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Todd and Téa married again. Téa found a check that Dorian had written out for Ross. Schuyler was unable to return to teaching, but decided to work towards medical school. John thought that Jared was hiding something after claiming to be attacked by a stalker. Langston and Markko were recorded making love. Kyle announced that he had moved on with Nick. Jared was found covered in blood and leaning over a dead man. Téa ran into Ross.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 28, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, September 28, 2009

Or Forever Hold Your Scream

At Rodi's, Gigi received a call from Rex, who insisted that she leave work early and join him for the concert at Ultraviolet, featuring Lionel Ritchie and Jeremih. Gigi promised to ask her supervisor if she could end her shift early and make the show.

Gigi was pleased to see Schuyler enter the bar, but soon realized that her friend was troubled. Schuyler reported that he had been officially banned from teaching in the Llanview Public School system. A distraught Schuyler insisted that he needed to find another line of work. Reminding Schuyler that he had already completed several credits toward his biology degree, Gigi suggested that Schuyler consider attending medical school and remain in Llanview.

Recalling that his drug problem had led to him dropping out of college, Schuyler stated that his mother would still be alive, had he made better choices. Pleading with him not to live in the past, Gigi urged Schuyler to finish school and make his mother proud. After Gigi managed to convince him to continue his studies, Schuyler realized that he needed a job to cover his expenses. Jeff, Gigi's boss, offered Schuyler a bartending position at Rodi's, but Schuyler declined.

Certain that Rex would object to Schuyler working with Gigi, Schuyler stated that he didn't want to cause any problems between Gigi and Rex. Encouraging Schuyler to accept the job, Gigi insisted that Rex wouldn't have a problem with Schuyler working at Rodi's. Schuyler was surprised when Gigi mentioned that Rex had asked her to marry him, and that she had turned him down. When Schuyler pressed her for answers, Gigi replied, "It's complicated."

Back at Ultraviolet, Stacy and Kim tried to scam their way into the concert by informing the bouncer that Stacy was Rex's baby mama. In an attempt to avoid a disturbance, a humiliated Rex allowed the girls entry. Once Kim had left them alone, Stacy informed Rex that she had observed him and Gigi at the park earlier. Stating that Rex appeared miserable at the park, Stacy insisted that Rex's state of mind hadn't changed. Annoyed by Stacy's interference, Rex replied, "You imagined it! Gigi and I are great!"

After Rex had stormed off, Kim returned to Stacy's side. Both Stacy and Kim were certain that Rex's bad mood was a sign that he was experiencing problems with Gigi. Kim wasn't convinced that Gigi didn't have feelings for Schuyler. Declaring that Stacy needed to stake her claim on Rex, Kim suggested that Stacy discover the weak spot that existed between Rex and Gigi, and to capitalize on it. Kim believed that Schuyler might be the answer to Stacy's prayer. While Stacy focused her attention on Rex, Kim headed off to Rodi's, hoping to spy on Gigi and Schuyler.

Rex became annoyed when his bartender questioned if Rex was experiencing problems with Gigi. When the bartender inquired about Rex's relationship with Stacy, Rex replied, "It's complicated." Denying that his relationship with Gigi was in trouble, Rex declared, "Gigi and I are better than ever!" Meanwhile, Stacy watched him intently.

When Rex spoke harshly of Kim, Stacy questioned why Rex hated her and her friend. Insisting that Kim was the only person that she could rely on, Stacy stated that it hurt to hear just how much Rex hated her and their baby. Reminding Rex of his promise to be a part of the baby's life, Stacy commented that she hadn't seen him since her last doctor's appointment. Realizing that she had hurt Rex's feelings, Stacy apologized and asked Rex if he would keep his promise of being a support system for her. Stacy wondered if Gigi would have a problem with Rex helping Stacy. Rex insisted that Gigi would have no problem with his relationship with Stacy, as long as the focus was on the baby.

As Gigi urged Schuyler to accept the job at Rodi's, Kim lurked nearby. Upon gaining the information that she sought, Kim raced back to Ultraviolet to report her findings to Stacy.

Back at Ultraviolet, as Rex walked away, Kim returned and made certain hat Rex overheard her report. While Rex listened, Kim told Stacy that Gigi had helped Schuyler get a job at Rodi's. Rex appeared upset by the news.

Markko was pleasantly surprised when Langston paid him a visit at his new apartment. While Langston was eager to make love, Markko was anxious to complete his film project for school. Markko stated that he was required to film something that was important to him--that being Langston. After convincing Langston to participate in his school assignment, Markko videotaped Langston as she went on about her everyday life for a few moments. Afterward, Markko fiddled with the video camera. Appearing to turn off his video camera, Markko called out to Langston and said he was done filming. Tearing each other's clothes off, the two prepared to make love. Meanwhile the video camera recorded their every move.

At the country club, Todd and Téa stood at the altar and prepared to recite their wedding vows. Noticing that Todd continued to look off into the audience, Téa was convinced that he was looking for Blair. When Todd admitted that he was curious to know where Blair had disappeared, Téa ran away, leaving Todd at the altar. Todd, Viki, and Starr raced after her. Professing his love for her, Todd begged Téa to marry him.

Inside the cabana, Blair ordered Ross to accompany her to the ceremony, so that she could humiliate Téa and stop the wedding. Stalling for time, Ross locked himself in the bathroom. Staring at the check Dorian had presented him, Ross continued to hide from Blair. Moments later, Ross dragged a screaming Blair from the cabana.

As Todd pleaded with Téa to reconsider, Blair and Ross spied on them from the bushes. When Téa agreed to marry Todd, Blair attempted to call out to them, but Ross covered Blair's mouth and carted her away. Leading her to a boat just a few feet away from the country club, Ross locked Blair inside the cabin of the boat. As Blair screamed to be released, Ross sped off far into the ocean.

Back at the altar, Téa related that she had written her own vows, and urged Todd to speak from his heart. Encouraging him to go first, Téa exclaimed, "If you're truthful with me, I'll be truthful with you!" As Téa listened, Todd admitted his true feelings for Téa. Declaring that they were meant for each other, Todd stated, "It's because of you that I am this happy at this very moment!' To Téa's surprise, Todd promised to be the man that she deserved. Moved by Todd's honesty, Téa kissed him.

Desperate to tell Todd the truth about her relationship with Ross, Téa tried her best to be honest with Todd, but he continued to interrupt her. Téa stated, "After you were honest with me, I owe you honesty!" Todd continued to interrupt Téa's attempted confession. Looking lovingly at Starr, Jack, and Sam, Téa began to cry and said that she wanted to be a part of their family. Realizing that Téa was in an emotional state, Viki pleaded with Todd to allow Téa to complete her thoughts, but Téa stated that she was too overwhelmed and forgot what she had intended to say. The only words that Téa could muster were, "I love you Todd and don't want to lose you!" Beaming with joy, Todd insisted that the minister pronounce them man and wife.

Once he had steered the boat into the middle of Llantano Bay, Ross stopped the boat. Blair demanded that Ross head back to the country club so they could stop the wedding. Reminding Blair that he was still legally married to Téa, Ross tried to convince Blair that it didn't matter if Todd and Téa wed. While Blair continued to protest, Ross yelled, "I'm trying to save you from making a fool of yourself. Todd Manning isn't worth it!" Removing her clothes, Blair threatened to swim back to shore. When Blair began to struggle with Ross over the steering wheel, he tossed the keys overboard. Looking through a set of binoculars, Blair focused in on Todd and Téa's ceremony. Realizing that they were exchanging wedding rings, Blair screamed, "Nooo!"

Blair grabbed Ross's foghorn and began to blow it. The sound of the foghorn could be heard miles away.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Endless Love Boat

Blair was stranded on a boat with Ross and forced to watch Todd and Téa's wedding through a set of high-powered binoculars. She was furious that Ross had prevented her from stopping the wedding. Blair scoured the boat for something that might help her to return to shore before Todd and Téa's ceremony concluded, but her search didn't yield anything useful. Meanwhile, Ross discovered a bottle of alcohol, which he invited Blair to share with him.

Blair promised Ross a miserable death if he didn't help her to stop the wedding. Ross seemed unconcerned by Blair's threats as he leaned back and then took a few swigs from the bottle. Blair returned to watching Todd and Téa wedding through the binoculars, chanting to herself, "Todd don't do it." When she saw them exchange rings, Blair made a final last-ditch effort to stop the wedding by blasting a foghorn while screaming at the top of her lungs. The loud noise echoed throughout Llanview.

After Blair ran out of breath, she slumped down in dejection. She was livid that her moment to ruin Téa had slipped through her fingers. Blair blamed Ross; in her rage she snatched up a spear gun and then aimed it directly at Ross. For the first time, Ross appeared nervous. He pleaded with Blair to put the gun down, but Blair was blinded by her anger. She fired off a spear, but missed her target, much to Ross's relief.

Blair decided that she would track down Todd as soon as she returned to shore. She was determined that Todd would learn the truth about his new bride. Ross warned Blair that Todd would not appreciate Blair for making him look like a chump. He was brutally honest with Blair as he insisted that Todd did not love her. Blair didn't care; according to her, she didn't want Todd. She claimed that she simply didn't want Téa to be a part of her children's lives.

Ross didn't believe a word out of Blair's mouth. He questioned what kind of mother would hesitate to act on damaging information if she truly believed that it could hurt her children. Blair realized that Ross saw through her lie; she reluctantly admitted that she had feelings for Todd. Ross ruthlessly reminded Blair that Todd did not return those feelings. Blair shifted the focus to Ross. She demanded to know why Ross had suddenly backed out of their agreement.

Ross recalled the check that Dorian had given him, but he did not tell Blair about it. Instead, Ross claimed that he had changed his mind about ruining Téa's wedding once he had seen how happy she was with Todd. Blair didn't believe Ross; she was certain that he was hiding something. However, she wasn't in a position to do anything about it on the boat, so she decided to bide her time. When Ross offered her the bottle of booze, Blair accepted.

A loud obnoxious noise interrupted Todd and Téa's wedding. Jack wondered what it was; according to him, it sounded like a dying unicorn. Todd compared the sound to a cat being strangled. It was actually Blair and her foghorn. Once the annoying noise stopped, Todd and Téa's wedding resumed. Moments later, Todd and Téa were pronounced husband and wife for the third time. Afterwards, Jack offered his father and Téa a toast. He forgot the speech that he had prepared, but he congratulated his father on not messing things up. Jack also admitted that he thought Téa was good for Todd.

As the guests mingled, Viki thanked Charlie for attending the wedding with her. Viki realized that she had quite a bit of personal baggage, including Todd, whom she compared to a steamer trunk, but she appreciated Charlie's support. Charlie reminded Viki that he would rather be with her than anywhere else. When he spotted the bride, Charlie noticed how happy Téa looked. He hoped that her secret wouldn't destroy what she had with Todd.

Later, Téa pulled Viki aside to thank her for agreeing to be her matron of honor. Viki confessed that she'd been flattered by the offer. However, it was clear that Viki was concerned about the impact that Téa's secret would have on Téa's newfound happiness. Téa revealed that she intended to tell Todd the truth after their wedding night.

Todd took a moment to speak to Starr. Starr was preoccupied because she was worried about Blair. Todd assured Starr that Blair was fine. He suspected that Blair was off somewhere licking her wounds. A short time later, Starr tried to call her mother. Her concern grew when the call went to Blair's voicemail.

Cris and Layla talked about Todd and Téa's marriage. Layla was surprised when Cris expressed doubt that the marriage would last. He explained that Todd's pattern was to turn on Téa at the first sign of trouble. Cris didn't have any reason to suspect that things were different. Layla admitted that she was a firm believer that people could change. She hoped everything would work out for Todd and Téa.

When the reception ended, Cris offered to take Layla home. Layla didn't want the night to end, so she suggested that they attend Lionel Richie's concert at Ultraviolet.

Todd ushered Téa to a cabana that had been transformed into a honeymoon paradise. Todd seemed eager to start their new life, confident that there weren't any ugly secrets to mar their bliss. Téa smiled, but said little. Moments later, she went to slip out of her wedding dress. Todd was struck by Téa's beauty when she emerged from the bathroom a short time later wearing a stunning negligee.

At the apartment, Markko and Langston glowed in the aftermath of making love. Both were unaware that the camera had recorded everything. After a few minutes of cuddling, Markko and Langston began to kiss. However, the mood was ruined when Langston heard a radio announcer offer four tickets to Lionel Richie's concert at Ultraviolet. To win, a caller had to know what Lionel Richie song had been featured in the movie "Election."

Langston knew that the answer was "Three Times a Lady," so she called in. Langston was thrilled when she won the tickets. In her excitement, she threw herself into Markko's arms. Things quickly became heated, but before they could go too far, Cole and Starr walked in. Markko and Langston were mortified.

Markko and Langston quickly got dressed. When Markko returned to the living room, Cole suggested that the next time that Markko and Langston wanted to be intimate, they should use the bedroom. Markko didn't argue. Moments later, Starr revealed that Langston had extra tickets to the Lionel Richie concert, so she had offered them to Starr and Cole.

At Rodi's, Schuyler noticed that Gigi was dressed up. Gigi explained that she intended to meet Rex at Ultraviolet for Lionel Richie's concert with Jeremih. Before she left, Gigi confided that she intended to tell Rex about Schuyler's new job at Rodi's. Schuyler hoped that Rex wouldn't be upset by the news.

At Ultraviolet, Kim and Stacy informed Rex that Schuyler had been hired as a bartender at Rodi's. Rex immediately saw through their ploy. He wondered if they ever intended to stop making trouble. Stacy and Kim pretended that they had no idea what Rex was talking about. A short time later, Gigi arrived at the bar. Kim and Stacy listened intently as Rex asked Gigi if Schuyler had been hired at Rodi's.

Kim smiled victoriously when Gigi appeared surprised. Kim decided that the time was perfect for her to head to Rodi's to ask Schuyler to go out on a date with her. Stacy remained perched in the booth, watching the scene between Gigi and Rex unfold.

Gigi was curious how Rex had heard about Schuyler's new job, while Rex was more interested in knowing why Gigi hadn't told him about it. Gigi explained that Brody had quit his job earlier that day. Schuyler happened to be at Rodi's at the right time. Gigi admitted that she had encouraged Schuyler to take the job because he had learned that he would not be able to return to teaching. Schuyler needed a job in order to put himself through medical school.

Rex admitted that if he had known, he would have offered Schuyler a job at Ultraviolet. Gigi was surprised until Rex confessed that he would have preferred that Schuyler not work with Gigi. She revealed that Schuyler had been reluctant to accept the job at Rodi's because he was worried that it might put a strain on her relationship with Rex. Gigi wondered if it would pose a problem. Rex made it clear that he trusted Gigi.

Rex acknowledged that he didn't have any room to complain, given his situation with Stacy. He was honest that he wasn't happy about Gigi working with Schuyler. Rex freely admitted that he wished Gigi would turn to him with all of her problems instead of confiding in Schuyler. However, Rex was determined that he wasn't going to let Schuyler's new job become an issue.

Kim arrived at Rodi's and then promptly planted herself in a seat at the bar where Schuyler was working. She immediately struck up a conversation with him and eventually asked him out on a date. Schuyler was flattered, but he turned down her invitation. Kim wasn't easily discouraged. She switched tactics to confess that she had always had a thing for him, even back in Las Vegas when he had been dating Stacy.

Schuyler was stunned by the admission; however, he remained undeterred. He didn't want to hurt Stacy by going out with Kim. Kim assured Schuyler that Stacy wouldn't mind. According to Kim, Stacy would want Schuyler to move on instead of pining away for Gigi. Schuyler made it clear that he and Gigi were just friends. Kim smiled brightly as she pointed out that there wasn't any reason for Schuyler not to go out with her.

Later, Rex introduced Grammy award winning singer Lionel Richie to the crowd in Ultraviolet. Everyone cheered as Lionel Richie and Jeremih took to the stage to perform.

This episode featured "Just Go," by Lionel Richie, featuring Jeremih.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Blair Essentials

Somewhere in Llantano Bay, Blair awoke hungover and alone on the commandeered boat. As she searched the deck for Ross, she failed to notice Dorian's check in his coat pocket. Suddenly, Ross crawled aboard soaking wet; he'd gone for a morning swim. Blair was still furious at him for foiling her scheme, and desperate to return to shore. Sighting a passing boat, Blair screamed for help.

Ross told her that no one could hear them, and Todd and Téa's wedding was over. He urged her to give up her mission and move on. Blair wondered why he was sticking up for the newlyweds all of a sudden. Ross said he knew a "no-win situation" when he saw one, and said it was time for her to let go, move on, and stop humiliating herself.

Blair asked Ross why he cared what happened to her. "Because I like you," Ross said mischievously. Blair told Ross that they weren't friends; they had common goals and once those were reached, they'd be done with each other.

Ross was dismayed that his camaraderie wasn't mutual, but gave Blair a pleasant surprise: The keys to the boat. He explained that he'd found them while diving. Overjoyed, Blair ordered him to start the engines. Ross took the wheel, but warned Blair that whatever happened when they got back to land was up to her.

At the country club, Todd and Téa greeted the morning in their honeymoon cabana amidst a tangle of arms, legs, and sheets. Téa was satisfied and happy to be with her new husband, but told him she couldn't be "Mrs. Manning." Before Todd could get the wrong idea, Téa clarified by saying that she would be keeping her maiden name; she refused to share the same name Blair had once used. Todd agreed, and told her that he was glad they'd gotten everything out in the open. He said he didn't even mind the years she'd spent with Ross after the island.

The mention of her past made Téa freeze up. Todd didn't notice her uneasiness, and continued to sing the praises of once again being a married man. He reminded Téa that she could no longer testify against him in court, and Téa countered that she couldn't defend him anymore, either. Todd said that wouldn't be necessary, as "you married a saint!" He promised he'd be on his best behavior, and urged Téa to trust him.

Téa grew melancholy and said she wanted to trust him; she wanted to feel safe, as though she could tell him anything. Todd promised her that she could. Anxious to change the subject, Téa needled him about looking for Blair during the ceremony. Todd insisted that he hadn't been looking for Blair, while Téa muttered that she had nothing to prove to her rival. "Enough about Blair," Todd said, grabbing Téa for another round of lovemaking.

From the Buchanan mansion, Clint called John at the police station and asked him for an update on the stalker case. As he examined his file on Jared on his computer, John said he was working on it and hoped to have news soon.

After he finished his call to John, Clint greeted Nora and asked about her appeal in Matthew's case. Nora hoped to have a ruling soon. She told Clint that after what had happened to Shaun, the judge would have to look twice at Greg Evans, who'd almost killed his own brother. Matthew wheeled into the room, having overheard the conversation. He accused Nora of using the tragedy with Shaun to prevent his surgery.

Nora told Matthew that she didn't want what had happened to Shaun to happen to him. Matthew said the cases were totally different, and he trusted Greg's ability. Clint chimed in by saying that Asa would be proud of Matthew's fighting spirit, but wouldn't want the family torn apart. He said that if he'd known flying Greg into town would hurt Bo, Nora, and Matthew the way it had, he'd never have done it.

Matthew said he didn't know what Asa would have thought of his choices. Seizing on Matthew's doubts, Nora reminded him that Shaun had wanted a risky operation just as he did. She told him that the Evans family could just as easily be her, Bo, and Rachel, sitting in a waiting room, praying for a miracle for Matthew instead of Shaun. Hesitant, Matthew told them he had to see Greg. After Matthew left, Nora embraced Clint, and thanked him for his support.

At Llanfair, Jared and Brody were chafing under "house arrest," courtesy of Natalie and Jessica, who refused to let them exert themselves during their recoveries. Jessica stopped Brody at the door as he tried to escape to the gym, and said he wouldn't be going anywhere until his stitches were taken out. In the living room, Natalie told Jared he wasn't going anywhere until she said so. Jared was turned on by her take-charge attitude, and kissed her passionately.

As Natalie and Jessica headed for the kitchen to make breakfast, Jared answered a call on his phone. He spoke in hushed tones, and warned the person on the other end never to call him at home. Brody entered the living room just as Jared finished his call. Jared covered his tracks by claiming that it had been someone from Buchanan Enterprises. Brody was unconvinced.

Jessica returned with breakfast on a tray. She teased the men about fortifying themselves in case of another run-in with trouble. Jared played down his assault, and said he'd just been a victim, not a hero like Brody.

In the foyer, Natalie answered the door to find John, who said he had some more questions. Natalie bristled, but John assured her that he wanted to question everyone, not just Jared. Natalie led John into the living room, where John asked the couples to recount the stalking incidents for him from the beginning. Jessica explained what had happened at the lodge the night before Clint and Nora's wedding, and mentioned that she'd had another incident, a false alarm, where she'd found David's producer, Ford, on the patio outside Llanfair.

As Jessica reviewed the chain of events, Jared looked increasingly uncomfortable. John asked about each of the foursome's whereabouts during the incidents. He noted that Jared was with Charlie on both the night before and the morning of the double wedding, calling Jared's father his alibi. Natalie blew up, accusing John of railroading Jared. John said he had no choice but to ask his questions.

As the argument continued, Jared's phone began to vibrate again, unnoticed by the others; he ignored it. Natalie told John that Jared couldn't have been the stalker, and Jessica agreed. John said he only wanted to figure out why Jared was the one who'd been assaulted at Buchanan Enterprises. He thanked the family for their time, and told them to enjoy their breakfast. Irate, Natalie warned him to call the next time he wanted to pay them a visit.

As John left, Brody followed him into the foyer, claiming he wanted to talk about the drug bust. Once they were alone, Brody informed John that Jared had been asking questions about the case, and had just taken a suspicious-sounding call on his phone. John said he couldn't get access to Jared's phone records without a warrant and just cause. Brody said he'd try to get his hands on the phone. "Watch your back," John cautioned.

In the living room, Natalie was still upset about John's focus on Jared. Jared defended the detective, and said John had no choice but to ask the tough questions. As he hugged her, his phone vibrated yet again.

At the police station, David burst into Bo's office with a gift: A DVD set containing all the footage from David's failed reality show. Bo was less than touched, and refused the memento. David assured his father he'd want to see the footage. Bo reluctantly loaded one of the discs into his computer, and watched as David's hidden camera at the Buchanan mansion showed Matthew and Destiny discussing the lawsuit during the trial. Frustrated, Matthew told Destiny that he was prepared to tell the judge that Bo and Nora did not have his best interests at heart, and had kissed the night before she'd married Clint.

Stoic, Bo told David that his filming the kids without their knowledge was an invasion of privacy. Noticing that Bo was not denying the kiss with Nora, David crowed, "I knew it!" Bo asked if David intended to blackmail him with the footage, so David wouldn't go to Clint. David said he wouldn't, mostly because he hadn't been able to make any copies. He promised Bo that Clint would never see the footage on the disc.

Clint and Nora entered the office while David was speaking. Clint demanded to know what he would never see. Thinking fast, David claimed he'd agreed to keep Clint's "star turn" in reality television out of the public eye for fear of shaming the family. He said he knew the Buchanan motto was "family first." Nora found David's devotion hard to swallow, since he'd helped fracture the family bonds by footing Matthew's legal bills.

Nora asked Bo for news about their appeal, but Bo had none. She told him she thought Matthew might be wavering on the operation. David encouraged Bo and Nora to admire Matthew's strength, and suggested that Bo could be proud of both his sons for doing what was right. "Isn't there a housewife that's desperate for you somewhere?" Nora snapped. David quickly exited, but not before handing the trio "Dorian Lord for mayor" buttons and loudly promising never to use the embarrassing family footage against them.

As Clint slammed the office door in David's face, John walked back into the lobby. Having overheard David's comments about embarrassing footage of Clint and Jessica, John asked David about his DVD, and the incident with Jessica and Ford. David said he'd be willing to part with the second disc for a fee, but John grabbed it and told David to get lost. Moaning about John's lack of respect, David left.

Inside the office, Bo, Clint, and Nora tossed their "Dorian for mayor" buttons in the trash. Clint kissed Nora goodbye as he left for Buchanan Enterprises. Alone again, Bo and Nora reviewed the footage of Matthew and Destiny. Nora was shocked that David had left the scandal alone, and suggested that Bo was rubbing off on his son. Bo looked pained as she wrote their kiss off as a moment of weakness and bad judgment.

Bo smashed the disc and tossed it into the trash. Nora mused that Matthew hadn't needed to use the information he'd had on them to win his case. She warned Bo that Matthew was on his way to the hospital to see Greg, and could have already scheduled his surgery.

At Llanview Hospital, Destiny sat at Shaun's bedside, playing his favorite music and teasing him about his looks and the medal he'd won for bravery. Greg walked in, and Destiny explained that she'd been hoping to get Shaun mad in order to wake him from his coma. Greg told his little sister that the only person Shaun had reason to be angry with was Greg. Destiny apologized for lashing out at Greg before, and said he was still the best doctor in the world. She told him he'd prove that again once he helped Matthew.

Greg wasn't so sure he could help Matthew. He told Destiny that he couldn't be her hero anymore. Destiny said her brothers would always be her heroes, and reassured Greg that Shaun would wake up soon.

After Destiny left, Greg began to read to Shaun from one of his favorite detective novels. The story was about a man killed by his "two-timing" brother, murdered over a woman. "It was a clear case of fratricide," Greg said aloud as he glanced at Shaun, stricken with guilt.

In the corridor, Destiny ran into Matthew. Matthew asked if she was okay, and Destiny said she was better for having seen him. She said she needed friends around, with the rest of her family distracted. She was sure that Greg could still save Shaun, and Matthew, as well.

Matthew grumbled that his parents were still nagging him, second-guessing him about his surgery. Destiny asked if he was having second thoughts himself. Before Matthew could answer, Greg emerged from Shaun's room. Matthew asked Greg when they could schedule his operation. Morose, Greg told Matthew he wouldn't be operating on him.

Blair and Ross arrived outside Todd and Téa's honeymoon cabana. As Blair prepared to bust up the newlyweds, she heard Téa's giddy laughter from inside. Blair stopped dead, horrified. A waiter wheeled a room service cart towards the cabana, and asked Blair and Ross if they were the Mannings. "I'm not Mrs. Manning," Blair mumbled, deflated. "Not anymore."

The waiter knocked on the cabana door. Still wrestling with Téa, Todd yelled at him to leave the food and go. As the waiter left, Ross began poking around the room service cart, while Blair seethed. Ross asked her what she wanted to do. "Take me home," she said softly, and let Ross usher her away.

Inside the cabana, Téa got dressed, ready for breakfast. She stepped outside and found the room service cart unattended. Then, she discovered the crumpled check on the ground, where it had fallen from Ross's coat. As she spotted the name "Ross Rayburn," Téa grew stricken. When Todd called out to her, Téa grabbed the breakfast cart and returned to the cabana.

At the station, John watched David's DVD, examining the footage of Jessica's run-in with Ford on the patio outside Llanfair. As Ford and his camera dashed through the bushes, John caught sight of someone else standing unnoticed beside the French doors. He zoomed in on the image, revealing a mysterious man lurking on the periphery.

Back at Llanfair, Brody spotted Jared's phone. Before he could examine it, Jared pocketed it and told Brody he was going to take a shower. Anxious, he hurried upstairs and dialed a number.

In the living room, Brody was lost in thought as Jessica comforted an agitated Natalie. Jessica reminded Natalie that for Jared to be the stalker, he would have had to be in two places at once.

Just then, the mysterious man from David's DVD appeared on the patio, watching Brody and the girls. He answered his phone; Jared was on the other end. Jared told the man that he couldn't have spoken to him while he was with the others. "I've got them in my sights," the stalker said, gazing at Jessica and Natalie.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Who's Zoomin' Who

At the rehab center, Schuyler confided in Rachel that he had obtained a second job in order to pay for medical school. Rachel had her doubts when she heard that the second job was at Rodi's, where Gigi was also employed. She thought that Gigi was Schuyler's "drug of choice" and things would be too difficult for Schuyler to handle. Schuyler didn't agree and then shared the news that Kim had asked him out. He knew that Gigi would be unhappy about it but he had turned her down, because he didn't feel that he had anything in common with "Princess Thunder Thighs," which was Kim's stage name, anyway. Rachel felt that Schuyler should go out with Kim.

Cris surprised Layla and dropped her forgotten gym bag off at the police station. He revealed that he had a meeting with an art dealer who wanted to know all about Cris and his inspirations for his art work. The two would be hitting the town. Immediately suspicious, Layla accused Cris of having a date with the dealer, who was probably a cougar, and suspected it was not a meeting at all. "Why do you care?" Cris wanted to know.

Assuring Cris that she didn't care at all, Layla pointed out that they were friends and she was obligated to look after him. She thanked Cris for taking her to the wedding and concert, and they agreed that those weren't considered dates.

Gigi and Kim had some words at Rodi's when Gigi accused Kim and Stacy of spying on her. She pointed out that Rex had learned about Schuyler's new job at Rodi's within seconds of it happening. She referred to Kim and Stacy as the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Sluts" and was obviously jealous when Kim dropped a bombshell; she had asked Schuyler out on a date.

Kyle and Oliver bumped into each other at the bar in Rodi's, and Kyle mentioned how proud he was about Oliver "coming out" to his parents and standing up for himself. Before Oliver could express some self-doubt, Kyle told Oliver that he was perfect. Oliver wondered what would have happened to them as a couple if his mother hadn't discovered them together back in college. When Kyle pointed out that Oliver wouldn't have come out any sooner anyway, Oliver agreed. Their conversation was over when Kyle's date, Nick, arrived and the couple headed for a table.

Arriving at Rodi's and plunging into his new job, Schuyler was surprised to see Kim, who whined that she hadn't heard from him after she had asked him out. Schuyler accepted the offer and the pair made plans for the end of Schuyler's shift. "Have you lost your mind?" Gigi yelled at Schuyler. When Gigi called Kim "Vegas trash," Schuyler rushed to Kim's defense. He advised Gigi that he couldn't wait around any longer for the right girl to happen along. He had already tried that and it didn't work, he reminded her.

Gigi apologized for rubbing Schuyler's nose in his feelings for her. She agreed that she shouldn't be hovering over him, but she was sure that Kim and Stacy were up to something. Schuyler assured her that he'd be on the lookout, but he had to move on. She urged him to be careful. In the meantime, Kim called Stacy to share the good news about her date, and was thrilled to add that Gigi was positively jealous.

As Cris waited around for the art dealer, he struck up a conversation with Oliver. He urged his roommate to sit at the table with Kyle and Nick, but Oliver was loath to interrupt the date. Noting how Oliver and Kyle had been looking at each other, Cris suggested that his motto "No ring, no strings," should be Oliver's as well. He noted that Kyle and Nick hadn't been dating that long. Cris strongly suggested that Oliver needed to tell Kyle how he felt. Oliver agreed that he would do that when Cris did the same thing and confessed his feelings to Layla. Cris insisted that he didn't have feelings for Layla and that they were merely friends and roommates. Oliver ordered Cris to follow his own advice. He added that he had seen how Cris and Layla looked at each other.

At their table, Kyle told Nick about running into Oliver's dad. He had mentioned it to Oliver, but not the part about Mr. Fish catching a kiss between Nick and Kyle. Nick wondered if Kyle was into Oliver or if it was the other way around. Kyle assured Nick that Oliver just needed a friend. The guys shared a kiss goodbye when Nick had to leave, and they agreed to meet up again. Cris insisted that Oliver head to Kyle's table and he finally agreed that he would talk to Layla. Just then, Layla arrived and Cris admitted that the art dealer had stood him up. Oliver walked over to speak to Kyle.

As the presumed stalker, who was lingering outside of the study at Llanfair, focused on Natalie and Jessica, Jared headed off to take a shower. Stealthily, Brody headed for Jared's bedroom and, hearing Jared's running water, he picked up Jared's phone that was laying on the bed. He quickly scanned Jared's latest calls. He found several from an unknown caller, but as the water stopped, he tossed the phone back onto the bed and fled. Entering from the bathroom, Jared curiously picked up his phone and looked around.

Downstairs, the stalker appeared ready to make his move, but Brody returned to the girls in the study. Natalie received a call from John, advising her that he was on his way over. Jared headed into the study and asked his wife if she had been upstairs, since he thought he heard her voice. Natalie assured him that she hadn't been there. John arrived with his enhanced picture of the stalker and passed it around to everyone.

Jessica thought it might have been the person she saw in the yard, but she wasn't sure. John explained that the photo was courtesy of David Vickers and his filming crew. John asked if he would be able to show the photo to Bree and, while Jessica was okay with it, Natalie put up a fuss. After reconsidering, Natalie agreed, thinking that it would get John off of Jared's back.

"Daddy," Bree called out after being shown the photo. She told John that it was the same man who had given her the stuffed elephant. Natalie advised John that he had his stalker and would be able to leave Jared alone. Outside, the stalker kept watch. He advised an unknown party on the phone that he had lost his chance, but would get another one.

Natalie grilled Jared about the stalker's photo but Jared insisted that he had no idea of who the man was and said he had never seen the man at Buchanan Enterprises.

Back at the police station, John received information from an FBI friend on the stalker's identity. The man had done prison time in the same place as Jared and at the same time. Brody arrived and told John what he had seen on Jared's phone.

At the hospital, a still distraught Greg informed Matthew that he wouldn't be operating on him or anyone else ever. He continued to blame himself for the mistake that had caused Shaun's plight and he vowed to make sure that something like that would never happen again. Greg promised to give Matthew a referral for another doctor and had an associate in mind. He would speak to him on behalf of Matthew.

An angry Matthew did his best to convince Greg to perform the surgery as promised, but Greg refused to give in. He assured the teen that his mind was made up and he wouldn't do it. Sadly, Matthew told Destiny that he would probably be in his wheelchair forever. Rachel arrived and overheard her brother's declaration. She entered Shaun's room and found Greg talking to his unconscious brother. Rachel demanded to know what had happened, and Greg informed her that he hadn't held up his end of his oath, the part that said "Do no harm." He planned on never operating again, he added.

Out in the hallway, Rachel berated Greg for making decisions based on fear, the same thing that he had accused her of doing. "What about those people you healed?" she asked him. She was sure that Shaun would praise Greg if he had the chance to do so, and he wouldn't want his brother to give up. They continued to argue over Greg's decision and Rachel admitted that she didn't have a clue as to what Greg was going through. She knew that it was difficult to go through it alone and she suggested that Greg speak to a psychiatrist. She noted that she herself was seeking help with Marty Saybrooke. Greg lost his temper and brushed Rachel off; he headed to sit beside Shaun again.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Exes and Oh's!

At La Boulaie, Dorian met with David, her campaign manager, and expressed her delight that Ross had succeeded at preventing Blair from disrupting Todd and Téa's wedding. Informing Dorian that she had no reason to celebrate, David presented Dorian with the latest edition of the Sun. The article stated that Viki was ahead of Dorian in the election polls. Blaming David for her troubles, an enraged Dorian instructed her campaign manager to uncover damaging evidence against Viki.

Inside her rented cabana on the country club grounds, Téa examined the check that had fallen from Ross's pocket. Todd crept up behind Téa and presented her with the latest edition of the Sun. The cover featured the newly married couple and a title that read, "Nothing can come between them." Realizing that his bride was troubled, Todd questioned why Téa was upset. In an attempt to deflect Todd's questioning, Téa stressed that she wanted to start a new life with Todd and his children.

The mention of family life caused Todd to suggest that he and Téa start a family of their own, leaving Téa in complete shock. Téa advised Todd that having a child would be an unwise move, but pointed out that she loved him for considering the idea. Claiming that she had a family court date, Téa quickly excused herself.

Inside the cabana on the grounds of La Boulaie, Ross attempted to console Blair by urging her to forget about Todd. Insisting that he cared for her, Ross invited Blair to join him in Tahiti, and gave her a passionate kiss. Initially, Blair responded to Ross's kiss, but eventually pulled away. After she promised to have all legal matters against Ross dropped and file his divorce papers, Blair said goodbye.

Once Blair had left the cabana, Ross phoned Elijah and exclaimed, "I did it! Téa thinks we're divorced and Dorian issued me a large check!" As he boasted about his instant wealth, Ross realized that the check was missing.

Meanwhile, at La Boulaie, Blair explained to Dorian how Ross had dragged her away and ruined her opportunity to stop Todd and Téa's wedding. When Blair related that Ross had claimed to have feelings for her, Dorian suggested that her niece consider a possible romance with Ross. Stunned by Dorian's advice that she become involved with an ex-felon, Blair stormed out of the room.

Moments later, Ross stumbled into La Boulaie and asked Dorian to issue him another check. Dorian didn't believe Ross's claim that he had lost the check and refused to issue him another. While Blair listened out in the hall, Ross reminded Dorian that he had earned the money by distracting Blair -- just as Dorian had instructed him to do.

Upon learning that they had schemed against her, Blair lashed out at Ross and Dorian. Hurt and confused, Blair reminded Ross that he had claimed to have feelings for her. Although Ross argued that he did care for her, Blair refused to believe him. Blair announced that she wouldn't drop the charges against him, and insisted that she would add a list of additional charges. Angered by their betrayal, Blair warned, "Nobody's going to get away with this!" As Blair rushed out of the house, Dorian pleaded with Ross to go after her. Stating that Blair was determined to get what she wanted, Ross advised Dorian that she was fighting a losing battle.

Ross related that he didn't want Téa to discover him at La Boulaie, and suggested that he end his stay. Cautioning Ross that Téa was the least of his worries, Dorian reminded Ross that that he would face the wrath of Todd once Todd learned that Ross was actually married to Téa.

Blair arrived at Todd's honeymoon cabana and teased him about having valuable information regarding Téa. Unwilling to play games with Blair, Todd refused to hear any accusations made against Téa. After a brief hesitation, Todd demanded to know what information Blair had uncovered about his wife. With a devilish smile, Blair remarked, "You can't be Téa's husband, because she already has one!"

At that moment, Téa barged into La Boulaie and called out to Dorian. As Téa demanded to know why Dorian had written a check to Ross Rayburn, Téa was stunned to discover Ross in the room, instead of Dorian.

In the library of Llanfair, Charlie was pleased to learn that Viki was leading Dorian in the polls, but warned that Dorian had a trick up her sleeve. Charlie reminded Viki that Nick Chavez, an activist for the Llanview Gay and Lesbian Alliance, had scheduled a meeting with Viki to discuss Viki's stand on gay rights issues.

Viki and Charlie welcomed Nick into their home. When Nick asked Viki if she supported gay marriages, Viki stated that every human being deserved respect and equal rights under the law, which pleased Nick. As Viki assured Nick that she was a supporter of gay rights, David arrived and interrupted Viki's session with Nick. Certain that Dorian had sent David to spy on her, Viki asked David to leave, but Nick insisted on learning Dorian's stand on gay rights. Startled by the request, David searched for answers, but came up short. When Nick learned that Viki employed a gay individual on her campaign, Nick questioned whether Dorian did the same. Unable to present Nick with a convincing answer, David quickly excused himself.

Later, David returned to La Boulaie to update Dorian on recent developments. David explained that it was necessary for Dorian to hire a "queen" to work on her campaign. To his surprise, Dorian announced, "I don't need one, I already have you!"

Back at Llanfair, Natalie questioned whether Jared was certain that he had never seen the stalker before. Reminding Jared that John was convinced that the culprit had once worked at Buchanan Enterprises, Natalie thought it was surprising that Jared didn't recognize the suspect. A look of suspicion crossed Natalie's face. While Jared continued to deny knowing the stalker, Jessica entered and the couple ended the conversation.

Inside John's office, John informed Brody that Jared and the stalker had served time in prison together. Convinced that Jared knew his attacker, Brody questioned how John intended to proceed with the case. Relating that he hadn't determined if Jared actually knew his attacker, John told Brody that he wanted to include someone else in the investigation.

While Jessica spoke with Natalie and Jared, Brody phoned and asked Jessica to meet him at the police station. Jessica grew nervous when Brody insisted that she not reveal where she was going to Natalie or Jared. After hanging up with Brody, Jessica quickly made up an excuse to leave. Once Jessica had left, a suspicious Natalie informed Jared that Jessica had lied to them. Natalie began to question if John had enlisted Brody's help in searching for the stalker.

Certain that Natalie's was worried about John's suspicion of him, Jared assured Natalie that John couldn't hurt him because he was innocent. As Jared tried to ease Natalie's anxiety, he received a mysterious call. Answering the call, Jared screamed into the phone, "I'll have to call you back!" After lying about the identity of the caller, Jared informed Natalie that he was taking her on a special date, and insisted that she get ready for a night of fun. As Natalie left to prepare for the date, Jared received a text message that read, "I'm on the terrace."

Jessica arrived at the police station and was shocked to learn of Jared's possible connection to the stalker. Jessica couldn't believe that Jared would ever want to cause harm to Natalie and her family. Recalling that Tess was responsible for Jared's stint in prison, Jessica wondered if Jared was actually using Natalie to seek revenge against Jessica. Jessica wondered if Natalie was in danger.

Once Natalie was dressed and ready for their date, she searched downstairs for Jared. As Natalie approached the terrace, a sudden fear struck her. Opening the terrace doors, Natalie discovered Jared kneeling over the bloody, motionless body of the alleged stalker.

At Rodi's, a shocked Kyle listened as Fish confessed that he was still in love with Kyle. As Fish began to pour his heart out, Kyle was skeptical of Fish's true feelings. Reminding Fish that he had hurt Kyle in the past, Kyle stated that he wasn't willing to put his heart on the line again. Kyle believed that Fish wasn't sure of his true feelings, but Fish insisted that he wanted to renew his relationship with his former lover.

To Fish's surprise, Kyle related that he was happy with Nick and wanted to give the relationship a try. Informing Fish that they couldn't become involved again, Kyle suggested that Fish enjoy his new freedom as a gay male. While Fish continued to declare his love for Kyle, Nick approached and questioned if he had interrupted an important conversation. After saying goodbye to Fish, Kyle ushered Nick in the opposite direction. When Nick expressed concern about Kyle's friendship with Fish, Kyle assured Nick that there was no need for concern.

Across the room, Layla chastised Cristian for convincing Fish to reveal his true feelings to Kyle. When Layla insisted that it was too soon for Fish to become involved in a relationship, Cristian questioned if Layla was actually speaking about her own situation. Reminding her that she was still hurting, Cristian wondered if Layla would want to know if someone had feelings for her. Layla wondered if Cristian was trying to tell her something.

Joining Cristian and Layla, Fish informed his friends that he had failed at renewing his relationship with Kyle. Apologizing for encouraging Fish to express his feelings to Kyle, Cristian stated, "You're a better man than me. I would never have the guts!" Consoling Fish, Layla stated that it was too soon for him to become involved with someone. Cristian listened intently as Layla exclaimed, "I'm not ready, either. If Prince Charming were to walk through that door right now, I wouldn't even notice!"

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