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Téa was aghast to learn that she was still legally married to Ross. In an argument with Blair, Téa alluded to the baby she'd had with Todd years earlier. The argument grew physical, and Blair fell through a second story window. Greg refused to operate on Matthew. Dorian announced her engagement to her campaign manager, Amelia. Jared swore that he had been set up for killing a stalker. Stacy assured Fish that he wasn't the father of her baby.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 5, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, October 5, 2009

A Tale of Two Husbands

At La Boulaie, David was shocked when Dorian announced that she wanted him to pose as her gay campaign manager, in an attempt to advance her campaign for mayor. Initially, David refused to go along with Dorian's plan, but Dorian convinced David that it was in his best interest to do her bidding.

As David attempted to change Dorian's mind, a knock on the door interrupted their conversation. Dorian let out a gasp when she discovered a woman on her doorstep, who bore a striking resemblance to Mel, the apparition that Dorian often witnessed when she performed an unscrupulous act. Certain that Mel's arrival was a result of Dorian's latest campaign plot, Dorian admitted that she had attempted to bribe David into pretending to be gay so that she would capture the gay and lesbian vote.

To Dorian's surprise, the woman announced that her name was Amelia Bennett. Amelia stated that she was a lesbian and wanted to work on Dorian's campaign. Upon observing Amelia's impressive credentials, Dorian immediately demoted David and offered Amelia the job as her campaign manager. When a suspicious David objected, Amelia offered to work as David's assistant, but Dorian was adamant that Amelia was the perfect person for the job.

Afterward, Amelia stood alone in Dorian's foyer and exclaimed, "That was easier than I thought!"

Inside John's office, Brody and John shared their suspicions about Jared with Jessica. John and Brody were convinced that Jared was in cahoots with the stalker. John admitted that he was concerned about Natalie's safety. Jessica argued that Jared would never manipulate Natalie, but Brody believed that Jared's plan was to convince everyone that he was a victim. Jessica became alarmed when John stated that he had no idea of what Jared's next move would be.

When Jessica continued to question Jared's possible motive, John explained that the stalker was a man named Wayne Landers, who was released from Statesville Prison. That release coincided with Jessica's first sighting of Nash. Reminding Brody that Jared was his friend, Jessica wondered if Brody was convinced of Jared's guilt. Admitting that he didn't have all the answers, Brody informed Jessica that Jared had been behaving suspiciously. Terrified for her sister's safety, Jessica rushed off to alert Natalie. Instructing Brody to stick close to Jessica and Natalie, John asked Brody to observe Jared's reaction to the news that Jared and the stalker had been prison mates. Brody rushed off to catch up with Jessica.

On the terrace at Llanfair, a frightened Natalie observed Jared kneeling over the dead body of the stalker. Jared claimed that he had discovered the body moments before Natalie's arrival. Picking up a cement plaster a few feet away from the body, Jared said he believed the plaster was the murder weapon. Natalie shrieked, "Jared, why did you pick that up?" Jared screamed, "I don't know what I was thinking!"

Jared wondered if Natalie thought he was guilty. Admitting that his actions looked suspicious, Natalie related that she believed her husband, but worried that John wouldn't because Jared's fingerprints were on the murder weapon. Natalie attempted to phone the police, but Jared suggested that they come up with an alternate plan. Natalie convinced Jared that their only hope was to contact the police. The thought of John discovering the dead body, sent Jared into a panic, but Natalie advised him that she intended to go over John's head.

At Rodi's, Nora informed Bo that the judge's verdict to allow Matthew to make his own decision about the surgery had been upheld. Reminding Bo of Shaun's medical condition, Nora was convinced that Greg might have a change of heart about performing Matthew's surgery. Interrupting his parents' conversation, Matthew informed them that Greg had decided not to perform the surgery. Bo and Nora tried to convince Matthew that Greg had made a wise decision, but Matthew's mood remained somber. As Bo and Nora attempted to comfort their son, Bo received an urgent call from Natalie.

Nora suggested that she and Matthew attempt to repair their relationship. While Nora came up with solutions for Matthew's life confined to a wheelchair, Matthew announced that he would find another doctor to perform his surgery.

As Natalie and Jared waited for Bo to arrive at Llanfair, Jessica and Brody returned home. When Jessica asked for a moment alone with her sister, Natalie made up an excuse to stick by Jared's side. Meanwhile, Jared panicked when Brody headed for the terrace. Jessica and Brody were shocked to discover the stalker's dead body on the terrace. As Natalie and Jared attempted to explain, Bo arrived. Brody slipped away and phoned John.

While Bo questioned Jared, Natalie became enraged when John arrived at Llanfair. John asked Jared if he could identify the murder victim. A stunned Jared claimed that he had never met the individual. Informing everyone that Jared and Wayne Landers had spent time in prison together, John retrieved the stalker's cell phone. John phoned the last number that the stalker had dialed. A look of shock crossed everyone's face as Jared's cell phone rang.

Blair barged into Todd's house and announced that Téa was married to Ross Rayburn. When Todd reminded Blair that he and Téa had been married the previous day, Blair took great pleasure in relating that Téa and Ross had married after their rescue from the deserted island. Blair informed Todd that Téa and Ross had never divorced; therefore, Téa wasn't Todd's bride.

Todd refused to believe Blair's claims, but Blair persisted. As Blair continued to accuse Téa of bigamy, Todd began to have flashbacks of Téa attempting to give him details of her relationship with Ross. Before Todd ordered Blair to leave his home, Blair insisted that she had proof to back up her claims. Presenting him with the phone number of the town hall in Tahiti, Blair suggested that Todd investigate Téa's marriage to Ross.

Once Blair left, Todd stared at the number she had given him. Appearing torn, Todd picked up his cell phone and dialed the number.

Téa was stunned to discover Ross living on the grounds of La Boulaie. Téa demanded to know why Ross was in Llanview, but he gave her vague answers. Displaying the lost check, Téa questioned why he was on Dorian's payroll. When Téa mentioned that she had discovered the check the day after her marriage to Todd, Ross lashed out at her. Chastising her for marrying Todd before the ink had dried on their divorce papers, Ross recalled how his marriage to Téa had never stood a chance because of her obsession with Todd.

Realizing that Ross was hurt, Téa apologized for her part in their failed marriage, but Ross continued to berate her for falling for Todd again. In an attempt to hurt Téa, Ross commented that he might reveal her secret to Blair. A suspicious Téa questioned Ross about his relationship with Blair, but Ross refused to provide her with answers; instead he asked why Téa hadn't told Todd about him. Téa insisted that she would tell Todd about her marriage to Ross when the time was right. Before storming out of the room, Téa warned, "You stay away from Todd or I'll make you regret it!"

Later, Blair paid Ross a visit and lashed out at him for interfering in her plans. When Ross offered to tear up the check, Blair informed him that his services were no longer needed. A worried Ross wondered what Blair had done. Blair announced, "I've taken matters into my own hands!" Blair told Ross that Todd knew the truth. Ross replied, "Not the whole truth!"

Todd learned that Téa and Ross were married and there was no record of divorce. As Todd hung up the phone, Téa returned home and stated that she needed to tell him something. Téa attempted to reveal the truth to Todd, but he glared at her and asked, "You're married to another man?"

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

An Arresting Development

At La Boulaie, Blair perked up when Ross let it slip that Téa had more to hide than her marriage to him. Blair wanted details, but Ross wasn't eager to share. Ross accused Blair of being desperate to reconcile with Todd. He realized that Blair intended to run to Todd with the information. Blair didn't deny it; she claimed that it was what Téa deserved. Ross suspected that the real reason that Blair wanted to spill all of Téa's secrets was because Blair feared that Todd would forgive Téa for not telling him about her marriage to Ross.

Blair denied it, but Ross didn't believe her. Ross was confident that Blair was worried that Todd and Téa would work through their problems and emerge stronger than ever. Blair remained determined to learn all of Téa's damaging secrets. Ross offered to tell Blair everything that she wanted to know if Blair could prove to him that she was over Todd. Blair wondered what she would have to do in order to persuade Ross. Ross suggested a kiss.

Blair gave Ross a quick peck on the lips, but it wasn't what Ross had in mind. Blair decided that she'd had enough of Ross's games; she ordered him to leave her home before the police arrested him. Ross realized that Blair had not dropped the kidnapping charges against him. Without an ounce of remorse, Blair claimed that she had forgotten. Ross quickly gathered his things. Before he left La Boulaie, Ross admitted that he suspected Blair would always be obsessed with Todd; however, he hoped that she would prove him wrong.

At the Manning residence, Todd confronted Téa about her marriage to Ross. Téa insisted that she wasn't married to Ross, but Todd disagreed. He explained that he had called an official in Tahiti, which had confirmed that the divorce papers had never been filed. The news shocked Téa. She promised that she could arrange for the papers to be filed and post-dated, so that their marriage would remain valid. Téa was crushed when Todd revealed that he preferred being single.

Téa couldn't believe how easily Todd had written off their marriage. She insisted that she hadn't loved Ross in years. Todd was unmoved; he wasn't interested in her explanations. Téa refused to be dismissed. She reminded Todd that he had done worse when he had slept with Blair in the cabana. Todd argued that he was furious because she had lied to him while he had been struggling to be a better person for her.

When Téa mentioned the children, Todd's temper flared. He shouted at her that she wasn't anyone's mother. Téa agreed, but didn't elaborate. As the fight drained out of her, Téa headed to the front door. Before she left, she handed Todd some tickets for a wrestling match that she had bought for the boys. Todd took the tickets and then slammed the door in Téa's face. Moments later, he tore the tickets up.

Outside, Téa cried as she gave in to her grief and frustration.

Stacy and Kim huddled together in a booth at the diner, reviewing notes about Schuyler's likes and dislikes. Kim didn't understand why she had to know everything about Schuyler, since she was just going out on a date with him, not applying for a job. Stacy reminded Kim that their goal was for Kim to snag Schuyler's interest long enough to make Gigi jealous. Kim assured Stacy that she had everything under control, and then dashed out of the diner to meet Schuyler.

As Kim approached Rodi's, she overheard Rex on his cell phone. He was confirming that he had reserved two tickets for a movie later that evening. After Rex entered the bar, Kim pulled out her cell phone and then ordered two tickets to the same movie.

Schuyler approached Gigi at the bar to ask her opinion about his outfit. Gigi admitted that Schuyler looked very nice and then wondered why he was "gussied up." Schuyler told her that he had a date. Gigi was surprised that Schuyler was actually going to go out with Kim, the "skank." Schuyler defended Kim, claiming that she could be a decent person, sometimes. Besides, he reminded Gigi, he didn't have women lined up eager to date him.

Gigi didn't think that Schuyler should settle for the "first set of knockers" that he saw. Schuyler confided that he wanted an opportunity to get to know someone who liked him. Neither Gigi nor Schuyler realized that Rex stood in the doorway watching them. Rex approached them moments later, just as Gigi reluctantly admitted that maybe Schuyler would have a good time. When Rex questioned the comment, Gigi explained that Schuyler had a date.

Moments later, Kim breezed into the bar. She walked up to Schuyler to ask him if he was ready to go. After Schuyler and Kim left, Rex announced that he had arranged for Gigi to have the evening off, so that they could go to a movie. Gigi was touched that Rex was willing to see a "chick flick" with her.

After Schuyler and Kim left Rodi's, Schuyler suggested that they go on a haunted hayride. Kim told him that she was allergic to hay, but promised him that she had a better idea.

As Gigi entered the theater, she spotted Kim and Schuyler seated a few rows ahead of her. Kim noticed Gigi, but she didn't tell Schuyler. Moments later, Rex joined Gigi. While Rex watched the movie, Gigi watched Kim and Schuyler. Kim took full advantage of Gigi's attention by flirting and cuddling with Schuyler. At one point, Gigi's jealousy prompted her to throw some popcorn at Kim. Kim smiled as she picked the popcorn out of her hair and then ate it.

When Kim kissed Schuyler, Gigi decided that she'd had enough; she told Rex that she wanted to leave. Rex was reluctant to walk out on the movie because he was enjoying it. In her exasperation, Gigi argued that the movie was a disappointment. The crowd didn't appreciate Gigi's comments, so they shushed her. Gigi ignored everyone as she panned the movie and then revealed the ending, in an effort to persuade Rex to leave.

Schuyler and others were furious with Gigi's antics. Schuyler stood up to berate Gigi, but stopped mid-tirade when he realized that Gigi had been the rude person who had spoiled the ending of the movie for everyone.

When Gigi and Rex returned to Rodi's, Gigi apologized for her behavior at the movies. She admitted that she had let her dislike for Kim get the best of her. Rex suspected that Gigi was upset because Kim had been on a date with Schuyler. Gigi insisted that Schuyler could do better than someone like Kim. Rex reluctantly agreed. Gigi changed the subject by inviting Rex to take her home to have with his way with her for the remainder of the night.

Rex went to fetch the car, but when he stepped outside, he stopped and appeared to be deep in thought. Meanwhile, Gigi sat in Rodi's thinking about Schuyler's kiss with Kim.

After the movie ended, Kim announced that she had decided to go home alone. She skillfully manipulated Schuyler by claiming that it had been obvious that Gigi had feelings for Schuyler. Schuyler denied it, but after Kim left, Schuyler sat down in the theater to reflect.

At the diner, Stacy returned a hamburger that she claimed had been raw, not rare. Stacy couldn't believe that she would be served a substandard meal in her "obvious" condition. When the waitress admitted that she didn't have a clue what Stacy was talking about, Stacy clarified that she was pregnant. Oliver entered the diner in time to hear Stacy's announcement. Oliver immediately asked Stacy for confirmation that he had heard her correctly.

Stacy realized that Oliver thought that the baby was his. She admitted that she was pregnant, but lied when she claimed that Rex was the baby's father. Oliver was relieved. He wanted children, but in the future, not right away. Stacy assured Oliver that she had been pregnant when she had slept with him. At the mention of their last night together, Oliver talked about his decision to live as an openly gay man. Eventually he confessed that his reluctance to accept who he was had cost him a relationship with Kyle.

While they chatted, Oliver's cell phone rang. It was John. John wanted Oliver to meet him at Llanfair. After Oliver ended the call, Stacy offered him some advice. She urged him not to give up on Kyle. Oliver appreciated Stacy's encouragement, but he was certain that it was too late for him and Kyle.

At Llanfair, John hit the redial button on the dead man's cell phone. To everyone's surprise, Jared's cell phone rang. John and Bo questioned why the stalker had called Jared. Jared assured Natalie that things were not as they appeared. John wanted to rule Jared out as a suspect, but he needed answers. Natalie leapt to Jared's defense, claiming that her husband was not a murderer.

Bo and John asked Jared to walk them through the events of the day. Jared maintained that he'd never had contact with the stalker until he had found the man, dead. John wondered why the stalker had text messaged Jared to meet him on the terrace. Jessica suggested that Jared contact a lawyer, but Natalie refused to consider it. She declared that her husband was innocent.

When Bo and John wondered if they would find Jared's fingerprints on the murder weapon, Jared revealed that they would. According to Jared, he had picked up the murder weapon after he had discovered the body. Natalie confirmed Jared's story. John admitted that things looked bleak for Jared.

As everyone entered the living room, Oliver arrived. John asked Oliver to collect Jared's computer as evidence. Jared strongly objected to the computer being removed; he insisted that there was sensitive business information on the hard drive. Bo didn't think that Clint would have a problem with him searching the computer for possible evidence that might exonerate Jared. John offered a compromise; he suggested that Oliver check the computer on the premises.

Oliver went to work and within a short time found numerous electronic bank receipts that confirmed money transfers from Jared Banks to Wayne Landers, the dead stalker. Jared claimed that he had been set up. John and Bo decided to arrest Jared. Jared begged Natalie to believe him and then warned her to be on guard. Natalie vowed that she would get Jared out of the mess that he was in.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Children Of A Lesser Todd

Cole and Markko raced around their apartment, scrambling to clean up after themselves in preparation for a visit from the ladies in their lives. Markko grumbled about Cole's untidiness, while Cole decried the myriad of "choking hazards" that lay in wait for Hope in the living room. Starr and Langston arrived with Hope, and immediately turned up their noses at the boys' bachelor lifestyle. Embarrassed, Cole ushered Starr and Hope into his room.

Langston cozied up to Markko and examined his computer. Markko explained that he'd finished his film project, but had something else to show her: video footage of their making love on the couch. Langston was mortified, and Markko apologized for accidentally leaving the camera on, but wondered if they couldn't keep the footage in a separate file, "for us." Langston ordered Markko to delete the footage immediately, and Markko agreed.

Dorian, David, and Amelia arrived at the Buenos Dias Café for an "outreach" session with Llanview's Latino community. Dorian began to spin the tale of her long association with the Vega family, but Amelia thwarted her when she pointed out that Carlotta was wearing a "Viki Banks" campaign button. David needled Dorian about her bad track record as an employer, desperate to drive a wedge between Dorian and her new campaign manager, but nothing seemed to connect.

As they sat in a booth, Dorian delighted in the latest Sun headline, featuring Jared and his arrest for murder. David only seemed to feel sorry for Jared and Natalie, even after Dorian reminded him that the couple had kept him hostage in Asa's stables. Dorian complained that the Buchanans had turned David soft, and said that was the reason she'd replaced him with Amelia; after he refused to "play gay" for the campaign, she'd realized he no longer had any loyalty to her and couldn't get results. Her point seemed proven as Amelia walked over and gave Dorian the good news about her boost in the polls. As Dorian basked in her victory, David seethed.

Ready for her close-up, Dorian stood to address the predominantly Latino customers of the café: "Yo soy Dorian Lord!" Speaking in broken Spanish, she pointed out the Sun headline about Jared as she asked the citizens of Llanview whether they really wanted to weather another of Viki's family scandals. Her speech drew applause, and Dorian gloated to David. Grumpy, David reminded her that she was no innocent, mentioning her role in Nash's death at the Buchanan Enterprises shareholders' meeting. Dorian scoffed and said that Jared was responsible for Nash's fall; she remarked that he probably had similar plans for Natalie, and said the heiress should watch her back.

Resuming her star turn, Dorian sat in a booth, cradling a small Hispanic infant in her arms as she told the assembled crowd about her own children. "Adriana's father was Latino," she said solemnly, and commented that she'd also adopted a Colombian orphan, proving that her roots in Llanview's multi-racial community were deep. As Dorian held forth, Amelia was on the phone with someone. Amelia told the person on the other end that she had Dorian Lord eating out of her hand, and promised that "Part 2" of their plan was about to begin. As she ended her call, David cornered her.

David asked Amelia if she knew of his work as the star on his television show, Supermodel Crime Club. "I played a really smart detective, who was smart." David told Amelia he knew she was up to something, and asked who she'd been talking to. Amelia claimed she'd been speaking with a colleague, setting up a series of campaign events for Dorian. As Dorian rejoined them, she was thrilled to hear that Amelia was planning a press conference for her to address Llanview's gay and lesbian community.

Asleep in her room at La Boulaie, Blair dreamt of Todd by her bedside; he was thanking her for her loyalty and for helping him rid himself of Téa. As Todd drew her into a kiss, Blair was jolted awake by cold water splashing into her face. Téa was standing over her, holding a pitcher of ice water. "Rise and shine, bitch," she snapped.

As Blair rose from her bed, Téa accused her of conspiring with Ross, holding up Téa's divorce for Blair's own ends. Téa blamed Blair for the destruction of her relationship with Todd, but Blair said Téa could've averted disaster by telling the truth about Ross in the first place. She told Téa that Todd had deserved to know. Téa wasn't sure she agreed, but insisted she'd planned to tell him in her own time. When Blair asked why she'd waited, Téa muttered, "I had my reasons."

Blair wasn't satisfied with Téa's evasive attitude, and asked her to think back to her near-death experience; she wanted to know why Téa hid the truth. Blair knew Téa's secret had to be something bigger than a dead marriage to Ross. Téa deflected the questions by reminding Blair of what was really important: Todd didn't want her, and would never want her again. She told Blair that Blair would never be more to Todd than sloppy sex. Furious, Blair backhanded Téa and Téa slapped her back.

Reeling, Téa asked Blair to step back and let them avoid a catfight; she said her choices were none of her rival's business. But Blair didn't agree, and kept pressing Téa about her secret. Téa asked why Blair couldn't let go of Todd, scoffing at her excuse about "protecting her kids." Blair shot back that Téa could never understand what motherhood meant, what it was like to love and protect a child at all costs, especially from a liar like Téa . As Blair tore into her, Téa's face fell.

At the police station, Viki and Charlie watched with concern outside the interview room containing John and Jared. Viki reassured him that Jared would be fine, but Charlie wasn't convinced. He asked Viki if she knew that Jared was completely innocent, and confessed that he wasn't sure. He wondered if Jared had gotten in over his head with something and was being blackmailed.

Inside the interview room, John went through the facts of the case with the exhausted Jared. John asked Jared to give him something, anything to clear his name. Jared insisted that he knew nothing and was completely innocent. He claimed that he hadn't known Wayne Landers in prison, hadn't paid or communicated with him in any way, and was being framed. John was skeptical.

Jared laughed, and said he was beginning to agree with Natalie that John had it in for him. He accused John of still loving Jared's wife and wanting her for himself. John said he'd always care about Natalie, and since Jared was unable to account for the evidence against him, John had begun to worry that she'd married a homicidal scam artist. He said that he wanted to help Jared, and that he knew Jared knew more than he was saying. He asked Jared to level with him, but Jared said that he wanted his lawyer.

John received a call from the crime lab, and told Jared to reconsider his statement. He explained that the lab had found email correspondence between Jared and Landers on Jared's computer, discussing their stalking of Jessica and faking the kidnapping attempt at Buchanan Enterprises. Jared dismissed the emails as forgeries, planted to make him look guilty, and asked why he would do something like that to the people he loved. John wasn't satisfied with Jared's answers.

At Todd's house, Todd sat alone in the living room, and pondered his solitude. Hearing a knock on the front door, Todd called out for Téa and rushed to open it, only to find Natalie standing there. Natalie held up the latest edition of the Sun and demanded to know why "Uncle Todd" had smeared Jared in the press. She wanted to hire Téa for Jared's defense, and asked when she'd be back. "If I'm lucky, never," Todd replied coldly.

Natalie was stunned that Todd had disposed of Téa only a few days into their latest marriage, and said it was record time for him. Todd said he was done with Téa, who'd made a fool of him the same way Jared had Natalie. Natalie snapped that her husband was innocent and she was standing by him, despite Todd's slander in the Sun. Todd said the evidence against Jared was damning. Natalie sarcastically asked him if that should be her excuse for abandoning Jared, the way Todd did to Téa.

Todd said that Téa had lied to him. Natalie laughed, reminding Todd that he lied to everyone. She told him that he was in no position to throw stones, and suggested that he let Téa explain her mistakes, the way Starr had let Todd explain his own. She told Todd that she could forgive, and would stand by Jared and hear him out, because he deserved it. Storming out, Natalie told Todd she could give her husband a chance, even if Todd couldn't do the same for his wife.

At Llanview High, Starr and Langston's American Studies class began, with Nick Chavez as their substitute teacher. Some of the girls in the class admired Nick's good looks, teasing Starr about her infatuation with Schuyler. Langston defended Starr, and one student told another that it was hopeless, as she'd seen Nick on television with the gay/lesbian alliance. Nick admitted that he was a member of the "LGLA"--the Llanview Gay and Lesbian Alliance-- and said that any questions about him or his work could wait until after class. As Nick spoke, Starr got a text message from Cole, telling her that Hope was okay.

Back at Cole and Markko's apartment, Hope was not okay and was crying hysterically. As the boys struggled to calm her down, someone knocked at the door. Markko realized his parents had arrived, and feared their reaction when they discovered Cole's out-of-wedlock child. Cole said they couldn't hide Hope from the Riveras and ordered Markko to let them in. As Markko opened the door, Mr. and Mrs. Rivera were surprised to see Cole holding his crying daughter.

At the police station, John left the interview room and met with Viki and Charlie. He said Charlie could speak to Jared, but they wouldn't be releasing him.

As Charlie entered the interview room, Viki told John that she knew he still cared for Natalie, but promised him that Jared was innocent. John said all he wanted was to find the truth. Just then, Natalie walked into the corridor, glaring at John. Viki told Natalie that John wasn't the enemy. "Neither is Jared," Natalie replied.

Inside the interview room, Charlie said that he'd stand by Jared, no matter what, and cautiously said that he could never judge his son, given his own mistakes. He said that whatever Jared had gotten himself into, they'd work it out together. Speaking up, Jared said he needed his father's help. Before he could explain, Natalie entered the room, and Charlie exited to give the couple some time alone.

Outside, Viki asked Charlie what Jared had had to say. Concerned, Charlie mumbled that he hadn't said much, and hugged her.

In the interview room, Natalie embraced Jared and told him she was staying by his side. "Natalie, I've been lying to you," Jared said with a sigh.

At Cole and Markko's apartment, the Riveras sat on the couch playing with Hope, charmed by the adorable baby. Markko apologized for the messy apartment, and told his father how much he appreciated his father's gift of a vacuum cleaner. Everything was going well until Ernesto discovered that, though Cole was caring for his child, he was not married to Starr or living with Hope. Aurelia smoothed things over by reminding Ernesto that Cole was taking care of his responsibilities.

Right on cue, Starr and Langston returned, surprised to see the Riveras. Ernesto was perturbed that Langston had keys to Markko's place. He kept his temper as Cole and Starr explained that, though they were raising Hope together, they'd decided to wait for marriage until after Starr finished high school. Determined to grin and bear it, Ernesto suggested Markko show them his film project. Markko loaded the video file onto his computer, but was horrified when the footage of his tryst with Langston played instead.

Dorian and David walked out of the Buenos Dias, as Dorian continued to ramble on with praise for Amelia and her political strategies. David remained unconvinced, and suspected that Amelia had an agenda of her own. He glanced inside the café and saw Amelia once again talking on the phone.

Inside, Amelia was back on the phone with her co-conspirator, Nick. Amelia told him their press conference was ready to go later that day, and that Dorian had no idea what they were really planning.

Back at Todd's, Todd drowned his sorrows in booze, mulling over Natalie's words about standing by the people she loved. He picked up his phone and considered calling Téa.

At La Boulaie, Blair and Téa continued their confrontation. Téa grew emotional and said that Blair was wrong, Téa could understand being a mother. Blair scoffed, and said that Téa was too selfish to care for a child, or know how to love one. "How do I know what it's like to love a child?" Téa snapped. "I have one!"

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Definitely, Baby

At the apartment shared by Cole and Markko, horror ensued as everyone watched the video of Langston and Markko making love, in lieu of Markko's film project for school. Screams were plentiful as Langston, Markko, Cole, and Starr did their best to stop it from playing, though Mr. and Mrs. Rivera had already seen enough. Pointing out that the pornography they had just witnessed was the worst thing they had ever seen, Markko's parents prepared to leave. They refused to listen to any explanations.

In order to stop them, Starr called out that Langston was pregnant and planned on giving the baby up for adoption. As a flabbergasted Langston tried to deny it and a shocked Markko stammered and asked Langston if it were true, the Riveras stopped dead in their tracks. Alarmed and shocked, they calmed down and insisted that they be given the baby to raise.

Amelia and Nick met at the Buenos Dias Café to finalize their plans for Dorian's press conference. Nick emphasized that his involvement was not to be made known. Nearby, Oliver sat at the counter and overheard the couple mention Dorian being targeted for their higher cause. After Amelia left, Nick gave Oliver a special invitation to the press conference . Nick pointed out that all of the "power gays" would be at the reception where Dorian would be taking a stand on gay rights.

In the park, David and Dorian prepared to host a press conference for the gay community. David's insistence that Amelia was up to something fell on deaf ears. Instead, Dorian called him homophobic. David pointed out that with all of the offenses the two of them had committed over the years, Dorian should be suspicious and be able to see the signs on Amelia.

When Amelia showed up, she announced that representatives from organizations representing women's groups and other minority groups would also be present. She explained that Viki's dive in the polls was temporary, and her numbers were apparently rising once again. A perturbed Dorian couldn't believe it, in the face of the latest family tragedy at Viki's Llanfair.

Amelia advised that Dorian was "left of Lowell and right of Viki," and a lesbian for a campaign manager would not be strong enough to save her campaign. She wanted to know how far Dorian was willing to go. Amelia divulged her plan of having Dorian announce that as her first act as mayor, she would perform a wedding ceremony for Amelia and her partner. Dorian pointed out that she would be unable to disregard the law, but Amelia suggested that Dorian challenge that law. She would make national news.

Privately, Dorian and David argued over the move, with David proposing that it would destroy Dorian's campaign. "No guts, no glory," she responded.

At the police station, Todd arrived looking for Téa, and advised Viki that his marriage was over. He added that it really wasn't a marriage, anyway, since Téa was already married to someone else. Viki felt certain that it was all a misunderstanding and wondered if Todd had given Téa a chance to explain. She was sure that Téa would not have broken the law, since Téa was a lawyer and was probably afraid of Todd's temper.

Todd confessed that he had not allowed Téa to explain and was surprised that Viki wasn't shocked at his news about Téa. He was annoyed that Viki seemed to be defending Téa. Viki declared that she had known that Téa had something to talk to Todd about, and it wasn't her place to tell Todd about it. She was irritated that Todd wouldn't give Téa a chance. Todd stormed out in his pursuit of Téa.

Jared admitted that he had been lying to Natalie but John interrupted them before further discussion. John had more questions for Jared and, reluctantly, Natalie left the room. John showed Jared a list of visitors to Wayne Landers in prison after Jared was released. He wanted to know if Jared recognized any of the names. Smugly, Jared declared that he was not acquainted with anyone on the list.

An attorney, William Sheridan, showed up to take Jared's case. Charlie wanted to discuss what would happen if Jared were found guilty of anything, but the attorney cut the conversation short. As John accused Jared of hiding something, Sheridan entered the room and advised Jared that he was there to represent him. John left them alone and Sheridan demanded that Jared be honest with him. He wanted to know if Jared had murdered Landers.

Jared declared that people would get hurt if they knew the truth, but when Sheridan advised his client that things weren't looking good, Jared began to reconsider. John told Charlie that Jared should cooperate, since he was the only suspect the police were looking at.

Verifying that their conversation was confidential, Jared spoke at great length to his attorney. He confirmed that no one would be able to learn what he said. Jared was taken to a cell, and informed that the police had forty-eight hours to hold him. John thought that Natalie was starting to doubt Jared and, while she denied his accusation verbally, the look on her face said otherwise.

Halting the commotion that resulted after her surprise announcement, Starr reminded the Riveras that they had thought the video of Langston and Markko making love was the worst thing ever. They had heard something worse. She made it clear that Langston and Markko were caring and responsible people. Markko again apologized for the video and didn't want to give up on all the progress he and his parents had made towards renewing their relationship. Mrs. Rivera agreed to forgive, and accepted the circumstances they found themselves in. Mr. Rivera had no choice but to follow suit.

Todd showed up, still in pursuit of Téa. He admitted to his daughter that he had thrown Téa out of his house, but blamed Téa for his action. Upon questioning from Starr, he confessed that he had learned of Téa's offense from Blair and had overreacted. Starr suggested that Téa was probably with Blair, attempting to straighten things out.

At La Boulaie, the argument between Téa and Blair continued. After admitting that she had a child, Téa backed off and insisted that she was referring to Blair's children. Blair didn't buy it, and figured that a child had been the deep dark secret that Téa had referred to when they were both trapped together in the old fraternity house. Téa wanted to leave, but Blair refused to let her go until she heard the truth. Just then, Téa's phone began to ring, but Blair grabbed it from her. Blair saw that it was Todd calling and, taunting Téa, she threw the phone against the wall.

Demanding to know the full story from Téa, Blair insisted that she would keep digging until she found out what the secret was. Téa, calling Blair a "hateful, obsessive shrew," claimed that there was nothing else for Blair to learn. Blair disclosed that Ross had shown her photos of Téa's child. Raging, Téa couldn't believe that Blair had seen photos of her child. A devious Blair claimed victory, noting that she had not really seen pictures at all. Reluctantly, Téa admitted that she indeed had a child.

She had discovered her pregnancy after leaving the island, and Ross had done the right thing, Téa enlightened Blair. They were happy for a while but then they weren't, as Blair herself had experienced, Téa added. An angry Blair accused Téa of child abandonment while traveling all over the world. She continued to berate Téa for denying the child's existence, and called her a monster. Téa believed strongly that Blair had no room to talk, as Blair only recently left her children when traveling to Tahiti. She reminded Blair of the danger Starr had been in. Blair rejected the idea that she was the same as Téa, and declared that she had always been around for her kids.

Thinking out loud, Blair still found it odd that Téa had kept her child a secret. Going over the facts in her mind, the truth slowly dawned on her. The child was Todd's, she realized. An anguished Téa cried as Blair grasped the truth. As Blair babbled, Téa claimed it wasn't true. "And Todd has to know it," Blair declared. Breathing heavily, Téa tried to stop Blair. She and Blair began to struggle and suddenly, Blair went crashing through the window.

As the crowd grew in anticipation of Dorian's address, both Oliver and Kyle arrived, separately. Oliver advised a doubtful Kyle that he thought Nick was planning to assassinate Dorian. Kyle was outraged that Oliver would invent something so despicable, merely to hurt Nick. Oliver advised Kyle that he had overheard the questionable conversation between Nick and Amelia, as he pointed to the pair having a confidential conversation nearby. Reminding Kyle that he was a cop, he emphasized that it was his duty to investigate.

Dorian was called to the podium and announced her support of gay Americans, and stressed that she would fight discrimination. She introduced Amelia, her campaign manager, who in turn proclaimed that Dorian would be making an historic announcement. Members of the crowd and the press began to yell out questions and comments to Dorian. Someone called out and wondered why this was the first time her support of gays had come up. She was accused of exploiting her campaign manager. The challenges and comments flew fast and furious.

Amelia asked everyone to listen. Insisting that she believed in equal rights and wanted equal rights under the law, Dorian vowed to prove it. She stated that her campaign manager was also her partner and fiancée. Todd arrived, still looking for Téa.

Langston gathered everyone around the television so that her kind and generous mother could be heard.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Defenestration of Blair Cramer

With David and Amelia by her side, Dorian held a press conference in the backyard of La Boulaie. Several members of the press demanded that Dorian prove her commitment to gay rights. Dorian shocked everyone, including David and Amelia, when Dorian announced that Amelia was her domestic partner and that they were engaged to be married. Todd, who was searching for Blair, shook his head in disbelief.

Meanwhile, in an upstairs bedroom, Téa panicked when Blair realized her secret. Blair surmised that Téa had given birth to Todd's child and that Téa had managed to keep it a secret from Todd. As Blair attempted to rush off and expose Téa's secret to Todd, Téa grabbed Blair and a struggle ensued. To Téa's horror, Blair pulled away and fell through the bedroom window. As Dorian made her stunning announcement downstairs, everyone gasped as Blair landed on top of a pool cover -- before their very eyes. While Dorian and Todd ran to Blair's aid, Téa screamed hysterically upstairs. Téa couldn't believe what had transpired before her eyes.

While Dorian and Todd cared for Blair and waited for the ambulance to arrive, the press swarmed around an unconscious Blair. While Dorian worried about Blair's condition, Todd observed a terrified Téa in the upstairs bedroom. Once she noticed that Todd had spotted her, Téa rushed downstairs.

At Markko and Cole's apartment, Markko, Langston, Cole, and Starr tried to make Mr. and Mrs. Rivera comfortable. After several unsuccessful attempts at making the Riveras' visit a pleasant one, the teens decided to ease the tension by tuning in to Dorian's televised press conference. A look of shock crossed their faces when Dorian announced that she was a gay and moments later Blair landed on the pool cover.

As a frantic Starr attempted to rush off to the hospital to meet Blair, Hope began to cry in the next room. Realizing that she couldn't take her daughter to the hospital, Starr wondered how she would learn of her mother's condition. Instructing Starr to head for the hospital immediately, Mr. and Mrs. Rivera offered to care for Hope.

Once Star and Cole had left, Markko and Langston were pleased by the Rivera's concern and care for Hope. Mrs. Rivera wondered if Langston knew of Dorian's alternative lifestyle. Langston informed the Riveras that she had no idea about Dorian's claim of being gay. As Langston tried to apologize to Markko's parents for the mishaps that had occurred during their visit, Mr. Rivera announced that his only concern was Blair's condition -- he lead them in a prayer for Blair's rapid recovery.

Later, Markko and Langston enjoyed time alone with the Riveras and baby Hope. Langston thanked them for their support. The Riveras gave her a loving smile. Marrko appeared pleased.

Back at La Boulaie, before riding along with Blair in the ambulance, Dorian instructed David to entertain the members of the press. Pointing out that Amelia was doing a fine job of handling the press, David warned Dorian that her plan was risky, and questioned Amelia's true motives. Assuring David that her claim of being gay would enhance her campaign, Dorian ignored David's warning and rushed off to be by Blair's side.

A suspicious Fish continued to observe Nick's actions. Nick appeared elated by Dorian's stunning announcement. Realizing that Nick had some involvement in Dorian's apparent scheme, Kyle confronted his lover. Confessing that he shared some of the responsibility, Nick was adamant that Dorian's plan could help gay individuals claim the right to marry. Kyle was disgusted by Nick's admission. Later, Kyle and Fish both watched as Nick conferred with Amelia. Although excited about the possibilities, Nick questioned if Amelia was willing to marry Dorian, a relative stranger. Insisting that her marriage to Dorian would be a great support to their cause, Amelia exclaimed, "How bad could Dorian Lord be?"

Fish watched as Téa approached Todd on the lawn. Relating that he had spotted Téa in the window, Todd accused Téa of pushing Blair through the window. Téa insisted that it was an accident, but Todd was convinced that Téa was angry enough to cause harm to Blair. An angry Todd announced that he was going to the hospital, and left Téa sobbing. Fish confronted Téa and attempted to question her about her involvement in Blair's accident. When Fish tried to detain her, Téa broke away and reminded him that he had no probable cause to arrest her. Announcing her rights as a citizen, Téa walked away.

At Llanview Hospital, Matthew entered Shaun's room, where Destiny was attempting to will her brother back to consciousness. Destiny was shocked when Matthew informed her that he had made an appointment with a surgeon, who was willing to perform his delicate surgery. Although Destiny warned Matthew that he knew very little about the surgeon, Matthew related that the surgeon flew into town to examine him. Matthew was adamant that he would find a doctor to operate on him no matter what.

Nearby, Rachel approached Greg, who was taking great care to perform only routine medical services. Reminding Greg that he was a great surgeon, Rachel tried to convince Greg to practice the type of medicine that he excelled at. Pointing out the damage that he had caused Shaun, Greg was adamant that he had no intention of performing surgery on any patient. Rachel told Greg about Matthew's decision to find another doctor to perform his surgery. Pleading for Greg to save her brother's life, Rachel asked Greg to reconsider his decision not to perform Matthew's surgery. Rachel told Greg that he was risking Matthew's life by refusing to perform the surgery.

While Rachel continued to plead her case to Greg, the paramedics arrived and told Greg about Blair's injuries. Greg showed signs of nervousness when the paramedics announced that a neurosurgeon was needed to consult on Blair's case. When Greg asked how Blair had sustained her injuries, Todd declared, "It wasn't an accident, she was pushed!" Before Todd could expound on his statement, Starr and Cole rushed into the hospital. Starr was anxious to learn of her mother's condition and how the accident had occurred. Dorian gave Todd a stern look, and Todd simply stated that Blair's condition was unknown.

Nora told Bo that Matthew was determined to find a surgeon to perform his surgery. Nora reminded Bo that Matthew's victory in court had awarded him the opportunity to hire a doctor of his choice. Concerned that their son would settle for an incompetent doctor, Bo suggested that they convince Greg to perform the surgery. Nora related that she didn't want Matthew to have the surgery at all, but Bo stated, "Better the surgery is performed by a devil that we know!" Matthew's parents headed to Llanview Hospital to speak with Greg.

Rachel was stunned to learn from Destiny that Matthew was being examined by a surgeon. As Destiny explained Matthew's determination to have his surgery performed at any cost, Nora and Bo approached. Upon learning that Nora and Bo planned to request that Greg reconsider his decision, Rachel informed them that Greg was determined not to operate on anyone.

While Nora, Bo, and Rachel worried about Matthew's meeting with the unknown surgeon, Matthew approached and chastised his family members for undermining his decision. Relating that Dr. Nance had examined him, Matthew announced that he could have his surgery performed the next day.

As Starr, Cole, Dorian, and Todd waited on word of Blair's condition, Starr questioned whether Todd was present during Blair's accident. Todd stated that Blair was with Téa, but didn't divulge his suspicions to Starr. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when Greg announced that Blair was a lucky woman. Although Blair had a concussion, she hadn't suffered any internal injuries. Greg was certain that she would make a full recovery. Dorian was angered when Greg informed Todd that Blair had asked to see him. As Todd entered her hospital room, Blair opened her eyes. Todd gave her a loving smile.

Téa rushed into the waiting area of the hospital and was pleased to learn from Starr that Blair would make a full recovery. A look of panic crossed Téa's face when Starr mentioned that Todd was with Blair. Meanwhile, Blair looked into Todd's eyes and moaned, "I've got something to tell you!"

At the Angel Square Hotel, Brody and Jessica told Roxy that Jared was in police custody. Roxy couldn't believe that Jared would have any involvement in the stalking of Jessica and Natalie. After Jessica and Brody explained their suspicions regarding Jared, Roxy worried about Natalie's state of mind. Jessica consoled Roxy and promised to help Natalie deal with the situation.

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