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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 24, 2008 on GL
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Monday, March 24, 2008

Cyrus and Harley met with Roc Hoover for drinks at Towers to discuss Roc turning their investigative escapades into a crime novel. At the end of the meeting, Harley was embarrassed when two of her credit cards were declined. Roc paid for the drinks but decided that Harley and Cyrus might be too preoccupied to work on his novel. In the elevator, Cyrus expressed concern for Harley's finances, but she brushed it off, saying it was just money and they didn't need much.

After Harley and Gus encountered each other at Company, Harley exited with a case of Ramen Noodles under her arm. Once outside, Gus asked if her new business and partner were working out of her. Harley said that she used to think her happiness began and ended with Gus. Things had changed; she had Cyrus and he had Natalia. Harley beat a hasty retreat but turned to look back at Gus. He inclined his head and they parted ways.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Mallet spoke to Marina's doctor who said that Marina had developed a fever after surgery. The doctor told Mallet that Marina's spirit seemed broken. In Marina's room, Mallet encouraged her to fight the sickness. Marina told him that she missed him. She kissed him and called him Cyrus.

Later Cyrus charmed Monica, a bank representative, into checking into Harley's finances. Monica revealed startling information to Cyrus on her PDA. Before they could discuss it, Mallet interrupted and escorted Cyrus to Marina's hospital room to talk to her alone. After he sat down, Marina asked him to tell Mallet she didn't need a pep talk. She became tearful, realizing she needed to talk to Cyrus so that she could move on. Cyrus said he never meant to hurt her and Marina said she believed him. He tried to tell her that someday she would find a man for her, but Marina didn't want to hear that. Cyrus asked if they could be friends. Marina tearfully agreed.

In the meantime, Mallet went to the station. While he was working, Harley visited him. She explained that sometimes Frank would give her police cases that perhaps she could work on. Mallet said he couldn't give her police cases because Cyrus was untrustworthy. Sarcastically, Harley wondered why it wasn't okay for her to be with Cyrus, but it was okay for Mallet to steal Frank's job. Mallet grew upset. Harley attempted to apologize, but Mallet asked her to leave.

A little later, Mallet returned to see Marina and discovered that she was on her feet and ready to get on with her life. Even though he was glad that she was better, Mallet hated to credit Cyrus for her mood change. Marina replied that she and Cyrus had said goodbye, and "Sometimes goodbye sounds a lot like hello."

Cyrus went home and found Harley cooking Ramen Noodles. He presented her with champagne and steaks. When Harley asked if he had robbed a bank, Cyrus showed her a check, saying that Cassie had given him an advance. Harley didn't believe him and noted that the watch Alexandra had given him was missing from his wrist. Cyrus responded that they were in it together. He kissed her and they opened the champagne.

Meanwhile Gus caught up with Natalia outside Rafe's school and offered to accompany her to meet with Rafe's counselors. Natalia seemed to doubt Gus's support and Gus explained that he had not chosen Olivia over her. Gus said that the doctors had given Olivia two weeks to live. He wondered if Natalia would respect him if he turned his back on Olivia at that point. They discussed how Natalia had run out of the hotel room the other day after demanding to have her husband back. Natalia questioned why Gus hadn't gone after her. Gus said that he thought she needed space, but Natalia thought that if she had been Harley, Gus would have run after her. Natalia decided that Gus's lack of passion kept him from chasing her.

Later, outside Olivia's hotel room, Natalia bumped into Olivia. She told Olivia that she knew that Gus had stayed with her because of the doctor's prognosis and wondered if there was anything she could do for her. Olivia suggested Natalia stop holding Gus to a promise that they had made when they were teens. Olivia said that Gus's heart wasn't in their marriage. Even though she was dying, Olivia said that she at least knew where she stood with Gus. Natalia, however, didn't know where she stood with Gus, and Olivia pitied her for that.

At Towers, Gus and Olivia sat Ava down to sign papers so that Olivia's affairs would be in order upon her death. Ava tearfully signed them. After Ava left, Olivia revealed to Gus what she had told Natalia earlier. She asked him if she had been out of line to speak on his feelings. Gus said that he had seen Harley earlier in the day. When Harley basically admitted to loving Cyrus, Gus realized that even though he could be a good husband to Natalia, their marriage could never be like it had been with Harley.

Back in Olivia's hotel room, Gus wondered if Olivia were bothered by his connection to Harley. Olivia said that she understood passion, but she didn't understand just going through the motions. Gus confided that when he looked into Natalia's eyes, he wasn't sure that he could give her what she needed. "Maybe not," Olivia uttered before passionately kissing him.

Meanwhile, dressed in Harley's clothes, Daisy conned her way through an apartment interview. She lied to the agent about her age, educational background, and earnings. When she found Rafe later, she told him that they had been granted a lease. Showing Rafe her fake ID, she said that G had taught her to make them. She planned to get their deposit and first month's rent by lying to Harley that she needed money for a field trip.

At home Daisy tried to butter up Harley for "field trip" money, but Harley couldn't afford to give it to her. Daisy said Harley would get bored with Cyrus and maybe then she'd have time for her daughter. Harley asked Daisy not to say things she'd regret, and Daisy said she only regretted that Harley was her mother.

Daisy stormed out and went to see Rafe at Company. She told him that Harley chose to give money to Cyrus instead of her. Rafe mentioned that Lewis Construction was hiring and then promised they would be together. Daisy went to Towers alone and used her fake ID to get a drink. She ran into a schoolmate who complimented her fake ID. He offered to pay her a hundred dollars for one and said that he probably had ten friends who'd also want one.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

When Josh stopped by Jeffrey's office to drop off paperwork regarding Will, Jeffrey said that he might not get to it that day. He further explained that he was prosecuting Alan on eight counts including, but not limited to, tax fraud, money laundering, and conspiracy. Josh asked how they caught Alan, and Jeffrey suspected that it was an inside job.

In the meantime, Bill and Dinah gloated about bringing down the Spauldings by using Phillip as a weapon. Alan's first court appearance was that day, and Bill warned that it might be Alan's first chance to wiggle out of his problems. Dinah said "Phillip" wouldn't let that happen.

Meanwhile Alan and Alexandra worried about the impending court hearing regarding Alan's corrupt finances. Alexandra bickered with Alan for trusting Phillip, who had yet to come to their rescue. Alex doubted Phillip would ever show up and went for a drink at Towers. While there, Dinah approached Alex and annoyed her by pretending to have no control over her cognitive skills. After Alex rushed away from her, Dinah reveled in seeing the Spauldings crumble.

About that time, Beth went to the mansion to see Alan. As she text messaged Phillip about how she missed him, Beth told Alan to say what he wanted from her so she could pick up Ella, Peyton's sitter, and get to the hospital. Alan told her that someone had planted evidence in the house for the Feds to find, and he shared his suspicions that Phillip was trying to take him down. He noted that Beth had been receiving messages from Phillip. Beth said that Phillip didn't set him up. Alan wanted to believe that, but he suspected that Phillip had fooled them all.

Later on Main Street, Beth tried to reach Phillip, but the phone said customer not found. After having pie with Josh, she visited with Lillian for a while at the hospital. Lillian asked Beth about apartment hunting, but Beth dismissed it, saying everything would work out fine. When she and her mother parted company, Beth asked Ella where Peyton was. Ella replied that she thought Beth had her. Beth panicked, realizing her child was missing.

Meanwhile, Gus awakened in a chair in Olivia's hotel room and told her that he needed to go to court that morning. He had decided to help his father with his financial crisis for Emma's sake. At the courthouse, Alan noted Gus was distracted as they strategized. When Alan spotted Dinah in the court's balcony, he asked her why she was there. She claimed to be covering the hearing for the TV station. Alan replied that he didn't want to be the center of her charity work.

Ava arrived at court to support Alan. After Alan thanked her, Jeffrey pulled her aside to see how she was holding up. Jeffrey asked Ava to spend time with her mother instead of hanging around at the courthouse, and Ava left before the hearing started.

During the hearing, Alan's cell phone rang, interrupting the proceedings. Alan answered and found out from Beth that Peyton was missing. Alan told the judge that he had to leave. The judge ordered Alan to stay but Alan left. Jeffrey offered to continue the hearing with Gus alone.

At the hospital, Beth and Alan worried about Peyton. When Beth spoke to Dinah about it, Alan told Beth that talking to Dinah was a waste of time because Dinah couldn't even put on her shoes. As Dinah lurked quietly in the background, Lillian brought Peyton down the hall, saying that she thought Beth had left Peyton in the nurse's room as a surprise for her.

Meanwhile, Lizzie snuck out of the Spaulding mansion and met Bill on a roadside. She argued with him about disappearing from her room the other day. He told her that he had business to take care of and then asked her to wait for him once again while he took care of more business. Lizzie balked, but he kissed her and talked her into waiting for him.

Lizzie went to the Beacon and placed roses all over Bill's bed. Ava barged in and trampled the roses as she rolled on the bed, telling Lizzie that she had slept with Bill after he saw Lizzie out with Lawrence. Lizzie didn't believe Ava until she snatched a forgotten bra from underneath a pillow and Ava left.

When Bill showed up at the hotel, Lizzie threw an ice bucket at him and yelled at him about Ava. Bill admitted that he had slept with Ava, but he said that Lizzie had turned her back on him. He reasoned that he could sleep with Ava because he didn't have feelings for her. He said Lizzie had a hold on him that he couldn't shake. In the middle of arguing, they began having angry sex. Afterward, Lizzie asked him if he were going to look for reasons to keep them apart again. Bill asked her to move in with him. Giggling, she and Bill slipped under the covers.

Meanwhile in the hallway at the Beacon, Olivia peeked into one of her hotel rooms to see a bride dressing for her ceremony. Afterward, Olivia went the farm and waited for Josh in his kitchen. When he arrived, Olivia asked him to marry her. Josh said that he was currently married to Cassie, but Olivia was welcome to make a reservation. Olivia clarified that she wanted him to marry her to Gus. Confused, Josh recalled that he had already married Gus to Natalia. She said it would be in spirit, but Josh told her that he couldn't perform an illegal marriage. He advised that Natalia and Gus divorce, but Olivia said she didn't have time. She apologized and left, murmuring that she just didn't want to die alone.

Meanwhile after the hearing, Dinah congratulated Jeffrey on sticking it to Alan. She asked him why he didn't mention Alan's misuse of the U-7 code. Jeffrey wondered how Dinah knew about that, and Dinah said she had researched it. When Jeffrey grew suspicious, Dinah again pretended that her brain was not properly working and Jeffrey dropped the matter.

After leaving court, Jeffrey visited Olivia and found her in the bride's room with a wedding dress in her lap. Teary-faced, she wondered why brides needed to change their dresses for the reception. She said a gown like that should have to be pried off the bride. Jeffrey grew concerned and took the dress from her. Hugging her, he said that the dress wasn't hers. She knew it wasn't but said her emotions were just out of control. She said she wanted to marry Gus even though he was married to Natalia. Jeffrey offered to help by performing the ceremony.

Back at the courthouse, Gus seemed distraught. Ava spoke to him briefly as he packed up for the day. He went back to the Spaulding mansion and sat alone in the parlor in Alan's chair. Finally Alan and Beth entered with Peyton. Alan asked Gus how his hearing went. When Gus said that there was nothing more he could do, Alan told him that Emma's future depended on them beating the problem. He instructed Gus to check on Olivia and Emma and then return to the house to strategize. Gus wearily dragged himself out of the seat and left the house.

Alan sat down with Beth and told her that someone had taken Peyton on purpose. He suggested that Beth leave town with James, Peyton, and Lizzie. He added that he needed to avoid his tax problem. Showing Beth a travel brochure, Alan asked her to go with him on a trip. Beth worried about leaving Rick. He asked her to think about it, saying that he wouldn't leave without her and Peyton, even if it meant going to prison. The entire time they talked, Dinah listened in from a wiretap she had apparently planted in the house.

Meanwhile Ashlee discovered a depressed Frank at the church and couldn't cheer him up. She had Buzz and Coop come down but they were just as glum, commiserating about Frank's job and the friction between Harley and Marina. Ashlee noted that she'd never before met such a depressed group of men. Coop asked her how women dealt with depressing issues, and Ashlee decided to take them on a field trip to Ruby's for pedicures. At first Buzz said that he didn't want Lillian ever to know he had been there. After Ashlee massaged his hands with lotion, Buzz wondered why he and his sons hadn't done that type of thing before.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Since Beth and Alan suspected that Phillip had taken Peyton, Alan pressed Beth to leave town with him. He told Beth to continue text messaging Phillip as if they weren't suspicious of him and Beth complied. Dinah received Beth's text message and responded as Phillip. Alan suggested to Beth that they would go to San Gabriel and make a home with the children. Beth seemed unsure, asking how long they would be gone. Lizzie interrupted to announce that she was moving in with Bill. Alan disagreed, saying that she was headed to San Gabriel with them. Beth decided that if Alan let Lizzie have her own life, Beth would leave immediately with Alan for San Gabriel. Lizzie left, pulling a suitcase behind her. Beth told Alan that the trip would be short and she exited with Peyton.

Once Beth left the mansion, Alan called his detective to get his weekly update about Jonathan Randall. All the while, Dinah listened in through headphones as she strolled outside. Bill approached Dinah and she told him about the listening device she had planted. She explained that Lizzie had stood up to Alan and that Alan was trying to flee the country. Dinah decided that the next step was to tip off the authorities about Alan's trip. Bill agreed and left.

Meanwhile Alan brought Lizzie back to the parlor and told her that the Feds might find some misappropriated money in her trust fund. Lizzie was shocked that Alan would threaten her with federal prison. Alan then talked about Jonathan and Sarah. He said he knew where Sarah went to daycare. Since Alan had Beth and Peyton, Lizzie didn't understand why he needed her. Dinah, who still tuned into her Spaulding soap opera, said aloud, "Because he's twisted like a pretzel, that's why." Dinah cursed Alan when she heard Lizzie agree to leave the country with him.

After talking to his sister, Bill met Lizzie and wondered where her bags were. She told him that the butler had taken her bags to his place. Holding him, she said that she had waited her whole life for a man she wanted to want her back. Bill wanted to go home, but Lizzie said she had something to do first. As Bill left, Lizzie regretfully watched him walk away.

Back at the Spaulding mansion, Beth met Alan outside with the children. She was surprised to see Lizzie grumpily joining them. As they all filed into the limo to leave, Bill called Lizzie and left several messages wondering where she was. Later Bill asked Dinah if she had overheard anything on her listening devices about Lizzie's whereabouts.

Some time later, Alan's gray stretch limo stopped suddenly and Alan asked the driver, Henry, what the problem was. Henry said someone was blocking the path. Suddenly Bill yanked open the door and pulled Lizzie out of the car. Lizzie refused to leave, but Beth demanded that Lizzie go with Bill. Outside the car, Beth told Alan that she would take the kids back to Rick if Alan didn't let Lizzie go. Lizzie said that Alan would hurt Jonathan and Sarah. Beth told Alan he wasn't going to hurt anyone. Alan agreed that Lizzie could go, but warned that she would come back on her own because she was a Spaulding.

Beth and Alan argued in the car about family loyalty. Beth warned him about messing with Jonathan and Sarah. Just then the pilot called to tell Alan that the police had been tipped off that he was trying to leave the country and the plane was surrounded. Beth said Phillip's name and Alan commanded Henry to turn the car around. Upon returning to the mansion, Alan found the gates barred. Two plainclothes men informed Alan that all of his assets had been seized. As they led him away, Alan told Beth to call his lawyers.

Meanwhile in the parking lot at the station, Mallet discovered his car had been decorated with congratulatory balloons and signs. Dinah walked up as he removed the balloons. Mallet thanked her but reminded her that the job was temporary. Dinah recalled that Mallet had once had a dream before she had been shot. He had wanted to make a difference and perhaps he could as the new chief. Mallet repeated that the job was temporary. Dinah spoke about fresh starts and asked him about his evening plans. Mallet then received a phone call telling him that he had paperwork to do. "Payroll? I have to do that?" he said into the phone as Dinah walked away.

Meanwhile, Gus found Natalia stranded on the roadside in her clunker of a car and wondered why she hadn't called him. Inside the car they talked about their marriage. He told her that he wanted to support Olivia as a family member should, but he wanted a real family with Natalia and Rafe. He turned the key in the ignition and her car started. Natalia followed Gus to a service station. Once there, Alan called Gus and made remarks that led Gus to think Alan might go after custody of Emma. Natalia told Gus to go take care of the problem. Gus wanted to take care of Natalia instead and she promised that he could do that later.

Meanwhile Ava found her mother at the nail shop and Olivia blissfully announced that she was marrying Gus in a surprise ceremony. Ava thought there was no such thing as a surprise wedding. Even so, Olivia said that if she were going to die, she wanted to be Mrs. Gus Aitoro. Later, Ava and Emma dressed for the wedding and met Jeffrey at Towers. Olivia joined them wearing a simple spring dress that she thought she'd never wear again. When Gus met them at Towers, he told Olivia that he didn't want to ruin whatever event she had going on, but he thought they needed to prepare themselves for problems with Alan. When Gus noticed the bouquet, he asked who was getting married. Olivia stared at him expectantly.

Olivia and Gus sat down together and he pointed out that he was already a married man. Olivia explained, "I don't care about a license and no one else has to know except me as long as I get to be your wife for a little while-a week, a day, a moment." She said that she had messed up all her relationships, and even if this were only a friendship, she wanted to hold onto something pure in her life. She sighed. Looking at Gus's expression, she realized that he didn't really want to marry her.

Gus said that he'd do anything for her and she added, "But not this." Gus explained to her that she didn't need to erase her past or wash away her sins. She was perfect as she was. Gus told her that he was there for her for as long as she needed. Olivia said that she understood and he could go. Gus didn't want to leave her like that, but she insisted. Once the elevator doors closed behind Gus, Olivia tore off her veil and exited through the stairwell. She tried to run down the stairs, but a painful sensation swelled in her chest and she crouched down on the steps crying.

Jeffrey found Olivia on the stairs and said he had been to worse weddings. Olivia dubbed herself a cliché, the wicked woman who found faith in the end. She realized that getting married at the end of her life was just another mistake in a long line of them. Jeffrey said he didn't really know what love was but he would be damned if he would let her give up. Since he was wearing a suit and she a gown, Jeffrey asked what she thought about marrying him.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

While Alexandra stood in the parlor at the mansion ordering the Feds to shoot Alan for losing their house and family heirlooms, Bill gave Lizzie what he considered to be the best gift a man could give a woman: closet space in his hotel room. Later, down at the police station, Alex told Alan that their bank accounts were frozen and the attorneys wouldn't return her calls. Alan swore that Mallet that Phillip had framed him. Alan claimed that Phillip broke into his files and cooked his books.

Mallet placed Alan in a cell and Alan appeared claustrophobic as he stared at the bars. A short time later, Gus visited him in lockup. Alan seemed overjoyed to see a family member, saying he needed to get out because of Emma. Gus told Alan he had a funny way of asking for favors. Somehow his requests always seemed commingled with threats. While Gus had no doubt Alan would rise from this incident like a Phoenix from the ashes, he said that someone like Olivia, when they were down, went out in flames.

At the Spaulding mansion, Dinah somehow broke in and was sitting in Alan's chair lighting up a cigar when Bill and Lizzie entered the parlor. Lizzie went to get her belongings and Bill asked Dinah to come out of hiding. Bill worried about how Mallet and Lizzie would take the fact that Dinah and he were behind Alan's demise. He asked Dinah to keep up the pretense that Phillip did it; Dinah seemed anxious to reveal her cunningness to Alan.

Some time later, Lizzie encountered Doris Wolfe outside on the phone talking about Alan. After her call, Lizzie asked Doris what happened to Alan, and Doris said that Phillip set him up to lose everything, even the house. Lizzie didn't believe her father would do that; Phillip loved the house. Doris shrugged and walking away, and said he hated Alan more.

Inside the jail, Lizzie saw Alan as he was being transferred to another facility. Lizzie was glad when Mallet said that no one had bailed Alan out of jail. She wanted Alan away for a long time. Lizzie left and Bill entered from another direction. Alan wondered if Bill were there to gloat. Bill replied that he was there to bail Alan out.

After Bill bailed Alan out of jail, Alan asked Bill why he did it. Bill ordered Alan to stay away from Lizzie and Sarah. If he didn't, Bill would have the bail revoked. Realizing that he was a broken man, Alan agreed. Humbly, he asked Bill for hotel money. Bill handed him a bill and Alan scoffed at the amount. Later Alan learned that he didn't have enough money to stay in the same dive where Jonathan had stayed. He wound up giving the owner a very expensive watch in exchange for a three-night stay.

While Mallet called Dinah for a lunch date, Bill returned home and smiled when he saw Lizzie come out of the bathroom in a towel. Bill said she didn't have to worry about her grandfather any more. Lizzie wondered what Bill had done. Instead of replying, he kissed her.

Meanwhile Jeffrey went down to the courthouse and asked Doris Wolfe to perform his wedding to Olivia later that day. Back at Cross Creek Jeffrey unscrewed a lampshade and contemplated improvising its brass washer for a wedding band. He looked at Reva's picture and said that he knew that most of all she would understand why he was doing this.

As Olivia dressed in her hotel room, Gus called. She listened to him leave a message saying that even though he couldn't marry her, he would always be there for her. Olivia wanted her to call him back and say she understood. Ava arrived and Olivia announced that she was still getting married. With Emma in tow, the two met Jeffrey and Doris at a gazebo by the lake.

Olivia asked Jeffrey about Reva. He said that Reva was in Chicago, and presently, he hadn't found the best way to tell her what he was doing. Olivia laughed, saying Reva would want to kill her for this, but Olivia would probably already be dead. Jeffrey swore to take care of Ava and keep Emma safe from Alan. While Olivia explained to Emma that Jeffrey would make them a family, Ava expressed to Jeffrey how proud she was of him as her father.

Doris began the ceremony and Olivia interrupted to tell Jeffrey that she forgave him for the past. Doris started again and Olivia cut in again to tell Jeffrey that he had her permission to sleep with Reva as often as he liked. With a raised brow, Doris again began to conduct the ceremony. Jeffrey interrupted this time and vowed to Olivia that he would take care of Reva and keep Olivia smiling. Impatiently, Doris went on with the vows.

After the wedding, Jeffrey surprised Olivia with a small reception at Company. Buzz had decorated with lovely white and pink balloons. He apologized for Olivia's condition and said he wished he had been the one to marry her. Olivia said that wouldn't have been fair. Buzz planted a big kiss on her and asked her not to leave until she said goodbye.

During the party Jeffrey offered Ava a drink. She declined and revealed that Jeffrey might become a grandfather. Jeffrey wondered if she were pregnant by Bill Lewis. Ava said she was waiting for the doctor's confirmation. She wondered if Jeffrey were disappointed in her. Jeffrey hugged her, hoping that things worked out the way she wanted.

Meanwhile Gus surprised Natalia with a new house. As they toured the new place, Natalia said she felt that this gesture was in response to what she had said about Harley. Gus said that getting a house was their childhood dream. He wanted to work on their marriage, and they had a lifetime to get it right. Natalia thought the house had a million possibilities.

Rafe met them at the house. When Gus said that Rafe and his mother would move in right away and Gus would follow when he was ready, Rafe became sarcastic. Natalia reprimanded him, saying Gus had responsibilities. Rafe retorted that Olivia came first and they came second. When Rafe stalked away, Gus followed him to a river walk. Gus explained to Rafe that Olivia was dying and he wasn't sorry for making her last days comfortable. Though Rafe was sorry about Olivia, he said that a house didn't make them a family. Gus agreed and said they'd fake it until they made it. Gus asked if Rafe would live there, but Rafe had other plans. Gus told him that moving in with Daisy was a mistake. He asked Rafe to be a better man than he was when he was Rafe's age.

They returned to the house. Once it appeared that Natalia liked the place, Rafe grumbled that he'd pack his stuff. Gus said he'd meet them later to help them move in. After leaving, Gus found Doris at the park and spoke privately with her about something. Some time later, Gus supervised the erection of a memorial plaque for Olivia. He called Olivia to tell her about it.

Meanwhile at the reception, Olivia and Jeffrey had a sincere conversation in which she explained that she didn't feel as if she settled for him even though she loved Gus. Considering Ava, she thought this marriage brought their history full circle. Jeffrey said that he always wanted to do something for Olivia. At that moment, Olivia experienced severe pain. She leaned on his shoulder, trying to bear it. Olivia's phone rang as everyone panicked about Olivia's failing condition.

Friday, March 28, 2008


Daisy finished cleaning up Harley's kitchen, which made Harley very suspicious. When Harley tried to find out why Daisy was being so nice, Daisy rushed out of the house. Later, Harley walked past Olivia Spencer Memorial Park where she saw Gus. When Harley made a comment that people usually die before they have a park named after them, Gus told her about Olivia's condition. Gus mentioned that he had been helping Olivia for months and arranged for the park to be named in her honor. Gus stated that he wanted to be there for Olivia, and Harley stated that he always did try to be someone's hero. Harley stated that Gus wanted Olivia to feel that she was loved and pointed out that that was how Gus made her feel. The pair went to Harley's house after picking up Jude. Jude ran upstairs to get a picture he wanted to show Gus, and Gus helped Harley make sandwiches. Gus started talking about his marriage to Natalia and his relationship with Olivia, but Harley cut him off by saying that she was not in the place to hear him talk about other women. After a few seconds, she changed her mind and asked about his feelings. Gus told Harley that he wanted to give Natalia and Rafe a good home and try to make Olivia's last days as comfortable as possible. Gus asked if this was he and Harley "being friends" and Harley admitted it was. Before leaving, Gus commented that Harley needed to finish painting her walls. Harley admitted that she had fired the handyman.

Harley visited Vanessa in an attempt to drum up business. Harley had heard that someone had been harassing Vanessa and offered to find out who it was. Vanessa declined Harley's services since she would be getting more than Harley Cooper. It was Harley's partner that Vanessa objected to, since Cyrus had hurt Dinah. Harley defended Cyrus by pointing out that he had changed, but Vanessa did not believe it. She just thought he was better at hiding it. Dejected, Harley returned home and told Cyrus about her failed meeting with Vanessa. As Harley was complaining that they really needed some clients, she abruptly stated that Daisy cleaned the kitchen and Harley wondered what she was up to. Harley kept switching between Vanessa and Daisy, and Cyrus had trouble keeping up. Later, Harley went to the gym to hand out advertising flyers. Unfortunately it did not go well. Remy criticized Harley for what she did to Marina and a cop warned her that Cyrus was a liability.

Cyrus happened to catch Daisy and Rafe passing out fake ID's and stopped them. Cyrus grabbed their money and fake ID's and informed the pair that he was putting them out of business. Before telling them to go home, Cyrus told Daisy he would not tell her mother about it. Later, Daisy conspired with Rafe that they would have to go to Bay City to make some more ID's. Rafe saw a message from Gus on his cell phone. Rafe said that he was supposed to meet Gus but decided to just ignore him.

Meanwhile, Harley ranted to Cyrus about needing one job, just one good job, to pay the bills. Cyrus offered to leave the business but Harley declined his offer stating that they would work it out.

Later, Vanessa got another harassing call and it revealed that the person making the calls was Cyrus.

At Cross Creek, Reva gave Josh a cup of hot tea for his upset stomach. When Reva offered him a mint, he laughed and called her a domestic goddess. The conversation turned to Shayne, who was in the Peace Corps. Josh complained that while Reva got postcards from him describing all sorts of adventures, Josh got letters talking about touching people's lives. Reva commented that Shayne was just writing to his audience; she and Josh were two different people.

Olivia was rushed to Cedars. As Ava worried about being alone when her mother died, Jeffrey told her to stay positive. Ava suddenly remembered she had an appointment and left. Meanwhile, Rick told Olivia that her name was at the top of the heart registry. Olivia brought up Rick's heart and talk turned to how Richard's death gave Rick a chance for life. Rick commented that maybe something like that would happen for her. Olivia asked to see Josh. Olivia commented that she did not think he would be able to save her. Josh said that he never had to save her from anything before. Olivia stated that was because he was always with Reva. Josh laughed and complimented her on her "Reva shot." Josh then gave Olivia his mother's Bible, stating that it always helped his family find faith when things were bleak.

Reva arrived at Cedars and asked Jeffrey about Olivia. Jeffrey said that she was as fine as could be expected, as was Ava. Jeffrey told Reva that he was more worried about Alan going after Emma once Olivia was gone. Reva walked off and Ava returned. Ava told her father that her appointment was for a pregnancy test, which came back negative. Ava was disappointed since that meant she and Emma would be alone. Jeffrey consoled her that she would not be alone. Ava still had him. Later, Ava called Olivia's brother, Sam, telling him to return to town since Olivia was running out of time.

Still at Cedars, Reva left a message for Shayne telling him to call Josh one of these days and tell him about one of his adventures. At that point, Rick came out of Olivia's room and told Reva that Olivia wanted to talk to her. Olivia told Reva that she was tired of looking at the walls. Reva figured out what Olivia wanted-she wanted Reva to break her out. Reva took Olivia outside to Olivia Spencer Memorial Park. Olivia asked Reva what it was like to be dead but Reva did not really have an answer. Reva did advise Olivia to let the people who love her, love her. Reva said that she screwed that up and it cost her. Reva then walked off to give Olivia some time alone. After giving thanks to Gus, Olivia prayed. Olivia told God that she needed him. She admitted that she was not perfect but she was a mother and wanted to be around for her daughters.

Gus came across Alan who was savoring the very last Cuban cigar he had. Alan offered to give Gus the "grand tour" of his motel room. Inside the tiny room, Alan stated that he thought Gus would be reveling in his misfortune. "Alan Spaulding finally gets what he deserves." Gus denied feeling that way. Alan told Gus that he used to believe that he was nothing without power and money, but all he kept thinking about was his family. Knowing that Alan was left with nothing, Gus offered to pay his motel bill for the foreseeable future. Gus walked out to settle the bill and left his cell phone behind. As soon as Gus left, his phone rang and Alan answered it. On the other line, Jeffrey told Alan to tell Gus about Olivia being in the hospital. Jeffrey also said to tell Gus to come to the hospital immediately, but told Alan keep away. When the call ended, Gus popped in for a second but left before Alan had a chance to tell him about Olivia. Gus returned again and told Alan that he transferred some of his money into Alan's account. Touched, Alan said that he was glad he found him. Gus commented that Alan was not that bad himself and invited Alan to lunch. At Towers, Gus commented on how nice it was to bond with Alan. Alan reminded Gus that he was the one who pushed Alan away. Gus did not want to be a Spaulding. Gus admitted that he did not want to be a Spaulding, but that did not mean he did not want to be Alan's son. Alan confided in Gus his fear of ending up alone. Gus told his father that this was the perfect time to make amends. Suddenly, Gus's phone rang. It was Ava who frantically asked Gus where he was and let it slip about Jeffrey's message to Alan. Upset that Alan did not give him the message, Gus told Alan that he would never change and hurried out. Gus returned shortly because Natalia's car would not start. While Gus frantically tried to look up the number for a taxi, Remy lent Gus the keys to his motorcycle.

Rick told Ava and Jeffrey that the hospital got a lead on a new heart. Jeffrey and Ava rushed to tell Olivia but she was not in her room. Ava called Gus again and told him that Olivia had disappeared and urged him to hurry. At that point, Gus was at Remy's motorcycle and sped off. As Gus sped down the highway, there was a montage of scenes with Alan, Harley, Olivia, Daisy, and Rafe. Finally Ava and Jeffrey wheeled Olivia back into Cedars. At the same time a severe head trauma patient was wheeled in-Gus.

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