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by Dawn
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Will Tea and Blair ever learn that arguing in front of windows is a bad idea? They get way too physical during arguments for it to be safe to fight near anything that is breakable!

It was a crazy week in Llanview, as Dorian decided to marry a woman, Tea's secret was revealed in more ways than one, Blair fell out of a window, Todd threw Tea out, Matthew shocked Bo and Nora yet again, Gigi behaved badly, and the teens were teens.

It seems like a lot of people are shocked by Dorian's decision to marry a woman to strengthen her campaign to be mayor of Llanview. I don't think it's shocking at all. As a matter of fact, I think it's very true to her character. Dorian has always been willing to take drastic measures to get what wants and doesn't let anything get in her way. She knows that Viki has a lot of support in the community, and Dorian's opportunity to garner attention literally knocked on her door when Amelia arrived. It makes sense for her to make the most of Amelia's desire to be in the spotlight, especially since she knows Viki can't do the same thing. It's not like Dorian will stay married to Amelia; I am sure they will part ways after the election. I do, however, think there is more to Amelia than we know. She seems determined to make the most of her new job, and she and Nick are having a lot of cryptic conversations. I think she's probably just very dedicated to her cause, but I am still glad that Dorian has David to look out for her. David is usually a lighthearted, carefree character, but I like seeing him be protective of Dorian. She needs someone to look out for her, since she is hardly rational or level-headed, especially when fighting Viki for something is involved! There was one shocking part of Dorian's announcement: She was able to announce it before Blair crashed her press conference!

I wonder when Tea and Blair will learn that arguing in front of windows is a bad idea. They get way too physical during arguments for it to be safe to fight near anything that is breakable! The fall was obviously an accident, but Tea and Blair must have had a lot of momentum during their argument for Blair to crash right through the window as she did! Tea's reaction was oddly amusing, as she stood in one place and screamed for what felt like several minutes. I guess she was so shocked by what happened and couldn't do anything but scream. I am also sure that she knew she would be suspected of pushing Blair on purpose, so she didn't rush outside to the scene. I wish they had shown the footage of Tea going out the window a few years ago. Since history is sort of repeating itself, it would have been great to see both falls! I do, however, like that anyone watching television in Llanview saw it happen. It always feels a slightly more real when people in Llanview watch news coverage the way we do in real life. It was a horrible way for Starr to find out that her mother had been hurt, but that also happens in in real life; late breaking news knows no bounds! I wonder if Blair will think finding out Tea's secret was worth falling out a window and being injured.

Blair has been getting on my nerves for weeks. Her obsession over Todd and Tea made her a very small person. She couldn't wait to tell Todd about Tea's secret, and she couldn't even contain her joy as she did it. At the same time, I don't think Tea is right for lying. In fact, I think she did every single wrong thing she could possibly do in this situation. She returned to Llanview with her secret, and insisted on keeping it even after she found out that Elijah was on her trail and that Blair was investigating her. Then, instead of making sure Todd knew the truth before the wedding, she decided to wait until after they were married to tell him. Did Tea really think she could keep her secret for that long when there were at least 2 people in Llanview who could expose her? Did she really think that Todd would calmly listen to her and say "I understand, honey. I appreciate you telling me?" That being said, Blair overstepped her bounds. She has repeatedly said she wanted to investigate Tea to protect her children, but she is lying to everyone, including herself. Now she knows more of Tea's secret but has severally injuries because of it. Will Blair look at what she's been doing and see that maybe Tea's secret wasn't worth falling out a window? It doesn't seem like it since she insisted on seeing Todd after she regained consciousness!

As I suspected, Tea's secret was underwhelming at best. Most viewers figured this out months ago. I was hoping her secret would be more creative than having a child because it's been done way too many times on soap operas, and the dialogue has been heavy-handed with Tea's secret. It seems like everyone in Llanview has told Tea that she isn't a mother, so it was obvious that she was one. I am glad that Tea's secret is out, but it certainly could have been a more creative secret!

Todd's reaction to Tea's first secret, her marriage to Ross, was chilling. He wasn't interested in hearing anything Tea had to say and promptly kicked her out. I wonder if Todd would have had the same reaction if Tea had actually been divorced before she married Todd. He has a right to be angry that Tea is still married to someone else, but she didn't do anything wrong by marrying Ross after Todd was gone. It would be unreasonable for Todd to think that Tea saved herself for Todd for all of those years! It also doesn't make sense for a lawyer to be married to two men at the same time, so Todd needed to think about the situation before lashing out at Tea. Tea tried to tell him that she thought she was divorced, but Todd wouldn't listen. It seems like Todd is calmer and more rational at this point, but now that Blair is awake and ready to tell him about Tea's child, I am sure he won't stay that way. While I like Tea, she deserves what she gets as a result of Todd finding out about her child. Tea willingly kept a lot of important information from him, and he heard and will hear about all of it in the worst possible way. Todd and Tea's marriage might have been over before it started, but the explosive arguments are just beginning!

I have decided that Jared is either the dumbest stalker ever, or he thinks everyone else is incredibly dumb. He expects everyone to believe that he doesn't know the guy who was dead at Llanfair. He expects them to believe that that calls and text messages were sent to and from his phone without his knowledge and that several money transfers took place on his computer without his knowledge. Everyone is entitled to one too-good-to-be-true coincidence in life, but Jared is asking people to accept several. Jared has never seemed like a dumb character, but really, hasn't he ever seen an episode of The Sopranos? If you're going to do things under the radar, you never use your own cell phone or our personal computer, and you always talk in code. It looks like Jared is probably guilty of the stalking, especially since he had a lot to tell his lawyer behind closed doors, but if he is guilty, he must have wanted to get caught. The real question is why he would do this. Jared has been living a luxurious life since he married Natalie. He works but doesn't have to; he lives rent-free at Llanfair and can do whatever he wants. Why would he play Natalie and stalk Jessica? If he's been playing Natalie from the start, he must have a lot of patience to wait that this long to put his plan into motion He has seemed like a relatively happy person and has been accepted into the Buchanan family, despite the fact that he initially lied about who he was. There has to be A LOT more to this story because there are way too many questions and gaps right now!

I kind of feel badly for Natalie because of Jared's alleged deception. She has always stood by him, even forsaking her own family to be with him. If he is the stalker, she will have to accept the fact that she brought him into the family and basically gave him the opportunity to stalk her family. She has also gone into overdrive to defend Jared to John because she thinks John is focusing on Jared because of his past history with her. If Jared is guilty, she will undoubtedly feel like a fool. I have never been a big fan of Natalie. She tends to be too self-righteous in and in-your-face for my liking, but this girl has been through a lot since arriving in Llanview. She seemed perfectly happy with Jared, and after the Chloe fiasco ended, I was okay with them quietly being together. Now it looks like their marriage will be short-lived, and Natalie will have been involved with yet another deceitful man!

I like Bo and Nora a lot, but I am confused by their reaction to Matthew's determination to have the surgery. Did they really think that Matthew would give up his quest to have the surgery because Greg has given up doing suergery? Matthew has been an angry, determined person since he has been in the wheelchair, so It makes sense that Matthew would do whatever he could to find another surgeon. I don't know why Bo and Nora thought it would be hard for Matthew to find someone else. Surgeons know other surgeons, so of course Greg would have a referral for Matthew. Matthew didn't waste any time after he was given that referral, and he is ready to have the surgery immediately. Bo and Nora looked inconsolable as they learned the news, and they don't know what to do about it. Bo and Nora have both been known to do drastic things to protect their children, so it will be interesting to see what they do to try and stop Matthew from moving forward with his plan.

The biggest thing we learned from Gigi and Rex's trip to he movies is that Gigi doesn't understand movie theater etiquette! She made herself look really bad as she threw popcorn at Kim and then spoiled the movie for everyone sitting around her. It's obvious that she is incredibly jealous at the thought of Kim and Schuyler going out, but her behavior didn't do her any favors. I wish we weren't headed for a Schuyler/Gigi/Rex triangle, but I can see that it will happen. Rex actually acted like a decent boyfriend last week instead of the jealous boyfriend he has been for months. Once this triangle begins, I think Rex will go back to being the jerk again, and I don't want to watch that! I hope Gigi makes her choice soon. I don't think I can watch several months or even weeks of her trying to decide between Schuyler and Rex.

Finally, I can't maintain interest in the saga of Langston and Markko. They are okay as a couple, but really, they aren't that interesting. I have never been a fan of teen angst on soaps, so that is strike one against Markko and Langston, but their story is kind of silly. The scenes surrounding the infamous sex tape and Markko's parents felt like an attempt to fill time rather than to move a story forward. Did anyone not predict that the sex tape would be showed to the wrong people at the wrong time? If Markko and Langston will be on the show long term, than the writers need to give them a real story instead of these random, silly scenes! Until next time,


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