That was some storm

by Dawn
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That was some storm
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The timing of Llanview's big storm couldn't have been better, since it coincided with a real storm in Pennsylvania!

As I look out the window and see enormous piles of real snow, it is hard to watch One Life to Live's version, which appears to be nothing more than some feathers and a big fan. However, the timing of Llanview's big storm couldn't have been better, since it coincided with a real storm in Pennsylvania! It was a frustrating week in terms of weather, and even more frustrating since the local stations decided to dedicate several hours of daytime television to nothing but snow coverage, but thankfully, I was able to watch One Life to Live on!

I think Stacy's baby might be the subject of one of the most convoluted "Who's the daddy" stories on the show. While we are used to two men in the picture, we've seen 3 men claim paternity of Sierra Rose. After the big reveal that Rex isn't the father, we have to wait for yet another paternity revelation, that Oliver is the father. I think One Life to Live has met its quota of paternity questions for the year, and it's only February!

I was kind of surprised that Rex decided to take off after he learned the truth about Stacy's baby. Stacy lied to him for several months, but it was cold for him to drop her and leave Oliver and Schuyler to find her. I realize he was anxious to find Gigi and tell her the truth, but it seems like that could have waited. If nothing else, Oliver and Schuyler needed his help in a dangerous storm, and Rex didn't care. Nice, Rex!

Of course, he will still end up helping the baby (or at least trying), as Gigi was standing on cracking ice with the baby in her arms. That was an exciting cliffhanger, and I can't wait to see how she gets out of danger! I hope that Rex, Schuyler, and Oliver can put all of their issues with each other aside to help Gigi. Oliver can think clearly, but I wouldn't trust Schuyler and Rex to work together on anything!

Before Gigi landed on thin ice, Stacy gave birth to Sierra Rose the old-fashioned way with Gigi's help. Gigi was less than thrilled to be the one delivering the baby, but she really came through for Stacy, which was impressive. I don't see how Stacy and Gigi could ever be the friendly sisters that Stacy described them as being at one time, but it was nice to see them bond over Sierra Rose. Their relationship has been adversarial the whole time that Stacy has been on the show, so it's hard to imagine them being close. Stacy and Gigi are a great example of families being extremely complicated! Of course, we know Stacy's days are numbered, so the sisterly bonding will be short-lived, but it was great to see nonetheless.

As for Jessica's predicament, I don't think I've ever been happier to see someone burst into the building with a gun. The mere thought of Mitch raping Jessica was awful, so I am relieved we weren't subjected to watching the act. I don't know why the writers thought that this would be an entertaining story, but all it did was creep me out. Mitch is a sick man, but deciding to create a baby with his own daughter is taking things too far!

I am not sure how Mitch is leaving Llanview, but I can't wait. He was entertaining when he first returned, but this story has become difficult to watch, and it just needs to end. As I've said before, I am tired of seeing Jessica be a constant victim. She suffered through Mitch's previous reign of terror, and now she's doing it all over again. I think it would have been a better story if Jessica had been the one to kill Mitch once and for all. Instead, she was caught in the line of fire, and we get to watch her life hang in the balance yet again.

It's obvious that the writers had Charlie shoot Jessica because it would create more problems for Viki and Charlie's marriage. I can't imagine how Viki will react to Charlie's confession on Monday. It was an accident, but I don't know if that will console Viki at all, as she watches Jessica suffer. I don't like this plot twist, and I hate what is happening to Viki and Charlie. They haven't even been married for a year, and yet, their marriage is already on the rocks. I know that happy couples equal boring couples for some, but I really wanted Viki and Charlie to have a nice story together, instead of enduring agony and pain.

While I enjoyed seeing Mel return to counsel Dorian, I can't help but wonder why he didn't appear sooner. He is supposed to be Dorian's moral compass, yet he let her put her terrible plan into motion before showing up. That being said, I like how he didn't let Dorian talk herself out of her responsibility in sending Charlie to kill Mitch. Mel was one of the few people who could ever put Dorian in her place, and she desperately needs him to appear more often!

I am glad that Dorian's conversation with Mel helped her see that she had to stop Charlie before he did something he couldn't undo. She couldn't stop him from shooting, but I am glad she realized what she did was wrong. Dorian is irrational and over-the-top, but she also has fleeting moments of clarity, which help her out.

I kept hoping that one of those moments of clarity would arrive as she pointed a gun at Mitch and threatened to kill him in FRONT OF THE FBI! I know that Dorian is desperate and wants to protect her family, but that was way over-the-top. I am sure everyone in Llanview would love to point a gun at Mitch, but her timing left a lot to be desired. I also don't think FBI agents would stand there as she wielded a gun in their direction, but I guess that's what they do in soap opera world!
While Dorian was getting herself into trouble, Kelly and Adriana met in Paris. It was good to see them catch up, even though running into each other was awfully convenient! I liked listening to them discuss what has been happening in Llanview. It was nice to know that they can't believe a lot of what is happening, since I have the same issue!

It was hard to focus on their conversation while that spooky man was watching them in the background. I know we are supposed to think that he is one of Mitch's minions, but wouldn't it be interesting if he turned out to be a regular guy who simply wanted to be nice and send them champagne? I am sure that the man does work for Mitch, but I think it would be a clever "Gotcha!" moment if we were all expecting him to be dangerous, and he really wasn't!

While there was a lot of excitement in Llanview this week, I think Todd and Téa were the exact opposite. Usually, I like these two together. They have a spark and are fun to watch at times. However, their perpetual discussion of "where they stand" became tiresome. It seems like they have the same conversation in every scene they share these days, and it rarely goes anywhere. I wasn't surprised when Téa decided to break up with Todd, and I won't be surprised when they inevitably get back together. It's who they are, and it's what they do. I just hope they change the subject soon, or I will start a campaign to send them back to a deserted island!

Then there are John and Natalie. I felt bad for Natalie as she hallucinated that John was Jared. She hasn't had much time to grieve for Jared, and I don't blame John for going along with it. I don't think she would have understood him if he had told her the truth while she was hallucinating. I also think he didn't want to upset her at the time. However, I don't like that they are suddenly on a crash course for a reunion. It is clear that Natalie isn't ready for a new relationship. She still sees Jared and is still mourning his death. I think it's a huge mistake for John and Natalie to get so close so soon after Jared's death.

I was shocked to hear John even say Marty's name during his conversation with Natalie. He seems to forget about her on a regular basis, but he needs to resolve things with her in one way or another before fawning over Natalie. Marty has been there for him at every turn, and yet, he barely acknowledges their relationship! I hope Marty dumps John on Monday when she reacts to seeing him kiss Natalie. She can do better, and he has already moved on to another damsel in distress. What a knight in shining armor!

Finally, I think Matthew will have a lot to deal with, as Dani and Destiny decided to be friends. They are alike in many ways and have the potential to be quite a force if they want to be. I'd much rather see Dani and Destiny become friends than have Matthew be the center of a triangle! We might still end up with a triangle, but I like the idea of Matthew having to deal with two stubborn, outspoken girls.

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