he realized Parker would miss his brother; Paul then said if Parker ever needed anything, "I've got the big brother thing covered." Will then took a picture of Jack, Carly, Gwen, and Parker.

At the Lakeview, Sofie saw Barbara, who almost collapsed in the lobby. Sofie and a hotel employee rushed to her side, and Sofie told Barbara she would take her to the hospital. There, Barbara's doctor told her the tumor had become resistant to radiation and that they needed to operate immediately. Sofie wanted to let Gwen and Will know, but Barbara begged her not to tell them.

Aaron arrived at Will and Gwen's party, followed closely by Alison and Chris. Alison was surprised to see Aaron back in town, and Aaron was surprised to see Chris. When Will and Gwen opened the door, Alison explained that she had invited Chris to come. Chris then apologized to Will and Gwen for having supported Sofie in the adoption proceedings; Will said Chris had ambushed them and should have come and told them what he was going to do before he did it. However, Gwen and Will both accepted Chris's apology.

Aaron asked Alison if she was back with Chris. After telling him it was none of his business, Alison said they were just friends. Chris started to leave, and Alison followed him and asked how things had gone. Chris said Gwen and Will had accepted his apology. He then told Alison he had the rest of the day off and invited her to join him.

Chris and Alison went to Old Town and had ice cream cones. They ran into Susan, who said she was expecting Alison for dinner that evening. Alison said, "Yes, mother," and Susan left. Chris took Alison to the park to fly a kite. They had fun flying the kite and then decided to cut it loose, because they'd never been allowed to do that when they were kids. They lay down in the sun and talked about places they'd been. Chris said getting away was nice, but coming home wasn't so bad either.

Noah, Ameera, Luke, and Casey arrived at the party, and they explained the marriage arrangement and the phony boyfriend relationship between Luke and Casey. Paul decided it was time to leave, and he told Will he'd like to try to be a better brother to him. They embraced, and then Sofie arrived. Aaron explained that he had told Sofie about the party so she could say goodbye to Hallie, and Gwen took Sofie back to the bedroom to see the baby. After a tearful goodbye to Hallie, Sofie left, followed by Paul.

Outside the cottage, Sofie told Paul she hadn't wanted another emotional goodbye with Hallie, and Paul asked why she'd come. Sofie said because Paul hadn't answered his cell phone, and she wanted him to know his mother was in surgery, having her tumor removed. She explained that Barbara didn't want Will and Gwen to know. Paul and Sofie left to go to the hospital. They sat together in the waiting area, and Paul said after everything Barbara had survived, he couldn't believe cancer would be her downfall. Sofie asked what else Barbara had survived, and Paul said his father, for one thing. He then said even when Barbara and he and Will fought, it was usually because Barbara wanted what was best for them. He told Sofie he hoped he would have a chance to tell Barbara he was proud of her.

Paul asked Sofie how she was doing after saying goodbye to Hallie again, and Sofie said it helped to have someone else to think about. The doctor came to the waiting room and told Paul that Barbara's surgery had been a success. Paul and Sofie smiled and hugged each other in their relief.

Gwen told Will that seeing Sofie with Hallie had been hard for her, but she said it also showed her that leaving Oakdale was the best thing for everyone. They rejoined the party, and Aaron told them he was leaving. Will asked Luke to take a picture of him, Gwen, and Aaron. After Aaron left, Ameera told Gwen and Will about the immigration people checking up on her and Noah, and she said she didn't know how much longer they could fool the immigration people, since they were living in separate rooms in someone else's house. Gwen suggested perhaps Noah and Ameera could rent the cottage, because Lucinda would need a new tenant.

Gwen told Luke that since Lucinda was his grandmother, getting the cottage shouldn't be a problem, and this way, they could all have more time together. Ameera agreed that the plan could work. Casey was reluctant to continue his role as the gay boyfriend, but Ameera told him he'd be doing a good deed and helping her. He then agreed, but said, "I reserve the right to back out whenever I need to." Will then took a picture of the new tenants and their friends, as Luke grabbed Casey and kissed him on the cheek, much to his dismay. The party guests all departed, and Will toasted Gwen, saying, "Here's to us, and the rest of our lives," and they kissed.

Aaron went to the Lakeview to find Sofie but was told she had taken Barbara to the hospital. He went to the hospital and found Sofie and Paul. Paul told Aaron that Barbara was apparently going to be okay, and he asked Aaron to take Sofie to get something to eat. Sofie said she should wait, but Paul assured her Barbara would understand, and he thanked her again for letting him know about the surgery and waiting with his mom. Paul went in to see Barbara, and Aaron took Sofie out to get dinner.

Jack, Parker, and Carly went back to Carly's house. Carly went outside to gather her thoughts, and Parker told Jack that if he cared about Carly, he would try to help her feel better. Jack decided to do as Parker suggested and went to look for Carly, but she wasn't on the porch. He found her sitting by the pond. Carly told Jack he didn't need to try to comfort her, since he was no longer her husband or her lover. He suggested he could be her friend, and she said platonic friendship had never been their "thing." Jack agreed and said they had always had highs and lows, moving from one crisis to another, but never had the foundation of friendship to fall back on.

Carly asked if friendship was all they could have, and Jack said he couldn't make any promises, but they had to start somewhere. Jack offered his hand and asked if Carly would be his friend, and she took his hand and said she'd do anything he asked. They returned to her house, where she said she thought she'd sit outside and watch the sunset. Jack offered to get a couple of beers and join her, and Carly said that would be nice. Parker came to the door and saw his mom and Jack together outside on the porch.

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