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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 12, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, October 12, 2009

At Carly's house, Rosanna, Craig, and Parker looked at ad shots for the vitamin water while Johnny played with his crayons nearby. Parker had a favorite for the teen market, and he shared it with Rosanna and Craig. Johnny drew his own "ad" for kids, and they all liked it. Craig was kidding and suggested that they pull an all-nighter and get all the ads decided by morning. Johnny looked at his father and Rosanna and asked, "Another sleepover? Cool!" Parker looked strangely at the adults.

Rosanna said that she would give the paperwork to the ad agency, but Parker had picked up on Johnny's comment, and he questioned the boy. Rosanna and Craig talked fast, and Craig produced money and asked Parker to take Johnny for ice cream immediately. The boys went outside, and Parker stopped to tie the boy's shoe. He asked Johnny why he had called the other night a "sleepover," but the child didn't answer and instead asked if there was really a man in the moon.

Inside, Rosanna was sure that Parker knew their secret, but Craig disagreed. Rosanna had a large moment of remorse and called herself the "whore of Babylon in front of a teenager." Craig said that Parker knew nothing about their relationship, and that was Rosanna's guilt speaking. Craig said he had his own share of guilt because he could not stop thinking about her. The two of them kissed, unaware that the boys had returned.

Parker walked in on the kiss and hustled Johnny upstairs. He announced that he could see how it was going to be. Rosanna and Craig looked stunned, and Parker continued, saying that he had known it the moment Johnny had mentioned a "sleepover." He accused the two of them of sending Carly to rehab so they could "hook up," and he demanded to know if they had been "doing it" the whole time his mother had been gone. Parker ordered Craig to "get the hell out," and he turned to Rosanna and asked how she could do that to her own sister. Rosanna shouted and asked what they were going to do about Carly.

Craig tried to talk to Parker, but the teen was upset and not cooperative. Craig told him that telling Carly about him and Rosanna would do nothing constructive for Carly's recovery. Craig was sorry that Parker knew about the affair, but he asked the boy to back off so the adults could figure out what was best. Parker agreed, on the condition that Craig would do the same with Rosanna. Parker went upstairs, and Craig told Rosanna, who was hiding in the kitchen, that Parker was keeping mum. They kissed, and neither one wanted to stop the affair. Finally, Craig said that Parker had only agreed not to tell his mother as long as Craig stayed away from Rosanna. He said goodnight and walked out.

In Al's Diner, the smoke was heavy, and a very pregnant Katie tried to drag an unconscious Vienna outside. She called 9-1-1 first then tried to reach Henry, who did not pick up. Katie continued to try to move Vienna, but fortunately Brad dashed in and pushed Katie outside and dragged Vienna into the clean air.

Henry was having sex with Barbara in her hotel room when his phone rang. As Henry reached for the phone quickly, Barbara remarked, "Where's the fire, Henry?" That call was from Audrey, but he put her on hold as Katie rang in again. Katie could hardly talk for coughing, but she managed to yell "Fire!" then got through to Henry that Vienna had been hurt and was on her way to the hospital. Henry dressed as quickly as he could, but Barbara was suspicious that the call had been a setup. Henry left for the hospital as soon as he found his second shoe.

Audrey and Ralph had a discussion at Metro, and Ralph suggested that "as soon as someone lit a fire under Henry, he would get his priorities straight." Teri served a lovely cherries jubilee dessert, Ralph's favorite, and Dusty Donovan entered the bar. He was not pleased to see Ralph sitting at a table, and Audrey noticed Dusty's expression. She mentioned it to Ralph, who claimed he had never seen the guy before. Dusty approached and helped himself to Ralph's dessert, but Teri challenged him. Dusty told her that he and Ralph had previously been in business together in Chicago, but Ralph had been better at sharing back then.

Dusty reminded Ralph about a project they had planned together and for which Dusty had raised all the money. Dusty said the money had disappeared, and he had ended up in a cast. Ralph was not sympathetic, and Teri asked Dusty to back off. Teri got upset and said she had to go to the market and buy more fennel, but Ralph said that was not necessary. Ralph said that he knew "that Donovan character" had bothered her, but he told Teri to forget him. Ralph said Dusty had always been jealous of him, and Teri gave her "uncle" a hug.

Dusty left Metro and went to Old Town, where he ran into Bonnie , who said that she was just on her way to meet him at the bar. Dusty handed her a dollar and told Bonnie to consider it a retainer. Bonnie wanted to know what trouble Dusty had, and Dusty asked if she had ever heard of a Ralph Manzo. Bonnie knew that Manzo had connections in the construction industry around Chicago, and Dusty added that Manzo was a big-time crook. He also said that he had unfinished business with Manzo, so Bonnie suggested that the two of them take a break for a couple of days and plan a getaway. Dusty agreed, and they kissed.

Dusty waited for Bonnie to finish shopping in Fashions, and he spotted Teri on her way to the market. He asked if she was stalking him, and he complimented her on her "cover." Teri did not understand the reference until Dusty explained that no one would suspect that Metro's new chef was on Ralph Manzo's payroll. Teri called Dusty "a real jackass" and said that Ralph was like a father to her. Bonnie walked out of the shop and spoke to Teri, who then called Dusty "a creep." Bonnie assumed that Teri's meeting Dusty had not gone well, and Teri added that Bonnie made a great martini, but her taste in men was terrible. Bonnie took Dusty's arm and led him away.

At Memorial, Vienna awakened with no visible burns, and the EMTs took her to an exam room. Brad also asked a doctor to check out Katie, as well. Henry arrived and saw his love, Vienna, lying in a hospital bed, wearing an oxygen mask, and he almost lost it. The examining doctor said that she would be all right, and Henry hugged him. Henry mused about what could have started the fire. He started to go across the hall to check on Katie when a nurse stopped him with a huge bouquet of flowers for Vienna. The card read: "The circle of life is a beautiful thing. Don't break it."

Audrey arrived after seeing all the fire trucks at the diner and hearing that the EMTs had transported Vienna to the hospital. She had a box of chocolates to soothe Henry, but she began eating them herself. Henry handed her the card from the flowers, and Audrey realized that the fire had been Ralph's doing. Henry said everything was his mother's fault, and he wanted Ralph out of his life. He blamed Audrey for his love's lying in a hospital bed with "two charred lungs and an oxygen mask" and for a terrible scare for pregnant Katie.

Henry raved on how hard it was on him to lie to the woman he loved and who meant more to him than his own life. He wanted to walk into Vienna's room and confess everything, but Audrey, with chocolate on her lips and teeth, sweet-talked Henry into thinking that Vienna would then hate him forever. Henry looked at his mother and yelled, "Crap!"

Henry went into Katie's hospital room and saw her bent over with pain. She said that the baby was fine, but Brad had gone to see if a fetal monitor was necessary. Henry tried to leave, but Katie called him back and asked if he knew how the fire had started. Henry showed her the enclosure card from the flowers and explained that "the circle of life" was a euphemism for money laundering. He confessed all about the scheme, as well as Barbara's involvement in trying to freeze James Stenbeck's fortune. Katie asked whose idea it had been for Henry to have sex with Barbara, and he told her it had been his mother's idea. Katie's response was a loud "Ewwwwwwww!"

Henry told his best friend everything, and Katie was horrified. She was also upset at Henry's "woe is me" attitude, but he said he was doing some despicable things just to get his evil father's money. Brad joined them to ask about Vienna and to tell Katie that they could go home. Vienna was about to be released, as well, so Audrey left the hospital.

Audrey stopped back at the diner and saw Ralph looking at it. She attempted to talk to him about how hard Henry was working on getting the payments to Ralph, but the man was all business. Audrey assured him that her son had a plan.

At home, Brad gave Katie a back rub, and they discussed how the fire had started. Katie, who knew the truth, said that it had probably been a grease fire because they were common in restaurants. Brad said he would be watching Katie like a hawk until their baby was born, or "forever," for that matter. He said loving words to his wife about their family until Katie fell asleep.

Back at the Lakeview, Henry got Vienna back to the room, but she not want to dwell on the fire. She told him how proud she was of him for giving away all his inheritance, and someone knocked on the door. He answered it and found Barbara in the hall. Henry stepped outside as Barbara asked if Vienna was okay. She reminded Henry that they had not completed their "negotiations," and she told him that she would be waiting in her room until he got Vienna settled. Henry covered his face with his hands.

In a few minutes, Henry appeared at Barbara's door and said that he was madly in love with Vienna and had only "had sex" with Barbara. He said the relationship would never have happened "organically," so Barbara wanted to know if what they had had was "non-organic sex." Henry said it was all about the money, and if Barbara did not share it, he and Vienna were dead people. He desperately begged her for the money, but Barbara shut the door in his face.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

At the Snyder farm, Emma went on a cleaning binge in celebration of Holden's return from the dead. Meg reminded her mother how much had changed since Holden's accident, but Emma didn't want to talk about it. She only wanted to get her arms around her son, and Holden surprised them by walking in. Both Emma and Meg hugged Holden and told him how much they loved him. Next, Emma wanted to feed him, but Holden said he had ordered room service that morning. He said that, considering the circumstances, he was staying temporarily at the Lakeview.

Meg spoke up and suggested that Holden cut Lily some slack because she had been a destroyed woman just a few days before. Holden said that he needed time to think things through. Then Meg mentioned "Holden's friend" who had shown up at the farm the night before, and Meg said she had sent her to the Lakeview. Holden bolted for the door, but he promised to return.

Emma accused Meg of wanting Damian for herself, but her daughter claimed that she and Damian were meant to be together. Emma got very angry and shouted at Meg for chasing a man who didn't want her. She said Meg's obsession with Damian was not healthy, but Meg refused to listen to her mother, and she stormed out of the house.

Holden stopped at the Lakeview desk and asked if a Maeve Stone had checked in. A very different looking Maeve walked up behind him and said that she was using her maiden name, and she was Maeve McBride. She had cut and styled her hair and was wearing a fashionable outfit. She boldly asked if Holden liked the look of her, and Holden just grinned. The two of them sat in the lounge, and Holden asked what Maeve was doing in Oakdale.

Maeve said that she had liked the look of the town when she had visited the bank, and the place seemed safe. Also, she knew that Holden was there, but Maeve made it clear that she was not expecting anything from him. Holden told her that she looked like "a million bucks," and then he mentioned the money stolen during the bank robbery. He suggested that he replace what Maeve had already spent and that she return it to the police. Maeve agreed on one condition: Holden had to give her the "Official Holden Snyder Tour of Oakdale."

In her room, Lily lay on her bed and looked at the wedding ring Damian had given her. Then she took Holden's ring from her bedside table and looked at both of them. Luke called from downstairs, looking for Holden, so Lily went down to speak to her son. She told Luke that his father was probably at the Lakeview, since he had chosen not to spend the night at home. Lily said that Holden was incredibly angry with her because she had married Damian. Luke asked which man his mother wanted to be with, but Lily was still confused. Luke commented that she was still wearing Damian's ring, but Lily said she could not get it off.

Damian met with a lawyer, Peter Cartwright, and wanted to know if his marriage to Lily was valid. The lawyer had a law book with him that showed the pertinent precedent. Damian then drove to Lily's and handed her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. He also announced that her torture was over, and there was no reason for them to ever spend another night apart. Lily said that she would always love Damian, but she had to do what was right. Holden was her lawful husband, but Lily could not get Damian's ring off her finger. Damian said he took that as a sign because his lawyer had told him that their marriage was legal.

Damian went further by explaining that Lily's marriage to Holden was nullified when the police declared him legally dead. Damian said he was Lily's husband in every way that counted. That made no sense to Lily, however, and she insisted that she wanted to talk to the lawyer herself. Damian made the arrangements, and Lily said she would speak to Mr. Cartwright alone.

Rosanna daydreamed about kissing Craig, and the phone rang. The caller was Craig, who asked if Rosanna was free to "brainstorm" their marketing plan before a meeting that afternoon with a media expert. He invited her to visit his suite in the Lakeview, but Rosanna was leery of that because of Craig's promise to Parker to leave Rosanna alone. She suggested that they meet instead at a more public place, so Craig chose Metro.

When Rosanna arrived there, both Craig and Johnny, whom Craig referred to as their "chaperone," greeted her. Craig began talking business about the launch of their media campaign for the vitamin water, but he paused to answer his phone. The call was from the mother of one of Johnny's playmates, who was inviting Johnny to a sleepover. The mom made arrangements to pick up the boy right away at Metro, so Craig told Rosanna that it looked as if it would be just the two of them.

After Johnny left, Craig and Rosanna tried to concentrate on business, but Craig was clumsy and spilled his drink on their paperwork. Rosanna could not find the mockups of the ads that Carly had designed, and Craig realized that they had to be somewhere in Carly's house. Rosanna offered to go get them, but she remembered that she had never seen them and would not recognize the final drafts. Craig had to go with her because he knew them.

At Fairwinds, Liberty overslept, and even though Emily heard the girl's alarm go off, she decided that Liberty needed more sleep, so she did not wake her. Parker showed up to drive Liberty to school because that morning the seniors were taking the SAT tests for college admission. Parker woke Liberty. She got dressed as fast as she could, and they left for the high school hurriedly. As they were running into the building, Liberty had a bout of morning sickness and had to go into the bushes to vomit. When they tried to enter the school, a proctor told them that no one was admitted after the test had begun.

Liberty was devastated, but the proctor reminded her that she could take the test in the spring. The girl said that her college applications were due before long, and she needed to take the test that day. Parker took her to Java, and they talked until some of Liberty's classmates arrived after the test. Her friend MacKenzie invited Liberty to join them, and Parker told Liberty to sit with them while he took care of an errand that would help her.

Liberty sat with her friends as they discussed the test, and she bluffed her way through making them think she had taken it, as well. MacKenzie mentioned that the annual senior party after the test was still on at the Lakeview, but Liberty said she'd skip it.

Back at Carly's, Rosanna located the missing sketches in her sister's bedroom, and Craig verified them. Their hands touched as both of them held the portfolio, and Rosanna reminded Craig of his promise to Parker. Their attraction was too strong to resist, however, and the two of them shared a long kiss. Craig apologized, but he kissed Rosanna again, just as Parker walked in. He said he should have known that the two of them were "just a couple of liars."

Craig attempted to explain, but Parker was disgusted and said he had actually been planning to ask them for help before they proved themselves untrustworthy. Craig begged the boy to let him help, so Parker explained about Liberty's dilemma in missing the SAT. He was hoping that Craig could pull some strings and find a way for the girl to take the test sooner than spring. Then Parker ordered Craig out of his mother's house, so Craig left. Parker refused to talk to Rosanna, and when Parker looked outside the front door, he saw a dejected Craig sitting on the porch. Parker joined him, and Craig said he could not turn off his feelings for Rosanna just because Parker did not like them.

Craig complimented Parker on the young man he had become then he said that perhaps it was time for him to be "a little less restrictive" on Parker's trust fund. Parker recognized that as a quid pro quo, even though Craig prattled on about the boy's being able to understand how "mature relationships" worked. He asked Parker to think about it, but Parker told Craig to "go to hell."

In Old Town, Emily and Meg literally bumped into one another, and Emily's package went flying. Meg noticed that Emily had bought maternity clothes, so Emily explained that they were for Liberty. Meg was not cordial, and she reminded Emily of all the horrible things she and Paul had done to other people. She began bullying Emily, who said that she was truly sorry that things had not worked out for Meg and Damian. Meg told Emily to save her sympathy because she didn't "do nice" very well.

Emily walked away and saw Liberty, so she told the girl that she and Paul wanted to take her out to dinner and that she had bought Liberty some new clothes. Liberty reluctantly agreed to the dinner, but she was sarcastic in her reply. After Emily left, Liberty called MacKenzie and asked in what room the senior party was taking place. She showed up there and found all her friends drinking. They offered Liberty some water, but Liberty took an alcoholic drink from MacKenzie's hand and began sipping it. Some time later, Parker walked in and saw that Liberty was miserable and drunk. She said that nothing would ever be okay again, but she let Parker take her away.

Holden and Maeve walked by Al's Diner on their Oakdale tour, but it was closed because of the fire. Holden asked if there was anything else Maeve wanted to see, but she replied that the view from there was already interesting. Holden looked up and saw Lily and Damian deep in conversation. Maeve said that she recognized them from the bank, and she suggested that she and Holden find the nearest bar. He took her to Yo's.

Craig returned to Metro and found Rosanna, and he told her how angry Parker was with them. Rosanna was sure the boy would tell Carly about their sordid deeds, but Craig was not sure. He believed that Parker truly would not want to hurt Carly any more than they would. Rosanna said they should tell Carly themselves first, but Craig wanted to wait to see what Parker would do. Their media man, Mr. Swanson, arrived at Metro, and they began their meeting.

In the Lakeview bar, Damian was drowning his sorrows as Meg approached. She said that she'd wanted to see him, so she had hunted him down.

Lily met with Damian's lawyer in Old Town, but he had very little time for her. They talked on the sidewalk, and he handed her his card and affirmed that she was Mrs. Damian Grimaldi until a judge said otherwise. He dismissed her without answering any more of her questions. As she stood looking at his card, she spotted Holden and Maeve, who had returned from Yo's. Lily walked up and asked, "Who is this woman?"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Damian apologized to Meg in the Lakeview bar, but he stuck to his story of not wanting to be with her. He said that could not handle any more of her drama. Meg wanted to talk longer, but Damian was brusque and told her to send him an email instead, and he turned his back on her. Meg pursued him and apologized for letting her emotions get out of control.

Damian declared that he was Lily's husband legally, and in every other way. He explained the legalities and said that his and Lily's marriage was binding. Damian admitted, however, that Lily was conflicted and felt guilty. He was surprised when Meg reassured him that all she wanted was for him to be happy.

In Old Town, Lily asked Holden who the woman with him was, and he introduced Maeve to her. Lily got almost hysterical when she realized that Maeve had been married to Eb Stone, who had threatened Lily and her children in her home. Holden tried to calm Lily, but she was furious. Holden explained that Eb had locked them in a root cellar, but Maeve had rescued him and gotten him to a hospital, and that had saved his life.

Lily thanked Maeve, but the two of them continued to trade verbal barbs. Lily found out that Maeve was staying at the Lakeview, so she told her to use Lily's name at the front desk if she needed anything. After all, Lily said, she did own the hotel. Then Lily asked Holden to stop by the house later to see the children, and he agreed. Lily walked away and went to the Lakevew, where Meg called to her from the bar.

Meg asked if Lily had misplaced one of her husbands, but Lily said that she didn't want a fight with Meg. Meg told Lily that she had just missed Damian, and they sparred back and forth until Lily said that she considered herself to be still married to Holden, and the legal issue was just a technicality. She taunted Meg by saying that wherever that left Damian, it was not with Meg.

Lily said that Damian was over Meg completely, but Meg questioned why Lily was still wearing his wedding ring and not Holden's. Lily explained that she was probably going to have the jeweler cut the ring off her finger, but she didn't convince Meg. Meg said they could agree on one thing: both of them wanted Lily no longer to be married to Damian.

Damian went to Lily's and was surprised to find Holden there. Holden said he was waiting for the children to return from school, but he asked why Damian was there. Damian said the fact was that he and Lily were legally husband and wife, but Holden refused to believe that. Damian said that was a wrong assumption because the coroner had issued a death certificate that declared Holden legally dead. He offered to send for his lawyer, but Holden thought Damian was bluffing. As he walked out the door, Damian said that he would wait as long as it took for Lily to ask him back.

When Lily got home, she found Holden playing cowboys with Ethan. Holden mentioned that Damian had delivered the news that Lily was no longer married to Holden, but Lily said that she didn't care. All that mattered to her was how they felt. Holden walked outside and said the only thing that had drawn him back was that he'd had Lily to go back to. He looked really down and walked away, leaving Lily sad, as well. Damian returned in a short while and found Lily twisting and pulling on his ring on her finger. He asked if she truly wanted if off, because he felt they belonged together. Just then the ring slipped off, and Lily tried to hand it to him. Damian told her to keep it.

Holden returned to the Lakeview and was going into his room when Maeve passed by with an ice bucket. She called him "neighbor" and asked if he wanted to share some ice.

At Metro, Craig and Rosanna negotiated with Mr. Swanson, whom they had convinced to display their vitamin water in every one of his 1,438 convenience stores. After Swanson left, Rosanna told Craig to stop flirting with her because Carly was "working her butt off" in rehab, and they could not disappoint her. They were standing very close together when Jack walked in unannounced and said that he had just talked to Carly. They were all excited that she had earned phone privileges.

Jack noticed that Craig and Rosanna seemed strung tightly, and he commented on that. Then he guessed wrongly that they were wondering why Carly had called him instead of one of them, and Rosanna took that and ran with it. Jack said that Carly had wanted to know about the kids, so she had called him, and he said that she'd sounded more peaceful than when she had left. Both Craig and Rosanna said how much they wanted Carly home, and Jack mentioned that he was glad to hear that because he was beginning to think that Craig liked the temporary setup a little too much.

Craig barked at Jack and asked "what the hell" he meant by that. Jack commented that Craig was very defensive lately and asked if he had hit a nerve. He stated that having Carly back would put a considerable crimp in Craig's style, and he walked out. Rosanna was positive that she wanted to be the one to tell Carly about her relationship with Craig, but she was terrified that Parker would tell Carly first.

At Fairwinds, Paul arrived home and called out for Emily. He reported that he had found organically grown, grass fed, hormone-free, antibiotic-free soy ice cream that was healthy enough for Liberty. Unfortunately, Emily could not find the girl anywhere, and Emily was fearful that Liberty would take the baby and run. She felt responsible for Liberty missing the SAT test and took all the blame.

Liberty and Parker went to the park after he rescued her from the drinking party. Liberty called herself a loser, and she got sick again. She said she felt helpless, but she drank some water and felt slightly better, although she still thought her life was over. Parker gave her some aspirin, but Liberty was just tired of everyone running her life but her. She even felt that her mother was validating her own life through her daughter. She thanked Parker for being the one who "got it," but she asked for a time out just to be by herself. Parker agreed and told Liberty to call him if she needed him.

At the farm, Brad visited with Janet and remembered that Liberty was taking the SAT exam that day. He wanted to celebrate in some way, so he suggested they gather the family at Al's, and he asked Janet to get their daughter there under false pretenses. Brad left to make the rest of the arrangements, and Janet took a call from Emily, but it was not a friendly one. It turned out that neither woman had seen or talked to Liberty since the test.

Parker was walking in Old Town, and Janet saw him and told him about the surprise party for Liberty. She explained that the occasion was Liberty's "knocking the SAT test out of the ballpark." Parker explained that Liberty had been denied admittance to the test because she had been late, and he blamed Emily, who had turned off the girl's alarm. Janet flipped out and called Emily some nasty names. Parker got upset and said that both Emily and Janet only wanted Liberty's baby and didn't care about the girl's life at all.

Brad arrived with balloons and asked Janet where the guest of honor was. Janet told him what Emily had done and how Liberty had missed the test. She was even more convinced that she and Jack needed to raise the baby. Brad still disagreed with her.

Liberty returned to Fairwinds and collapsed on the couch with her head in her hands. Emily and Paul walked in and worried aloud about Liberty, who stood up and announced that she was going to bed. Emily got close to the girl and smelled liquor on her. She lit into Liberty about the dangers of fetal alcohol syndrome, and an exhausted Liberty warned that she was not Emily's "pet incubator." She said that she was just as important a person as "the kid," and she told Emily to back off. Then she announced that she was glad she had not signed the adoption agreement because they were better off without her and her "damaged kid." Liberty ran out.

Emily was distraught and continued to blame herself for ruining their baby plans. Paul assured her that Liberty would return, but instead, Parker entered. He asked for Liberty, but Emily explained what had happened. Paul asked Parker to find the girl and escort her home safely. Parker said it sounded as if they only cared about the unborn baby and not the mother, and he took off.

Emily was miserable and said that she had lost her last chance at "the mom thing." Paul said he had promised her a child, and he would get her one. He took Emily in his arms and comforted her.

Liberty went back to her park bench and watched a very tired mother walk by with a stroller. Jack walked down the path and spotted Liberty, so he called Janet, who was still with Brad in Old Town. He told them where their daughter was, and when they got to the park, Jack pointed out the melancholy Liberty on the bench. Brad chewed out Janet and asked her to leave Liberty alone. He told her the girl needed to feel that what she thought really mattered. Jack jumped in and said that Liberty just needed her parents.

Brad and Janet approached Liberty and hugged her. Jack said, "Let's go home," and they did. Liberty went up to her room at the farm, and Janet and Jack sat in the swing on the porch. Jack told Janet he was very proud of her and Brad for how they had handled the situation. They strolled away from the swing for a while and did not see Parker sneak into the house. He called upstairs to Liberty, and she ran down the stairs. She told him that her parents were playing "Super Mom" and "Iron Dad," and they were driving her nuts.

Parker said that she wouldn't have to put up with that much longer if things worked out the way he had planned. He was about to tell Liberty his idea, but she saw Janet and Jack walking back, so Parker ran into the parlor, and Liberty ran back upstairs.

Craig and Rosanna went back to Carly's, and he asked what Rosanna would say to Carly about their affair. Rosanna made Craig stay out on the porch while she stood in the doorway to alleviate temptation, and she was glad she had done so, because Parker walked up. He told Craig that he had decided to accept Craig's offer of access to his trust fund, but Rosanna cried, "Over my dead body!" Craig tried to talk her through it, but Rosanna called it "blackmail." Craig argued that it had been his idea, and therefore, it was not blackmail. Rosanna did not care; it was still paying for Parker's silence.

Parker wasn't into subtleties and asked if they had a deal or not. Rosanna said no, and Craig said yes. Craig reminded them that he was the trustee, and Parker would have some cash when the banks opened the next morning. "Cool," said Parker, but before he walked away, he reminded them both that Carly was not an idiot and that she would see right through the two of them. Parker called it a "win/win" situation, and he dashed off, grinning. Craig commented that the more he learned about that boy, the more Parker reminded him of himself.

Rosanna slammed the door in Craig's face. He began to walk away, but he turned back and kicked in the door. He grabbed Rosanna in his arms, and she cried that she was trying hard to be "a good sister," but Craig silenced her with a kiss. They began ripping off each other's clothes right in the living room.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dusty packed a bag and got airline tickets out of his desk in preparation for his island getaway with Bonnie. He heard a knock on the door, and instead of Bonnie, he was startled to see her mother, Jessica Griffin, one of Oakdale's former lawyers. Her first words to Dusty were to ask him if he was out of his mind. Jessica then demanded to know if Dusty was stringing her daughter along with promises he could not keep. Jessica said that Bonnie was in love with him, but another knock interrupted their conversation .

Dusty's second visitor was Bonnie, who ran in wearing a colorful Caribbean beach outfit. She was amazed to see her mother there, and she asked Dusty what Jessica had told him. Dusty stammered, but he didn't really answer. Bonnie turned to Jessica and began scolding her mother for interfering in her life with her... The young woman could not decide what to call Dusty, so her statement just hung in the air. Jessica fixated on that and asked Dusty exactly what he was to her daughter.

Dusty was embarrassed by the situation, so Bonnie asked Jessica to leave and said she would meet her by the elevator. She apologized to Dusty, and he complimented her on her dress. He also said that he would get some breakfast at the diner then meet her at Metro, and they would head to the airport.

Teri ran into Al's, concerned that Janet might have been hurt in the fire. Her sister said that she had not been at work when the fire had started, but Vienna had suffered some smoke inhalation. Vienna would be fine, however, and Janet announced that they were officially reopened. Ralph Manzo walked in to see how his crew was progressing on the cleanup. Dusty arrived as their first customer, as Janet explained to Teri that Uncle Ralph had sent some of his workmen to get the diner back in business in record time. Ralph paid the workers in cash, a fact both Dusty and Janet duly noted.

As soon as Ralph spotted Dusty at one of the tables, he said a hasty goodbye and took off. Dusty said something about Ralph and a connection to the fire, and Janet took umbrage at it. Dusty said that Ralph was "shady" and was "not to be trusted." Teri shot off a retort at Dusty, and he realized that she and Janet were sisters. He extended his sympathies to Janet for that fact then he conceded that Teri might be okay, but Uncle Ralph was a snake.

Janet told Teri that Liberty was no longer living with Paul and Emily, and she was hopeful that Teri might nudge her niece towards letting Janet and Jack raise her baby. Teri said that she absolutely would not talk Liberty into doing something she didn't feel right about, and Janet got angry. She told her sister to "get the hell out" of the diner, and Teri took off.

Bonnie and Jessica went to Metro, and Jessica told her daughter that getting involved with Dusty had been a mistake. Bonnie resented her mother's butting in, but Jessica said she was concerned that Bonnie was much more invested in Dusty than he was with her. Jessica referred to Dusty as a "serial womanizer," but Bonnie described him as "intelligent, tough, and sexy." Jessica warned that Dusty had never gotten over the death of his wife, Jennifer, and he was still mourning her. Bonnie would find it impossible to compete with that, advised her mother.

Jessica recommended that Bonnie ask Dusty directly where their relationship was headed. Dusty arrived, and Bonnie thanked her mother for her concern. They hugged, and Dusty got to hear Jessica repeat Bonnie's description of him as "intelligent, tough, and sexy." After Jessica left, Dusty described her to Bonnie as "a formidable woman." They were about to leave for the airport when Bonnie stopped Dusty at the door. She asked him if he had any vision of a future together beyond their beach vacation, and Dusty did not hesitate to say no.

Bonnie was stunned, and she said that she needed more. Dusty wished her good luck as Bonnie picked up her bag and walked out alone. At that moment, Teri entered the bar and told Dusty that she could see that he was a jerk to everyone, not just her. She urged him to go after Bonnie, but Dusty said no and fixed himself a drink. Teri reminded him that people paid for that service in a bar, and Dusty flung some bills on the bar. Teri continued to berate him, so Dusty said he had watched his wife die, so he knew a great deal about the risk of caring.

Paul had an early meeting at the Lakeview with his attorney, and he picked up the adoption papers for Liberty to sign. The lawyer casually mentioned that sometimes a "financial inducement" helped in such matters then Ralph Manzo walked up to their table. Ralph asked to speak with Paul alone, so the lawyer excused himself. Ralph asked if Paul had time to think about the "advice" that Ralph had given him and added that Paul should never start something he couldn't finish. Ralph walked away, and the attorney returned. Paul said if they did not move fast, they could lose Liberty's baby.

Paul ended his meeting, but he spotted Barbara sitting in the bar, looking concerned. He approached her, and his mother asked him to share something with him that morning, but Paul said he had no time. He was rather curt with her, but his mind was on getting Liberty to sign the adoption papers as soon as possible. Barbara seemed disappointed, but she smiled and told him to just get her another grandbaby. She checked her day planner, and October 15 was circled in red.

Henry woke Vienna, who wanted him back in bed with her, but she noticed that Henry was fully dressed. She was still coughing from the smoke inhalation the day before, so she went into the bathroom for some water. Henry appeared nervous, and he pulled his phone from his pocket as soon as Vienna closed the bathroom door. He left a message for Barbara, apologizing for things he had said previously, and he said that he needed to see her again. Vienna returned, and they kissed until a loud Audrey pounded on the door and called out to Henry. He sent Vienna back to the bathroom and opened the door.

Henry pulled his mother into the room and told her she was his only hope. Before Henry could speak, however, Audrey railed at her son for "not making Barbara happy." Henry said that he couldn't, so Audrey said he was on his own, and she made for the door. Henry followed her and said that Ralph had already tried to burn down the diner, and he would probably go for body parts next. He asked Audrey to distract Vienna so he could get his hands on some money.

Audrey called Vienna out of the bathroom and insisted that she take the young woman back to Memorial to get checked out with another x-ray. Vienna claimed that she was all right, but Henry urged her to go. Vienna agreed to go if Henry would take her, but he said that he had an important meeting with another charity, and he was also checking out some possible volunteer work, as well. Vienna was pleased with that, and she called Henry her "unselfish love."

Henry made a beeline to Fairwinds and greeted "Brother Paul" effusively. He said that he had tickets to "Da Bears," and he invited Paul to accompany him. He even suggested that they "tailgate," but it was obvious that Henry had no idea what that meant. Paul correctly deduced that Barbara was making life miserable for Henry, but he told his "brother" that he didn't want to get involved. Henry was desperate for money, and he asked Paul to convince Barbara to remove the injunction on the inheritance.

Paul felt some sympathy for Henry, so he wrote a check and handed it to him. Henry saw that it was for only $10,000, so he said an anemic "wow" and was out the door. Ralph arrived soon afterward, and he lectured Paul that family took precedence over everything. If Liberty's baby's grandmother wanted it, then she would get it. Paul said that didn't hold true if the baby's mother thought otherwise, and he offered to discuss the issue further with Ralph in court. Ralph said that would be a mistake and that Paul should pick one of the other millions of kids who needed homes and leave Liberty's baby to family.

At Memorial, Barbara was waiting for an important appointment, but her doctor was delayed by an emergency. Audrey was also waiting for Vienna to finish her x-ray, and she tried to make conversation with Barbara, but Barbara was distracted. A nurse approached Barbara and asked if she would like to reschedule the appointment with her oncologist, but Barbara said she would wait. Audrey's sharp ears picked up on the "oncologist" part, so she asked Barbara about it. Barbara explained that she'd had a bout with cancer not long before and had undergone surgery and radiation. She was waiting to hear the results from her last scan and was hoping she would be cancer-free.

Audrey sat down with Barbara and talked about how stressful it had to be waiting to find out if the cancer had gone. Barbara, probably remembering a previous conversation with Audrey, said that lately she had been living life with "reckless abandon." She confided that she had taken a younger lover who left tantalizing messages on her phone. Audrey then just happened to mention that she was stuck "all day" at the hospital with Vienna while she went through some more tests on her lungs. Suddenly Barbara decided that she could wait for the medical news, and she left in a hurry. Audrey reached for her phone just as Vienna exited the exam room and said, "Let's go home." Audrey shouted, "Not on your little life!"

Audrey did some fast talking and convinced Vienna to ask her doctor for another test, and she invented a name for it. Vienna was gone for a while and returned saying the doctor had never heard of the test. Audrey tried to stall for more time, hoping that Henry was finally successful in "making Barbara happy." Vienna was beginning to smell the proverbial rat, so she asked Audrey to go to a vending machine and get her a cold soda for her scratchy throat. Audrey left to find a machine, and Vienna made her escape.

Henry, however, had taken his money from Paul and bought into a poker game. He was holding three aces when he went "all in" and shoved his chips into the middle of the table. Two of the men folded, but the third called and produced a full house. Henry upset his drink, and as he bent down to pick up the glass, he slipped another ace from his cuff and added it to his hand. One of the men grabbed Henry from behind and accused him of cheating. He also informed Henry that kind of behavior could get him killed.

Another man drew back his fist to rearrange Henry's face when Ralph Manzo entered the room and yelled, "Let him go!" The men did so immediately and called Ralph "boss." Ralph told the men to scram, and when Henry tried to justify his acts, Ralph called him "stupid."

Barbara dashed from the hospital to the Lakeview, and after a quick stop in her own room, she went to Henry and Vienna's door and knocked. No one answered, so Barbara used a credit card to open the door. A short while later, Vienna was trying to reach Henry on her phone as she walked down the corridor in the hotel. She left a message asking her beloved if he was hiding something from her. She opened the door to their room and saw a provocatively dressed Barbara in her bed.

Paul went to the Snyder farm and asked Janet if he could speak with Liberty. An unfriendly Janet said that the girl was not home, so Paul explained that he had some papers for Liberty to sign. Janet told Paul that her daughter was not signing anything, but Paul said that was not up to her. He also cautioned Janet not to send "Uncle Ralph" to Fairwinds to break his thumbs. Paul handed the paperwork to Janet, along with a check for "expenses." As soon as Paul left, Janet looked at the check and ripped it to shreds.

Friday, October 16, 2009

At the farm, Liberty stormed into the kitchen, angry that Janet had never mentioned that Paul had dropped off some paperwork and a check for her at the house. Jack made excuses for an absent Janet, but Liberty hollered that her mother was just controlling. He advised Liberty to reach an understanding with Janet. Liberty claimed that she'd already made herself clear; Janet just wasn't respecting her daughter's wishes.

Liberty left in a huff and encountered Parker on the porch. Liberty said Jack was scared of Janet, who sought to ruin the adoption and take the baby for herself. Parker suggested that Liberty escape the adults by getting an apartment. After reaching an agreement with Craig to access the trust fund, Parker had put down a deposit on a unit that Liberty could move into that very day. Liberty loved the idea but said her parents would go ballistic.

Jack exited the house, and Liberty announced that she was moving. Parker stated that he'd gotten her an apartment with his modeling money. "That is so not happening," Jack said, and Liberty stormed off. Jack was unhappy that Parker had acted without consulting anyone, but he and Parker agreed that Liberty should talk to her parents before moving.

Later, Parker tried to convince Liberty to talk to her parents. Liberty felt that they'd just try to manipulate her with their practical concerns. Liberty received text messages from Janet and Emily, both wanting to talk. Liberty told Parker that she'd shoot someone if she had to have another talk and asked him to take her to see the apartment.

After the apartment tour, Liberty said she loved the place but worried that Parker was spending too much money on her. Parker said he had too much money to spend by himself. She didn't know how to repay him, but Parker was sure that one day, she'd be a huge success. Liberty thanked him for being the only person who didn't want anything from her.

At Katie and Brad's house, Brad told Katie that Liberty had "unfriended" him after he'd emailed her some links to colleges that didn't require SAT scores. Katie grabbed her coat, saying that Brad should focus on his other child. Brad panicked, thinking she was in labor, but she informed him that it wasn't time. Instead, she had a sonogram appointment that day, which would reveal the sex of the baby. Brad wasn't sure he wanted to know beforehand.

As the doctor performed the sonogram at the hospital later, Brad decided that they should find out the baby's gender. The doctor announced that it was a boy. Brad was ecstatic but said they wouldn't stop until they got a "little Katie," too.

Katie and Brad celebrated over sundaes at the diner. Brad couldn't wait to share his news with Jack, and Katie suggested that Brad take off to see Jack. At the farm, Jack wanted to tell Brad something but decided it could wait after he heard Brad's news. Jack expressed his pride in Brad for getting married, having a great job, and being a wonderful father.

In a Lakeview room, Henry stammered to explain to Ralph that he hadn't meant to cheat him in the card game. As Ralph grew impatient, Henry admitted that he'd gotten in over his head and deserved Ralph's wrath. "Do your worst. I welcome it," Henry said. Ralph burst into laughter, admiring Henry's guts to admit his mistakes.

Henry worried about getting his legs broken. "What do you think we are? A bunch of gangsters?" Ralph said as he chuckled. He decided to give Henry an additional 24 hours to get the money. Henry gasped, unsure that he could do it. Ralph suggested that Henry have the same faith in himself that Ralph had in him. Ralph believed that they made great partners because they would each do anything to protect their loved ones.

A panicky Audrey discovered that Vienna had ditched her at Memorial. She rushed to the Lakeview to locate Vienna and Barbara. Ralph approached, jovial about his generous agreement to give Henry another day to get the money. Audrey gasped that Henry needed more time, and Ralph chuckled that she was a pistol, just like her son. He advised her to take care of herself because there was no need for her to pay for her son's mistakes.

Ralph left, and Audrey booked herself a flight abroad. When she stumbled upon a childhood picture of Henry in her purse, she canceled the flight. Deciding that her son needed her, Audrey returned to the hospital and swiped a prescription vial. She pretended to a nurse that she couldn't remember if the doctor had told her to give the entire bottle to her ailing mother. The nurse read the bottle and stated that the full dosage would kill someone.

Vienna opened her door and sawa scantily clad Barbara draped on the bed. Vienna profusely apologized that she'd entered the wrong room. Upon checking the door, Vienna realized that Barbara was in the wrong room. Barbara hopped off the bed, readily agreeing. Barbara hastily dressed, and a relieved Vienna laughed off the thought of Henry cheating on her with Barbara, who was old enough to be Henry's mother. Barbara scowled and revealed that Henry and she were having "an intense body and soul, meeting of the minds" affair.

Vienna claimed that Henry wouldn't go for a not-so-fresh hamburger when he had a steak with different spices every night. Barbara retorted that Henry had tired of the Swedish meatball. Barbara persisted that Vienna was supposed to be out all day, while Barbara met with her boy toy. Vienna still disbelieved it and refused to hear any of Barbara's gruesome details about it. When Barbara asked where Henry had learned the feather trick, Vienna pounced on her. Henry opened the door in time to see the women scrapping on the bed.

Henry separated the women, and Vienna insisted that he renounce Barbara's claims. He hustled Barbara into the hallway, where she explained that Audrey had set Vienna up to be gone all afternoon so that Henry could rekindle Barbara's flame. "Your flame has burned down my whole life!" Henry raged. He asserted that he'd only slept with Barbara for the money, which he'd since realized that she'd never planned on giving him. He said he never wanted to see her again, and Barbara slinked away, murmuring that it was his loss.

Henry returned to Vienna, who was devastated that he'd cheated on her and broken her trust again. Henry groveled as he explained that he'd done it because of Ralph. Henry revealed that Ralph had been laundering money through Metro, and when Henry hadn't been able to replenish the cash, Ralph had set fire to the diner. Vienna shrieked that she could have been killed. "That was sort of the point," Henry whimpered. He said he'd resorted to bedding Barbara to get the money and prevent Ralph from hurting anyone.

Vienna decided that Henry was not only cheating on her, but he was laundering money to hide the inheritance from her. After he'd lied to her, cheated on her, and almost gotten her killed, Vienna declared it was the last time that he'd break her heart. Henry begged her to go away with him before Ralph killed them, but Vienna refused to go anywhere with him. "This is over, Henry, forever. Goodbye!" she exclaimed, slamming the door behind her.

Vienna went to the diner, and cried to Katie about Henry's affair. Katie made excuses for Henry, trying to get Vienna to see that he'd acted out of love and fear. Vienna realized that Katie had known about it and accused Katie of abetting Henry in his betrayal. Vienna ran out of the diner in tears. She returned to the Lakeview, where she packed her bags and left.

Katie returned home just as Henry arrived, calling himself a vile, loathsome blight on the universe. He said that Vienna was going to Sweden, and he'd go somewhere far away, too. Katie felt that Vienna still loved Henry, but he whined that he didn't deserve a woman like Vienna. He wanted her to go to Sweden to find someone more worthy. Henry felt that he didn't deserve Katie's friendship, either, and announced that he was there to say goodbye.

Barbara went to the hospital and braced herself for the results of her cancer screening. She hugged the doctor when he announced that she was cancer-free. Once at home, Barbara received a visit from Audrey. Barbara accused Audrey of pimping out her son. Audrey asserted that they'd both do anything for their sons, but Barbara said she'd never do anything that bad. Audrey suggested that they drink to Barbara's great cancer news. As Audrey hid the toxic vial behind her hand, Barbara wondered why she'd want to have a drink with Audrey.

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