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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 5, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, October 5, 2009

In Madison's room, Madison practically dared Angie to provide her with a deadly dose of pills. Madison reminded Angie that the Hubbards would be better off with Madison dead. Angie appeared momentarily tempted, but then she announced that assisted suicide was illegal. Even if it weren't, Angie was not a murderer; she would never help Madison take the coward's way out. Angie admitted that she was hopeful that Madison would eventually do the right thing by turning over the key to the safety deposit box, so that the Hubbards wouldn't have to live with a threat hanging over their heads.

At the hospital, Jesse, Frankie, and Randi discussed Madison's overdose. Randi wondered what would happen after Madison was admitted to Oak Haven Sanitarium. Jesse explained that Madison would be put under suicide watch and kept at the facility until she no longer posed a threat to herself or others. Frankie questioned whether Madison's suicide attempt had been a sincere wish to die or a ploy designed to manipulate them. Jesse believed that Madison had hit rock bottom.

While Jesse, Frankie, and Randi were talking, they overheard Madison's father, James Beardsley, ask a nurse to direct him to his daughter's room. Jesse took the opportunity to introduce himself. After Jesse escorted James to a private area, in order to update him about Madison's condition, Angie stopped to talk to Frankie and Randi. She told them about Madison's request for more pills.

Randi suggested that Madison must have been in a very dark place in order to contemplate suicide. Randi thought that perhaps Madison needed someone to tell her that she wasn't as terrible as everyone had accused her of being. Frankie remained skeptical about Madison's state of mind; he advised Randi to never underestimate the enemy.

When Jesse told James about Madison's overdose, James revealed that his daughter had attempted suicide in the past. According to James, Madison's suicide attempts were nothing more than desperate bids to extort money from her parents. Jesse informed James that Angie had confirmed that Madison had taken a lethal overdose; Madison would have died if she had not been found in time. James continued to insist that his daughter had not intended to end her life.

Frankie went to Madison's room to demand answers. Madison didn't see the point in trying to explain her side of things because it was clear to her that Frankie had made up his mind. However, Madison did reveal that, until Frankie, she'd never seen a man who had expressed genuine affection and love for his wife. Madison confessed that she had believed that all men either ignored or mistreated their wives.

Madison confided that she had ached for what Frankie and Randi had. Before Frankie could respond, James Beardsley stormed into the room. As soon as he set eyes on his daughter, James tore into her. He cautioned Frankie not to believe a word out of her lying mouth. James continued to berate Madison by accusing her of being a drunk "dilettante" who had failed at everything, including suicide.

Frankie was shocked by James's vehemence; he ordered Madison's father out of the room and then followed him to make certain that the man had left. In the hallway, James demanded to know Frankie's name. Jesse and Angie approached them as Frankie revealed that he was Dr. Hubbard. James observed that the hospital was "crawling with Hubbards." When James threatened to take his daughter home, Angie put her foot down. According to the Hubbards, Madison was going to be transferred to a sanitarium.

James was outraged. As he marched off, James warned them that he intended to contact his attorney. Angie, Jesse, and Frankie decided that they had to act quickly if they hoped to get Madison the help that she desperately needed. Frankie decided that he would drive Madison to Oak Haven himself. Angie was opposed to the idea, but Frankie refused to be swayed.

Later, James and his attorney approached Jesse and Angie. James was livid when he learned that Madison was gone.

Madison and Frankie were in the car on their way to Oak Haven. Madison offered Frankie the key to her safety deposit box. She wanted Frankie and Randi to have peace of mind. Frankie looked down at the key. Unfortunately his eyes were off of the road for too long. Suddenly a truck horn blared. A heartbeat later, on-coming headlights blinded them.

At the Martin residence, Tad was flabbergasted by Krystal's admission that she had attempted to get closer to David. He couldn't believe that Krystal would ask to reconcile with him in one breath and then, in the next, admit that she had thrown herself at David. Krystal clarified that she had only intended to gain David's confidence, in order to help Amanda. Krystal explained that she had never intended to sleep with David.

Krystal was confident that she had been in complete control of the situation. Tad reminded Krystal that no one controlled David except for David. Tad didn't think that seducing the "Antichrist" was a viable option. He was furious that he had allowed himself to think that he could work things out with Krystal.

Krystal was crushed; she desperately wanted to work things out with Tad, but Tad didn't think it was possible. He confessed that he would always wonder if Krystal's attempts to get closer to David might stem from a deep-seated need to get back with David. Krystal repeated that she was merely trying to help Amanda, but Tad couldn't be swayed. He refused to live in David's shadow.

A short time later, Jake entered the house with Stuart in tow. Tad was shocked when Jake revealed that Stuart's birth mother had shown up in Pine Valley. Tad was furious that Jake continued to play "keep away" with someone's child. In his anger, Tad suggested that Jake was just as bad as David when it came to children. Jake accused his brother of taking a cheap shot, but Tad didn't apologize; he was tired of all of the lies.

When Tad decided to seek out Liza, Jake tried to stop him. He reminded Tad that it was up to Liza, not Tad, to tell Bailey the truth. Tad remained determined to set things straight. After Tad left, Krystal entered the foyer. It was clear that she had overheard part of the argument. She revealed that Tad was mad at her, not Jake. Krystal was certain that Tad had not meant any of the harsh things that he had said. Jake disagreed and then admitted that Tad's assessment of him had been correct.

At the Yacht Club, Liza was stunned to realize that Bailey Welles was in the restaurant, looking for her. Liza asked Jake to disappear with Stuart before Bailey spotted them. Once Jake and Stuart were gone, Liza approached Bailey. Bailey stared intently across the room at Amanda, Trevor, and David. She wondered if Trevor was her son. Liza guided Bailey to a quiet corner to explain that Bailey's son was with a good family. Liza reminded Bailey that she had signed legal papers, which had made the adoption binding.

Bailey claimed that she couldn't let the matter drop; she desperately missed her baby. Liza was startled when David suddenly appeared next to her. He wanted to know who Bailey was and, more importantly, why she was staring at his son. Liza explained that Bailey was her client and that she had not been staring at Trevor. Liza dragged Bailey away before David could question the young woman further.

In Liza's room, Bailey opened up about what she had been going through since her son's adoption. Bailey felt as if she had been forced to sign the adoption papers. According to Bailey, her parents had made the decision for her. When Bailey had asked to hold her son, the nurses had refused. They had advised Bailey that it was for the best. Bailey regretted not saying goodbye to her baby.

Liza was moved to tears as Bailey talked about her experience. She assured Bailey that her feelings were valid, but insisted that the young woman had to move forward. Liza explained that Stuart had bonded with the woman who had adopted him. As she spoke, Liza recalled the first time that she had held her son. Liza's insight prompted Bailey to wonder if Liza knew the adoptive family. Liza confirmed that she did, and then promised Bailey that her son had been a dream come true for the family who had adopted him.

Eventually, Liza managed to persuade Bailey that the adoption had been for the best. As Bailey prepared to leave, someone knocked at the door. It was Tad. Liza tried to send Tad away, but he pushed his way through the door. Liza realized that Tad was there to stay when he made himself comfortable on the sofa and then invited Liza to continue her meeting with Bailey.

Bailey thanked Liza for helping her to understand that her baby was better off with his new family. Liza sensed Tad's disapproval. Before Bailey left, Liza offered to talk to the family on Bailey's behalf, in order to arrange a visit. Bailey was overjoyed at the prospect of seeing her baby.

After Bailey left, Liza questioned how Tad had known that Bailey was in town. Tad answered by asking Liza where she thought Jake had taken Stuart after he had left the Yacht Club. Liza admitted that she had recognized the look on Tad's face, while she had been talking to Bailey. When Tad confessed that he had hoped that Liza would do the right thing, she revealed that her instincts urged her not to allow Bailey near Stuart.

At the Yacht Club, Amanda informed David that she had not appreciated how David had accused an innocent woman of staring at their son. Amanda confessed that she did not like David's intensity. David didn't apologize for his behavior; he insisted that the woman had been staring at their son.

After Amanda and David returned to Wildwind, Amanda asked David to change Trevor's diapers. David absolutely refused to consider it. Amanda was surprised; she suspected that David didn't know how to change diapers. David clarified that he knew how to change diapers; he just chose not to do the chore. Amanda accused David of being afraid and then dared him to prove her wrong. David snatched Trevor out of Amanda's arms and then proceeded to change his son's diapers. Moments later, Trevor peed all over David's shirt. Amanda burst out laughing.

After David changed clothes, he realized that they hadn't christened Trevor. A knock at the door interrupted him. It was Jake. Jake explained that he had decided to take David up on his offer to spend time with Amanda and Trevor. David tried to hide his displeasure as he invited Amanda and Jake to take Trevor to the park. David was surprised when Jake suggested that David go to the park instead.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

On the ride to Oak Haven, Madison wondered about her fate, and commented that Frankie was lucky to have a loving wife. She offered him the key to the safe deposit box containing her blackmail evidence. When Frankie looked at the key, the car swerved into oncoming traffic. He veered, and hit a tree. A battered Frankie looked at Madison, who was bloody and barely conscious beside him.

Jake arrived at Wildwind to accept David's offer to let Jake see his family. David chose to go to the hospital. Before leaving, he made a show of saying goodbye to Trevor and Amanda.

At the hospital, James Beardsley was enraged that the Hubbards had moved Madison to a mental facility without his permission. Jesse figured that James worried more about his image than Madison's well-being. James threatened to file papers against them, and left with his lawyer.

Randi strode in, looking for Frankie. When Angie and Jesse said he'd taken Madison to Oak Haven, Randi grew worried, because Frankie had mentioned getting rid of Madison earlier. Just then, orderlies wheeled Madison into the emergency room, and Angie and David rushed to attend to her. Frankie strode in, explaining to Jesse and Randi that he'd taken his eyes off the road, causing the accident. Randi asked him to get checked out, but he went to help Madison.

Later, Frankie told Jesse and Randi that Madison didn't look good. Jesse and Randi took Frankie to a side room to ask if he'd crashed on purpose. Frankie swore he hadn't, and revealed that Madison had willingly offered to give him the tapes. Jesse questioned Madison's motives, and said they needed to find the safe deposit box key. When Jesse asked why Frankie suddenly trusted Madison, Randi concluded that Frankie had decided that Randi was the killer.

Jesse left to check on Madison, and Frankie told Randi that he believed Madison had changed, but he didn't think Randi was the killer. He sympathized with Madison, who'd been emotionally abused by her husband and father. Randi thought Frankie was giving Madison exactly what she wanted. "The new, remorseful, sincere Madison. Just another way for her to get at you," Randi quipped. Frankie said that Madison could die because of him, and if she wanted him to believe her, he couldn't walk away.

As David ordered tests for Madison, James returned, complaining about the incompetent treatment of his daughter. David said that Madison's aorta might be damaged, but James refused to let David and his "nest of Hubbards" touch his daughter. James ordered her prepped for transfer to East River Hospital. David advised that a move might kill her. "Your staff almost has! Get Madison stabilized, or I'll shut this hospital down!" James demanded.

When Madison awakened, Frankie sat at her bedside, explaining that her father was transferring her to another hospital. Madison said she wanted to remain there, but Frankie assured her that he'd closely monitor her progress. She said he didn't have to do that, but Frankie wanted to. Madison asked him to get the tapes, and he promised that he would. "Frankie...Randi didn't kill Henry. I did. I killed my husband," Madison confessed, as Jesse entered behind them.

Orderlies wheeled Madison away, and Frankie told Randi that Madison had confessed to killing Henry. Frankie assumed that she'd said it in case she didn't make it. They hugged each other, proclaiming that it was finally over.

As Angie and Jesse watched them, an officer approached with an evidence bag. Jesse checked it, and realized that the key wasn't inside. Angie wondered if it had been lost in the crash. "Or somebody got to it first," Jesse theorized.

At Wildwind, Jake told Amanda that he'd behaved like an idiot, because the thought of her with David had driven him crazy. Amanda implored him to trust her, and stop jumping to conclusions. She said that it had hurt her when he'd turned his back on her, and accused her of being on David's side.

Jake stated that he'd fight for them if she still wanted to give their marriage another chance. Amanda wondered how it could work when David always seemed to push Jake's buttons. Jake theorized that David thrived on control. David would eventually implode, because he couldn't control Jake and Amanda's love for each other. Jake figured that David couldn't defeat them as long as they had love and trust.

Amanda kissed Jake, and led him upstairs to make love. As they lay in bed, Jake wondered what it was like to be alone with David. "I bet he sits at a roaring fire, brooding under his unibrow," Jake joked. Amanda asked if they'd be okay. Jake said that they were unbeatable.

When David returned home, he poured a drink, and played the piano. Jake wandered in, and complimented David on the "brooding" tune. Jake tossed a tip in a glass on the piano. Amanda stood in her robe by the stairs, holding Trevor. David watched Jake kiss her and leave.

When Liza refused to hand Stuart over to "that girl," Tad implored her to stop lying, and tell the truth. Liza decided that she'd be so "damn truthful" with Bailey, that Bailey would have no choice but to let Liza keep Stuart. Tad warned that the plan could backfire, since Liza had lied to Bailey all along. Liza realized that she'd have to tell Colby the truth, as well.

Colby entered the room. Liza sat her down to explain that Jake had needed someone to adopt Amanda's baby to protect him from David. Liza had pretended to be pregnant, and adopted Stuart. Colby deduced that Stuart was Amanda's baby, but Liza said the situation was more complicated. Jake had arranged for Liza to adopt a different baby, and that was Stuart.

Colby grew enraged that Liza had faked Stuart's delivery, and realized that Liza was confessing because Bailey, who was really Stuart's mother, wanted her baby back. Liza apologized for lying, but insisted that Stuart was still Colby's brother. Colby accused Liza of lying to get Colby away from her father, and lying to make a family. She wondered why she should believe anything out of Liza's mouth.

Liza sobbed, trying to explain that she'd lied to protect Colby. Because Liza and Colby had been at odds, Liza hadn't wanted Colby to feel displaced by an adoption. Colby didn't buy it, accusing Liza of reeling Colby in with the fake pregnancy. "Maybe we should have named him bait!" Colby quipped, and announced that she was moving out. Upon leaving, Colby said, "It was all a game. Game's over." Tad took off after Colby.

Liza cried, rocking Stuart. She promised that everything would be fine once Tad talked to Colby. Liza called Bailey to say it was time that Bailey met her son.

Liza and Stuart met Bailey at the church. Bailey held Stuart, and explained that she was his mother. Bailey gave Stuart back to Liza so that Bailey could retrieve a stuffed toy for him. Liza suddenly blurted out, "He's mine. I adopted him."

Liza claimed that she'd lied about who'd adopted the child, because she'd feared that Bailey wouldn't understand how much Stuart meant to Liza. Liza insisted that Bailey understand that being raised and loved by Liza was the best thing for Stuart. Bailey replied that she didn't understand any of it, and she fled from the church upset.

Tad followed Colby to the Yacht Club, and she accused him of lying, too. Tad admitted that Liza and he had made mistakes, but he asked Colby to consider the courage it had taken for Liza to be honest. He said that Liza had gambled everything on the small chance that Colby would understand, and forgive. Tad begged Colby to be the family Liza wanted, because Liza's actions proved that she'd do anything for her children.

Colby felt that her mother should have been brazen enough to tell the truth from the start. She couldn't stand being smothered by lies, citing that she'd even believed she was Jake's daughter for a time. Colby swore that she was done forgiving her lying parents.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kendall dreamed that she and Zach were making love. When she awoke, she looked disappointed because she was alone. She then heard her mother's voice over the baby monitor.

Erica told Zach that she enjoyed visiting with Ian. She promised to return the next day. As Erica was about to leave, Kendall called Zach. Zach pretended that Kendall was calling from the prison and handed Erica the phone. Kendall assured Erica that she was fine. Erica wanted to visit Kendall, but Kendall told her not to.

After Erica hung up, she told Zach that she planned to visit Kendall anyway. Erica knew that prison was a demoralizing place and she wanted to help Kendall get through it. Zach urged Erica to obey Kendall's wishes.

Erica and Zach were hopeful that Annie would confess to Stuart's murder. She reminded Zach that Ryan had talked the judge into setting Annie free. Erica was pleased that Annie was free, instead of being locked up in Oak Haven. Zach agreed that Ryan's actions made it possible for them to get to Annie. Erica encouraged Zach to work with Ryan, not against him. Zach refused and warned her that she did not want to be caught in the middle of his feud with Ryan. Erica stated, "I know exactly where I stand," and stormed out.

Aidan entered Zach's home and showed him the DVD that he stole from the mansion. Zach and Kendall watched the DVD. Kendall called Annie a "skank" when she saw Annie kissing JR and Scott. Kendall wanted to show Adam the DVD, so he would dump Annie. Zach thought it was best to keep the DVD a secret. Zach wanted Annie to think that everything was going her way, so she would let her guard down. Aidan agreed with Zach. Kendall was frustrated and told them that she was going crazy because she was locked up in a little room. Zach and Aidan looked like they had an idea after hearing Kendall's comments.

As Kendall and Zach renovated her secret room, Kendall wondered when she would be free. She begged him to tell her when her nightmare would be over. He said, "Thanksgiving." She felt better.

Adam asked for Scott's opinion on the details of his wedding. Scott said that he was the wrong person to ask. Adam wondered where Annie was. Scott said that she went out and left Adam a note. Adam looked nervous to read the note; however, the note simply said that Annie went to run errands and would meet Adam at the casino to go over the wedding plans. Scott asked Adam if he thought that Annie wrote the note because she was leaving him. Adam admitted that there was a time when he thought Annie was using him, but he was confident that she loved him.

Adam and Scott went to the casino and met with the manager. Adam went over the wedding plans with the manager. When they were done, Scott looked worried. Adam knew that Scott was concerned about Annie. Scott feared that Annie had fled the country. Adam told Scott to have faith in Annie.

Annie went to Ryan's penthouse. Annie demanded to see Emma, but Ryan refused. Meanwhile, Emma saw her mother and ran to her. Ryan had no choice but to let Annie visit Emma. Annie told her daughter that she could see her anytime. Emma was glad that Annie visited her at the penthouse because she did not want to go to the "scary house." Annie shot Ryan a nervous look and told Emma to play in her room.

When Emma was gone, Ryan asked Annie when she planned to tell Emma about her upcoming nuptials. Annie said that she was waiting for the right time. Ryan did not want Annie to take Emma to the mansion, since their daughter was very scared of the house. Annie stated that Emma was scared of the mansion because of what she did there.

Ryan was furious that Annie was trying to blame Stuart's murder on Emma. Ryan exclaimed, "What kind of a mother throws her own daughter to the wolves?" Annie insisted that Emma was guilty. He was certain that Annie was the guilty party. Annie warned him not to implicate her because, if he did, he would really be putting handcuffs on Emma.

Erica entered the penthouse and kissed Ryan. Annie looked disgusted. Annie announced that she had a wedding to plan, and left.

Ryan told Erica about his conversation with Annie. Erica could not believe that Annie would use her own child to get away with murder. Ryan said that Annie's top priority had always been Emma, but that had changed. Erica urged Ryan to work with Zach to prove Annie's guilt. Ryan feared that if he accused Annie, Annie would accuse Emma. He refused to let that happen. Erica gave him a stern look and replied, "I have to take care of Kendall."

Annie met Adam and Scott at the casino. She apologized for being late. Adam was happy to see her, but Scott looked surprised. Aidan then approached them and asked when he should expect his wedding invitation. Annie stated that Aidan was not invited.

The manager of the casino offered to give Annie a tour. Annie was excited and told Adam that she needed to use the restroom first. Adam and Scott waited, but Annie never emerged from the restroom. The manager checked all of the restrooms and could not find Annie. Scott was convinced that Annie had fled.

Annie sat in Kendall's secret room. She was tied up and blindfolded. All of the windows were covered and the room was very dark. Annie called out for help, but no one answered. Annie assumed that Ryan had captured her, but it was Aidan, Zach, and Kendall.

Marissa saw Liza at the casino. Liza admitted to Marissa all of the lies she had told about Stuart. Liza claimed that she did not tell Colby the truth initially because she wished to protect her daughter's feelings. Marissa said that it was best to tell the truth, even if Liza thought her lies were out of love for Colby.

Colby woke up in JR's hotel room. She thanked JR for booking her flight to Paris, because she planned on moving there. JR said that he changed his mind and did not want her to go. She was annoyed because he promised to help her leave Pine Valley. He reminded her that she ran away from Liza and Adam before and it did not work. He urged her not to run away again.

Marissa arrived at JR's room. Marissa saw that Colby was upset. Marissa encouraged Colby to talk to Liza, but Colby refused. Marissa told Colby that she should not leave town because JR needed her. JR looked sad, but did not tell his sister about his cancer. Instead, he claimed that Little Adam needed his aunt. Colby agreed to talk to Liza and not leave town.

After Colby left, JR said that his cancer was partly a blessing because it made him appreciate his family. Marissa wondered if JR was ready to talk to Adam. JR replied, "I don't know."

Adam saw Liza at the casino. He was pleased that Colby was mad at Liza. Liza told Adam that Colby was not going to run back to him. He said that his arms and his home were always open to Colby. Liza reminded Adam that Annie would never let Colby move into the mansion. Adam gave Liza a sheepish look.

Colby met Liza at the casino. Liza said that she had told Bailey the truth about Stuart. Colby feared that Bailey would take Stuart away from them. Just then, a messenger handed Liza an envelope and said, "You've been served."

Thursday, October 8, 2009

At the casino, Colby asked Liza if Bailey was going to take Stuart back. Liza admitted that she didn't know, but she believed that she had done the right thing by allowing Bailey to spend some time with Stuart. Moments later, a process server approached Liza to hand her some legal documents. Liza read the papers and then announced that Bailey had petitioned for custody of Stuart.

Colby and Liza returned to their rooms. While Liza held Stuart, Colby assured her mother that things would work out. Colby was confident that anyone who saw Liza with Stuart would know how much Liza loved her son. Liza didn't think that love would trump the law, which Liza believed favored the biological parent. After Liza went to change Stuart's diaper, there was a knock at the door. It was Marissa.

Colby told Marissa about Bailey's decision to file for custody of Stuart. Marissa felt terrible for Liza. Colby wondered if Marissa would stay with Liza while Colby stepped out to run an errand. After Colby left, Liza returned with Stuart. Liza confessed that she wasn't up for another argument with Marissa. Marissa revealed that she wanted to apologize for the way that she had gone off on Liza. Liza assured Marissa that she didn't have to apologize for anything, but Marissa disagreed.

Liza decided to show Marissa the court papers that she had received. Marissa was surprised that Bailey had "lawyered up" so quickly. Marissa urged Liza to fight for custody of Stuart. She offered Liza some insight into what it was like to be raised by adoptive parents. Marissa assured Liza that a child could love their adoptive and biological parents equally. Marissa didn't see any reason a child couldn't have two sets of parents.

Bailey was studying parenting books in her motel room when someone knocked on the door. It was Colby. Bailey demanded to know what Colby wanted. Colby explained that she had been present when Liza had been served with court papers. Bailey accused Liza of stealing her baby, but Colby quickly corrected her. She informed Bailey that Liza had adopted Stuart. When Colby noticed the books scattered on the bed, she entered the motel room and then began talking about how challenging Stuart could be.

Bailey saw through Colby's attempt to scare her. Bailey insisted that she had a right to raise her baby. She accused Colby of not knowing anything about her. Colby disagreed; she knew that Bailey had not been responsible enough to use a condom when Stuart had been conceived. Bailey was furious. She ordered Colby to leave. As Bailey opened the door, she found Liza standing on the doorstep. Liza announced that she had decided that she wasn't going to fight Bailey for custody of Stuart.

Colby couldn't believe that her mother would allow Bailey to take Stuart. Liza hoped that it wouldn't get to that point. Liza explained to Bailey that she and her children were about to move to a home with plenty of room; she invited Bailey to live with them. Bailey was stunned by the offer.

At Ryan's apartment, he made it clear to Erica that he would not sacrifice Emma in order to save Kendall. Ryan refused to risk Emma being accused of murder by her own mother. He feared that it would traumatize Emma. He didn't want Emma to be Annie's next victim. Erica assured Ryan that she didn't want to hurt Emma.

Scott asked the casino manager if they could review the security tapes in the hopes of learning what had happened to Annie. The manager agreed. A short time later, Adam and Scott watched a tape of Annie leaving the casino via the back door. Further investigation confirmed that Annie had not returned to the casino. Scott urged Adam to notify the police, but Adam refused. Adam believed that Annie had run away because she had grown tired of Scott and his friends constantly doubting her innocence.

After Adam stormed off, Scott called Ryan to warn him to keep a close eye on Emma. Ryan didn't understand why Annie would run away, since she was finally free of all of the criminal charges.

When Adam arrived home, he spotted one of Annie's discarded scarves. He picked it up, took a whiff, and then broke down in tears. A few minutes later, Scott entered the parlor. He informed Adam that he had questioned the entire staff and that no one had seen Annie. Scott once again suggested that they call the police. It wasn't necessary; Jesse walked in moments later to announce that Adam had already notified him about Annie's disappearance. Jesse admitted that he didn't think that Annie would have left town without Emma.

Erica arrived at the Chandler mansion a short time later. She demanded to know where Annie was. When Adam revealed that Annie was gone, Erica was livid. She couldn't believe that Adam had let Annie get away. While Erica ranted at Adam, Stuart appeared behind Erica. Stuart insisted that Adam knew what had happened the night of his murder, because Adam had seen everything. Adam agreed with Stuart, prompting Erica to wonder what Adam was talking about.

Ryan carried Emma to the living room and then set her down on the sofa. He explained that he didn't know where Annie was. Emma revealed that Annie had said that she would take her daughter to an island with dolphins. Emma also confided that Annie had promised that she and Emma would have a boat and live in a big house, and that they would go to the beach every day. Ryan gently explained that a judge had decided that Annie wasn't allowed to take Emma anywhere.

Ryan apologized when he realized how upset his daughter was. However, he wanted Emma to understand that Annie had made promises that she couldn't keep. Emma argued that she loved her mommy and then cried that she wanted to see her.

A short time later, Scott stopped by to talk to Ryan. When Scott mentioned how much Annie loved Emma, Ryan disagreed. He told Scott that Annie claimed that Emma had killed Stuart. Scott wondered what kind of mother would accuse her child of murder in order to save herself. Neither man noticed that Emma stood on the staircase and had overheard their conversation. Ryan and Scott were surprised when Emma suddenly announced, "I didn't do it Daddy. I didn't."

At the Slater residence, Zach, Kendall, and Aidan lurked in a dark corner while Annie sat in the center of the room. Annie was tied to a chair and her head was covered with a hood to obstruct her view. As Annie demanded to be released, it became clear that she suspected that Ryan was behind the kidnapping. Annie heard movement as Zach, Kendall, and Aidan left the room; they ignored Annie's pleas to know what was going on.

In the hallway, Aidan urged Zach and Kendall to allow him to interrogate Annie alone. Aidan pointed out that Annie had no idea who was behind her kidnapping. He feared that Annie might find a way to wiggle out of her current situation. If she did, then she wouldn't be able to point to Zach and Kendall as co-conspirators. Aidan also reminded them that he was a trained professional who had experience interrogating people. Zach and Kendall agreed to go along with Aidan's plan.

While Aidan returned to the secret room, Zach and Kendall adjourned to the living room. Kendall feared that they might have made things worse. Before Zach could respond, the doorbell rang. While Kendall ducked out of sight, Zach answered the door. It was Erica. Erica wanted to make certain that Zach didn't lean on Annie for a confession. She revealed that Annie was willing to accuse Emma of murder, in order to stay out of jail.

Zach was confident that Annie would not do that, but Erica disagreed. Zach suggested that Erica stop believing everything that Ryan told her. Erica implored Zach to put his hatred for Ryan aside for the sake of Kendall and Emma. Zach insisted that he was thinking of Kendall and Emma; he suggested that perhaps Erica should do the same instead of being a messenger for others.

Erica argued that she'd been fighting for Kendall since day one. She questioned where Zach had been. Before Zach could respond, Erica asked, "With Liza?" Erica didn't stay to hear his answer.

A short time later, Jesse arrived at the Slater home. Jesse was certain that Zach had been responsible for Annie's kidnapping. Zach and Kendall reluctantly confirmed Jesse's suspicions. Jesse was furious; he wondered if Zach realized that he could be facing kidnapping charges.

In the secret room, Aidan pulled off Annie's hood. Annie was shocked to see Aidan standing before her. Annie wanted to know if Ryan had put Aidan up to the kidnapping; she warned him that their stunt would blow up in their faces. When Annie mentioned Adam, Aidan revealed that Adam had finally realized that Annie had used him as everyone had warned. Annie tried to tempt Aidan with money, claiming that Adam would pay dearly for her release.

Aidan informed Annie that the only thing that he wanted from her was the truth about how Stuart had been murdered. Annie proclaimed her innocence, but Aidan didn't believe her. He made it clear that he expected her to cooperate or else she would suffer the consequences. Annie became angry, but Aidan ignored her.

Eventually, Aidan managed to intimidate Annie into providing him with a detailed accounting of her movements on the night of Stuart's murder. According to Annie, she had first encountered Stuart at the front gates of the Chandler estate. Afterwards, Annie had made her way to the children's nursery where Emma and Little A were spending the night. At one point, Adam had entered the nursery. Annie immediately realized that something was wrong with Adam because he appeared dazed and confused. Annie decided to follow Adam because she was concerned.

Aidan snorted; he accused Annie of following Adam in order to prevent him from calling the police. Annie ignored the comment to continue her story. She claimed that after she had crossed paths with JR, she had found Adam. Moments later a shot rang out. Annie insisted that she had gathered Emma and Adam and then they had made their way to the attic. Aidan didn't believe Annie.

Aidan reminded Annie that he had found her standing in the exact spot that the killer had stood, just two weeks after the murder. When Annie refused to change her story, Aidan announced that they were done for the day and then dropped the hood back into place. Annie immediately panicked as she was assailed with memories of being restrained at Oak Haven. Aidan allowed Annie to suffer for a few minutes before he pulled the hood off of her head.

Annie calmed down immediately. She admitted that she had been present when Stuart had been shot, but she couldn't tell Aidan what she had seen. Annie claimed that she would have nothing left if she told Aidan what she knew. Aidan didn't care; he wanted answers. Aidan continued to push until Annie agreed to tell him what he wanted to know.

Friday, October 9, 2009

David made arrangements to have Trevor baptized right away, but Amanda was not happy with the decision. She told David that she wanted to invite other people and have a say in who would serve as godparents. David saw through her protests and guessed that she wanted Jake to be Trevor's godfather.

Amanda said that because Jake was already in Trevor's life, being a godparent would only strengthen the commitment. David insisted that he'd given in a lot by accepting that Jake would be a part of their lives, but Amanda countered. She pointed out how she had given up a life with her husband to move into Wildwind to co-parent Trevor.

David realized the validity of Amanda's words and offered a deal: if Amanda chose the godfather, David would choose the godmother. Amanda was hesitant at first, but relaxed when David named Marissa. They agreed to the terms and Amanda started to call Jake to tell him the news. David stopped her and said that the news would mean more if David delivered it.

Jesse chastised Zach and Kendall for their role in Annie's abduction. He told them that any information Aidan was able to elicit would be inadmissible in court. Zach pointed that his ultimate goal was to break Annie, and said that if Aidan did his job, Annie would freely tell the truth to anyone who would listen. Jesse said that he had believed in Kendall's innocence from the beginning, and said that torturing Annie wasn't part of their deal. Irate, Zach invited Jesse to save Annie from the torture she deserved.

Aidan promised Annie that she would regain her freedom once she told him the truth about what happened on the terrace the night of Stuart's murder. Emotionally worn down, Annie agreed. Annie started to tell a story that sounded plausible, but when it became clear that her tale was more about stroking Aidan's ego, he put a stop to it. He told Annie that she had broken the rules, and that her actions had made him very angry.

Aidan once again demanded the truth. He stated that once Annie had left Aidan in the cellar, she went on a mission with the mindset to take out anyone in her way. Aidan asked one final time if Annie had killed Stuart. Slowly, quietly -- Annie admitted that she did, and then asked an exasperated Aidan if that was what he wanted to hear. When he didn't respond, she asked him to tell her what he wanted to know. Annie noted that she wanted to give him what he wanted so she could get out of the room and see her daughter again.

Ryan revealed that if he continued to push for the truth, Annie planned to pin Stuart's murder on Emma. Scott was horrified, but before Ryan could respond, Emma, who had overheard the conversation, exclaimed that she hadn't killed Stuart. Ryan quickly scooped his daughter in his arms and promised that no one believed Emma killed Stuart. Emma implored her father to explain why Annie lied.

Ryan told Emma that the night Stuart died was scary for everyone, and explained that Annie's assertions were born out of that fear. Emma asked if she was in trouble, and Ryan promised that she wasn't and that he would take care of her. He also told Emma that she needed to be truthful, and Scott took his leave so that Emma would feel safe enough to do that. Once Scott left, Ryan told Emma that she could tell him what she knew. Emma insisted that she had to do as her mother had asked and keep the secret.

Ryan told his daughter that Annie shouldn't have asked her to keep a secret, because it was only hurting the little girl. Ryan said that he wanted to help Emma, but pointed out that he couldn't until she told him the truth. Emma thought for a moment, and then said that she had to talk to Annie before she could talk openly with her father.

Erica insisted that Annie was the person that killed Stuart and demanded to know how Adam could let Annie play him for a fool when he'd avoided such a fate with other women before. A vision of Stuart appeared and told a perplexed Adam that he had seen everything that night. Adam told Erica that he'd previously believed his memories of that night to be false because of the drugs David had given him.

Erica begged Adam to tell her who had pulled the trigger that ended Stuart's life, but Adam was unable to do so. Adam said that the only thing he remembered was the look on Stuart's face as he lay dying on the living room floor. Adam blamed himself again for his brother's death, but Erica tried to discourage the idea. Adam told her that if he'd been a better man, more like Stuart, all of the people that had been at the mansion that night wouldn't have had a reason to want Adam's blood.

Marissa rushed over to Wildwind and apologized for being so remiss in her support of Amanda. Amanda dismissed Marissa's worries and said she understood. Amanda then updated Marissa on the plans for Trevor's christening and asked if Marissa would fill the godmother role. Marissa was stunned, but honored, and said she would take the responsibility seriously.

Amanda noted that Marissa wouldn't have to shoulder the responsibility alone, and revealed that Jake would be Trevor's godfather. Marissa was surprised and asked if David was okay with it. Amanda confirmed that David had just pretended to be okay. Amanda then said that David's plan was to get Amanda to forget Jake and fall in love with David. Marissa said that David desperately wanted a family, and Amanda pointed out that she couldn't give that to David because her heart belonged to Jake.

David went to the hospital and cleared Jake's schedule so that he could attend the christening. Jake balked at first and thought that the invitation was another one of David's power plays. David insisted that the idea had been Amanda's and that he was simply the messenger. As he considered the invite, Jake took a moment to point out how David had failed to shake his marriage to Amanda.

David said he knew how detrimental his behavior had been to his relationship with Amanda and admitted that his new stance of giving in to Amanda's desires was all for Trevor's benefit. He then told Jake to remember that Trevor would always be David's flesh and blood, and therefore nothing of substance to Jake.

Ryan called Jesse and wanted to know an update on the search for Annie. Jesse quickly covered the truth and said that Annie was presumed to still be in town. Jesse asked what had changed and Ryan revealed that Emma was ready to talk as long as she talked to her mother first. Jesse said that he would do what he could but encouraged Ryan to keep Emma talking in case the little girl spilled the truth on her own. Jesse ended the call and then told the Slaters that things had gotten more complicated.

Annie continued to beg for her freedom but Aidan held it just out of Annie's reach. He told her that it would remain there until she told the truth. Brokenly, Annie admitted that she couldn't be completely honest with Aidan and asked that he take her to see Emma. When Aidan asked why, Annie told him that she'd made Emma keep a secret that was tearing Emma up on the inside. She insisted that she needed to tell Emma that it was okay not to keep the secret.

Jesse filled the Slaters in on what Ryan had said, and wanted to know how they could get the little girl to open up. Aidan went downstairs and updated everyone on the progress that he'd made with Annie. Aidan then suggested that he drug Annie and take her to see Emma. Jesse was against the plan and thought it would cause more trouble. Zach refused to have the meeting at his house and said that Ryan needed to be involved, but only to the point where Ryan could give them what they needed.

Jesse called Ryan back and told him that he had Annie in custody. When Ryan asked for details, Jesse hesitated. Ryan demanded to know what Jesse wasn't telling him, so Jesse put Zach on the phone. Zach told Ryan that in order for Kendall to have a shot at freedom, a face-to-face meeting between Annie and Emma was needed.

Scott arrived at the Chandler Mansion and found Erica watching over Adam as he rested fitfully on the couch. Erica beckoned for Scott to join her in the foyer, and then explained that requests to recall memories from the night of Stuart's death had been too much for Adam to handle.

In the living room, Adam hallucinated and saw his brother again, and Adam sorrowfully had to tell Stuart that he didn't have all the answers. Adam then started awake and found his nephew staring at him. Scott thought that Adam was having a dream, but Adam said he'd been plagued by nightmares.

Erica rejoined the men in the living room, and Scott told them what he'd witnessed at Ryan's. He told them that he decided to leave once he realized how upset Emma was. Scott said he believed that Emma saw her mother shoot Stuart and that she was about to confess all to her father. Adam said that he would need to look Emma in the eye and hear the confession firsthand before he would believe it.

Amanda was relieved when Jake finally showed up at the church. She told her husband that whenever she referred to Trevor's father in the ceremony, she would be talking about Jake. Her words appeased Jake momentarily, but as the ceremony wound up, Jake began to feel uneasy again.

After Annie was removed from the house, Zach paced the floor and noted that he hated being out of control. Kendall tried to convince him that everything would be all right, but Zach wasn't easily swayed. Kendall chose to believe, and said that Emma was her only chance at freedom. She then told Zach that although he had issues with trust, he needed to trust that Emma would do the right thing, and that their love would pull them through. Touched, Zach drew her into a long-awaited kiss.

Annie awoke suddenly and was surprised to find herself on Ryan's couch. Ryan told her a concocted story of how she had ended up at his place, but Annie didn't believe him. Ryan said that Annie needed to tell him the truth, and Annie took his request to mean that Ryan had been working with Aidan. Ryan explained that he had taken Annie to his house because she had muttered Emma's name, and said that if Annie didn't tell the truth, Emma would.

Ryan called out to their daughter, who quickly ran down the stairs and flung herself into her mother's arms. Emma then said that she wanted Annie to give her permission to tell Ryan the truth, and revealed that once she did, Ryan could fix things. Before Annie could reply, there was a loud banging at the door and Adam revealed his presence on the other side without hesitation. Annie ran to the door, threw it open, leapt into Adam's arms and thanked him for finding her.

Adam demanded to know what had happened, and Annie said that she had been tortured at Ryan and Aidan's hands. Erica and Scott showed up and heard the end of Annie's claims, and Erica rushed to Ryan's defense. As Ryan jumped into the verbal mêlée, Emma tried to escape from the voices and ran into the hall. Adam followed her, but frightened by the resemblance, Emma ran into the stairwell and fell down the flight of stairs.

Marissa went back to the church and found that Jake was still there and held the toy that had been left behind. She took one look at his face and asked Jake if he would be okay. Jake confessed that he was caught in an uncomfortable situation with unexpected feelings. He admitted that he didn't think that things would work with him and Amanda. Marissa assured Jake that he was the only one Amanda wanted to be with, and encouraged him to stick things out a little while longer.

Jake was still in the chapel when the priest stopped by a short time later. The priest remarked how touched he had been by the commitment Amanda and David had for their son. Jake's body was suddenly wracked with sobs, but when the priest offered to help, Jake simply noted that the priest's statement had been loaded with irony.

When Amanda and David arrived at Wildwind, David pointed out that Amanda had promised to raise Trevor with David in a loving household, and said that he planned to keep up his end of the bargain. Amanda put Trevor to bed and then confronted David about what had truly happened at the ceremony. She told David that her promises were to her son, not David. David disagreed and said that the promises bound the three of them together as a family. Amanda said that she wouldn't be living at Wildwind forever, but David told her that he believed she would.



Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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