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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 31, 2008 on GL
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Monday, March 31, 2008

The news of Gus's motorcycle accident quickly spread to his loved ones. At the hospital, the on-scene police officer told Jeffrey that Gus had been driving recklessly on Remy's motorcycle. As Gus had run a red light, a teenage driver hit him. When Jeffrey spoke to Gus, he explained that Olivia was okay, and Natalia was coming. Buzz went to get Harley. Struggling to speak, Gus asked Jeffrey not to worry Alan and Olivia because he would be fine. Jeffrey stared at Gus's neck brace and gauze-wrapped head. He grimaced at all the blood.

Ava wheeled Olivia into Gus's room, and Gus uttered, "You don't look so good...We don't look so good..." Gus made Olivia smile when he said he was like Evil Knievel, planning to scoop up Olivia, put her on the bike, and save her. As he struggled to breathe, Olivia told him that she saw her park, and it was the most beautiful thing anyone had done for her. Gus apologized for being unable to marry her because of his promise to Natalia, but he had wanted to do something to let her know that everyone loved her. Olivia laid her head on his chest.

When Olivia returned to her room, Jeffrey told her that her heart had been given to someone else. Since Olivia had been missing earlier when she had gone to the park, the hospital didn't risk holding it until she was located. Later Buzz sat with Olivia. He kept her spirits up with a few jokes. Olivia told him that she never meant to hurt him and she had loved him very much. She hoped that he didn't hate her. Buzz said that life was full of a lot of good times and bad. Olivia, huffing to breathe, asked which she had been for him. Buzz kissed her and said that she was the greatest of the great.

Later Ava sat down at Olivia's bedside. Hiccupping every breath, Olivia gave Ava instructions regarding Emma. Ava's stricken face flushed with tears, and Olivia reached for her. Ava laid her head on Olivia's chest. As Ava sobbed, Olivia stroked her hair.

Meanwhile Natalia and Harley rushed into the hospital together. Rick immediately asked Natalia to sign consent papers for surgery. Rick was unsure of the extent of Gus's head injuries, but he was anxious to stop Gus's hemorrhaging. Natalia took the papers and Rafe showed up. Too upset to see Gus, Rafe stormed off.

Harley went in to see Gus. Even though he didn't want painkillers, Harley nodded at the nurse to administer them. Every word was a struggle for Gus. Scared, Gus said that he wanted to be aware of everything that was happening. Gus muttered that he never finished Harley's house. She wearily replied that he could do it when he got better. Gus wanted to know if all the cars, including his brother-in-law Frank's, had gas. Tears seeped down Harley's face as she told him not to worry about Frank. Harley kissed him and then got very upset when the nurses tried to take him for surgery. She sobbed that she had to tell him something before it was too late.

Crying, Harley leaned over Gus and said, "Sweetie, Gus, Gus Aitoro, I have to tell you something. You're the love of my life. Forever and ever and ever and ever, okay? You have to fight, my love, so we can be together." Gus beckoned her closer and uttered, "You're the love of my life, too...We almost got it right..." His voice choked with tears, and he moaned, "I need to finish your house..." The nurses wheeled him out, and Harley sank to the floor outside his room. Cyrus showed up and held Harley as she cried.

Natalia spoke to Gus while he was in the hallway. She said she loved him and everyone would take care of him. She asked him to release his burdens and pain and let his loved ones care for him this time. Gus uttered for her not to cry. Natalia broke down and began praying. Rick handed her a bag of Gus's belongings before wheeling him into surgery.

After surgery, Rick sadly told Harley that he couldn't stop the bleeding. Natalia gasped and rushed to Gus's side. Harley asked Rick what was next. Rick said that Gus hung on by his own will. Appearing dazed, Harley wandered into Gus's room. After staring down at him, she clamped her hands over her face.

Meanwhile, at Towers, Alan got stuck with the food bill when he learned from his server that Gus hadn't paid it before leaving. Dinah swooped in and offered her credit card. Alan promised to repay her as soon as his financial mishap was cleared up. After Dinah left, Alan cursed Dinah because her credit card had expired. Alan tried to reason with the server about the bill. When the server didn't care about him being Alan Spaulding, Alan wound up leaving without paying. The server called the police.

After tricking Alan, Dinah went on a date with Mallet at Company. Dinah told Mallet that she missed him. Even though Mallet missed her as well, he frankly said that when they got together, things were usually explosive. He couldn't deal with that at this time in his life. He wasn't shutting the door on their relationship, but he felt that he had to deal with more pressing matters in his life. Dinah made a big presentation to Mallet of how sharp her mind had become. She claimed that she had been doing her rehab. With Mallet's love and support, she had gotten a clean bill of health. Mallet congratulated her and they held each other. They lingered in each other's arms for a few moments and then Dinah departed.

Over at the Beacon hotel, Lizzie lost the mood to make love with Bill when she discovered a newspaper announcement about a public auction at the mansion. Overcome by fond memories of growing up in the mansion, Lizzie became upset that her private things would be sold at auction. She spoke specifically of her childhood dollhouse, telling Bill how much it had meant to her.

Lizzie went by the hospital to see Lillian. Spotting Ava, she warned her to stay away from Bill. Lizzie learned that Olivia was dying and Gus was in the hospital. Ava retorted that the world didn't revolve around Lizzie and strode off. Later Lizzie moped around her hotel room while Bill met Dinah at the public auction. Bill reminded Dinah to keep quiet about their involvement with Alan's demise. Dinah agreed and then mischievously smiled to herself. Bill returned to the hotel with Lizzie's dollhouse. Upon seeing it, Lizzie smiled as if she were a little girl receiving it for the first time. She gratefully threw her arms around him.

Some time later, Alan stood outside the padlocked gates of the snow-blanketed mansion. As Dinah spied on him, he ripped down the public auction sign. Beth strolled up and hugged Alan as he clung to the gates.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

During a voiceover in a montage featuring Gus's friends and family, Gus said goodbye to Springfield. Once the montage ended, he flat-lined. Harley and Natalia each took a moment to kiss and touch his face. Harley laid her head on his chest, sobbing that she wanted him there, and she wanted him to be with her. Slowly Springfielders received the news. Gus's son Rafe heard from Natalia. Harley informed Alan when he burst into the hospital looking for Gus. Buzz received a phone call. He listened and then wordlessly hung up. At the police station, Mallet was devastated by a phone call and other police officers solemnly lowered their hats.

Meanwhile Olivia still lingered on. Jeffrey suggested to Ava and Olivia's doctor that Olivia not be told about Gus's worsening condition. When Jeffrey sat at Olivia's bedside, Olivia asked about Gus. Jeffrey replied that he was fine. Olivia closed her eyes, saying that Jeffrey made a wonderful husband. Ava checked on Gus. From the looks on everyone's faces, she figured out that he had died. Stifling her tears, Ava returned to Olivia's room. She slumped against the door silently sobbing. With one look at Ava, Jeffrey knew. He somberly gripped Olivia's hand as she slept. When Olivia awakened, she again asked Jeffrey about Gus. Jeffrey told her that Gus was waiting for her. Lazily blinking her eyes, Olivia replied that she knew Gus would wait for her.

Rick approached Natalia, Rafe, and Harley to tell them that Natalia had signed consent forms to donate Gus's organs. Harley didn't want to think about it at that time, but Rick told Natalia that she was the only one who could do it. When Natalia sat beside Gus's body, Mallet entered and noted that Gus was still hooked up to tubes. She explained about the organ donation. Mallet asked her to call if she needed him. He seemed deeply affected as he turned and left.

At her house, Natalia listened to Gus's last message to her on the answering machine. She slumped down on the windowsill and sobbed. Back at the hospital, Natalia learned that Gus was a match for an organ donation. In Gus's darkened hospital room she told Gus that she knew what he wanted. She felt that he really cared about Olivia and he loved her. A little angry, Natalia said that she felt like she'd given Olivia enough. Gus still would have been alive if he hadn't been racing around for Olivia. Natalia spoke of all the days and moments together that were gone because of Olivia. She sobbed that she couldn't do it. It was just too much.

Natalia rushed out of Gus's room and ran into Emma and her sitter. Emma gave Natalia a flower out of the bouquet she carried and said the rest were for her mother. Sobbing, Natalia reentered Gus's room. She laid the flower on his chest and sniffled. "All right, Nickie," she uttered. "All right."

Meanwhile when Rafe offered Alan bottled water, Alan clung to Rafe, telling him that he was all Alan had left. Rafe gently tore himself away, saying that his mother needed him. Grief-stricken, Alan stumbled back on a chair and covered his face in his hands. Some time later Daisy arrived at the hospital to console Rafe. Rafe told Daisy that he should have been with Gus instead of cranking out fake IDs with her. Daisy didn't think Rafe could blame himself for Gus's death. Still Rafe said that he was supposed to meet Gus but he hadn't. He went to find his mother, saying he would call Daisy later.

When Rafe found Natalia, she told him that Olivia would receive Gus's heart. Rafe grew angry and screamed, "No! No!" Natalia grabbed him and hugged him as he cried. Natalia and Rafe watched the orderlies wheel Gus from the room. Meanwhile, Jeffrey told Olivia to hang on because they had a heart for her. Everyone watched as Gus's body was wheeled next to an unconscious Olivia.

Meanwhile as Dinah signed papers buying Alan's assets, Alan trudged back into his shabby hotel room and made himself a drink. Beth followed him in and sadly sympathized about Gus. Alan dropped into a chair and said, "They wouldn't let me see my son. I didn't get to say goodbye to my boy." Beth held him. Beth wanted to get Alan out of the hotel, but Alan drank more, saying that he had nowhere to go. He'd lost everything. Beth offered to stay with Alan, but he took offense that she would stay there then go back to Rick. He yelled at her that he didn't want her pity and tossed her out.

In the meantime Dinah pranced barefooted around Alan's mansion, calling everything from the desk to the lampshades hers. She called Mallet and learned about Gus from one of the other police officers. Quickly she rushed out of the mansion and found Mallet at the police station. Beers in hand, Gus's co-workers and Dinah toasted to Gus.

Meanwhile Harley went home to deal with Zach and Jude. In the backyard, she told them that they were working on the house that Gus had built for them. It was very important to finish it because Gus was no longer there. One of the boys asked where Gus was.

Cyrus went to Company and asked Frank and Buzz to be there for Harley. As Harley held onto her boys, Cyrus, Frank, and Buzz walked into the backyard with bags of food. She hugged her father and brother, but she turned away when Cyrus reached for her. Frank gave Gus's badge to Zach and told old stories about Gus. In the kitchen Buzz and Harley discussed how the boys were handling the news. Harley didn't think it would register with them until the funeral. Harley wasn't sure how to live without Gus.

Back outside, Zach and Jude decided that working for Gus was more important than eating. They painted the fence with Frank and Cyrus. Frank suggested they make a book for Gus with pictures, drawings, and stories. Zach wanted to give the finished book to Rafe as a gift because Rafe hadn't gotten a chance to know Gus as well as they had. Harley went inside to get supplies for the book project and found flowers from Cyrus with a note reminding her that he loved her. Cyrus came up behind her and held her. Harley seemed hollow, murmuring that Gus had always been there for her.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Alan looked like a designer hobo as he walked by the lake with a plastic shopping bag in his grip. He strode to the mansion, stopped at the gates, and peered down the long driveway. Meanwhile Dinah made herself at home inside the mansion, easily ordering Alan's servants to make a special meal for Mallet. Jeremy told her that Mr. Spaulding was outside the gates again. Dinah wondered how Alan looked and Jeremy replied, "Sad." Mallet soon arrived to find a special cheese steak for him in Alan's parlor. Mallet told Hilda that the mansion's new owner couldn't buy the chief of police. Still he sat down to eat the irresistible sandwich.

After Mallet finished his meal, Dinah came down the stairs and announced that she owned the house. She claimed that some investments she had made before her accident had paid her enough dividends to afford it. She told Mallet that Alan didn't know about it and she didn't want to fight with Alan after what had happened with Gus. When Dinah asked Mallet to see her favorite room in the house, Mallet grew distant, saying he couldn't go upstairs with her for fun and pretend it didn't mean anything in light of all that had happened. Dinah thought their lovemaking would mean everything because of what had happened with Gus. Mallet thanked her for the food but said he was returning to the station.

Meanwhile Alan wandered into Company and sat down at the bar. He talked with Buzz, telling him that his last words to Gus were angry words. Buzz told Alan that he wasn't an entirely bad person. Alan said that Buzz was more of a father to Gus than he had been. Buzz wondered what was in Alan's plastic shopping bag. Alan said all his worldly possessions. Gus wasn't the only thing he had lost. Alan explained that he had been kicked out of his dingy hotel and his home had been seized. He didn't even have enough money to pay for the coffee Buzz had served him. Buzz readily invited Alan to live at the boardinghouse attached to Company. Alan looked up in surprise.

Buzz showed Alan to a small room upstairs. After he left, Ashlee sat down beside Alan with a blanket. She said she knew how it felt to be alone. She wrapped the blanket around Alan and startled him with a hug and several kisses on his cheek. Back downstairs, Buzz ran into Natalia and Rafe. He learned from them that Gus's heart went into Olivia's body. Rafe asked Buzz what Olivia was like and Buzz called her a loving, generous woman deserving of Gus's heart. Alan came down the stairs and overheard them. "Gus's heart?" he bellowed. "Is there nothing that woman won't take?"

Alan and Natalia exchanged sympathies for their losses. Alan bitterly said that Harley and Olivia were the same women who had destroyed Phillip. When he placed his hand on Rafe's shoulder, Natalia said, "I'm very sorry that you lost your son, Alan. Please don't mess with mine." She and Rafe left. Alan went back upstairs, where Buzz told him to wake up early if he wanted a shower because Frank was a shower hog. As Buzz left, Alan stared at a picture of Gus on the dresser. He curled up on the tiny bed and hugged Gus's picture.

Meanwhile Natalia and Rafe waited around at the hospital until Natalia finally wondered why she even cared about what happened to Olivia. Rafe murmured that it was Gus's heart. Natalia told him that Gus was gone. She realized that there was nothing for them at the hospital and asked Rafe to leave with her.

About that time, Harley was depressed at home. Cyrus overheard her saying to a bill collector: "We've just had a death in the family. My husband-never mind..." After Harley hung up on the bill collector, she urged Cyrus not to worry about her and to go to work. Cyrus went to Towers and spotted Vanessa at the bar. Hiding behind a plant, he called her cell phone and breathed heavily into the phone. Vanessa didn't know who the caller was. She ordered him to stop harassing her and hung up the phone.

In the meantime, Harley approached Natalia as she sat outside by the lake. Natalia told Harley that Olivia got Gus's heart. As they walked together, Harley said Gus would have wanted it that way. After all, his life was about sacrificing for people. Natalia grew angry with "Gus and his damn sacrifices." Natalia said Gus had sacrificed to keep Natalia safe. Then he had sacrificed himself for Olivia. Natalia didn't think it was fair. Harley agreed, but she said that was who Gus had been. Gus had died the way he lived. Harley took comfort in that. Natalia said she couldn't do the same.

When Harley visited Vanessa at the darkened TV station to ask her to do a tribute to Gus, Vanessa said, "I heard from that fan again." She handed Harley a check and asked Harley to stop the person from harassing her. Harley gave her word that they would. Harley returned home and excitedly told Cyrus about the check from Vanessa. She held the check to her chest, certain that somehow Gus had made the job happen. She said Gus was taking care of his family from the grave. Cyrus awkwardly agreed with her.

Later Harley arrived at the station and volunteered to box up Gus's things. Harley and Mallet had beers in the balcony of the courtroom where they talked about Gus. Harley wished she had been able to take some of Gus's burdens from him. After visiting with Mallet, Harley went home. Buzz joined her and the boys in painting the living room. Zach wondered if Gus knew that they were finishing what he had started, and Harley said Gus did. Some time later, Rafe and Natalia arrived. Harley hugged Natalia and then handed them both paint brushes. Harley smiled at Rafe, cupped his face, and kissed his cheek.

Meanwhile, dressed in a security uniform at the Beacon, Cyrus put on latex gloves. He placed a note that said, "I am everywhere," on Vanessa's bed. As he was leaving with a bag in his hand, Vanessa entered the room and caught him.

In the meantime, Coop struggled to write an article about Gus for the paper. He asked Ashlee to go with him to Harley's, but Ashlee said that she had a doctor's appointment. Coop seemed concerned, but Ashlee said it was just girl stuff. Coop told Ashlee that Blake wanted him to move out of the boardinghouse, but Coop thought he'd be turning his back on his family. Ashlee encouraged him to move in order to help his career.

While Coop went through more book negotiations, Ashley saw a doctor to discuss weight loss surgery. She said it was her dream to walk into the mall, try something on, and feel good. Her family and friends loved her, but Ashley said she wanted to love herself. They discussed diet and exercise, but she said neither had helped her. When the doctor asked her why she had made the decision, she said that when a friend of hers had died, she decided that life was too short to be unhappy with herself. Later as Coop drank a beer and appeared quite satisfied with himself, Ashley rode a treadmill at the gym. She got off, looking defeated as she wiped sweat from her face.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Harley sat on the floor of her bedroom crying and clutching the wedding gown she had married Gus in. Harley donned her dress and went to the backyard to have a cup of tea. Later, she returned inside, redressed, and dealt with more phone calls from bill collectors. Marina surprised her with a visit. Marina said that Harley's house had always seemed like a Cooper refuge. Harley told her that it always would be. She expressed that Marina's visit meant everything in the world to her. They hugged and talked about Gus.

Meanwhile Vanessa found out that Cyrus was her stalker. Sympathizing with the Cooper family, Vanessa decided not to call the police on Cyrus; however, she told Cyrus to stay away from her or else she would have him arrested. Cyrus went home and opened the kitchen door to find Marina and Harley together. Upon seeing Cyrus, Marina caught her breath and suddenly decided that she had to go. She said she had thought she was ready to move passed their problems, but she realized that she wasn't. She apologized and left quickly.

Harley and Cyrus went for a run and slowed down near the lake. Harley seemed anxious to return home and find a dress to wear to Gus's funeral, a funeral she was certain Natalia hadn't started planning. Harley said she didn't think Natalia would know what Gus, a former cop, would want for his funeral. Then she changed the subject to how Marina was still so hurt and said that Gus would know what to do. Harley worried herself into a panic attack. Cyrus talked her through it.

Meanwhile Vanessa ran into Marina at Company. After talking about Gus, Vanessa mentioned that Marina was blessed not to have Cyrus in her life any more. She told Marina that she had caught him in her room earlier. When Marina wondered what Cyrus could have been doing, Vanessa shrugged and said Harley and Cyrus had some bizarre business where he set up the crimes and Harley solved them. Vanessa said she didn't inform the police because she was tired of tangling with Cyrus. With a grave look on her face, Marina told Vanessa that the cops had just been informed.

After talking to Marina, Vanessa saw Lillian who updated her on Olivia's condition. Vanessa said that she would tell Bill how Olivia was doing because he worried about Emma. They commiserated about how hard times like those were and each said that they thought about Maureen every day. They decided to have coffee together.

Some time later, Marina saw Cyrus outside the library. After they had a tense but cordial talk about Cyrus adjusting to family life and changing his ways, Marina wondered if he had stolen his library card from Vanessa. She noted that he hadn't changed that much. Cyrus begged her not to tell Harley. Marina proposed that she and Cyrus have dinner next week. After dinner, Marina would forget the whole matter of Cyrus stalking Vanessa. Saying that she'd see him next week, Marina left.

In the hospital hallway, Ava saw Natalia for a brief moment. She tried to thank Natalia, but Natalia skirted away. Lillian found Natalia on a hospital bench and gave her Gus's personal affects. Natalia went to rest in a hospital room and she stared at Gus's wedding ring. Lillian came in and told her that Olivia's surgery was a success. They were waiting to see if Olivia's body would accept the heart. Natalia ran from the hospital. Fumbling to get into her car, she dropped Gus's things. Josh approached and helped her collect them. Natalia said she didn't know what to do with all of Gus's little odds and ends. After Natalia made a bitter comment about God, Josh asked her to come with him for a drink.

At Towers with Josh, Natalia regretted not finding Gus when she had been pregnant with Rafe. Josh told her not to wallow in regret. Natalia wondered why Olivia got to live but Gus had to die. Natalia always tried to live by God's plan and she wondered what she had done wrong. Josh said Gus's death wasn't God's punishment. Natalia wondered what else it could have been then if Olivia were the only one who won. Natalia left Josh at Towers.

Later Harley went to the small chapel. Josh walked in and told her that he had talked to Natalia. Harley asked how Natalia was doing and if she had mentioned anything about funeral arrangements. Josh said that Natalia wanted a small service because she was unsure if she could handle the planning or the people. Harley said that the people were all Gus's loved ones. A little bitter, Harley said Natalia should have felt honored. Harley decided that she would plan something, or she would call Natalia and they would plan something together. Josh suggested that Harley give Natalia space.

In the meantime, Natalia encountered Jeffrey outside. Jeffrey told her how brave she had been to make the decision about Gus's heart. Jeffrey asked Natalia if she would let Ava thank her. He seemed hesitant when he asked her if she would like to check in on Olivia. Natalia replied that had no desire to check on the woman who had everything that she and her son had lost.

Meanwhile Harley redressed in her old wedding gown. Out in the backyard, she leaned against a tree and called Mr. Cane for a casket for Gus. She told Mr. Cane that she was Mrs. Aitoro.

Over at Cross Creek, Reva found out by reading the newspaper that Jeffrey had married Olivia. Jeffrey apologized for not telling her sooner. Reva raised her brows, saying that she had become Jeffrey's mistress. Reva realized that Jeffrey did a desperate thing for good reasons. With Gus dead, Reva decided that she had nothing to complain about. She hugged and kissed Jeffrey. Jerking her head back, Reva added, "There's just one teeny, tiny problem. Olivia's not dead and you're still married."

At the hospital, Olivia awakened with a breathing tube in her mouth. She glanced at her heart monitor and then touched her chest. Her eyes widened in surprise. When Jeffrey and Ava visited, they chose not to tell Olivia that Gus had passed or that Gus's heart was in Olivia's body.

Reva visited Olivia in the hospital. She told Olivia that she was glad that she had made it, but Reva regretted that she had to tell everyone that she "bitch-slapped" Olivia for marrying her guy. Olivia laughed, telling Reva that she wanted Gus and was anxious to see him. Reva abruptly decided to leave. Olivia got upset, wondering what was wrong with Gus. Reva hesitated and then told Olivia that Gus had gone. In a choked voice, Reva said he didn't make it. She thought Olivia knew. Olivia didn't believe it, saying that she needed Gus. Reva uttered, "Oh, you've got've got him..."

Olivia said that she wanted to tell Gus that God had given her a heart. Reva replied that Gus had given her the heart. Olivia trembled and cried as Reva said that the heart inside of her belonged to Gus. Reva left and from the viewing window, watched Olivia as she cried. Later a morose Olivia told Ava that she didn't want Gus's heart. She didn't want to be alive if he were dead. Ava brought Emma into the room and Emma showed Olivia a picture she had drawn. Olivia just stared forward. Outside the room, Natalia strode up and peered into the room's viewing window. When she saw Olivia with Ava and Emma, she twisted Gus's wedding ring between her fingers and murmured that Gus had done a good thing.

Inside the room, Ava offered to let Emma feel their mother's new heart. When Ava guided Emma's outstretched hand toward it, Olivia said, "Don't touch it." Olivia wouldn't speak or interact with Emma. After a while, Ava took the child to get ice cream. Alone Olivia touched her chest. Tears flowed down her face as she said, "Gus..."

Friday, April 4, 2008


At Cedars, Ava tried to get Olivia to eat, but a depressed Olivia refused. Ava asked if this was what Olivia was going to do with Gus's gift but Olivia stated that she could not do it. Olivia seemed to feel guilty that Gus was dead while she was alive. Ava tried to tell Olivia that it was supposed to happen. When Olivia said that she did not want it, Ava responded that she and Emma wanted it. She proceeded to tell Olivia that she and Emma both needed her and that Ava's baby needed her. Ava then told her mother that she was pregnant. Later, Ava admitted to Jeffrey that she lied to Olivia about being pregnant to give Olivia some hope. Ava asked Jeffrey not to tell Olivia the truth.

Sam arrived at the hospital and tried to cheer Olivia up, but his attempts at humor failed to induce a smile. Sam told his sister that it was okay; he was happy enough for both of them.

As Lizzie went for a stroll with Bill, she asked him if he missed being available. Bill assured Lizzie that he had become a one-woman man. Bill told her not to worry, but Lizzie admitted that she was afraid that something was going to happen to ruin their relationship. Later, Bill saw Ava outside Company and offered to buy her a cup of coffee. Bill told Ava he heard about Olivia and was happy that she was doing okay. Ava told Bill that she wanted to go to Gus's funeral on Olivia's behalf and asked Bill to go with her if he was not going with Lizzie. Bill replied that he was going with Lizzie. Talk turned to Olivia and an upset Ava told Bill that Olivia was not taking her second chance at life very well. Ava worried that Olivia's body could reject the heart and Bill pulled her into an embrace to comfort her. Ava responded by kissing him and Bill pulled away and told her that he was with Lizzie. Bill told Ava that since she and he were never serious, there was no reason for her to be upset. Ava got angry and blurted out that she was pregnant and asked if that was reason enough.

Rafe saw Alan outside Company and asked if it was true that he had lost everything. Alan admitted that he lost his house but at that time, he didn't care about that. He was more upset about losing his son. Alan went on to say that he actually lost Gus years earlier and told Rafe that living in "this rat hole" was payback for not being a very good father to Gus. Rafe told Alan that he missed Gus too. Alan told Rafe that he knew that Gus was a good father to him and that he loved Rafe. Rafe replied that Gus did love Alan, which Alan admitted that he knew.

Harley crawled out of bed. After looking at a picture of Gus, she began to take a shower and broke into tears. Afterwards, she went down to the kitchen and was surprised to see Daisy making breakfast. Harley said that she had to take care of things for Gus. Daisy told Harley that Gus would want Harley to take care of herself but Harley was not interested. Harley said that Daisy was in charge of getting everyone ready since Harley had to run some errands. Daisy asked what she was supposed to tell Cyrus but Harley dismissively told Daisy to just let him sleep. Harley went to Natalia's to talk about the funeral. When Natalia seemed disinterested, Harley stated that the whole town loved Gus and Natalia could not keep that from them. Natalia responded that she did not care about them. Harley asked if she cared about what Gus might have wanted and argued that the people who loved Gus needed to say goodbye. Harley told Natalia that there was a service planned for Gus. Natalia seemed put out that Harley planned something since she was not Gus's wife. Harley told Natalia to start acting like Gus's wife and walked off.

Daisy delivered some breakfast to Rafe and asked if she could go to the funeral with him. Rafe told her that he did not think she should and Daisy defensively stated that she loved Gus too. Rafe told her that he never said she should not go to the funeral, just that she should not go with him. Daisy told Rafe that she needed him and Rafe responded that his mother needed him too. Rafe told Daisy that he had to be with his mother and take care of her and not upset her. Daisy asked if this was the end for them and Rafe told her that he was going to get out of their lease. Daisy said she cared about being with him. Rafe kissed her and said that he was sorry.

Harley was at the church with Cyrus finalizing the funeral arrangements. When Cyrus saw the price he balked and asked if this was First Class, what was Coach? Harley responded that Gus deserved the very best. Cyrus tried to convince Harley that they could not afford the funeral but Harley was adamant. Harley argued that she wanted to do this for Rafe, for Natalia, and for Gus. Later, people began arriving for the service. Frank hugged his sister and assured her that Gus loved her. Harley got upset when she saw Alan at the church and came close to asking if he had to be there. Alan asked who chose the flowers, Harley or Natalia? Cyrus offered to toss Alan out, but Buzz warned Cyrus that he would have to toss him out as well since he brought Alan. Suddenly the police arrived and the honor guard played "Amazing Grace" on bagpipes for their fallen comrade. Meanwhile, Alan approached Natalia and told her that as Gus's widow, she should be the one in charge, not Harley. Natalia sarcastically thanked Alan for reminding her of that and walked off.

Lizzie arrived at the church with Bill. Seeing Ava there, Lizzie sarcastically asked why she was there-and asked if she had a hot date after the funeral. Ava defended herself by pointing out that she was there for Olivia. Ava then mentioned that she felt sorry for Rafe losing his father. She made a point to tell Bill that no child should grow up without a father.

Alexandra arrived at the church and comforted Alan over the loss of his son.

During the funeral service, Harley began to give a eulogy to Gus and had a very hard time getting through it. She described Gus as a tornado that swept into town and said it was impossible to believe that he was gone. Harley could not continue and Alan gently took over and delivered his own eulogy to Gus. Alan talked about what a shock it was that someone so full of life, so vibrant, could be gone. Alan stated that he would never recover from the loss of his son. He stated that Gus never let Alan give him anything because Gus was content with what he had. Alan told everyone that he was honored to have Gus as a son. Next, Rafe walked to the podium with Zach and Jude. After handing the flag to the boys, Rafe gave his own eulogy. Rafe stated that they were Gus's sons. He insisted that Zach and Jude were as much Gus's sons as he was. He said that Gus was a good cop and both Zach and Jude said that they missed him. Rafe declared that Gus was a good dad. Mallet, Jeffrey, Buzz, Frank, and Lizzie all spoke kind words, as did Ava who talked about how Gus gave her family another chance and that his sacrifice would not be in vain.

Harley got up to speak again and talked about her life with Gus. Harley stated that they never had a normal moment. She said that their life was filled with craziness but it was a wonderful crazy. Harley admitted that there were things she wished she could have changed but she was thankful that Gus lived long enough to receive the gift of his son, Rafe. About her love for Gus, Harley stated that if one was lucky to have found love like that, even if it had to end, one was blessed. Finally, Natalia got up to speak. Natalia informed everyone that she was originally against the ceremony but admitted that she was wrong. She stated that she was so wrapped up in her own grief that she could not see all the people who loved Gus. Natalia said that Nicky-Gus-was her first and last love. Natalia asked if it was worse to love someone that much and lose them or never to have loved them at all, but knew the answer to that. Natalia stated that Gus lived on in the one family he created in all of

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