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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 24, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, March 24, 2008

Out at the farm, Meg received a call from her lawyer and she learned that due to Craig's disappearance it would be difficult to proceed in her divorce from him. Meg explained the situation to Emma and remarked that she just wanted to end her marriage to Craig and move on.

As Paul worked in the Worldwide offices, he received a package that contained Craig Montgomery's pending correspondence from an employee. Paul decided to use the papers to his advantage and took a ride out to the farm and gave the papers to Meg. Paul was greeted at the door by Emma, who was reluctant to let him in, but Meg agreed to talk with him. Emma left the two alone after remarking that all Meg needed to do was call out if she needed Emma, and Emma would come running with the shotgun. Paul handed the papers over to Meg and told her that they were the last of Craig's correspondence. Meg immediately threw the papers away and told Paul he shouldn't have wasted his time bringing her Craig's letters. Paul admitted he was using Craig's correspondence as an excuse to see Meg and that he would keep finding ways to see her because they had an unbreakable bond. Meg told Paul to stop and he asked Meg if she had heard from Craig. She told him she hadn't and he offered to help in her search, but Meg told him to stay out of it. Paul comforted Meg by telling her he just wanted to make up for the hurt he had caused, but she told him again to stop interfering in her life and he agreed, but not before reminding her that she could always rely on him. He left Meg alone and returned to Worldwide.

Emma joined Meg in the kitchen and asked Meg if she was all right after Paul's visit. Meg explained that she was fine and that Paul was reluctant to believe their love affair was over. Emma told Meg she wanted to take out a restraining order against Paul, but Meg explained she still loved Paul and needed to bury her feelings for him to really move on. Emma counseled her daughter to get over Paul, but to keep her heart open for new love. Meg remarked that she couldn't let Paul break her heart again because she was worried it would kill her.

Carly arrived at the courthouse and found Jack and Katie talking. She told Jack her good news; she had found the homeless woman who she believed could prove Kit was in town the night of Sam's murder. Carly showed Jack the receipt the homeless woman had given her and explained it proved that Kit was in Oakdale the night Sam died. Jack was discouraged because the receipt couldn't prove that Kit was the one who made the purchase. Carly thought if they went to the store and found the clerk who waited on Kit, that he could testify Kit was in town the night Sam was shot. Jack decided to try to learn more about the receipt, but Katie and Carly stopped him because they knew he was still too injured to run around town trying to find out about Kit. Carly agreed to check out the lead and left to find out what she could. Katie began to take Jack back to the hospital, but he collapsed at the courthouse. Katie called for an ambulance and tried to revive Jack. When the paramedics arrived, they told Katie that Jack was most likely suffering from sepsis and they took him to the hospital to confirm the diagnosis.

Carly arrived at the liquor store where Kit had made the purchase and asked the clerk if he recognized Kit. He told Carly he had no memory of Kit and that the store didn't have a security camera. Carly was discouraged by the clerk's inability to remember Kit and was ready to return to Jack with the bad news that they were no closer to clearing Parker. Carly decided to return to find the homeless woman who gave her the receipt and drove back to Chicago to look for her. She learned from a police officer that the woman often stayed in a local homeless shelter and Carly drove off to find her. Carly arrived at the shelter and learned the woman hadn't been there in several days.

At the hospital Jack received I.V. antibiotics and asked the nurse to find his wife. When Katie told Jack that Carly would arrive soon, Jack began to talk to Katie like she was his wife and asked her not to leave him. Katie was confused and told the nurse that she wasn't Jack's wife. The nurse explained that septic shock could cause delusions and it would pass when the medicine started to work. She warned Katie not to upset Jack and go along with whatever hallucination he was having. When the nurse left, Katie sat by Jack's side and he kept asking her to stay with him. Jack was confused about where he was and asked Katie about Parker's hockey game. Katie went along with Jack's hallucination and told him that Parker had done great in the game. Jack admitted that he had high hopes for Parker's future and that his kids were lucky to have Katie in their lives. Jack faded back to sleep as Katie cried over the life she might have had with Jack. She sat and nursed Jack through his fever and as he came in and out of consciousness he commented on their happy life together. After a few hours, Jack regained his grasp on reality and questioned Katie about what he had been saying. She remarked he wasn't making much sense and explained about his sepsis. Jack asked Katie if there was any news from Carly and Katie explained she hadn't heard anything yet. Jack noticed Katie was upset and asked if she was all right. Katie explained Jack's hallucination about them being a happily married couple and as Jack was ready to comment, Carly arrived and explained that she had nothing to help Parker and fell into Jack's arms.

Bob met Chris at Al's Diner to tell him that the hospital review board had exonerated him for showing up at work under the influence. The board understood that he had been drugged and knew Chris had not intentionally endangered patients. Chris was happy to be vindicated, but worried that his father had ever thought he would practice medicine drunk. Bob explained that he was only looking out for the patients and hospital and Chris said he understood his father's position. Chris said that he just wanted to make his father proud and hoped he would have the chance to prove to everyone that he was a good doctor.

Gwen and Will arrived at the hospital and discussed Hallie's prognosis. When they tried to visit with Hallie, the nurse stopped them and explained she couldn't let them in without the mother's approval. Will and Gwen tried to explain to the nurse that they were the adoptive parents, but Sofie arrived and said she was the mother, but needed to talk to Will and Gwen before anyone saw Hallie. Sofie pulled the two into a private room and explained that she had decided to return Hallie to them because she was unable to give her baby a good and stable home. Gwen questioned Sofie's decision and offered to help her out in any possible way if she wanted to keep Hallie, but Sofie was unwavering in her decision and told Will and Gwen that she wanted Hallie to grow up with them as her parents. Will and Gwen were overjoyed and agreed to take Hallie back.

The nurse arrived with Hallie and told Gwen and Will that Hallie was ready to go home. Gwen offered Sofie the opportunity to hold Hallie and Sofie gladly took the baby and explained to her child that she was giving her back to Will and Gwen for her best interest. She handed Hallie back to Gwen and rushed out of the room. Will and Gwen marveled in their good fortune and held their baby girl.

At home, Gwen and Will put Hallie to bed and discussed their future with Hallie. Will was concerned that Sofie might change her mind again, but Gwen remarked that she was sure that Sofie had decided to let them raise Hallie. Will explained to Gwen that he couldn't live in Oakdale and constantly wonder if Sofie would be returning to try to take Hallie away. He suggested that they should take Hallie and move to another city, away from all the recent adoption drama. Gwen was reluctant to go, but Will explained he wanted a fresh start with his family. Gwen told Will she would go anywhere with him, but before they went anywhere they had to make sure Hallie's adoption was completely in order-and they must tell Sofie. Will was unenthusiastic about telling Sofie, but agreed to let her know.

Sofie rushed through Old Town and cried over her decision to return Hallie. As she walked she ran into Chris and explained what had just happened. Chris listened as Sofie told him about returning Hallie. Sofie remarked that she was surprised she hadn't seen Chris at the hospital throughout Hallie's illness. Chris explained that he had been suspended and believed Paul had put Emily up to drugging him.

Sofie left Chris in Old Town and immediately went to Worldwide to confront Paul about what she had learned. She demanded that Paul tell her the truth and he told her he had nothing to do with drugging Chris. Sofie believed Paul and once she calmed down, Paul offered to help her with her decision to take back Hallie. Sofie told him that she had decided to give Hallie back to Gwen and Will. A surprised Paul offered Sofie high praise for making such a difficult decision and told her he would be happy to help her in any other way. When Sofie was reluctant to accept Paul's help, he told her to go ahead and do it on her own, but not to blame him if anything went wrong. Sofie explained she was tired of being the "poor pitiful girl" and wanted to take responsibility and control of her own life. Paul said he was offering her a good opportunity and she needed to accept his help. Sofie saw Paul's point and agreed to think about it, just as she received a page from Will and Gwen asking to see her. She left Paul and agreed to consider his offer.

Sofie arrived at Will and Gwen's house and learned that they had decided to make a fresh start in a new town. Sofie questioned if the move would be permanent and Gwen answered that it may only be short-term, but they wouldn't go anywhere without her permission.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Brad and Bonnie drank tequila shots at Yo's. Katie came in, greeted Brad and Bonnie, then sat alone in a booth. Bonnie told Brad that Katie looked lonely and asked him to invite Katie to join them. Brad bet Bonnie ten dollars that Katie would say no. Brad walked up to Katie and asked her if she wanted to join them, but Katie declined. Bonnie then called out an invitation to Katie, but Katie again said no. However, after a moment spent remembering Margo's advice to have fun, Katie walked up to the bar and sat next to Brad, saying she had changed her mind.

Katie decided to drink tequila with Brad and Bonnie. Several shots later, all three were drunk. Katie and Brad were drunk and giggling while telling Bonnie stories about past episodes of "Oakdale Now" they had filmed together at WOAK. Katie and Brad laughed so hard, they literally fell off their stools and landed on the floor. Soon afterward, Bonnie passed out at the bar, and Katie grabbed Brad's hand and jumped up to dance. After the slow song finished playing, it appeared as though Brad and Katie were about to kiss. However, an upbeat song started playing, and Katie began dancing wildly. Brad tried to calm her down, but Katie said she was just having fun.

After a minute of wild dancing, Katie said she needed to get some air, so she walked outside, followed by Brad. Brad thought something was wrong, and he tried to get Katie to talk to him about it, but she wouldn't. Brad told her she could trust him; Katie said she did trust him, but she didn't trust herself. Brad then said he would take Katie home, but when Katie pointed out that he was just as drunk as she was, he said they should probably get a cab. Katie then reminded him they were forgetting something: Bonnie. Brad and Katie went back inside the bar, where Brad paid the bill. He and Katie then tried to wake Bonnie up and helped her walk out of the bar. As they left, Brad told Katie, "You're not finished with me," and Katie replied quietly, "I know."

Will and Gwen told Sofie they wouldn't move out of town unless Sofie was okay with the idea. As they discussed it, Barbara arrived, and Gwen and Will filled her in on the fact that Sofie had given Hallie back to them and that they were planning to move away from Oakdale. Barbara was stunned and surprised, both happy and sad to hear this news. Flustered, she appeared on the brink of tears as she told them she wanted what was best for them and Hallie, and if this was it, then she would support them even if it didn't make her happy.

Gwen and Will were grateful that Barbara understood their situation. Sofie told Gwen and Will that she agreed with Barbara that the best thing for Hallie would be having happy parents. She told Gwen that it was okay with her if they moved, because it would mean a fresh start for everyone involved, herself included. Sofie left. When Hallie cried from the next room, Barbara asked if she could go pick her up, and Will and Gwen agreed. Barbara held Hallie and told her, "Nana will always love you, no matter where you are."

Aaron made an unexpected return to Oakdale, where Holden was surprised to see him at the Snyder farm. Aaron told his dad that his mom, Julie, had had exploratory surgery, and it turned out the shadows the doctors had seen were just shadows, not more lesions. Aaron and Julie had talked about how short life was, and Julie had encouraged Aaron to return to Oakdale to follow his instincts, which were to try to make amends with Sofie. Holden cautioned Aaron about things not always turning out the way you plan them, but Aaron said he really wanted to see whether he could have another chance with Sofie.

Aaron went to the Lakeview lounge and spoke to his ex-boss about getting his job back. In the lobby, he spotted Sofie and called out to her. Sofie was surprised to see Aaron back in town, and he explained what had happened. Aaron then told Sofie he wanted to make things right with her. Sofie filled Aaron in on what had happened with Hallie and told him she knew he had been right to believe that Hallie would be better off with Gwen and Will. The bar manager came up to Aaron and told him if he wanted his job back, he had to fill out some paperwork, so Aaron left after asking Sofie to please wait for him.

While Sofie was waiting, Barbara arrived in the lobby. Barbara approached Sofie and thanked her for what she'd done for Will and Gwen. Sofie suggested that Barbara tell Will and Gwen about her cancer before they left town. Barbara said she didn't want to do that because it might make them change their plans, but Sofie said if anything happened to Barbara, Will and Gwen would always feel guilty for having left town. Aaron returned, and Barbara left.

Aaron told Sofie he wanted a chance to be with her, and Sofie said she felt too confused to get involved with anyone at that time. Aaron said he was confused, too, and he suggested they could be confused together and be friends. Sofie said she would like that.

Will and Gwen discussed places to live. Will told Gwen he had found one neighborhood close to Southern Illinois University with a house with a backyard and a nearby daycare and preschool program. He had already managed to have their college credits transferred to the new school. Gwen was impressed and was happy to be making plans for their future together. There was a knock at the door, and it was Barbara. Gwen asked her what was wrong, and Barbara said she had something she had to tell them before they left.

At the hospital, Matt had been discharged, and an Oakdale police officer arrived to take him in for questioning. Gray Gerard walked up, impersonating an FBI agent, and told the officer he was taking Matt instead. The officer called Margo to let her know, and Margo began calling the FBI office, trying to find out why they hadn't told her they were going to pick up Matt. Meanwhile, Alison saw Matt being led away and decided to try to catch up with him. She followed Gray and Matt in her car to the Hughes house, unaware that Matt was being held hostage.

In the car, Gray told Matt to call Casey and have him meet him at Tom and Margo's house, alone. When Casey arrived, he ran into Alison; she told him why she was there, saying she found it strange that an FBI agent would bring Matt to Margo's home. Casey also thought something was up, but they entered the house anyway and found Matt tied up. Gray pointed a gun at them and proceeded to tie them up. Gray told Casey to call his mom, and when Casey refused, Gray pointed his gun at Alison and said he would shoot her.

Casey called Margo and told her his parole officer was at the house and that he needed to see Margo right away because there was some kind of trouble. When Margo demanded to speak to the parole officer, Gray took the phone and disguised his voice, telling Margo that because of a brawl Casey had been involved in, he was going to have to take him back to Statesville Prison immediately unless Margo could come and straighten things out.

When Margo entered her home, she saw Casey, Matt, and Alison all tied up. Gray then emerged, gun pointed at Margo. Gray told Margo he was there to get revenge for the death of his brother. Margo begged him to let the kids go, saying they were innocent in all of this, unlike Gray's brother. Gray didn't like that remark and hit Margo, then tied her up. Gray told Margo to call Tom, but Margo refused. When Gray said he would kill her, Margo said he would kill her either way. She then tried to distract Gray by asking him why he had suddenly come looking for revenge. Gray said he had waited so that this moment would be a surprise to her and would hurt her more. He told her it made him happy to know that she would realize that her son and his friends would die along with her. He then opened a briefcase and showed them all a bomb inside, which had a 5-minute timer on it. Gray told Margo she was too self-righteous and didn't know the real meaning of justice. He set the timer on the bomb and left.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Barbara realized that with Will and Gwen leaving town she must tell them about her fight with oral cancer. She arrived at their home and informed them of her illness. Will was surprised by Barbara's diagnosis since she lived such a healthy life, but Barbara explained she got cancer through a strain of HPV. She told her son about her treatment and that her prognosis looked good, but there were no guarantees she would beat the disease. Will and Gwen were amazed that Barbara kept her illness a secret for so long and were upset they were not there to help her through her treatment. Will was upset and worried that he would lose his mother, especially after losing his sister and father in the recent past. Will and Gwen offered to stay in Oakdale and help Barbara through her treatment, but Barbara was convinced that Will and Gwen were right to want to leave town and didn't want them to stay in town for her. Barbara told Will and Gwen that she didn't want to stand in their way of a happy life, but Will's only concern was that Barbara gets healthy and tell Paul.

At the farm, Parker joined Meg in the kitchen and the two discussed the probability that Parker was going to jail for Sam's murder. Parker explained that everyone knew he shot Sam at least once and there was no way to prove he didn't fire the second shot that actually killed Sam. Meg tried to reassure Parker that his parents would find a way to clear him, but Parker wasn't swayed. Parker told Meg that he thought his best bet was to plead guilty and get everything behind him. Meg called Paul in the hopes that he could help Parker. Paul rushed over and was happy that Meg had called him to help. He didn't know what he could do, but agreed to talk to Parker. Parker was pleased to see Paul had come for a visit and wondered if Paul could offer any insight into what he would face in prison. Paul told Parker to have faith that everything would turn out alright, but Parker was not persuaded. He was happy that Paul believed in him and asked Paul for a favor; Parker wanted Paul to help him use his "feelings" or psychic "gift" to remember what happened the night Sam was shot. Paul told Parker the only way he could help him was to remind him to focus on that night and stay positive. Parker thanked Paul's for his help and headed upstairs to bed. Meg told Paul she appreciated his efforts and Paul explained he had just told Parker to keep his faith. As Paul got up to leave, Meg offered him a muffin in an attempt to get him to stay, but Paul was reluctant to hang about. As he walked to the kitchen door, he was shocked to see his mother arriving at the farm.

Barbara asked to talk to Paul in private and told him that she was suffering from oral cancer. Paul simply wanted to know what he could do for his mother and offered to help her through her illness. Barbara reassured Paul that she was well taken care of and he made her promise to never give up. After their talk about her illness, Barbara wanted to know if Paul's visit to the farm meant he was back with Meg. Paul told his mother that wasn't the reason he was there and Paul hugged his mother as Meg looked on. Barbara left to return home and Meg came out to the porch to comfort Paul and offer her help. Paul told Meg he was grateful he had come to the farm and she remarked that she was thankful for his visit as well. Just as it looked like the two would kiss, Paul stepped past Meg and made his exit.

At their home, Will and Gwen discussed Barbara's diagnosis and rethought their move out of town. Will reflected on his troubled past with his family, but realized that they were an important part of his life. He wanted Hallie to know his family and worried that his mother may not be able to fight the cancer since she had suffered such a horrible year, losing Jennifer and Hal. Will confided in Gwen that he felt his family was followed by a black cloud, but she put him at ease by reminding him that adversity was a chance to make a situation better. Will and Gwen agreed that it would be best for them to stay in Oakdale until Barbara was well.

At the Hughes's home, Margo, Casey, Alison and Matt were trying to untie themselves after Gerard Nevins had left them all to die in an explosion. With the timer on the bomb ticking down, everyone was trying to free themselves, but were unable to get loose. The bomb ticked ominously down to zero and as they prepared for the explosion they were all happily surprised when the bomb didn't detonate. Everyone questioned if the bomb would be triggered a different way, but while they considered their options, Margo felt Tom would be home soon and could rescue them. As they sat and waited for Tom, Matt apologized for being part of Gerald's plan and Margo accepted his apology. Soon Tom arrived home and rushed to untie everyone as Margo explained what had happened. Margo called the bomb squad as everyone cleared out of the house. Outside Tom comforted Margo and everyone waited for the police.

The bomb squad told Margo that the bomb had malfunctioned, but had it detonated it would have killed everyone in the house. Margo turned Matt over to the FBI and reminded him to cooperate and hopefully he could get a reduced sentence. Susan arrived at the house and asked how her daughter was doing. Fearing for Alison's safety, Susan asked Margo to put her under police protection and Margo agreed. The FBI urged Margo and Tom to keep a low profile until they captured Gerald, but Margo and Tom refused to be held prisoner by a heartless criminal.

Once the police and FBI had left the Hughes's home, Margo began to cry because she realized all of this was being perpetrated by the brother of the man who had raped her. She told Tom, she wanted the entire ordeal to end and then she quickly turned her focus to making her family something to eat. When Casey, Tom, and Margo sat down to dinner, they paused as Tom offered a prayer in thanks for keeping their family safe.

At the Lakeview, Henry and Vienna celebrated their reunion with a marathon love making session and only stopped when Henry told Vienna they needed to have a serious talk. Henry asked Vienna why she gave herself so quickly to Gray, a.k.a Gerald Nevins, and he wanted to know how he could trust her in the future. Vienna apologized and reminded Henry that she thought he was cheating on her. Henry worried that Vienna would leave him again as soon as another million showered her with gifts and attention. Vienna told Henry that she chose him over Gray and that she would try to be faithful from that point on. Henry was reassured by Vienna's words and asked her to promise to love him and she agreed.

After her ordeal at the Hugheses' home, Alison was taken to Al's Diner by Susan for some comfort food. As the two reflected on the frightening events of that evening, Vienna and Henry arrived and learned that Gerald had held Alison and the others hostage and threatened to blow them up. They were taken back by the news, but not completely surprised. Vienna was disgusted that she had been involved with Gerald and worried that he would return to harm them. Henry reassured her that Gerald would never come between them again and that he forgave her for what had happened. The two resolved to move on with their life together. As Alison and Susan got ready to go home, Alison realized her jacket and cell phone were at Casey's house and she returned to retrieve both.

At the Hughes's home, the family enjoyed a little light television before heading upstairs to bed. No sooner had they locked all the doors, that Gerald emerged from the shadows ready to exact his revenge on the Hughes family. He turned the television back on and set the volume up loud to attract the family back to the family room as he hid in a nearby closet. Margo came down and turned the television off. At that moment, Alison knocked on the door and Margo let her in to get her coat. As the two discussed the evening, Gerald snuck his gone out the closet door and fired at Margo. Luckily, Alison had seen the gun and pushed Margo to the ground. Gerald came out of the closet and threatened Alison and Margo, but Tom ran in and struggled with Gerald to get his gun. Margo jumped to her feat and retrieved her weapon from another room and pointed it at the two men fighting for control of Gerald's gun. Tom lost the struggle and ended up on the couch with Gerald pointing his gun at him and Margo kept Gerald in her gun's sight. Gerald told Margo to put her weapon down and at first it looked like she might, but when Gerald remarked that his brother had "always said she was soft," Margo aimed her weapon and shot Gerald dead. The police returned to take away his body and Susan took Alison home. Before she left, Casey asked Alison if he could check on her in the morning and went back up to bed. Tom comforted his wife and the two were grateful that their torment at the hands of Gerald Nevins was finally at an end.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Carly visited Jack in the hospital and told him that she was going back to Chicago to look for the homeless woman who interacted with Kit. Jack insisted he go with her in spite of his injuries, so Carly drove them both to the Windy City where they prowled the streets. Finally, Carly spotted the woman turning a corner, and the pair confronted her.

At the Snyder farm, Emma made a grand breakfast for Parker and many other members of the family, but Parker couldn't eat because he was worried about going to jail. He wished his parents were there and walked out because he was so upset. Paul intercepted Parker outside and brought the boy back inside where they both ate breakfast. Holden was not pleased that Paul was apparently back in the good graces of the Snyders. It was soon time to leave for court and the decision about Parker's future.

Luke met up with Noah to ask him for class notes since Luke would miss class by attending the trial. Noah asked to go with him, joined by Ameera who also wanted to go.

Katie was slowly recovering from a monster hangover with some help from Brad who tempted her with coffee and one of Emma's special muffins. Katie was also upset by Jack's delirious ramblings the day before when he imagined he and Katie were still married. Brad and Katie decided to attend the trial.

At the courthouse, the Snyders gathered to await the judge who would resume Parker's trial. Luke confided in his mother that he was not pleased that Noah was spending so much time with Ameera lately. Meg and Paul had a pleasant conversation, surprising both of them, but Meg chose to sit with her family in the courtroom. Tom discussed the previous day's Nevins hostage situation quietly with Holden. The judge called the case and Tom put Parker, himself, on the witness stand.

In Chicago, Jack and Carly interrogated the homeless woman named Ruby Fisk. They wanted to know if Ruby had ever heard Kit confess to firing the shot that killed Sam. Ruby took off, but the anxious couple was able to catch her again. They pled with her to come back to Oakdale with them if she could clear Parker. Ruby admitted that she had a record and wanted nothing to do with cops even though Jack offered what protection he could. Ruby told them she had lost a six-year-old son, and Carly begged her to help save her son.

Tom questioned Parker about the night of Sam's killing. They talked about how Parker had a feeling that Sam was about to do something awful to Carly and that was why he took the rifle from the farm and went to Metro. He described Sam's attempted rape of his mother. At these words, Ameera suddenly got up and bolted from the courtroom, followed by Noah. In the corridor, Ameera told Noah that Parker's testimony reminded her of terrible things in Iraq.

Back in the courtroom, Parker testified how he fired the gun only one time to stop Sam, not to kill him. This represented a change from the boy's original statement. In cross-examination, the District Attorney tried hard to impeach the boy, and the judge called for final arguments. Tom made an impassioned plea for Parker's innocence, while the DA argued that there was no evidence that any other person was involved at Metro that night. The judge called for a recess while he deliberated.

In Chicago, Ruby had a change of heart and agreed to accompany Jack and Carly back to Oakdale and to testify that she heard Kit's confession to killing Sam. On the way back to town, Carly got pulled over by the police for speeding. When the cop heard her reason for excessive speed, he offered them a police escort to Oakdale.

Meg and Paul chatted again during the court recess and Meg was grateful that Parker remembered firing the gun only once. Tom was not hopeful of the verdict, however; this judge had a tough reputation. Noah explained to Luke that Ameera had gotten upset because she knew women in Iraq who were raped by men who were never punished. Parker worried that his folks had not arrived yet and was afraid they would not make it back in time to hear the verdict. As the judge returned and announced a verdict of "guilty" for Parker, Carly and Jack burst into the courtroom with Ruby and asked the judge to halt the proceedings. They had new testimony, which would shed a whole new light on the killing of Sam.

The judge allowed Ruby's testimony, and she stated that Kit told her that she saw Parker shoot Sam once but that she, herself, had finished him off. Kit was tired of Sam's running around on her. On cross exam, Ruby produced several drivers' licenses issued to Kit in different names and appearances which proved that Kit had several identities and disguises at her disposal. The judge reversed his verdict and released a relieved Parker into the custody of both his parents.

Friday, March 28, 2008

At the courthouse, the Snyder family and their friends celebrated Parker's "not guilty" verdict. After Katie and Brad had a long hug, Katie congratulated Parker and then hugged Jack, while Carly and Brad watched. Meg thanked Paul for having given Parker a pep talk that helped him face his day in court. Parker told Carly and Jack he didn't want to go back to the farm; he wanted to go home, with both of them. Jack said they should all celebrate, and he invited everyone to join them. Emma said she couldn't come, but when she tried to get Meg to take a cab back to the farm with her, Paul offered them both a ride. Meg accepted even though Emma obviously didn't want to go with Paul. Brad and Katie decided to go to the celebration at Carly's place.

In the hallway at the courthouse, Carly and crew ran into Ruby Fisk, who had testified that Kit had admitted to having killed Sam. Carly and Jack thanked Ruby and formally introduced her to Parker. When they asked what they could do for Ruby in return, Ruby suggested cash, and Jack and Brad both gave her money. Carly asked what else they could do, and Ruby told her, "Love your kid. That's what it's all about."

When Carly and the others got to Carly's home, JJ and Sage greeted Parker warmly and welcomed him back. The three kids went upstairs to play a video game, and Carly offered to make lunch. Katie offered to help, and she and Carly went to the kitchen together. Brad asked Jack if he was planning to recuperate at Carly's instead of at the farm, but Jack didn't plan on it, because he didn't want to give Carly or the kids the wrong idea.

In the kitchen, Carly told Katie she appreciated everything Katie had done, and Katie said she would do anything for Parker. Carly added, "And Jack?" Katie replied that she would always want what was best for Jack. Carly asked what would happen if that meant Jack ended up being with Carly, and Katie said she would be happy for them. Katie then reminded Carly that Jack was the one who would determine his future, and he hadn't been forthcoming about his plans. When Brad shouted that he and Jack were hungry, Carly and Katie brought out the sandwiches. Brad asked what had taken them so long, and Carly said she and Katie had been trying to figure out "who gets what."

When Paul, Meg, and Emma arrived at the farm, Emma excused herself to do chores, but Meg invited Paul to stay for a cup of coffee. A messenger arrived with an envelope for Meg. The envelope contained divorce papers from Craig. Meg was thrilled, but Paul wanted to call the police so they could try to track down Craig. Meg refused to do that, even when Paul pointed out that Craig had tried to kill him. Meg said she needed to move on with her life. Meg asked Paul if he could move on, too, and Paul asked Meg if she wanted them to move on together.

Meg told Paul that a few weeks earlier, they were barely speaking, so she couldn't promise anything. Meg said she saw the divorce papers from Craig as a first step in moving on with her life. Paul said a "wait and see" response wasn't very encouraging, but Meg told him it was all she could offer him. Paul said he would take it, and he offered her a pen and told her to sign the divorce papers, and the hell with Craig.

When Paul was ready to leave, he told Meg she made him want to be a better man, and she smiled and told him that was what Craig used to say. Paul said, "Well, then, I take it all back!" and Meg laughed and told him if he wanted to be a better man, to do it for himself, not her. Meg told Paul not to change too much and hugged him, but she apologized when she realized her embrace was causing his burns to hurt. Paul said he was okay, and he left.

At home, Margo saw the blood stain on the carpet where Gray (a.k.a. Gerald Nevins) had fallen after she shot him, and she began to try to get rid of the stain. In the process, she had flashbacks to the night she was raped by Gray's brother. When Tom arrived, he found Margo sitting on the floor; she told him she had tried and tried, but she couldn't make it go away no matter what she did. Tom realized Margo was talking about her memories of having been raped years ago. Margo said she didn't think she could separate the "tough stuff" of her job from her personal life anymore, and she wanted to quit the police force.

Tom told Margo that she was a wonderful wife, mother, and cop, and he insisted that her work helped to define her. She asked him if he was scared, and he said every time she walked out the door, he was petrified, but he knew what she was capable of and what she would do to protect herself and others. Margo thanked Tom for loving her and being there for her, and she agreed not to resign from the police force.

Margo then got a call with some good news. She called Jack and told him the Chicago police had located the money Brad and Katie had given Henry to buy Metro from Kit; it was in a bank account Kit had set up, and the Chicago police had said they would wire it back to Brad and Katie. Jack was thrilled and said he would pass on the news.

Margo also had told Jack about what happened with Nevins, and Jack had passed that information along to Katie, too. Katie was relieved to hear her sister was okay, and she told Jack that Nevins had also tried to kill Henry and Brad. Jack was stunned to hear this, and Brad assured him he was fine and that the poisoned champagne he had drunk had been meant for Henry. Carly asked how Brad and Katie had been involved with Nevins, and Brad explained that Vienna had been dating him, and they had been trying to win her back for Henry, successfully as it turned out. Carly said Brad and Katie apparently made a good team.

Katie decided it was time to leave, and Jack walked her out. He apologized for not having realized what else was going on with Nevins, but Katie said he had to deal with his own family. Jack said those problems were over. Katie left and went to Tom and Margo's house. Margo told Katie she'd rather talk about Katie's problems than discuss what had happened with Nevins, so Katie told her she was confused about Jack and Brad. Margo told Katie she either had to decide to wait for Jack or move on with someone like Brad. Margo said, "If you want to move on with your future, you've got to let go of the past." Having said that, Margo stared at the carpet where the bloodstain was covered up with a dish towel.

Back at Carly's house, Brad said it was time for him to leave, too, and Jack thanked him for everything. After Brad left, Carly told Jack it seemed that Katie and Brad had become good friends who helped each other out, and she wanted to help Jack out, too, as a friend. Carly suggested Jack stay at her house, where he could be close to the kids, to recuperate. Jack said everyone seemed to be doing fine, but at that moment, Parker walked out, looking like he wasn't doing so well. Jack and Carly followed Parker outside, where Parker was upset because he'd almost had to leave them to go to prison. Jack and Carly reassured him that they would never let anything bad happen to him, and they would always be a family.

At the Lakeview, Vienna told Henry that she had ended up keeping the diamond necklace Gray had given her, and she believed it was worth a substantial amount of money. As they imagined what they could do together with that money, there was a knock at the door from an FBI agent. The FBI agent told Henry and Vienna that Gerald Nevins was dead, and he asked Vienna where Nevins' assets were. Vienna said she didn't know, and the FBI agent told her she was under arrest and led her away.

Henry got Bonnie and went to the police station, where Dallas told them the FBI was questioning Vienna. Bonnie asked the FBI agent what the charges were against Vienna. The agent said obstruction of justice, but Bonnie said Vienna was unlikely to know anything about Nevins' finances. Henry told the agent that his fiancée wouldn't lie about that, and Vienna was surprised to hear him call her that.

Vienna told the FBI agent that she didn't know anything about Gray's business dealings, because he had always gone into the kitchen at the diner whenever he got a business call. Henry and the others realized there might be a clue at the diner, so they all went there to look for it. The FBI agent found a piece of paper at the diner with Swiss bank account numbers listed on it. Before he left, the FBI agent showed Henry the deed Henry had signed over to Nevins for the diner, and he tore it up, telling Henry, "Forget it ever happened. Now we're even."

Brad went to the diner, where Henry, Bonnie, and Vienna were celebrating that the diner was now Henry and Vienna's again. Brad was happy to hear that and told them his good news about Parker's trial. Henry and Vienna went to the kitchen to get some food, and Bonnie and Brad sat down to talk. Bonnie told Brad that if he gave it some time, Katie would come around, but Brad said Katie was "lost in Jack Land."


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