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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 14, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, April 14, 2008

At Fairwinds, Paul and Sofie showed Barbara's nurse around the house and gave her instructions on Barbara's needs. Sofie commended Paul on bringing Barbara to his house to take care of her after her surgery. Paul admitted that the "old Paul" probably wouldn't have stepped up to look after his mother, but the new and improved Paul wanted to help any way he could. Sofie commented that Meg must have brought on Paul's new attitude. As they talked, Aaron phoned to check up on Sofie and she thanked him for the call, but quickly hung up on him to return to her discussion with Paul. Aaron was frustrated that Sofie had dismissed him so hastily and suspected something was going on between Paul and Sofie.

Out at the Snyder farm, Mike arrived to speak with Meg about the farm's project he was supervising. Meg noticed Mike wasn't his usual happy self and asked if he was all right. Mike confided in Meg that he couldn't believe Katie was getting married and he was surprised at how much it bothered him. Meg and Mike talked about their shared experiences with failed relationships: Meg with Paul, and Mike with Katie. Mike was torn about whether he should pursue Katie or let her marry Brad without telling her he still loved her. Mike admitted to Meg that he wasn't going to let Katie go, but he didn't know how to win her back. He thanked Meg for listening and returned to the project.

As Mike left, Aaron arrived home and told Meg that he had just hung up with Sofie and she had "blown him off" for Paul. He asked Meg if she thought there was anything romantic going on between Sofie and Paul, and Meg decided to find out for herself and called Paul. Once she got hold of him, Meg invited Paul and Sofie to the farm for lunch and he happily accepted the invitation.

Katie arrived at Margo's house to tell her that she and Brad were going to be married by the end of the week. Margo was unhappy that the ceremony was being moved up and advised her sister not to rush down the aisle with Brad without talking to Mike and working through their unresolved issues. Katie said she had talked to Mike and insisted he had nothing to do with the new wedding date. Margo begrudgingly agreed to support her sister and helped her get ready for the ceremony.

Margo took Katie to Lisa's store, Fashions, to look for a wedding dress and Lisa was shocked that Katie was marrying Brad in such a hurry. Lisa quickly shoved Margo and Katie into a dressing room to try on some wedding gowns and immediately phoned Mike to get him over to Fashions. Lisa convinced Mike that she had an emergency at the store, but her plan was to get Mike and Katie back together. Lisa kept Katie and Margo busy trying on numerous wedding dresses and waited for Mike's arrival.

Paul and Sofie arrived at the farm for their lunch date and ran into Mike as he was leaving for Lisa's store. Mike had gone inside to tell Meg he was leaving for a short while, but Paul was noticeably worried by finding Mike alone with Meg once again. Mike insisted he was just at the farm to make sure the job was running smoothly and he left after telling Meg he would return soon.

Meg, Paul, and Sofie prepared for lunch as Aaron returned to the kitchen. Sofie was surprised to see Aaron and asked if he was the one who had invited her. He insisted it was Meg's idea and said he was just there babysitting his brother, Ethan. Aaron asked Sofie if she would help with the baby and she agreed. Alone in the kitchen, Paul remarked that he knew what Meg was up to. Meg questioned what Paul meant and he told her that he thought she was trying to push Aaron and Sofie together. Meg admitted that she had planned the lunch so the two could see one another, but didn't see anything wrong with a little matchmaking. Aaron came in holding Ethan and offered to let Sofie hold him, but Sofie became upset and ran from the kitchen. Aaron chased after her, leaving Meg and Paul to put the toddler down for a nap.

Paul told Meg that he was concerned about Sofie and wanted to check on her, but Meg reminded him that he had just told her to stay out of Aaron and Sofie's relationship, and he should take his own advice. Paul agreed. Meg asked Paul to join her on a walk with Ethan after his nap, but Paul had a better idea. They took Ethan to the Lakeview for lunch and when they allowed Ethan out of his high chair for a few minutes, the toddler walked away. Once they realized Ethan was gone, Meg and Paul became frantic and began to search for him. At the front desk, Meg and Paul learned that Ethan was trapped in the hotel's elevator and they could see him on the hotel's security camera. Meg began to freak out as they waited for the fire department, so Paul decided to take on Ethan's rescue. Meg watched the security monitor, as Paul jumped into the elevator from an upper floor and saved Ethan. Paul returned to the lobby with Ethan and Meg thanked him for his bravery with a kiss.

Aaron caught up with Sofie and apologized for asking her to hold Ethan and she told him that it was still too hard to hold any child. She said she just wanted to return to Fairwinds, care for Barbara, and be on her own. Aaron told her he couldn't let her hide from her life out at Paul's mansion. He said she needed to deal with the pain of giving Hallie up for adoption and offered to help her. She agreed and they returned together to the farm where they enjoyed a picnic together.

Brad found Henry in his hotel room and told him that he and Katie had finally set the date. Brad asked Henry to be his best man and Henry accepted. When Henry learned that the wedding had been moved up to the end of the week, he congratulated Brad on moving quickly so that Mike didn't have time to win Katie back. Brad refused to believe that Mike was a factor in Katie agreeing to marry him so quickly. Henry relented and began to help Brad find a tuxedo on short notice.

After Brad and Henry finished meeting with a tailor, they went over to Al's Diner for lunch. Once there, Brad began to get curious if Katie had found the perfect dress and decided to rush over to Fashions to check on Katie's progress. Henry insisted it was bad luck to see the bride in her gown and tried to stop him, but Brad was determined to see Katie.

Back at the store, Lisa tried to convince Katie to postpone her wedding until she could plan the perfect day, but Katie was adamant that she loved Brad and wanted to marry him right away. Lisa began to have a coughing fit and sent Margo out to get her water. With Margo gone, Lisa recovered from her fake coughing attack and found Katie the perfect dress. Just as Katie was fitted and looking beautiful, the bell on the door announced a new visitor to the store and Lisa went out of the room to see if it was Mike. Lisa pointed Mike in the direction of Katie's dressing room and she walked away, just as Katie emerged in her wedding dress. Mike was stunned to see Katie in a wedding gown and once he saw her he said, "Hello, Angel." Katie was equally surprised to see Mike and asked him why he was there and he told her about Lisa's call. The two quickly figured out that Lisa had set up their meeting. Mike was happy to see Katie, but she did not share his enthusiasm.

Outside the store, Lisa ran into Margo who had returned with her water and was curious why Lisa had left Fashions and how she had recovered from her coughing. Lisa tried to keep Margo from returning to the store, but Margo peered in the window and saw Katie talking with Mike. She asked Lisa why she had interfered, but didn't wait for an answer as she ran in to talk with her sister and Mike. Inside, Lisa wouldn't admit she had planned the meeting, but everyone seemed to know what had happened to bring Mike and Katie together. As the group discussed Mike's arrival, Brad appeared to check on Katie. She ducked behind Mike and insisted that Brad couldn't see her in her wedding dress. Lisa tried to shoo Brad out of the store because it was bad luck to see the bride in her gown, but Brad yelled that Mike was the one bringing the couple any misfortune. Mike apologized for causing trouble and offered Brad congratulations before he left.

In her dressing room, Katie sat on the floor and cried and wondered out loud what she was doing. Margo came into the room and found her sister upset. Katie told Margo that seeing Mike and hearing him call her "angel" had made her sad. Margo told Katie that her reaction to seeing Mike was a sign that she still cared for him, but Katie refused to listen to her sister and insisted she loved Brad. Margo went along with Katie's excuse and even agreed to let Katie have the wedding at her home. Katie thanked her sister and asked her to go tell Lisa she had found her wedding dress.

Margo took Lisa outside for a long talk about interfering in Katie's life and Lisa admitted that she only wanted to help Katie. Lisa and Margo agreed that they both thought Katie was moving too fast and denying her feelings for Mike, but Margo was determined she was going to help Katie have a perfect wedding.

Katie emerged from the dressing room and straight into Brad's arms. Brad told Katie since she found the perfect dress, there was nothing stopping them from getting married. Katie agreed and the two shared a kiss, but as they hugged her expression became troubled.

At Al's, Mike ran into Henry and told him about seeing Katie. Mike was visibly upset at the prospect of Katie marrying Brad, but Henry tried to convince Mike that Katie was over him.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Parker noticed that Jack had slept on the couch at Carly's; when he asked Jack why, Jack said it was none of his business. Carly walked in and said Parker deserved to know the truth. Carly told Parker that Jack had no interest in being her husband again, although he would always be Parker, Sage, and JJ's dad. Carly explained that Jack couldn't get past some of the things Carly had done in her past, and she couldn't make Jack feel something he didn't feel for her. Parker angrily left for school.

Jack told Carly he disagreed with her approach to Parker. Carly said she was just being honest. Jack didn't think they should put the kids in the middle of their situation, but Carly pointed out that the kids were already in the middle of it, since they lived there, too. Carly said the kids could see what was going on, whether she and Jack said anything or not. When Jack said they were still a family, Carly said those were just words, and she had finally gotten Jack's message "loud and clear."

Jack asked what they would do next. Carly said she was going to reopen Metro. Jack didn't think that was a good idea, but Carly said she wasn't asking him for advice. Carly said she needed Jack's cooperation to work out a schedule for watching the kids so they could both get on with their lives. Carly told Jack she would take advantage of his medical leave and go to Metro to try to fix the place up. Jack said he needed to go to the station later, so Carly said she would be back by 1:30, but the kids had a half day of school, so Jack would need to make lunch for them.

Carly went to Metro and began cleaning up. The mess was overwhelming, so she called a cleaning service instead. Parker, Sage, and JJ arrived home from school, and Jack began serving lunch. Jack got a call from someone at the station and told the person he'd be there soon. He tried to call Carly, but she didn't hear her phone ringing because the cleaning crew had turned on the vacuum cleaners. Parker told Jack to go ahead and leave if he needed to, because he and JJ could watch Sage, and Carly would be home soon.

When Carly came home, she found the kids were alone. When they told her where Jack had gone, Carly became angry, saying the place was a mess, the boys knew they weren't supposed to be playing video games in the living room, and "clearly no one is even thinking about homework." Carly picked up the phone and called a babysitter.

Carly went to the police station and confronted Jack about having left the children home alone. Jack told Carly not to lecture him, and he told her he had tried to call her before he left. Carly said she apparently couldn't trust Jack to take care of their kids. Jack pointed out that he wasn't the one who didn't come home at the promised time. Jack then said it wasn't about him not being a good father; it was about Carly being mad because he wouldn't sleep with her anymore. Carly slapped Jack and marched out of the station.

JJ went outside with Parker and asked him what was going on with their parents. Parker began telling him about the fight Carly and Jack had earlier that day, and Sage overheard them. When Sage asked questions, JJ told Parker he thought Sage was old enough to know what was going on, too. Parker told Sage their parents weren't getting back together again after all. Sage became upset and ran back inside, saying, "But they promised we were going to be a family!"

When Carly returned home, she found Sage crying and Parker and JJ trying to comfort her. The babysitter came out and said she had no idea what had happened, because Sage had been fine just a minute earlier. Carly thanked the babysitter and said she could leave. Carly then asked the boys what had happened, and Parker told her. Sage asked if it was true that they weren't going to be a family again, and Carly held her and promised her that Sage and her brothers would be fine.

Katie received a gift from Mike at her suite in the Lakeview: an angel, with a note saying Katie would always be his angel. She called Mike, who was at the Snyder farm, and told him she needed to see him right away. Katie went to the farm and met Mike out by the pond. She gave him back the angel and said it was inappropriate for Mike to have sent the note and gift to her. Mike questioned Katie's need to return it in person rather than throwing it away or mailing it back to him, but Katie said she wanted to make her point clearly. As she left, she tripped over Mike's work satchel and fell into the pond.

Mike pulled Katie out of the water and told her it was his turn to do some talking. Mike told Katie he'd been angry when he left her, and Katie said that when Mike had sent her the divorce papers by mail, she had realized how mad he was. He apologized for having done that, but Katie said they had both already apologized, and they should leave it at that. Katie told Mike that maybe they could be friends, but she wasn't his angel any more.

Brad stopped by WOAK, and Kim told him the ratings were down overall and the station needed a really good ratings booster. Brad suggested an on-air wedding between him and Katie, which could help with sponsor advertising for things like the flowers and food. Kim liked the idea but said she couldn't consider it unless Katie gave her approval. Brad assured Kim that Katie would also want what was best for the station, so it wouldn't be a problem.

The minister who was supposed to perform the wedding ceremony arrived at Margo's to meet with Brad and Katie, but they weren't there yet. Margo prattled on to try to distract the minister from the fact that the bride and groom were missing, but he became impatient with the delay. Brad arrived. He told Margo he didn't know where Katie was. The minister decided he had waited long enough and said he was leaving; Brad tried to call Katie on her cell phone, but there was no answer and no voice mail. The minister suggested that if Brad couldn't get together with his bride the day before the wedding, perhaps he shouldn't be trying to get together with her on anything. Margo told Brad she thought the minister had a point.

Katie returned to her suite at the Lakeview to change out of her wet clothes. As she undressed, Mike walked in, having gotten a room key from Lisa. As Katie yelled at Mike to get out, he walked up to her and kissed her. Katie broke away and told Mike she didn't want another chance with him, because she had found happiness with Brad. She said Mike had walked out on her because of one mistake and had made her feel like a slut for it, but Brad would never treat her like that. Mike told Katie not to marry Brad yet, because she would be marrying him on the rebound. Katie said if Mike thought walking into her room and putting his hands on her like that was enough to make her leave the man she had promised to marry, "you're still treating me like a slut."

Mike told Katie he had never called her any names. He admitted he had been wrong and asked her to give him another chance. Katie said it was too late and pointed out that Mike hadn't called or e-mailed her in over a year. Mike said he had been hurt, because Katie had been his best friend and his wife. Katie asked, "Do you still love me?" Mike just looked at her, and Katie said she wasn't giving everything up for someone who couldn't even answer that question. Katie then told Mike to leave.

Katie rushed over to Margo's, only to find out the minister had left and wasn't coming back. Katie told Brad and Margo she'd lost track of time. She said she hadn't had any coffee yet, and she asked Brad to bring her a latte from Java. After Brad left, Margo asked what Katie had really been doing, asking if she'd been with Mike. Katie admitted Mike had come to her suite, asking her to give him another chance, but she said she had told Mike to stop stalking her. Margo said she thought Mike was right-there was still something between Katie and Mike, and Katie should figure it out or not marry Brad.

Margo said Katie needed to step back and see that she was not over either Jack or Mike. Katie insisted she was over them and that she loved Brad. Margo said she couldn't let Katie make another big mistake, and Katie became angry and said if Margo couldn't be a part of the wedding, she would find someone else to stand up with her and someplace else to get married. Brad walked in as Katie was storming out; he asked what was wrong, and Katie snapped, "Ask her!" When Brad asked Margo what she'd done to Katie, Margo said, "Ask her!"

Katie went to WOAK, where Kim told her about the conversation with Brad about having the wedding take place on the TV show. As Brad walked in, apologizing for not having talked to Katie about it yet, Katie said she thought it was a great idea and that they should get married the next day. Kim said she didn't know if she could make things happen that quickly, but she would try. She thanked Katie and Brad and left, happily planning the wedding. Brad asked Katie what Margo would think, and Katie told him Margo was no longer part of the wedding. Brad wanted to know what had happened; Katie said Margo had her own agenda and wasn't on their side. Katie said it wasn't important who was there or where they got married, as long as she and Brad ended up as husband and wife.

Mike returned the room key to Lisa and told her things hadn't gone well with Katie. Lisa said Mike needed to keep trying, because although Lisa thought Brad was a nice guy, she didn't think he was right for Katie. Mike said he just had to accept the way things were, but Lisa told him not to give up.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Katie and Brad arrived at the television station and saw the studio was decorated for their wedding to be broadcast live on Oakdale Now. Brad gave Katie flowers to try to make her feel better about Margo backing out as maid of honor. Kim came into their office and heard that Katie was without someone to stand up with her at the altar and insisted that she find someone to replace Margo. Katie realized that the best alternative to Margo was Vienna, and Brad agreed. Katie admitted she was sad not to have Margo by her side on her wedding day, but didn't want her sister there unless she was happy for Katie and Brad. Katie left to ask Vienna, and Brad decided it was up to him to get Margo to change her mind.

Brad arrived at the police station and tried to get Margo to tell him why she wouldn't be Katie's maid of honor. Margo explained that she didn't want to see Katie hurt again, and believed that Katie wasn't over Mike. Brad refused to believe that Katie still cared for Mike and kept trying to convince Margo to be in the wedding party. Margo warned Brad that Katie had acted impulsively in the past and that he shouldn't marry Katie unless he was sure that he was the one Katie truly loved. Margo told Brad to make Katie prove to him that she loved him. Brad didn't know how to do that, but Margo encouraged him to find a way before he walked down the aisle with Katie.

At Al's Diner, Mike held the angel that Katie had returned to him and told Henry about his failed attempt to win her back. Mike asked Henry if he thought Brad was the right man for Katie, and Henry admitted that he didn't know for sure, but he did know that Brad made Katie happy. Mike believed that Katie still loved him and that marrying Brad was a mistake. Henry told Mike that he needed to get used to the idea of Katie and Brad together because their wedding was going to be broadcast live on television. Hearing this news convinced Mike even more that Katie was putting on a show and didn't really love Brad. Mike told Henry he was going to find a way to stop Katie's wedding. As Mike got ready to leave the diner, he ran into Katie who was coming to ask Vienna to be her maid of honor. Katie didn't even acknowledge Mike and walked right past him as he left the restaurant.

Katie sat down with Henry and asked if she could talk to Vienna, but Henry explained that Vienna was quarantined at the hotel with a nasty case of the chickenpox. Katie was discouraged that Vienna wasn't available and the two struggled to come up with someone else to be Katie's maid of honor. In a desperate attempt to find someone appropriate to stand at Katie's side, the two settled on Henry as Katie's "male-of-honor." Henry reminded Katie that he was supposed to be Brad's best man and they needed to find a new man to stand by Brad. Henry encouraged Katie to ask Jack to be Brad's best man and Katie set out to find Jack.

After talking to Margo, Brad went by Al's Diner to see Henry and learned that Henry was standing up for Katie. Henry didn't mention anything to Brad about Katie asking Jack, so Brad was initially at a loss for who he could ask to be his best man. After some thought, Brad began to laugh out loud and told Henry he had figured it all out and left the diner.

Brad tracked Mike down at the Lakeview and told him he wanted to be friends. Mike didn't believe Brad was there to be his buddy and was reluctant to sit and listen to him. Brad finally came out and asked Mike to be his best man, and at first Mike laughed off the suggestion. Brad explained his situation and told Mike that if he stood up for him, he would be doing him a huge favor. After some serious thought, Mike finally agreed.

At her home, Carly was struggling to get the security system at Metro up and running and Jack said he would help her out. Carly thought Jack's offer was an attempt to apologize for sleeping with her and then telling her they had no future, but Jack insisted he didn't have anything to apologize for and was just trying to help. Carly refused to accept Jack's assistance and told him she didn't want to be his friend anymore.

Carly arrived at Metro and discovered the repairs that needed to done before Metro could reopen would be further delayed. As her frustration began to boil over, Jack arrived to fix the club's security system. Carly told him she didn't need his help, but Jack refused to listen and got to work. Carly stopped Jack long enough to tell him that she needed to be more than friends. Jack told her that she needed to find a way to deal with their relationship for the sake of their children because he had nothing more than his friendship to give her. Jack refused to listen to Carly's reasons why they should be a couple again and as he got back to work she began to scream at him about how angry she was with him. At that moment, Katie arrived and walked in as Carly yelled at Jack. Carly saw Katie and asked her why she was there. Carly told Katie that if she was there for Jack, she was welcome to him and Carly stormed out.

Alone in the club, Katie apologized for her bad timing and asked Jack what was going on with Carly. Jack explained that they were trying to coexist for the kids, but that Carly wanted more then he could give. Katie wasted no time and told Jack she was there to ask him to be Brad's best man. Jack thought his recent marriage to Katie presented a big problem, but she persuaded him to help her out. Jack agreed he would do it if he was convinced it was what Brad really wanted. The two shared an awkward hug before Katie left to get ready for the ceremony.

Jack went to the police station to tell Margo he needed the afternoon off to attend Katie and Brad's wedding. Margo was relieved to hear that Jack was going to be Brad's best man because she hoped that when Katie saw Jack standing next to Brad, she would come to her senses and realize she was acting impetuously. Jack insisted he didn't want that to happen because he wanted Katie to be happy, and he knew he had no future with her. Margo suggested that Mike might be the man for Katie, but Jack said he believed that Brad really loved Katie and hoped the wedding ran smoothly.

Brad and Katie returned to the station and each explained to the other about their choice for Brad's best man. Katie was not happy with Brad asking Mike and asked him to call him to back out. Brad reminded her that it would be great for the show if she had three ex-husbands in the ceremony and Kim, who had overheard, agreed. Katie looked on as Kim and Brad finished getting the set ready for the ceremony and found herself overwhelmed by her situation.

Mike found Henry at the diner and informed him about Brad's request. Henry told Mike about sending Katie to ask Jack to be Brad's best man. Mike admitted that he was curious if the ceremony would even go forward with him there and said that he wasn't going to miss it. Henry asked Mike if he was going to the wedding to disrupt the ceremony and Mike didn't answer, but simply told Henry he would see him at the altar.

Lily and Lucinda prepared to leave the farm to visit Dusty's grave, but before they could go, Holden arrived and asked where they were going. Lily admitted they wanted to be at the cemetery to see Dusty's headstone placed. Holden was upset that his wife had failed to tell him what she was doing and frustrated that she was hiding things about Dusty again. Lily and Lucinda tried to explain why they were going, but Holden was bothered by Lily's failure to communicate with him. Holden put an end to the argument by telling Lily and Lucinda to go.

On the way to the cemetery, Lucinda asked Lily if she and Holden were all right. Lily told her mother that she loved Holden more than ever, but it seemed Holden couldn't get past her affair with Dusty. Lucinda reminded Lily that their visit to the cemetery was not an extension of her affair, but a final goodbye to a dear friend. Lily explained about the package she received containing Dusty's belongings and how it had upset her. Lily believed Holden was worried that visiting the cemetery would just upset her more. Lucinda said she would talk to Holden, but Lily asked her mother not to interfere. Lily believed she and Holden would be able to work things out on their own.

After visiting Dusty's grave-site, Lily and Lucinda prepared to return home. Lily decided to take her mother's advice-she would tell Holden that she loved him and needed him. She was determined to let Holden know that she would do anything to keep their marriage together.

After Carly left Metro, she went straight to the Snyder farm to talk with Lily. When she arrived, Holden told her that Lily was not there and Carly broke down crying. Holden hugged Carly and asked her if he could help. Carly told Holden she didn't need another "Snyder man's" opinion and left. Holden rushed after Carly and tracked her down at the pond. He tried to make sure she was all right, but Carly didn't want to talk to him. Holden explained to Carly that he had been through the same kind of rejection that she was experiencing with Jack and, regardless of what happened between her and Jack, she would always be welcomed at the Snyder farm.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Katie prepared for her live TV wedding with help from the WOAK staff. One misstep on the train of the gown from a worker, however, resulted in a quick repair job and a frazzled bride. Nothing seemed to be going right, and Katie suffered a meltdown. This was exacerbated by a heart-to-heart talk from Mike in which he asked her how she could even consider marrying someone else when she still had unresolved feelings for him. Kim chased Mike from the green room and gave a two minute to air time warning.

Holden followed an upset Carly out to the Snyder pond and they compared marriage woes. Carly admitted she was afraid Jack had a problem not with what she did but rather with who she was. They started back to the farmhouse together.

At the farm, Lily took out the box of Dusty's mementos again, including a photo of "Big Max," her horse, and she cried again over the loss of her best friend. Summoning resolve, she took the box outside and laid it on the trash bin. She obviously had second thoughts, however, because she retrieved a cassette tape and a sweater and took them back into the house. There she stashed them behind canisters in one of Emma's kitchen cupboards.

Jack and Mike arrived in tuxedos at WOAK and discovered they were both "best men." Neither ex-husband liked that, and Brad had to do some fast-talking to convince them both to stay. They agreed to carry on for Katie's sake.

Margo went home early saying she was hoping to rekindle some romance with Tom, but he figured out she wanted to watch "Oakdale Now" and her sister's wedding. Tom tried to persuade Margo to go and represent the family at the wedding, but Margo was stubborn. She did turn on the TV, however, and as the nuptials began, she changed her mind and they both left for the station.

The special wedding episode began but the minister froze at the thought of being on live TV. Henry tried to rouse him from his catatonic state, but got no response. "Oakdale Now" faded to black for a commercial until someone could revive the minister. When that didn't happen, Katie remembered that Henry was licensed to marry people, so Henry, who was previously performing the role of "Male of Honor" for Katie, stepped into the minister's vestments. When the cameras came back on, Henry was beginning the ceremony.

In pure Henry style, the substitute minister compared marriage to a television reality show. As he came to the reciting of the vows by the couple, Katie suffered a mighty case of hiccups, which necessitated another emergency commercial until the bride regained her composure. No one could cure the hiccups until Margo arrived and solved the problem by sneaking up behind Katie and screaming, "Cellulite!" in her ear. The hiccups stopped and Margo explained that she had frightened Katie with what women fear most. The wedding continued.

Carly and Holden returned to the farmhouse and Holden spotted Dusty's box on the trash bin. Carly told Lily that she and Jack were finished and then broke down and cried. Lily consoled her until Holden came in. Lily shared an idea for an intimate dinner party for her and Holden and Carly and Jack. Carly initially nixed the idea, but then decided she would invite Jack, as she had nothing to lose by that point.

Margo stepped in as Maid of Honor for Katie, but she could not resist asking Katie one more time if she was sure Brad was the man for her. Brad placed a ring on Katie's finger and said his vows, but as Katie tried to do the same for Brad, she fainted. Kim cleared the green room so Katie and Brad could have a quiet, private place to talk out their problems (except for the catatonic minister without vestments in a chair.) Brad spoke from the heart to Katie and told her if she did not want to continue with the ceremony, he would understand.

Brad and Katie resumed the wedding and Katie got through the vows and officially married Brad. At the celebration afterwards, Katie smeared cake on Brad's face and the TV show ended. Jack wished the new couple the best of luck, but Mike chose to slip out quietly. Brad picked up Katie and carried out his bride.

Henry went back to the diner and phoned Vienna, his "spotted siren," who was still quarantined with chicken pox. Mike drowned his sorrows at the bar at the Lakeview where he chugged a beer and left the angel wedding gift, which Katie refused, on the bar.

At Carly's, Jack returned and told her about the nuptials. Without much hope of a positive outcome, Carly asked him if he would accompany her to Lily and Holden's dinner party and was shocked when Jack agreed.

At the farm, Holden asked Lily if she was really throwing away Dusty's keepsakes, and Lily answered that she was putting the past behind her. She failed to mention the two items she had hidden in Emma's cupboard, however.

The newlyweds returned to the Lakeview where their room was decorated with flowers and candles. They danced to Don Ho's "Tiny Bubbles" and began their honeymoon.

Friday, April 18, 2008

At Fairwinds, Sofie arrived to accompany Barbara to her radiation treatment appointment. Paul asked for Sofie's help in coming up with a grand romantic gesture with which he could impress Meg. Sofie told Paul her own dream date was to ride in a hot air balloon, drinking champagne and watching the sunset. Paul thought it was a brilliant idea and proceeded to arrange the ride, telling the balloon company to bring the balloon to the Snyder farm in the afternoon.

Alison and Chris had coffee at Al's and ignored Emily when she walked in and demanded to speak to Alison. Emily followed them to the hospital, where again, Alison ignored her and walked away. Paul and Sofie arrived at the hospital with Barbara. Chris saw Sofie and sat down to talk to her. Chris came up with the idea of having a small dinner party with Sofie, Aaron, and Alison. Sofie said Alison would never agree, because Alison didn't like her, but Chris said they all needed to start fresh and try to be friends. Sofie agreed to invite Aaron, and she left to go to the farm.

Emily ran into Paul, who said Emily seemed to be in a bad mood. He guessed she was jealous about Chris talking with Sofie. Emily said both Sofie and Alison deserved better than Chris, and she wanted to think of a way to keep Chris away from Alison. Paul cautioned Emily about getting involved in other people's relationships, saying Emily wasn't too good at her own relationships. Emily accused Paul of being the same way, but Paul said he was turning over a new leaf. Emily said it wouldn't last, and Paul asked her to put her broomstick away for just one day. Emily replied, "Don't you tell me where to put my broomstick!" and walked away.

Alison told Chris that Barbara was having a reaction to her treatment. Chris checked on her and found that Barbara had become dehydrated. Chris told Barbara she would need to stay in the hospital overnight. Barbara assured Paul that she'd be fine without him. Paul left to go to the Snyder farm.

Chris told Alison his dinner plans, and Alison objected because of the people involved. In a move that Alison said was calculated to appeal to her vanity, Chris told Alison that if she showed up looking glamorous in a new dress, Aaron would see what a fool he'd been for letting her go. Chris then took Alison to Fashions to look for a dress. Emily walked in and asked what Alison was doing for Chris in exchange for the dress. Chris told Emily she was way out of line, and Emily left. Alison told Chris she didn't want the dress after all. Chris assured Alison that he expected nothing in return for it, but he wanted her to have it because she had been doing so well at the hospital, and she had turned her life around. He said that was what Emily was jealous of, more than anything else. Alison ended up agreeing to accept the gift of the dress.

Mike arrived at the farm, and Meg, sensing Mike was upset, invited him to sit down for a minute. They talked about Katie's wedding to Brad and how Mike felt about Katie getting married again. Meg said it was hard to move on when someone else was holding a place in one's heart, and Mike asked if Meg felt that way about Paul. Meg said yes, but she thought she and Paul still might have a chance together.

Mike left to work on the survey of the farm. Meg received a phone call for Mike and had to deliver the message to him in person because the part of the farm Mike had gone to was in a "dead zone" for cell phone coverage. Aaron, who had just arrived, took over babysitting duties for Ethan. Sofie arrived and invited Aaron to dinner with Chris and Alison. When Aaron found out the dinner was Chris's idea, he wondered what was in it for Chris, because the grouping was so unusual. Sofie said Chris thought they should all try to be friends, and Sofie felt like she should give Alison a second chance, even though Alison had sided with Gwen and Will about baby Hallie, because Alison had simply been trying to be a good friend to Gwen and Will. Aaron agreed to join them for dinner as soon as Meg returned to take over the babysitting. Sofie asked if she could stay and help Aaron until then. She decided she had overreacted previously about being around Ethan because of giving up her own baby, and she was ready to try it again.

Paul arrived at the farm, and Aaron told him that Meg had gone out to the back field to take a message to Mike. Paul said he'd better hurry before the surprise he'd planned was ruined, and he left to try to catch up with Meg.

Meg found Mike out in the field and delivered the phone message to him. While they were talking, the balloon company representatives arrived with the hot air balloon and assumed that Mike and Meg had ordered it. Mike and Meg were mystified as to who would have ordered a hot air balloon ride, but since the man said the whole thing was paid for, Mike told Meg they should take advantage of it and go for a ride. They got into the balloon and took off. As they took off, Paul arrived, running below them and calling Meg's name, but neither Meg nor Mike heard him.

Luke called a halt to the filming of the Noah and Ameera love story after Ameera improvised by kissing Noah. Luke suggested they all get something to eat, so they went to Al's. Casey sat and talked with Ameera while Noah and Luke went to the counter to place their orders. Seeing Ameera's jealous glances at Noah and Luke, Casey realized Ameera was falling in love with Noah. Casey reminded Ameera that Noah was gay and was in love with Luke. He told Ameera she wouldn't be able to make Noah be straight. Ameera told Casey to mind his own business. Hurt and angry, Casey told Ameera he didn't want to be a part of the arrangement any longer.

Noah and Luke returned to the table and asked what was wrong. Casey said everything was wrong and that Noah and Ameera were bound to be caught in their act sooner or later. He also said he didn't want to pretend to be gay anymore and risk having half of Oakdale think he really was gay, and he didn't want to be the cameraman for the movie any longer, either. Noah tried to talk Casey out of quitting their group, but Casey suggested they ask Ameera if she wanted him to stay. Ameera didn't reply, so Casey got up and walked away. Luke followed him out. Casey told Luke he thought that Ameera was in love with Noah. Luke didn't believe him, but Luke said if Casey stuck with their original plan, maybe Ameera would fall for Casey instead. Casey still didn't want to continue the charade.

Casey went to work at the Lakeview, but he was late for the third time, so his boss fired him. Emily walked up to the bar and demanded a drink; Casey said he didn't work there anymore and filled her in on what had happened with Ameera and with his job. Emily told Casey she'd just had to fire her assistant because he wasn't any good at assisting her, and she needed a drink.

Luke, Noah, and Ameera returned to the cottage. When Ameera went into the kitchen, Luke filled Noah in on Casey's thoughts about Ameera. Noah didn't think Ameera was falling in love with him and said that even if she was, he didn't feel that way about her. Noah assured Luke that nothing would change, and he told Luke, "I'm in love with you," as Ameera came into the room. Luke glanced at Ameera, then said goodbye and left.


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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