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Passions Recaps: The week of March 24, 2008 on PS
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Monday, March 24, 2008

Rebecca coached Gwen on how to make Ethan forget about Theresa by seducing him. She gave Gwen some sex toys and told her to use them on Ethan, which would make him leave Theresa's memory far behind. In addition, Rebecca gave Gwen some porn movies that she made of herself and told Gwen to watch them. Gwen told Rebecca that she refused to watch any porn films with her mother featured in them. Gwen said that she could make Ethan forget about Theresa without resorting to Rebecca's trickery.

At the wharf, Ethan spoke of how he missed Theresa while Theresa was off at the side watching him. Theresa walked away because she could not stand to see Ethan in pain, and she wanted to protect him and her family from Juanita. Ethan sensed that Theresa was nearby and called out for her. He hugged someone who he thought was Theresa, but it was Ivy. Ivy comforted Ethan and told him that Theresa died and it was time to move on with his life. She told him to think about Gwen and the children, but Ethan told Ivy that Gwen would never replace Theresa.

Theresa stopped off at Father Lonigan's for confession and begged him not to reveal that she was alive. Theresa told Father Lonigan how much she was hurting without her family. In addition, Theresa admitted that Gwen had won, and there was nothing that she could do about it because she had been pronounced dead in Mexico. Moreover, Theresa confessed that she hated Gwen since she blamed Gwen for her death. Theresa watched Ethan put Little Ethan to bed via the web cam. Little Ethan told Ethan that he loved Theresa and missed her. Theresa witnessed the exchange, so she ran off to see Little Ethan.

Ivy called Rebecca down to the wharf to plan ways to get Ethan to commit to Gwen and forget about Theresa. Rebecca told Ivy that she had tried to help Gwen. Ivy told Rebecca that she wanted Ethan to be happy with Gwen, but Ethan could not stop thinking about Theresa. Ivy remarked that she was glad that Theresa was gone but did not like how she died. Rebecca, however, was glad for the way Theresa died. Rebecca likened Theresa to a shark and told Ivy that it was "shark in shark." Ivy told Rebecca that Theresa was not out of Ethan's heart, so Gwen did not stand a chance.

Ethan returned to Gwen's room because of a message, and Gwen suddenly started to kiss him. He told Gwen that Theresa was still in his heart, but he succumbed to Gwen's charm.

Theresa secretly showed up at the mansion to have a visit with Little Ethan. She hugged Little Ethan, and Little Ethan opened his eyes and called out for his mommy and said that she was alive.

At Sheridan's cottage, Sheridan and Pretty made a pact to keep Fancy and Luis apart. Fancy dropped by because she wanted to have a serious talk with Pretty and Sheridan. Fancy begged Sheridan to give her another chance with Marty, but Sheridan refused to budge. In addition, Fancy told Sheridan and Pretty to stay away from Luis and said that she would fight to keep him. Sheridan tried to scare Fancy into thinking that Luis would never forget Sheridan, and Fancy told Sheridan that Sheridan was Luis' past, and Fancy was Luis' future. Fancy told Pretty to give up her fantasy on Luis because Luis only pitied her when he slept with her. Pretty told Fancy that she wanted nothing to do with her ever again. Fancy told Pretty to let go of the pent-up anger and stop blaming everything on her scar. In addition, Fancy told Pretty and Sheridan that she would do anything to keep Luis, even if she had to distance herself from them. Pretty told Sheridan that the only way to get Fancy out of Luis' life was to kill her.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pretty expressed her hatred for Fancy and told Sheridan that Luis was the only man that paid any attention to her. Sheridan reminded Pretty that Alistair forced Luis to bed her and that Pretty would only get hurt if she pursued Luis. Pretty told Sheridan that the only way to get Fancy away from Luis was to kill Fancy. Sheridan wanted nothing to do with murder. Pretty asked Sheridan if she had a better idea, and Sheridan told Pretty that she would use her memories, such as the tango, with Luis to keep them apart. Sheridan had a flash of memory dancing the tango with Luis. While Sheridan continued down memory lane, Pretty thought of the night she and Luis made love. Pretty told Sheridan that she shared some precious memories with Luis as well. Sheridan told Pretty that she was in a fantasy world and that she only had one memory of Luis. Pretty and Sheridan continued to argue about how to separate Luis and Fancy. Pretty wanted to take drastic steps by scarring Fancy with chemicals, but Sheridan wasn't willing to go that far.

Fancy continued her romantic evening with Luis. They both made love. Fancy wanted to bond with Luis even more, so she asked Luis to teach her the tango. Luis was taken aback by Fancy's request because he tried teaching her once, but she had no interest in it. Fancy played it off by telling Luis that she was terrible at it. Luis decided to teach Fancy the tango.

Pretty and Sheridan went up to the mansion to spy on Luis and Fancy. Pretty heard music, so Sheridan opened the door and saw Fancy dancing the tango with Luis. Sheridan called Fancy a "bitch" and stated that she stole her memories of Luis. Sheridan closed the door and told Pretty that Fancy was a scheming little witch that would do anything to steal her memories of Luis. Luis told Fancy that she was the best and it felt as if he had never danced the tango before. Sheridan heard and was livid. Pretty asked Sheridan if she wanted to fight dirty and kill Fancy. Sheridan suddenly had an idea. She walked off without telling Pretty her plans. Pretty went back to spy on Fancy and Luis. She vowed to get rid of Fancy, and she also thought of getting rid of Sheridan so that she could have Luis all to herself.

Gwen continued seducing Ethan, but it was halted when Ethan called out Theresa's name. Ethan didn't realize it at the time, but Gwen pointed it out to him. Ethan apologized. Gwen told Ethan that she wanted to have a real life with him without Theresa in the midst. Gwen asked Ethan to reassure her that he could still love her. Ethan told Gwen that he was willing to make a life with her, but he was still mourning Theresa's death. Gwen reminded Ethan that he had hurt her in the past and that she wanted a fresh start. Ethan promised Gwen that he would try. They resumed making love, and Gwen told herself that she wanted Ethan to forget Theresa.

In Little Ethan's room, Theresa embraced her son and told him that it was just a dream. Little Ethan told Theresa that he missed her and that she should never leave him again. Theresa promised that she would never leave Little Ethan again. Little Ethan told Theresa that it seemed so real. Theresa told herself that she had to stay dead in order to protect her family. Little Ethan told Theresa that Ethan was planning to adopt him, and he wanted to know if he could tell Ethan the truth about being his biological son. Theresa told Little Ethan once again that he was having a dream, and she sang him to sleep.

Ethan heard someone that sounded like Theresa singing to Little Ethan, so he interrupted his love making to Gwen. Gwen did not hear anything, but Ethan was sure that it was Theresa's voice. Theresa imagined that Ethan came in the room, and Little Ethan told him the truth that he was his father. Back in Gwen's bedroom, Ethan insisted that he heard Theresa's voice and that he was singing the song that she always sang to the children. Gwen told Ethan that it was all in his head, and Ethan told her that it was in his heart. Despite what Gwen told Ethan, he told himself that he knew it was real. Ethan resumed making love to Gwen again, but he interrupted himself to go and check on Little Ethan.

Ethan went to Little Ethan's room, and Theresa hid in the closet. He called out for Theresa, but there was no answer. Ethan bent over Little Ethan and hoped that his dreams would get better. Little Ethan woke up and called Ethan "daddy." Little Ethan asked Ethan if he saw Theresa in the room. He told Ethan that Theresa was singing to him, and Ethan was shocked.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Little Ethan told Ethan that his mother was in his room. Ethan walked over to the closet to see if Theresa was hiding in there, but before he could look inside, Gwen burst into the room, asking what was going on. He explained to her that Little Ethan saw Theresa and that she tucked him in and sang him to sleep. Gwen told both of them that they must have imagined it, because Theresa was dead. Ethan said since they never found Theresa's body, it was possible she could still be alive. "Just look at all the strange things that have happened in Harmony," he said. Ethan looked in the closet and found it empty. Gwen tried to convince Little Ethan that his mother was dead, but he didn't want to believe her. Gwen secretly wondered what it would take for Ethan to let go of Theresa.

Theresa was able to escape Little Ethan's room, and slipped into the bedroom where Gwen and Ethan had been staying. Gwen told Little Ethan he was dreaming that Theresa was singing to him, but he asked her if it was dream, how Ethan could have heard it too. Gwen told him that the house was full of people, and they could have heard anyone singing. Theresa tried to sneak out of the bedroom Gwen shared with Ethan, but before she could escape, she saw the maid in the hallway and again had to hide in their bedroom. Ethan agreed with Gwen that he needed to move on and told Little Ethan that he probably was dreaming. Gwen and Ethan returned to their bedroom while Theresa hid behind the curtains, listening in on everything. Gwen and Ethan kissed, but Ethan pulled away from her. He apologized for obsessing over Theresa and promised to focus on Gwen. Gwen told Ethan to get back into bed so she could show him how much she loved him. As Gwen and Ethan made love, Gwen secretly wished that Theresa were there to see her making love to Ethan. Then Gwen was struck with fear as she saw Theresa's face in the mirror.

Fancy danced the tango with Luis, and they were greeted with applause from Ivy and Sam. Sam said he stopped by to give Luis an update on the serial killer. Ivy excused herself and went downstairs. Downstairs, Pretty obsessed over Luis and remembered what it was like to make love to him. Ivy walked in, and Pretty confided in her that she wanted a man- specifically Luis-to love her. Ivy tried to convince her to be happy without a man, but Pretty accused Ivy of thinking she was too ugly to get a man. Pretty accused Ivy of taking Fancy's side and accused her of being ashamed of how Pretty looked after her accident and said that Ivy had sent Pretty off because she was repulsed by her. Pretty asked Ivy to tell her how to get a man to love here-even if it was Luis.

After Sam's update, Fancy told Luis that she wanted him to get her pregnant. Luis was caught by surprise by Fancy's declaration, and Fancy wondered why he was so resistant to having children right away since they were planning to get married soon. She guessed that it was because Luis didn't think they had a future together after all. Fancy asked if it was because Luis was afraid Pretty was pregnant.

Luis said Pretty hadn't said anything to him about being pregnant. He reassured Fancy that he loved her-he just thought there were some things they needed to work out before they thought about starting a family together. Luis said having a baby was a huge responsibility. He said he and Sheridan were forever bonded because they had Marty, and Fancy said a baby would forever bond her and Luis to each other too. Luis said he and Fancy would have a baby together, but he urged her to be patient.

Ivy told Pretty not to try to trick Luis into loving her, because it wouldn't work. Sam walked in and asked if everything was okay. Pretty said that Ivy still favored Fancy over her and wanted Pretty gone because of her scar. Sam told Pretty that Ivy was happy that Pretty was home, but Pretty didn't believe it. Pretty revealed to Sam that she was after Luis, and Ivy tried to convince Pretty to pursue someone else, but Pretty refused to listen to her advice. Pretty admitted to Sam that she was a virgin until Luis made love to her in order to escape captivity. She said she would get Luis to love her with or without Ivy's help.

Back at the Bennett house, Ivy blamed herself for being a bad mother to Pretty by keeping her at arm's length because Pretty wasn't perfect. Sam told Ivy she admitted her mistakes and felt guilty about it. He said he loved her, and that was all that mattered. He told Ivy he loved her, and they made love.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

There was no Thursday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, March 28, 2008

There was no Friday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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