Life will never be the same

by Dawn
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Life will never be the same
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Once we found out that Roger Howarth's character is the real Todd, and Trevor St. John's character is Victor Lord Jr., the focus quickly shifted to the fallout of this revelation.

Once again, the story of the two Todds dominated the show last week, and there were even more terrific cliffhangers, as Viki saw Irene, and the truth (or least what we've been told to be the truth) about the real Todd was revealed. I always expected the explanation of this story to be absurd, and it didn't disappoint in that regard. Irene's story about working for the CIA and sending Todd's twin brother with a new face to take over Todd's life is the epitome of why people mock soap operas. However, this explanation resolves some issues surrounding "Todd's" behavior in the last years and gives the character a new start, so it wasn't a terrible way to go. I have to wonder why no one questioned Irene's story, except for John. Everyone else accepted the truth with little hesitation. Maybe they were all just desperate for an explanation, any explanation at all!

Once we found out that Roger Howarth's character is the real Todd, and Trevor St. John's character is Victor Lord Jr., the focus quickly shifted to the fallout of this revelation, and it definitely kept me watching. It was interesting to see how each member of Todd and Victor's family took the news. Viki was happy to have Todd back, Starr readily accepted the news and welcomed Todd back into her life, Blair didn't need much convincing, and Téa, Jack, and Dani wanted to believe that Victor was telling the truth about being Todd. Each character has had different experiences with Todd over the years, so they had different instincts about what the truth was. While Téa doubted her husband's identity at the beginning of the week, she desperately wanted to accept that her husband was Todd by the end of it. It will be interesting to see how everyone continues to react to the news and what happens with their relationships with Todd and Victor because of it.

I suspected that Roger Howarth's character was Todd when he first returned, but once he started blaming the wrong people for what happened to him, I knew he was Todd for sure. I don't understand why he isn't assigning any blame to Irene, yet he holds Blair responsible for not thinking something was amiss, and he blames Victor, even though he was brainwashed to think he was Todd. I liked how Blair taunted him with the gun, but she really should have closed the safe before leaving him! Todd is many things, but rational is not one of them, and she gave him the tool he needed to seek revenge. What was she thinking?! Todd has every right to be angry about what happened to him, but blaming everyone but the woman who did it to him is messed up. I hope he doesn't shoot Victor or write anyone else off because of what happened to him. He has a lot to catch up on already; he doesn't need to alienate his family!

I liked Blair and Téa's discussion about Todd and their doubts of his identity, up until their silly fight. Blair shouldn't have kissed Téa's husband, but in this instance, Blair wasn't trying to steal him. However, her reputation preceded her, and Téa assumed the worst. I am glad that Téa came to her senses and realized she lashed out at Blair too quickly. They've been friends for a long time, so I guess it was time for something to come between them. It just felt a little forced, given the circumstance.

It's a shame that Trevor St. John's last airdate is quickly approaching. I think there is potential for a lot of good story with both Todd and Victor being in Llanview. I don't know why the decision was made to only keep Todd, but I think there are missed opportunities because of this decision. I can't wait to see how this story continues to unfold, though, especially when it comes to Victor and Téa. It's an interesting situation, because even though she thought she was married to Todd, she still formed a relationship with Victor. She seemed closer to accepting Victor on Friday, so I am curious to see what she does about him next week.

Elsewhere in Llanview, we learned that Dorian and Kelly both decided to leave Llanview. Dorian is going to be a senator, while Kelly has taken a sudden interest in parenting. I knew both Robin Strasser and Gina Tognoni were leaving the show, but I didn't realize their exits would be at the same time! As I've said before, Kelly hasn't had a decent story since Gina Tognoni returned; it's like the writers never knew what to do with her character. Dorian, on the other hand, hasn't had much of a story in a long time. I guess the ridiculous story with Echo sabotaging her marriage and subsequently kidnapping her was her last hurrah, which is a little sad. While Dorian has left Llanview before, it's hard to imagine the show ending on ABC without her. I am glad Dorian is leaving in a good way, though, and she can always return because of it. It looks like Blair will soon be in charge of La Boulaie!

By the way, Robin Strasser will be making her first appearance on Soap Central Live on Friday, August 26, to discuss all things Dorian. It should be an interesting show, especially since it will be the day after Dorian says goodbye to Llanview. For more information on SCL or to listen to shows featuring other OLTL stars, visit or click the "Soap Central Live" option in the blue navigation menu at the top of any page.

Jessica and Ford weren't shown until Friday, but that was still too much for me. I don't understand the allure of them as a potential couple. I am glad that Jessica told him that his glee over her acting like Tess in a moment of anger was creepy. He really sounds off the wall when he acts like that! Of course, she was kissing him mere moments later, but I am glad she took a stand for a moment. This whole story is weird. I would much rather see Jessica reunite with Brody (even if that seems unlikely at this point) or have no love interest at all than see her bond with Ford, who is only interested in her alter. It's not working for me at all.

Rex's story is also getting weirder by the day. He continues to see Gigi everywhere and is determined to find her, even in a strip club in Kentucky. It's no wonder that Shane is confused about what his father is doing! It's interesting that a stripper named Gigi was announced as Rex was leaving the club. I am sure that this was supposed to make us think of when Stacy posed as a dancer named Gigi in Las Vegas. At least, it made me think of that. I assume that this is tied to Kim's return in some way, but I'm not sure how yet. As much as I liked Rex and Gigi as a couple, I don't want to find out that she has been alive this whole time with a connection to a strip club. I don't want to see this story become absurd, so I can only hope it will all make sense soon.

I liked that the bullying story with Jack and Shane was revisited, even it was just briefly. It had been glossed over recently, with Rex focusing on finding Gigi. It looks like Jack finally understands what he did was wrong, and he made what appeared to be an honest attempt to make amends. Of course, Shane had every right and reason to doubt him after everything that happened between them, so it didn't do any good, but I give Jack credit for trying. I am glad Jack is starting to behave a little more like a human being these days. Maybe miracles do happen!

Aubrey's real name was finally revealed, and apparently it has historical ties to the show. I haven't been watching long enough to fully understand the reference, but the story could be interesting. I would have been fine with Aubrey disappearing without explanation so that the focus could have been placed on other characters. However, if the character has to stay, I am glad she has an actual connection to Llanview, other than being a con artist who duped Joey.

It looks like Destiny will being going through with her pregnancy, which isn't surprising, but I hate that Nora is the one who made her feel like she had to do it. Nora shouldn't have expected Destiny to put her life on hold if she didn't want to, but at the same time, no one in Llanview has acknowledged that she isn't thinking rationally because of Matthew's condition. She doesn't know if Matthew will survive, so raising Destiny's baby keeps him alive no matter what in Nora's mind. She is desperate to keep Matthew alive. I can see why Phylicia was furious about Nora intervening. She knows that her daughter's life will be irrevocably changed because of the pregnancy, and now it's too late for Destiny to go through with the abortion she wanted. It's a tough situation; I just wish someone in Llanview would show Nora some compassion. By the way, where is Bo during all of this? Nora shouldn't be dealing with any of this on her own!

Finally, it looks like there is promising news coming from Prospect Park about the future of One Life to Live. With offers being made to cast members of All My Children, I am sure it's only a matter of time before offers are made to the cast members of One Life to Live. We still don't know what it all means for the future of the show, but it's encouraging that Prospect Park is taking steps to secure the show's future. At least one of the actors I spoke to at the fan event last weekend was optimistic, so that is a good sign! As has been proven in the last few months, soap operas and their fans matter. It doesn't matter what any talk show "brings to the table," it will never have the same allure or impact of a good soap opera!

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