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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 7, 2008 on AMC
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Monday, April 7, 2008

Jesse surprised Angie by booking a hotel room. Angie was touched, but said that Jesse did not need to get them a room. Jesse stated that it was their "honeymoon suite." Jesse made Angie close her eyes as he brought her inside the room. When she opened her eyes she saw that he filled the suite with candles and flowers. She was excited and exclaimed that they should get their party started. So, they jumped on the bed. As they kissed, Angie noticed something on Jesse's head. He remembered that he put chocolate on the bed and discovered that it melted all over him. They laughed and Jesse went to take a shower. He returned in only a towel. Angie pulled the towel off of Jesse and they began to kiss again. Just then, one of the curtains caught on fire from a candle. Angie noticed the fire and screamed. Jesse ran to the window and put out the fire, without pants on. He soon realized that he was standing in front of the window naked. He looked out of the window and saw that a wedding reception was taking place right outside. They laughed hysterically over the fact that Jesse flashed the party. They went back to the bed and resumed kissing, but were startled to hear an alarm go off. Jesse looked around the room and found the alarm clock making the loud noise. He looked at Angie in frustration and asked if she wanted to go home since the night was not turning out like he planned. She smiled and gladly accepted his offer to leave.

Erica and Carmen were with Mando and Louisa, Mando's mother. Louisa had a gun pointed at Erica and Carmen. Mando saw Carmen and commented that she was beautiful. Carmen giggled and said thank you. Erica told Carmen that she needed to play hard to get. Meanwhile, Louisa was getting impatient and asked why the women were in her home. Erica advised Louisa to put the gun down because she was in enough trouble due to harboring Mando, a fugitive. Carmen demanded to know why Mando set her up. He retorted that it was not his idea. Louisa yelled at her son to keep his mouth shut. Then, Carmen and Louisa began to fight about whom Mando loved more. Erica urged the women to relax. Erica told Louisa and Mando that she was a famous celebrity. They recognized Erica from New Beginnings. Erica claimed that she wanted Mando, Louisa, and Carmen to star in a reality show that she was producing. Louisa was skeptical and asked how Carmen got out of jail. Erica pretended that she pulled some strings, so Carmen was let out of prison early. Erica promised that Louisa and Mando would not face any charges if they participated. Louisa and Mando agreed to be on the show. Erica said that she wanted the show to be about the plight of a single mother. Erica asked Louisa how she was able to provide for Mando. Louisa explained that she worked odd jobs, but they did not pay the bills. Louisa went on that she and Mando began pulling off petty crimes and finally progressed to bigger thefts, like the bank robbery. Just then, Carmen noticed that the tape recorder hidden in Erica's shirt was emitting smoke.

Jack and Zach were on their way to look for Erica in Chicago. Jack asked Zach about his telephone conversation with Erica. Zach explained that she sounded fine and that she "had a plan." Jack was nervous that Erica's plan would backfire, like many of her other schemes did. Zach noted that Erica planned to give Carmen a "new beginning." Jack laughed as he joked that it sounded like Erica wanted to give Carmen a makeover. Zach assured Jack that they would find Erica and bring her home safely. The men then arrived at the bargain department store where Erica and Carmen had spent the night. A security guard allowed the two men to watch the security tapes from the night that Erica and Carmen inhabited the store. Jack and Zach were astonished to see Erica giving Carmen a makeover and lessons on flirting. They also observed Erica taking a tape recorder from the store. They realized that Erica and Carmen were going to find Mando, so Carmen could get revenge. Jack called the police and discovered that no cops had been to Mando's home in two days. The two men rushed off to Mando's house with hopes that Erica would be there.

Aidan was very drunk. As he lay on Annie's couch, he commented that he was not sure why he and Kendall felt so guilty since Greenlee did not even love him. Aidan then fell asleep. Annie was intrigued by Aidan's comment. Annie inquired why Aidan and Kendall felt guilty. Kendall looked nervous and quickly made up a lie. Kendall claimed that Aidan felt guilty about not finding Zach and Greenlee sooner when they were in the bomb shelter. Annie gave Kendall an incredulous glare and said that she did not believe her. Kendall became defensive and reminded Annie that Erica was in danger, so her ability to decode Aidan's drunken ramblings was off. Annie apologized because she forgot that Erica was missing. Kendall accepted the apology and reinforced that Aidan felt guilty about Zach and Greenlee's ordeal in the bomb shelter. Annie told Kendall that she'd had enough of the drama and demanded that Kendall and Aidan leave. Kendall stated that it was not so long ago that they considered each other family. Annie disagreed and replied that it felt like a lifetime ago.

Kendall brought Aidan to his apartment, not Greenlee's penthouse. Aidan asked Kendall if she wanted a beer. Kendall scolded him for attempting to drink more. She wondered if he remembered anything from his drunken escapades. He said that he recalled Greenlee rejecting his marriage proposal. Kendall explained that he almost told Annie that they slept together. He was horrified and apologized. Kendall said that she made up an excuse for Aidan's slip, but she didn't think that Annie believed it. Still, she assumed that Annie had bigger things to worry about than Aidan's ramblings. He apologized again and wished that he never proposed to Greenlee. Kendall urged him to keep the faith that he and Greenlee would be happy again. Kendall stated that Greenlee was crazy to turn down Aidan. He thanked her. Then, Kendall received a phone call from Zach. Zach said that he was following a possible lead on Erica's whereabouts. Kendall was relieved.

Annie met with Livia, who handed Annie a set of papers. Annie thanked Livia for drawing up her divorce papers so quickly. Livia suggested that she might have drawn them up too quickly. Annie disagreed and stated that she was doing the right thing. Annie felt that she had to move on, especially for Emma's sake. Livia warned Annie that divorce was not always best for a child. Annie explained that she had already lost Ryan. Livia asked Annie if she considered that Ryan might recover his memory eventually. Livia wondered if Ryan would accuse Annie of abandoning him, once he regained his memory.

Greenlee found Ryan at the rundown house he grew up in as a child. Greenlee pleaded with Ryan to come home, but he refused. He said that he still felt guilty for almost hitting Greenlee when they were married. She insisted that he was a good person and that he should not feel guilty. She told him to trust her because she knew him better than anybody. He agreed that she knew him well, especially since she knew where to find him. Still, he turned away from her in shame and asked her to leave. She grabbed his face and they looked into each other's eyes. They shared a long, passionate kiss. Afterwards, Greenlee looked distraught and exclaimed, "Oh my God!" Greenlee realized that Annie was right when she accused her of selfishly meddling in Ryan's life. Greenlee admitted that she wanted to "fix" Ryan so that she could feel "relevant." She further stated that she secretly wished that she could be the only person to help him remember again. Ryan joked that she had serious control issues. She declared that she needed to go home to Aidan. Ryan agreed and they said goodbye. Just as Greenlee walked away, Ryan suddenly regained all of his memories that he shared with Greenlee. He called out for her and she rushed back. He was about to tell her that he remembered their life together, but he stopped. Instead, he wished her luck with Aidan.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Angie and Jesse returned home from their "second honeymoon." When they went inside, they were greeted with a surprise party. Jesse caught up with Stuart, who raved about his marriage to Marion. Jesse thanked Stuart for taking care of Angie after he left. Colby told Frankie she was happy his parents were back together. Dre stopped by the party and met Frankie. Tad was not happy when Robert walked in the room. Frankie said he invited Robert to thank him for saving their lives. Robert schmoozed with Jesse to try to find out Jesse's future plans. Jesse said he just wanted to spend time with his family. Frankie told Krystal he misjudged Colby and thought she was a good kid. The crowd reminisced about the good times they shared with Jesse and Angie. While outside, Colby kissed Frankie before going home. Jesse and Angie left the party to enjoy their night alone.

JR visited Babe after being released from the hospital. He thanked Babe for standing by his side at the hospital. Babe said she was worried about JR, but glad to see he was feeling better. Babe said she and Little Adam had to get shots after doctors learned that JR got hepatitis from the prostitute. JR continued to claim that he was set up, but Babe did not believe him. JR asked Babe why she didn't believe him when Krystal thought he was telling the truth. Babe said her mother had been burned by JR like she had. JR said he remembered seeing a man tampering with his car the night he blacked out. JR said the only person who would want to get revenge on him was Richie. Babe said Richie could not have set JR up if he was getting a bone marrow transplant. Babe told JR that it was sad he wanted to pin his problems on an innocent man. JR vowed to find out who set him up and left.

Armando found a recorder in Erica's shirt and immediately figured out that Erica and Carmen wanted to get Armando's confession about the bank robbery. Armando's mother said that they could easily kill Carmen and Erica and claim it was self-defense. Carmen slugged Armando in the face while Erica jumped on his mother's back. The police and Jackson and Zach rushed into the room. Erica said she stayed on the run to help Carmen. She gave Jackson the recording to prove Carmen's innocence, but when Zach looked at the device, he thought it might be damaged. Armando pretended not to know Carmen. Zach found a laptop with the name Suzie etched in it. He said that the merchandise was probably stolen. Also, Jackson pointed out that Armando was not allowed to have a gun because he was on parole. Erica thanked Jackson for rescuing her and Carmen. Erica and Carmen were handcuffed and led away.

Greenlee called Aidan but he did not answer. She dialed Kendall, who said Aidan was sleeping in his office. Kendall said Greenlee and Aidan still had a chance to work things out. Kendall said she needed to keep the phone line free in case Zach called with news on Erica. Zach got a hold of Kendall to let her know Erica was safe.

Opal watched the news to see if Erica had been found yet. When she saw Richie, Opal said he looked sick. Richie said he wanted Opal to perform another tarot reading. Opal pulled the cards out, but stopped after only showing a few cards. As Richie asked Opal to continue pulling cards, she showed him the death card. Opal said the card showed that death could not be cheated. The other cards showed that something was out of balance in Richie's life, Opal said. She said that another man would come between his desires to be with a woman. But Richie's real problem was that death would not be satisfied until it found him, Opal said.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Zach returned home and Kendall greeted him with a big hug and kiss. She proclaimed that he was her "hero." He smiled and asked why he was bestowed with such an honor. She stated that he saved Erica. Zach acknowledged that he had help. Still, Kendall felt that Zach deserved much praise and adoration for his role in finding Erica, so she continued to kiss and hug him. He said that he and Erica were even. Kendall was confused and asked Zach why they were "even." He stated that Erica saved his life because she gave birth to the love of his life. Kendall looked emotional and her eyes teared up. She affirmed that she only wanted to concentrate on Zach and her boys. She apologized for letting Ryan and Aidan jeopardize their family. Zach wondered why she mentioned Aidan. She looked nervous and revealed to Zach that she went looking for Ryan at the penthouse, but found a drunken Aidan instead. She explained that she tried to fix other people's problems when she should have been focusing on her family. Zach announced that he had a present for his wife. He revealed that while he was looking for Erica in the department store, he stopped in the toy section. He handed his wife a toy hammer. He explained that she had two sides to her. One side was sweet and caring, but the other side was stubborn and challenging. The hammer reminded him of her tough side. After they kissed, Zach went upstairs to see his sons. Meanwhile, Kendall told her herself that she did not deserve Zach because she betrayed him.

Greenlee surprised Aidan with a picnic on the beach, just like the one he set up the night that he proposed. She declared that it was her turn to surprise him. Aidan smiled, but did not seem very enthused. She stated that he was acting like she turned down his proposal. She reinforced that she did not reject him. Aidan reminded her that Ryan called during his proposal and that she wanted to answer the phone. Greenlee admitted that she went to find Ryan later that night. However, she divulged that once she found Ryan, she realized that she was meant to be with Aidan. She regretted leaving Aidan and not accepting his proposal immediately. She explained that she spent her whole life chasing after people, like her parents, Leo, and Ryan. She said that her relationship with Aidan was too easy and it scared her. She affirmed that she was ready for marriage and wanted Aidan to propose again. He felt that she was "chasing" after him, like she did everyone else. He confessed that he proposed too soon in their relationship, mainly because he felt threatened by Ryan. She insisted that he propose again, but he refused. He said that he still loved and wanted her, but he did not think that they were ready for marriage. After Aidan left, Greenlee called an unidentified person and exclaimed, "I need you!"

Babe visited Richie at Opal's house. Richie stated that Opal was crazy. Babe thought that Richie should be grateful to stay with Opal in her beautiful home. He explained that Opal read his fortune with tarot cards. He showed Babe the "death" card that Opal gave him. Babe laughed and told Richie not to believe Opal's predictions. Then, she bumped into a chair and yelled out in pain. He looked at her side and saw that she had been pricked by a needle. He inquired why she received a shot. She divulged that she was inoculated for Hepatitis A. He inquired why she would need that treatment. She stated that JR might have given it to her. Richie looked confused, so she explained that JR contracted the disease and she might have also since they slept together. Richie was furious and assumed that JR took advantage of Babe. She affirmed that she wanted to sleep with JR. She further stated that she made a bet with JR to save Richie's life, but she lost the bet and ended up having sex with JR. She urged Richie to get a checkup to make sure that he did not catch the illness either. After Babe left, Richie wondered if JR caught the disease from the hooker or the secret bone marrow transplant.

JR went to Fusion to see Amanda. Amanda was not happy to see JR, but he said that they needed to talk. He snidely asked her why she worked so hard when she blackmailed $5 million from Adam. Amanda told JR to leave, but he would not go. He asked her what she knew about Richie Novak. She replied that she did not know much except that he was Annie's brother and that he had a rep of being the "bad seed." JR confided that he thought Richie set him up twice, once for causing Zach's hit and run accident and once for sleeping with a hooker. JR further accused Richie of framing him because he was jealous of the bond that JR shared with Babe. Amanda noted that JR sounded like the jealous one. JR asked if Amanda was friends with Babe. She replied yes. He asked if she wanted to see Babe get hurt. She replied no. So, JR suggested that Amanda seduce Richie into confessing his sins. Amanda was insulted by the request and affirmed that she would not sleep with Richie. Just as Amanda screamed for JR to leave, Babe entered. JR looked disappointed and left.

Annie sat alone at Confusion. She looked at her divorce papers with a sad expression. Ryan entered and sat down with Annie because she had invited him to meet her. Ryan said that before she spoke, he wanted to apologize to her. She said that he did not need to apologize, but he insisted. Ryan revealed that he felt guilty for pretending that he retrieved his memory. He knew that it was wrong, even though he did it for the right reasons. He went on to say that, even though he did not remember their marriage, Emma was still his daughter. Annie agreed and affirmed that she was wrong to say that Emma was only her daughter. He was relieved. He told her that his recent attempts to recover his memory were not suitable. He said that he was too focused on the past four years. Instead, he felt that he should be more focused on the present. He explained that he went to the old house where he grew up as a child. She assumed that this dredged up bad memories. He said that his house was torn down and all that remained was an empty lot. Ryan compared his life to the empty lot. He noted that he not only lost his memory, but his sense of self also. He wished to start living in the present, not the past. Annie was happy to learn this and they began to happily converse about Emma. As they exchanged stories about the little girl, they laughed and smiled. Annie suddenly stopped and seemed sullen. Ryan asked her what was wrong. She revealed that their conversation reminded her of their relationship, before he got amnesia. She said that she missed the old times. Ryan inquired why Annie wished to meet with him. She grabbed the divorce papers and said that it was not important. As she went to leave, she dropped the papers on the floor. Ryan picked them up and realized what they were. He looked puzzled and asked if she wanted a divorce.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

At ConFusion, Ryan told Annie that it would be best if they went their separate ways. Annie said the relationship she once shared with Ryan was something out of a fairytale, but she has accepted that it no longer existed. Ryan said he didn't want Annie to give up on their marriage. Ryan said he understood that Kendall and Greenlee were not the women he was meant to be with, but it was hard because he felt like a stranger to Annie. Ryan told Annie that he wanted her to give him more time to remember their marriage before filing for divorce. Annie tore the divorce papers up and rushed home to Emma.

Greenlee met Zach at ConFusion to see if he would help her reconcile with Aidan. Greenlee explained that Aidan proposed to her, but she choose to find Ryan instead of giving Aidan the answer he wanted. Zach wasn't so sure Greenlee really wanted Aidan, but she insisted that Aidan was the love of her life. Greenlee told Zach she wanted his support and he agreed to help her win back Aidan. As Greenlee hugged Zach, Ryan had flashbacks of being with Greenlee.

Jackson met Erica at prison, but they were unable to touch through the bars. Erica told Jackson that Carmen did not know Armando was robbing the bank. But Jackson said the confession Erica and Carmen captured on tape was destroyed and not valid in court. Erica thought they could still pin Armando with having a gun while violating probation. When Carmen walked in, she bluntly told Jackson that she knew the chances of the additional charges being dropped were slim. Erica was shocked that Carmen and Jackson had given up on proving Carmen's innocence. After Jackson left, Erica said she and Carmen needed to hatch their own plan to clear Carmen's name. Carmen said women who were not privileged like Erica didn't have people they could call to make things right. Erica promised to find a way to get Carmen out of prison. Kendall visited Erica to make sure Carmen had not hurt her. Erica told Kendall that Carmen would have never hurt her.

Krystal, Tad, and Jenny arrived home to throw Jenny her first birthday party. Colby was the first person to arrive at the party with several presents for Jenny. Jesse and Angie arrive next after sneaking out of their own surprise party. Tad introduced Jenny to "Uncle Jesse," who rattled a toy in her face. Jesse told Jenny about the wonderful times he shared with Jenny, Tad's sister, and Angie. Jesse said Tad's sister was the bravest person he ever knew, but unfortunately, Jenny didn't make it.

Friday, April 11, 2008

JR ran into his father in the Chandler library and Adam revealed that he finally believed his son's story of being set up. JR was less than thrilled at the revelation, as having his father on his side hadn't always been a good thing. Adam promised to work with his son so that they could take down whoever attacked JR in the first place, and said that together, they would be able to get whatever they wanted. Adam told JR that he wanted to work on the trust between them-despite the fact that JR had betrayed him several times in the recent past. JR pointed out Adam's own failings, and said that he could track down his attacker on his own. Adam begged for another chance to prove that he wanted to be a family again, so JR said something could possibly be done.

Jenny's birthday party was in full swing when Aidan showed up at the door. Tad had other ideas when he realized who was on the other side. He quickly sent his business partner back to the office under the guise of working on a missing persons case. At first, Aidan didn't believe he was being turned away, but when Tad refused to let him into the house, he took the hint. Tad relieved Aidan of the present he'd brought and promptly shut the door. When Aidan turned around, he came face to face with Annie and Emma. Aidan started to apologize but Annie brushed it off in hopes of avoiding the tension altogether. Aidan was prepared to go into a lengthy explanation when Zach and Rachael showed up with Kendall's two boys. Zach offered to take all of the kids inside and when Aidan was alone with Annie, he continued his apology and told her that his confession was nothing but the product of too much drinking. Annie assured him that everything was fine and they parted ways. When Annie got in the house, she found Zach waiting to ask her what had just happened between her and Aidan. With her daughter nearby, Annie opted not to divulge more than the notion that Aidan had a lot going in his life, and then whisked Emma away to greet the birthday girl.

On the other side of the room, Opal met up with Babe who asked how things were going with her new houseguest. Opal noted that Petey spent a lot of time with his father, which was a good thing, since Richie wasn't the best influence. Babe offered to talk to him, but Opal assured her that she'd handled worse attitudes before.

After Krystal debuted a wardrobe change, Frankie made an appearance. Colby immediately shot to his side to take care of the gift he brought and to offer a drink. When he asked if she was old enough to serve alcohol, her response of being old enough for a lot of things made him uncomfortable enough to seek out his new friend, Dre. Nearby, Tad ran into Zach and thanked him for attending even though he had just finished rescuing Erica. Zach said that he wouldn't have missed the party for the world and that both his wife and mother-in-law were no worse for the wear.

Krystal and Colby briefly revisited the insanity of the day that Jenny was born, and Krystal thanked Colby for all she had done then so that they could have the party. Colby brushed off the compliments and said that she only did what she was told. Colby, the younger of the two, said that she couldn't imagine her life without either Krystal or Jenny. Krystal mirrored the sentiment just as JR and Adam walked in the door. Colby walked away and was replaced by Babe who, along with her mother, was unsure about Adam's presence at the party. JR told them Adam would only stay if both Krystal and Tad approved, and said that he would consider it a personal favor if they agreed. They did and, after he thanked them, JR moved with Babe and Tad back into the general area. At that moment, Adam offered Krystal a gift for her daughter and when she opened the box, Krystal realized it was a blanket with Jenny's initials, much like the one that Adam had made for Charlotte that he ended up burning. It brought up too many horrible memories and Krystal tried to give the gift back. Adam delivered a heartfelt speech about how he only wanted happiness for Krystal and Jenny, and about how he thought that he could prove it with his gift. Krystal choked up and made an excuse to leave Adam in the foyer, alone.

JR saw that Krystal and Adam came to some sort of truce and asked his ex-wife if they could do the same. Babe made an attempt when she asked how he was, but when JR responded with a reminder that she didn't believe him, Babe started to shut down. He told her that he never would have put her or their son in danger if he had known he was infected, and when this extinguished her anger somewhat, JR noted that he would be happy to take whatever positive reaction he could get from her.

Kendall visited her mother in jail, and vented about how worried she had been while Erica was on the run, and how angry she was at Carmen for holding Erica hostage. She went on to say that she thought Carmen should be locked away for the rest of her life, but Erica jumped to Carmen's defense and said that the woman made the best she could out of a bad situation. Then, Kendall thanked her mother for always being the one constant in her life. Erica reminded her daughter that she had Zach as well, which prompted Kendall to reveal that she planned to tell Zach about her one-night stand with Aidan. Erica tried to convince Kendall that it was a bad idea, but Kendall insisted that she needed to honor the promise of no more secrets or lies she shared with Zach. She went on to say that she wanted to be able to once again look into her husband's eyes and know that she wasn't keeping anything from him. Erica noted that she didn't think Kendall would be able to deal with how Zach would look at her after knowing the truth, nor did she think that their marriage would withstand him knowing, but Kendall swore that where her mother's marriages failed, hers would succeed. Erica pointed out that if Kendall told the truth, she would only alleviate her own guilt, regardless of the pain she would cause Zach. Kendall said that she could not live a lie, and Erica noted that if she confessed, she would more than likely live alone with the truth. Erica then said that the mistake was Kendall's, and she should be the only one to live with it. She then asked her daughter to promise to keep the secret to herself. The guard came to escort Erica back to her cell, but Erica didn't want to leave until Kendall agreed. Kendall told her that she couldn't and the guard was unwilling to wait. The guard dragged Erica off as the starlet pleaded with her daughter to protect her marriage. Erica returned to her cell, so melancholy over what had transpired with her daughter that she couldn't share the events with Carmen.

Aidan arrived at the office that he shared with Tad and found the door slightly ajar. When he pushed the door open, he found Greenlee with a request for help finding her lost man. Aidan suggested that perhaps her man no longer wanted her, and that she should leave, but unfazed, Greenlee ran down a list of her man's best qualities and said she wouldn't take no for an answer. They continued the charade until Aidan pointed out that he couldn't be of assistance. Desperate, Greenlee pleaded with him, and said that she couldn't lose him. Aidan offered a tissue to dry her tears and then opened the door as a way to escort her out, and said that the games were over. Greenlee told him that if it had been a game, she would have played dirty from the start, and slowly undressed herself. Aidan was unable to resist falling into her web of seduction. In the throes of passion, she told him that she would marry him.

Zach found Annie on the couch and took a moment to find out how she had been faring, after telling her that they would always be family. She revealed that she had gone to see an attorney and had divorce papers drawn up but then destroyed them when Ryan asked if she would hold off on having them processed. Zach told her that he thought it was a good idea, and Annie asked if she had just put off the inevitable. She then said that the situation now affected other lives, which resulted in Aidan showing up drunk and looking for sympathy, Kendall showing up looking for Ryan, and Aidan's revelation that since Greenlee no longer loved him, he and Kendall no longer had anything to be guilty about. Belatedly, she realized that she might have said too much. She tried to use Kendall's explanation in an attempt to make things right but Zach's expression showed that she hadn't been successful. She was saved from herself when Julia and Kathy showed up. Many of the partygoers gathered around to welcome them moments before Tad swept in and kidnapped Kathy to ply her with sweet treats. As they watched their son, Ruth and Joe noted that they wished Tad could celebrate the birthdays of both of his daughters. Shortly thereafter, Annie went back to the couch and apologized for what she said when she realized that Zach planned to leave the party early. He simply made up an excuse and took his leave.

Colby cornered Frankie and stated that he was avoiding her because they kissed. He told her that she was too young, and she reminded him that she was almost out of high school and a year prior had been old enough to deliver her little sister. She then told him that when he was grown up enough to try a kiss again, he should let her know. At the same time, Jesse attempted to get Angie to leave so that they could go home and celebrate some more. Angie felt they should stay but was increasingly swayed by his smooth moves-until Robert made an appearance. Krystal offered to send Robert on his way while Tad tried to block his mother from seeing his paternal uncle. His attempt failed so Tad promised that he could take care of Robert if she was too uncomfortable. Ruth said that she refused to put the sins of Ray Gardner onto his little brother, and suggested that her son do the same. As a compromise, Tad told Robert that he could stay until the candles were blown out, and then he would have to leave. With that, Tad turned on his heel and Angie left to help Krystal. Once alone with Jesse, Robert reminded him of his excitement over the movie deal that was offered on the Papel case. Robert told Jesse that he would appreciate an insider's view and input while working on the script and Jesse said that he would think about it and let him know. A short time later, the wishes were made, the candles on the birthday cake were blown out, and, although Opal was appalled at her son's behavior, Tad gave Robert his piece of cake on a napkin and offered him the door. Robert was true to his promise and left after thanking Krystal for her hospitality and wishing Jenny a happy birthday. Once outside, he flashed back to the moments before Remy died, where the man swore that Robert needed to keep him around since he could get the information needed out of Jesse. Robert said aloud what he felt back then while he watched Remy expire: that he didn't need anyone, and that he would rip the truth out Jesse if necessary.

Zach arrived home and after he handed off both kids so that Rachael could put them down for the night, he flashed back to what Annie had said to him while looking at a framed photograph of himself with Kendall. Just then, Kendall walked in the front door and the two locked gazes.



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