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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 24, 2008 on AMC
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Monday, March 24, 2008

Erica and Sugar were waiting at the police station to get transported to their permanent prison. Erica encouraged Sugar to view her time in prison as a spiritual time out, but Sugar was still focused on revenge. Sugar declared that she wanted to kill her ex-boyfriend, Mondo Ortiz, for framing her. Kendall and Zach arrived. Kendall looked concerned when she saw her mother. Kendall asked how she could go on without Erica. Erica affirmed that Kendall would continue to be a strong and successful woman. Nevertheless, Erica warned Kendall not to overwhelm herself with a "full plate." Zach sensed that the Kane women were speaking in code, so Erica pulled Kendall aside to speak privately. Erica stated that Kendall had a great marriage. Erica urged her daughter not to ruin her happy union with Zach over the two extra men in her life. Kendall assured her mother that Aidan and Ryan, the other two men, were not a threat to her marriage. Erica then asked to speak with Zach privately. She asked Zach to take care of her daughter. Zach promised to do so. Erica called him Kendall's "knight in shining armor." He quipped that his armor was not very shiny. Meanwhile, Sugar introduced herself to Kendall. Sugar commented that Kendall's book was hot, but that it had a bad ending. Kendall inquired why Sugar did not enjoy the ending, especially since it was a happy one. Sugar said that there were no happy endings. Kendall hoped that Sugar was wrong. Then, the guards announced that it was time for Erica and Sugar to leave as they handcuffed the two women's wrists together. Once again, as Erica was carted off, she reassured Kendall that she would be fine.

Kendall and Zach went home. Kendall seemed frustrated and Zach urged her to relax. She admitted that she ordered rose petals as a romantic surprise for Zach, but the florist messed up the order. He did not care about the flowers, but she still seemed upset. She revealed that she continued to feel guilty over being secretive with her husband. He reminded her that she eventually told him the truth about the time she spent with Ryan in L.A. and that all was forgiven. Kendall was happy to hear this and asked Zach to "love her." Then, they made love.

Erica and Sugar were being transported to their prison by means of a van. They sat in the back of the van and talked during the trip. Sugar said that she liked Erica's family. Erica asked Sugar about her family. Sugar divulged that she did not get along with her mother and father. Sugar stated that she considered Mondo her family, until he betrayed her. Sugar explained that they were engaged and that he promised to buy her a ring once he had enough money. Sugar further revealed that she continued to love him, despite his duplicity. Sugar asked Erica if she knew what it was like to have trouble getting over someone. Erica looked sad as she said yes. Just then, the brakes on the van screeched and the vehicle skidded off the road.

Greenlee was driving Jack to the airport because he was going to meet Erica's warden. Greenlee harassed her father about his meeting with the warden. She quipped that he would get Pilates lessons and caviar for Erica instead of prison yard walks and prison food. Jack looked annoyed and told Greenlee that he was not in the mood for her sarcasm. Greenlee stated that Jack would always care for Erica, no matter what. He admitted that this was true. She said that she could empathize because of her "former obsession" with Ryan. Jack pointed out that "former" was the operative word and hoped it would stay that way. She affirmed that her life was perfect with Aidan and that she would not ruin this by dredging up old feelings for Ryan. Jack gave his daughter an incredulous look and urged her to stay true to her words. She changed the subject by asking him what he was going to say to the warden. He explained that he intended to speak with the warden about the kind of person that Erica truly was. Greenlee laughed and asked what that meant. He shot her a serious look and replied that Erica was a part of him. She realized that her father was very distraught over Erica's situation and consoled him. She affirmed that Erica would be out of prison and back to bothering him in six short months. Jack smiled and thanked her for the ride.

Frankie and Colby distracted Robert and his henchmen just as Adam and Tad entered the warehouse. Colby immediately took off running when she saw her father. As Colby ran, two gunshots rang out. Adam saw Colby lying motionless on the ground and rushed to her side. Adam held his daughter in his arms. Tad, Jesse, and Frankie quickly rushed to Colby as well. Frankie wanted to examine her, but she suddenly woke up. She explained that she tripped and hit her head. The men were relieved to learn that she was not shot. Just then, Robert emerged from the shadows. Tad demanded to know why he was there. Robert claimed that he followed Tad and Adam to the scene. Everyone was confused. Robert divulged that he was an undercover FBI agent who was hunting Papel for twenty-five years. Robert pointed out that he shot two men and one of them was Papel. Robert further stated that Papel was a drug lord and that he was the man who had been after Jesse. Jesse asked why Papel was after him and wondered if it was personal. Robert said that he did not know. Jesse found it odd that an FBI agent did not know why Papel was torturing him for twenty years. Robert feigned ignorance. Robert saw that Tad looked shocked. Robert commented that it was probably surprising for Tad to see a Gardner on the right side of the law. Then, Derek arrived. Derek saw Robert and referred to him as "Agent Gardner." After discussing the case with Robert, Derek approached Jesse and referred to him as "Officer Hubbard." Derek said that it was an honor to meet Jesse. Jesse looked taken aback after being called "officer." Then, as everyone left the scene, Robert ominously commented that the vendetta against Jesse was personal.

Krystal and Angie were in Krystal's home. Angie was very anxious because she had not heard from Jesse yet. Krystal assured Angie that Tad and Jesse were unstoppable when they teamed up. Still, Angie worried that Jesse was shot and killed-again. Then, Angie's phone rang. When she answered it and heard Jesse's voice, she dropped the phone and began to sob. Krystal grabbed the phone and spoke with Jesse. He proclaimed that everyone was all right. Angie took the phone and Jesse declared that he was bringing their son home. Angie and Krystal were elated. Angie began to cook a big dinner to celebrate. Then, Adam, Colby, and Frankie arrived. Angie hugged her son enthusiastically. Adam demanded a scotch, but no one would comply. The two Hubbard physicians, Angie and Frankie, warned Adam that he could not drink because of his heart condition. Krystal agreed and made Adam put his feet up to relax. Adam sarcastically asked if he was in a nursing home. Angie replied that he was in a happy home. Then, Tad and Jesse entered. Angie and Jesse embraced. Angie thanked Jesse for "saving the love of her life." Jesse said that he forgot what it was like to have fun. Jesse looked forward to spending quality time with Frankie.

Colby noticed that Robert was standing outside of the house. Everyone wondered how Robert and Ray Gardner could be related because they were so different. Krystal snidely commented that she encountered a good brother and a bad brother in her life. Adam gave her a dirty look. Meanwhile, Robert still stood outside. He called an unidentified person. As he held Mrs. Remington's necklace, he stated that he was able to divert suspicion because he was a "hero." He then knocked on Tad's door. Tad invited him inside and everyone seemed glad to see him, except for Tad and Jesse. Tad and Jesse exchanged skeptical glances as Robert entered the home.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ryan thumbed through photo albums, but immediately placed them back on the bookshelf when he heard Annie coming. Annie poured glasses of champagne for herself and Ryan. As Ryan recalled associating a barn with Annie, Annie gleefully exclaimed that the barn is the first place they made love. Ryan said that it felt right spending time with her alone. Greenlee got a disturbing phone call while she was with Aidan. Greenlee called an emergency meeting at Fusion with Annie. Annie and Ryan met Greenlee and Aidan at the Fusion office. They were shocked to find that the "c" in "Charmed" had been deleted from the perfume bottles. Greenlee said 10,000 bottles had the wrong name embedded on them. Annie suggested they call the retailers to make them check the orders. Greenlee thought that the retailers wouldn't be willing to go through the shipments. Ryan suggested that Fusion could add a cash reward for each mislabeled bottle that is not displayed. Immediately, Ryan, Annie, Aidan, and Greenlee started calling the retailers. Ryan managed to work out a deal with the manufacturer that would reimburse Fusion for the mislabeled bottles. Greenlee asked Ryan if he had any memory breakthroughs, and Ryan said yes. After Aidan and Greenlee walk off, Annie asked Ryan to keep his recent memories just between them. Greenlee asked Ryan if using the photos to fake new memories was working with Annie. Ryan said he felt terrible lying to Annie about the memories. Greenlee assured him that he was making the right choice. After everyone finished making their calls, Greenlee gushed about how Ryan and Annie belonged together. She even gave herself credit for Ryan's memories returning at the casino. But Ryan said his memories didn't come back until a little later on. Greenlee agreed, but said that her words are what helped Ryan's memories emerge. Confused, Annie asked Greenlee what exactly she said to Ryan. As Greenlee tried to explain herself, she blurted out that she and Ryan kissed. Ryan said Greenlee was only trying to jog his memory. Greenlee said she never asked Ryan to lie about the kiss-or anything else. Annie realized that Greenlee gave him the idea to fake his memories with photos. She grabbed her jacket and rushed out of the Fusion office. As Ryan went after Annie, Aidan left Greenlee behind. Ryan told Annie that he wanted to remember their life so badly, but Annie wasn't interested in having a "pretend husband." Ryan said Annie was right and walked out of their home.

As Kendall and Zach lay in bed, Kendall worried about her mother in prison. Zach told Kendall not to worry. He said that Erica would be out of prison and back at home in no time. Kendall had a nightmare that her mother begged for help. Kendall woke up and told Zach that her mother was in trouble. Zach said Kendall just had a bad dream. When Spike started crying, Zach brought him and Ian into their bedroom. They calmed down the children.

The driver taking Erica and Carmen to prison swerved off the road and crashed. Carmen, who was handcuffed to Erica, unlocked the door and handed Erica a cellular phone. When Erica tried to dial 9-1-1, Carmen tossed the phone aside. Carmen wanted to escape before the authorities found out about the accident. Once they were outside the car, Carmen immediately said that she wanted to find her ex-fiancée. Erica suggested they spilt up and promised not to tell the cops where Carmen went. But Carmen was determined to stay handcuffed to Erica. She thought the cops would be less likely to shoot her if Erica was by her side. When Erica refused to move, Carmen threatened to shoot her in the arm with a gun she stole from one of the officers. When Erica tried to call Kendall, Carmen smashed the telephone to the floor. Erica and Carmen decided to "hole up" for the night at an abandoned farm. Erica said that Carmen shouldn't worry about getting revenge on her ex-fiancée. She told Carmen that she accidentally killed a man, and it was one of the worst feelings in the world. Carmen decided to get some sleep when she saw Erica's eyes closed. Erica opened her eyes and reached for the gun in Carmen's pocket.

Samuel and Derek meet for lunch. Derek said that he liked Erica, but always felt criminals deserved to be punished. Samuel said Erica was quite a character and he didn't want anything bad to happen to her. Samuel received a telephone call about the accident. He and Derek rushed to the scene. Derek called Kendall to let her know that Erica was missing after the accident. Greenlee called Kendall next to complain about her day. But she only managed to get a few words out before Kendall said her mother was missing. Kendall, Greenlee, Aidan, and Zach arrived at the police station.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Angie called out to see if Jesse was ready to leave the house, but got no response. She saw Jesse staring intently at the front door. He was still in shock that he could go outside without having to hide. Angie took his hand and affirmed that they were going to openly walk outside together. She said that they did not have to hide anymore. He worried that his life might get taken away again. She assured him that they had been given a second chance. She was ready to take hold of that chance and she encouraged him to do the same. He looked into her eyes and professed his love. They kissed and headed for the police station. When they arrived, Jesse saw his picture on the wall. The caption under his picture read, "Jesse Hubbard died in the line of duty." He had tears in his eyes and looked overwhelmed by the picture. Derek approached Jesse and Angie and announced that it was time to take the picture down. Derek took the picture off the wall and gave it to Jesse. They all went into Derek's office. Derek explained that they were planning to close the case against Papel. Jesse divulged that he was still confused as to why Papel was after him. Angie said that it did not matter anymore. After Derek left, Angie reinforced that Jesse was finally free from the man that was hunting him. He looked concerned as he wondered what they should do next with their lives. She commented that they were both different people, since twenty years had passed. He replied that his wife looked better than ever. She smiled and stated that they would figure out their future together. They kissed just as Derek and a large group of police officers entered the room. The officers surrounded Jesse and applauded him. Jesse and Angie both looked very emotional.

Kendall, Zach, Aidan, and Greenlee were at the police station waiting for news about Erica. Samuel arrived and announced that the FBI and the local police were working together to find Erica and Carmen, also known as Sugar. Kendall could tell that information was being withheld. She demanded to know the truth about her mother's predicament. So, Zach admitted that Carmen stole a gun from one of the armed guards. Kendall was horrified that Erica was being held hostage by an armed bank robber. Samuel assured Kendall that there was no reason to believe that Erica was hurt. Kendall took Zach aside and scolded him for not telling her the truth. She demanded full disclosure from him. Zach promised to tell her the truth. She relaxed and they hugged. Samuel then informed Kendall that the press was there and that they wanted a statement from her. Zach was apprehensive over Kendall speaking publicly about Erica, but Kendall insisted that she wanted to be heard. Samuel let the press inside the station. First, Samuel answered questions about the search for Erica and Carmen. Second, Kendall answered questions about her relationship with Erica. Kendall addressed her mother's captor. Kendall pleaded with Carmen not to harm Erica. She explained that Erica was the glue that kept her family together. She described Erica as a wonderful and unique mother. She proceeded to address Erica. She told her mother that she loved her and that she wanted her to come home. After Kendall finished her speech, Zach thanked Samuel for his "intense" help. Aidan offered to put his own men on the case. Samuel accepted the offer, as long as the men did not obstruct the police investigation. Meanwhile, Kendall and Greenlee had a heart-to-heart. Kendall was distraught due to her family's continual encounters with disasters. Greenlee urged Kendall to stay positive. Greenlee assured Kendall that Erica would make it home safely.

Erica thought that Carmen fell asleep, so she slowly reached for Carmen's gun. Just as Erica was about to grab the weapon, Carmen snatched it and yelled that Erica made a bad move. Erica remained calm and talked to Carmen as if nothing happened. Erica asked Carmen why she would risk more jail time just so she could find Mando. Carmen reminded Erica that she did not want to just find Mando, but that she wanted to kill him. Erica said that killing her ex-lover was not worth it. Carmen strongly disagreed. Erica inquired how Mando set her up. Carmen explained that he told her they were going on a vacation and that he had to stop to get money first. Carmen said that she unsuspectingly waited in the car while Mando entered the bank. After some time, Mando never returned and a police officer came to search her car. The officer found a loaded gun, so she was arrested on an accessory charge. Meanwhile, Mando escaped with $100,000. Erica felt bad for Carmen, but still urged her to give up the revenge scheme. Carmen refused and brought Erica to a convenience store to get food. The women hid their handcuffs under a blanket. They pretended that they were an affectionate couple holding hands. As Carmen bought food with money that she stole from the guards, Erica saw the broadcast of Kendall's press conference. Meanwhile, Carmen overheard a truck driver say that he was headed to Chicago. Carmen asked if she could hitch a ride, but the driver claimed that he did not have enough room. Erica quickly wrote a note on a napkin with lipstick and dropped it on the floor, hoping that someone would find it. Carmen told Erica that they were going to sneak into the truck headed to Chicago. Erica did not want to go, so Carmen pointed the gun at her. Erica reluctantly climbed into the back of the truck.

Zach received a phone call. After he hung up, he announced that a convenience store clerk found a note from Erica. The note said that she had been taken hostage and was on her way to Chicago.

Krystal, Tad, and Babe got ready to move out of the Chandler Mansion. As they packed their belongings, Opal entered. Opal hugged Tad and expressed her joy that he was safe. Opal then revealed that she brought a guest, Robert. Everyone, except Tad, looked happy to see Robert. Adam praised Robert for saving Colby. Adam stated that he was indebted to Robert. Adam asked what Robert had planned next. Robert divulged that he was retiring and that he wanted to stay in Pine Valley for a while. Robert further stated that he wanted to find a new job. Adam was glad to hear this and offered to help Robert find work.

Frankie came to the Chandler Mansion. Adam warmly greeted Frankie and thanked him for saving Colby's life. Frankie replied that Colby was very brave. Adam told Colby that she had a visitor and her eyes lit up when she saw Frankie. Frankie handed Colby a present. She opened it and saw a new pair of shoes. He explained that he wanted to replace the pair that he ruined during their hostage crisis. She enthusiastically thanked him for the shoes and for saving her life. He apologized for calling her spoiled because he realized that there was more to her than her dad's money. Krystal, Babe, and JR watched Colby and Frankie's interaction from afar. They wondered if romance was in the air for Colby and Frankie. JR then went to speak with Frankie. As JR thanked Frankie for saving Colby, he became faint. Frankie caught JR and urged him to see a doctor. JR said that he was having a hard time getting over the flu.

JR was disappointed that Babe was moving out. He tried to talk her into playing a game of cards with him. He said that if he lost then Babe could have anything she wanted. She asked what his prize would be if he won. He stated that she would have to stay in the mansion. She laughed, but refused to play. She explained that she was looking forward to moving back into her own home. Then, she reminded JR about his upcoming play date with Little Adam and left the house.

Opal could tell that Tad was acting cold towards his Uncle Robert. Opal understood why Tad found it difficult to be near Robert. Opal explained that she too found his resemblance to Ray Gardner very unnerving. However, Opal affirmed that Robert was not Ray and that he deserved a fair chance. Tad had tears in his eyes and divulged that Robert brought back painful memories from his past with Ray. Opal empathized, but asked Tad to keep an open mind. So, Tad approached Robert and thanked him for his help with Jesse's case.

Robert went outside to make a phone call. He spoke with an unidentified person. He told this person that he was considered a hero in Pine Valley. He also said that he would stay until he got what he wanted from Jesse.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Erica and Carmen hid in the back of a van, but Erica was worried they would be caught when the driver opened the door. Carmen pulled out the gun and said she knew how to take care of the driver if he became a problem. As Carmen ate whipped cream, Erica asked Carmen if she would really shoot the driver. Carmen said she was saving the bullets for Armando, her ex-fiancée. Erica told Carmen that her dreams would be ruined if she murdered Armando. Erica insisted she could get Carmen's charges dropped if they gave themselves up. Carmen said Armando's mother lived in Chicago and Armando would not live too far away. Carmen said she would be married to Armando if his mother liked her. She thought Erica was lucky to be with a wonderful man like Jackson. Erica said she and Jackson were divorced. When Carmen asked why Erica and Jackson broke up, Erica said it was a very complicated situation. Carmen said Erica was foolish to let a man like Jackson go, but Erica said her future with Jackson was over. The truck came to a sudden halt and boxes tumbled onto Erica and Carmen.

Aidan told Tad that Zach had offered him a security job, but he hadn't accepted the position. Tad asked how Kendall felt about the idea, but Aidan was silent. Aidan watched television and heard about Erica and Carmen's escape. Tad brought up Aidan's relationship with Kendall, but Aidan said Tad had nothing to worry about. Aidan said there was nothing between him and Kendall.

Greenlee tried to make amends with Annie at Fusion, but Annie ignored her. Greenlee said they needed to work together for Kendall's sake, especially since Erica escaped from jail. Annie scoffed at Greenlee for pretending that she cared about Erica. Greenlee said she did care about Erica. Greenlee continued apologizing, but Annie wasn't interested. Annie said she would have eventually figured out that Ryan was faking his memories. Annie that Greenlee only kissed Ryan because she still wanted him. Greenlee denied the allegation by stating that it was just a way to help trigger Ryan's memory. Annie asked Greenlee how Aidan felt about the kiss. Greenlee said her and Aidan's relationship was solid. Ryan admitted to Kendall that he lied about his memories to Annie. He said that Kendall was the only woman he remembered being in love with. Annie recalled all of the selfish acts-stealing Kendall's baby, trying to ruin Annie's wedding-Greenlee pulled since returning to Pine Valley. Annie said Greenlee always wanted to have everything, including husbands, that everyone else had. Greenlee said Ryan hadn't remembered Annie because she obviously didn't leave a lasting impression on him. Annie and Greenlee apologized to each other for their harsh words.

Ryan visited Kendall after he heard the news about Erica. Kendall said she went to the police station, but Derek wanted her to stay home and wait for Erica to call. Kendall said she was worried about Erica being strapped to Carmen. Ryan said Erica could take care of herself and would turn herself in. Ryan said Kendall didn't have to be alone and he would help her. Kendall thought Ryan was trying to make a move, and found an excuse to move to the other side of the room. Ryan assured Kendall he had no intention of trying to ruin her marriage to Zach. Ryan said Greenlee came up with the idea of making up memories, but they had no intentions of hurting Annie. Greenlee accidentally spilled the news to Annie, Ryan said. He said Greenlee also included the kiss she gave Ryan, which didn't bode too well with Annie. Kendall tried to act surprised about the kiss. Zach called to check on Kendall, but he got off the phone quickly when Kendall said Ryan was with her. Ryan decided to spend time with Spike. Greenlee called Kendall and asked to meet her at ConFusion.

Jackson asked Samuel why Erica was handcuffed to a dangerous woman. Also, he wondered how Erica and Carmen could walk into a gas station without being noticed. Jackson blamed Samuel for the entire mess. Samuel explains that Carmen and Armando robbed a bank together. He thought Carmen was heading to Chicago to see Armando's mother, even though Armando's mother claimed she had not seen her son since the robbery. Jackson said he would hold Samuel personally responsible if anything happened to Erica.

When Zach arrived home, he came face-to-face with Ryan.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The truck, unbeknownst to the driver, carried two passengers and hit a bump in the road, which caused the boxes being hauled to careen haphazardly in the back. As Erica and Carmen recomposed themselves, Erica realized that the gun fell out of Carmen's waistband. She attempted to reach for it, but Carmen was one step ahead of her, and again threatened to shoot Erica if she tried to escape. Erica tried to play it off, and then attempted to change tacks by reinforcing the need for a plan of action once they got to Chicago. Carmen assured her that once she took care of her ex, she would let Erica go, but her words did little to soothe Erica. Before Erica could utter another word, Carmen was distracted by a box that had fallen open and the dresses that were inside. They continued to go through the containers, pulling out a seemingly endless supply of dresses, all which Erica identified by the style and cut to a stunned Carmen. They finally came across a silk number that Carmen fell in love with, and Erica convinced her that the dress was perfect for her. Carmen found luck in a box from a sewing company, which contained alteration implements. Although Erica was hesitant at first, Carmen quickly convinced Erica to help her change clothes. Erica decided not to join in the fun, but she twisted herself into many configurations to help Carmen in and out of a number of designs. They found one dress that Carmen wondered if she would ever be able to wear in her real life, and Erica told her that she could if she didn't shoot her ex. The truck stopped then, and the women heard someone fumbling with the lock on the back. Erica tried to discourage her but Carmen aimed her gun at the door, prepared to shoot if there was trouble when it opened.

Zach and Ryan had an uncomfortable face-off when Zach returned home to try to find Kendall. Ryan assured Zach that he was only in Zach's home to offer help in the search for Erica, but Zach replied that he was more worried that Ryan was sniffing around his home for answers. Ryan then confessed that he hadn't actually gotten any memories back, which didn't surprise Zach, and insisted that he did it with the best of intentions. He then asked if Zach thought that he didn't want to remember his life, and Zach told him that he might, but pointed out that there might also be a valid reason why he couldn't achieve a true breakthrough. Zach offered other people for Ryan to talk to besides his wife, and besides Greenlee, but Ryan noted that he'd already tried all of those avenues to no avail. Ryan said that he was not obligated to justify himself to anyone, and Zach called him on his desire to have the women in his life lead him down memory lane.

Ryan asked if there was a better idea, and Zach suggested that perhaps his blocked memory was less about the women, and more about who Ryan, as a man, really was. Ryan asked if there was proof, and Zach decided that they needed to go on a field trip. They arrived at a storage room, and Zach pulled out some files and filled Ryan in on Greenlee's poisoning and how he blamed Kendall, his vasectomy, and an expressed desire not to have children, as well as the address to a fight club he used to attend. Zach then asked if Ryan had heard enough, or if he wanted to see video proof. When words failed Ryan, Zach chose to plow ahead and showed Ryan footage of the argument he and Greenlee had when he first found out she was pregnant, and when he told her that she should end the pregnancy or he would end their relationship. Zach paused the video long enough for Ryan to say that he didn't recognize himself, and then started it again so that Ryan could see how close his overwhelming anger got him to punching Greenlee. Zach gave Ryan only a moment to recover before he requested Ryan's presence elsewhere. He took Ryan to the place where Ryan rode his bike off the cliff, and then asked Zach for help disappearing while he let the two women he purported to love the most believe he was dead. Zach then said that if he wanted to remember his life, he needed to do it on his own.

Kendall met up with Greenlee at ConFusion, and when Greenlee commented that hanging out together seemed normal, Kendall quickly denied it. Greenlee fetched a pitcher of drinks and they talked about what things had changed over the years, and what hadn't. They readily agreed that they had both done some ridiculous things, and said that perhaps Ryan wasn't the only one that needed to get over things from four years prior. They continued to chat, and covered what they had done recently to try to help Ryan regain his memory, as well as why Ryan was getting in between them again. After they noted that they both had amazing love lives, they tried to drown Ryan out and drank some more. They noted that they would no longer get mixed up in the drama of Ryan, and toasted to learning from their mistakes.

Robert showed up at ConFusion at Opal's request, and she asked if he'd heard anything about the search for Erica. He hadn't but told her that he would let her know if he received any updates. Robert then thanked her for not holding his brother against him, and Opal offered that someday soon, Tad would do the same. Opal noted that if she had protected Tad better, things might be easier, and Robert suggested that maybe the best course of action would be to leave town. Opal said that she wouldn't let him go that easily, and told him to just give his nephew some time to sort things out. She then noticed that he kept looking at his watch, and when she asked about it, he told her that it had something to do with a case he needed to wrap up at work before turning in his badge. They shared a bit more small talk before Robert mentioned his appointment again. Opal headed out to the hospital and a man that had been lurking nearby joined Robert. The man handed over the rock that Robert killed Mrs. Remington for in its new state-cut and polished. He then told the man that his new friend Jesse would lead him to a bigger supply of very similar rocks.

Jesse reentered the apartment that he could finally shared with his family, and when Angie asked where he had been, he admitted that he had to check out the safest exit routes. Angie understood the motivation but told her husband that the only thing he should be concerned with was whether she cooked too much food for the two of them to consume. She put him to work opening wine and he told her about his recent talk with Derek about what his next move would be. She anticipated what would come next, and told him that he shouldn't even consider returning to the force. He appeased her when he said that the only thing he was thinking about was making up for lost time with her. She finished cooking their meal-complete with all of Jesse's favorite foods-and then sat at the table and sent out a prayer of thanks. She then admitted that over the years, she had continued to ask that she not forget a single experience with him, and he told her that those feelings had been mirrored in him. They forgot the food as Jesse led them back to the bedroom. After they made love, Angie made Jesse promise that from that moment forward, he wouldn't live as he had-alone, with no support. He agreed, and as he did, she saw remorse on his face, and knew that it was because he would never find out what Papel truly wanted from him for all of those years. She also noted her sadness that Mrs. Remington lost her son and then had to die before finding out that Jesse had caught Remy's killer. Then she told Jesse about the necklace that was missing from Mrs. Remington's body and how Derek said that the police hadn't found it. She asked Jesse what it could mean, but he waited for her to look away before he told her that the police would eventually find it, as he knew that his facial expression said the exact opposite.



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