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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 28, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, September 28, 2009

Katie told Brad that the crib and dresser they wanted for their baby was on sale that week, but Brad was thinking of a different baby. He said that there was no way that Liberty could afford the basic equipment she would need to take care of an infant. Janet rang the doorbell and said that she had good news: they had found a couple who wanted to adopt Liberty's baby. Brad griped that he was always the last one to know what was going on with his daughter, but Janet assured him that no one was keeping him out of the loop.

Janet said she, herself, had just heard about it, and she was pleased that Liberty was handling the interview that afternoon without her mother's help. Janet left the lawyer's card with Brad, and she left. Brad looked at the card and decided that he needed to check out the adoptive parents, as well. Katie tried to talk Brad out of it, but her husband was acting rashly, so in the end, Katie said that she would go with him.

At the farm, Jack walked downstairs and found Parker waiting with Liberty in the kitchen. Jack was not pleased that his son was accompanying Liberty to meet with the lawyer and the adoptive parents to discuss legalities. Liberty really wanted Parker with her, but Jack thought it was inappropriate, since Parker was not the baby's father. Jack asked to speak with Parker privately, so Liberty left them alone in the kitchen. Parker explained that Liberty was terrified that she would give the child to the wrong parents, and she was relying on Parker's opinion.

Liberty returned, and Jack gave Parker permission to go with her. The teens left for the appointment, and Janet returned, complaining about how negative Brad was about the adoption. She was surprised that Parker had gone with Liberty, and it gave her second thoughts. She changed her mind and decided that her daughter needed an adult's opinion, and that opinion should be hers. Jack offered to drive them to the lawyer's office.

At the bar in the Lakeview, Paul and Emily met with an attorney about adopting a child. Emily was amazed that their application had passed scrutiny, since both of them had served time in jail. Paul reluctantly admitted that he had "altered the truth" a bit on the application, because, he said, "everybody lies." Emily thought that events were happening way too fast, so Paul asked if she was having second thoughts. Emily said that she was totally on board, just nervous. They headed to the meeting with the pregnant mother.

Liberty and Parker were the first to arrive for the meeting, so they waited in a conference room. Parker assured Liberty that she would make the correct decision. Jack and Janet walked in, much to Liberty's surprise, followed almost immediately by Brad and Katie. Everyone began talking at once, and that escalated into shouting. Paul and Emily walked up to the door and could hear the maelstrom from inside. They almost didn't go in, but Paul opened the door. Jack told them that they were about to have a meeting in that room, and Emily answered that so were they. Liberty asked if they were the couple who wanted to adopt her baby, and Jack blurted out, "No way!"

The judge arrived, but Jack continued to express his displeasure at the identity of the couple. He and Brad ran through a litany of offenses, both legal and moral, that Paul and Emily had committed. Paul then accused them of insulting him and his wife, while poor Liberty shook her head in disbelief. The judge was disgusted and declared the non-meeting over, but Paul said that he had heard from everyone but Liberty. Emily addressed the girl to see if there was anything that Liberty wanted to ask them, but Liberty called for Parker, and the two made a hasty exit.

Janet was angry and complained that Uncle Ralph, who had recommended the attorney, had made a mistake, but Paul stated that the meeting got "whacko" when all of Liberty's family showed up to attack him and Emily. Paul called them all "judgmental," and said it was too bad that the Snyders didn't have to fill out questionnaires before they had children. Paul and Emily walked out, and Brad turned to Janet and accused her of stalling until it was too late for their daughter to have an abortion. Katie yelled at Brad to stop shouting and to find Liberty and give her an apology.

Parker and Liberty went to the diner, and Liberty asked about Paul and Emily. Parker said that he and Paul were friends, dating back to the days when Carly had run off with Simon Frasier. He said that he didn't really know that much about Emily, but she had helped his sister, Jennifer, when Johnny was an infant. Liberty did not think that Paul and Emily sounded so horrible. She wished that she could have heard why they wanted her baby, but everyone was too noisy. Parker said that perhaps it was not too late.

The teens went to Fairwinds, so Liberty could ask Paul and Emily why they wanted to adopt her baby. The four of them sat down, and Parker began by asking why Paul had kidnapped Eliza, and the teen called it a "creepy thing to do." Paul explained that he and Emily had lost a baby several years before, and that had made him overprotective. When Paul thought that Meg was taking Eliza away from him, he did some wrong things. Paul called himself "a changed man," who wanted to be a good person for his daughter and any other child that he and Emily might have the good fortune to raise.

Emily said that her worst mistake was having a tubal ligation that could not be reversed. She admitted that she had not always been a good mother, but she earnestly promised to be the best mom she could be, if she had another chance.

Back at home, Katie told Brad that they should never have gone to the meeting. Brad was sorry that he had lost it, but he was not sad that the adoption had fallen through. Brad blamed Janet and her tunnel vision for all of Liberty's recent problems, and he said he was determined to take his daughter to the abortion clinic in Chicago as soon as possible. Katie was disgusted, and she walked out of the room.

Craig and Rosanna shared a hot kiss at Carly's house. Craig said that it was the only way he could shut Rosanna up. They immediately resumed their argument about Craig's "cavorting" with Audrey Coleman. Craig claimed to be loyal to Carly, so Rosanna threw out their recent kiss. Craig suggested that they just forget the kiss; it never happened. Rosanna called Craig a pig, and he shouted, "Back atcha, sister!" Rosanna tried to throw him out, and Craig was almost out the door when he remembered that she had driven him home from Metro and had his car keys in her purse. Craig referred to Rosanna as a "buzz kill" while she searched for the keys.

Rosanna finally located the keys and handed them over, as Craig answered his phone. The caller was Maggie, Johnny's babysitter, with the news that the boy had fallen on the school playground and suffered a gash on his head. Craig told Maggie to take the boy directly to Memorial Hospital, and said that he would meet them there. Craig was so upset that he didn't realize he had his keys in hand, and he kept shouting at Rosanna for them. Rosanna took charge of the situation and said she would drive them to the hospital.

Craig took Johnny from the sitter's arms and put him on a bed. The gash looked painful, and a nurse asked everyone to leave the room while a doctor examined the boy. In the hall, Craig lambasted Maggie with very harsh words until Rosanna was able to calm him. Craig remembered how his son, Bryant, had looked after his motorcycle accident. The boy had been talking at the hospital, but he died not long afterward. Rosanna assured Craig that would not happen to Johnny.

Craig went into the room and accused the doctor of not doing his job. Rosanna told him to lower his voice as the doctor explained that they were waiting for a plastic surgeon to arrive, and the specialist would put stitches in Johnny's forehead. Rosanna started to leave, but Craig asked her to stay, so she thought up a game of charades to keep Johnny amused. They played until the surgeon arrived, and he took the adults outside and explained that, because Johnny might have sustained a concussion, they would have to use a local anesthetic on the boy. If they waited to verify the concussion, they risked danger of infection and scarring.

Rosanna assured the doctor that she and Craig could keep Johnny quiet during the suturing, and the procedure went well. The doctor said the boy could go home, and Johnny asked Rosanna to go with them. Back at the Lakeview, Johnny wanted to continue the game of charades, but Craig said it was bedtime. Rosanna sang him the "Mockingbird" song, and Johnny fell asleep as she cuddled him. Craig took the boy to bed, and Rosanna took off her blouse, which had gotten wet while they were bathing Johnny. She had a shirt of Craig's to put on, but he walked in on her as she undressed. They looked at each other for an electric moment.

Craig apologized and turned his back. As Rosanna prepared to walk out the door, Craig said, "Stay." She teased him until he changed his tune to "Please, stay." They sat on the couch, and Rosanna confessed that she used to imagine the two of them as parents, but they never got the chance. Craig called Rosanna "terrific," and they hugged. They drew apart and had a deep look, and then they shared a long kiss.

Parker and Liberty finally returned to the farm, and Janet immediately apologized for "bombarding" her daughter. She promised to do better at the next hearing, but Liberty announced that there would not be another one. She said that she had decided to give her baby to Emily and Paul. Jack and Janet were horrified.

At Fairwinds, Paul opened a bottle of champagne and said that even though she was an expectant mother, Emily could still drink. They shared a laugh, but Emily was worried about Jack and Janet's reaction when they learned of Liberty's decision. Paul said that they were going to think about their future and their family together. They drank to "new beginnings."

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A worried Henry sat down at the Lakeview bar and saw Barbara Ryan staring at him. He tried to get away, but Barbara caught him and whipped out a legal document that split the Stenbeck fortune between Henry and Paul. Audrey rushed in and declared that Henry wasn't signing anything that his lawyer didn't approve. In fact, Audrey lied, she and Henry had an appointment with the man at that very moment, and she hustled her son out of Barbara's eyesight.

In a corner of the lobby, Audrey warned Henry to go to Paul immediately and to make sure that he was going to honor his word that he was not going to keep any of his father's money; otherwise, Ralph would dismember Henry. Henry made his mother promise not to kill, drug, or otherwise bodily harm Barbara Ryan while he was gone.

Audrey returned to the bar and told Barbara that the two of them should get better acquainted because they had "so much in common." Barbara gave Audrey a haughty look and declared that she was headed to dinner, alone. Audrey offered to buy Barbara a drink at the bar, because she felt that Barbara was "like a sister" to her. Barbara called her "delusional" and headed for the dining room. Audrey taunted her by throwing out that Barbara would want to know what James had said about her just before he died.

Barbara took the bait, and she stopped to listen. They sat at the bar, and Audrey continued that she didn't understand why Barbara was moving heaven and earth to get Paul half of the inheritance money when Paul had said that he didn't want it. Barbara said she knew what was best for her son, and again Audrey repeated how much alike the two women were. She even suggested that they might have been separated at birth,

Audrey changed directions then and revealed that "Jimmy" had always referred to Barbara as "the greatest love of his life." Audrey was feeling "second best," and she urged Barbara to drink her cocktail and be merry. Barbara took one sip and excused herself to go to the rest room, but she promised she would return. In Barbara's absence, Audrey spiked Barbara's drink with straight vodka and waited for her to return.

Barbara resumed her seat at the bar and began working on her cocktail in earnest. Audrey wanted to do some "girl talking," and she brought up the subject of James's "wonderful natural endowments," but as soon as Barbara realized where the conversation was going, she refused to participate. She countered by asking Audrey how she was planning on making sure that Henry held on to his father's inheritance, but Audrey said she was still working on that plan. Audrey proposed a toast to "Jimmy's money," and Barbara downed her drink.

The bartender filled the women's glasses a few more times, as Barbara began feeling very melancholy and talked about Hal Munson, the "one really good man" in her life. Audrey asked how Hal was "in the sack," and Barbara almost answered, but at the last minute, she told Audrey that was none of her business. Audrey then confided that she liked to "do it" every chance she got, and she asked Barbara how long it had been since she had a man. Barbara assumed a glassy stare and said she hadn't had much love in her life lately, but then Audrey asked about sex in her bed.

Barbara giggled, and Audrey said that she hated those "dry spells" herself. She suggested that Barbara find a lover who was "young, energetic, and motivated."

Janet apologized to Liberty at the farm and said that she should have kicked out Brad and Katie when they first showed up at the lawyer's office. Parker explained that they had gone to Fairwinds and talked with Paul and Emily for a long time, and Liberty had asked them many questions. When Janet objected, Liberty got angry and accused her mother of not letting her do what she felt was right. Liberty said that she had explored all the options Janet had requested, and she had chosen to give her baby to Paul and Emily.

Janet was worried that Paul and Emily lived so close, and she told Liberty how hard it would be for them to see the baby around town all the time. Janet thought it was wise to ask Uncle Ralph to find another couple for them to interview. Janet went outside to gather her thoughts and make the call, and Jack joined her. Janet thought it would be most effective if Uncle Ralph talked to Paul and Emily personally, and explained their position. She spoke with Ralph, who said that he already had another couple lined up, and they would be visiting the farm later that evening.

Janet and Jack went inside and announced the news, but Parker spoke up on behalf of Liberty. Jack said it was time for Parker to go home, but Liberty put her foot down and said that either Parker stayed, or Janet and Jack would have to leave, as well. Janet agreed to that, and Liberty walked Parker out.

At Fairwinds, Paul and Emily were still drinking champagne, and they got silly. Paul wanted to call their mothers and Emily's sons to tell them about the impending adoption, but Emily said it was way too soon. People did not know they were married yet, much less waiting for a baby. Emily was worried that Liberty's family would not allow the adoption, so she was afraid to get too excited. Paul guaranteed that the bottom would not fall out of Emily's dreams.

Emily was not in the mood for honeymooning any more, so she told Paul she was going to bed in flannel socks and pajamas. Paul felt that she was punishing him for giving a guarantee that they would get Liberty's baby. He tried to convince Emily that things would work out for them, and he assured his wife that it was all right to be happy. Paul kissed Emily, and they moved to the couch. They both fell off and had fits of laughing. Suddenly Henry walked in unannounced, and he asked to speak with Paul about his inheritance.

Paul learned from Henry that Barbara was pressuring Henry to split the inheritance 50/50. Henry suggested that if Paul was serious about not wanting any of James's money, then perhaps he could straighten out Barbara. Paul agreed to call his mother immediately, and as Henry was leaving, Emily stopped him. She suggested that she and Paul talk about the money again, so Henry, looking worried, said that he had already made certain obligations to a worthy charity. As Henry spoke, Ralph walked in and introduced himself as being from that "very worthy organization."

Henry made a fast exit, and Ralph said he was there to see them because the lawyer he had hired to help Liberty had turned out to be their attorney, as well. Ralph said that the lawyer had made a mistake and put Paul and Emily at the top of the list. Liberty's family, however, seemed to want "something different." Emily stated it clearly when she said that Janet and Jack did not like her and Paul, so they wanted them to back out of the deal. Paul said that their answer was "no."

Ralph explained that if they were to do him a favor, he would be more than willing to show his gratitude. Paul gave a smart-alecky reply, and Ralph got more heavy-handed. When Paul repeated his "no," Ralph turned and walked out. Emily said that she had known it was too good to be true, and she worried that Liberty was just a kid who could not stand up to her family's pressure throughout the whole pregnancy.

Craig and Rosanna made love in his bed at the Lakeview, and afterwards, Craig wanted to talk. Rosanna, however, said that their romp proved that Craig was incapable of loving Carly. Craig reminded Rosanna that she was there, too, and he questioned her loyalty to her sister. Rosanna was about to get up and leave when suddenly Johnny appeared by the side of the bed. He crawled between them and snuggled up to his dad. Rosanna put on Craig's shirt, as Craig pretended to be asleep, but he really watched through slitlike eyes.

Rosanna went into the living room and spotted her blouse, drying. She took off Craig's shirt and was putting on her blouse when Craig appeared.

Craig asked why Rosanna was not wearing his shirt home, and she answered that his shirt might look a bit strange to Carly's kids. Rosanna was also worried that Johnny might remember that Rosanna had been in Craig's bed and speak about it to the other children. She pleaded with Craig to stay away from her for a long time, and she left. Back home at Carly's, Rosanna thought about her sister, and she felt ashamed.

Rosanna opened Carly's door to Craig a few minutes later, and she blasted him for following her home. Craig was carrying a box, and he said he had no choice. Rosanna let him in, and Craig showed her a mock-up of the new vitamin water bottle. He needed an immediate valuation, but Rosanna tried to stall. Craig got irritated that Rosanna would not respond right away, and he grabbed her arm and yelled at her to "grow up." Just then, Parker opened the door and walked in.

Craig explained that his argument with Rosanna was all about business, and he backed off. He handed the bottle to Parker and pointed out the boy's picture on it, and he walked out. Parker noticed that something was off between Craig and his aunt, but he was unsettled himself. Rosanna asked what was wrong, and Parker explained about Liberty's challenges. Parker asked what Rosanna thought about Paul and Emily's marriage, but she said that she had very mixed feelings about Paul.

Jack felt bad that he had given Parker the bum's rush, so he left to check on his son. Janet waited outside the farmhouse as Liberty interviewed the new prospective parents. Liberty learned that they were from a small town and owned a nutcracker store. They promised a "clean life" for her baby, and said that no child of theirs would watch TV. Liberty thanked them for their time, as Janet burst in to greet them. As soon as the couple left, Liberty shrieked, "No way in hell!" The girl claimed that no baby of hers was going to live in "Beaver Freak, Nebraska, with lots of ornaments and no TV!" She dashed outside and told Janet to leave her alone.

Jack rang the doorbell at Carly's and said he wanted to talk to his son. Rosanna picked up her purse and said she had an important business meeting to attend, and she left. Jack told Parker that he was sorry for the way he had handled things at the farm, and Parker asked to go back there because Parker was concerned about Liberty.

Liberty went back to Fairwinds and said that she didn't know where else to go. She couldn't take another of Uncle Ralph's lectures, so Emily had her sit down and get her breathing under control. Emily invited Liberty to spend the night with them, and the girl accepted.

Craig finally got Johnny to sleep and was having a drink. He flashed back to kissing Rosanna when he heard a knock on the door. He opened the door to Rosanna, who asked if Johnny was asleep. Rosanna said the vitamin water bottle was fine, and then she wanted to talk about what had happened between them earlier. She suggested that they erase it from their minds completely and treat it as if it had never happened. Craig agreed, and Rosaana walked out, but both looked disappointed.

Henry peeked in the bar at the Lakeview and saw Audrey talking to a woozy Barbara. Barbara said she had to go up to her room, and she put her arms around her new friend and told her that she loved her, but she would fight for the 50/50 split. Barbara wobbled to the elevator, and Henry joined his mother and asked if Barbara was drunk. He told Audrey that he had run into Ralph at Fairwinds, and that worried her. Audrey said that Barbara was "sexually starved" and "ripe for plucking." Henry asked if they needed to find someone to "pluck" her, but Audrey said she already had -- Henry.

Henry went ballistic and asked his mother if she had also become his pimp. Audrey said she was his mama and she wanted to see him live until his next birthday. Henry asked if she had forgotten his true love, Vienna, but Audrey said that Henry was the one who made the deal with Ralph, so either Henry slept with Barbara, or he slept with the fishes.

Ralph showed up at the farm and told Janet that his visit with Paul and Emily had not gone well. He asked about the new couple, but before Janet could answer, Jack and Parker arrived. Janet continued her description of the couple from Nebraska, but said that Liberty didn't really give them a chance. Ralph suggested that he track Liberty down and give the couple another shot. Parker spoke up and told Ralph that Ralph certainly didn't know Liberty well. He and Ralph disagreed, but Janet decided it was time to take a firm hand. Jack said he favored backing off, but Janet and Ralph overruled.

Back in the Lakeview, a sad Barbara looked at herself closely in the mirror. Obviously some of Audrey's words had planted seeds of unrest.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Janet realized that Liberty had not slept in her own bed, and there were no messages from her. Janet was very worried and wanted Jack to put out an all points bulletin on her daughter immediately. Jack laughed and suggested that Janet just call the girl on her cell phone, but Janet was fearful that if Liberty didn't answer, it might mean that she had gone to Chicago for the abortion. Jack finally convinced his wife to call Liberty.

At Fairwinds, Liberty said good morning to Emily and Paul. She said that she had slept very well and was actually hungry for the first time in a long while. Liberty mentioned how stressful it was for her at the farm, so Emily suggested that the girl move in with them for the duration of her pregnancy. Liberty's phone rang, and she spoke to her worried mother. Liberty evaded Janet's questions by saying that she had spent the night with a friend, but she would be home soon.

Emily again invited Liberty to live with them, but Liberty said there was no way that Janet would go for it. Emily said that she would go home with the girl and speak to Janet, so the two of them drove to the farm. When Janet saw that her daughter was safe, she overreacted and shouted that she had been frightened to death not knowing where Liberty was. Emily walked in, much to Janet's surprise, so Liberty owned up that she had spent the night at Fairwinds. Janet demanded to know what was going on, but she did not want to hear anything from Emily.

Emily explained that Liberty had chosen her and Paul to be the baby's adoptive parents, so Liberty was her business, too. In fact, Emily said, Liberty would be living with them until the baby was born. "Over my dead body!" yelled Janet, and she lit into Emily and raised Liberty's stress level even higher. Liberty accused her mom of telling her that what she wanted was wrong, and Janet became even more wound up. Jack grabbed Janet's hand and dragged her out to the porch. He told his wife to let Liberty go with Emily and to let him try to help her.

Jack left, and Janet went back inside. As soon as Liberty went upstairs to pack, Janet turned to Emily and asked "where the hell" she got off turning Janet's daughter against her. Emily said that Janet didn't need anyone to do that, because Janet had done a pretty good job of it herself. Emily tried to convince Janet that Liberty's living with them was a win/win situation, but Janet grumbled that having Paul and Emily raise her grandchild was no win/win. Liberty returned with her bag, but she refused any more conversation with her mother. She carried her bag outside, and Emily followed.

At Fairwinds, Paul was playing on the floor with Eliza when Jack walked in. He bluntly asked Paul to back off on the "baby situation." Paul said that he thought they were adopting a baby, not a "situation." Jack pointed to Eliza and remarked that Paul already had a gorgeous daughter of his own, so he didn't need another baby. Paul said that he was unaware that there was a limit on babies, and he wanted to know what Jack's real problem was. Jack mentioned how upset Janet was, and Paul caught on that Jack was worried that Janet would go off the deep end. Paul said Liberty wanted him and Emily to be her baby's parents, and Jack needed to let it be.

After Jack left Fairwinds, Emily and Liberty returned. Liberty watched the couple play with Eliza, and the discussion turned to Liberty's prenatal care. Emily began pushing milk, healthy foods, and meal plans, and she warned Liberty against diet sodas. Liberty became overwhelmed with all the information, but Paul and Emily stopped by the hospital on the way to return Eliza, and they took home all sorts of pamphlets and prenatal brochures. Emily also promised to order some books on her computer for Liberty, and then the conversation turned to labor pains. Liberty folded and said she needed to lie down.

Jack told Janet that he had seen Paul playing with Eliza and that he was very good with the baby. Janet was unimpressed, and again Jack reminded her that it was Liberty's decision to make. Janet pondered for several minutes, and then she asked what Jack thought Liberty might do if they made her a better offer. Janet's idea was to keep the baby and raise it themselves. Jack looked stunned, but Janet argued that her solution would be best for everyone concerned. She pleaded with Jack to give Liberty a chance for a real future, and Jack agonized over his decision. Finally, he gave in, and Janet was very grateful.

At the Oakdale Police Station, Tom joined Margo as they made plans to attend Adam's hearing that morning. Adam had wanted some time to himself and had agreed to meet them at the courthouse. Both Tom and Margo were grateful to Maddie Coleman for returning to town to testify on their son's behalf. Tom, however, was also worried about Casey and his deep-seated resentment towards his brother.

At Java, Alison was paying for her drink when Adam burst in and declared that her money was no good. He insisted on paying her bill out of gratitude for Alison's convincing Maddie to set the record straight about Adam and the incident with Gwen. Adam was distrustful of the hope he was feeling for the first time in a couple of years. Alison was more hopeful than Adam about Casey, however. Adam had to leave for the hearing, so Alison wished him luck and said she would wait at Java to hear the results.

Casey awoke at home to find Maddie sitting on his bed. She said that she had been considering his request not to testify for Adam, and she referred to it as "emotional blackmail." Maddie explained that her testimony had nothing to do with how she felt about Casey. Casey was grumpy and claimed that everything in his life had gone wrong when Adam turned on him and the family. He was still angry that his brother had used Casey's gambling addiction against him

Maddie said that she thought Adam had changed, but Casey next accused his brother of turning Alison against him, and he was not about to stand by and watch Adam hurt Maddie with fallout from her testimony. Maddie said that she had overreacted when Adam had attacked Gwen; she knew that he had not been trying to rape her. Maddie gave Casey a hug, but she appeared conflicted.

Maddie dropped by Java and talked with Alison. She told her old friend that she had decided that she could not testify, after all, and Alison argued with her. Maddie told her to let it go, and Alison figured out that Maddie had backed out because Casey didn't want her to testify. Alison reminded Maddie how good Casey was at getting people to do what he wanted. Maddie said that Alison might have slept with Casey, but she didn't really know him at all.

Adam met his folks at the courthouse, and Tom said that, with Maddie's testimony, probably Adam would be spending the night in his own house. Margo worried that Maddie was not there yet, as the clerk called Adam's case. The three of them entered the courtroom, and Tom requested a brief recess to await a witness. The judge granted them an hour, so Adam said he thought he knew what had happened. He said he had to leave, but he promised to be back on time.

Adam went home and accused Casey of talking Maddie out of appearing in court. Casey bitterly replied that "forcing women" was Adam's forte, not Casey's. Casey was not at all moved by the fact that his brother was facing some serious jail time without Maddie's help. Adam asked what Casey wanted in exchange for Maddie's testimony, and his brother answered that he wanted Adam to be out of his life, once and for all. Adam once again agreed to leave Oakdale and never return. Casey unloaded on Adam and restated his offer, and Adam again agreed to the terms.

Casey went to Old Town and found Maddie leaving Java. He told her that he had changed his mind and wanted her to testify for Adam. Maddie was pleased, because she had been carrying a load of guilt. The two of them hugged, and Maddie left for the courthouse after warning Casey that Alison was in Java and "on the warpath." Casey went inside and told Alison that he had "fixed it."

Back at the courthouse, Adam reassured his folks that everything would be all right. The clerk called the case again just as Maddie walked in the door. Maddie took the witness stand, and Tom led her through her story, including the part about burying Adam alive. Maddie apologized to Adam profusely for that, as Tom asked her about Adam's state of mind after the accident. When Maddie finished, Tom dismissed the girl and proffered an affidavit from Gwen Munson stating that she had no objection to the court's not pursuing Adam's case.

In conclusion, Tom respectfully requested that the court drop the charges, and the judge concurred and dismissed the case. Margo was ecstatic, but Adam wrestled with mixed emotions about being free and knowing that he had made a deal with the devil in order to achieve it. Maddie went back to Java and told Alison and Casey the good news. Tom also called Casey and said that Margo wanted to celebrate at the Lakeview, and she wished to invite Casey, Alison, and Maddie, as well. Maddie declined, but Alison talked her into it. Casey said he would meet them at the hotel, and he left to go home.

At the Hughes house, Adam was writing a note to his folks. He told Casey that he hoped someday that Casey would want Adam in his life again, and Casey turned down a hug. Adam put the note on the table and walked out.

At the Lakeview, Margo and Tom waited with the girls for Adam and Casey. Margo finally decided to postpone the celebration, and she told Tom that they should go home. The girls went back to Java and questioned Casey about his absence at the celebration. Casey said he hadn't seen the point of the hoopla, and he dropped the bomb that Adam had left town for good. Alison was shocked, and mentioned the effect Adam's leaving would have on Margo. Casey said that it was necessary, and if Alison loved him, she would be on his side.

Alison said she did love Casey, but she would not allow him to use her love as a weapon against her. She walked out of the coffee shop, but Casey followed. Alison said that Casey had accused Adam of pulling strings, but Casey had manipulated people even more. She pointed out how deeply he had hurt his parents, and Alison said she could not be with Casey anymore. As far as she was concerned, they were done.

Maddie watched from the doorway of Java, and after Alison walked away, she approached Casey and put her hand on his shoulder.

At home, Margo read Adam's note, and she tearfully said that something drove her son away. She broke down, and Tom took her in his arms.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Henry hustled Barbara to the elevator and said that they had to talk. Barbara demanded to know what Henry was up to, so Henry said that he had what she wanted. Barbara said what she wanted was an explanation for his goofy behavior, but then the elevator arrived. Henry talked fast and pulled Barbara inside with him, and just as the door was closing, Maddie walked up and saw her brother and Barbara arguing.

Back at the table, Vienna worried about Henry's stomach, and she wanted to check on him. Audrey tried to stall her, but Ralph, who was unaware of the Barbara maneuver, gave Vienna permission to go as soon as she handed over the check for the charity. Vienna stood up but was hesitant to part with the check, so Audrey got more forceful in her request. Just then Maddie walked up and asked Vienna why she had just seen her brother forcing Barbara Ryan into an elevator. Ralph asked who the "delightful creature" was, and Audrey introduced her daughter.

Maddie gave Audrey's unctuous greeting a cold reception, and Vienna said she needed to go find Henry. Audrey again reminded her about the check, so Vienna opened her purse, but Maddie stopped her. Maddie asked her mother what kind of scam she was trying to pull, but Audrey immediately jumped up and wondered aloud why Maddie was always so suspicious. Maddie asked about the check Vienna was holding, and her mother explained that the always-generous Henry was donating all his Stenbeck inheritance to charity. Maddie warned Vienna that her mother was a first class con artist, so Vienna stuck the check in her bra and departed to find Henry. Maddie bid her mother adieu and said she was glad to see that "Mom" had not changed.

In Barbara's room, Henry locked the door, and that set Barbara off. Henry said they needed to sit down, and when he did so, he sat on the "Bullfrog" adult toy that he had originally bought for him and Vienna. He held up the croaker for an explanation, and Barbara said that she had bought it for a bachelorette party for a friend. She snatched the frog away and demanded to know what was going on. Henry said that Barbara could stop denying the chemistry between the two of them.

Barbara asked how many martinis Henry had already had that morning, but he claimed he was "stone cold sober." He said he just couldn't help himself when he looked at Barbara, and he moved closer. He said he wanted only her, and he made his move, but Barbara eluded him. They ran around the room with Henry shouting how Barbara "charged the air with electricity." Barbara finally stopped and told him that he was making a fool of himself and he had to go.

Henry grabbed Barbara and bent her over backwards and planted a big kiss on her lips. Vienna knocked on the door and called out to Henry at that moment, so Henry let Barbara back up. He told her to fix her hair, and he answered the door. He told Vienna that he and Barbara had reached an agreement about James's inheritance. Barbara asked them both to leave, so Henry escorted Vienna out, telling her that he would be giving the entire inheritance to charity. When he picked up his suit coat, he also pilfered the Bullfrog. Vienna was ecstatic and gave Henry a big hug. She felt the Bullfrog in his coat, so he pulled it out and the two of them hurried back to their room.

Audrey tried to stall Ralph longer by chatting incessantly , but he finally told her to look at him and be quiet. He warned her to keep up her end of the bargain, and he reminded her how displeased he got when thing didn't go his way. A somber Ralph left the table.

Henry and Vienna were under the covers amidst loud frog croaks when Henry's phone rang. He swore, but he answered it. The caller was Barbara, who said they needed to get something straight. She told him to forget about seducing her as a means to an end, because Paul deserved half of James's fortune. She warned Henry that any more stunts would have no effect on her.

Henry and Vienna fell back asleep until knocking woke them. Henry got up and stepped out into the hall when he saw his mother. Audrey demanded the check, but Henry said that Vienna would be upset. When Henry learned that Maddie was in town and had been bad-mouthing Audrey in front of Ralph, he took that as a sign that they were in way over their heads. Audrey was worried that they would both end up on the bottom of the river.

Maddie was in Java, and she called Casey and left him a message. Hunter was standing at the counter staring at her, and when Maddie challenged him, he said he had been looking at her phone. He identified it as a "Raspberry 350," and he said he had been considering getting one. Maddie said she loved hers, and she touted all its wild applications. Margo entered Java and interrupted them, and she asked to speak with Maddie. Hunter excused himself and took another long look at Maddie and declared that she had "some nice software."

Margo sat down and asked the girl if she had any idea why Adam had left town. Maddie said that she didn't have a clue. Margo then asked why Maddie had been so late to the court hearing, and Maddie lied that she had been "nervous." Margo asked if she had experienced second thoughts, but Maddie's response was vague. The detective in Margo said that she knew Maddie was not being forthright, but Maddie said she was not the one who could answer those questions. Margo correctly surmised that that person was Casey, so a dejected Margo got up and left.

At Memorial Hospital, Casey approached Alison and asked for a minute. Alison tried to put him off, but Casey wanted to "talk out" their problems. He said that Adam had been getting between them, but since his brother was gone, that was no longer an issue. Alison said that Adam was not the reason she had broken up with Casey; Casey, himself, was. Alison was angry that Casey had forced his own brother to leave town by making "a deal." She accused him of using Maddie and her testimony to get Adam to do what Casey wanted. She was also hurt that Casey had lied to her and obviously did not fully trust her.

Alison was sad that she and Casey were never going to see what had happened the same way. She tried to leave, but Casey grabbed her arm, and Alison struggled. Hunter happened to walk by, and he made Casey back off. Alison was afraid for her job if the two of them made a scene, but just then Casey took a hike in his usual manner. Alison told Hunter that she and Casey had broken up, and she began to cry. She talked a bit more with Hunter, who told his little sister that it was Casey who blew the relationship. Alison gave Hunter a hug.

Casey went home, and Margo arrived soon afterward. She said that she knew something was wrong, and she agonized that her first born had gone away again because of her baby. She asked Casey if he was the reason that Adam had left, and Casey admitted that he was. Margo angrily said that Casey had no right to take her child away from her, but Casey defended his actions. Margo really believed that Gwen and Maddie had traumatized Adam in the woods, and he was not in control of his feelings or actions. Casey said that Adam was eager enough, however, to make the deal for Maddie's testimony.

Margo said that Casey was so mired in his anger and jealousy that it was ugly. Casey whined that Alison had broken up with him because he had made Adam leave, and his mother yelled that Casey should grow up and stop using Adam as his excuse for not getting on with his life. Tom walked in on the shouting match, and Margo told him that Casey did not care how much he had hurt the family. Casey dashed out the door, so Tom sat with Margo and reminded her that Adam was not "owed forgiveness" by anyone. He said that Casey had to be really hurting to go to such extreme measures to get Adam out of his life. Tom said that Margo had another son who needed her.

Casey talked with Maddie at Java and said that he had told Margo the truth. He felt that the only thing that he had done wrong was to give Adam a free pass. Casey felt that Maddie was the only one in his corner, and she promised to be there always. Maddie left, but Casey followed her out and thanked her for listening to him. Maddie reached out and kissed him on the lips, as Hunter watched from behind a pillar. Casey took Maddie's hand and led her away.

At the hospital, Tom spoke with Alison and asked if she had any idea where Adam might have gone. She shut him off and asked Tom to leave her alone.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Eb hustled Holden and Maeve into Skagg's root cellar. Maeve asked what had happened to Grady, but Eb only said that Grady had stuck his nose in the wrong place. Holden urged Eb to turn himself in, and offered to help him, for Maeve's sake. Eb said that Maeve had stopped being his concern when she'd aligned with Holden.

After Eb locked Holden and Maeve in the cellar, Holden banged on the door, crying for help. Maeve insisted that no one would be anywhere near the place, which had been unoccupied ever since Skaggs had been in prison. Maeve sobbed that they would never get out there. Holden hugged her, promising that they wouldn't die.

The two found a lantern and some raw potatoes. They pretended to be dining on their favorite meals at Holden's house. Holden told her how Jack had fashioned their dining room table out of an old tree that had fallen in a storm. Its unfinished nature reminded him of all Lily and he had been through. Holden said he wouldn't trade his time with Lily for anything.

Holden realized that he was talking as if they might die, and he promised Maeve that they'd escape. She looked for more food, but found a dusty bag instead. Inside, they found stacks of cash. Holden figured it was Skaggs's bank heist money, hidden right under Eb's nose. Holden thought that they could trade it to Eb for their freedom, but Maeve scoffed that Eb wasn't returning. She sobbed, and Holden held her.

Jack summoned Damian and Lily to the police station to discuss Holden's disappearance. "That's why you're calling it now?" Damian asked. Jack said that handwriting experts had determined that Holden could have written the notes to the bank. Jack tossed the notes onto the table, saying that Damian had never sent them to be tested. Damian explained that he'd sent copies of the notes for testing, and kept the originals. Jack reasoned that Damian hadn't tested the notes at all, because he didn't want Lily to think that Holden could be alive.

As a shocked Lily demanded more information about Holden, Damian grabbed Jack's confidential report, and read that the handwriting results were actually inconclusive. Damian reasoned that the notes could have been forged, and yelled that Jack was trying to railroad him.

Lily dismissed the notes, and asked Jack what his gut told him about Holden. Jack didn't know what to think. Damian called Jack's assertions wishful thinking, and forced him to admit to having no conclusive evidence of Holden's survival. Lily accused Jack of dredging it up, because their families resented her relationship with Damian.

Jack said that the situation was difficult for everyone. Lily stated that she was alone, because her relatives only supported her if she did as they said. Jack explained that the family was protective, as Holden would want it to be. Lily replied that the family was biased in its grieving, but Damian was objective enough to be her friend. Jack believed that Damian wanted more than that. Damian warned that Lily and his relationship was no one else's business.

Jack wanted to know why Damian had lied about the writing samples. Damian said he hadn't wanted to torment Lily with more uncertainty, and insisted that Holden couldn't have survived the accident. Damian and Lily agreed that the false hope had to stop. Lily asked Jack to drop it. "I can't," Jack replied.

At Worldwide, Lucinda told Meg that the documents she'd taken from Damian's room had been handy, because Damian had been summoned to the police station. Lucinda hoped that, at the very least, he'd be charged with obstruction of justice. She cautioned Meg that Damian would hate her upon learning that she'd stolen the documents. Meg claimed that she wouldn't take Damian back, even if he crawled on his knees. "Me thinks the lady doth protest too much," Lucinda replied.

Meg retorted that she was only one of Lucinda's tool to manipulate Lily's happiness, but Lily wouldn't make so many mistakes if she could be allowed to live her own life. Lucinda assumed that they could agree that neither of them wanted Damian in Lily's bed. Lucinda kissed Meg's cheek, saying that she'd kept Meg's name out it, but Meg was on her own.

Later, Lucinda awaited Lily at her house, and was disappointed when Lily arrived home with Damian in tow. When Lucinda wondered why Damian wasn't behind bars for obstruction of justice, Damian and Lily accused Lucinda of breaking into Damian's room to steal the notes. Lucinda denied it, but Damian bet that she knew who the culprit was.

Lily hated that Damian, the only person without an agenda, was under attack. Lucinda figured that he just hadn't gotten around to revealing his agenda, She joked that he'd be proposing to Lily soon enough. Lily and Damian exchanged looks, and Lucinda scoffed, realizing that she was right. Lily said that Damian had taken a bullet for Luke, and she refused to hear another harsh word about him. Lily asked Lucinda to leave, and at the door, Lucinda insisted that Damian was manipulating Lily, even if Lily couldn't see it.

Lily said she was sorry for her family's behavior, but Damian replied that he understood their protectiveness. She ranted that she wasn't some teenager in love. "In love?" Damian echoed. Lily apologetically replied that it was just an expression. Damian led Lily to her room to rest. When she reached for her sleeping pills, he worried about another sleepwalking episode. Lily asked him to stay with her while she slept. Damian stroked her face, and promised not to let anything bad happen to her.

As a fully clothed Lily slept, she reached for Holden in a dream, and asked him to hold her tighter, because she couldn't feel him. She opened her eyes, and she saw Damian beside her. Once Lily returned to sleep, Damian heard a noise, and went to investigate it. He discovered Eb in the house, holding Faith hostage.

When Jack went to the farmhouse, Meg anxiously questioned him about Damian's fate. Jack said that because Meg had stolen the documents, he couldn't prove a chain of custody, or have them admitted in court. Meg insisted that Jack arrest Damian for lying to the police. "And charge him with what? Being a bad boyfriend to my cousin?" Jack quipped. He said that he couldn't prove anything, and he was dropping it out of respect for Lily.

Meg fumed that everyone wanted to protect Lily, who'd moved on with Damian, thereby proving that she was fully capable of looking out for herself. Jack thought that it only proved how lost Lily was. "You're obsessed. You need to let it go," Jack said. Meg felt that someone needed to pay for Holden's death. She accused Damian of tricking everyone in a plot to reunite with Lily. Jack told Meg to get a grip, because she was really starting to worry him.

Meg pursued Jack to the porch, still pressing him to investigate Damian. Jack claimed he had no probable cause to investigate further. Meg stated that he could give up, but she wouldn't relent until Damian paid.

In Mason's office, Mason and Noah reviewed actors' headshots. When Noah commented that one of the actors was cute, Mason replied, "Not as cute as you." An uncomfortable Noah sprang from his seat, and strode to the other side of the room. Mason explained that the actor who would play Noah in the film should reflect Noah's charisma. When Noah still seemed uncomfortable, Mason openly admitted his attraction to Noah. Noah fumbled over his words, and hastily exited, rambling that he was late to meet Luke.

Noah found Luke at Java, and suggested that they spend time together that evening. Luke sensed that something was awry, because Noah didn't blow school off for anything. Noah revealed that Mason had come onto him. A smoldering Luke decided that he was going to "get in his face," because Mason had no right to hit on his students. Noah attempted to deter Luke, reasoning that Noah wouldn't have to see Mason again once the film project ended six days from then. Luke insisted that Noah not let Mason get away with sexual harassment.

When Noah and Luke stormed into Mason's office, Mason already knew what they were there to say. He apologized to Noah and Luke, and stated that he wasn't a home wrecker. Mason confided that he'd had a hard time since his breakup with George. Mason hoped that they could accept that it was a weak moment for him, and move on. Luke and Noah shook hands with Mason, and left. In the corridor, Noah asked if Luke were satisfied. Luke said that he was, but threatened to kick Mason's butt, if it happened again.

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