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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 17, 2008 on AMC
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March 10, 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008

Annie went to visit Richie in the hospital. He was surprised to see his sister. He snidely commented that she looked worse than he did. She seemed annoyed, so he assumed that Ryan still did not remember her. He wondered if she was scared because Ryan would no longer protect her from him. She affirmed that she was not scared of Richie, but that he was scared of her instead. He laughed and asked why he should be scared of her. She retorted that she was the only person that saw through his lies. He stated that this did not affect him because he was not repentant for any of his wrongdoings. She implored him to take his second chance at life and use it for good. He did not want a lecture from his "perfect" sister. She stated that she was not perfect, but that she tried to do the right thing. She urged him to be a better man, if not for her then for Babe. Then, Frankie and Colby entered. Frankie explained that he was the doctor and that Colby was a hospital volunteer. Richie asked for a glass of water and Colby grabbed a glass and a pitcher. Colby attempted to pour the water over Richie's lap, but spilled it all over him. Frankie chastised Colby for being unprofessional. Colby replied that Frankie was mean. They then exited the room, so Annie and Richie resumed their conversation. Annie wished that Richie would recover soon. His eyes filled with tears and he told her to leave. He then went to sleep and had a nightmare. He dreamt that JR stood at the foot of his bed. JR vowed to settle the score with Richie. Richie threatened to have an orderly kick JR out of his room. JR stated that Richie could never get rid of him because he was in his blood.

Colby got into her car and blasted the music. She then tried to turn the key in the ignition, but the car would not start. Frankie noticed that her car was stalled as he entered the hospital parking lot. He told her to turn the radio off because she was flooding the engine. She coldly replied that she did not need his help because she knew about cars. She proceeded to check under her hood. She looked surprised with what she saw and exclaimed that the wires had been cut. He laughed and said that she watched too many horror movies.

Ryan went to the penthouse when Annie was not home. He looked through all of their memorabilia, hoping to jog his memory. As he gazed at their wedding album, he commented on how happy they looked together. He also said that Annie was a beautiful bride. He then returned to his hotel room and began memorizing facts about his life with Annie. He memorized Annie's favorite restaurants and foods. He wrote the information on note cards to use as cheat sheets during his date with Annie later that night. Then, as he left the hotel room, he declared, "I'm doing this for you, Annie."

Soon after Annie arrived home, she heard a knock at the door. Ryan stood there excited for their date. She looked unenthused and admitted that she forgot about their dinner plans. He still wanted to go, but she wished to be alone. She then shut the door in his face.

Erica announced that she wanted to go to jail immediately. The judge asked if she wanted to discuss this with her lawyer, but she affirmed that her mind was made up. So, the judge agreed that she could start her sentence right away and left the courtroom. Erica was quickly inundated with questions from the press. She smiled as she answered all of the inquiries. Meanwhile, Kendall was furious. She did not want her mother to go to prison this quickly. Kendall begged Erica to reconsider, but Erica was resolute. Kendall proceeded to march over to Samuel. She berated him for putting her mother in jail. Erica pulled Kendall aside and assured her daughter that this was what she wanted. Erica then advised Kendall to tell Zach the truth about the time she spent with Ryan in L.A. Meanwhile, Zach and Aidan were discussing Ryan. Aidan informed Zach that he told Ryan to stay away from Kendall for good. Zach thanked Aidan. Aidan stated that he did not just do it for Kendall, but Greenlee as well. Back in the courtroom, Greenlee spoke with Jack. Greenlee stated that Erica was a criminal, but everyone was treating her like Mother Theresa. Greenlee believed that Erica committed the crime, so she should do the time. Jack said that he loved Greenlee, but affirmed that she was the last person that should be "throwing stones." Greenlee could tell that her father was distraught and suggested that he date while Erica was gone. Jack looked sad and told Greenlee that she had terrible timing. Jack walked over to Erica. They both admitted that they would miss each other. Next, Erica confronted Samuel. She smugly remarked that his plan to gain good PR for his Senate campaign backfired. Jack urged Erica to ease up on Samuel because he talked the judge into giving her a lighter sentence. Samuel said that he hoped to cross paths with Erica in the future and left. The bailiff then told Erica that it was time to go. Erica looked at Kendall and Josh and smiled warmly. Josh said that Erica would persevere because she was Erica Kane. Erica went to her cell and sat alone. She looked nervous and scared as she whispered, "I can do this. I'm Erica Kane."

After everyone left the courtroom, Kendall admitted to Zach that she lied to him. She explained that she spent time with Ryan while they were in L.A. She stated that she did it because she wanted to help Ryan recover his memory. Zach listened intently as she continued to speak. She apologized for lying to him and stated that she had finally realized that she could not help Ryan. Zach smiled and said that was all he needed to hear. She looked relieved.

Robert met Opal at a restaurant. Opal commented that Robert looked exactly like his brother, Ray. He apologized if he made her uncomfortable as he offered her a drink. She declined the drink because she wanted to keep her wits about her. However, when Robert announced that he ordered an expensive bottle of champagne, she could not resist. As she drank, he inquired about Tad. As a doting mother, she began to divulge information on Tad's life.

Tad and Jesse were about to leave to search old warehouses for clues. Tad handed Jesse a gun just as Angie entered. Angie saw the gun and became frantic. She demanded that Jesse not carry a gun. Jesse and Tad explained that it was only for protection. Still, Angie did not want to lose Jesse to a gunshot again. Jesse explained that he needed the gun because he was about to search for the warehouse that he was tortured in. Jesse promised Angie that he would come home safe. Then, Tad and Jesse went to the docks and searched numerous warehouses. Jesse did not remember anything until they got to one warehouse in particular. Jesse looked uneasy as he realized that he was in the warehouse where he was held captive. Just then, Jesse and Tad heard a noise. They quickly pointed their guns at the door, but were startled to see Angie enter. Just as Angie urged them to leave, they heard another suspicious noise.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Frankie tried to fix Colby's car, but she was not interested in his help. A stranger offered to help them with the car.

Tad and Jesse pulled open the door and found a recording. Dozens of photos and articles of Jesse's murder hung on the wall. Angie stopped the recording, but did not recognize the voice because it was digitally altered. Tad found a videotape and played it on the television. The video showed Jesse being beaten by someone who had the same voice as the recording. Angie begged Jesse to stop the tape. The recording told Jesse that he needed to come alone to the next meeting. Angie told Jesse that he would not agree to meet anyone if he loved her. Jesse told Angie that he wanted to keep her safe. Angie said Tad and Jesse needed to be more concerned about staying alive for their children. She begged them to take the issue to the police. Angie and Jesse went home and found an envelope on the desk. Angie said the door was locked before they left. Angie told Jesse not to open the envelope, but he did not listen. In the package, Jesse found a photo of Frankie tied up to a chair. Jesse called Tad to tell him about the photo. When Tad asked if anyone else was in the picture, Jesse mentioned a blonde girl, not knowing it was Colby. Robert boarded a plane with the kidnapped Colby and Frankie.

As Babe tried to work from home, Adam was surprised by her knowledge of how to run a business. Babe said that Adam's problems had nothing to do with her work performance. She added that he was upset about JR being involved with Babe. Adam called Krystal and Babe cheaters. Babe snapped that Adam had not been the model husband to the many wives he had taken over the years. Adam retorted that it didn't matter what he did because he was focused on JR.

JR asked Krystal about the mysterious case he was working on. Krystal told JR that she did not have any details because she didn't interfere with Tad's business. JR said that he needed to figure out who drugged him so he could start over with Babe. But Krystal reminded JR that Richie wads chasing after Babe too. JR said Richie didn't stand a chance with Babe. JR asked Krystal why she didn't want him to get back together with Babe. Krystal said JR and Babe had too many mistakes in their past to start over. JR went in the house and found Babe upset after the confrontation with Adam. Babe apologized to JR for cheating on him with Jamie. JR said they both made mistakes, but still loved each other. JR leaned in to give Babe a kiss, but she rushed off after getting a call about Richie's declining health. Adam told Krystal that Babe left to check on Richie, who wasn't doing well in the hospital. Adam said that regardless of his past actions, he would never hurt Jenny again. Tad walked in and asked to speak to Krystal alone. They moved to the living room as Adam let Dre into the mansion. Dre said he was supposed to meet Colby, but she did not show up. He said that Colby left with Frankie, but her car was still in the parking garage at the hospital.

Richie had a nightmare that JR was his conscience. JR repeated all of the ways Richie had wronged him and many others, including Greenlee and Zach. JR said he was inside of Richie now. Julia rushed into the room as Richie's temperature increased. Inside Richie's head, JR said Richie might have gotten away with many bad things, but he could still die. Richie taunted JR by claiming he had won Babe, but Babe walked in and laid a kiss on JR. Richie woke up as Babe got to the hospital. When Richie saw JR, he threatened to kill him. Joe said that Richie was a bit delirious, but would recover as the fever went down.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Colby and Frankie were bound and gagged in the cargo area of an airplane. They were tied up with their backs facing each other. The ropes restraining them were so tight that if they moved, they were severely choked. Frankie struggled to remove the gag from his mouth and succeeded. He instructed Colby on how to remove her gag and she was also successful. Once able to speak, Colby began to freak out. She was very panicked and scared, but he remained calm. She asked how he could be so docile in such an intense situation. He snidely commented that she should use her "gold card" to buy them out of captivity. She resented the comment and affirmed that she was not spoiled. She explained that although her father was wealthy, she still worked hard as a waitress. She further addressed her hardships of growing up without a father. He said that he understood what it was like to grow up without a dad. She stated that she missed Adam. She said that Adam did not always do the right thing, but he loved her. She expressed her desire to go home and take care of her father, like she normally did. Then, they began to work together to try to wiggle out of the ropes. Meanwhile, Robert was speaking with one his henchmen. The henchman informed Robert that Colby was "collateral damage" and that he could not avoid kidnapping her as well. Robert did not care that Colby was involved and thanked him for doing a great job.

Tad was at the Chandler Mansion when Jesse called to tell him that Frankie and a "girl" were kidnapped. Tad looked horrified and hung up the phone. Adam demanded to know what was going on. Tad said that he could not discuss his case with Adam. Adam then received a phone call and walked away. Tad turned to Krystal and divulged that Colby and Frankie were kidnapped. Adam returned and accused Tad of not caring about Colby's disappearance. Tad told Adam not to worry because Colby was probably out with friends. Tad then left and Adam began to interrogate Krystal. He suspected that she was concealing information about Colby. She denied this, but he persisted. He got down on his knees and begged her to tell him the truth. She urged him to calm down. He affirmed that Krystal would not calm down if Babe or Jenny were missing. He asked if Krystal was paying him back for stealing Jenny. She promised that this was not the case. She stated that she loved Colby very much. He pleaded with her to tell him where his "baby" was. So, she broke down into tears and explained that Colby was kidnapped by "bad" people. He looked outraged and called Tad a liar. Krystal implored him to let Tad handle the situation, but he refused. He said that he regretted letting her move back in and warned her never to get in his way again.

Jesse and Angie were at Tad's house. Jesse was distraught over Frankie's kidnapping. He wanted to leave and save Frankie, but Angie would not let him. She told him that if he left, she would not take him back. He looked shocked. She explained that she would not lose him again. She believed that the best way to save their son was to work together. Then, after he kissed her, he yelled out that there was only one way to save Frankie and ran to the door. She screamed for him to stop and, as he opened the door to leave, Tad appeared in the doorway. Jesse looked defeated and shut the door. Tad informed them that the girl with Frankie was Colby Chandler. Jesse felt very guilty for putting Liza's daughter in danger. Angie knew that Adam would call the police once he found out that Colby was in trouble. She encouraged Jesse to call the police as well. Jesse was adamantly against calling the police for fear that they were in on it. Jesse wanted to trade his life for Frankie and Colby's freedom. Both Angie and Tad told him that this was a bad idea. Tad encouraged Jesse to wait for a phone call from the kidnappers. Angie agreed as she got ready to leave. She decided that she would go to the hospital to scan the security tapes for clues. But, before she left, she made Jesse and Tad promise that they would not leave the house.

As Jesse and Tad discussed the situation, Adam broke down the front door. Adam was stunned when he saw Jesse, a supposedly dead man. Jesse ordered Adam to leave, but Adam refused. Adam demanded answers as to Colby's whereabouts. Jesse agreed to answer all of Adam's questions. Adam asked if Colby was in danger because of Jesse. Jesse admitted that Colby's kidnapping was his fault. Adam immediately got his phone out and called the police station. But, before he could speak with Derek, Jesse grabbed the phone and broke it. Adam was irate. Jesse and Tad both assured Adam that Colby would be rescued. Adam wanted to use his money to pay off the kidnappers. Jesse stated that this would not work since they did not want money. Jesse affirmed that he would trade his life to save Frankie and Colby.

Angie arrived at the hospital and looked at the security videos. She was discouraged to find that there was no footage of Frankie and Colby getting kidnapped. Then, Krystal arrived. The two women searched the hospital for clues, but uncovered nothing.

Ryan knocked on Annie's door again. Annie answered the door and gave Ryan a disagreeable look. He pleaded with her to go on a date with him. She proceeded to shut the door in his face. However, he would not go away, so she eventually let him in. He gave her flowers and claimed that he recovered memories from their past. She looked skeptical, so he recounted an outfit that she wore on one of their dates. So, she agreed to a date.

Greenlee and Aidan were at ConFusion. They sat at a table and flirted with each other as Kendall and Zach arrived. Kendall saw Greenlee and Aidan kissing and looked uncomfortable. Zach noticed that she looked unnerved and asked if she was all right. Kendall claimed that she was still anxious from telling Zach the truth about her time with Ryan in L.A. She proceeded to give Zach more details about her night with Ryan. Zach interrupted her with a kiss and told her not to worry. He was glad that she told him the truth because he did not want any secrets between them. Kendall nervously looked over at Aidan. Then, Greenlee approached them and demanded that they join her and Aidan. So, Aidan and Zach got drinks from the bar as Greenlee and Kendall conversed. Greenlee asked how Kendall felt about Erica going to jail. Kendall said that she was trying to be brave, like Erica. Kendall then informed Greenlee that she told Zach the truth about Ryan. Greenlee was relieved and let it slip that Zach knew the truth before Kendall told him. Kendall was outraged and accused Greenlee of snitching. Greenlee admitted that Aidan told Zach. Kendall glared at Aidan. Aidan noticed this and approached Kendall. Kendall inquired how Aidan knew that she secretly met with Ryan in L.A. Aidan divulged that he followed her. Aidan stated that he was her "security detail" and would protect her from everyone, including herself. Kendall affirmed that she did not need saving. Aidan disagreed and said that Ryan still had a hold on her. Just then, Ryan and Annie arrived at the club. Annie was embarrassed when she saw Kendall, Zach, Aidan, and Greenlee. Ryan announced that he did not want to make anyone uncomfortable with his presence. Then, he thanked Kendall and Greenlee for being such good friends. He acknowledged Aidan as a good friend as well. Next, he apologized to Zach for overstepping his bounds multiple times. Finally, he proclaimed that he was recovering his memories with Annie. Everyone was elated to hear this. However, Greenlee pulled Ryan aside and interrogated him. She wanted to know if he was faking his memories. Ryan admitted that he looked through a photo album in order to fabricate memories of his life with Annie. Greenlee praised his ingenuity.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jesse insisted on trading his life for Frankie's safe return. Adam said he had no problem with Jesse sacrificing himself, but was more concerned about Colby's safety. When Adam started dialing the police, Jesse pointed a gun at him. Jesse demanded that Adam put the phone down. When Adam didn't listen, Jesse fired the gun, but missed Adam. Jesse handed the gun over to Tad after Tad begged him to find another way to deal with Adam. Jesse showed Adam his physical scars to make Adam realize that the kidnappers were maniacs. Bringing in police would only make it worse, Jesse added. Finally, Adam agreed to play by Tad and Jesse's rules to get Frankie and Colby back. Tad said the kidnappers were expected to call Jesse with their demands. Jesse said he would meet the kidnapper alone, but Tad and Adam insisted they follow to try to find the kids.

Robert heard Colby and Frankie making noise as they tried to find a way to escape. Robert's accomplice checked on the pair, but they had retied the knots and put the gags back in their mouths. As soon as the accomplice was gone, Colby and Frankie broke free again. Frankie tried to pry the door open with an iron tool, but stopped when Colby demanded he tell her who kidnapped them. Frankie told Colby about Jesse's story. Frankie said he hoped his father didn't try to save them because Frankie did not want to lose his father again. Frankie said he thought the plane might have an access panel to the cargo area they could escape from before the plane took off. Frankie tried to assure Colby that the kidnappers wouldn't hurt her because they were after Jesse. He promised Colby he would not let anyone hurt her. They stumbled upon a panel on the floor and used a part from Colby's shoe to try to unscrew the fasteners.

Robert called Jesse and requested they meet at a private airstrip in 30 minutes. Robert demanded Jesse not bring any weapons and that he come alone. Jesse handed the gun to Adam as Tad gathered more ammunition. Adam begged Tad to immediately follow Jesse, but Tad promised to give Jesse a 15-minute head start. Tad told Adam to stop yelling at him so they could work together.

Angie told Krystal that when Frankie called her to say he was being shipped to Iraq, and her stomach turned into knots because she could not do anything to stop it. Angie said that the same feeling had returned since Frankie disappeared. Angie said she felt guilty because she still had trouble believing that Jesse had not died 20 years earlier. Krystal reminded Angie that she got Remy's mother to hand over the box of information, which could be a big break in the case. They decided to visit Remy's mother to see if she knew anything that might help them find Colby and Frankie. When Krystal and Angie arrived at Mrs. Remington's home, they found that the door was unlocked. They discovered Mrs. Remington on the floor barely able to speak or breathe. Krystal called 9-1-1 as Angie tried to calm Mrs. Remington. Mrs. Remington touched her neck and said a necklace she'd been given was missing. When Mrs. Remington's pulse disappeared, Krystal and Angie performed CPR.

Robert held up the necklace and said Mrs. Remington wouldn't miss it. Jesse arrived at the airport hangar. Tad and Adam drove toward the hangar, but slid off the road when Adam, the driver, had chest pains.

Babe and JR visited Richie after he battled a serious infection. Richie was pleased to see Babe, but not so thrilled that JR was by her side. JR said he was worried Richie would not survive, but Richie claimed the willpower to win Babe's affections brought him back. Babe told Richie that she was temporarily staying at the Chandler mansion, but refused to divulge the reason why. Richie said he felt a little out of breath and tired, but normal otherwise. While Babe looked for Joe, Richie asked JR how he manipulated Babe to move back to the mansion. JR said Babe made the decision on her own. JR revealed that Richie threatened to kill him when he was sick. Richie didn't seem surprised by the news. JR asked Richie to say why he would threaten him, or else he would stuff a pillow over Richie's face. Babe walked up with soup for Richie before JR could do anything further. As Babe led JR out of Richie's room, Richie pretended to shoot a gun at JR.

Joe told Babe that Richie had an upper respiratory infection, which was dangerous because of his recent bone marrow transplant. However, Joe expected Richie to make a full recovery. Joe asked Babe if she had spoken to Tad lately. Babe said Tad was working long hours on a case.

Friday, March 21, 2008

As Erica prepared to be taken to jail, the reality of pleading guilty started to hit her, and Jack recognized that she regretted her decision. She then let the moment pass and noted that she would no longer let her terror get the best of her. Jack explained how she would be transported and that he had set it up for her to be put in isolation, since a celebrity in jail might cause too much of a disruption. They said their last goodbyes, and moments after being left alone, everything shifted when the fan that Erica met in the courtroom showed up and announced incredulously that she would be Erica Kane's roommate. After the guard left, the woman, affectionately known as Sugar, tried to get to know Erica a little better. Erica was initially taken aback by her forthrightness, but warmed up when they talked about the events that led them to be locked up. Sugar then told Erica that she thought her ex-boyfriend was the only one, and asked if Erica had ever known someone like that. Instead of answering, Erica tried to put some distance between them once again. Sugar predicted that they would become good friends in prison until she broke out to kill her ex-boyfriend. She noted that she didn't mess around when someone stabbed her in the back, and Erica admitted that she could relate.

Jesse arrived at the airstrip and tried to gain the upper hand when he demanded to see Colby and Frankie before he answered any questions. The mysterious voice tried to intimidate Jesse when he reminded Jesse of their brutal torture tactics, but Jesse boldly held his stance, saying that he would not budge until he saw that the kids were released, unharmed. The man behind the curtain continued to push Jesse's buttons when he made veiled threats against Jesse's son and wife, but Jesse demanded that they be left out of the discussion. Jesse then realized that the man who was talking with him had been in the room and watching when Jesse was tortured 20 years earlier. He called the veiled man out as a coward and worse, and dared him to step into the light. They continued to exchange threatening words but when he realized that Jesse meant business, Rob's hired man asked if he should end the conversation by taking Jesse out. Instead, Robert sent the man to fetch the kids while Jesse promised aloud that he would find Frankie and bring him home.

Colby freaked herself out while she and Frankie tried to escape. Frankie attempted to calm her down, but her anxiety continued and that merely increased her rambling. Frankie begged her to focus, as they could be discovered by the man who kidnapped them before they had a chance to escape. She mockingly saluted him as if his words had been orders and he harshly told her not to do that. She asked if his behavior of blocking out words and feelings was what he did in Iraq, but her question was met with silence.

After Tad realized that both he and Adam survived the car crash relatively unscathed, he refused to go anywhere else without being the driver. Adam refused to desert his post with Colby still missing and in danger, so Tad stole the keys as they continued to fight. Adam finally agreed to let Tad drive, but when they tried to start the car, the engine wouldn't turn over. Adam pulled a gun out and prepared to shoot unless Tad could get the car started by the end of his countdown. Tad continued to try, and just as Adam reached zero, the car roared to life. Flooded with relief, Tad hoped aloud that they weren't out of time, and started to back them out of the ditch.

Angie and Krystal continued to use CPR on Mrs. Remington until the paramedics arrived and took over. They did an initial assessment and remarked that the situation was not promising. Angie told Krystal that they needed to bring her back, as she might be the only thing could save Jesse, Frankie, and Colby. After a few moments, the paramedics told them that they couldn't save Mrs. Remington. The women stepped outside and Krystal tried to calm Angie, who was firmly entrenched in blaming herself. It only got worse when she remembered how obsessed Mrs. Remington had been about the necklace her son had given her. She worried that without the clues the dead woman could have given them, Jesse and Tad were at more of a disadvantage. Krystal thought that perhaps the person who stole the necklace wasn't connected to Jesse's case, but when they found Mrs. Remington's purse on the hall table with a wad of money that was left behind, Angie noted that if the necklace was worth killing for, they needed to find the culprit before anything else happened. She then said that they needed to get word to Tad and Jesse about what happened, and then quickly dissolved when she realized that they should have already been in touch. She told Krystal about the horrible videotape she saw of Jesse's torture, and how she worried that they would do the same thing to Frankie. Krystal insisted that everything would be all right and that Angie deserved to have her family back together. Angie said that she wanted to believe, but worried that it was too late. Having overheard the tail end of the conversation, Derek walked in and asked what Angie meant. She was unable to answer the question directly, so Krystal tried to distract Derek and said that it was too late and too many things had happened for them to answer questions right then. Unwilling to accept that, Derek continued to pepper Angie with questions until she cracked and said that other people might die. This made Derek more suspicious, but Krystal managed to distract him so that Angie could compose herself.

Samuel met with his campaign manager and found out during a rundown of appearances that a press conference had been scheduled to talk about Erica. Samuel rejected that, and said he had fulfilled his role when he prosecuted her. Not much liking the answer, Carl asked what was going on between the senator and the TV star. Samuel denied any shady connections, and said that he was simply doing his job. Carl pointed out that the campaign got a little boost in the process, but Samuel reminded him of a line of common decency that he would not and did not cross in Erica's case. Carl seemed to get the point, so he agreed to cancel the press conference, but wanted to toast to Erica's imprisonment. Samuel toasted instead to a good campaign, moments before Jack strolled in. Jack and Samuel went up to the bar and, after they traded some small talk, Jack asked if Samuel would have still prosecuted Erica if he could have turned back time. Samuel said that he would have, and then asked if Jack would have still divorced Erica if he himself could have bent time. The question was never answered, as Jack made a hasty exit in preparation for flying up to the prison so that Erica would see a friendly face when she arrived.

Colby and Frankie almost had the trap door unbolted when they heard something on the other side of the door. Frankie tried to protect them when he aimed a metal bar at the doorway, but the henchman was too quick, trained his gun on Frankie, and warned him that if Frankie didn't drop his weapon, he would die. Back in the main hangar area, when asked why he had fallen silent, the mystery voice told Jesse that he had been working on one of Jesse's requests. Suddenly additional lights flooded on, and father and son tried to see each other for the first time since the ordeal began. Frankie and Colby called out and confirmed that they were okay, and then Frankie warned his father to stay cool because there was a man holding them at gunpoint. The mystery man got fed up quickly and told Jesse if he didn't start talking, someone would get shot. Jesse hesitated half a second too long so the man asked who should be shot first. Jesse quickly convinced the man not to shoot, so they removed the kids, and the man demanded that Jesse start talking. Jesse told him that what they had been looking for was a buried treasure that consisted of tens of millions of dollars in a secure case. The man wanted specific details as to its location, but Jesse swore that they would never find it without his help. Behind the scenes, Rob told his henchman that he wanted to go at Jesse for another round, and believed that Jesse had all the pieces but just hadn't put them together. The henchman challenged him, and said that they had wasted too much time and they should just shoot Jesse and be done with him. Rob ended up doing what he wanted, but threatened to shoot Jesse. Their target didn't buckle, and instead pointed out that if they did, they would be no better off without him.

Back in their holding cell, Frankie and Colby resumed trying to open the hatch door. They finally pried it open and slithered out into the shadows. Although Colby was afraid, Frankie again promised that he wouldn't let anything happen to her.

Angie and Krystal arrived back at the Martin household and were frightened when they found the house empty.

Just as the last threats rained down, Tad and Adam showed up and Colby and Frankie tried to make a break for it. A floodlight crashed and a shot was fired in the process.



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