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Natalie was furious to learn that Jared wasn't really a Buchanan, but she decided to keep it secret for the time being. Lindsay accused Nora of having feelings for both Clint and Bo. Sarah flew to Napa with Nash; Cristian and Jessica tried to pretend that they weren't upset. Starr took a pregnancy test. Viki mistakenly believed that Charlie was about to propose marriage.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 31, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, March 31, 2008

In Starr's bedroom, Langston was shocked to find Starr cradling a home pregnancy test. When Langston questioned Starr about her claim that nothing sexual took place between her and Cole, Starr admitted that she lied about her night with Cole. Starr confessed that she did have sex with Cole, but could never reveal the truth for fear that Todd would have Cole placed in prison. Out of concern, Langston asked Starr if she believed that she might be pregnant. Starr confided in Langston about feeling sick recently and explained how she came into possession of the pregnancy test. Langston wondered how Starr could carry such a burden all alone, and was surprised that Starr didn't divulge her secret to Langston. Starr was adamant that no one could ever learn the truth, and asked for some privacy so she could take the test. Meanwhile, downstairs, Blair asked Todd to attempt to make amends with Starr. Todd told Blair that he couldn't get the image of Starr and Cole together out of his mind. Blair reminded Todd that had he not arrived when he did, Starr and Cole might have actually had sex. Todd believed Starr would never understand his feelings. Blair demanded that Todd make an effort to relate with Starr, otherwise Blair would take charge of the situation. After listening to Blair's argument, Todd decided to go upstairs and patch things up with Starr.

At the diner, Cole and Markko discussed Starr. Markko couldn't believe that Cole decided to end his relationship with Starr. Cole told Markko that John had convinced him that it would be in Starr's best interest if Cole ended his pursuit of Starr. When Cole stated that he would move aside so that Starr could go on with her life, Markko appeared unconvinced and continued to urge his friend not to give up on Starr. Later, Rene arrived at the diner to have dinner with Cole. When Rene mentioned Todd interfering in Cole's relationship with Starr, Cole told Rene that Todd had succeeded in breaking up him and Starr and nothing could be done to change that fact.

As Todd headed up to Starr's room, Starr stood in the bathroom and prepared to take the pregnancy test. When Todd knocked on the door and called her name, Starr nervously dropped the test kit into the toilet. Upon realizing that the box was sitting on her desk, Starr rushed to retrieve the box before Todd could notice it. As Todd entered the room, Starr stood with the pregnancy test box behind her back. Todd told Starr that he couldn't stand what had become of their relationship and didn't want her to hate him. As Starr clinched the box behind her back, Todd told his daughter, "You'll understand that someday when you have your own kids. Of course that feels like a million years away."

Langston received a call from Markko. Noticing the urgency in her voice, Markko asked Langston what was wrong. A distracted Langston told Markko that things were crazy as usual and abruptly hung up the phone. Langston turned around to find Blair standing in the same room. Blair began asking Langston how Starr was doing emotionally. When Langston stated that she was going upstairs, Langston nearly panicked when Blair told her that Todd had gone to Starr's room to speak with her. Aware that something was going on, Blair demanded that Langston come clean. Back at the diner, Markko told Cole about his strange conversation with Langston. Cole hoped that Starr was okay.

On the way to the lodge, Bo swerved to prevent hitting a deer and the car carrying him and Nora slipped over a steep hill. After attempting to free themselves from the car, Bo and Nora soon discovered that they were trapped. Realizing that it would be virtually impossible for anyone to find them in the snowstorm, they decided to patiently wait for the vehicle to be tracked through the GPS system. While waiting to be rescued, Nora remembered that Nigel had packed some wine and other goodies for the long commute. As they sipped wine, Bo and Nora happily reminisced about the good times they shared as a couple. In a diner up the road, Nigel attempted to ease the mind of a worried Matthew. Matthew became alarmed when he was unable to reach either of his parents by phone. While Matthew worried about his parents, Nigel's thoughts turned to Natalie and Jared alone in the cabin.

As Clint drove to the lodge, Lindsay pleaded with him to drive faster. Lindsay was convinced that Bo and Nora would rekindle their relationship if left alone. Clint stated that he trusted both Nora and Bo, but Lindsay continued to argue her point. When Clint informed Lindsay that the road to the cabin was closed due to the storm, Lindsay feared Bo and Nora might have stopped at a nearby motel. Upon noticing the lights of a diner up ahead, Lindsay asked Clint to stop just in case Bo and Nora were there. Once inside, Clint and Lindsay encountered Matthew and Nigel. As Lindsay appeared anxious, Matthew began to worry about his parents. Afterwards, Clint chastised Lindsay for upsetting Matthew.

As Bo and Nora shared memories from the past, they were interrupted by a knock on the window. Clint and Lindsay stood outside the vehicle. An overjoyed Lindsay exclaimed, "Thank God we found you!" On the ride back to the cabin, Bo and Clint listened as Nora and Lindsay exchanged verbal jabs.

At the cabin, Jared surprised Natalie with a passionate kiss. Horrified, Natalie slapped Jared and screamed, "Jared how could you? You're my uncle." Jared yelled back, "No I'm not." Appalled by Jared's behavior, Natalie attempted to leave the cabin. Jared explained to a bewildered Natalie how he pulled of the scam about being Asa's long lost son. When Natalie refused to listen, Jared told her that Nigel would back up his claim. Natalie was adamant that Nigel would never betray the Buchanan family, but Jared explained that the alternative was worse-Asa's real son was David Vickers. Natalie was speechless. Jared admitted to beginning the scam after he and Natalie realized that they shared feelings for each other. After listening to Jared's confession, Natalie remarked that Jared chose money over a relationship with her. Jared told Natalie that money had nothing to do with him wanting to be a Buchanan. Jared said he felt that he never had a chance with Natalie, and never planned on falling for her. He expressed how much it hurt him to watch Natalie deal with the situation, and recounted the several times he attempted to reveal the truth to her. Jared told her that he would give up everything just to be with her. An angry Natalie was disgusted by Jared's attempt to defraud her family. As Jared begged for her forgiveness, Clint, Bo, Nora, and Lindsay entered the cabin. When Clint asked what was going on, Jared announced that he had something to tell everyone.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Buchanans arrived at the darkened lodge in the middle of Jared and Natalie's argument about his lies. As Jared told them he had something to say to them, the lights suddenly came back on, distracting everyone. Matthew rushed in with Nigel, explaining that Nigel had restored the power. Overjoyed, Clint, Nora, Bo, and Lindsay prepared to head to the kitchen for food. Natalie pleaded with them to stay and listen to Jared, but Clint insisted that they were all cold, tired, and hungry, and said that whatever she and Jared had to say could wait. After the others exited, Jared and Natalie were left alone again. Jared asked Natalie why she didn't just tell the family the truth herself, and Natalie coldly told him that she wanted to see him squirm, and didn't want him to find a way to "spin" the facts in his favor. Jared was resigned to his fate and promised no spin. "I'll take what's coming to me," he said. He told Natalie that he'd already done the hard part by telling her. Jared said he didn't care how the others felt about him-"I only care how you feel." Nigel returned to the room with snacks, and Jared left him alone with Natalie. Natalie revealed to Nigel that Jared had confessed to her, and asked him how he could possibly perpetuate his deception on a family that loved and cared for him. She said she knew it wasn't like him. Nigel gloomily attributed his actions to equal parts shock and grief, but said that his biggest motivator had been the fear of David Vickers "swooping in like a vulture" to pillage the family fortune and destroy Asa's legacy. A guarded Natalie said that Jared could be a vulture too, but Nigel said that Jared was not a leech on the family like David. He recounted David's dirty deeds, including extorting his liver for Jessica, and compared him to Jared, who had business acumen, respect for the family and the business, and the love of the grieving Renee. Nigel felt certain that Asa would be proud to call Jared his son, a claim that irked Natalie. But Nigel reminded her that Natalie had seen the good in Jared before anyone else. Natalie considered Nigel's words as Jared watched her from the other room.

At La Boulaie, Starr kept her pregnancy test hidden behind her back on her dresser as Todd appealed to her to end their stalemate. He said he wanted to start over, and was simply desperate to make sure Starr didn't repeat his mistakes from his own life. Starr hid the test beneath "Freddy the Magic Frog" as Todd continued. Todd said he was glad nothing had happened between her and Cole, but said it was important that she understood what could've had things gone "too far." "I understand more than you know," Starr said softly. She told him she wasn't interested in having this conversation with him, and ordered him to get out. Fixated on her hidden pregnancy test, Starr told her father that things had changed between them, and would never be the same. Todd kept trying to get through to her, admitting that he was wrong, and promised to let her go back to Llanview High as long as she didn't so much as make eye contact with Cole. Her Internet privileges would remain suspended and Shaun would still be her bodyguard, but she would be free to come and go as she pleased, and Todd would trust her with that. Todd asked Starr if they had a deal, and Starr reluctantly agreed. Suddenly, Freddy the Magic Frog caught Todd's eye, and he asked, "What's that?" Starr covered, explaining that Jack had given it to her, thinking she needed it more than he did due to her current woes. Todd bought the lie, and left Starr's bedroom, but not before telling her, "I'm trying. I'm really trying." As soon as she was alone, Starr grabbed her pregnancy test and headed into her bathroom.

Downstairs, Dorian spoke on the phone with Adriana, who was preparing to board her return flight to Paris. Adriana icily warned her mother to keep up her end of the deal to protect her relationship with Rex, "otherwise you'll be down one daughter." Together, mother and daughter ran down the list of inconsistencies in Gigi's story about Shane's father, like why Gigi and Shane had never received health benefits from the Navy or the Marine Corps. Adriana marveled that for once, Dorian was not her biggest obstacle to happiness, and said that if Shane turned out to be Rex's son after all, it could ruin everything.

In the drawing room, Blair pressed Langston about what was really bothering Starr. Blair begged Langston to tell her the whole truth before Todd got wind of it, and wondered if Starr and Cole were planning another secret rendezvous. Langston said it wasn't that, but warned Blair that Starr needed her mother now more than ever. When Blair pushed, Langston began to backtrack, and before Blair could get the truth out of her, Dorian swooped into the drawing room and told Blair to stop badgering her foster daughter. She warned Blair that Todd needed to back off of Starr as well, and bemoaned the fact that he was domineering and controlling with every aspect of his children's lives. Blair countered that Dorian would know, given her own conduct towards Adriana. After Langston left the elder Cramers to hash out their differences, Dorian admitted to Blair that she'd made a mistake sending Adriana to Paris, which Blair knew nothing about. After Dorian recounted her scheme to Blair, she explained that she had to make up for it to Adriana now in any way she could. "We're in the same boat," Blair said, ruminating about Starr. Dorian said she'd learned her lesson about Adriana, but wished Todd would learn his about Starr.

Clint, Nora, and Matthew watched the stars outside the Buchanan lodge, and Matthew mercilessly teased his mother about the constellations resembling wild bears known to prowl the area. Nora shooed Matthew to write his paper for school, and Clint and Nora enjoyed a romantic moment. Meanwhile, back inside the lodge, Lindsay apologized to Bo for "inviting herself along." Bo replied that Lindsay was welcome, and apologized for not realizing the trouble Lindsay could get into being left alone in town by her legal guardian. Lindsay clucked over Bo's car accident in the snow, and said she was glad that she and Clint had found Bo and Nora when they did. She attempted to pin her own insecurities on Clint, claiming that he had been concerned about Bo and Nora being alone together. Bo saw through Lindsay's charade and said he knew she'd been worried, not Clint. Lindsay said she was sure Nora would just trash her to Bo and try to influence his feelings, but Bo said Nora didn't have influence over how he felt, and that Lindsay's name never came up. "Not even once?" Lindsay asked dejectedly. She apologized for being neurotic, and Bo pleaded with her to try to let go of her rivalry with Nora. After the brothers headed for their meeting with Jared and Natalie, Nora walked in on Lindsay alone in the living room. Lindsay accused Nora of being drunk, but Nora said Lindsay was her only perpetual hangover.

Rex dropped by Llanfair looking for Charlie, but found Shane instead, working on his own homemade comic. Rex admired Shane's art kit, unaware that it was in fact a clandestine birthday present from Gigi. Before Shane could spill the beans, Gigi arrived in the kitchen, and sent Shane off to do homework. Gigi and Rex made small talk, but Gigi could sense Rex was troubled. Rex explained that Adriana was jealous of Gigi due to Rex's chivalry in the fistfight with Jared. Gigi said Adriana had nothing to be jealous about, and that it was just a silly kiss. Rex groused that Jared had been taking advantage of Gigi. He admitted he was tense and nervous about the wedding plans, and that he didn't like that everything was so rushed. "Why does there have to be a rush?" Gigi asked. She commented that if Rex and Adriana were sure of their feelings, then waiting shouldn't be a problem. Before they could discuss it further, Shane returned, and Gigi tried to send him off to bed. Shane protested that it was too early and he couldn't sleep, and Rex backed him up, drawing a rebuke from Gigi: "You do not get any say in how I raise my son." Gigi's words stung Rex, who explained that he had also had childhood insomnia. He offered to accompany Shane to his next baseball practice, assuring Gigi he was not too busy.

After sending Shane off to his bedroom to change, Gigi apologized for being harsh. Rex said he could understand Gigi being territorial, and that Shane was her son, not his. Gigi tried to relieve him of the burden of taking Shane to practice, but Rex was thrilled to do it, and said he wished his dad had been around for those things when he was a boy. As a result, Rex explained, he had resolved to be there for his own child someday. Struck by his words, Gigi wrestled with her conscience. Before she could say anymore, Gigi and Rex were interrupted by a call from Adriana, who froze up on the phone when she heard Shane calling to Rex in the background. Adriana told Rex she was heading back to Paris, and told him to give her best to Viki and Charlie...and Gigi. After hanging up, Rex bid Gigi goodnight. Shane came down the stairs to find his mother pensive and unsettled, and said, "too bad Rex is getting married." Jolted that Shane could sense her feelings, Gigi tried to make an excuse, but Shane said he could tell how she felt, and that he knew she'd been lonely since his father died. Gigi took her son in her arms and insisted that Shane was all she needed.

At the lodge, Jared and Natalie met with Bo and Clint to discuss business affairs, and Jared prepared to drop his bombshell on the family. However, Clint opened the proceedings by praising Jared and Natalie for their hard work during the Warren Cobb affair, and called Jared "little brother." Then, he asked what the two had to tell him. Touched by Clint's words, Jared began to haltingly confess, expressing how much he cared for the family and how much he had come to learn from them. Just then, Natalie stopped him dead, and played off their argument as a conflict over individual responsibility for Cobb's former holdings. Jared tried to interrupt her and tell the whole truth, but Natalie chose her words carefully, looking Jared in the eye as she told them all that it was not in Jared's or Buchanan Enterprises' best interests to fight her on this particular "issue." She reminded him that he still had something to prove to work. Defeated, Jared gave up, saying, "Whatever Natalie wants." As the elder Buchanans retired to bed, Nigel privately thanked Natalie for keeping the secret, but Jared still had questions. Once they were alone again, Jared asked Natalie why she'd done that for him, and Natalie harshly corrected him, saying she'd done it for the family, that she still needed him at the office, and couldn't let David cash in on the Buchanan fortune. Jared appealed to her, implying that if the secret came out, perhaps "you and I" could be together. Natalie hissed that there was no "Jared and her," and hadn't been since the day he'd chosen to begin scamming her family. She swore she would never forgive him, and stalked off to bed. As Jared watched Natalie go, Nigel returned, asking Jared why he'd told her the truth. Jared said he couldn't go on lying to her, and admitted that he was falling in love with Natalie. Nigel reminded him that he was still a Buchanan, for now. "Yeah," Jared said ruefully, "just what I always wanted."

At La Boulaie, Langston returned to Starr's room and asked her if she'd taken the pregnancy test. Starr revealed that the test had been damaged when she dropped it in the toilet, and that she needed a new one. She asked Langston to get one for her since she couldn't throw Shaun off her trail again. Starr resolved that by the next day, she'd know if she were pregnant. In the drawing room, Todd and Blair talked over Todd and Starr's truce, and Todd warned Blair that Cole had better stay away for good. And in the foyer, Dorian received a final call from Adriana, who asked her to look into Shane's supposed father, Brody Lovett. Too many things didn't add up, and Adriana needed to know once and for all who Shane Morasco's father was.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

As Starr slept, she had a vivid dream about returning to school in a very pregnant state. In her dream, Starr walked down the school hallway and grew increasingly uncomfortable as her classmates stared at her with disapproval. The dream took a darker turn when Starr approached Cole and he ignored her. Worse, he walked away from her without even looking at her. Hurt by his callous treatment, Starr started crying and calling out Cole's name in her sleep. Langston heard Starr's cries and rushed to her friend's bedside to wake her up. Rattled by the dream, Starr shared all the ugly details with Langston. Langston felt terrible for Starr. She dismissed the awful dream as nothing more than Starr's fears getting the best of her. She pointed out that Starr wasn't even certain that she was pregnant. As if on cue, Starr was hit by a wave of nausea. She raced to the bathroom while Langston sat helplessly by. Minutes later, Starr returned to her bedroom visibly depressed over the possibility of being pregnant. Langston tried to offer Starr hope. She suggested that Starr's upset stomach could be stress related but it was clear that neither girl really believed that. As Starr prepared to get ready for school, Langston noticed the outfit that Starr had chosen. She asked Starr if it was a wise choice to wear one of Cole's favorite outfits given the circumstances. Starr didn't think it could make things worse and insisted on wearing it. Langston didn't push it. She realized that Starr had a difficult day ahead of her and there were more important things to discuss. Before returning to her own room to get ready for school, Langston promised Starr that she would pick up a pregnancy test kit after school so that Starr would know once and for all whether she was pregnant or not.

Across town, John gently broke the news to Cole that Starr would be returning to school. Cole was conflicted. On the one hand, he was happy for Starr, but on the other hand, Cole was worried that it would be difficult, if not impossible, for them to avoid each other in school. John was sympathetic but reminded Cole that it was important for him to keep his distance from Starr. At school, Cole and Starr were tested almost immediately. They ran into each other in the hallway but before they could speak, Langston and Markko stepped in and kept them apart. As Cole turned away from Starr he overheard a classmate make a disparaging remark about Starr. Luckily, Starr didn't hear it but Cole was livid nonetheless. Before anyone could stop Cole, he punched the boy. Their friends quickly sprang into action and managed to pull the fighting boys apart before any of the teachers heard the commotion. Later, while giving Starr some words of encouragement, Markko noticed how pale Starr was. He asked her if she was feeling okay. Starr brushed off her pallid complexion as stress from returning to school and the recent fight in the hallway. Markko accepted her explanation. As soon as Markko walked away, Starr was overcome with nausea and ran to the bathroom. Shortly afterward, Starr reminded Langston that she had a mission after school.

Cris and Antonio shared a booth at the diner while Sarah stood nearby making some last minute calls on her cell phone. Antonio was a bit surprised to learn that Cris had decided to remain in town while Sarah went to romantic Napa with Nash. Cris explained that he wasn't interested in tagging along on a business trip and that he trusted Sarah. On the other side of town, Nash packed for his trip to Napa. Jessica was torn between staying in Llanview and going to Napa. At the last minute she decided to go and told Nash of her change in plans. Nash appreciated the offer but discouraged Jessica from packing up their daughter and going with him on the trip. He explained that he would be too busy working and wouldn't be able to spend much time with Jessica and Bree. Jessica was disappointed by Nash's reaction. They had spat and exchanged some heated words but made up quickly. Unfortunately, by then Nash was running late and had to rush out the door. Jessica was worried about some of the things they'd said during their argument and decided to call Nash. She ended up getting his voicemail so she left him a heartfelt supportive message hoping that it would set things right between them.

Working at the police station, Talia opened up to John about how things were going between her and Antonio. She reluctantly admitted that Antonio seemed different lately. A short time later, John made an attempt to talk to Antonio but Antonio wasn't interested. He walked away without saying a word to John. Talia decided that she and Antonio needed to talk. Hoping to find a way to make things better, Talia told Antonio that he was the one she cared for, not John. She stressed that she and John were just partners nothing more. Talia was a bit taken aback when Antonio pointed out that they had started out as just partners too. Just then Ramsey strolled into the squad room. As he passed Talia, he asked her to join him in his office. Talia was frustrated by the interruption but knew she had little choice but to comply. Once she was alone with Ramsey, Talia was surprised to hear him pay her a compliment. Unfortunately it was followed up by a chauvinistic remark that made Talia bristle. She reminded Ramsey that she didn't appreciate her gender being a part of the discussion. Ramsey chuckled, but backed down. He then shocked her with the offer to split her and John up as partners. He explained that he had noticed that Talia's working relationship with John had put an obvious strain on her relationship with Antonio. Talia didn't trust the offer and didn't even pretend to consider it before she declined it. After leaving Ramsey's office, Talia tracked John down at the diner and told him about her meeting with Ramsey and her decision. While Talia was talking to John, Ramsey was busy telling Antonio about the offer he made and Talia's decision. Antonio was clearly angry when he learned that Talia had refused to be assigned a new partner.

Nash and Sarah enjoyed their flight to Napa sipping champagne and exchanging light banter. As the flight attendant refilled their glasses, she mistook Nash for Sarah's husband. Nash and Sarah laughed but neither made an effort to correct the error. After the attendant stepped away, Nash belatedly remembered that he had not returned Jessica's phone call from earlier. Meanwhile, back in Llanview, Cris stopped by the cottage to pick up the sketches and notes that Nash had forgotten to drop off before leaving for his trip. Jessica was happy to see Cris and invited him in. Before long, Cris was on the floor playing with Bree. Jessica took delight in watching them together. After Bree was put down for a nap, Cris and Jessica talked for a bit. Cris realized that Jessica was missing her husband and offered her words of encouragement.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Talia and John spent some time at the diner, talking about their partnership and their difficulties with Antonio because of it. John assured Talia that things would be okay and casually touched her hand, causing a moment of awkwardness between them. When Talia stopped by the counter to say hello to Carlotta, Antonio's mother was short with her.

At the police station, Antonio overheard that Talia and John were seen at the diner together, "looking pretty friendly." The new partnership seemed to be what many of the other cops on the force were talking about. When John returned, he was surprised to find Commissioner Ramsey in his office. The top cop quickly covered and said that he was there to leave the file on a case, a drug bust they were planning on making in a warehouse by the docks. John asked to have a "little talk" regarding Ramsey's choice to take the job in Llanview but Ramsey assured him that he was not interested in chatting. John acknowledged that he was pretty sure that Ramsey was hiding something. Talia accused Antonio of telling his mother about their relationship problems but Antonio responded that she should have had her intimate meeting elsewhere, not in his mom's place of business. Talia tried to make Antonio see the light, that Ramsey was getting what he wanted. Antonio replied that Talia was getting what she wanted, by working with John. The group headed down to the docks.

Dorian barked orders to an unknown person on the phone.

Charlie and Roxy arrived at the diner to continue wedding plans with Dorian. They realized that they both knew the same person in Atlantic City. Charlie received a call from Jared, advising him that Natalie knew the truth. Before Charlie could clarify anything, Jared had to end the conversation, but Charlie realized he would have to talk to Viki. Roxy thought that Charlie must have received bad news since he suddenly appeared to be ill. Dorian and Viki both walked in and Roxy pleaded with Viki to join them, since she was the "classiest" person in the group. Dorian wasn't happy and Viki was uncomfortable, but they both decided to grin and bear it. After sitting and listening to some of Roxy's outlandish ideas, Charlie received a business call and Roxy decided to talk to Carlotta about catering. Dorian and Viki were left alone in the booth and they were quick to return to their usual demeanor

with each other. Dorian expressed how nice she thought it was that Viki had gotten Charlie a job at B.E., which Viki quickly denied. Since that didn't work, Dorian expressed how wonderful it was that Charlie was laying down roots in Llanview and getting involved in his son Rex's wedding. Viki asked Dorian why she was suddenly so hot on the idea of the wedding when she disliked Rex so much and didn't approve of her daughter's relationship with him. Dorian could hardly believe that Viki considered herself an expert on knowing what she thought. Viki felt unfortunate that she knew as much about Dorian as she did. Dorian confessed that she now liked Rex so much due to the wonderful father that he found, citing Charlie's many wonderful traits. When Charlie returned to the table, she repeated that same information to him. The wedding planning came to an end. Dorian made another phone call and told someone that she didn't want things messed up again. Roxy graciously took her own booth so that Viki and Charlie could sit together. Viki received a phone call from Natalie.

Up at the Buchanan lodge, Nora tried to do some work but was interrupted by Lindsay who put down the sound of her rather loud music and then continued to talk. Lindsay suggested that everything was bothering Nora and that she had conflicted feelings about Bo. Nora was unbelievably annoyed and ordered Lindsay to take a pen and paper and write down, " Nora does not have conflicted feelings about Bo and Clint." In fact, she offered that it was really wonderful that the brothers were working together. She cited that she and Bo had a child together and were merely friends with mutual respect for each other. Lindsay felt that the two were looking at each other with flirty eyes and that ever since they were stuck in the car together, they had a new crush on each other. Nora could hardly believe her ears and went off on how yes, Bo magically created the accident that landed them stuck in the car, causing the deer to jump in front of them. She in turn believed that Lindsay was awfully obsessed with thoughts of Nora and Bo! Lindsay replied that she wouldn't wish Nora on Bo or any other man and Nora's retort was that at least she didn't kill men. The arguing escalated. Jared wanted to know how long Natalie was going to keep "the secret" but she could only tell him she'd divulge it when she felt like it. She figured it wasn't a good time with all of the problems that B.E. was having recently. She also cited the pleasure she was getting out of seeing him sweat. Bo, Clint and Matthew returned from a hike and wondered about the conversation. Jared went off with Matt and Natalie lied that they had been talking about a problem at work. The men wondered about the friction they had noticed between Nat and Jared and felt that it was all on Nat. Clint wanted to know what she was keeping from them.

At the docks, John walked into the warehouse with a bag of money, as the other cops kept watch. The drug dealer held a gun on him, wondering where the original buyer was. John advised him that the other guy had been busted; the dealer agreed to count the money while John inspected the drugs he was selling. Still uncomfortable with John being there, the man confessed that he didn't trust John and held the gun on him again. John was able to trick him and took control of the situation, tussled briefly and took the gun. Ramsey suddenly appeared with a gun trained on John, who asked if he was planning on shooting him. Ramsey admitted that would be too easy and summoned the others. Talia was worried about John after the brief fight; Ramsey pointed out her worry. He snidely told John that she'd be more worried about herself if she knew of John's history with women. He told John to stay with the drugs and money while the others escorted the man outside.

Natalie freaked out and wondered about her father's new adoration of Jared and why he was suddenly Jared's biggest fan. She pointed out that she was probably no longer needed in the family business and stalked off. Bo and Clint were extremely confused. After receiving a phone call from Phyllis at B.E. advising of a new takeover attempt, everyone decided to head back to Llanview. Lindsay asked for the name of the latest rival but Clint assured her he did not want her help again. She felt that he wasn't being smart, especially since he had already rekindled feelings between Bo and Nora. Matt and Jared were playing a video game together. Matt pointed out how sad it was that Jared was not in any of the family photo albums. Jared didn't mind and felt that his new situation with the family was nearly perfect. Everyone departed, leaving Nat and Jared to wait for Nigel to return from the store. He asked her to play the video games but she quickly assured him that she wouldn't play any kind of game with him. She called her mom and wondered if Charlie was going to propose. She told Jared that Viki was waiting to hear something important from Charlie.

John recalled seeing Ramsey in his office. Just then, Ramsey walked back into the warehouse with Antonio and Talia and pointed out that John had been left alone with evidence. He ordered Antonio to search him. Antonio found something in John's pocket.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Up at the Buchanan lodge, Natalie realized Jared had doubts that she intended to keep his secret. Natalie explained that Buchanan Enterprises would continue to be under attack if Jared's true identity was ever exposed. Upon realizing that Natalie had no plans to reveal that he wasn't a Buchanan, Jared made a desperate attempt to phone Charlie. Jared planned to alert Charlie of the situation, before Charlie revealed their true identities to Viki. As Jared left Charlie a voicemail, he was interrupted when Natalie and Nigel entered the room. Natalie demanded to know how Jared discovered that David Vickers was Asa's son. When Jared admitted to overhearing Nigel discussing the revelation at the reading of the will, Natalie immediately realized that Alex Olanov also knew the truth. Horrified at the thought of Alex knowing damaging information about her family, Natalie lashed out at Jared and Nigel. After they assured her that Alex was paid to keep the information private, an angered Natalie then accused Jared of paying off Pamela Stuart to keep the secret. When Natalie referred to Pamela as one of Asa's money-grubbing ex-wives, Jared became upset and demanded that Natalie not speak of Pamela in that way. Jared told Natalie that Pamela was a friend of the family and often mentioned her life with the Buchanans. He explained how Pamela's stories about the Buchanan clan gave him hopes of wanting to one day become a part of such a family. Natalie began to remember the day Allison revealed that Natalie was actually a Buchanan. Jared's speech reminded Natalie of her own desires to become a part of such a glamorous family. Jared attempted to convince Natalie that they were very much alike. Natalie asked Jared if he had succeeded at getting everything he had ever wanted. Giving Natalie a knowing look, Jared stated that he didn't have everything he always wanted. In an unsympathetic tone, Natalie replied, "That was your choice." As Natalie left the room, Jared rushed to call Charlie again.

At the diner, Charlie attempted to tell Viki the truth about being Jared's father, but was interrupted by a rambunctious Roxy, who wanted to discuss plans for Rex and Adriana's wedding. Although Charlie and Viki were obviously bothered by Roxy's intrusion, they were kind and allowed her to join them. After listening to several of Roxy's outlandish ideas, Viki politely asked for some time alone with Charlie. While Roxy eavesdropped at a nearby booth, Charlie began telling Viki how special she was to him. Charlie was having a difficult time revealing the truth to Viki about being Jared's father. As Charlie came close to divulging his secret, he was interrupted by Markko, who informed Charlie that he had received an emergency phone call. When a frustrated Charlie excused himself to take the call, Roxy joined Viki. Viki was surprised when Roxy declared that Charlie was trying to propose to Viki. Viki dismissed the idea, but Roxy was certain that Charlie wanted to marry Viki. Across the room, Charlie discovered Jared on the phone. Jared explained that Natalie knew he wasn't a Buchanan, but had no knowledge of Charlie's true identity. Jared begged Charlie not to reveal the truth to Viki. After Charlie returned to the table, Roxy stunned both Viki and Charlie, when she blurted out that Charlie should propose to Viki immediately. Once alone, Viki noticed Charlie's strange behavior and asked if he did intend to propose marriage to her. Charlie sat speechless. Believing Charlie intended to propose, Viki appeared elated and told Charlie she owed him an answer.

Escorted by Shaun, a frazzled Starr arrived at the diner to meet Langston. Starr pleaded with Shaun to allow her some privacy, but Shaun refused. When Shaun told Starr that he observed Langston enter the drugstore across the street, Starr became alarmed and wondered if Todd had given Shaun instructions to watch Langston also. While waiting for Langston to arrive, Starr complained to Markko about being guarded at all times and not being allowed to see Cole. Meanwhile, Shaun phoned Todd and reported Starr's whereabouts. Todd ordered Shaun to have Starr home within the hour. While Shaun's attention was diverted and Markko had stepped away, Langston arrived and showed Starr the pregnancy test that she had purchased. A worried Starr admitted to feeling sick recently, but couldn't believe that she might possibly be pregnant.

At La Boulaie, Blair praised Todd for attempting to make amends with Starr. Their discussion soon turned to Ramsey. Blair mentioned that Todd no longer seemed concerned about Ramsey. Todd stated that Ramsey's focus appeared to no longer be directed at Todd, but now at John. Meanwhile, Layla arrived at La Boulaie to discuss Adriana's wedding plans and was greeted by Dorian. The two began discussing Adriana's concern with Gigi possibly ruining the wedding. When Layla expressed Adriana's concern that Rex might be Shane's father, Dorian dismissed the idea. However, Dorian became interested when Layla recalled several encounters that she observed between Rex and Gigi. Layla told Dorian that she didn't blame Adriana for being suspicious of Gigi.

Gigi was visibly shaken when Rex arrived at Llanfair to take Shane to baseball practice. When Gigi demanded to know why Shane would ask Rex to attend his practice, Shane sadly explained that his friends' fathers always came to the games. After Shane left to look for his glove, Rex demanded to know why Gigi thwarted every attempt he made to spend time with Shane. Rex felt that as a single parent, Gigi should allow her friends to help her with Shane. When Gigi told Rex that Adriana would have a problem with his spending time with Shane, Rex stated that Adriana didn't feel threatened by his friendship with Gigi and Shane. Gigi expressed concern that Rex wouldn't have much time for Shane after the wedding, but Rex declared that he would never desert Shane. As Rex and Gigi discussed Shane, Shane bolted downstairs and asked his mother if his glove was with his other birthday presents. Gigi nearly panicked when Rex asked Shane if he had a birthday recently. After diverting Rex's questioning, Gigi agreed to allow Rex to take Shane to practice. Before Shane left with Rex, Shane apologized to his mother for mentioning his birthday in front of Rex. Gigi told her son that everything was fine, but to never mention it again.

At the docks, Antonio followed Ramsey's orders and searched John. As Antonio patted John down, Ramsey had a flashback of entering John's office and planting drugs in his jacket. When Antonio announced that he had discovered something in John's pocket, Talia refused to believe that John would have any illegal involvement. A smirk crossed Ramsey's face, and he stated that John was capable of betraying the public trust. Antonio's search revealed a pack of gum. Aggravated, Ramsey ordered Antonio to conduct a better search. After a second frisk, Antonio told Ramsey that John wasn't in possession of any contraband. Disgusted, John left the docks with Talia following close behind.

Back at the police station, John confronted Antonio about helping Ramsey set him up. When Antonio denied any involvement, the two men began to argue relentlessly. Appalled by Antonio's apparent betrayal, John walked away. John entered Ramsey's office and accused the commissioner of planting drugs on him. John suggested that Ramsey wanted him off the force and out of his way. Ramsey never denied the accusations; instead he began to belittle John and joked about John being sexually involved with Talia. Meanwhile, Talia confronted Antonio about his cooperation with Ramsey. When Antonio suggested that Ramsey's suspicions about John might be true, Talia lashed out at Antonio. Talia told Antonio that Ramsey was the criminal, not John. As the two argued, John stormed out of Ramsey's office and brushed past them. In a sarcastic tone, Antonio suggested that Talia go after him.

When Starr and Langston returned home, Todd approached them. He demanded that Langston allow him to search her purse. As Starr begged her father not to look inside the purse, Todd pulled out the pregnancy test and asked what it was. As Blair looked on, Starr told her father he was embarrassing Langston and stated that the bag contained tampons. At Blair's urging, Todd returned the purse to Langston. A disgusted Langston snatched her purse from Todd and stormed upstairs.

As Nigel finished packing, he reminded Jared that he couldn't expect to date Natalie, while posing as her uncle. Jared didn't appear convinced. He asked if Nigel had ever been in love before.

Before leaving the cabin, Natalie and Jared found themselves alone again. When Jared mentioned how Clint reminded him of Asa, Natalie became disturbed. Natalie stated that Clint was nothing like Asa. Natalie believed that Asa was ruthless, and Clint didn't posses any heartless traits. Natalie admitted that she was worried by Clint's recent handling of B.E. business, but felt her father would never resort to Asa's ways. Later, Natalie placed a call requesting to meet with Pamela Stuart.

As Gigi sat in the library and remarked that she was all alone at Llanfair, Todd appeared and told Gigi that she wasn't alone. When Gigi attempted to walk past Todd, he prevented her from leaving by closing the doors to the library. Todd demanded to know why Gigi remained in Llanview.

After baseball practice, Rex and Shane entered the diner. Noticing that Shane needed a new baseball glove, Rex asked the little boy when his birthday was. Rex was suspicions when Shane vowed him to secrecy.

At La Boulaie, Dorian placed a call to someone demanding information on a deceased sailor named Brody Lovett.

In Starr's bedroom, Starr expressed relief that Todd didn't discover the pregnancy test. Langston urged Starr to take the test, and prayed that the results were negative. As Starr held the test in her hand, she and Langston sat on the bed and discussed how Starr's life could possibly be changed forever. Langston promised to stand by Starr no matter what the outcome. As the girls looked down at the test, Starr gasped, "Oh my God!"

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