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Passions Recaps: The week of April 14, 2008 on PS
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Monday, April 14, 2008

Pretty's test results showed that she was pregnant because she had paid off a nurse to change the lab results. Fancy refused to buy into Pretty's story. In addition, Fancy accused Pretty of deliberately coming between her and Luis by getting pregnant. Luis told Fancy to blame Alistair since he was the one who made sure Luis and Pretty slept together. Pretty apologized to Luis for getting pregnant, and Luis reminded her that it was all Alistair's doing. After Eve asked Luis and Fancy to wait outside, Luis assured Fancy that Pretty's pregnancy would not change anything between them. Fancy was not confident because she had expressed interest in carrying Luis' child earlier, but he balked at the idea. Pretty told Luis that she was going to end the pregnancy. Fancy was pleased, but Luis looked shocked.

Paloma was concerned about Roberto's arrest, and she couldn't understand why Roberto was in a club that was frequented by drug dealers. Roberto hesitated, so Noah admitted that he was the one who suggested that Roberto go to the club. Paloma got upset at Noah and hoped that Noah had not sent Roberto there deliberately. Roberto picked up for Noah and told Paloma that it was not Noah's fault. Paloma bailed out Roberto and assured him that she would make sure that things would work out legally. Later on, Noah communicated to Sam that he was unhappy that his suggestion might have pushed Roberto and Paloma closer together.

Ethan tried to get through the chaos that Gertrude (Theresa) had created out of jealousy over him and Gwen. Gertrude was on the sideline laughing at the mess. Both Gwen and Ethan kept itching from the itching powder. Gertrude tried to save the day, even though she was the one who had caused the problem.

After Gertrude tucked Little Ethan in, he asked her about her plans to get back together with Ethan, but Gertrude did not have any answers yet. Little Ethan volunteered his services to assist Gertrude in winning back Ethan.

Gertrude returned to Ethan's room to help him clean up, and she managed to get Ethan to talk more about Theresa. Ethan told her that he missed Theresa and that she would take special care of the children since their mother was so special. Ethan mentioned to Gertrude that she was a great help since he was able to open up to her in a way that he could not open up to Gwen, his wife. In addition, Ethan made it very clear that he was not disrespecting Gwen. After Ethan left the room, in her normal voice, Theresa wished that she could tell Ethan the truth, but said she had to keep her mouth shut because of Gwen. She vowed to make Gwen pay.

Gwen returned from her shower, and she let Gertrude know that she was disappointed about how the night turned out. Gertrude mentioned that she changed the bed linens, and Gwen was baffled since Gertrude was not privy to the goings-on in their bedroom. Gertrude played it off by telling Gwen that her hands started to itch after touching the linens.

Gwen was happy to be alone with Ethan again, but they were rudely interrupted when Gertrude barged in just to tell them that she checked on the children once again. Gwen thanked Gertrude and hinted that she should leave. Gwen tried to get Ethan to pick up from where they left off, but he could not stop thinking about Theresa. Ethan made up an excuse that he was tired. Gertrude was eavesdropping outside their bedroom door, and she was very pleased that her plan had worked.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Paloma took Roberto to the Blue Note on a date, and Noah was seething with jealousy. Noah managed to get Paloma to see things his way, and they sealed it with a kiss. The demon elf appeared and realized that his plan to tear Noah and Paloma apart was not working, so he thought of another plan. Roberto questioned Paloma about Noah being right for her, so Paloma made it very clear to Roberto that she was in love with Noah. The demon elf tried to pick Noah's brains for any other woman that he could use to come between him and Paloma, but Noah only had eyes for Paloma. The elf decided to transform into a beautiful woman in order to get the job done. He kissed Noah passionately. As soon as Paloma said that Noah would never cheat on her, Roberto spotted him kissing a beautiful woman and pointed it out to Paloma right away. Paloma looked up and saw Noah. Noah realized that Paloma saw him, so he pushed the woman (demon elf) aside to go and explain to Paloma. Noah was not successful in convincing Paloma about the woman; consequently, Paloma suggested that they spend some time apart.

Pretty pretended to not want Luis' baby and suggested getting an abortion. She knew Luis would object, so she did it to annoy Fancy. Luis refused to allow Pretty to go through with the abortion. Pretty noticed that things were falling into place, so she played along with Luis and agreed to keep the baby. Pretty noted to herself that her plan was working perfectly even though the pregnancy was a lie. Fancy expressed her concerns about Luis having a family with both Pretty and Sheridan. She was worried that Luis would not have any time for her. Luis assured Fancy that he would make it work. Pretty frowned after seeing Fancy and Luis kissed. Pretty tried another attempt to get Fancy jealous by asking Luis if he was happy after hearing the news that she was pregnant. Luis was very forthcoming and told her "no." Pretty got angry, ran off, and stated that she was going to get rid of the baby.

Gertrude (Theresa) was upset when Gwen talked Ethan into taking her to the Blue Note. Gertrude had worked so hard earlier to destroy Ethan and Gwen's evening that it was a slight setback for her. Ethan informed Gertrude that he was taking Gwen out to the Blue Note, and she tried everything in the book to prevent it from happening, but it did not work.

Gertrude took her costume off, and she appeared as Theresa to Little Ethan. She asked Little Ethan to watch Jane and Jonathan while she prepared herself to go out. Theresa dressed up as a blonde, and her plans were to make sure that Ethan and Gwen were unhappy.

Ethan and Gwen arrived at the Blue Note with Theresa not too far behind. They were dancing and having a good time, but that did not bode well with Theresa, so she devised a plan to ruin Gwen's dress. While walking over with two drinks in her hand, Theresa ran into Noah and spilled one of the drinks. She faked her accent so as not to be discovered by Noah. Theresa quickly regrouped and placed her focus back on Gwen and Ethan. She hated seeing Gwen and Ethan happy, so she sabotaged a crab cake meant for Gwen. An old lady ended up eating the crab cake, and her mouth was on fire. Theresa was upset that her plans had failed. Ethan told Gwen that he had not thought of Theresa ever since he walked in the Blue Note. Theresa overheard and concluded that she had lost Ethan.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

At the hospital, Esme paced outside Julian's hospital room, worried about his condition. Julian was still unconscious from his reconstructive surgery. Eve and Vincent (dressed as a female nurse) examined him again, still shocked by the botched job Eve did on Julian's penis. Eve blamed Vincent for making her downsize Julian's penis and stitch it back on upside down. Vincent told Eve it was her fault for actually botching the surgery. An incensed Eve decided to find Sam and tell him that Vincent was alive so that Vincent could be arrested for his crimes. Vincent threatened to go to New Orleans to kill Whitney, Simone, Whitney's kids, and TC if Eve tried to turn him in. Sam walked in and overheard their conversation. Ivy, Esme, and Viki came into the room asking about Julian's condition.

Vincent tried to excuse himself from the room, but Eve grabbed him and made him stay, telling Sam no matter what the fallout, she intended to tell Sam what was going on. Before Eve could tell Sam what Vincent had been up to, Julian started to come to. Sam tried to get Julian to tell him who his attacker was, giving Vincent more time to threaten Eve again. Eve caved in to Vincent's demands and said she wouldn't say anything about Vincent. Eve suggested they all take the conversation outside. Esme misunderstood Eve's remark about Julian resting in peace and asked if Julian was dead. Eve assured her that Julian was still alive. When they all walked out, Viki stayed behind intent on finishing the job. Eve explained the condition of Julian's penis after the surgery. Inside Julian's room, Viki threatened to cut Julian up into pieces. While Eve continued to try to explain what happened during the surgery, they heard Julian's screams. Sam couldn't get inside the room, because the door was locked. Esme wondered where Viki went.

When Pretty woke up in her hospital bed, Sheridan tore into Pretty, calling Pretty the dumbest woman on the planet. Sheridan asked Pretty if she really thought she could win Luis by ending his child's life. Sheridan said Pretty knew that Luis would never forgive Pretty for having an abortion, and she suspected that Pretty was up to something. Pretty said getting an abortion would take Pretty out of the running for Luis' affections.

Back at the Crane mansion, Luis couldn't stop thinking about Pretty's threat to have an abortion. Fancy asked Luis how she could compete with the two women he has children with, Sheridan and Pretty. Luis told Fancy that the situation with Pretty didn't change anything between him and Fancy. Luis said Fancy was the most important person in the world to him, and he apologized for being distracted by the situation with Pretty. At the hospital, after the nurse wheeled Pretty out of the room to get the abortion, Sheridan called Luis on the phone and urged him to come to the hospital and stop Pretty from ending her pregnancy. Fancy returned with breakfast only to find that Luis was gone.

Gwen woke up in bed with Ethan, confident that she was making good progress in her plan to win Ethan back for good. As Gwen and Ethan began to make love again, Rebecca walked in and interrupted them, asking if Gwen had asked Ethan yet. Ethan demanded to know what Rebecca was talking about, and Gwen told Ethan they needed to talk about sending Little Ethan to boarding school. Gwen tried to convince Ethan of what a good idea it was to send Theresa's son to boarding school, but Ethan was adamantly against it.

In order to convince Ethan that sending Little Ethan to boarding school, Rebecca called in Dr. Spears, a child-rearing expert, to convince Ethan to send Little Ethan away. The expert said boys who have gone through what Little Ethan had gone through would develop confidence and emotional strength-the ability to know that they could depend on themselves-if they were sent away to boarding school. On the other hand, he said, coddling Little Ethan would lead to behavioral problems and undermine his emotional development, forcing him to be dependent on others. The expert gave Ethan literature supporting his theory of sending Little Ethan away being a good idea. Rebecca showed Dr. Spears out while Ethan admitted that the expert might have been right about sending Little Ethan to boarding school. Outside Gwen and Ethan's room, Rebecca thanked "Dr. Spears" for helping to convince Ethan to send Little Ethan away, adding that Ethan would never find out that the expert was just a mailman.

Downstairs, Pilar continued to mourn Theresa's death, when in walked Paloma, who expressed doubts about her relationship with Noah. Paloma told Pilar about her recent troubles with Noah and admitted that she still had feelings for Roberto. Pilar encouraged Paloma to follow her heart.

Theresa lay awake in bed upstairs, frustrated over having to watch Gwen worm her way back into Ethan's heart. As Theresa voiced her frustration, saying that she wished she had stayed dead, Little Ethan overheard her and told her not to say that because he was glad she was alive. Theresa told Little Ethan she needed to leave before she slipped up and made the situation worse. Theresa said she would protect Little Ethan from Gwen, but Theresa added that Ethan would never let Gwen hurt Little Ethan. Theresa said Ethan agreed to adopt Little Ethan because he wanted them to be close. Theresa decided to stay and continue to disguise herself as Gertrude the nanny. While she got dressed in her disguise, she asked Little Ethan to lock the door so no one would find out her true identity, but before he could lock the door, Paloma and Pilar burst in and called out Theresa's name.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

There was no Thursday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, April 18, 2008

There was no Friday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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