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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 28, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, September 28, 2009

At Fusion, the dance marathon was in its final hour. Tad recapped the highlights of the marathon for the viewing audience. As the camera panned around the room, it was clear that the few remaining couples on the dance floor were exhausted. Among those dancing were Annie and Scott.

Annie openly flirted with Scott, claiming that she was giving the audience what they wanted. Scott was uncomfortable; he warned Annie that Adam might not appreciate her behavior. Annie was confident that Adam wasn't watching, but she was wrong. Adam sat in ConFusion intently staring at the television monitor.

When Scott threatened to clue Adam in on what Annie had been doing, Annie warned him that she would tell Adam that Scott had enjoyed it. Scott decided to put some distance between him and Annie. Luckily for Scott, they had raised enough money to take a short break. As Scott left the dance floor, Annie followed him. Shortly after Scott and Annie had entered ConFusion, she was startled to see Adam approaching them.

Adam cryptically commented that he hoped that Scott had given Annie everything that she had wanted. Annie wondered what Adam was doing at ConFusion. Adam responded that he had hoped to dance the last dance with Annie. When Adam asked Scott for a moment of privacy, Scott eagerly stepped away. Annie nervously asked Adam if he had gotten any rest.

Adam confessed that he'd been too busy watching Annie and Scott dancing. Annie realized that Adam had seen her flirting with Scott, so she immediately went into damage control mode. Annie smiled brightly as she explained that he had been trying to raise donations by spicing things up a bit. Adam smiled as he revealed that he'd been studying Annie recently, particularly her eyes.

Adam confided that he had noticed that Annie was always quick to change the subject whenever Stuart's name was mentioned; he admitted that he found Annie's reaction curious. Annie claimed that she did it intentionally because she was tried of always having to defend herself. The conversation became more uncomfortable for Annie when Adam confronted her about Ryan's accusation.

Annie accused Ryan of lying; she insisted that she had never told Ryan that Emma had killed Stuart. Annie claimed that Ryan had twisted her words around in an effort to discredit her. Annie then switched tactics by playing the victim. Annie cried that Adam had no idea what it was like for her to be the town pariah. Adam disagreed; he reminded her that there had been a number of people who had wanted him dead on the night that Stuart had died.

Luckily for Annie, her ploy had worked; Adam's faith in Annie's innocence had been restored. A short time later, Annie's confidence was shaken when two police officers entered Fusion and then made a beeline towards her. She breathed a sigh of relief when the officers announced that her temporary reprieve was over; they had to escort her back to the mansion.

As Annie and Adam left the building, Annie apologized for suspecting that Adam had called the police. Adam smiled in understanding. Neither was aware that Scott lurked nearby, watching them.

Ryan approached Scott at the bar. Ryan had hoped to enlist Scott's help to prove that Annie had killed Stuart, but Scott reminded Ryan that Kendall had confessed to the crime. Ryan couldn't believe that Scott truly believed that Kendall had pulled the trigger. Scott shrugged, but it was clear that he wasn't convinced of Kendall's guilt. However, Scott refused to get sucked into Ryan's drama. Scott insisted that if he did anything, it would be for Stuart alone.

Elsewhere in ConFusion, Amanda tried to pull herself together after Jake had walked out on her. She was teary-eyed as David approached her. Amanda was curious if David had overheard her argument with Jake. David acknowledged that he had. He tried to talk to her about it, but Amanda was too upset. When Krystal passed by, Amanda asked her to watch Trevor while she and David returned to the dance floor.

A few minutes later, Tad saw Krystal with Trevor. He was surprised when Krystal revealed that Jake had left.

On the dance floor, David made another attempt to talk to Amanda about her argument with Jake. Amanda quickly realized that David had anticipated Jake's reaction to her offer to spend the night. David didn't deny it, but before they could delve further into the discussion, Tad suddenly appeared at David's side. David nearly jumped out of his skin when Tad blasted an air horn near David's ear.

Tad explained that someone had donated money to see David dance alone. David appeared uncomfortable at the idea of dancing solo until Tad explained that he meant that someone had paid to see David dance without any other couples on the dance floor. David gladly agreed to dance alone with Amanda. His good spirits were short-lived when Tad clarified that the donor wanted to see David dance with Erica.

Erica and Ryan were dancing when Tad announced that Brot and Natalia were at the top of the leader board for donations. Erica was horrified at the thought of losing an event that she had organized. Ryan accused Erica of losing sight of the purpose of the marathon. Erica was furious. She stormed off of the dance floor, confident that she had raised enough money to take a break.

Ryan followed Erica to her office. Erica resented Ryan's accusation that she wasn't focused on raising money for the children; she angrily reminded Ryan that she had helped him the entire evening while he had tried to get closer to Annie. Their argument was cut short when Tad barged into the office to drag Erica back to the dance floor. Tad insisted that he desperately needed Erica's help and would be indebted to her if she did him a favor.

Erica was stunned when she realized that Tad expected her to dance with David. She complied, but she made certain that Tad understood that he would owe her dearly for the indulgence. While Erica danced with David, Tad pulled Amanda aside to find out what had happened to Jake. Amanda refused to discuss it; she advised Tad to talk to Jake. Tad informed her that he had tried to call Jake to no avail.

The moment that Erica was in David's arms the two began to argue. Erica accused David of using Amanda. David fired back that Erica was dating her daughter's ex-lover. Erica resisted the urge to slap David, so she settled for stepping on his foot. David winced, but continued to lead Erica around the dance floor. Meanwhile Erica informed David that he would never be half the man that Ryan was.

When the dance ended, Erica approached Ryan. She quietly told him that they had unfinished business and then led him into Fusion's offices. Once they were alone, Erica locked the door to ensure that they were not interrupted. Ryan took the opportunity to apologize to Erica for what he had said earlier. Erica shushed Ryan; she didn't want his apologies nor did she want him to change for her. Erica confessed that she liked Ryan just as he was.

Erica admitted that Ryan had been correct; she had lost sight of what had been important. Erica thanked Ryan for pointing it out to her. Ryan smiled and then changed the subject to ask her how her dance with David had gone. Erica was reluctant to provide details; however, she did confess that Ryan's opinion was the only one that mattered to her. Ryan appeared pleased.

As Erica prepared to leave, Ryan stopped her. He wondered if they were supposed to kiss and make up. Erica appeared confused; she thought that they had. Ryan smiled knowingly as he leaned down and then kissed Erica.

When Amanda returned to dance with David, Tad announced that they had been disqualified. David was outraged; he accused Tad of playing fast and loose with the rules. David and Amanda had little choice, but to leave. Moments later, Amanda collected Trevor from Krystal. Krystal wondered what Amanda was doing with David.

Amanda reminded Krystal that David held all of the power in regards to Trevor. Amanda didn't have many options. Krystal disagreed; Amanda could have chosen to follow Jake, but instead she had remained behind with David. Krystal chastised Amanda for making the wrong choice. After Krystal walked away, Amanda asked David to take her home. Amanda felt discouraged until David reminded her that they were blessed to have Trevor.

While Jesse and Angie danced, Angie noticed the chemistry between Natalia and Brot.

Natalia was shocked to learn that she and Brot were the couple to beat in the marathon. She was curious what Brot would do for her if they were the last couple standing. Brot invited Natalia to reveal what she wanted. Natalia confessed that she would enjoy having Brot shine her uniform shoes for a year. Brot asked what Natalia would be willing to offer in exchange, but Natalia balked at the idea of returning the favor.

During a break, Natalia sought out her father. Natalia was stunned when Jesse confessed that he thought that Natalia and Brot made a good team. Natalia made it clear that she wasn't interested in Brot as anything except a dance partner. Jesse chuckled at his daughter's vehement denial of attraction for Brot. With keen insight, he asked if his daughter was afraid that Brot might outshine her.

Brot waited near the dance floor for Natalia to return. When she stormed passed him, Brot sat down next to Angie. He was curious if Natalia was always stubborn and easy to rile. Angie admitted that Natalia was stubborn; however, Brot seemed to get to Natalia faster than anyone else. Brot confided that it was fun to push Natalia's buttons. Angie smiled as she accused Brot of flirting with Natalia.

When Brot and Natalia resumed dancing, Brot told her about Angie's comments. Natalia was horrified that Angie was playing matchmaker. Brot painted a picture of what Angie hoped would develop between Natalia and him. Natalia chuckled at the idea of a police station wedding and doughnut bridal cake.

Angie and Jesse were the only couple left on the dance floor with Natalia and Brot. Angie wanted Natalia and Brot to win, but Jesse refused to make it easy for them. Angie decided to take matters into her own hands by simply walking off of the dance floor. Seconds later, Tad was forced to disqualify them. However, Ryan and Erica had seconds left on their break.

When Ryan and Erica failed to return after their break had expired, Natalia and Brot were declared the winners of the dance marathon.

In Fusion's office, Ryan and Erica were ripping off their clothes as their heated kiss turned to lovemaking.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

At the dance-a-thon, Tad congratulated Natalia and Brot for dancing for over 19 hours, and joked that they could fight over who kept the trophy. He said that since the event had ended, they could let each other go. The pair chuckled awkwardly, and released each other.

In Erika's office, Ryan and Erika tore at each other's clothes. As they started to make love, Tad knocked on the door, asking for Erika's help to wrap up the show. Ryan grabbed his shirt, and yelled that Erika and he would be right there.

At the Fusion broadcast, Erika announced that she and Ryan had raised the most money. Because Natalia and Brot had lasted the longest, Fusion Cosmetics would make a $100,000 donation on behalf of the couple. Tad ended the show with footage of needy African Children.

Once off the air, Erika and Ryan discussed the event's success with Angie, Jessie, Brot, and Natalia. Ryan prompted Erika to leave, so they could return to their previous business. As Angie and Natalia retrieved their purses, Brot confided in Jesse that he'd considered becoming a cop after talking to Natalia. Jesse joked that joining the police academy was a good way for Brot to annoy Natalia, but Jesse felt that the academy would be lucky to have Brot.

When Natalia and Angie returned, Natalia silently fumed at the idea of Brot joining the academy. Jesse and Angie left for home, and Natalia seethed to Brot, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" As Natalia ranted, Brot found it refreshing to hear her speak her mind, instead of treating him, "the scarred up Vet," with kid gloves, as others did.

Natalia called Brot arrogant, and accused him of doing a job on her father. She fumed at his cocky and cavalier decision to become a cop. Natalia claimed that he didn't even know how hard the entrance exam was. "Won't know until I try. Shoot," Brot said, pulling up a chair.

Natalia whipped out her police manual, and fired questions at Brot. When he answered them better than she could, she huffed, and ordered him to meet her at the academy the next day to sign up. She quipped that he'd better shoot a gun as well as he could shoot off his mouth. "I earned this! Mine!" Natalia said, snatching their trophy, and storming out with it.

In Erika's office, Erika told Ryan that she didn't want to ruin the friendship they'd built. "I was kind of hoping we could trash the whole friend thing, and cash in on the fun bits," Ryan joked, and Erika laughed. She said their timing was bad, because their lives were so complicated. Ryan understood bad timing and complicated situations, but he didn't want them to prevent themselves from doing what they wanted for fear of what others thought.

Erika asked if Ryan referred to the difference in their ages. "What age difference?" Ryan asked. He said he never even thought about it, and he considered Erika and himself as equals. Erika said that people could be cruel. Ryan didn't care what people thought, and said, "To me, you're ageless." Erika called him an amazing man, and they kissed.

Ryan and Erika returned to the vacant dance floor. Ryan remarked that it had been a magical night. He turned on some music, and he and Erika danced alone under the crystal ball.

David carried a sleeping Amanda into the house, and settled her on the sofa. While she slept, he showed Trevor pictures of Babe, Adam, and Marissa, and explained that they were Trevor's family. Amanda awakened, and listened as David promised to take care of Amanda and Trevor. David vowed that Amanda and he would teach Trevor to be a good man, who knew how to love. David admitted that Amanda, not David, had honorable traits to teach Trevor.

When David realized that Amanda was awake, he said he hadn't meant for her to overhear him, because she'd think he was playing on her sympathies. Amanda pointed out that it was the kind of manipulative thing he'd do. David asked her to disregard what she'd heard, and tell their son that his father had lied to him, if it made her feel better.

David strode out of the room to go to bed. When he returned in his pajamas later, he saw that Amanda had made breakfast. They apologized to each other for their argument earlier, and Amanda stated that she hadn't understood why David hadn't wanted her to overhear him with Trevor. David said it was easier to open up to children, who didn't prejudge others. David hoped that Trevor would love him back one day, and Amanda said that she believed Trevor would.

After eating with Amanda, David felt like sleeping. He took Trevor, and headed out. As soon as David left the room, Amanda grabbed her phone. David paused at the door to pick up the toy that Trevor had dropped, and paused to listen to Amanda's call.

When Krystal found Jake sulking on the couch, constantly replaying footage of David and Amanda dancing, she ordered him to get off his butt, and fight for his wife. Jake retorted that Amanda had made her choice. Krystal replied that she'd thought she had made her own choices when she lived in David's house, but in reality, she'd been drugged so much that she hadn't known up from down. She urged Jake not to let Amanda meet the same fate.

When Tad entered, Krystal immediately urged Tad to talk some sense into Jake. Jake insisted in English and Spanish that they leave him alone. Tad was okay with Jake's sulking, but he said Amanda wouldn't want that. Jake didn't know what Amanda really wanted.

Tad insisted that Jake fight for Amanda. "Like you fought for Krystal?" Jake quipped. Jake resented Tad and Krystal coaching him on love while they were divorced, but living in the same house. Jake ordered them to figure themselves out, and leave him alone.

As Krystal, Jake, and Tad bickered with each other, Tad answered the ringing phone. Tad announced that it was Amanda, and Jake stormed out of the room. Tad told Amanda that Jake was upset. Amanda professed her love for Jake, and begged Tad to put Jake on the phone. Tad retorted that if Amanda loved Jake so much, then she'd be at their house instead of David's. Tad hung up on her.

As Kendall pounded on her locked door, Zach entered the house. He asked Aidan to keep Kendall's whereabouts a secret. When Zach suggested that Aidan leave town, Aidan asserted his intention to help capture the real killer. Aidan cited that he knew Annie better than anyone, and he bragged that he could infiltrate the Chandler mansion. To prevent Aidan from going rogue, Zach relented to work with him; however, Zach asked Aidan not to make a move without Zach.

Kendall's racket grew louder, and Zach went upstairs. As Aidan headed out of the house, he found Liza setting a box of files on the doorstep. Aidan let her in, and read the note on the box. He assumed that Liza was resigning as Kendall's lawyer, because things hadn't worked out at the dance-a-thon. Liza played dumb, but Aidan said he'd seen more than a lawyer dancing with her client's husband on the television. "You must have had bad reception," Liza quipped.

Liza grew suspicious when Aidan claimed to be babysitting. She sniffed Aidan's drink, and told him to remind her never to let him babysit for her. She asked to speak to Zach, but Aidan suspected that she'd been trying to avoid Zach by leaving the files and a note on the doorstep. Aidan offered to tell Zach that she'd stopped by, but she chose to look for Zach herself.

In Kendall's room, Kendall ranted about Aidan's treatment of her. Zach said Kendall should be grateful that Aidan had spirited her away from the fundraiser without being seen. A cynical Kendall wondered if Liza and Zach had won the dance-a-thon, or if they'd just spent the night grinding away on each other. Zach figured that Kendall would never stop, and she replied that she wouldn't stop until Liza was out of their lives. Zach left to retrieve Ian.

As Kendall played with Ian, Zach berated her for almost blowing things by showing up at Fusion. Zach asserted that Liza was out of his life, but Kendall figured that meant that Liza had once been "in" his life. They heard Liza calling for Zach on the baby monitor, and Kendall quipped, "Out of your life, is she?"

Downstairs, Liza wondered why Aidan hadn't told her that no one was home. Aidan said he liked watching her paranoia unfold. Zach entered, claiming that he'd been giving Ian a bath. Liza asked what Zach and Aidan were hiding. Zach insisted that Aidan had been watching Ian after the babysitter left. Aidan stated that Liza had something important to tell Zach, and left upon agreeing to see Zach at the casino in a week to go over the proposals.

Liza remarked that she hadn't seen much of Aidan since Stuart's murder. Zach replied that Aidan had been doing contract work in D.C. Zach hadn't expected to see Liza after the previous night. Liza said that she had one last piece of business for him.

Liza sorted through Kendall's trial files, explaining the next steps to get Kendall a new trial. Zach apologized for making it too hard on Liza. Liza shrugged, saying they'd been two needy people, looking for a fix; however, Zach had really touched her. Zach asked Liza to reconsider being Kendall's lawyer, but Liza replied that Kendall didn't trust her. "You have to get someone new. Someone she doesn't hate with a burning passion," Liza decided.

Liza showed Zach a letter she'd sent to the D.A., which announced Kendall's intention to retract her admission of guilt. When Liza said that the D.A. would visit the prison to acquire Kendall's signature, Zach told Liza that it wasn't going to happen, because no one could go up to the prison. Liza demanded to know what was really going on.

Zach refused to elaborate, and hustled Liza to the door. Just then, Kendall entered, and said that Liza needed to know the truth before she screwed things up for them. "You're here?" Liza incredulously asked. Kendall confessed that she'd been there the entire time.

Wednesday, October 30, 2009

Marissa stared at JR as he slept. She gently touched his head and noticed that his hair was falling out. She looked sad.

JR awoke and saw hair on his pillow. He looked distraught. He then found Marissa, who was putting together a bag for his trip to the hospital. She packed crossword puzzles and other activities to keep him preoccupied during his chemotherapy. He told her that she did not have to go, but she insisted on going to the hospital with him.

JR began his chemotherapy, while Marissa sat by his side. Meanwhile, there was another patient, Trent, in the room with JR. Trent asked JR if Marissa was his girlfriend. JR smiled, but did not answer. Trent proceeded to crack jokes about his impending death. Marissa did not find Trent funny and left the room.

Angie was volunteering at the hospital and saw Marissa. Marissa cried as she told Angie that she was scared to lose JR. Angie encouraged Marissa to stay positive. Angie advised Marissa not to waste her time on fear, because she would miss out on her life with JR. Angie told Marissa to focus on JR getting better, not worse. Marissa was grateful for Angie's heartfelt words.

Trent asked JR how his father was handling JR's cancer. JR claimed that his father was busy and could not go to the hospital. Trent knew that JR was lying, and assumed that JR had not told his father. Trent understood. Trent noted that he did not get along with his father. Trent told JR that he was lucky to have Marissa because he did not have to face the cancer alone. Trent warned JR that he had a long road ahead of him, so Trent urged JR to fight.

JR and Marissa returned to their hotel room. JR was in pain due to the chemotherapy, but he was hopeful. He stated that he no longer wanted to be passive; he was determined to beat the cancer. He asked her to shave his head, so he could be in control again. She agreed.

Jesse arrived at the Chandler mansion and announced that Annie's court date had been moved up. Jesse said that he had orders to bring Annie to the court as soon as possible. Adam looked concerned and asked to be alone with Annie.

Adam admitted to Annie that his friend, the judge, never told him about the new court date. She feared that the judge was no longer on their side. Adam assured her that the judge would rule in their favor because the judge owed him.

Scott overheard that Annie was going to court, so he called Ryan to tell him the news.

Aidan sneaked into the mansion. He found the DVD of Annie kissing Scott and JR. Aidan took the DVD and left unnoticed.

Liza explained to Zach that she told the D.A. that Kendall wished to recant her confession. Liza said that the D.A. planned to visit Kendall to get a statement from her. Zach was furious with Liza and told her to leave. Liza was confused because she thought that he would be pleased. Suddenly, Kendall revealed herself to Liza.

Liza was shocked to see Kendall. Kendall admitted that she had been in the house the entire time. Liza was irate because she felt that Zach and Kendall had duped her. Liza was especially mad at Zach because he lied to her when she put all of her trust in him. He apologized to Liza. He claimed that he kept her in the dark, so she would not be an accessory to the crime.

Liza did not buy Zach's claim. She recalled all of the times that she should have known Kendall was in the house, like when Spike said his mother was in the wall. Liza then realized that Kendall had hit her over the head, not the door. Liza was enraged when she thought of all the cases she turned down, so she could stay on Kendall's case.

Annie, Adam, and Jesse arrived at the court. Adam saw the judge and inquired if he was still helping them. The judge said that he would do all he could to assist them, but he could not promise that Annie would be freed.

Ryan arrived at the court and Jesse warned him not to make a scene. Meanwhile, Annie and Adam were annoyed to see Ryan.

Jesse saw the D.A. and asked if he could testify against Annie. The D.A. explained that he had to visit Kendall, so he would not take part in Annie's hearing. The A.D.A. was handling Annie's case. Jesse looked worried.

Zach called Jesse. Jesse informed Zach that Annie was in court. Zach told Jesse about the D.A. Jesse said that he already knew. Jesse stated that the D.A. had left to visit Kendall.

Zach pleaded with Liza to help them, but she refused. He persisted and asked her to meet the D.A. at the jail to stall him. He stated that he would take care of the rest. He then left the house.

Kendall confronted Liza about her feelings for Zach. Liza stated that she did not want Zach anymore. Kendall did not believe Liza. Kendall recalled Liza saying that she wished her son had a father like Zach. Liza was appalled because she realized that Kendall had been spying on her. Kendall reminded Liza that Zach was her husband. Kendall thought that Liza wanted her out of the way, so she could have Zach. Kendall assumed that Liza would rat her out to the D.A. Liza insinuated that she was going to tell the D.A. the truth about Kendall; Liza left.

Zach went to the court. Zach told Ryan not to do anything that would harm Kendall's chance at freedom. Ryan said that his priority was Emma.

Annie's hearing began. The judge read the numerous charges against Annie. She pleaded guilty due to temporary insanity. The judge noted that Annie's doctor recommended that she receive psychological treatment for six months. Ryan stood up and asked to speak. Annie looked nervous, but, to her surprise, Ryan acted sympathetically towards her. Ryan stated that Annie was unstable due to the many hardships she endured. Ryan claimed that Emma needed her mother. He asked the judge to get Annie professional help, but to go easy on her. The judge sentenced Annie to six months of outpatient treatment. Annie was elated as Adam cut the ankle monitor off her.

Jesse was shocked by Ryan's statements. Zach, however, was pleased because he knew that Ryan was setting Annie up for a big fall.

Annie told Ryan that she knew what he was up to. She was certain that his words were not sincere. He smirked and told Annie that her nightmare was just beginning.

When Zach arrived home, Kendall told him that Liza planned to expose them to the D.A.

The D.A. demanded to see Kendall and showed the prison guard a court order. The guard told the prisoner that was pretending to be Kendall that she had to meet with the D.A. The prisoner looked frightened.

Before the D.A. met the prisoner, Liza approached him. She warned the D.A. that the woman he was about to see was not the woman he was expecting.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Krystal went to Wildwind to talk to Amanda about Jake. Krystal objected when Amanda mentioned that David had given her permission to spend time with Jake. Krystal didn't think that David should have a say in whether or not Amanda spent time with her husband. She encouraged Amanda to work things out with Jake. Krystal offered to babysit Trevor, so that Amanda could go to Jake. Amanda hesitated to agree, because she was worried about David's reaction.

Krystal assured Amanda that she could handle David. Amanda suspected that Krystal was up to something; she refused to leave until Krystal had revealed the details of her plan. Krystal admitted that she intended to seduce David, without sleeping with him, so that he would focus on her instead of Amanda. Amanda clarified that the only reason she lived with David was to keep Jake from going to jail.

Krystal accused Amanda of falling for the classic Beauty and the Beast syndrome. Amanda insisted that she wasn't falling for David, but Krystal wasn't convinced. Krystal warned Amanda that the new kinder and gentler David would never last. According to Krystal, if David had truly cared about Amanda, he would never have put her in a position where she had to choose between Jake and her son. Krystal insisted that David would never be able to love Amanda the way that Jake did.

At the hospital, Jake listened to a message from Amanda asking him to call her. Instead of returning the call, Jake erased the message. David approached him moments later to ask if Jake would work an extra shift. Jake saw through David's attempt to swamp Jake with work, so that he would be too busy to spend time with Amanda. Rather than deny the accusation, David told Jake that Amanda had been disappointed when Tad had disqualified them from the dance. According to David, Amanda had grown accustomed to being disappointed by Martin men.

Jake ignored the taunt. He turned down David's request to work a second shift; he explained that he was too exhausted to adequately treat his patients. David used the opportunity to goad Jake further; he informed him that parents of babies quickly became accustomed to exhaustion because of the late hours. Jake remained silent as David walked away sporting a smug smile.

A short while later, Amanda tracked Jake down at the hospital. Amanda was eager to put their relationship back on track, but Jake didn't see how that was possible when David was in the picture. Amanda insisted that David wasn't important. Jake reminded Amanda that she was living with David, not her husband. He wondered how she could ignore that important fact. Amanda insisted that Wildwind was just a house; her home was with Jake, not David.

To Jake's annoyance, David approached them. David demanded to know what Jake had said to upset Amanda. Jake pointedly looked at Amanda and then walked away. Krystal caught up with Jake in the hallway. She was eager to know if Jake and Amanda had worked things out. Jake told Krystal about his argument with Amanda and how David had walked in on them. Krystal insisted that Amanda loved Jake, but he had his doubts. Jake suggested that Amanda would have followed him if she cared about him.

Amanda was upset after Jake walked away. David advised her to give Jake some time; he was certain that Jake would eventually come around. Amanda was afraid that Jake would never be able to see beyond who lived where. Amanda decided to return to the house. Amanda hesitated when David agreed that it sounded like a good idea and then referred to Wildwind as home.

Annie and Adam entered the parlor of the Chandler mansion. Annie was on cloud nine because her legal troubles were behind her. Scott congratulated Annie, but she sensed that he wasn't truly happy for her. As soon as Adam left the room to fetch something, Annie turned on Scott.

She demanded to know why he insisted on raining on her parade. Scott was unapologetic. Annie suggested that perhaps it was time for Scott to move out. Scott refused to consider it. He intended to remain in residence in order to keep an eye on his uncle. Their spat was cut short when Adam returned with a gift for Annie.

Annie was delighted; Adam had bought her a delicate gold ankle bracelet. Annie threw her arms around Adam to thank him. As she prattled on about her freedom, Annie confessed that she would love to see a newspaper headline declaring "Annie Chandler is as free as a bird." Beneath the caption, Annie wanted to see a picture of her, in her wedding dress, releasing a flock of doves. Scott decided to pour himself a drink.

Adam confessed that he wished Stuart could have been his best man. Scott offered to step down if Adam wanted to ask someone else to stand next to him on his wedding day. Adam admitted that JR should be his best man, but JR's life was too much of a mess. A few moments later, Adam stepped away to answer a phone call. Annie snidely suggested that Scott wasn't cutting it as a fill-in son.

In JR's bathroom, Marissa prepared to shave JR's head. Marissa was reluctant to start the clippers until JR assured her that he wanted his hair shaved off. Marissa braced herself and then turned on the clippers. A short time later, JR's hair was gone. He wondered how he looked. Marissa smiled down at him as she confessed, "Hot." JR mustered up the courage to take a look for himself.

After JR changed his clothes, he joined Marissa in the living room. JR confided that he couldn't pretend to be brave; he was just doing the best that he could. Marissa understood what JR meant. She confessed that after her parents had died, people had thought that she was bravely coping with the loss. Marissa admitted that she hadn't done anything extraordinary; she'd simply endured. As they spoke, Ja bout of nausea hit JR. He was forced to race to the bathroom before he became sick.

After JR's stomach settled down, he returned to the living room. When his cell phone rang, JR was surprised to discover that it was Annie. His shock turned to disbelief when Annie announced that she was a free woman. She invited JR to the mansion to celebrate with the rest of the family. JR disconnected the call without responding. As he told Marissa about Annie's news, JR realized that there was a strong likelihood that Adam had bribed the judge.

A short time later, JR and Marissa arrived at the mansion. Adam and Scott were shocked by JR's appearance. Adam was certain that JR's new bald look was a result of a drunken binge. Marissa clarified that she had cut JR's hair. Annie smiled brightly as she proposed a toast. JR didn't want any part of Annie's celebration. Adam didn't appreciate his son's attitude.

During the argument, JR suffered a dizzy spell. As JR swayed and slurred his words, Adam accused JR of being drunk. JR walked out without offering an explanation. Marissa refused to stand by while Adam maligned JR. She insisted that JR was working hard to dry out. According to Marissa, JR had shaved his head to mark his sobriety. Marissa demanded that they all leave JR alone.

Adam pointed out that JR had sought them out, not the other way around. Annie revealed that she had called JR because she had sensed how much Adam had missed his son. Marissa didn't stick around to hear Adam and Annie discuss JR. Scott decided to follow Marissa.

Marissa and Scott joined JR on the staircase. Scott revealed that he wanted Annie out of Adam's life. JR urged Scott to act; JR couldn't because he had his hands full trying to beat his disease. Scott assumed that JR was referring to his alcoholism; he confessed that he was as proud of JR as Marissa was. JR was touched by his cousin's support. As JR thanked him, Scott reached out to shake JR's hand and then hugged him.

After Marissa and JR left, Annie demanded to know if Scott and JR were plotting against her. Annie warned Scott that if he tried it, he would find himself homeless. Annie was confident that Adam would side with her. Scott decided to turn the tables on Annie after she gloated that she was in charge. Annie was unprepared for Scott's passionate kiss. When he pulled away, Scott knowingly asked, "Who's in charge?" Annie was speechless as Scott walked away.

At the prison, Liza tried to discourage D.A. Willis from questioning Kendall. Liza claimed that prison had taken its toll on her client. According to Liza, Kendall's mind was in a fragile state. Willis didn't care; he intended to question Kendall. Liza persuaded Willis to give her a moment alone with her client in order to prepare Kendall. Willis agreed.

When Kendall's double was escorted to the visitors area, Liza warned her that the D.A. wanted to question her. The woman refused to cooperate; she was tired of the charade. Liza realized that the woman was hoping to bargain for more money. Liza assured the woman that she would be paid handsomely for her time. The woman agreed to continue the ruse for an additional one hundred thousand dollars. Once the money issue was settled, Liza gave the woman specific instructions on what she wanted her to do.

Minutes later, a screaming and kicking Kendall was dragged back to her cell while an astonished Willis returned to the visitors area to see what the ruckus was about. He was stunned by Kendall's behavior. Liza took advantage of Willis' shock by confessing that she was concerned about Kendall's state of mind.

At the Slater residence, Kendall admitted that she didn't trust Liza to keep her secret. Kendall suspected that Liza went to the prison to expose the truth. Zach defended Liza; he didn't think that she would do that. Kendall reminded Zach that Liza had feelings for him, which made Liza unpredictable. Zach was certain that Liza understood that he wasn't interested in a relationship.

Kendall wondered how Zach had managed to discourage Liza. Zach admitted that he'd reminded Liza that he had baggage. Kendall was hurt that Zach considered her baggage. Zach was curious what Kendall had wanted him to say to Liza. Kendall suggested that Zach could have explained to Liza that he was madly in love with his wife.

Zach assured Kendall that he loved her like no other. However, Zach didn't think that it was enough for Kendall. Zach believed that Kendall thrived on the drama. He was curious why she always found reasons to fight with him. Kendall revealed that she feared losing Zach's love. As she welled up with tears, Zach pulled Kendall into his arms.

Minutes later, someone rang the doorbell. Zach was surprised to find Liza standing on his doorstep. Kendall joined them in the foyer while Liza filled them in on what had transpired at the prison. Kendall was surprised when she realized that Liza had helped them. Liza explained that she had done it because she had integrity; she believed that Kendall was innocent of Stuart's murder. Zach followed Liza out the door to thank her for her help. Liza let Zach know that she had arranged for another attorney to take over Kendall's case.

Liza arrived home to find Colby and Stuart waiting. She was happy to see them and made a point of letting Colby know how much she loved her. Colby smiled and then told her mother about a strange message on Liza's answering machine from someone that Colby suspected was a client. Liza found it curious that a client would call the hotel rather than Liza's office.

Liza was uneasy as she listened to the message. It was from a woman named Bailey Welles who needed help locating her baby.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Krystal was determined to stop David from ruining Jake and Amanda's marriage. Tad told her that Jake and Amanda needed to figure things out on their own, but Krystal said that she was unable to stand by and do nothing. Although Krystal protested, Tad thought that Krystal was referring to Tad's inaction when Krystal left Tad for David. Opal interrupted their disagreement and, although she apologized, Krystal was grateful, as it allowed her to escape the house.

Opal chastised her son for letting Krystal get mixed up with David again, but Tad claimed that he had no right to get in Krystal's way. Opal told her son that if he cared at all for Krystal, he would have stopped her. Tad claimed that he and Krystal were friends, and pointed to Krystal's move back into the Martin house as proof.

Opal noted that Tad hadn't let Krystal back into his heart. Tad said that he didn't know what he wanted but, for a moment at the dance marathon, he thought that he could reconcile with Krystal. He told Opal that Krystal believed that Tad could never forgive her for leaving him for David. Tad admitted that he wasn't sure if he could.

Tad confessed to his love for Krystal, but said that losing someone he loved to David a second time destroyed him. He blamed his wariness about love for his hesitance with Taylor. Opal told her son that she only wanted what was best for him, and that he needed to let Krystal back in to find out if she could still give him what he needed.

David got his son dressed to go out, and hoped that Amanda would join them. Amanda agreed that it would be good for all of them to get out of the house, so David went upstairs to get ready. Amanda heard someone knocking on the door and was dismayed when she found Krystal on the other side. Amanda swore that she'd heard what Krystal had to say, but Krystal didn't believe it. Krystal said that Amanda's fallout with Jake the day before had been caused by David, then added that she would stick with Amanda until Amanda saw the truth.

Amanda claimed that she had tried to rectify things with Jake, but that Jake was unwilling to work with their living situation. Krystal felt that Jake's resistance was about having to watch Amanda get sucked into David's lies. Amanda told Krystal that she was able to live the life she wanted with her son and have her freedom, and suggested that Krystal lecture Jake instead. David, who had heard the end of the conversation from the stairs, showed up in the doorway and asked if there was a problem. When Amanda indicated that Krystal was leaving, David shut the door in Krystal's face.

Krystal went back to the Martin house and vented about what had happened at Wildwind. Opal refused to be sympathetic, and pointed out that what Krystal had done to Tad was much worse. Opal thought that Krystal needed to admit that she had made a mistake, and Krystal didn't hesitate in admitting that she'd made the biggest mistake of her life when she left Tad. Krystal wished aloud that she knew how to fix things with Tad. When Krystal suggested that the best thing would be to move out, Opal rejected the idea.

Krystal thought that Opal would have jumped at the chance to kick her former daughter-in-law out of the house. Opal admitted that while she had once felt that way, her feelings had changed when she realized that there was still something between Krystal and her son. Krystal admitted that she had no idea where to start, and Opal asked Krystal what she wanted most in the world.

Krystal said that she wanted her children to have a better life than she did. Opal pointed out that part of making things better would be falling in love, and said that she and Tad needed to figure things out. Krystal worried that it was too late to fix everything , but Opal reminded Krystal that she and Tad never did anything in order.

Liza summoned Jake to her place in a panic. She told him that Bailey Welles, Stuart's birth mother, had left a message that she was looking for her baby. Jake was curious as to how the birth mother got Liza's name, so Liza had to admit that she'd done some investigating to make sure that the adoption was airtight. She begged for Jake's help, but he told her that she needed to ask someone else, as he'd ruined everything he'd touched lately.

Liza decided to return the birth mother's phone call, and tried to convince Bailey that she'd done the right thing. However, when Bailey realized that Liza wouldn't provide any options to help find her son, Bailey prematurely ended the call. Liza worried about what would happen if Bailey managed to track her down, because Bailey did have the rights, as the birth mother, to change her mind. Jake agreed that the situation would be horrible, but told Liza that he would be there for her no matter what.

Randi stopped by the hospital to see Frankie on his first day back at work. Angie joined them and reveled in how happy the staff was to have Frankie back. Randi noted that she was headed back to work, as well, and said that she and Frankie had agreed to get life back to normal instead of waiting for Madison to strike again. A nurse interrupted the conversation to solicit help with an incoming overdose patient . The Hubbards quickly realized that Madison was the patient.

As the EMTs updated Angie on how they'd found Madison, Randi was alarmed that Frankie wanted to help Madison regain consciousness. Frankie understood Randi's hesitation, but told his wife that he needed to do his job. Angie ordered a battery of tests, and then told her son to call Jesse. When Jesse arrived, Angie briefed him on Madison's condition. Before Jesse went into Madison's room, Angie showed him that the bottle they found near Madison was a prescription that belonged to Randi.

Jesse and Angie called Randi over and revealed that Madison had overdosed with Randi's prescription. Randi was worried that her in-laws thought Randi had something to do with Madison's crisis, but Jesse and Angie quickly put that fear to rest. Randi shared that when she had been on the roof with Madison at the dance marathon, Madison had mentioned that she had nothing left to live for.

Frankie was in Madison's room when she woke up. He accused her of staging the overdose so that she would be admitted to the hospital on Frankie's first day back. Madison swore that she hadn't planned the stunt, and didn't remember how she'd gotten to the casino floor. She told Frankie that she'd put the "Do Not Disturb" sign out, and locked herself in her hotel room, with the hope that it would take days for her body to be found.

Madison revealed some hard truths about her life: that she had no friends or family that cared about her, and that she hated herself for what she'd done to Frankie and his family. She admitted that she'd always known what she'd wanted for her life, but had never been able to find it. Madison then confessed to her hope that she would find some comfort in taking what she wanted from Frankie, but found that his family simply loved him more. Frankie told her that families were supposed to love, regardless of the situation, but Madison noted that her family failed on that point.

Frankie joined his family in the hall just as Angie got the lab results back. Angie confirmed that Madison had swallowed the entire bottle of pills. Frankie relayed Madison's assertion that she had taken the pills in the hotel room, and Randi asked if Frankie believed Madison's story. Frankie admitted that while he still felt that Madison was trying to set them up, a small part of him felt like something was really broken inside of Madison. Angie noted that Madison would not be allowed to play games in her hospital, and went to check on her patient.

Jesse joined Angie and they told Madison she would have to be transferred to Oak Haven and put on suicide watch. Angie asked Jesse to check on some paperwork and, after he left, Madison claimed that she didn't need to be committed. Angie said that Madison didn't have a choice, but Madison assured Angie that if she wanted Madison gone, there was another way.

While Jesse updated Frankie and Randi on the plans to ship Madison to Oak Haven, Angie briefly entertained Madison's plea for help. Madison begged Angie to procure pills that Madison could use to end her life; in exchange, Madison would provide the key to her safety deposit box, which held all of the evidence that would exonerate Randi. Angie still felt Madison had an angle, and thought that Madison wanted to get Angie fired. Madison promised that she meant no harm to Angie, and Angie asked why she should believe Madison. Madison said that if Angie didn't help, she would make Angie's life as miserable as her own.

Jake and Liza walked onto the deck as David and Amanda perused menus at the Yacht Club. David asked Amanda if anything looked good, but when she didn't respond, David followed Amanda's horrified gaze to Jake and Liza. Jake tried to make small talk, but when David started to take jabs, Jake cut him off and went to find a table. Liza stuck it out a few moments longer, but when she could no longer bear David's snide remarks, she also left. Amanda demanded to know why David had to be so rude, but David feigned innocence. David then tried to imply that something was happening between Jake and Liza, but Amanda refused to be threatened. She then pointed out that David pulling a gun on Liza indicated that his issues with Liza were much worse than anything Amanda could be concerned about.

David continued to plant seeds of doubt in Amanda's mind, while Amanda continued to rail against them. Across the room, Liza tried to extract Jake's plans from him, but instead, Jake revealed the Catch-22 of dealing with Amanda living in Wildwind to be with her son versus asking her to leave so that she could live with her husband. When Liza clasped Jake's hand in an attempt to comfort him, Amanda spotted the move and felt a pang of jealousy.

Colby found a young woman rapping on her mother's door at the Yacht Club and asked if she could help. The young woman introduced herself as Bailey Welles, and Colby recognized the name from the message Bailey had left. Bailey then said that she needed Liza's help to find her baby. Colby invited Bailey in and was moved by her story, but said that Liza was good at what she did, and must have given Bailey the best advice possible.

Bailey said that she wasn't sure if she wanted a baby, but wanted the opportunity to hold her son and decide from there. Colby excused herself to get something to write down Bailey's information. Alone in the room, Bailey spotted a note that Liza had left, telling Colby about her lunch plans. Bailey decided to try to find Liza.

Tad found Krystal in the living room and asked how things had gone at Wildwind. Krystal admitted that it had been a bad decision to go, but said that some good had resulted from it. She suggested that she and Tad give their relationship another shot, and by doing so, show Jake and Amanda that they could stay intact even after facing down David. Tad was shocked by the request, and attempted to keep the hope he felt hidden from Krystal's view.

Tad said that he refused to put on a show and would only consider reuniting with Krystal if it was for real. He asked if she thought they could be successful after everything that had been broken. Krystal was positive that things could work for them, as well as for Amanda and Jake. Krystal then said that she needed to confess to something before Tad gave his answer. Tad was at first exasperated, and then stunned when Krystal admitted that she had been close to throwing herself at David to keep him away from Amanda.

Liza tried to convince Jake that he shouldn't give up on Amanda, but Jake was certain that Amanda had already given up on him. Just then, they heard a young woman ask for Liza, and Liza realized that Bailey had tracked her down and was there to take Stuart back.



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