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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 5, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, October 5, 2009

In the root cellar, Maeve was hysterical and shouting that she and Holden were going to die there. Holden was not ready to give up, and he suggested that they look around for some tools they could use. They needed more light than just the kerosene lantern they had lit, so Maeve picked up a bundle of Skaggs's cash and set it on fire. She laughed and said she had always wanted to have money to burn. Maeve tried to imagine Eb's face if he could see her there, burning his money. She was still convinced they were going to die there, however.

Holden found a tall and heavy ladder and said the two of them could use it to ram the hatch on the root cellar. They tried that several times until Maeve had a severe hand cramp. Holden massaged it for a while, and Maeve suddenly asked him to make love to her. Holden said that he would get her out of there, and she would find someone wonderful of her own. He also said that Eb would be in jail for the rest of his life, so Maeve didn't have to worry about him. Maeve said that Holden's wife was the luckiest woman in the world, and it had nothing to do with her money.

The two went back to ramming the hatch, and Holden began to sense that the outside latch was weakening. One more powerful thrust did the trick, but the hatch collapsed in on the ladder, and all of it ended in a heap on top of Holden.

Rosanna arrived at Metro, where Teri was serving some patrons. She asked Teri for help in preparing food for Carly's kids again, and she offered the young woman her job back at double the salary. Teri was flattered, but she said that Metro took all her time, and she respectfully declined. Craig walked in, but Rosanna refused to include him in the conversation. She excused herself to go to the ladies' room, and while she was gone, Teri filled Craig in on Rosanna's job offer.

When Rosanna returned, Craig offered her a drink; in fact, he insisted on it. Craig said that he knew why Rosanna had asked Teri to return to work at Carly's house. Teri was "protection" for Rosanna from her feelings for Craig. Rosanna laughed, as she talked about Craig's mistaken belief that she desired him. Craig wanted Rosanna to admit how wonderful their liaison had been, but instead she threatened to kill him if Craig ever went near her again. Craig appeared startled, and then he promised that "the urge" had passed, and he wouldn't bother her. Rosanna referred to his "taking liberties" with her, and Craig called her "Jane Austen."

Craig determined that they were done with each other, but Rosanna left first. Teri approached and asked Craig what his animated conversation with Rosanna had been about, but before he could answer, Teri misinterpreted it by saying it was sad that Carly's sister and her fiancÚ hated each other so much. Craig appeared to have had an epiphany, and he left.

Craig drove to the Spring River Rehab Center and asked to see Carly. The receptionist said that Craig's name was not on the approved list, and that puzzled him. Suddenly Rosanna walked by on her way out, and Craig accused her of telling Carly about the attraction between the two of them. Rosanna refused to answer him, and she ran out.

Back in Oakdale sometime later, Rosanna knocked on Craig's hotel door. He opened it and blasted her for ratting him out to Carly, but Rosanna interrupted and said that she had not talked with her sister. She also admitted that Carly would not see her, either. Rosanna said that Craig had been right about her wanting Teri around to prevent more "incidents" from occurring. Craig then admitted that he could not stop thinking about Rosanna, but she cautioned that "it" could never happen again. They looked at one another for a long minute, and then they flew into each other's arms in a passionate embrace.

Janet and Brad walked into the farm kitchen together and found Jack taking it easy. Brad had just learned that Liberty had moved in with Paul and Emily Ryan, and he was very upset. He wanted to get his daughter out of there; he said no way would he allow Liberty to become "a baby-making machine for those two whack jobs." Jack suggested that Janet tell Brad her plan, but she was hesitant. Finally Janet said that she and Jack wanted to adopt and raise Liberty's baby as their own. Brad asked them if they were out of their minds.

Brad went on about Janet's "screwing with Liberty's head," and he asked if she had really thought things through. Brad said it hurt his head to try to figure out all the permutations of relationships between his and Katie's expected baby and Liberty's baby, his grandchild. Janet called the arrangement "a little unconventional," but Brad said it was pure "Jerry Springer." Jack called a "time out" and asked the two of them to take their shouting match someplace else, and he was serious. He was having a bad day.

Janet and Brad went to Java, and Brad accused her of moving heaven and earth to make sure that Liberty didn't get an abortion. Janet asked why Brad was being so pigheaded about her raising the baby, and he said it was a terrible idea. Brad stood up and said he was done. Janet ran after him, begging him not to tell the plan to Liberty yet.

Brad went to Metro and sat at the bar. He waited for Teri to make an appearance, and he blurted out that Janet and Jack wanted to adopt Liberty's baby. He pleaded with Teri to talk her sister out of it and to get Janet away from the influence of "Uncle Ralph." Janet walked in and demanded to know whose side Teri was on. Teri only wanted to be on Liberty's side, but Janet was ready to strong-arm her.

Janet was sure that Liberty's "mother genes" would kick in, as hers had, but Teri reminded her sister that Liberty had big plans; the girl wanted to go to college. Brad accused Janet of wanting to hold on to her little girl forever by tying her to a baby "sister," but Janet denied that. Brad got disgusted and left. Teri said that maybe Brad was right, and it was all about Janet. Janet admitted that keeping the baby was not Jack's first choice, but he was willing to go along. Teri warned that if Janet forced Liberty to keep the baby in her life, Janet could lose her daughter, and perhaps her husband.

At Lily's house, Eb held Faith captive, as Damian tried to talk reason to the enraged man. Damian promised to do whatever Eb wanted if he would let the girl go. Faith struggled, and Eb put the gun to her head. Damian offered him any amount of money. Eb ordered Damian to get "the kid's mama." Faith cried out, so Damian told her to do what Eb said. Again Eb demanded that Damian go get "the rich lady." Damian attempted to convince Eb that no one else was home, but Eb said he knew how rich folks lived; there had to be cash tucked somewhere, perhaps in a safe. Faith bit Eb on the hand and screamed, but he put the gun to her temple. Damian begged Eb to put the gun down.

Upstairs, Lily was dozing, and she heard Faith cry out. She walked into the living room and was horrified to find her daughter a hostage. Lily begged Eb not to hurt the girl, as Damian introduced Eb as "the man from Kentucky." Lily moved forward as Damian grabbed Eb's arm, and the gun fired. Faith made a break for the door, as Damian struggled with Eb for control of the gun.

Faith ran to the farm, where Jack was still sitting at the kitchen table. She explained what was happening, and Jack told her to lock the door behind him, and promised he would send a squad car to protect her. Then Jack took off for Lily's and called for backup.

In Lily's house, Eb knocked down Damian, as Lily leapt upon his back and began hitting him. Eb threw her off, and Lily hit the floor. Damian regained his feet and managed to throw Eb hard against the wood pile, and the man slumped to the floor. Damian checked for a pulse, but then went to see how Lily was. She was unconscious, so Damian held her and kept calling her name until she woke up. Just then, Jack called from the door, and Damian assured him that it was all over.

Jack examined Eb and declared him dead, so he called for the coroner's wagon. Damian explained what had happened, as Jack searched the body for identification. He found Eb's driver's license, so he knew his name. Lily was shaky and wanted to call Faith at the farm, but an officer showed up with the girl. Faith ran to Lily, and they hugged, and then Faith asked about the man. Damian said that he was dead, and Faith thanked him for saving them. She even hugged him, much to Damian's amazement. Faith went upstairs to lie down.

Jack went to the police station and received a fax of Maeve Stone, Eb's wife, from a church bulletin. Jack looked at it and then requested the stills from the bank's security camera the day the woman had presented a letter supposedly from Holden. He compared the photos and decided the photos were of the same woman. He went back to Lily's and explained that Eb's wife, Maeve, was the one who had tried to pull off the scam at the bank. Jack was still convinced, however, that Holden had died in the truck crash.

Jack went home and had another visitor -- Brad. He walked in and asked if Jack really wanted to raise another baby. Jack said he did not want to talk about it, or what had happened that got him so down in the dumps. He finally relented, however, and said that he had finally realized that his cousin and best friend, Holden, was never returning.

Lily and Damian went up to her room, and Damian said that he would never again let Lily lose someone she loved. They kissed, and Lily said that she needed Damian "so much." Damian asked Lily to marry him right away.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In Skaggs's root cellar, Maeve attempted to get the debris from the cave-in off Holden. He was unconscious, and Maeve sobbed and cried for him to open his eyes. He drifted in and out, as Maeve promised to get him out safely. She lifted him up into a sitting position and eventually got him out and to a local hospital. There, the treating doctor assumed she was "Mr. Holden's" wife, but the nurse turned out to be an old friend of Maeve's. The nurse had been the maid of honor in Maeve's wedding to Eb, but she promised not to say anything.

Maeve was terrified to see police officers at the nurses' station, as Holden began speaking to Lily in his delirium. Maeve hid in a corner of the room, and the nurse opened the door to the officers. They showed her a photo of Maeve and asked if she had seen Maeve lately, but Renee, the nurse, said she had not seen her old friend in years. The cops left, and Maeve thanked Renee and said goodbye to Holden. Maeve returned to Skaggs's house and slid down into the root cellar. She took the satchel of money from the bank robbery and threw it out before she climbed out again herself.

In his hospital bed, Holden dreamed of approaching his house and looking through the window and seeing Luke pointing out photos in the family album to his siblings. Holden walked in, and the children embraced him. Lily ran in from the kitchen, all smiles, and said that she knew Holden would return to her. Holden woke up and said Lily's name. He saw someone by the bed, but it was Maeve. She explained that Holden could have someone call Lily, if he wished, but she had to flee because the cops were after her. She showed Holden the satchel full of money, and kissed him on his forehead.

Janet worked at the diner as Liberty and Emily walked in. Emily had taken the girl shopping, but Janet assumed a frosty manner. Emily left after she warned Liberty not to eat anything chocolate or with caffeine in it. Liberty was obviously fed up with Emily's healthy food routine, and Janet quipped that a "little bit of chocolate wouldn't keep the kid out of Yale." She also said that she really missed her daughter, and she bad-mouthed the reputations of both Paul and Emily. Then Janet asked Liberty to listen to a new idea of hers.

Her mother asked Liberty how she would feel if Janet and Jack adopted the baby and raised it as their own. Liberty's answer was to say that Janet needed a padded cell. She walked out of the diner, but Janet followed. Liberty said that Janet was missing the point.

Liberty did not want to be involved with the baby at all, not as a mother and not as a sister. She was afraid that obsessing about the baby would mess up her studying for SATs and her whole last year of high school. There was no way Liberty could live under the same roof as her baby.

Liberty asked her mother to please accept that she wanted no part of her baby's life. Janet kept going on about how much the child would mean to her, but Liberty said what she wanted was distance from the baby. Besides, Janet was obviously not pregnant, and Liberty would be, so everyone would know. Finally Liberty got really angry and shouted that if Janet wanted a baby, she should have her own, but she was not getting Liberty's.

Paul argued with his lawyer on the phone about getting the adoption agreement completed, and Meg walked in, carrying Eliza. She said that she thought Paul could give the baby more attention since Meg was very distracted. She was furious that Damian was lying to Lily, and everyone else, for that matter. Paul put the baby to bed and rejoined Meg, who complained that Damian was moving in on Lily and acting like the "Lord of Lily's Manor" to steal Holden's family. Paul spoke to her as the "Former King of Poorly Conceived Revenge Plots," and he told her to forget it.

Emily returned home and was surprised to see Meg there. A disheartened Meg told them goodbye, and she left. Emily questioned Paul about Meg, and he said that he thought Meg was out for revenge against Damian. They kissed, and then Paul broke it off and declared that Meg was turning into him! Paul and Emily got the baby up, and Emily enjoyed holding her. Paul promised that he would get Emily one of her own to hold, but Emily was anxious to get the legal work done. She mentioned that Janet was against it, but Paul reassured her that Liberty was on their side.

Liberty arrived at Fairwinds, and she was still angry at her mother. She said that Janet and Jack wanted to adopt the baby, but Liberty had said no. The girl began to have a meltdown, and she screamed that she wanted chocolate and caffeine, and not to be nauseated all the time. She went upstairs to study her SAT vocabulary words and wished she could just lie down and sleep. Emily was outraged and left to go take on "Mama Ciccone."

Emily reached the diner and immediately challenged Janet. Janet told her that Liberty was none of Emily's business, but Emily countered by saying that the girl was carrying her child. Emily gave Janet some unsolicited advice about how she was treating her daughter, and Janet retorted that she knew all about Paul and Emily. No innocent child should be within fifty miles of them. Emily made some threats, and Janet told her to "bring it on" and to get her butt out of the diner.

Lily was upset that Damian had proposed to her after such a horrendous day. He urged her to marry him right away, since Holden was definitely gone and not returning. Damian asked Lily if she loved him, and Lily said he knew that she did. Damian spoke about his passion for Lily and asked if she felt the same. Lily said that she didn't want to be without him, but what she wanted and what she should do were two different things. Damian said that Lily deserved to be happy, but she complained that it was still too soon.

Damian became a bit cross and asked when it would no longer be "too soon" for them to be together. Lily said that it would just "feel right," and Damian kissed her. Luke burst in and said that he had just heard what had happened with Eb. He hugged his mom, and when Faith heard her brother's voice, she ran out and hugged Luke. The girl told him that Damian had saved them. Natalie and Ethan woke up and walked into the room, as well. Damian spoke to them and assured the children that they were all safe. Lily asked for some time alone with them, so Damian left for a while.

Lily gathered the children around her and said she had something important to discuss. She began to speak about how important Damian had become to the family, and especially to Lily. She said that Damian had asked her to marry him, but she could not give him an answer until she knew how the kids felt. Lily said she would never do anything that the children did not want her to, but she said that she did love Damian. Luke said that he thought Lily should do it, and Faith was willing to give Damian another chance, since he had saved her life. Natalie agreed, and Ethan could only say that he wanted his daddy home.

Damian went to the farm from Lily's, and Meg was not happy to see him. He told her that Maeve, the woman from the bank, was married to the man who had demanded a ransom for Holden in Kentucky. He said he knew all that because of what had transpired in Lily's house. He told Meg the whole horrifying story, and he finished by saying that Maeve and Eb were con artists who never had Holden. Damian also dropped the bomb that he had asked Lily to marry him, and Lily was asking her children's opinions at that moment.

Meg said some hateful things to Damian, and then she reveled in the thought that Lily cared too much for her kids to marry Damian. Suddenly she accused him of plotting Holden's accident, and Damian was shocked. He said that he still felt a strong connection to Meg and did not want to "lose" her. Meg began to look hopeful, but Damian's phone rang, and it was Lily asking him to return to her house.

When Damian arrived, Lily said, "The children said yes!" Natalie even stood up and said that they agreed to "accept the proposal." Damian said the he would only try to do what Holden could not do anymore, which was to take care of them all and love their mommy. Luke took the little ones outside and asked if they were really okay with the marriage, and they all agreed. Inside, Lily and Damian kissed, and Lily worried about how to tell her mother, and Emma -- and Meg. Damian said that they should get married and tell the family after the fact, so Lily suggested that they marry the next day.

Meg went back to Fairwinds and asked to take Eliza back for the night. Paul asked what had happened to change her mind, and Meg said that Damian had asked Lily to marry him, but Lily said she would do it only if her children approved. That, chortled Meg, would never happen. She figured that soon Damian would realize that a relationship with Meg was much less complicated. Paul could not understand why Meg would even want Damian back, but she explained that Lily had been just a "detour." Paul said he would always care about Meg, and she thanked him.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lily lay in bed looking at her wedding ring from Holden, and Lucinda walked in unexpectedly. Lucinda said that Faith had just told her the most preposterous tale: Lily was getting married to Damian! Lucinda hoped desperately that her granddaughter was lying, but Lily said that Faith was speaking the truth; Lily was marrying Damian that evening. Her mother was stunned and asked if her daughter had lost her mind.

Lily said that the children had approved, and that was all the permission she needed. Lucinda was particularly concerned about Faith, who, she said, needed more of Lily's attention. Lily countered by saying that she saw no joy in her future without Damian. Lucinda was horrified at such an ugly statement, but Lily continued by telling her mother to "get over it." Lily was sure that Damian had only her best interests at heart, and she asked if Lucinda could support her enough to attend the wedding; otherwise, her mother was not welcome. Lucinda thought long and hard, and then she decided that she could not watch Lily make such a terrible mistake.

Holden awakened in the hospital in Kentucky and spoke to the nurse, Renee. He remembered that she was Maeve's friend, so he asked her for a phone so he could call his wife. Renee loaned him her cell phone, but Holden could not bring himself to make the call. He said that he needed to show up in person, so that there would be no more misunderstandings. Holden did not care that he was not well enough to leave the hospital; he was going home. He put on his clothes and begged Renee to help him escape. Renee gave him her car keys, and Holden promised to leave her car at the airport. He had severe pain in his back, but he was determined to go home.

Damian and Luke had breakfast at the Lakeview, and Damian told the boy that he hoped to be able to make Lily's whole family happy. Luke was sure that the younger kids would grow to appreciate Damian in time. Damian shocked Luke by saying that the wedding would be that night at Lily's house, and he asked his son to be his best man. He also said that fate had led him back to Oakdale, and it was his destiny to be Lily's husband. Luke looked uncomfortable with those words, and he wondered what to call Damian, but he agreed to be the best man.

Damian went to Lily's and excitedly told her that Luke was to be his groomsman. Lily was sad that her mother would not be at the wedding, so Damian promised that, after they were married, he would do his best to make Lucinda like and respect him. Lily was having second thoughts about such a rushed wedding, but Damian said that they did not need spectators, only the children. He asked Lily to trust him, and he handed her his credit card. Damian told Lily to go buy a new dress, have her hair done, or get a massage, and he promised to take care of all the wedding arrangements.

At the farm, Emma put some fall wildflowers in a vase and told Meg that she had also just put some on Holden's grave. She said that she was missing her boy particularly that day, so Meg tried to cheer her up by saying that things were turning for the better in her life. Besides the joy of baby Eliza, Meg felt that she and Damian had cleared the air and begun to get their relationship back on track. A startled Emma reminded her daughter that Damian had left her under nasty circumstances, but that only made Meg defensive. She asked Emma to watch the baby, and she set off to run some errands.

Noah went to Mason's office at the university for an appointment, but he found a different professor there. Her name was Professor Gruen, and she announced that she was Noah's new advisor. She handed over Noah's screenplay, which she had just read and covered with pink sticky notes. She told him that he had better get to work because she had "made a few notes." Noah was flattened because he had been expecting to go scouting for shoot locations with Mason that very day.

Noah went to Java and began reading the notes, and Luke found him there. Luke was surprised that he was not driving around with Mason on a visit to the quarry, where Noah wanted to shoot his film, but his boyfriend gloomily said that outside powers had intervened in his life, but he gave no details. Luke casually mentioned that his parents were getting married again that evening. Noah was shocked, and then he shared that Mason had quit being his advisor and passed him off to another professor, who hated his script.

Luke suggested that Noah continue working with Mason for the ongoing project, but cautioned Noah not to let Mason touch him, and he was only half-kidding. He also wanted Noah at his folks' wedding, and Noah promised he would go look for Mason, go to the quarry to get permission to film there, and then he would meet Luke at Lily's for the wedding.

Noah hunted down Mason and chewed him out for pawning him off on an advisor who didn't know anything bout him or his work. Noah begged Mason to "fix it," but Mason said he regretted the remark he had made about Noah's attractiveness, and it was "too weird" for them to be working together. Noah reminded Mason that he had to lock down his location site immediately, so Mason relented and agreed to go with Noah to the quarry.

Instead of going shopping, Lily went to the farm, and Emma remarked that her granddaughter looked pale. Lily said that she needed to talk to Emma because she was marrying Damian that evening at her house. Emma declined to give her blessing, so Lily tried to assure her that Damian cared very much about Holden's children, and even grumpy Faith had changed her mind about him. Lily invited Emma to the nuptials, but as expected, Emma refused. She said that she never expected Lily to spend her whole life alone, but it was way too soon for her to remarry. Emma still felt Holden's spirit around them, so it was not the right time.

A sad Lily then drove to the cemetery and spoke to Holden at his grave. She explained that she could not be alone, especially with the children to care for. She wept and said that she was moving on, but she would never stop loving him. The sky began to get darker, and a storm appeared imminent.

Damian went to Old Town and ran into Meg as she exited Fashions. She invited him for a cup of coffee, but he said that he had to make some hurried arrangements for his wedding to Lily that night. Meg was gobsmacked , but Damian reminded her that he had told her that he had proposed to Lily. Meg said there was no way those kids would have accepted Damian; they hated him and didn't want him around. Damian said that things had changed.

Meg recovered her composure and said some platitudes to Damian and then took off. She went home and burst into the farmhouse, raging at Emma, as lightning began flashing wildly. Emma accused her daughter of being upset about the wedding, not because of Holden's death. She knew that Meg wanted Damian, but she said that he had used her to get to Lily. She declared that Damian was not a good person and that Meg deserved better.

At Lily's, Damian and Luke were dressed for the wedding, and they stood outside and watched the storm move in. Lily returned with no shopping bags, and she was worried that even the weather disapproved of what they were doing. She questioned whether they should get married so quickly, but Damian perked her up by joking about some Maltese wedding traditions. Lily went inside and found a wedding cake waiting, along with champagne and flowers. The children were clean and dressed in new togs, thanks to another Grimaldi -- Lisa.

Lily went upstairs to find something suitable for her to wear and returned in a white dress. Damian declared that the judge was ready for them, and suddenly Lucinda walked in as the heavy rain hit. Lily hugged her mother, and the thunder cracked. Luke was concerned that Noah had not yet arrived, and he worried about the storm. Damian gave a saccharin spiel to Lucinda about proving himself "worthy of Lily's love," but she wasn't buying it.

Noah and Mason were on the road back from the quarry when the downpour began, and Mason's car died. He tried to call for roadside service, but he had no cell service. Noah asked his mentor if he had arranged the breakdown on purpose, and Mason yelled, "Get over yourself," and stated that he was not in love with Noah, only trying to help him lock down his shoot location. Noah apologized and said that he had just promised Luke that they would be together for all the important moments in their lives, and he had failed again.

Thunder boomed while Lily, Lucinda and the girls went to get the wedding flowers from the refrigerator. Out on the rain-soaked porch, a wild-looking Meg peered through the glass panels in the door, and Damian spotted her. He went outside, and Meg went ballistic. She raved like a crazy woman, and Damian spoke harshly to her and told her to "get over it." Meg said no and refused to leave, so Damian told her to go before she made a complete fool of herself. Damian went back inside, but Meg continued to spy on them as the judge began the ceremony. After a few moments, however, Meg ran off.

Damian spoke and said how he felt about Lily and her family, and he promised to make them happy. Lily also spoke, and she thanked Damian for helping her through the worst tragedy of her life. She said that she trusted him to love and care for them all.

Meg returned to the farm to find Emma packed and ready to leave for a fall foliage trip with her church ladies. Emma said goodbye to her daughter and told Meg that she loved her. The first thing Meg did after Emma left was to pick up a dinner plate and smash it to pieces on the floor.

The judge led Lily and Damian through the placing of the rings, and then he declared them man and wife. At that moment, the door flew open, and there stood Holden.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Noah was frustrated being stuck in Mason's car during the storm, and he determined to walk for help. He could not bear to think about disappointing Luke again by not showing up for a family event, but Mason discouraged his student from thinking about braving the elements. As the thunder boomed and the lightning cracked, Mason asked Noah if he was afraid that Mason would make a pass at him. He assured the boy that it would not happen, but Noah opened the car door anyway.

Holden entered his house at the conclusion of the wedding, and he immediately collapsed. Luke and Damian rushed to him and helped the exhausted man to the couch. Holden apologized for passing out, and then he kissed Lily. Lucinda beamed, but Damian wore a scowl. Holden greeted his children, and Luke asked what had happened to him, but Holden was not ready to get into the long story just yet. He refused to go to the hospital despite Lily's urgings, but he did ask what he had just walked in on.

Lily tried to distract Holden, but he wanted to know why everyone was dressed up. Lily asked why her husband had not called, so Holden explained that a man named Eb Stone had held him captive in Kentucky after his truck crashed. Lily said she was happy to see him, but Holden became aware that he was in the midst of a wedding party. He assumed that Damian was marrying Meg, but Lily began crying that they had thought Holden was dead and that Damian had held them all together. Holden asked where Meg was, and Lily had to tell him that his sister was not the bride.

Holden suddenly noticed a new wedding ring on Lily's finger and realized that his wife had just married Damian. He staggered and sat down, as Lily rationalized that no one believed that anyone had survived the truck accident. Lily wanted to take Holden to the hospital right away, but he said that they needed to talk first. Damien put a proprietary hand on Lily's shoulder, and Holden became insistent about talking to Lily. He also asked someone to call Emma and the rest of the Snyder family, and Luke volunteered. He hugged his father and told him how much he loved him.

The girls helped their dad to the bedroom, as Lucinda got in Damian's face and asked if it was not the perfect moment for him to leave. Lily reminded her mother that she was in Lily's house, and Damian was staying. She also asked Lucinda to take the younger children to her house for the night, and Lucinda hugged Lily before she left. Lily explained to Damian that she had to be with Holden, but Damian added "for the time being," and he kissed the ring on her finger.

At the farm, Meg swept up the shattered plate she had smashed, as Jack walked in. Meg was obviously in a foul mood, and Jack correctly guessed that "Grimaldi" was the cause of her bad temper. Meg said that she saw Damian marrying Lily minutes befor e, in spite of Damian's telling Meg that he loved her. Jack agreed that what Damian had done was despicable, but what was done, was done. Jack continued by saying that Damian was not the right man for Meg, but she could not let it go. She blurted out that she would not be surprised if Damian had orchestrated Holden's accident, so a confused Jack asked if Damian was the guy she loved or the one who had plotted to kill her brother.

Meg went so far as to suggest that perhaps Lily might have been involved, but Jack said that his cousin was being absurd. Unfortunately, said Jack, there was absolutely no evidence against Damian. Luke interrupted their conversation when h e burst into the kitchen and announced that Holden was alive and had returned home.

Meg was overjoyed, but her questions to Luke were all about Damian and his reactions. Jack could not believe Meg's response, and she wanted to rush to Lily's house, but Luke asked both of them to wait one day so that Holden could have some rest. Meg offered to give Luke all the family numbers, but Jack was concerned with finding out who had detained Holden, and why.

Back at Lily's, Holden was disgusted to find rose petals strewn on his bed. He grabbed Lily and looked at the new ring on her finger and said, "How could you?" Lily answered that she had been sure that Holden was dead, but he detailed a few of the horrors he had gone through and then commented on arriving home to see Lily wearing a new wedding ring and rose petals on his bed. Lily sobbed about how awful it had been to mourn and bury her husband, but nothing she said lessened Holden's pain. He asked her which of two situations had occurred: whether Damian had pushed Lily into marrying him that soon, or whether Lily had run to Damian the moment Holden went missing.

Lily took some of Holden's clothes back into their bedroom, but he asked her for the answer to his query. Lily said that she had been able to open up to Damian like no one else, and she talked about her pain. Holden hugged her and apologized. He also realized that Damian had seen Lily's vulnerability and had preyed upon her. Lily denied that, so Holden asked if his wife loved Damian. Lily said that she loved Damian in some ways, but not the way she loved Holden.

Holden did not like that answer, and he said that normally Lily did not rush into things. He asked if she had feelings for Damian before Holden had gone to Kentucky, but Lily said a definite no. Holden went to take a shower alone, and Lily went downstairs and found Jack outside her door. She let him in, and he explained that he had many questions. Lily said perhaps Holden would talk to Jack, because he certainly did not want to talk to her. Jack went upstairs, and Lily grabbed a wrap and went out.

Jack and Holden hugged, and Jack said that Lily had been a wreck when Holden disappeared. Holden told his cousin about being held captive by Eb Stone, and he was stunned to hear that Eb had died at Damian's hand in Holden's living room. Then Holden told Jack that Maeve, Eb's wife, had also been one of Eb's victims. Jack said that Emma was getting home as quickly as she could, and the two hugged again. Jack left so that Holden could get some sleep, but instead, Holden ripped the covers off the bed, scattering the rose petals everywhere.

Holden got in the shower, and Luke returned home. Noah finally arrived and hugged Luke. Noah apologized for missing the wedding, and then he asked where everyone was. Luke explained that Holden had returned right after the ceremony, and Noah was excited. Then Noah asked how Damian was taking it, and Luke said that Damian had lost Lily for good.

The boys went to Java, and Luke said that his mother and Damian would have to annul their marriage, but he questioned whether Lily and Holden could just pick up where they had left off. Mason walked in and apologized to Luke for getting Noah back so late. He also informed Noah that the quarry had confirmed the location shoot, so the film was good to go. After Mason left, Luke mentioned that he had not known that Noah had been with Mason during the storm. He asked his boyfriend why he had not mentioned it.

Noah said that Mason had given him a ride to the quarry, and then the car had broken down. Noah had not mentioned it because he had not wanted to upset Luke. Luke decided that he had another errand to run, so he walked out. Soon Mason returned and said that he hoped he had not made Noah's bad situation worse. Mason began hinting that Noah was the one Luke did not trust, not Mason, and that angered Noah. He finally told Mason that he and Luke were none of his business, and their conversations should be limited strictly to school business.

Damian began drinking in the Lakeview bar, and Meg arrived. She called it "amazing" that her brother had returned from the dead, but Damian was less than enthusiastic. Meg said that she was sorry that Damian's future was not shaping up as he had envisioned, but Damian was not receptive to her words. He finally asked her what she wanted from him, and he got up to leave. Meg stopped him and said he would bounce back if he would just let Lily go. Damian headed for his room.

Damian continued drowning his sorrows in his room, but he answered a knock on the door. His visitor was Lily, and Damian embraced her. Lily said she wanted Damian to know that Holden's return changed everything forever. She said her relationship with Holden was not temporary; she had made a commitment to him a long time before and she should not have moved on so quickly. Lily said that she knew in her soul that Holden was alive, but she had let fear and emotions crowd it out. She tried to leave, but Damian stopped her with a kiss. They moved to the couch, and Lily could not deny that she loved Damian.

Lily finally said that she was staying with her husband. She dashed out of the room, and Damian went back to the couch and fingered his wedding ring. Luke knocked on the door and told Damian that he was very sorry that things had not worked out for him.

Meg stayed in the bar at the Lakeview after Damian left, and she saw Lucinda walk up. Meg approached and asked if she had been at Lily's when Holden had returned. Lucinda said that Holden was weak and exhausted, and she mentioned that she thought Meg might have more important things to do that evening. Meg said that Damian could not stop talking about Lily, but Lucinda said that she was sure that her daughter and Holden would reconcile.

Meg went home after talking with Lucinda, and she was drinking tea when Jack returned from seeing Holden. Jack was unhappy about the shoddy work the police had done following Holden's accident, and he said that he would "damn sure" find out who was responsible.

Holden went back downstairs after his shower and found Faith there. She said she could not sleep at Lucinda's, so her grandmother's driver had driven her home. She wanted to find out what was going to happen, so Holden said that he and Lily would work things out. Faith went to her room, as Holden answered the phone. The caller was Renee, the nurse at the hospital in Kentucky, and she said she was calling to tell Holden that Maeve was in trouble.

Lily returned and found that Holden was not in their bed and the bed was torn apart. She slumped to the floor and looked at the scattered rose petals.

Friday, October 9, 2009

When Holden visited Maeve in jail, he informed her of how Eb had died, and asked her where the $100,000 was. Maeve refused to hand the cash over to the cops, citing that she needed it because Eb had left her with nothing. A detective entered, and explained to Holden that the police wouldn't release Maeve until they found the money that her husband had stolen.

During questioning, Maeve claimed that she was an abused wife with no knowledge of the robbery. Holden vouched for her, having seen Eb abuse her firsthand. Holden said she'd been Eb's prisoner, and had saved Holden's life. Holden claimed that the money had burned in the truck with Skaggs, and reasoned that the police were holding an innocent woman on baseless charges. The detective said he'd look into the story, and Maeve was free to go.

After the detective left, Holden implored Maeve to forget about the money, because it would haunt her for the rest of her life. She asked why he'd gone there to help her, when he'd been anxious to reunite with his family. Holden revealed that he'd walked in on his wife's wedding to the man that Maeve had seen at the bank. Maeve said she was sorry, and Holden decided that it was time to say goodbye. They wished each other happiness, and parted ways.

At the Lakeview, Lisa asked why Damian was in the lobby instead of in the honeymoon suite with his bride. Damian replied that Lily was with her husband. Damian filled Lisa in on Holden's return, and Lisa figured that Damian couldn't fight destiny. Damian replied that some things were worth fighting for. He kissed her forehead, and left.

At Lily's house, Lily cried, wondering where Holden had gone. She called the farm, but got no answer. Meg stormed in, looking for Holden. When Lily had no idea where he'd gone, Meg questioned where Lily had been. Lily admitted that she'd been with Damian, but refused to explain herself, citing that all she'd truly wanted to do was comfort Holden.

"But somehow you took a wrong turn, and ended up at Damian's?" Meg asked. Meg reasoned that it was probably hard for Lily to choose which husband to share her bed with that night; however, it seemed that Holden had chosen for her when he'd walked out on her. Lily slapped Meg hard across the face.

Undaunted, Meg said a slap didn't compare to what Lily had done to Holden. In Meg's eyes, the real victim was Holden, who'd fought his way home to discover that the life he'd built no longer existed. Lily claimed that she and the children were still there for Holden. Meg glanced at Lily's hand, and asked if the ring on her finger belonged to husband number one, or two. Lily opened the door to throw Meg out, and discovered Damian on the stoop.

Damian questioned Meg's presence, and she replied that she was there to see her brother. When Meg stated that Lily had slapped her, Damian seemed more concerned about Lily than Meg. Meg decided to leave them to enjoy their wedding night, until Lily's other husband returned.

Damian said it was unlike Lily to lose control and hit someone. Lily berated herself for giving up on Holden too soon. Damian insisted she'd done nothing wrong by falling in love with a man who'd always loved her. Lily said she couldn't deal with Damian's feelings at that time.

Just then, Holden entered, irritated to see the newlyweds in his living room. "Don't let me interrupt," he said, striding through the room. Lily wondered where he'd been, and Holden replied that he'd been seeing a friend, someone he could trust. Damian said Lily had been worried, and Holden quipped that it was a good thing that she had Damian.

Lily pursued Holden to the bedroom to find him packing. She begged him to let her hold him just for one night, but he refused. She asked him to consider the children, but Holden warned her not to use them against him. He said he was going to the Lakeview, and quipped that Damian's old room should be free, since Damian had Holden's spot at the house.

As Holden exited the house, Damian extended his hand, and welcomed Holden home. Holden slugged Damian, and stormed out. Lily rushed to the door, screaming Holden's name. Holden went to the Lakeview, where Lisa showed him to a room.

Damian implored Lily to stop blaming herself, and she asked him to leave. He tried to kiss her, but she pulled back. Damian said he understood, and left the house.

At the farm, Meg was startled when Maeve entered, claiming to be Holden's old friend. Without giving her name, Maeve asked Meg for a hotel recommendation. Meg suggested the Lakeview, but added that it was pricy. Maeve patted her bag, saying she could afford it.

In Henry's hotel room, Audrey alerted Henry that Barbara had filed an injunction to stop withdrawals from the inheritance. Flowers arrived for Henry, carrying a threatening rhyme from Ralph. As Henry left to discard the flowers, he encountered Barbara in the corridor.

A coquettish Barbara took the bouquet, suspecting that Henry would do anything to get her to lift the court injunction. Henry wondered if it were working, and she hinted that it would take a whole lot more than flowers to get Barbara Ryan to change her mind. "How much more?" Henry inquired. She placed a flower in his lapel, and told him to think about it.

After Barbara left, Audrey popped out of Henry's room, and ordered him to go after Barbara, who was desperately ripe for the picking. Henry refused to bed Barbara Ryan, and said he'd find another way. "Or die trying," Audrey warned.

Henry found Ralph at the diner to talk about Ralph's threat. Ralph claimed that he had no reason to threaten Henry, who was upholding his part of the deal. Ralph described "the circle of life" of their laundering scheme, and warned Henry not to break the circle. Henry said that his brother, Paul, had happily given up the inheritance, but Paul's mother was battling for half of it. Ralph said it had nothing to do with their agreement, which was 100% on every single dollar. "Why don't you go home to your girlfriend? She has a really pretty face," Ralph advised Henry.

Outside the diner, Henry answered a call from Audrey. He worried because Ralph had threatened Vienna. Audrey said that Henry had no other choice, but to get Ralph the money.

When Lisa spotted Barbara sashaying through the hotel lounge, she assumed that a man was involved. Barbara admitted that it was true, but she wasn't sure that his interest was genuine. It had been a long time since a man had desired Barbara, and it had revived something inside her.

Barbara's phone rang, and she answered it to discover Henry on the line. Lisa assumed it was Barbara's mystery man, and prodded Barbara to accept his invitation to see each other. Barbara told Henry that she'd see him in her suite shortly.

While talking to Vienna at the hospital, Katie found it hard to believe that Henry would give his money to charity. Vienna reasoned that men changed, citing that Brad had changed from a womanizer to a loving father. Vienna received a call from the diner that Janet was still on location. After the call, Vienna said that she had to cover Janet's shift. As Katie and Vienna parted ways, Vienna said that she'd miss her special date night with Henry.

At the Lakeview, Audrey grabbed Henry just as Barbara boarded the elevator. Audrey insisted that Henry seduce Barbara before Ralph put him, her, and Vienna six feet under. Henry went upstairs, and Audrey saw Katie trying to catch him as the elevator closed. Audrey said Henry was headed to a meeting about his inheritance. A confused Katie assumed it had been settled, since Henry was donating the money to charity. Audrey claimed that dealing with huge amounts of money could be tricky.

After Audrey thought Katie had left, Audrey called Henry, who was stalling outside Barbara's room. Katie listened in as Audrey demanded that Henry "man up," and seduce Barbara to get his hands on the money.

Henry knocked on Barbara's door, and she answered, looking oiled up for a naughty evening. She kissed Henry, but he pulled away. She guessed that his affections had really been all about the money. Henry stammered, but Barbara added, "I'm okay with that. Are you?"

Barbara and Henry made out on the couch, and his phone rang. It was Vienna on the line, but Henry ignored it to continue with Barbara. Katie rounded the corner, and heard noises coming out of Barbara's room. She listened at the door as Barbara cried out Henry's name. "Henry and Barbara?" Katie said, puzzled.

After sex, Barbara and Henry lay on the floor huffing. He wondered if she were ready to drop the injunction, but she said they still had a few "sticking points" to work out. Barbara added that it'd be foolish of her to accept his first offer. Henry braced himself as she pounced on him.

Over drinks at Metro, Audrey was surprised that Ralph wasn't upset about what Henry had said earlier about the money. She assured him that everything would work out fine. "Then everything is as it should be," he said, blowing smoke from his cigar.

At the diner, Vienna left Henry a syrupy message, apologizing for missing their special evening. As she hung up the phone, she didn't notice smoke billowing from the kitchen. Later, Katie entered the smoke-filled diner, calling Vienna's name. She crouched down, and found Vienna unconscious on the floor.


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