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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 31, 2008 on AMC
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Monday, March 31, 2008

Robert held a big diamond in his hand. As he locked the jewel in a safe, he commented that Jesse was going to lead him to an even bigger diamond.

Jesse and Angie joined Tad and Krystal at the Comeback for dinner and drinks. Angie, Tad, and Krystal were happily discussing what they wanted to order when they noticed that Jesse looked uncomfortable. Jesse admitted that it was difficult being in public after hiding for so many years. Angie promised that they would take it one day at a time, together. Tad and Krystal also pledged their support to Jesse. Jesse was grateful, but still seemed unnerved. He disclosed that he had a bad feeling that his ordeal was not over. Tad assured his friend that Papel was dead and out of his life forever. Still, Jesse wondered how Mrs. Remington's death was related to his case. Jesse questioned where the old woman's necklace had disappeared to. Krystal suggested that it probably ended up in a pawnshop. Angie asked Jesse if he wanted to go home, but he declined. Jesse smiled and said that he wanted to enjoy his night out. Meanwhile, Robert entered the bar with his eyes transfixed on Jesse. He got a drink at the bar and walked over to their table. Once again, Angie thanked Robert for saving Jesse and Tad. Robert claimed that he was only doing his job. Robert then revealed that he finally put in for a resignation. Krystal could tell that Tad and Jesse were uneasy in Robert's presence, so she pulled Robert to the side. She explained that it was Jesse's first night out and that he needed some space. Robert said that he understood and headed back to the bar alone. Tad told his companions that Robert really freaked him out because of his resemblance to Ray, his biological father. Angie reminded Tad that Robert prevented her and Krystal from becoming widows. Then, Jesse got a phone call. It was Samuel asking to meet with Jesse.

Erica and Carmen were alarmed to hear the truck driver about to open the door. Carmen pulled out her gun, but Erica urged her not to use the weapon. Carmen told Erica that she had to think of a way to elude the driver. The driver opened the door and was annoyed to see the two stowaways. He immediately realized that he was in the company of Erica Kane. Carmen dug the gun into Erica's back and shot her a dirty look. Erica claimed that the driver was mistaken, but he knew better. He said that his ex-wife watched New Beginnings every day. Erica smiled and said that she was happy to have his wife as a fan. He grimaced and revealed that the show had caused her to start a "new beginning" with another man. He proclaimed that he hated Erica's show because it filled women's minds with bad ideas. Carmen chastised him for "talking smack" to a legend like Erica. He laughed as he announced that he was going to call the police to turn them in. Erica pleaded with him not to call because he would end up in prison also. She explained that the dresses he was transporting were fakes. She also accused him of trying to smuggle the imposter dresses across the border. He looked nervous and told the women to scram before anyone saw them together. Erica asked Carmen where they should go. Carmen replied that she had a plan and led Erica into an alley. Carmen proceeded to sneak them into the back entrance of a store, just before it closed. Erica looked at Carmen and could tell that she was sad. Carmen said that she was disappointed since her new dress was a phony. Erica chuckled and divulged that she was lying-the dress was real. Carmen told Erica that she was bad.

Zach came home and told Kendall that he went on a "field trip" with Ryan. She wondered what that meant. Zach explained that he showed Ryan the casino's security footage of when Ryan almost hit Greenlee. Zach further reported that he took Ryan to the cliff that he rode his motorcycle off of. Kendall looked shocked and inquired if Zach did this to help or hurt Ryan. Zach affirmed that Ryan needed to know the truth about his past. Zach felt that Kendall and Greenlee were downplaying Ryan's sordid past to protect his feelings. Kendall accused Zach of revealing Ryan's ugly past in order to scare him away from her. Zach stated that he had to thwart Ryan's attempts to poach his wife. Kendall was appalled that Zach used Ryan's worst moments to haunt him. She asked if Zach would like the same done to him. Zach said that it had already been done to him and that he dealt with it. Zach described his behavior towards Ryan as "tough love." She was outraged by Zach's use of the word "love." She felt that Ryan was family and deserved their true love and support. Zach asked why they were arguing over Ryan when Ian, Spike, and Erica needed their attention instead. Kendall thought that Zach was trying to control her and warned him to stop "playing God." Zach attested that he was merely trying to protect his family. As Kendall stormed out of the room, she yelled that she did not want to be associated with her husband when he was acting cruel.

Annie recalled Greenlee maliciously calling her "forgettable." Annie snidely commented that she was going to show Aidan just how memorable she was. She knocked on Aidan's door and he answered without a shirt on. Annie asked if she could come in as he put on a shirt. She said that she wanted to discuss Greenlee. She seductively took off her coat and asked if Aidan was upset over Greenlee and Ryan's kiss. Aidan looked puzzled and inquired if Annie was hitting on him. She wondered if he would mind if she were coming on to him. Aidan said that he would mind since he loved Greenlee and since Annie was a married woman. She stated that Ryan was slipping further and further away from her every day, but she warned that Aidan might have already lost Greenlee. He said that Greenlee was only trying to help Ryan, not rekindle their romance. Annie insisted that both Greenlee and Kendall were competing for Ryan, as always. She then asked if Aidan knew where Greenlee was. He urged her to sit down to have a talk. He tried to remind her why she fell in love with Ryan. She confessed that she still loved Ryan, but she refused to wait for him while he chased Greenlee and Kendall. She established that she deserved better and got up to leave. Aidan claimed he was confident that Greenlee would always come home to him, but Annie did not agree. After Annie left, Aidan looked very worried.

As Ryan stared at the cliff that he drove his motorcycle off of, he screamed at the top of his lungs. Then, he went to ConFusion, where he found Greenlee sitting alone at the bar. He sat down with her and apologized for all his wrongdoings. She was confused and asked if he remembered anything. Ryan explained that he saw the security footage in which he almost hit her. Greenlee realized that Zach must have shown him the tapes. She felt that Zach had no right to show them to Ryan. Ryan affirmed that he needed to see the tapes. After seeing his atrocious behavior, he assumed that he purposely lost his memory to block out what a monster he was. She insisted that he did not know that whole story and that he was not solely to blame. He declared that he was completely at fault. He asked her to tell him the whole truth about their relationship. She was hesitant, but gave in. She explained that Jonathan poisoned her and then tried to kill her, Kendall, and Lily. She stated that Ryan shot his brother in order to save them. She continued that Ryan did not want to bring another Lavery into the world. She stated that she tricked him into having a baby against his will. She believed that she pushed him to his limit, which led to his violent streak. He inquired how Kendall ended up being Spike's mother. With tears in her eyes, she divulged that Kendall secretly used her own egg during the insemination. She further noted that the pain of losing her baby and discovering that Ryan faked his death drove her to leave Pine Valley. He wondered why she came back. She revealed that she came back for him, but it was too late. He looked dismayed and wanted to leave. She begged him to stay and talk more, but he left.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Carmen and Erica snuck into the store to stock up on supplies. When Erica gave Carmen the wrong look, Carmen snapped that she saw Erica give the same facial expression to her boring guests on New Beginnings. Erica retorted that being handcuffed to an armed felon was hardly boring. But Carmen insisted that Erica thought she was better than Carmen-Carmen could tell just by the snobby reaction Erica gave when they walked into the discount store. Erica told Carmen that she didn't grow up with a silver spoon in her mouth. Erica said she always wanted to be rich and famous, but had to work hard to earn it. Erica recalled her business and personal failures to show Carmen that life was not always so easy. Carmen said she grew up believing that the only way to feel special was by getting involved with the wrong men. As Erica lectured Carmen about not letting a man spoil your dreams, Carmen fell asleep on a pillow. Erica reached into her pocket and removed a nail file that she had stolen off a shelf.

Frankie assured Colby that JR would be in excellent care under his mother's watchful eye at the hospital. Colby admitted that she had not been able to sleep since the kidnapping. Frankie said Colby's reaction was normal. But Colby wondered why, if it was normal, Frankie wasn't experiencing the same emotions. Colby assumed Frankie's bravery hailed from his time in Iraq. Frankie said that being in the military taught him how to survive, not to be brave.

JR told Angie about being drugged and dropped off in a sleazy hotel. Angie asked him if the police checked for any drugs, but JR never reported the incident to authorities. JR said if his family didn't believe him, he doubted the police would. Angie decided to run some more tests on JR to determine what exactly was wrong with him. JR felt weak and stumbled around the room. He remembered spending time with Babe and Little Adam at the park and making love to Babe after the poker game. JR reached for the telephone to call Babe, but fell to the floor in pain. Angie rushed to JR, who was dehydrated and running a fever.

Samuel offered Jesse a job with the U.S. Office of the Attorney General. Jesse declined the job offer, stating that Angie didn't want him to get back on the police force. Jesse said he respected Angie's feelings, but Samuel said that Jesse still had the urge to help people. Samuel told Jesse that he might change his mind after more time had passed. Jesse asked Samuel if he felt guilty for persecuting Erica. Samuel said Erica was a criminal who needed to be punished. Despite their past, Samuel said he wanted Erica found safe and sound. Jesse thanked Samuel again for the job offer before he left.

As Richie and Babe went to Opal's boarding house, Richie assumed they were there to pick up Little Adam. Richie was shocked to find out that Babe had asked Opal to reserve a room for Richie until he could find his own place. When Opal walked off, Richie asked Babe why he was not staying with her. Babe said Richie could not stay with her because it would make Little Adam uncomfortable. Richie accused Babe of toying with his emotions, but Babe said she never gave him the impression they were more than friends. Babe said Richie had played her more than once by lying about JR's actions. Whether Richie liked it or not, Babe said he had to accept that JR would always be a part of her life. Richie promised not to lie about JR. Babe said Richie would have to prove he was willing to change before making any promises. Colby called Babe to let her know that JR was hospitalized again for a recurring infection. Babe immediately rushed to the hospital to see JR. After Babe was gone, Opal checked on Richie, but she was not impressed with his sour attitude.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Erica picked the lock on the handcuffs and released herself from the fetters. Carmen was still asleep, so Erica grabbed the gun. Carmen awoke to find Erica pointing the gun at her. Erica stated, "The tables have turned." Carmen looked disappointed. Carmen said that Erica got her to talk about her life only to distract her. Erica admitted that she got Carmen to open up as part of her plan to escape. Carmen assumed that Erica would leave. Erica said yes and walked away. However, Erica did not leave. Instead, she walked back to Carmen. Erica announced that she could relate to Carmen. Erica said that she knew how it felt to have a father abandon her. Erica believed that Carmen simply needed a chance to become the woman that she always dreamed of being. Carmen was excited and wondered if Erica was going to help her kill Mondo. Erica divulged that she had a better plan to get revenge on Carmen's ex and it started with a makeover. The two women went through the store and picked out assorted cosmetics and beauty supplies. Erica affirmed that she was going to make Carmen look stunning, which would be the only weapon Carmen would ever need.

Zach asked Kendall if she wanted a glass of wine or a cup of tea. Kendall coldly replied that she did not want anything. He wondered if she wanted to talk about Ryan. She stated that he should not have shown Ryan the videotapes. She felt that he "sandbagged" Ryan with terrible memories. He stated that Ryan needed to know the truth. She affirmed that he was wrong in how he revealed the truth. She further noted that she did not want to fight about Ryan anymore. He said that he did not want to fight at all. She wished to focus her energy on Erica. She worried about her mother's safety. Zach assured her that Erica was fine. Kendall was concerned since Erica did not call to let them know that she was all right. Just then, the phone rang. Zach answered and put the call on speakerphone. They were relieved to hear Erica's voice. Erica proclaimed that she was doing well and told them not to worry. They inquired about Erica's location. Erica said that she was in Chicago, but stated that she did not want to be found. Erica stated that she had to give Carmen a "new beginning" and hung up. Zach immediately called an associate and had them trace Erica's call. Kendall was annoyed that her mother did not tell them where she was. Zach laughed and said that Erica was on a mission and could not be stopped, just like someone else he knew. She realized that he was referring to her and laughed as well. She professed her love to him and they kissed. He asked her to trust in their relationship. She replied that she already did.

Opal could tell that Richie was annoyed over something. Richie admitted that he wanted Babe to invite him to stay with her. He was disappointed that he was not rooming with Babe. Opal reminded him that he was lucky to have a place to stay at all after his bad behavior. Opal called him a troublemaker and wondered what she should do with him. So, she got out her tarot cards and asked Richie to cut the deck. He did so and she laid out the cards. He inquired if there was a blonde in his future. She said that the cards were more interested in his past than his future. She read two cards that referred to something being stolen and buried. Richie recalled stealing JR's car and then closing the bomb shelter lid over Zach and Greenlee. She asked if he knew what the cards meant, but he feigned ignorance.

Babe and Krystal looked into JR's hospital room as he writhed in pain. Babe had tears in her eyes and worried that JR might not survive. Angie approached them and revealed that JR had contracted hepatitis. Babe and Krystal looked horrified. Babe asked if the disease was dangerous. Angie said that it could be. Angie further stated that she was treating the disease and gave JR medicine for his fever, but it was not working yet. Meanwhile, JR saw Adam at his bedside and asked why his father was there. Adam said that he wanted to help JR, but JR insisted that his father leave. JR was upset that Adam did not believe that he was still sober. JR declared that he did not fall off the wagon and that his illness was not his fault. Then, JR began to hallucinate due to his high fever.

Just as Babe and Krystal entered, JR called out for Dixie. He asked to see his mother because she would believe him. Adam and Krystal left the room to speak with Angie. Angie told Adam about the hepatitis. He was distraught. He turned to Krystal and explained that he merely wished to help JR, but his son would not have it. She responded that Adam could help JR by giving him the benefit of the doubt. Back in the hospital room, JR was still asking for Dixie. Babe pretended that Dixie sent her to look after JR. JR said that he wanted to move back to San Diego with Babe and Little Adam. He also wished to remarry Babe. Babe smiled and comforted JR until his fever broke. JR eventually became lucid and thanked Babe for her support. Then, JR fell asleep and had a dream. In the dream, he recollected the night that he got drunk and that his car was stolen. He saw a man standing in front of his car with a baseball cap on. JR awoke and announced that he remembered something.

Ryan brought Emma back the penthouse after they had pizza together. He was about to leave when the little girl asked him to stay because she wanted to show him her new drawings. Annie told Emma to get her pictures and invited Ryan inside. He was shocked by her hospitality. She stated that she did not want to hurt Emma. He apologized for the pain he had already caused. He affirmed that he did not set out to hurt Annie or Emma. Annie explained that she missed their old life because it was so good. She found it unfair that she sat at home missing him while he revisited the "glory days" with Greenlee and Kendall. He said that they were not all "glory days." He noted that he did horrible things, like almost hitting Greenlee. Annie found it appalling that he continuously brought up Greenlee and Kendall. She refused to be his shoulder to cry on. He noticed that she was not wearing her wedding ring. She stated that they were no longer married. She further said that she needed to protect her daughter. He corrected her by saying "our" daughter. She reiterated that Emma was "her" daughter. Just as he inquired what she meant by the statement, Emma came into the room. Emma showed her father a picture she drew of her Aunt Erin. He said the picture was beautiful and asked to keep it. After he left, Annie held her wedding ring in her hand. She confessed that she would always love Ryan.

Ryan visited Erin's grave. He wondered what it was like when he reunited with Erin after so many years, since he did not remember that either. He wished that his sister were still alive because she would be able to help him. He imagined her urging him to fight to regain the life that he had with Annie and Emma. He told his sister that he would need her strength for where he was headed next.

Greenlee was in her penthouse. She left a voicemail on Ryan's phone. She pleaded with him to call her back because they needed to talk more about their past. After she hung up, Aidan entered. Aidan declared that he had a surprise and blindfolded Greenlee. He took her to the beach and unmasked her. She saw that he had recreated their first date, a picnic on the beach. He said that he had so much to say, but did not know where to begin. She thought they should start with a kiss and they kissed passionately. She wanted to make love in the sand, but he stopped her. He stated that he could not imagine his life without her. She affirmed that he would never be without her. He explained that, while she was sick, he imagined their future together. She wondered what their future would hold. He proclaimed that their future would start that night and revealed an engagement ring. She gasped, "Oh my God," as her phone rang. He grabbed her phone and saw that it was Ryan calling. Greenlee gave Aidan a sheepish grin.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Jesse and Angie rummaged through old photos while they moved into Jackson's old apartment. Jesse told Angie that Samuel offered him an investigative job. Angie immediately assumed Jesse accepted the job and told him she didn't want him going back into police work. Jesse told Angie he was not interested in the job. Jesse found the lingerie Angie wore when they tried to make love for the first time. But Angie hadn't wanted to give herself to Jesse until she was married, so they ran off to the courthouse to make it official. Jesse and Angie got back to packing, but Jesse ran off to get a surprise for Angie. He returned with a bouquet of flowers. Angie showed Jesse the ring he gave her when he proposed. She said that she hoped to give it to Frankie for his future wife one day. Jesse decided to take Angie out for a night on the town.

When Tad and Krystal returned home, Krystal said they could resume their normal, peaceful life since Jesse's life was no longer in danger. Tad asked Krystal if she missed being at the Chandler mansion. Krystal said she never felt anything romantic for Adam while living with him. Instead, Krystal told Tad she felt empathy for Adam because he was scared for JR and Colby. Tad said Krystal's heart was too soft sometimes. Krystal started planning a "coming out" party, but to Tad's surprise, it was not for Jenny.

Zach tried to relax Kendall after she spoke to Erica, but Zach could tell Kendall was also worried about Ryan. Kendall said that Zach made Ryan believe he was a monster, but Zach felt he just showed Ryan his dark side. Kendall called Ryan, while Zach tried to find out any new information on Erica. Kendall left a message on Ryan's phone telling him that Zach left out what a wonderful man Ryan was. Zach said Ryan played a victim too long, and Ryan needed to know the truth. Kendall said Ryan deserved more compassion than what Zach gave him. Zach made a special drink to try to relax Kendall.

Aidan's proposal to Greenlee was interrupted by a telephone call from Ryan. Greenlee picked up the phone, but decided not to answer it. Aidan popped open the box to show Greenlee the engagement ring. Greenlee was hesitant to say yes. When Aidan asked Greenlee to marry him again, she said that she didn't want to ruin the relationship they already had. She told Aidan the relationship was too new to rush into a marriage. Aidan said being married would only enhance their relationship, but Greenlee insisted she wasn't ready to be a wife again. Aidan packed up the picnic and told Greenlee he needed time alone. She immediately listened to Ryan's messages after Aidan left. Ryan had encouraged Greenlee to let Aidan make her happy. Aidan went to ConFusion and Amanda ordered him a drink when she saw how sad he was.

Greenlee went to Zach and Kendall's house so she could give Zach an earful about how terribly he treated Ryan. Greenlee told Zach that he hurt her by ripping into Ryan. Zach decided to give Greenlee and Kendall some time alone. Kendall urged Greenlee not to go after Ryan because he didn't need her. Kendall said Greenlee should focus on her relationship with Aidan. But Greenlee said Aidan wanted nothing to do with her since she shot down his marriage proposal. Kendall said Greenlee wasn't scared of marriage-she just couldn't let Ryan go. Greenlee said she had to find Ryan before dealing with Aidan. Kendall warned her that Aidan might be gone by the time Greenlee resolved her issues with Ryan. Greenlee was confident Aidan would understand her decision, and left to find Ryan.

Zach found Aidan dousing himself in martinis at ConFusion with the ring in one hand. Zach encouraged Aidan not to give up on Greenlee, but Aidan feared Greenlee's relationship with Ryan would always be in the way. Zach suggested Aidan go home, but Aidan wanted to stay at ConFusion. Zach asked Amanda to make sure Aidan didn't drive himself home. Aidan called Annie and asked if he could come see her.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Having reached Chicago, Erica and Carmen went directly to the apartment of Mondo's mother, Louisa. Before knocking, Carmen reconfirmed her promise to follow the plan they had devised. When Louisa came to the door and almost immediately denied them entrance, the plan fell apart. Carmen pushed her way in and although Erica attempted to maintain control and a rational discussion, she soon realized that wouldn't happen. Louisa had decided she'd had enough of them and made the confrontation physical. At that moment, Erica pulled out the gun and said that they never wanted the situation to become violent. Instead, they simply wanted to see Mondo, and clear the air. His mother refused to tell them where Mondo was hiding, so the women settled in to wait. The wait was brief, as the man in question walked in, unaware, mere moments later. His mother attempted to make him flee but was not quicker than Erica, who blocked his path of escape. She then instructed Carmen to tell Mondo what she wanted him to hear, but when Carmen finally spoke to him, it was more loving and less indignant than they had planned. Frustrated, Erica tried to toughen up her fellow convict, but as soon as Erica was distracted, Louisa took the opportunity to grab the gun and take control.

Aidan showed up at the Annie's place drunk and asked if she still wanted to get back at Ryan. She apologized for her earlier behavior then rejected his offer, and said that she had come to her senses. She asked what made him change his mind, and he replied that the truth would remain his secret. Curious, she asked what other secrets he had kept but he passed out before she could get an answer.

After spending some quality time with her eldest son, Kendall passed him off to Rachael and headed out on a secret mission to meet up with Ryan.

Ryan went back to the place where he was raised only to find the building torn down, and nothing left but rubble. Despite that, memories from his abusive childhood flooded back like no time had passed at all. His reverie was interrupted when Greenlee showed up and attempted to comfort him, but he pushed her away and told her to leave. She explained how she found him and told him that she just wanted to help. He tolerated her for a few moments as they went back through some of the darkest parts of his early life, but then Ryan demanded that she get away from him before she lost the chance. Greenlee told him that she wouldn't let him push her away again, as it hadn't worked out for them the last time. Ryan needlessly mentioned that he didn't remember that, but Greenlee told him that what was more important to recall was that even after all of the pain and anger, there had been a lot of healing. He asked her again why she'd come after him, and she admitted that perhaps she had answers she needed to find as well. She then told him that she turned down Aidan's marriage proposal with no real reason why. Ryan asked what else they needed besides their love for each other. Greenlee fumbled around with reasons until she settled on the fact that they needed more time, as well as Ryan being in their lives.

Kendall showed up at Ryan's penthouse, and when Annie let her in, she asked the current Mrs. Lavery if she had any idea where her wayward husband might be. Before any brainstorming could take place, Aidan woke up from his snooze and startled Kendall. Kendall soon realized that Aidan was drunk and urged him to fill Annie in on what had happened. He grudgingly admitted the truth about Greenlee's rejection of his marriage proposal, and then asked why they thought he got turned down. Annie realized that Ryan was the cause and told Aidan to call Greenlee and make things right. Kendall claimed that Aidan was in no shape to do that, but Aidan interrupted and said he wouldn't call because he didn't care where Greenlee was. Annie decided to make the call herself.

In Ryan's old neighborhood, Greenlee's cell phone started to ring. When she checked the caller ID, she saw Aidan's name and refused to answer it. She turned her attention back to Ryan and told him that Annie could no longer help him because she didn't exist in his world. However, because they had started out as friends and would continue to be so, she felt that she was the perfect person to help him and refused to abandon him in his hour of need. Ryan insisted that he needed to fight his battles alone, but having learned about his con games during their life together, Greenlee called him on his lies and said that they would always be connected. Ryan said that although he couldn't remember the past four years, he was shown what he was capable of and the only choice he had was to stay away from her. Greenlee refused that option, and asked who else he could lean on like he leaned on her.

After getting Greenlee's voice mail, Annie remarked that Greenlee must not want to talk to her estranged boyfriend, and went off to get an extra pillow and blanket. Aidan took that moment to muse over what had happened and why. Kendall offered up some reasons but Aidan admitted that he really thought proposing would make them both happy. Then, as he started to drift toward unconsciousness again, Kendall quietly noted that he deserved better. When Annie returned, Kendall asked if she was okay, and Annie said she wasn't but that neither she nor Aidan could do anything to change her situation. She prepared to go back upstairs but before she left the room, Aidan opened his eyes again, saw Kendall and drunkenly asked why, since Greenlee didn't love him anymore, they still felt so guilty. From across the room, Annie suspiciously eyed them both.

Angie and Jesse arrived at the place where they first got married over twenty years earlier, and were stuck in a waiting room while a woman finished a phone call. When she returned and introduced herself, the couple realized that she must be related to the man that had married them. She told them that they were referring to her father, then shared that he had passed away six years prior, and said that they would have to go elsewhere if they wanted to renew their vows. Before they could leave, the family matriarch joined them, and she remembered Angie and Jesse without hesitation. After they offered their condolences, she told them that even though it wouldn't be legal, if they wanted to, they could recite their vows in front of her. They agreed and then, while the women went to change clothes, noted that they would have to do it all again someday to make it legal. Angie told Jesse that she didn't care as much about that as she did about getting a second chance with him. When they returned to the room, the matriarch told them that they need only say what was in their hearts and tearfully, they obliged. The two women took pictures and printed them out as a souvenir while Angie and Jessie gave sincere thanks. Then, as they prepared to go, Angie told her husband that she couldn't wait to get him home to celebrate their second wedding night. In turn, he told her that it would have to wait as he had many surprises in store for her.



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