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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 14, 2008 on AMC
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Monday, April 14, 2008

In a therapy session, Ryan detailed memories that he shared with Greenlee. He said that he recalled having a picnic with Greenlee and making love to her. The therapist commented that the memories seemed romantic. The therapist asked Ryan how he felt about Greenlee. Ryan refused to answer the question. He complained about how amnesia complicated his life. Ryan stated that it was very difficult to meet people from his past because he did not know them, but they knew him. He thought it was especially hard to see his children and not recall them. Ryan affirmed that he needed to start living in the present because his past was a "trap." The therapist stated that she saw a pattern in the way that Ryan recovered his memories. The therapist said that Ryan tended to remember the good times and block out the bad times. Ryan did not agree with her observation because it implied that he did not remember Annie because he was not happy with her. The therapist stated that she was trying to help Ryan, not judge him. Ryan became agitated and affirmed that he once loved Annie and that he would love her again. Ryan called the therapy session "crap" and stormed out.

Annie was working at Fusion when Livia stopped by to see her. Livia wanted to know if Annie had decided to proceed with her divorce. Annie hugged Livia and thanked her for suggesting that she hold off on the divorce. Annie explained that she decided to wait and see if Ryan would recover his memory. Livia asked what she would do if he did not remember their life together. Annie said that she would survive. Annie further noted that she endured more difficult hardships in her life than Ryan not recalling their marriage.

Greenlee and Aidan were on top of the pool table in Aidan's office. They were half dressed and kissing. Greenlee was very excited to get married. Aidan got Greenlee's ring and put it on her hand. Greenlee began to discuss the details of their wedding. She wanted a big wedding and joked that they should put a modern spin on their wedding party. Greenlee suggested that Zach could be her best man and Kendall could be Aidan's best woman. Aidan looked disturbed and demanded that they have a traditional wedding. Greenlee agreed. Then, Tad entered. Greenlee jumped up and put a blanket around her. As she left the room to get dressed, she urged Aidan to tell Tad the "good news." Aidan revealed that he and Greenlee were engaged. Tad enthusiastically congratulated Aidan. Aidan said that he was elated, but worried about Greenlee planning the wedding. Aidan did not want a big affair. Aidan asked Tad if he would help him get Greenlee to elope. Tad laughed and encouraged Aidan to let Greenlee have a big wedding. Tad also remarked that Greenlee would not get married without Kendall by her side. Aidan yelled that he did not care if Kendall was at the wedding. Aidan stated that he and Kendall were not close friends, like everyone assumed. Tad could tell that Aidan was acting strange. He knew that Aidan was hiding something and inquired what it was.

Greenlee walked into Fusion with a huge smile on her face and a bottle of champagne in her hand. Greenlee saw Annie and asked where everyone else was. Annie replied that she was the only one at work. Greenlee looked disappointed, but opened the bottle of champagne anyway, and announced that she and Aidan were engaged. Annie looked shocked and annoyed. Annie snidely remarked that Greenlee should hire security for her wedding because "someone" might crash it. Greenlee knew that Annie was still bitter over the fact that Greenlee had crashed Annie and Ryan's wedding. Greenlee told Annie to get over it. Annie divulged that Aidan was drunk and stopped by her apartment the night before. Annie remarked that Aidan was distraught over Greenlee turning down his proposal, and wondered why Greenlee changed her mind. Greenlee claimed that she never turned Aidan down in the first place. Annie did not believe it and accused Greenlee of accepting Aidan's proposal because Ryan rejected her. Just then, Ryan entered the office.

As Kendall walked into her home, she recalled the visit she had with Erica. Erica warned her daughter not to tell Zach that she slept with Aidan. Kendall proceeded to dwell on the night that she slept with Aidan. Meanwhile, Zach looked at a picture of Kendall while he recalled Annie telling him that Kendall and Aidan felt guilty about something. Kendall and Zach then looked at each other. They said hello and shared a bit of small talk. Kendall asked about Jenny's birthday party. Zach said that it was fine. Zach inquired about Erica. Kendall stated that her mother was maintaining a very positive outlook. Zach suddenly kissed Kendall. Afterwards, she asked why he kissed her. He replied that he loved her. She looked sad as tears welled in her eyes. She began to recount the time that she spent looking for Zach when he was missing. She explained that she would imagine her husband holding her. She revealed that she slept with his coat on, so that she would not forget his scent. She further stated that she would cry out for him, but there was no response. Zach looked distraught and affirmed that he was fighting with everything he had to come home to Kendall and their sons. She confessed that she lost hope once he was missing for a month. She admitted that she believed with her whole heart that Zach was dead. She said that the pain and the agony were unbearable. Kendall divulged that she slept with Aidan. Zach replied, "I know."

He explained that when he and Kendall started their relationship he did not want to open up to her. He feared that he would scare her away if she knew everything about his life. Still, he affirmed that he opened up and, luckily, Kendall accepted him. He said that Kendall's faith in him was the greatest gift. He wondered when she lost faith in him and stopped trusting him with the truth. She retorted that she did not admit the affair sooner because she did not want to hurt Zach. She claimed that she was protecting him by keeping the truth from him. Zach replied that he felt betrayed not because Kendall slept with Aidan, but because she did not tell him the truth. She wanted to explain more, but he did not want to hear it. However, Kendall proceeded to describe how miserable and desperate she felt. She commented that Zach was comforting Greenlee in the bomb shelter while she was alone. Zach screamed,

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Angie told Jesse she did not want him to help Robert with the movie script. She said it brought back memories of when Jesse was involved with catching criminals and missing out on time with his family. Jesse said he wanted to work on the script so he could figure out how their relationship fell apart and why he was on the run for so many years. Angie said they needed to move past what had happened to Jesse. But Jesse said he needed more answers, especially about Papel. Frankie walked in and overheard Angie and Jesse disagreeing. Frankie was eager to try to help his father with the script. Frustrated, Angie stormed out of the apartment. Jesse probed Frankie about his experiences in Iraq. Frankie said he watched a man kill three of his friends and then turn the gun on himself while overseas. Frankie felt guilty because he did not check the man to see if he had weapons before helping him. Jesse said Frankie was not to blame for those deaths, but time would heal the pain.

Angie visited Robert to tell him that Jesse and Frankie had wrapped themselves up into the script. She begged him to back off her family. Robert said he really didn't need a consultant for the movie. He just wanted to talk to someone because he had very few friends in Pine Valley. Angie said Robert was welcome at their home any time. After Angie left, Robert said Jesse would give him what he needed.

Annie told Greenlee she only accepted Aidan's proposal because Ryan rejected her. When Ryan walked into the Fusion offices, Annie happily gushed that Greenlee and Aidan were engaged. Ryan complimented Greenlee on her engagement ring and asked if a wedding date had been set. Greenlee said she wanted to marry Aidan as soon as possible. Ryan suggested buying Aidan a motorcycle helmet to match the pink one he gave Greenlee. Annie was saddened when she realized Ryan had another memory, but it was not of her. Greenlee said she told Ryan about the helmet weeks earlier so he did not remember anything. Greenlee jetted off to find Aidan but Ryan rushed to her side when she dropped some papers. Ryan thanked Greenlee for lying about the helmet before she scurried away. Ryan told Annie he wanted to find out more about how their relationship began. As Annie talked about how they met, the first time they said "I love you," and the romantic moments they shared. Annie took Ryan's hand and told him she hoped he would remember the love they shared.

Aidan was not pleased when Tad continued to question his relationship with Kendall. Aidan said Tad should have been more concerned about Greenlee rejecting his marriage proposal. Tad said he wanted to know what was tearing at Aidan's heart, and finally Aidan admitted he had sex with Kendall while Greenlee and Zach were trapped in the bomb shelter. Aidan said Greenlee wouldn't find out the truth moments before she walked in. Greenlee asked Aidan if the big secret was a bridal shower, but Tad and Aidan were mum. Greenlee, Aidan, and Tad broke out a bottle of champagne and toasted to the engagement.

Zach was silent as Kendall tried to apologize for sleeping with Aidan. Zach said Kendall should have told him the truth, but was even more disappointed when he realized Kendall thought he would abandon her. Kendall asked Zach how she could make the mistake up to him, but he did not have an answer for her. Kendall reassured Zach she loved him, but got angry when she realized Zach had sent Aidan with her to the book signing to test her commitment to him. He already suspected Kendall had slept with Aidan while trapped in the bomb shelter. Kendall decided to take Zach to the home where she slept with Aidan to bring some resolution to their problems. Once inside, Kendall explained that she physically assaulted Aidan when he told her Zach was dead. Kendall said she understood if Zach wanted to end their relationship over her infidelity. Zach took Kendall's hand and took her home.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jesse thwarted Angie's attempt to go to work when he dragged her away from the door and back into the bedroom. Shortly after they managed to stumble back out into the common area, their son returned home. Frankie observed the state of his parents' affairs and astutely noted that he needed to get his own place. Angie refused to even consider such a move, and that worked for the moment, as Frankie needed to return to the hospital for an extra shift. Jesse pondered what kind of work he could do to keep himself out of trouble, but when Frankie suggested returning to the police force, Angie became very angry. Frankie tried to justify his position, saying that being a cop was about more than the work, but Jesse encouraged him to let it go. Frankie agreed, in part because he was already late, and proceeded to shoot out of the house. Angie then admitted that their son was right, but Jesse told her that having his family back meant more than the police force. There was a knock at the door then, and when Jesse answered, he found Robert on the other side. After they invited him in, Robert told him that the movie deal had fallen through, and Angie silently thanked him for that. She then got a page, which prompted her to get to the hospital.

After Angie left, Jesse took the opportunity to pick Robert's brain, and said that he didn't think the person that had been shot in the hangar was the same person that had kept him on the run for twenty years. Jesse noted that the information they had thus far didn't add up to Rafael being the man in charge, and that anyone could have set him up to take the fall. Robert offered that perhaps Jesse should be more concerned about the why rather than the who. Jesse admitted that he didn't have the first clue as to why he'd been on the run, but that he had been trying to figure it out since day one. Jesse let on that he knew he should be happy just looking at his wife and son, and Robert tried to identify with him when he noted the difficulty of letting go of something that had been a part of one's life for such a long time. He then encouraged the former cop to enjoy having his life back, but Jesse admitted that he wasn't sure he knew how to do that. They talked a bit more and a new theory sprung into Jesse's head: that perhaps if the key to his life on the run wasn't buried with Raphael, it might have been buried in the grave that was dug for him when everyone believed he was dead. Unsure of what, if anything, was in the coffin, Jesse revealed that he wanted to exhume the box without the police, to see if he could find any clues. Robert warned Jesse not to trust anyone, especially not him, as he was very excited to find out what was put in the box.

JR showed up at Babe's place to pick up their son for a ball game, but Babe attempted to put him off because of Little Adam's sickness. JR wondered if his ex-wife was telling the truth or if she chose to lie to keep him from their son. Irritated, Babe tried to end the confrontation, but JR refused to let it go. JR said that their behavior was ridiculous, as it all spawned from the night Babe found him in bed with the hooker. JR promised not to bring up that night again until he could prove himself not to be a liar, so that she could look him in the eye once more. Babe then told him that she wasn't sure if she would ever be able to do that again. JR admitted that although they had been through hell and back as a couple, he believed that they could get back to good and stay there. Babe denied it, but JR used as proof their constant love for each other, even at their worst. Babe told him that as sure as she was that they could make it good again for a while and she knew she would fall back in love, she also knew that something would happen to mess it all up, as usual. She revealed that she wasn't willing to ruin what little connection they still held just to try again. He offered that perhaps they wouldn't wreck things this time, and that they owed each other another chance. She said that it wasn't possible because he would always be Adam Chandler's son.

Colby met her father in the living room, but immediately tried to blow him off when she saw the look of irritation on his face. He let her know that he found out about an issue with the college they had planned for her to attend, but Colby told him that she would rather deal with it later. Krystal showed up, and noted that mornings in the Chandler household were always synonymous with some sort of battle. Adam demanded to know why his ex was in his house again, and Krystal assured him it was a short visit to pick up some forgotten items. She went to retrieve those things, so Adam picked up where he left off and wanted to know why Colby had turned down an acceptance to a highly ranked school that she had originally wanted to attend. Colby offered some flimsy excuses but in the end, she admitted that she liked being in Pine Valley, and being near her friends and family. She then told Adam that she had applied at PVU and that she would be going there in the fall, but Adam was furious at the notion. He made it clear that he felt to give up acceptance at a prestigious institution made no sense. Colby finally broke and told him that she worried about being so far away from her family-especially him. Adam became irate at the idea that he was anything less than independent. Undaunted by his fiery showing, Colby told him that with her, he needed to stop being the man that he showed to the public and start accepting her help. His agitation continued to grow until he finally collapsed onto the sofa clutching at his chest. Worried, Colby wanted to call 9-1-1 but Adam talked her out of it and said that he just needed some water. As she went to get it, she said that she would still call his doctor and when Adam tried to get up to show her that he was fine, the pain hit him again. He tried to sit at the end of the couch and ended up on the floor. Now fully alarmed, Colby called to Krystal who instructed her to immediately dial 9-1-1. As the young girl followed instructions, Adam tried to battle against his ex-wife, sure that he didn't need her help. He tried to rise again, but ended up falling again. The EMTs arrived a short time later and although Adam initially fought them too, Krystal finally calmed him down enough so that the medic could take Adam's blood pressure. When he did, he noted that they would have to escort the tycoon to the hospital right away.

En route to Pine Valley Hospital, Krystal distracted both Chandlers with stories from when she first married Adam and invited a rowdy lot of her friends to celebrate. Colby worried that the stories would upset Adam but Krystal assured her they would have the opposite effect. To reassure herself, Colby asked the medic about her father's vitals and was pleased to hear that Adam's heart rate was going down. With that announcement, Adam warmly took Krystal's hand. He then took his oxygen mask off, asked Colby to call JR, and then apologized to Krystal and told her that he loved her. Krystal, afraid of what his admissions meant, tried to quiet him by quickly acknowledging his words.

JR flinched, and then said that she knew how he felt about his father, and how much he wanted to shed the parts of him that were undeniably Chandler. Babe admitted that all of the good things about him that she loved were undeniably put in place by Tad, but that she couldn't ignore everything else. JR pleaded with her to take stock of all of the good parts of him, and for once take a leap of faith from there. She told him that she could look at her mother, a proud and strong woman, and see how crazy Adam made her, despite the good life she had with Tad. JR reminded her that for Krystal, Tad was safe, and asked if that was what she wanted for herself. He told her that the girl he met on the pier in San Diego didn't seem like that type of person, but she told him that she couldn't go down that road again. He promised her that he would continue to fight for her, and she offered that for his sake, she hoped he won. He asked about what his win would mean for her, but before she could answer, his phone rang. He found his little sister on the other end and when he ended the call, he told Babe that Adam was being taken to the hospital. Without a thought, Babe called Winifred to watch Little A so that she could go with JR.

Samuel Woods paid a visit to Erica at the jail and, although he seemed to think they would talk about what happened during her brief furlough from jail, she stopped him and said that she needed his help. After trading some small talk, Erica revealed her favor: she needed assistance in getting Carmen out of jail, as she was innocent of all charges. Samuel insisted that his role in the justice system was to convict the guilty, but Erica called on his previous statements of being a champion of justice. She warned him that the charges that got Carmen locked up in the first place were bogus, and that the system had plans to work on getting her time increased because of her most recent disregard for the law. Samuel told her that justice moved slowly, and Erica challenged him to do the right thing. Samuel told her that Carmen's ex and his mother hadn't talked yet, so technically, Carmen was still considered an accessory to a federal bank robbery. He then offered some hope by saying that the case could be tried in two separate courts: the court of law, which fell into his area of expertise, and the court of public opinion, in which Erica was the star. He said that because of her stature with the public, she was quite capable of raising awareness on her own. Erica suggested that perhaps they could work together on the issue and double their fighting power, at the same time making him out to be a defender of the disenfranchised. He told her that he would help her as long as she started to call him by his first name. She agreed readily, and they parted ways. On her way back to her cell, an inmate bumped into her and dropped a note on the floor. Erica picked it up, read it, and then shot a puzzled look at the departing woman.

A man that had been in a motor vehicle accident was brought into the ER at Pine Valley Hospital. Both Angie and Frankie were among those to respond, but when the man's wife started to talk about how her husband had been on the force, Frankie froze. Angie immediately went to his side, knowing before he said the words that Frankie was thinking of how easily it could be his father on a gurney. They stepped out of the room, and Angie noted that they both wanted Jesse to be happy and safe. Frankie then said that he could only see his father as a cop, but Angie was positive that Jesse would find something else. She rhetorically asked why she couldn't get Jesse to believe they were enough for him, and Frankie pointed out that his father had always been a hero, and giving up the fight at that time just wouldn't sit right with Jesse.

The ambulance that carried Adam and company finally got to the ER and, after a brief consult, Frankie ordered a battery of tests as Krystal pulled Angie over to the side. She asked the doctor what could be wrong with Adam, but having only seen him briefly, Angie didn't have any words to offer. Krystal then begged her not to let Adam die.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Annie found Ryan trying to repair his motorcycle. She decided to pitch in and help him with the bike. Annie joked that Ryan would never catch her on the bike, but apologized when she realized Ryan did not remember that about her. Ryan said he didn't mind getting to know Annie again. Ryan talked about the first time Greenlee rode the bike, but stopped when he noticed Annie was getting upset. Annie said she was happy Ryan was at least remembering his life, even if those memories did not include her. The babysitter brought Emma to Ryan and Annie. Emma immediately said she wanted to ride the bike. Ryan, Annie, and Emma decided to go the beach so Ryan could give Emma a "mini-lesson." Ryan, Annie, and Emma toasted marshmallows by a fire before Emma rushed off to make a sandcastle. Ryan massaged Annie's sore neck.

Tad and Joe went to lunch together. Joe said he was worried about Tad, but Tad assured his father he was fine now that Jesse was safe. Tad admitted that he was curious about why Robert had been hanging around Pine Valley. Joe said Tad's reaction to Robert was normal considering what Tad's father put him through. Tad said he felt lucky to have Krystal and Jenny in his life, even though he missed Dixie and Kate.

Angie asked Krystal, Babe, JR, and Colby what happened to Adam before he had the attack in Adam's room. Colby said that her father had not been exercising regularly and was lounging around in his pajamas all day. Colby added that Adam had been drinking more alcohol lately. Adam suspected he had a virus, but Angie said he had a panic attack. As Adam ranted about his perfect health, he suffered a small panic attack. Adam said he wanted to go home. JR and Colby offered to be on their best behavior if it relieved Adam's stress. Adam tore up Angie's medical instructions and left with JR and Colby.

Greenlee and Aidan started their guest list for the wedding. As Greenlee reeled off more plans, Aidan suggested they not rush into the details. He said they had plenty of time to plan the perfect wedding. Greenlee described her perfect wedding, but slipped away minutes later to get Aidan a surprise. Aidan opened a jewelry box to find an expensive watch inside. Aidan suggested Greenlee get a prenuptial agreement, even though he knew they would be together forever.

Kendall had a nightmare and when she woke up, Zach was standing in the doorway. He brought her tea, but said he needed to go to work. Kendall asked how they would keep the affair a secret since Zach knew the truth. Zach said it would be Aidan's choice to tell Greenlee the truth. Kendall was worried about her marriage to Zach, but he assured her he had no plans to leave.

Kendall met Greenlee at work. Greenlee announced she had accepted Aidan's marriage proposal. As Greenlee talked about her wedding plans, Kendall looked upset. Kendall said she was just happy for Greenlee. When Greenlee suggested she, Kendall, Aidan, and Zach go out to dinner to celebrate the engagement, Kendall did not think it was a good idea. Greenlee asked Kendall what was bothering her.

When Zach went to work, Josh nagged at him for missing an important conference call. Sensing Zach was upset, Josh offered to reschedule the meeting and make sure no one else bugged him. After Josh left, Zach smashed photos of Kendall. Aidan walked in and said he needed to talk to Zach. Aidan said he and Greenlee were engaged, but Aidan had something important to tell Zach. Aidan said he wanted to take Zach's job offer as head of security if the position was still available.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Angie and Krystal had coffee together. Krystal thanked Angie for saving Adam's life. Angie recalled that Krystal was very involved in Adam's recovery. Krystal admitted that although Adam was evil, she did not want to see him die. Angie gave Krystal an incredulous look and wondered if Krystal still had romantic feelings for Adam. Krystal assured Angie that she was in love with Tad. Krystal further explained that, although she and Tad did not have the love story that Angie and Jesse shared, they still loved each other. Krystal commented that she and Tad were "comfortable" with each other. Angie said that Krystal made it seem like she and Tad were roommates, instead of husband and wife. Krystal laughed and informed Angie that they knew how to have fun as husband and wife. Angie affirmed that Tad was a good person and deserved nothing but the best. Krystal agreed and promised Angie that she did not have to worry about their marriage. Krystal asked Angie about Jesse. Angie was glad to report that Jesse was finally putting the past behind him. Just then, Angie received a phone call from Derek. Derek was looking for Jesse. Angie told Derek that Jesse was with Tad. After Angie hung up, she worried about why Derek needed to see her husband. Krystal urged Angie to find Jesse, so Angie hurried off.

Jesse went to see Tad in his office. Jesse announced that he had figured out a way to uncover why Papel took away twenty years of his life. Tad was intrigued and asked how he could help. Jesse informed Tad that he wanted to exhume his grave. Tad was confused, so Jesse explained that something or someone was buried in his casket. Jesse believed that whatever was in his casket might give him a clue as to why Papel was after him. Tad assumed that the police would exhume the grave, so Jesse did not have to. Jesse insisted that a cop might have been working with Papel. Jesse wanted to dig up his casket before the police had a chance. Jesse remarked that Robert agreed with his plan. Tad looked outraged when he learned that his Uncle Robert was involved. Tad stated that he did not trust his uncle and did not wish to help Jesse if Robert was in on the plan. Jesse reminded Tad that Robert saved their lives. Tad did not care and stated that he wanted to punch Robert whenever he walked into the room. There was a knock on the door. Jesse answered it and Robert entered. Tad looked appalled. Then, the phone rang. It was Derek calling to let Jesse know that police were about to exhume his grave. Robert explained that he came over to relay the same message to Jesse. Jesse was disappointed and declared that he would be there when they dug up his casket. As he said this, Angie walked in and overheard the comment. She glared at Jesse.

Erica and Carmen were on laundry duty in prison. Erica was disgusted by the task and reminded the guard that she was Erica Kane. The guard snidely commented that she knew who Erica was because she kept telling everyone that she was Erica Kane. The guard ordered Erica to complete her task. Erica looked upset, but Carmen immediately began working on the laundry. Erica asked Carmen if she thought that she was bragging about who she was. Carmen suggested that Erica try to "blend in." Erica refused to change who she was to appease anyone in prison. Erica informed Carmen that she had spoken to Samuel Woods on her behalf. Carmen did not believe that a powerful politician was going to help her get out of jail. Erica wondered why Carmen had a defeatist attitude. Carmen stated that she and Erica were very different because Erica was somebody and she was nobody. Erica felt that the only difference between them was that Erica refused to give up, unlike Carmen. Carmen explained that Erica should not have fancy lawyers visit her so much because it brought a lot of attention to her. Erica admitted that she received a threatening note. Carmen was worried for Erica. Carmen warned Erica not to annoy the wrong women because there were serious gangs in the prison. Just then, a group of women approached Erica and asked if she got their note.

Greenlee wanted to call Zach to invite him to a celebration dinner in honor of her engagement. Kendall screamed out for Greenlee to stop and blocked the phone. Greenlee was suspicious and asked Kendall why she was acting strange. Kendall claimed that Zach had a big meeting that he could not miss. Greenlee insisted that Zach would reschedule his meeting for her since she was his "BFF." Kendall realized that Greenlee could not be dissuaded, so she let her call. Meanwhile, Aidan was in Zach's office. Aidan wanted to be the head of Cambias Security. Zach no longer seemed willing to give Aidan the job. Aidan wondered why Zach seemed uninterested in having him work at Cambias. Zach claimed that the job was too time consuming for someone who was about to plan a wedding. Aidan affirmed that he could handle the job. Aidan further stated that Zach could trust him. Zach looked skeptical and wondered if Aidan was someone he could truly trust. Just then, Greenlee called Zach. Both Greenlee and Zach put their calls on speakerphone, so Kendall and Aidan could listen as well. Greenlee announced her plans to have dinner. Kendall was surprised to hear Zach accept the dinner plans. After they hung up, Zach told Aidan that he was hired. Then, Kendall called Zach on her cell phone. She told him that it was a bad idea to have dinner with Greenlee and Aidan. Zach assured Kendall that it was fine, but she looked worried.

Greenlee and Kendall forgot that they had an appointment to mentor high school girls. The girls walked in and seemed very excited to visit Fusion. They had many questions for Greenlee and Kendall. They wondered if they were best friend when they started the company. They explained that they were the furthest thing from friends when they first met, but that Fusion had made them bond. One girl remarked that Fusion fused them together forever. Then, they inquired about Greenlee and Zach's rescue from the bomb shelter. Greenlee stated that Kendall and Aidan saved them. She proceeded to show off her engagement ring. As they enthusiastically admired Greenlee's diamond, one girl asked her how it felt to have everything she ever wanted. Greenlee hugged Kendall and replied that it felt "pretty damn good."

Greenlee and Kendall met Aidan and Zach at ConFusion. Greenlee smiled and proposed a champagne toast. Aidan announced that Zach hired him as head of security. Kendall whispered to Zach that he was crazy. Greenlee had a waiter take a picture of all of them. Kendall could barely smile.

Ryan and Annie were at the beach with Emma. As Emma looked for shells, Annie and Ryan talked. Annie realized that Ryan was really trying hard to love her. Ryan confessed that he did not know how to get their life back. She encouraged him to stop trying so hard. She explained that they came to the beach to relax when their lives got "complicated." She further detailed that they loved the sand. She told a story about when Ryan filled her makeup compact with sand to remind her that she would always be safe with him. As she put sand into his hand, she commented that it was her turn to make him feel safe. Then, they heard Emma call out for them in pain. They rushed the little girl to the hospital. Luckily, Emma only had a bug bite and would be fine. Ryan and Annie were relieved. Ryan told Annie that, although he did not remember meeting Emma for the first time, he did remember how much he loved her. He then embraced the little girl and told her that he would always love her.



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