Confrontations and strange behavior abound!

by Dawn
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Bo and Clint's confrontation was phenomenal. Clint had an answer for everything and was even smug at times, but it was obvious that he felt at least a twinge of self-doubt.

Despite the shortened week of One Life to Live, a lot of interesting things happened. It would have been nice not to have a big interruption in the middle of the week, but I guess we are stuck with reruns indefinitely.

Before I get to what happened on the show last week, I wanted to comment on the upcoming departure of Brittany Underwood as Langston Wilde. I haven't liked Langston's story since Robert Ford entered her orbit, and I won't miss seeing them together trying to be a normal couple. However, there are several other characters that I would want to leave before her. Langston has interesting ties to other characters, and there has to be a better story for her. I thought it was brilliant to make her one of the Cramer women, and I like her friendship with Starr. Brittany Underwood has done a great job on the show, even when the material wasn't so good, and I am sure we will see her in other projects.

Moving along to what happened in Llanview last week, Bo and Clint's confrontation was phenomenal. The writing and the acting were great. While I don't believe Bo would have actually shot Clint, even if Nora and John hadn't arrived in time to stop it, he was very close to pulling the trigger. Clint had an answer for everything and was even smug at times, but it was obvious that he felt at least a twinge of self-doubt, as Bo told him what many viewers have been saying: Clint isn't Asa. It will be interesting to see if this is a turning point for Clint, or if he will continue to manipulate people.

I also liked Clint and Echo's heart-to-heart. It's amazing that a character who likes manipulating people almost as much as Clint, had the insight to tell him what he needed to hear. He doesn't have to try to emulate Asa. Maybe Viki shouldn't be so angry that Echo is around, since she seems to understand Clint better than anyone, at least right now.

I am glad that Bo and Nora are back together. It was a swift resolution after weeks of agony, but it was great to see them be liberated from a terrible situation. I didn't expect them to find out the truth so soon, but I am glad Inez did the right thing for a change. I hope Bo and Nora follow through on their promise not to let anything come between them again.

As for Matthew, he has turned into quite the difficult teenager. I can understand his anger and confusion over being barred from seeing and working for Clint. Bo and Nora didn't give him a reason, and he's bonded with Clint a lot during the last few months. However, he shouldn't be so pushy about why Bo and Nora decided to get back together. It was their decision to make, not his! I hope Bo and Nora get the proof they need to prove what Clint did, otherwise we might be forced to endure more of Matthew's outbursts.

I am still bored by the story with Joey, Aubrey, Kelly, and now Cutter. Joey looked like a complete fool last week, as he fawned over Aubrey and didn't notice the pointed looks she shares with Cutter. I suppose it's nice to have an eternal optimist on the show, but he just seems clueless these days.

As for Kelly, I thought this story with Joey initially had promise, but she is turning into the pushy person we saw when she was investigating Melinda's death. Now that Joey has shunned her, she will probably be isolated, other than working with Rex and being pursued (but not really) by Cutter. I wish she would be given a story that uses her connections to other characters instead of sending her on her own missions. Doing that doesn't work, and it isn't necessary, since Kelly has such a long history in Llanview.

Marty went to St. Ann's, as many predicted. Marty has been through a lot, so it's easy to see why she went crazy. I am glad she didn't leave the hospital with Natalie's baby, even if it does seem like it would be easy at that low-security hospital. It was amazing how cool, calm, and collected John manage to be as he talked her into "going home" with him. I think Natalie should let John handle the crisis from now on, since she made Marty nervous when she arrived! I wonder if we'll see Marty in St. Ann's, or if she will be gone for a while. Somehow, I think Marty will return with the memory of Natalie's secret. Natalie is fooling herself if she thinks her self-inflicted problem is over, but what else is new with her?

The oddest scenes of the week had to be when Todd was playing matchmaker between Starr and James. Since when is Todd in a hurry to push his daughter into a relationship with anyone, especially someone who took her on the run?! It seems like the writers don't know what to do with Todd, or even who he is anymore. I know Todd hates Cole, but to see him be James's biggest fan all of a sudden was strange.

Meanwhile, Blair and Cristian went to Paris. It looks like Layla and Cristian will be breaking up, which isn't surprising, given the circumstances. I don't like that Layla cheated on Cristian, though. I don't believe she would actually do that, considering Vincent cheated on her a couple of years ago. I think it's an easy way to break a couple up, and it's a cop-out. However, maybe Cristian can move on to an actual story if Layla is out of the picture. His story has been non-existent since Layla went to Paris.

Blair certainly was obnoxious as she banged on the artist's door. I guess she is a true Cramer woman, believing that no one would possibly have the guts to ignore her when she is at the door. It will be interesting to see how/if she knows this man and where the story goes, though. I am not personally familiar with Ted King, but a lot of people have been looking forward to his arrival, so I can't wait to see what he brings to the show.

Finally, I am hoping that Jessica and Natalie aren't headed for a baby switch with their newborns, but I fear they are. The dialogue has been heavy-handed with references to how similar the babies look and how they could be brothers. If we are headed for a switch (or if it has already happened), I fear it will go on for much longer than it should. Baby switches usually do.

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