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Passions Recaps: The week of March 31, 2008 on PS
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Monday, March 31, 2008

Theresa watched Gwen and Ethan while they were making love, and she swore to make Gwen pay for what she did to her. Gwen stated that she was glad to have Ethan back in her bed and under her spell. In addition, she wished that Theresa was there to see her. No sooner had she spoken than Gwen saw Theresa in the mirror and was scared out of her mind. Ethan asked her what was wrong, and Gwen told him that she saw Theresa. Ethan got up to look around, but Theresa hid, so Ethan did not see her. Rebecca rushed into Gwen's room unannounced, and Gwen told her that she saw Theresa in the mirror. Rebecca told her Theresa was dead, so it was not possible. Ethan suspected that something was going on, so he decided to investigate. He looked around the room and called out for Theresa, but Theresa was able slip under the bed unnoticed. Rebecca yelled at Ethan for hurting Gwen to the point that she thought that she was seeing dead people. Theresa saw a window and immediately hid on the ledge. She closed the window, and it made a noise. Gwen, Rebecca, and Ethan heard the noise and concluded that someone was out there. Ethan wanted to investigate just in case it was Theresa; however, Rebecca hurriedly told Ethan to apologize to Gwen, and Ethan apologized. Little Ethan yelled and wanted to know what was going on. Ethan left to check on Little Ethan.

Theresa thought of sneaking into Little Ethan's room after Ethan left. Ethan got to Little Ethan's room and comforted him. He then apologized for waking him up. Little Ethan wanted to know if Gwen had seen his mom, but Ethan told him "no." Little Ethan swore that the person he saw was real. Ethan wished that it were real, too. Ethan made a promise to Little Ethan that he would always be there for him. Theresa stood outside the ledge and listened to Ethan and Little Ethan's conversation. She was happy that Ethan still loved her.

Back in Gwen's room, Gwen insisted that she saw Theresa. Rebecca told her that she was crazy, and then she slapped Gwen. She reminded Gwen that Theresa had died, and Gwen agreed and mentioned to Rebecca that it was all in her head. Rebecca advised Gwen to make Ethan forget all about Theresa when he returned to the room, and Gwen promised her that she would do her best. Moreover, Gwen told Rebecca that she did all she could do, but Ethan refused to forget Theresa. Rebecca remarked that Gwen was not getting the job done, and Gwen replied by telling Rebecca that she was excellent in bed and that she was not getting any complaints from Ethan. Rebecca suggested that Gwen used her sex toys, but Gwen had no use for them. Theresa eavesdropped from the window ledge and promised herself that she would have her revenge on Gwen. Rebecca gave Gwen one last piece of advice. She told Gwen to hire a nanny while she focused all her energy on Ethan. Theresa heard, and that gave her an idea.

Ethan returned to Gwen's room. He apologized to her for not letting go of Theresa, and he made a promise that he would focus more on her from that moment on. Theresa was still listening on the ledge, and she realized that Ethan was moving on with Gwen, and there was nothing that she could do. Gwen continued her lovemaking session with a very satisfied Ethan. Rebecca listened at the door and was pleased that Gwen had learned so much from her. Out on the ledge, Theresa listened in and was heartbroken, and then she began to cry.

Ivy and Sam got busy in the bedroom. They took a break for a snack, but before they could make it back to the bedroom, they decided to make out. Noah and Paloma walked in on them. Both couples were embarrassed since Noah and Paloma were making out themselves. Sam and Ivy advised Noah and Paloma on their impending nuptials. Sam told Noah and Paloma that they could avoid some of the mistakes he and Ivy had made by not to lying to each and to always being there for each other.

The demon elf appeared to Tabitha and warned her to stay out of his way since he was on a quest to ruin Harmony. Despite Miguel's insistence that Tabitha should not use magic, Tabitha told the demon elf that she would not hesitate to fight back if he so much as hurt her and Endora. The elf promised that Tabitha and Endora were off limits. Tabitha questioned who the elf was targeting, and he told her that Noah and Paloma were first on his list. Tabitha was eager to get the details, so the elf sent her to the magic bowl. Tabitha saw the evil that was in store for Noah and Paloma and told the elf that he was very mean and hateful. Tabitha made the elf swear again that she and Endora were not on his list. The elf assured her, but he had a questionable look on his face when he was not facing Tabitha.

Noah and Paloma took off to be by themselves. Noah told Paloma that nothing would come between them, but something was following them in the shadows.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Gwen accompanied Ethan to Theresa's memorial service. Noah, Paloma, and Julian mentioned to Ethan that Theresa would have loved the service. Rebecca made sure to let Ethan see her sharkskin shoes and matching bag. It signified that Rebecca was excited that Theresa had been eaten by sharks. Gwen took Rebecca aside and told her to mind her manners, and Ivy told Ethan to ignore Rebecca. Ethan remarked to Ivy that he was still mourning Theresa, and Ivy told him to focus on Gwen. In addition, Ethan noted that the service was not complete without Theresa's body. Shortly after everyone left the room, Theresa appeared and wished that she could have told Ethan that she was in his presence.

Back at the Crane estate, Noah comforted a distraught Paloma. Viki remarked that all the sadness was getting to her, so Esme sent Viki upstairs while she grabbed a bottle of wine and walked away with Julian. Viki returned and decided to follow Esme and Julian. She refused to let Viki leave her.

Rebecca and Ivy tried to hatch a plan to prevent Ethan from thinking about Theresa. Gwen and Ethan walked in the room, and Gwen reminded Ethan that he had promised to focus on her and their family instead of Theresa. Ethan replied by telling Gwen that it was not that easy. Ivy and Rebecca moved to a corner and continued to come up with a plan to help Gwen keep Ethan's mind off Theresa. They thought it was best to hire a nanny to keep the kids occupied so that Gwen could focus on Ethan. Theresa eavesdropped on them. Gwen and Ethan were still discussing Ethan's focus on Theresa when Rebecca interrupted and got upset and lashed out at Ethan for making Gwen unhappy. Ivy suggested that Ethan let go of Theresa for his own good. Ethan acknowledged that she was right and said that he would focus on Gwen. Theresa overheard Ethan and started to cry and stated to herself that she missed him. Rebecca informed Ethan that she and Ivy were interviewing nannies, but Ethan was not too thrilled about it. Gwen was ecstatic, so Ivy convinced Ethan why a nanny was needed, and eventually, Ethan warmed up to the idea. Ethan insisted that he wanted to raise his own kids. Ivy suggested that the nanny would be used to assist Ethan and he would be in charge. Ethan and Gwen left the room to discuss other things.

After Ethan and Gwen left, Ivy and Rebecca decided to interview nannies. Theresa was still eavesdropping and decided to work the nanny angle to her advantage. Rebecca rejected all the attractive nannies so that Ethan would not be tempted. In addition, Rebecca specifically stated that the nanny had to be extremely ugly. Theresa suddenly had an idea, so she left and returned looking the part of the nanny Rebecca described. She was extremely unattractive. Moreover, she had on an unappealing wig, and her teeth were crooked. Both Rebecca and Ivy were taken aback by the nanny's appearance, so Rebecca thought that she was perfect for the job.

Gwen and Ethan continued their conversation upstairs. Ethan reassured Gwen that he would stick by her and the kids, and he thought that they could end up being happy. Gwen had a thought to herself that if Ivy and Rebecca were successful in finding a nanny, she could make Ethan forget about Theresa once and for all. Gwen suggested to Ethan that they move away, but Ethan preferred to stay in Harmony. Gwen questioned Ethan's motive for staying in Harmony, and Ethan's response was that he wanted the kids to grow up around their family.

Noah and Paloma wished that they had a place where they could be alone, and the demon elf appeared and said that he had something in store for them. While Noah made plans for Paloma, the demon elf told the mystery person that it was time to make his move. The mystery person snuck up on Paloma and kissed her. It turned out to be Roberto. He told Paloma that he moved back to Harmony for good because he could not stay away from her. Noah walked over and punched Roberto so hard that he fell to the ground. Paloma helped Roberto up and told Noah that Roberto was just an old friend. Noah was not buying it, so he told Roberto that whatever he had with Paloma was over. Noah turned to Paloma to confirm what he had just stated, but Paloma lingered with her answer. She eventually mentioned to Roberto that she and Noah were getting married. Roberto unwillingly congratulated the couple. He left afterwards to go find a place to stay. The demon elf thought that his plans were off to a good start. Noah questioned Paloma about hesitating before telling Roberto about their engagement and asked her if she still had feelings for Roberto. Paloma replied that Noah was the only man for her.

Noah mentioned to Paloma that he had a chat with Tabitha, and she agreed that Paloma could rent a room from her until they got married. When Noah and Paloma got to Tabitha's house, they were surprised to see a half naked Roberto, who they thought was Miguel, coming out of the shower. Roberto told Paloma that Tabitha rented him a room and he would be right down the hall from her.

Esme had a change of venue for her and Julian's escapade. They visited the mausoleum. Julian was shocked, but he was up to the task. Viki lurked outside with a knife in hand. Esme brought out a skeleton's costume for her and Julian's role-playing. Viki's cell phone suddenly went off. Julian heard it, but Esme told him to ignore it since they were in such a strange place. Viki picked up her phone, and Alistair wanted to know if she had already killed Ethan. Viki told Alistair that she would kill Ethan, but she had more pressing things to do at the moment. Esme and Julian did the deed. Afterwards, Julian discussed the type of boarding school that would be suited for Viki. Esme wasn't too keen on the idea, but Julian reminded her that they would have more time for their sex games. Viki overheard and became very angry. As soon as Esme and Julian were asleep, Viki snuck in the mausoleum and stabbed Julian, and Julian let out a loud scream.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A pregnant Vincent complained about Eve's drinking, saying that he wanted to spend some mother/daughter/son time together. He said his back was hurting and asked if that was normal. Nothing about the situation was normal, Eve said, and when Julian found out the truth, it would be like a kick to the groin. She decided to call Julian and tell him the truth, but Vincent threatened her to keep quiet.

Meanwhile, at the Crane mausoleum, Viki stabbed a blindfolded, sleeping Julian in the groin, while Esme, who was also blindfolded and sleeping next to him, complained that he was too loud. Esme wondered whether she and Julian were having sex. When Julian's screams didn't cease, Esme took her blindfold off and saw that Julian had been stabbed. Sam came in with his gun drawn and told Viki to put pressure on Julian's wound, then he called for backup. Before Julian could name his attacker, he passed out, and then Viki walked in, saying she was scared. She saw Julian lying in his own blood and screamed. Julian was taken to the hospital.

Back at Eve's house, Vincent told Eve he thought he felt the baby move. Eve got a call from the hospital, informing her about Julian's condition. The doctor delivered the sad news to Esme that Julian's penis was completely severed. Vincent was angry that Julian was stabbed. "How dare somebody attack my father. That's my job," he said. Eve told Vincent that Julian was alive but that his penis was cut off in the attack. "Ouch. I guess it's a good thing I'm already pregnant," Vincent said.

At the hospital, the doctor found the severed part of Julian's penis, but the only doctor close enough to the hospital who could perform the surgery was Eve. Eve didn't want to perform the surgery, but Vincent told the hospital on the phone she would be there to reattach Julian's penis. Eve was impressed with Vincent's concern for Julian's welfare, because Vincent said he would help get Eve sober in time to do the surgery. Vincent played the saint, while spiking Eve's coffee with drugs. Eve nodded off from the drugs Vincent gave her, but he tried to get her to wake up so she could botch the surgery and kill Julian. In Julian's hospital room, Viki tried to kill Julian again, but Sam walked in before she could finish the job. Eve stumbled out of her house with Vincent pushing her to go to the hospital to perform the surgery in her impaired state. When Sam was out of the room, Viki hid under Julian's bed and then stabbed him again from underneath the bed.

Theresa dressed up as an ugly nanny and convinced Rebecca and Ivy to give her the job looking after the kids. Rebecca and Ivy laughed at Theresa's homely appearance and her name-Gertrude-and wondered to themselves whether she would give the children nightmares. Ivy praised Rebecca for her idea of hiring a hideous nanny, and they patted each other on the back for coming up with their plan to give Gwen more time to concentrate on making Ethan forget about Theresa. "Gertrude" said she would be a good nanny to Jane, Little Ethan, and Jonathan, prompting Rebecca to ask how she knew the children's names. Gertrude said she read about the children in the paper. Rebecca and Ivy apologized for being suspicious, saying they had to be on their guard for a woman from Ethan's past. Gertrude asked to hear about the woman so she could protect the children, and they said she didn't have to worry about the woman, because she was never coming back. Then Ivy asked Gertrude about her work history. Gertrude acted like she was too modest to brag about herself, so Ivy and Rebecca asked to see Gertrude's resume. Gertrude said she had always gotten her jobs by word of mouth and had never had a resume. She said she worked for the Wilsons but they went on a safari and wouldn't be home for months. Ivy and Gwen went off to find the Wilsons and verify Gertrude's references, while Theresa secretly worried that she would be found out. Rebecca and Ivy returned shortly with suspicious looks on their faces and said they knew exactly who she was.

Ethan told Gwen that he was ready to focus on making a life with her and the kids. Gwen assumed that meant they could plan to renew their vows in a ceremony, but Ethan objected, saying it was too soon after Theresa's death. Pilar walked in on Ethan and Gwen and told Ethan that Theresa's memorial service was lovely, then she asked Gwen what she was celebrating to be drinking champagne on the day of her daughter's service. "Some people just like to drink champagne," Gwen said. "Some people don't have any manners," Pilar responded. Ethan apologized to Pilar for Gwen's behavior. Pilar asked him how the legal process was progressing in Little Ethan's adoption. Pilar said Little Ethan would be a constant reminder for Ethan of Theresa. When Ethan walked out of the room, Pilar tore into Gwen for being the reason Theresa died. Gwen said she had apologized, but nothing she could do would change the fact that Theresa was dead. Pilar told her karma would pay her back. Then Gwen accidentally broke the champagne glass, cutting herself. Pilar rubbed it in to Gwen that Jane looked like Theresa. "Little Ethan too," Ethan said, as he walked back in the room. But Pilar said she thought Little Ethan looked more like Ethan. While Gwen was out of the room, Pilar was about to tell Ethan the truth, but hesitated after remembering a conversation she had with Theresa, where Theresa worried that if Ethan ever learned the truth and got custody of Little Ethan, Gwen would convince Ethan to send Little Ethan to boarding school or make sure that Ethan stayed emotionally distant from Little Ethan. As Pilar struggled with whether to tell Ethan the truth, Gwen walked in.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

There was no Thursday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, April 4, 2008

There was no Friday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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